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Wednesday September 28, 2016 Big Brother OTT Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother OTT Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother OTT Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


There's something new this season, at the top of this page is a "Chatbox," a window that lets you communicate and coordinate your updating times and schedules. Although you can make comments in the chatbox, it's preferable that if you want to carry on a conversation, you do it in the chat room


Just to clarify, to post an update, you type it in the box below, that says, "Reply to this topic" you use the chatbox to communicate with other updaters, if you want to.


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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8:13 BBT: Houseguests have been entering one at a time; initially a few minutes in between, with increasing intervals as time has gone on. They have been exploring the house and getting to know each other.  Still getting to know everyone so hard to keep up with who is doing what, but Chrissy has stated that she has a boyfriend at home but can't sleep alone, so she's looking for a platonic cuddler. She's chosen the largest bed in the lantern bedroom.

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8:19 BBT: A group of the girls are heading to check out the bathroom. A few say they don't work out; Neely tells everyone she used to be a lot heavier (has lost 80-90 lbs) and works out a lot. Chrissy is telling them she was a lot heavier; lost 75 pounds in an unhealthy way, then had lots of extra skin and was feeling bad about it, so a friend introduced her to working out.


Doorbell rings; new guy enters (weird Al hair- it will take me a while to get names.) Haven't caught his yet.  Whole crowd heads with him to grab a bed.  His name is Justin.  He claims a bed in the "boys'" room. He's from New Orleans.


Cornbread suddenly comes to the realization that "someone's got to sleep? in the same bed?"  Big brother comes on : "Somebody. say. holla!" [And my feeds go down. For the third time.]

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8:31 pm BBT: Doorbell rings and Alex comes in, hugs everyone, neither she nor Morgan bats an eye as they hug.  No sign that they know each other.  Alex goes to pick out a bed; Morgan hanging out in the kitchen with other girls. Alex puts bag down on Chrissy's bed.  BB: "Attention Houseguests. The storage room is now available."


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8:34pm  BBT: Alex, Morgan, Neely, Shane (i think), and one other girl chatting in lantern bedroom.  Figuring out that a lot of them are from Texas. Alex reveals that she's a gymnast and she and Chrissy and Neely start planning to work out together.  Other HG's walking through house admiring decor; they like it better than last time.  BB again tells them storage room is available. Three times. They ignore BB.  They finally acknowledge this and go looking for storage room.  They enter storage room. Cornbread is excited to find radishes.  So far I count ten houseguests.  They start discussing who can cook.  All HG's in storage room speculating about the fact that there are 16 plates (13 at main table), and how many others are coming and when.

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8:41 BBT: Doorbell. Monte enters.  Introduces himself as from Mississippi; born in Nashville, bleeds orange. Introductions ensue.  Monte and Shane go into guys' room and Monte puts bag on Shane's bed. They talk about the fact that there are single girls in here but they're not getting into that. Monte and some of the guys explore the house; head into the bathroom where Cornbread enters the shower and comments that the doors come up to his nipple line.  


8:48 BBT: A bunch of them around kitchen table; Alex asks about Cornbread's real name. He says as a kid his nickname was Chadpole; he was tiny. Couldn't stick with that.

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8:51BBT: Doorbell. Danielle comes in; makes round of hugs and intros.  Most of them stay in kitchen; Scott shows her around. She's from "the boring part of California"


8:56 BBT: Most HG's in kitchen; Danielle talking about how it's weird to be in LA with people who haven't been to LA; she lives three hours north but comes here a lot, mostly to go to Disneyland. Lots of conversations; hard to piece out individual ones; BB finally yells at them for talking about production.  Going over names again; coming up with nicknames (Full Monte, Monte Python.)

