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Wednesday October 12, 2016 Big Brother OTT Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BBOTT discussions are in the Big Brother OTT Discussion section.

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Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

British Bedroom (UKBR)
Workout Room (WOR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Just to clarify, to post an update, you type it in the box below, that says, "Reply to this topic" you use the chatbox to communicate with other updaters, if you want to.


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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Weekly Episode

Previously, on Big Brother Over the Top. 12 strangers began a battle for a quarter million dollars. Among them, the virgin, the cheerleader, the hunky roofer, the rock ‘n roll waitress, the Creole chef, and the pre-school teacher. And America voted in a BB Vet to join the party. But two of the newbies harbored a sibling secret. Monte, Shane, Cornbread, and Scott quickly considered an alliance. But Shane was also getting close to Danielle. The first Head of Household competition kicked off with a mysterious potion. And it incited an infectious game of hot potato for power. In the end, the man from Mississippi became king of the mountain. The house began to fracture. With Monte, Alex, Morgan, Shelby, Whitney, Cornbread, and Scott on one side, and Kryssie, Jason, Neely, and Justin on the other, and Shane and Danielle caught in the middle. Monte and his allies wanted Jason out. So after two safety ceremonies, Jason and a pawn became block buddies. Julie dropped by with a huge twist and America made Cornbread the third nominee. With the veto up for grabs, Jason cracked the code to safety. At the veto meeting, Jason surprised no one, but Monte had a surprise for Kryssie. Before the dust settled, Julie dropped another bomb. At the live eviction, everyone was voting the same way, but Alex wanted to shake things up. In the end, it was not enough to change the country boy’s fate. Tonight, who will win the head of household. Tonight, who will win the HOH, and which HG will be nominated, plus the veto is back up for grabs and someone will be evicted. All this, right now on Big Brother Over the Top.


We see a flashback of Cornbread getting evicted 9-1. Monte tells us last week he put three people up and all of them are still here, so that went horrible and the person that went home was on their side. They are already a man down and they can’t afford another one. Danielle tells us the votes were 9 to 1 and it makes her wonder where that one vote came from. Was it America that voted for her or was it someone in the house trying to shake things up. Alex tells us she voted Danielle because she came to make thing interesting, she wanted to create paranoia, and she wants to cause chaos. Alex thinks throwing that vote towards Danielle did exactly that.


We see Monte giving the rules for the new HOH. Jason tells us last week he was nominated because people thought he was a clear target, so I know that I really need to win this HOH so I cannot be targeted this week. Danielle tells us it’s really important that she wins HOH this week that way she’s not on the block for a second week in a row. Just before the live eviction an alliance was formed, and that is her, Shane, Justin, Jason, and Kryssie. Shane tells us he started the game close with Monte, but as he got closer to Danielle, he realized he would want to be with the Late Night Jamboree. They’re a lot more fun than Monte’s little group so that’s what he’s going to do. Danielle tells us they’re also really close with Neely so it’s really important one of the six of them wins HOH this week and gets the power on their side. Monte says watching this competition is brutal, but he’s really hoping Morgan, Alex, Shelby, or Whitney can pull this HOH off because he knows he’s safe with them. Anybody else and I have no idea and it sucks not being able to control his destiny.


Shelby tells us this competition may look easy, but it’s not. She says her strategy is to keep her forearms locked and kind of support her arms against her body. She has these little baby wrists, and I’m supposed to hold a stick for an hour. Shelby drops her crown.  She says this is embarrassing, she failed her team. I’m not pulling my weight. Jason tells us holding the sword is absolutely killing his arm. He feels like it is a bonfire and regardless of how you hold this, you are in serious pain. On top of that, holding the crown still for so long? One tiny slip and you will be out. He drops his crown. We Shane drop next. Jason tells us the contrast in strategies between Justin and Whitney is amazing. Whitney is barely moving, she has not even taken a breath, she is so focused. We see clips of Justin dancing while Whitney looks like a statue. Jason tells us he loves Justin is dancing. He has fused together all these genres of dance and has created this Creole masterpiece.


