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Sunday October 2, 2016 Big Brother OTT Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BBOTT discussions are in the Big Brother OTT Discussion section.

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Thank you!

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HOH room 

Monte tells Morgan and Whitney he is targeting Jason and using Danielle as a pawn with Kryssie as a replacement. 

Monte tells them Justin is targeting him but Monte said at this time he will not go after Justin unless something happens. However, Justin might be his next target. 

Monte says if something happens with Shane and Danielle that Monte is for sure with Whitney, Morgan and Alex. The M & W agree with him. 


[Morgan is wearing a hat which makes her look like Alex. At this point you would think someone would call them out. -Moonpetal ]


Whitney has left the room and Shelby comes in. 

Ramdom tslk then Shelby says she thinks someone people are here to promote other things. Monte stops her and tells her to be careful as everyone has a reason to be there. 



Morgan says she needs to go put her face on. That America wants to see her pretty today. 

She leaves and Shelby says to Monte that he does not want to talk game with her. Monte replies that he is being vague with everyone. He is trying to get a feel on everyone. 

Shelby turns talk back to someone that she feels is in the house to self promote. She will not name names. She says the person is upset about making their profiles private. Monte tells her to be careful. Shelby talks about this person having an album to promote. Monte says she (referring to Kryssie) seems cool. He says he works out and age works out. Shelby tries to bait him but Monte will not trash talk. Talk turns to people that tells long stories. 


[From everything I've heard Monte only wants to target those he sees as threats and not for personal reasons. Even when talking about his targets he stays on point. -moonpetal] 




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2:25pm Morgan is blow drying Justin's hair in the bathroom 




hoh room 

Jason is talking to Monte. Monte tells Jason he respects him coming him. Jason tells him that if he takes him out that Monte might be the next target. He says that is not a threat. Jason says he knows he is a considerable option to go on the block. 

Jason promises his loyalty. He says that is all they have. Monte says with this being the first week he hopes the person that stays understands his head is all over the place. He has nothing against any of them. 

Jason says they don't spend a lot of time together and that an asset. 

Monte likes that Jason is not sucking up to him. 

Monte tells him even if Jason goes up Monte has massive respect for Jason. Jason tells him people will do what ever Monte wants this week. Jason says if he stays he will give Monte the hand shakes of all hand shakes and if he ever wins hoh he will hit target Monte. 

Shane knocks. 

Jason offers to be the shield for Monte and shane. Monte says if jadon died go up and stays he could use him as an asset. 

Shane waits but leaves. 

Monte says he will not put up someone based on their personality. Jason says the last person people think you'd roll with is the person you should be with. 

Monte starts the respect talk again if Jason goes on the block. Jason says the game is based off of loyalty. If you don't have that you have nothing. 

Monte says he doesn't chill with jadon because of the second hand smoke. Jason agrees saying he doesn't work out. 

Jadon says only kryssie hangs with him and that is no protection. Monte laughs. Jason says he needs someone strong. 

Cornbread knocks at the door. 

Jason says Monte is safe with him. Monte says respect. 



hoh room

Cornbread to goes to the bathroom. 


Monte talks to the camera and says this is really hard America because I like Jason. I really do, ironickly. 


Monte tells cornbread he really likes Jason. Cornbread agrees. Monte says the experience Jason has is a reason to put him up. He says he's almost 100 % putting up Jason and danielle. 


Monte says if jason was not a vet he would not be going up. He says Justin is the one that scares him. 

Monte says danielle rubs him the wrong way. He says he doesn't know what Shane is doing. 

Cornbread agrees. 

Monte talks more about Jason. He says he really feels bad but he feels Jason would turn on them. 

Talk turns to Shane having Danielle's back more. Cornbread says he is not sure about Shane. 


Monte says he is not putting kryssie and Shelby up because they are weak and easy targets. 


[monte is clearly torn about his choice and stares at the wall with the house guest faces a lot. -Moonpetal]




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6:20 PM BBT- Briefly turned on feeds to find Alex talking to herself in the storage room: "Somehow I got stuck working with my sister!" She takes avocado and leaves. (Interesting, but I don't have other context to clarify this.)  HG's in several groups around the house; general chitchat.  Only strategy is Monte briefly pulls alex aside to make sure she's still on board with voting Jason out; he is putting Danielle up.  He, Alex, Morgan, and Whitney are all on same page; he's not going to tell others. He knows Danielle is safe, and figures Shane can control her later if she's mad at him. He thinks Kryssie would flip.  Conversation happened in hall outside HOH room as he is apparently locked out (BB came on a few minutes ago and said lockdown is over and you are free to move about the house, but maybe he didn't hear it...)