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Julie Chen welcomes us to #BBOTT
In moments 13 HGs will enter the house. 96 cameras and 112 microphones will capture their every move. On CBS.com you will be able to watch everything as it happens. Following the HGs has never been more important. Not only will you have an impact on the game, but at the end of the season, you and you alone will decide who wins the $250,000 grand prize. The power to crown the winner is in your hands. Chosing the winner is only one of the many ways you will be able to impact the houseguests and game like never before. You will have an impact on nominations, evictions, and game changing twists all season long. But first, we need to meet the HGs


Whitney: Eastern Kentucky Medical Assistant
Small coal town of about 20,00 people. Very friendly, can get along with anyone. Pretty much married without the ring. Been with boyfriend for a couple of years. There is no chance for a showmance. Considers herself a female Donny. I'm going to win BBOTT because no one can say no to me. No one can resist this smile.


Shane: South Carolina Roofer
I'm a roofer and an outdoorsman. My dad is my boss and is the best boss in the world. Being a roofer is great. If I'm not on a roof pounding nails, you can find me hitting the trails. Raised a Jehova's Witness and religion is important to me, but I don't practice it anymore. My secret weapons are my looks, hair and personality. My personality is nice and sweet.


Neely: Retail sales
You see the diva, the big hair, tight waist big booty, big rack. You love it. You know you do. I will date whatever as long as they have money. Green is all I care about honey. I am totally open to a showmance as long as it advances my game. Moved home two years ago because of my dad's early onset Alsheimer's. I would love to win to give my mom the money to be able to care for my dad so she doesn't have to do it all anymore. I want people to think that I'm fun and free and just fun-loving and not know that I'm just intelligent and probably a little older and wiser than they are. 


Cornbread: Agusta, GA Heavy Equipment Operator
I'm a typical southern guy because I love being outside. I've won the Redneck Olympics three times. They have you do off the wall things.  I'm a family man. I've got a 10 year old daughter and she has my heart. I got engaged about a month and a half ago. I'm gonna be true to who I am. I'm not a dummy. I am going to go into this game not trusting anybody.


Shelby: Arizona Lawyer
SOme people tell me I'm too pretty to be a lawyer. Everyone assumes that I am dumb but don't be fooled by my looks. Graduated Pepperdine in two years instead of 3. I'm free to start a showmance because I need a buff dude to win the physical competitions for me. I'm a little bit manipulative.


Justin New Orleans Restaurant Owner
Showing him cooking. Born & Raised in NOLA, it's been quite a journey dealing with Katrina. I own a restaurant. I'm the life of the party anywhere I go. It's better to laugh than cry. I'm gonna keep everyone laughin. They won't vote me out of the house because they are going to be like "We not gonna vote him out the house because his cookin is just too damn good"


Kryssie: Waitress/Musician
You expect musiciains, girls covered in tattoos to be out all night drinking and all sorts of crazy things. I'm not into any of that. I get recognized from a video of me went viral at my old job of me being a jerk to people at my table (clip from video) After a video of you goes viral to 50 million people, you don't have a problem being on camera 24/7. I started power lifting because I lost a lot of weight and had a lot of extra skin to fill out. I have had so much practice being manipulative. Women haven't done so great on BB, they have either been floaters or they've been boring. It's time we got a tough broad in there to show them how it's done.


Monte: Deep Branch, MS Engineer Associate
I'm from the deep south. Love to hunt, love to fish, love blowing stuff up, and I'm amazed by stuff to do with fire. There are a lot of layers to me. I'm the last step before medical equipment is used in surgery by doctors. I'm an advanced redneck, just by my brains. I'm open to any relationship with anyone. If you are attractive, Monty is game.


Danielle: Visallia, CA Pre-school teacher
When I'm not taking care of my toddler, I am playing flag football. I have never been away from my son for more than 5 days so this is going to be a test of how strong of a woman I can be. But for a chance to bring home $250,000 for our future is life changing. I'm aggressive and competitive and will do what it takes to get things done. My strategy is to find that one ride-or-die. Someone I'm going to be loyal to throughout the whole game. I will probably be loyal to others, but at the end of the day it's that one person that I plan to take with me to the final two.