We see the one hour mark has come and they now have to hold the sword with one hand. Kryssie says her shoulder starts to burn and she’s got Whitney to her left and Neely to her right and nobody is breathing and all she’s thinking is I need to win this thing. We see Morgan, Scott, and Kryssie drop in succession. Kryssie says there was a burn in her shoulder you could have lit a cigarette on, but she gave it everything she had. Danielle drops and tells us she’s so bummed she dropped the crown and is out of the HOH competition. At this point, she’s hoping Justin or Neely pull out the win for them. Morgan tells us it’s Whitney, Alex, Justin, and Neely and she’s praying Alex or Whitney can just pull this one out, please. They need this for their side of the house more than anything. Monte tells us there’s an undertone of I don’t like you, you don’t like me with Justin. If Justin wins HOH, he’s definitely being put up on the block and he’ll turn the entire house against him. Him, Danielle and Kryssie already have it in for Monte. Whitney tells us there is only four of them left and she knows at this point that she can do it. She can win this competition, but the hardest part of this competition is her stomach is killing her because her sword has been digging into it the whole time. And Whitney drops. Whitney says her mom told her before she left, the only two things she didn’t want her to do is smoke cigarettes and cuss. She knows her mom is going to be so disappointed in her.


Justin is dancing and drops the crown. Justin tells us he did the best he could, he gave it all it he had, and that’s all that really matters to him. At this point, he is rooting for Neely to win. Jason tells us it’s down to Alex and Neely. He’s not sure where he stands with Alex, but he feels pretty good with Neely, so come on girl, I’m going to need you to take this out. Alex tries to make a deal with Neely. Justin tells us he’s like Neely, yo, don’t listen to Alex. Don’t take the deal! You know, because Neely is closer to them and Alex is on the other side of the house, so he’s cheering for Neely to win this thing and pull out the victory. Alex tells us come on Neely, take the deal. I know you want to drop off this platform just as much as I do and end this competition. Alex says fine, if you don’t want to take this deal, game on! Neely drops. Alex tells us this week of Big Brother could not be going more perfect for her, she is so excited to stir up this house and see what she can do as HOH.


Neely tells us even though she’s kind of sad and she feels bad she let her people down, she’s damned proud of herself because she worked hard tonight. Jason tells us he is cautiously optimistic about Alex being HOH. He knows that Alex is a big fan of the show. Whether that bodes well for him or not is unclear. He’s hoping she makes her own decision, and doesn’t make Monte’s decision. Danielle tells us Alex won HOH and the first thing that pops into her head is she’s not really sure where her game lies at. She knows Alex is on the other side of the house, so Shane and Danielle have to try really hard to make a deal with her to secure their safety for the week.


Morgan says her sister one and she shares her genetics so she feels like she kind of won. They had so much on the line and Alex knew she needed to win that and Morgan is so proud. Shane tells us Alex is on the other side with the girls and he doesn’t talk to her. He wishes she didn’t win it, but we’ll see what’s going to happen. Neely tells us she’s definitely emotional now that the competition is over. Feeling guilty because she let her crew down and she’s proud of herself too because she was 225 pounds at one point. It feels good to know that she can stand up there with the gymnasts who are 100 pounds and the cheerleaders and she can hold her own.


Alex tells us Monte would love for her to put up Justin, his arch-nemesis, but I want to go after Danielle and Shane. She does not trust them. They are a showmance and a huge power duo in the house, but America has a third nominee this week and it could be one of her allies. She may not have the votes to get Shane or Danielle out this week. She just doesn’t know yet.


We see the news of the care package reveal to the HG. Scott tells us he was putting in his 20 votes a day for care packages last season, and it’s really awesome to know that he could potentially be receiving a care package. Alex tells us who knows what this care package is going to be. She hopes it doesn’t affect her HOH reign and who she wants to nominate, but at this point I have no idea what’s going to happen. Things just got real.


Danielle tells us she is iffy on Alex winning HOH, only because she seems to side with the side of the house that she doesn’t get along with very well. Her and Shane have some work to do so that maybe they can secure their safety this week. We see a clip of Danielle making a pitch to Alex from the week. Shane tells us after talking to Alex he feels pretty well. He thinks him and Danielle are going to survive this weeks nominations. He says things could change on a dime, but for now he’s in the clear.


Monte tells us as of right now he thinks Alex is going to put up Shane and Danielle. But right now, Monte and Shane’s bromance is very important to his game, so he’s going to try to work his magic to convince Alex to leave Shane alone for now. Alex tells us Monte is on her side of the house and he’s a number for her, but she’s going to do what she wants and he is not controlling her HOH. Alex says Monte may think he’s an alpha male, but his HOH reign was a complete fail. He thinks he can run the girls and do what he wants but she is not about to let that happen.


