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Thursday October 13, 2016 Big Brother OTT Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BBOTT discussions are in the Big Brother OTT Discussion section.

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Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
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Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

British Bedroom (UKBR)
Workout Room (WOR)
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You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Thank you!

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Live Q&A with Julie Chen:

JC QnA.jpg

JC: Hello Houseguests!
HGs: Hello Julie!
JC: You are all so patient. Thank you for your patience. How are you all doing?
HGs: Good. Justin: Everything's gravy.
JC: Well last week we talked about the idea that usually after the first week the game kicks into high gear. And that certainly seems to be what happened houseguests. Jason, let me start with you.

Jason: Yeah.
JC: We saw some fireworks erupt this week between you and Shelby.
Jason: Yeah.
JC: How are things between the two of you now?

Jason: I think we are ok now. I think we are ok. Plus it was early in the morning. Don't bring me no bull early in the morning or Imma have to snatch your wig. I think Shelby and I are in a good place now. It's different living with a bunch of people. I think we are ok.
JC: Shelby? All good between you and Jason?
Shelby: Yeah, I mean just don't do too many lockouts and try not to keep him from his cigarettes and I think we will be fine.


JC: By the way, you look very cute in that caddy outfit.

Shelby: (Twirling her hair) Thank you.
JC: I think you might miss it when you don't have to wear it anymore.
Shelby: I will. As long as I don't have another alergic reaction.
JC: Oh! Yeah no, we don't want that. Now Shelby, tell me the truth, what is it like living under one roof with all of these roommates?
Shelby: Not having any alone time I would definately say. I mean I love all of you, but I definitely need a break from all of you.
JC: Don't take it personally everyone.


JC: Justin
Justin: Woah, hey my baby how you doin'?
JC: Justin, we watched you go toe-to-toe with Monte this week.
Justin: You're right.
JC: Were you able to put that behind you before he left the house?
Justin: Most definitely. I live and let go baby. I don't dwell on anything for a really long time. I just needed my space. Basically I stayed away from him and he stayed away from me and I was able to calm down. I was able to be a man and shake his hand after and let him know there's no harm, no fowl, ya dig?
JC: So you're ok with him?
Justin: Yeah, everthing gravy.
JC: So just for the record, only my husband calls me baby.

JC Burn.jpg

Justin: That's all right. I respect that.
JC: Thank you.


JC: Neeley, let me turn to you.
Neeley: Yeah ok Boo.
JC: Boo! Hey, that's my name for him!
Neeley: Okay!
JC: This is all getting very personal.
Neeley: Yes, honey?
JC: You were very honest with Monte about how he was coming across. Did this confrontation influence the way you voted?

Neeley: Everyone in the house knows that I had no issues with Monte, that Monte and I were real cool. Eventhough I never saw anything with my own eyes, and I never heard anything personally, it definitely affected how I felt and how I voted because you can't say certain things, you can't do certain things, and there not be reprecussions for it. Absolutely. I love him. It definitely changed my perception of him after the fact. Absolutely.
JC: Thank you.


JC: Whitney.
Whitney: Hi.
JC: Hi there. Now Whitney, you were not afraid to speak your mind to Danielle this week after the veto competition.
Whitney: Mmhmm
JC: What was that all about?
Whitney: Well actually, Jason and Morgan I guess thought I was mad at them cuz we were all just talking during the veto ceremony. When I heard that they thought I was upset with something they had said, I definitely wanted to clear the air and just be like, "No. That had nothing to do with you all. This is why I was upset. And I told Danielle that I just felt that it was disrespectful that she done. I like to handle things, not like Justin, like "Get away from me" I like to handle them peacefully and that's why I wasn't afraid to tell Danielle how I felt and handle it calmly with just us two talking. 
JC: What was it that she did that you felt was disrespectful and is everything ok with you and Danielle now?

Whitney: When Monte had missed a shot, she stuck her tongue out at him and I thought it was unsportsmanlike to do that. Now that everything has been laid on the table and she apologized and I'm sure she was just caught up in the moment. She was on the block, you know, and that's a lot of pressure too. But yeah, everything is a-okay now. No hard feelings.
JC: Danielle, any hard feelings on your side?
Danielle: Oh no no no. Not at all. I felt like I just wanted to defend myself to Whitney and let her know that I wasn't trying to be disrespectful. I felt like I was being attacked and I may not have handled it the best way. But when you are in that moment and the pressure is on and you are on the block with a person who is being disrespectful to you behind your back, you can only take so much. It's not what a 23 year old does, but I'm glad I was able to talk to Whitney and clear the air with her.
JC: Good.


JC: Well Danielle, this was your second week on the block.
Danielle: Yes.
JC: It was also your second week surviving the block.
Danielle: Yes.
JC: Why do you feel that you keep getting nominated?