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6:32 PM BBT: Jason and Scott in BY speculating about how many people will be at end. Scott is smoking and appears to be wearing lipstick and possibly full makeup with foundation. (It's not a pretty sight.) Scott says he never did talk to Monte. Jason says he did and basically told him, "I know I'm not good but it's okay." Scott says at least you can play in the veto; Jason agrees as he got back doored last time. Scott reminds him that the first veto of the season is usually a spelling thing and advises him to think of big words; compound words like schoolhouse.  Shelby joins them and they discuss favorite past houseguests.


Meanwhile, everyone else around kitchen island. Justin makes some sort of figurine that looks a little like a mummy which he places among the pumpkins. General chitchat, some singing which gets shut down by BB.  Monte gets called to DR.  


In BY the other three are discussing who has been in DR and hoping ceremony starts soon. Someone knocks Danielle and Jason says she's the only one who talks to him. Shelby says she tries to find the smallest group and talk to them, which Jason says is a good strategy. He says she is smart. She was playing chess with Shane earlier.

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7:01 PM BBT: BB: "Houseguests, it's time for the safety ceremony. Please gather your block passes from the storage room..."  "BB: Over the next thirty minutes, five of you will be made safe". Monte is in HOH facing the wall of pictures; most of the others head to the BY; others are in the kitchen.  BB "If your block pass turns green, it means you are safe from nomination. The two people whose block passes do not turn on are nominated for eviction."  Shelby says she thinks she's going to puke.  Group in kitchen still preparing to cook chicken (Shelby, Cornbread, Justin, Kryssie, Morgan, Alex.)  Scott is alone in bedroom adjusting and checking the appearance of his block pass around his neck in the mirror.  Neeley is lying by herself with her eyes closed in the white room.  "Please make your first selection." Justin's pass turns green. Jason is sitting outside, apparently by himself, smoking  Shane and Danielle join scott in the bedroom; they are making beds, but sound is off except for Jason smoking.  7:09: "Please make your next selection." Monte pushes Alex's button in HOH room and she says "Yay, my thingy lit up" in kitchen.

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I'm updating the ceremony & posting to the SNPH. It will all be posted in here afterwards, like it was yesterday. I'm not updating the rest of what is going on. Thank you for getting all that!

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7:11 BBT: Jason enters kitchen, Kryssie goes to WC.  Monte is pacing in HOH, biting his nails, talking to himself, but all sound is now chitchat and cooking in kitchen.  "Please make your next selection"- Kryssie (who is now out of bathroom.)  She says, "I didn't expect this."  Shane and Danielle are lying together on a bed. Danielle is now talking about her clothes; she didn't bring any long sleeve shirts; she is upset about the weather; it's cold. Shane says let's go and see and they head to kitchen.  Kryssie is now much more exuberant, and hopes that other people besides her wear flowers. Scott says he needs a flower, and she leads him off to get him one that will go well with his makeup. He now has a large pink cherry blossom behind his right ear. He heads to kitchen leaving her alone in bedroom; she looks at camera, grabs both of her cheeks, and whispers, "One more week- baby, one more week!" and heads back to kitchen.


7:18: "Please make your next selection". Shelby's block pass lights up and she dances and squeals about how she is so happy. Now she can breathe and help with dinner.  "Please make your final selection." Scott lights up; he is low key about it. Danielle says, "Me and Jason are on the block. I'm gonna cry." BB says, "The safety ceremony is now over."

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7:22 PM BBT: BB: "Jason, Danielle, you have been nominated for eviction."  Monte heads downstairs with some laundry. "What's up everybody.  Is this everybody?" "That stinking sucks, just to let you all know. It's early in the game; we've been here five days." He likes Danielle and Jason a whole lot. Jason, you're cool; you have guts, you have my respect. This is your second time here, you're a threat; you could win veto. Danielle, you're smart, you're pretty, everybody likes you; that makes you a threat. You have a great shot in the veto too. If this was five or six weeks in you could say why do you hate me; at this point it was a stab in the dark; nothing personal.  There is silence; he tells them they can talk; they say we're not going to applaud; he says he knows he's the evil guy right now.  He goes wot WC. Shane and Danielle to British bedroom; she is crying. Shane tells her Jason is the best person to be against. She doesn't think so as she thinks the house likes him more than they like me. The pawn always goes home. Shane tries to reassure her; she will win the veto. Justin comes in, hugs her. Justin says it's the first couple of days; they were the late night bunch; he thought he'd be up. He's laughing, you know now you need to win the veto.  Danielle thinks if the two are still on the block on eviction day the house would keep him. Justin says, "eviction, I don't know how that shit works; i don't know nothing about the game." Danielle explains veto and eviction. Justin asks if everyone participates in veto; she explains it will be her, monte, jason, three other names out of a hat. It's random. Justin sighs; he's no longer laughing (it was awkward at the beginning; he was laughing and had no clue how upset Danielle was.) He expresses sympathy and leaves the room.