We see a clip of Justin getting naked to get in the shower in front of Morgan, who’s doing her hair, and Danielle, who’s also doing hair, and Neely, who is doing make-up in the WA. Morgan tells us Ahhh!, She doesn’t know where to look, she doesn’t want to look at his butt, she doesn’t want to look at the front, she’s like ok, she should probably leave now. We see a clip of Monte saying to Morgan about Justin, put some clothes on you classless piece of Bayou crap. Monte says that’s disrespectful, so we’re going to have to put him up. Shelby tells us that hearing about Justin pulling his manhood out in front of Morgan makes her very upset. It’s disgusting. F that!


We get a clip of the care package delivery. Kryssie says it was nice to get the first care package, it was just like Christmas morning. It feels like opening a present in front of everybody while wearing yesterday’s make-up. I’m excited! She says she has a lot to think about and a lot of distractions. We see the clip of Alex and Kryssie discussing the care package. Alex tells us she wants Kryssie to save Jason so she can keep Shane, Danielle, and Justin as options for this week. She also wants Jason to feel as safe as possible so he doesn’t go after Alex next week.


We see the have not reveal. Scott says America choose three have nots. He says they have to take cold showers, eat slop all week, and they have to sleep in the have not room. He definitely does not want to be one. Scott tells us he’s really upset about being named a have not, but he’s going to chin up and bear it. He’s definitely going to try and play this game a lot smarter. He plans on stepping up his strategic and social game in the house. That way he’s not being named a have not every other week. Neely thinks America chose Scott to be a have not because they see him playing both sides of the house. So America wanted to show him that they’re sick and tired of it, so he needs to be a little hungry this week. They see the have not room. Morgan tells us she has no idea how she’s going to sleep in the room. There are rats, cockroaches, weird gargoyles, and like the worst is there’s spiders. She has an irrational fear of spiders and she’s praying these spiders don’t attack her while she’s dreaming. Monte tells us America voted for him to be a have not first time, it doesn’t surprise him he was the first HOH of the house, maybe this is their way of kind of evening it out. So you know what America, I’ll get it done and push through for you.




We see the clip of the girls talking about clothes and Danielle says I wonder where Justin gets his clothes from and Monte says stolen. Monte says he was joking about Justin stealing his pants because everyone has been talking and wondering where he got them from. Monte says he’s openly talked about what it’s taken to survive and taking what you need, so he figured he would just go with the Justin persona if he did steal them. Danielle tells us when she hears Monte make the comment about Justin she’s very upset and as a friend of Justin’s she feels like she needs to go tell him what was said about him. That way he can address it. We see a clip of Danielle telling Justin. Justin tells us where he’s from, shit like that don’t fly. He’s very derogative. There’s just some things you shouldn’t say. We see a clip of the confrontation between Justin and Monte. We also see the clip of some fall out and a clip of them clearing the air. Justin tells us he just doesn’t appreciate things like that. Even if it’s a joke or what, there’s just some shit that you shouldn’t say. He says he’s way better and bigger than that.


We see the reveal of Jason getting safety from Kryssie. Kryssie tells us she thinks America gave her the save a friend to see what she’s made of in terms of loyalty. She wants America to know they gave it to the right person. Jason says thank you Kryssie so much for saving me this week and thank you America for giving Kryssie this power, because there was not a better person to save a friend this week. He says plus it’s nice to know that he’s not going to end up being the second evictee. We move the safety ceremony and we see Alex saving those she’s keeping safe. She nominates Danielle and Shane.


We go to see who America’s nominee is. We see the clip of Shelby’s comment about a spot on the “normal” couch and Jason’s annoyance at it. We then see Monte is the nominee. Then we see the choices for the veto competition. We then see the confrontation between Shelby and Jason. We then see Jeff coming in and hosting the veto ceremony. Monte says he feels like he needs to win. We see Shane win and Alex tells us she wants to slam her face into a wall. Alex says she has to figure out a way to get Danielle out of the house. We then see a clip of the confrontation between Monte and Danielle that Whitney started because she said Danielle stuck her tongue out when Monte was up and she thought it was disrespectful.