Danielle: You know, I think they probably see me as a threat. They probably see me as a good competitor even though I haven't won anything. And also because I am in a showmance. When you are in a showmance you are automatically public enemy number 1 and so I don't blame them for putting me on the block for two weeks in a row. I am just thankful that some of my houseguests and America have had my back. Even if I am on the block every week and I survive every week, it's only going to make me stronger in the game. No one knows what it's like to be in the house and be on the block and fight for your life and I feel that I have gotten to see that early on and if I were to go home I know that I fought hard and played the game and loved every minute of it.
JC: Good to hear.


JC: Kryssie. You received the very first care package from America. (HGs clap) Congratulations on that
Kryssie: Thank you.
JC: Now it gave you the power to keep one houseguest, other than yourself, safe this week. How hard was it to make your decision?

Kryssie: There is a manner of difficulty making any decision in this house because you do need long term. It was not simple. I definitely bounced ideas off everyone here. In the end, I felt Jason was given the short end of the stick in being nominated just because he has been here before. So I did that and made a couple of deals that didn't necessairly come through and I stand by my decision and I am very glad that I saved him. 
JC: Alright.


JC: Morgan. 
Morgan: Hi Julie.
JC: Hi there. Now America had a surprise for you this week.
Morgan: They did!
JC: They decided you would be one of the have-nots. You, Scott, and Monte.  Did that surpise you that America chose you?
Morgan: Actually no it didn't. In the back of my mind, I kind of had a feeling in my gut, so...
JC: Why? Why?

Morgan: I couldn't decide if it was, because America wasn't fond of Monte and I was close with Monte, or because I'm such a girlie girl and it might be fun to hear me squeal over eating slop, which I did. So it was in the back of my mind and it sucks, I'm not going to lie. It is not fun.
JC: Well fortunately for you, you can not be picked to be a have-not two weeks in a row. 
Morgan: Thank the lord.


JC: Alex.
Alex: Hi Julie.
JC: Hi there. Your HoH ended with America's nominee, Monte, going home.
Alex. Yes.
JC: Are you concerned at all that three people you put on the block are still in the house?

Alex: Absolutely. When something like that happens it's just kind of an awkward situation. Because America has so much power this season, it's probably going to happen more often than not. You never know. Yes, I am concerned but I'm going to keep fighting and I'm going to keep playing this game. I'm just going to see what happens. 
JC: Alright.

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Julie Q&A (Part 2, since I couldn't add any more pix to previous)


JC: Shane.
Shane: Hey!
JC: Hey there. You've made no secret of your affections for Danielle. 
Shane: Yeah. (Giggles like a school boy)
Julie: What is it like being in a relationship when you know that you are being watched 24/7? [She seems to be referring to the "encounters" the last two nights]

Shane: Ummmm, I try not to think about that, that people are watching. It's pretty amazing though. you come on to the show and you are like, "Oh I'll have a showmance" and then you are with the person for 24 hours a day and your emotions are hightened by like 1000 and so it's not like real life. It feels like I've been with her for three months ya know. Being in here is so long but your connection with someone is so strong you don't realize it and it just hits you. You're like, "Oh my God, this is really happening" but like people watching what's happening, I am just being myself. I am not going to hide my emotions or how I feel about a person. 
JC: Good for you.
Shane: It's really intense. It's really intense so. A lot of people don't get into a showmance. I guess it's a good thing to have, I don't know.
JC: We've had marriages and at least one baby come out of this, I'm just saying.
JC: Scott. Don't worry, I will let you off the hook, I'm going to move on to Scott now.


JC: Scott.
Scott: Hi there.
JC: Congratulations.
Scott: Thank you.
JC: You're the new Head of Household. Now Scott, you have now seen two of America's nominees go home. Will that influence the way you chose your nominees?

Scott: Absolutely. That is definitely something you need to keep in the back of your mind. The first two weeks the HoH has had to nominate three people and all three stayed. That's a lot of blood to get on your hands. So I am definitely hoping to make a smart decision with my nominees just in case America doesn't go my way.
JC: Ok. With Monte gone, that means that everyone, except for Scott, is eligible for eviction this week. Whether it's Scott's nominees or America's. Scott, as Head of Household, you will soon have to make a very important decision and you choose which houseguest to keep safe, and which two to nominate for eviction. That's all for now everyone. But I'm sure I will see you soon enough. Goodbye Houseguests.
HGs: Goodbye Julie. Thank you.

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Weekday Replay for 10/13.


Alex: Shane, you're up first. Please head to the diary room.
Announcer: During the live vote and eviction, Danielle and Monty got themselves four votes each from the houseguests. Shane, Justin, Jason and Neeley vote to evict Monte. Morgan, Shelby, Whitney and Scott vote to evict Danielle. So it was ultimately America's votes that broke the tie.

Alex: By a vote of 5-4, Monte you have been evicted from the Big Brother House.
Alex in DR: I think America had the deciding vote this week. Which is just crazy. America has so much power this season on Big Brother. Monte leaves and we go to Justin in the DR: Monte leaves and I just feel like "Ohh ohhh oh ohhhh" as he is dancing in his seat. 