Jason is in BY talking with Neeley. I'm coming into the conversation late; some speculation about Monte trying to get Danielle out to take away Shane's distraction. Jason thinks no way they're not voting him out; Danielle has a kid... Neeley says everyone is so fake; she can't fake that shit. Jason says they put personalities and really pretty fake people in here. Neeley leaves to talk to Danielle.  Jason, now alone in BY, asks no one if they can put these damn block passes away? Neeley joins Shane and Danielle in british BR. She says she's the realest person in the house; she doesn't fake stuff at all. She really wants us to be successful, and by us she means strong back women. When this opportunity came about she assumed she'd be the only black girl in the house. During the audition process she said you've never seen a black woman win this game; america doesn't see the best of us. Neely starts crying, says, "even though we're very different, our stories are different, I don't want you to lose; I want you to be successful, because you're one of us, and people are always trying to bring us down. " We've both had our struggles. I don't want you to struggle; i'm here for you, I want you to do well, this is painful to me. She likes Jason; he's cool as fu*&*, and she really likes her (Danielle). She says people want us to fight and be catty; they don't want us to be classy and successful.  She supports her and wants her to know that. They hug it out, Neeley apologizes for interrupting. She leaves.  Shane tells Danielle "You got it."  Shane offers to talk to him (Monte). Danielle says she will; she doesn't want him to think she sent Shane. She's not ready to talk to him yet. If she is a pawn, there are so many other people who could have gone up- why her? Shane continues to reassure her that Jason is a bigger target and majority want him out.

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BB tells the HG’s it’s time for the Safety Ceremony. BB tells the HG’s to get their block passes from the SR & put them on. BB says, “Over the next 30 minutes 5 of you will be made safe.”


BB says, “If your block pass turns green that means you are safe. The two HG’s who’s passes do not light up are up for eviction.”


BB tells Monte to please make his first selection. He pushes Justin’s button in the HOHR & his block pass lights up green making him safe.


BB tells Monte to please make his next selection. He pushes Alex’ button & her block pass lights up green, making her the 7th HG safe from nomination.


BB tells Monte to please make his next selection. He pushes Kryssie’s button & her block pass lights up green, making her the 8th HG safe from nomination.


BB tells Monte to please make his next selection. He pushes Shelby’s button & her block pass lights up green, making her the 9th HG safe from nomination.


BB tells Monte to please make his final selection. He pushes Scott’s button & his block pass lights up green, making him the 10th & final HG safe from nomination. That means Jason & Danielle are on the block.


BB says, “The Safety Ceremony is now over.” Monte leaves the HOHR. Danielle says she’s going to cry.


BB says, “Jason & Danielle, you have been nominated for eviction.” Jason says, yes. Danielle is upset, is crying a little & isn’t saying anything. Jason goes up to her & gives her a hug.


Monte goes downstairs & tells everyone that sticking sucks. He says it’s early in the game & they’ve been there for 5 days & he’s the evil guy now. He tells Jason & Danielle he doesn’t mean anything personal by it. He tells Jason he’s cool & it’s his second time there as a Vet. He says he can win Veto. He tells Danielle she is smart & pretty & she has a good chance in the Veto comp. He says this is the hardest thing he’s ever had to do & it was just a stab in the dark. He says if it was 5 or 6 weeks in they could ask him why he’s doing it, but it’s nothing personal. He tells them they can win the Veto & win the house over.


BB tells everyone to please return their block passes to the SR.

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7:40 BBT: HG's put block passes in SR, lining them up neatly in a row. Jason jokes that they're still laying them out nicely; that won't happen in a few weeks. Cornbread and scott are the last two in SR; cornbread stops scott before leaving and has him do a four fingered handshake- four horsemen. (Scott is still wearing makeup and a flower in his hair, which makes it funny.)  Neely is now on exercise bike next to Monte; they are chatting about how hard it is. Monte can count on Danielle not getting close to him, but he's happy she and Shane are close; maybe he can comfort her. Neeley is going strong on the bike. Shane meanders over to the weights, and says, "well, you've got the first villain." Neeley says, "at least you're a handsome one." He says he's really tired right now but he's just working out to get his mind off everything. She says, "yep"

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7:59pm BBT: Shane and Danielle now in BY. Jason is with Justin and a bunch of others in KT; Justin is still marveling at the game; his friends are nominated; this sucks. Jason says get used to it; you make new friends, and then they get nominated next week.


8:00 BBT: BB: "Houseguests, please gather in the living room" Danielle laments having to sit in the orange chair.  They take their seats with Jason and Danielle in nom chairs. Justin brings a plate of snacks and places it on coffee table. Julie: "Hello houseguests. The safety ceremony is over for the week and two of you are nominated for eviction." She states that each week viewers will vote and nominate a third nominee for eviction, so each week there will be three houseguests nominated for eviction. She has rules about america's nominee. America cannot nom same HG two weeks in a row. All three noms compete in veto. Should america's nominee come off because of veto, america will not name a replacement, so each week there could be two or three houseguests on the block on eviction night.