We then see Scott and Monte explaining Kryssie might be the best option to go up. Scott explains if they can get one person to flip and vote for Kryssie, they can still get Danielle out. Alex says she doesn’t want to put Kryssie because they shook hands and it sucks that two of her alliance members want her to do that. Monte feels like his bromance with Shane is still strong and he’s confident whoever gets put up Shane will vote them out. Shane tells us that Monte is desperate and it doesn’t matter who they put up, but he’s voting Monte out.


We see the HG get their punishments. Shelby says she wasn’t going to win the veto so she took what she thought was the lesser of the evils. She says she can’t sneak around the house and eavesdrop on people anymore. Scott gets his next and he is sand trapped. He has to sit in the sand trap for 24 hours and can only leave for bathroom breaks. Scott says he thinks it might have been the best of the punishments. Danielle has the water hazard punishment. So for the next week when BB tells her to she has to fish a golf ball out of the pool, including in the middle of the night.


Scott tells them it’s time for the veto ceremony. He uses the veto on himself. Alex says Kryssie has America in the palm of her hand and she’s safe so that’s who she has to put up. Kryssie says she wasn’t surprised and she knew she couldn’t trust Alex. Kryssie tells us she nods and agrees and says it’s just a game, but she thinks Alex is making dumb moves for someone who’s supposed to be a strategist.


Neely tells us she is super, super, super upset that Kryssie is nominated. She feels like Alex totally drew a line in the sand. It’s definitely going to be a split vote. Half the house is probably going to vote for Danielle and the other half is going to get Monte out and it’s going to be up to America to decide who to vote out this week.

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9:01 PM BBT It’s time for tonight’s Head of Household competition. Before you is the BB barcode. Each line of the barcode is broken up into several pieces, each with a unique number. The goal of this competition is to be the first houseguest to identify which piece of the barcode is the longest. Here’s how it works. This game will played in rounds. Each 15 minute round will begin when the horn sounds. Once the round begins, you may inspect the BB barcode and at any time during the round you may give an answer. When you’re ready to give your answer, put your ring on the answer post and declare the number of the piece you believe is the longest. Answers will only be accepted in the order you put your rings on the post, so wait for your turn before answering out loud. If you are incorrect, you must go to the seating area and wait there until someone wins the game in that round, or the next round begins. Ultimately, the first player to place the ring on the answer post with the correct number of the longest piece will become the next HOH. Alright guys, a few extra rules. If everyone guesses incorrectly before 15 minutes is up, we’ll immediately move on to the next round. There will be no time updates during each 15 minute round, so if you don’t get your ring on the post before time is up, you’ll forfeit your guess for that round. Big Brother has been gracious enough to give you something to measure the bars with. You may use this, or your bodies to help you measure, but you may not take off any clothing or accessories to help you measure. Also, you are not allowed to use any items in the yard to measure. Talking is allowed in the competition. Who’s ready to play BB Barcode?  

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Round 1 guesses.


9:10 PM BBT Shelby is the first to declare an answer. Her answer is 195 and she is wrong.

9:11 PM BBT Jason guesses 147 and is wrong.

9:14 PM BBT Scott guesses 88 and is wrong.

9:15 PM BBT Danielle guesses 32 and is wrong.

9:17 PM BBT Shane guesses 171 and is wrong.

9:18 PM BBT Neely guesses 187 and is wrong.

9:19 PM BBT A whistle blows and the round is over.

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Round 2 guesses.


9:24 PM BBT Jason’s second guess is 54 and he is wrong.

9:24 PM BBT Danielle’s second guess is 147 and she is wrong.

9:25 PM BBT Shane’s second guess is 197 and he is wrong.

9:26 PM BBT Morgan guesses 21 and is wrong.

9:27 PM BBT Justin guesses 11 and is wrong.

9:30 PM BBT Whitney guess 123 and is wrong.

9:30 PM BBT Shelby guesses 101 and is wrong.

9:31 PM BBT Neely guesses 151 and is wrong.

9:32 PM BBT Scott guesses 73 and is wrong.

9:32 PM BBT Kryssie guesses 174 and is wrong.

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Round 3.


9:38 PM BBT Justin has the first guess for round 3 and guesses 158 and is wrong.

9:40 PM BBT Neely guesses 171 and is wrong.

9:43 PM BBT Scott guess 72 and is correct. Alex runs and jumps on him and Shelby comes up to hug him too.  Scott has won HOH.

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