Morgan, Alex, Shelby and Whitney skulked over Monte's eviction. Shelby: They hate Monte more than they like us. Scott comes into TBR and calls the girls over for a group hug, "We tried. We all tried." Morgan to the group: Let's keep this group strong, kick ass and one of us win HoH. It's not over yet. Let's kick some ass." 


While Justin, Jason and Danielle had a different way to show their emotion. Justin dancing, Danielle smiling, "America. America, we LOVE YOU!" Justin:"Shout out America, baby" Jason: America's the baddest bitch."

Alex: It's time for this weeks Head of Household competition. Announcer: With a clear line drawn in the sand, the power was back up for grabs and the houseguests were tasked with finding the longest numbered board in a giant bar code. The Late Night Jamboree worked together to increase their chances of winning. Jason: We can do this, y'all. We have been steamrolled this whole game. Not tonight. While the other side of the house did the same. 


Morgan to Whitney: Let's do all the things in the first two rows." Jason: This competition is way more difficult than I anticipate. It is chaos and there is really no clear cut strategy on how to figure out which plank is the longest. And after a mind bending 45 minutes, Kryssie takes her turn to call out a number: 174 and hears the buzzer. Morgan guesses 21 and hears the buzzer. It was Scott who was chairman of the board. Scott guesses 72 and the bells and whistles start playing. Alex and Shelby run over and hug him,


Scott: Yeah, I'm the HoH baby. Been a super fan for the last 14 years and this is a huge thing off the bucket list. The last two HoH's haven't been successful getting their targets out. Hopefully that doesn't continue for me. And I can actually get a big target out of this game.   
Danielle: I'm not very happy that Scott won HoH this week but I'm just hoping by some chance that he will keep me and Shane safe this week. 

While Scott celebrated with the girls, (Scott, Morgan, Alex, Shelby and Whitney dancing in the TokyoBR) "Y'all are good obviously, but I mean I'm not going to be calling people up there one by one. If they want to come campaign, they can come campaign. I'm not goint to waste it on Kryssie. She's such a weak competitor, I'm not gonna waste that shit on her. Obviously America's nominee has to kick ass in veto." 


Shane and Danielle felt they had nothing to celebrate about. Danielle: I just can't go another week with you and me on the block. They're all going to tell him to put me up. Shane: You don't know yet, just chill out. Danielle: Yeah. We'll see. This should be a very interesting week.  We'll have votes. I feel like we'll have votes.

The rest of the Late Night Jamboree hoped that America would have their back. 
Kryssie: He's going to put me up or he's going to back door me. 
Justin: Try not to think about it. It's only Wednesday. But of course everybody is going to try to kiss his ass. 
Jason: What's up chick. America could still be messing with us so it don't mean nothing. Like we have had the last two weeks, the HoH haven't gotten their peoples.  Kryssie: I'm sure America is pissed. You don't know how quick America will change it's mind about him so he may make nominations and they may throw a wrench in the mix. 


Meanwhile, Morgan, Whitney, Alex and Shelby officially named their alliance. They whisper "Ballsmashers" into the camera at the same time. Justin comes jogging in to head to UKBR and they start laughing. Justin: What'ca all doin'? What'ca all laughin' at? Alex: So not a good time to walk in. Justin: Y'all so funny. Whitney in DR: My momma is probably going to be so embarrassed that I'm in an alliance called the "Ballsmashers", but little does she know, we are the tightest group in the whole house. Us girls are going to go after every guy in this house. We are going to smash some balls. No one is safe.


Later they were joined by their virgin king to work out nominations. Scott: I'm probably going to nominate the same ones you did. In the DR: I am probably going to nominate Shane and Danielle. I definitely want to back up Alex's decision from last week. Shane on night one formed a four guys alliance. When Monte was on the block he was willing to turn on Monte like that (snaps fingers) Shane's definitely not a team player, he's in this for himself. He is one of the craftiest and dangerous players in this game and I'd like to see him go home this week.  


As the hour grew late, Shane made a "Hail Mary" plea to Scott to try to keep his showmance safe. Please don't put Danielle or me up, because that would be... You would get our support on whoever you pick. Scott: For me a lot of this week is just damage mitigation. Just trying not to get too much blood on my hands. There's no shortage of people who have been like refusing to look me in the eye and like walking out of the room and stuff. I have plenty of people I could choose from. It's not like I'm tied down. Shane: Well, we have your back dude. Scott: Thanks Shane. After Shane leaves, Scott sticks his tongue out and gives a thumbs down sign.


Taking a break from the game, Shane and Danielle went over the top, under the covers. With a house more divided than ever, the game is just starting to heat up. But how will America's Care Package twist things up? Check out the next weekday replay at 10pmET/7pmPT to find out. And for all of the action, keep watching right here on Big Brother Over The Top.

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