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BB tells the HG’s to please gather in the LR. There is a message from Julie. Julie comes on the TV screen & says, “Hello HG’s.” She says she has some news for them, so listen up. She says the Safety Ceremonies are over for this week, & 2 of them are now nominated for eviction. But, those of them not currently on the chopping block are not out of the woods yet. I promised you all that on Big Brother Over The Top viewers would be impacting the game more than ever, & it’s time to deliver on that promise. Each week, viewers will vote & nominate a 3rd HG for eviction. America’s nominee will immediately join the HOH’s nominees on the block. That means, each week there will be 3 HG’s nominated for eviction.


Now listen closely, because I have some important rules about America’s nominee. First, America can NOT nominate the same HG 2 weeks in a row. Second, all 3 nominees will compete in the Veto Competition. And third, should America’s nominee come off the block because of the Veto, America will not name a replacement nominee.


That means, at each live eviction there could be either 2 or 3 HG’s on the chopping block. That’s all for now. I’ll be back delivering another message to you in a few days, because Big Brother Over The Top is just getting started. Good night HG’s.

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Neeley goes back to her bike; nine HG's (Monte, Scott, Shelby, Whitney, Danielle, Morgan, Alex, Kryssie, Shane) stay in living room discussing latest announcement, recapping her three rules. Monte says great- HOH will have even more enemies now. Kryssie leaves, Cornbread joins them. None of them saw that coming. They speculate about when they are going to tell HG's who next nominee is and when POV is. They think America won't nominate until they see the DR's.  Then they wonder if HOH can be nominated by America; they doubt it. Monte keeps talking about how hard this is; they will all have their turns; there is nothing personal. Danielle is still in nom chair looking at her knees. They speculate about how much it will suck to know america voted to nominated you- you must be a jerk in the DR.  Jason is now in the conversation from the kitchen; he thinks america could be strategic, or they could vote because they didn't like something that came out of your mouth. Hard to predict what prompted it.  We overhear Jason in kitchen commenting they're not cutting feeds this year so they hear EVERYTHING.  Monte is stressed; they don't know when veto is going to be, they don't know when they find out who america's third choice is.  Cornbread points out that it will cut out a lot of the backstabbing, because what you say or do behind closed doors will be used against you. Cornbread's game is right here in the open; what you see is what you get. Monte says it makes HOH less powerful; whoever he's targeting might not be who goes.

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America's Vote has started. You can go to http://www.cbs.com/shows/big-brother-over-the-top/americas-nomination-vote/ to vote for the HG you would like to join Jason & Danielle on the block. Voting closes Monday at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT. Make sure to get your vote in for the person you want to see as the 3rd nominee this week.

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8:31 BBT: Monte and Danielle in HOHR (Shane quickly joins them) Monte explains his rationale and answers her questions; he likes Jason but strategically wants him out; she is strong enough and has Shane's support to help her through. She asks if he'd take her down if he won veto; he says maybe. He promises her that if it's a tiebreaker vote he'd vote Jason out; he begs her not to tell anyone that; it's big brother; she will do what she will. (His conversation is guarded reflecting his previously stated concerns about not wanting to show his cards or be blazing guns against Jason in case Jason stays, but he wants to reassure her.) He lets her know taking the vet out puts the least blood on his hands; she is not the target; if it's a tie he's not going to let her go; it's not personal. He emphasizes that he and Shane are buddies; he's not going to stab him in the back and take his friend away; he acknowledges that she may be like "well why am I on the block"- she seems more relaxed; she understands; he wants a strong person against Jason on the block so she can compete in veto. He says he wants to get the veteran out of the house so that from here on out we have a level playing field; he figured she of everybody was most likely to understand, especially because of his friendship with Shane. Danielle hopes she wins the veto. She wants to work with Shane; she feels like working with Shane is working with him (Monte). She's not like "If I stay I'm coming after you." Shane suggests that if it's a competition where the other two nominees drop maybe Monte can drop and throw it to Danielle, and Monte agrees. Monte starts reassuring her about other people who he thinks have her back over Jason. He does indirectly beg her not to talk about his strategy outside this room because if word gets out that he's going after Jason all heck could break loose. Danielle says she feels better. Monte says a lot of the house didn't think this was coming. Shane says he was up at 6:30 yesterday because Kryssie was positive she'd be on the block. Monte has her back more than he has others' backs. Kryssie wouldn't win a veto. Danielle is a fan of the game; this is part of the game. Monte will continue to try to sway house towards Jason and will let Danielle know if the house is swaying in another direction. 


(I'm out for the night.)

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