Scott: Banglor, Maine Debt Collector.
I haven't dated anyone in three years and I am definitely not intending to lose my virginity in the big brother house. Well, never say never! I'm 24 years old and have only had a handfull of girlfriends. My mom's hoping I meet a nice girl on the show and maybe we can hit it off. Time will tell. I spend 40 hours a week cold calling people demanding that they give me their money. I'm constantly having to deal with people who complain worse than Archie Bunker. I will be great at Big Brother because I am a huge super fan and a big fan of strategy games. I've been playing chess for the past 14 years.


Alex: Dallas, TX Computer Animator
I like to think of myself as a Dallas girl by day and a secret nerd by night. I'm a huge Pokemon Goer. Instead of just going out, I'd rather just walk around and find and catch Pokemon. I am a huge gamer. Instead of going out on the party scene, on Saturday and Sunday nights I'm just kicking it with my friends playing video games. I'm smart and strategic and I know that I can take this game and just really really really kill it. One thing I won't tell the other HGs until I have to is that I am extremely athletic. I used to be a competitive gymnast. 3 years older than Morgan, and we are complete opposites.


Morgan: Austin, Tx Publicist
I am your cliche Texas girl. I've got the big blonde hair. I'd say the bigger the hair the closer to Jesus.  I grew up super conservative, Christian family from a small town. I went to Texas and cheered for 4 years. I'm also a cut-throat publicist who doesn't need anyone else to get what she wants. My sister and I wouldn't work together in the house because you would have these two completely different people working together, it would be too obvious.

Ok you've gotten to know a bit about the HGs, now it's time to move in. The HGs will be moving in, one at a time, throughout the night. The last HG moving in will be your choice, America, because for the past week you have been voting to give either Jozea or Jason a spot in the BBOTT game.  So buckle up, because it's time to start Big Brother Over The Top.

Scott is the first one in. "Hello Feeders" He runs around to pick out a room. He is surprised by the changes they made in a week. He doesn't like the double beds in the old UKBR. Counts how many can sleep in the old Tokyo room.Goes back to the old UKBR and takes the middle bed because he likes the crown on the table next to it. Decides to head back out of the room to greet others when they come in. Notices the phone booth "10 cents". Looks around at the decorations.




Morgan is the second one in. She and Scott cheering that they are the first ones in the house. She calls the old UKBR "manly". She claims the small bed in the lantern room. They both notice the HNBR is locked. There is another door in the old UKBR that is also locked.


Scott counts 13 plates at the table. Morgan says she doesn't like uneven numbers, but she was born on Friday the 13th so she thinks maybe it will be lucky for her. They see the food and walk back to check out the work out room and see the tips from BB18 F3. They hate that they don't know who the winner was. Scott says they will find out who will win their season before they find out who won BB18.


Morgan is almost speechless about the WA. They are talking about how surreal it is to be in the BB house. Re-introducing themselves. Debating on if the next HG will be a guy or gal. She thinks guy, he thinks gal. They are already waiting for the first twist. They move on to check out the kitchen and get excited that there is a clock and water in the fridge.


Morgan asks where he is from and he said he is the first person from Maine to be in the house. Morgan says she was at UTexas and just graduated with a degree in journalism but is now in PR.



Shane is next. Just us 3? Yep, just us three. He is looking at the food and they tell him he needs to check out the beds. They think the big bed in the Lantern room may fold out into a triple. Shane picks a bed in the old UKBR.


Morgan says take bets on the next person, she thinks another guy. Re-introducing each other again. All of them saying they will never remember all of the names. Morgan says she is just waiting for the first crazy thing to happen. Morgan doesn't want someone to go home the first night. It's her worst fear.

Discussing that they are all from small, unknown towns.


Discussing occupations. Morgan says that she is a publicist but just graduated and is working her way to adulthood.


They have noticed that there are 16 key slots but only 13 plates. Morgan says the next person in has to be a girl. They are wandering around the house with Shane. Shane says, "Someone needs to christen the bathroom". The others laugh and then they head upstairs to look around. They come back downstairs and realize there are 3 place settings on the bar in the kitchen. They were hoping it was only 13 but with 16, the odds aren't as good. 


They talk about ages. Morgan is 22, Scott and Shane are 24. They discuss birthdays and zodiac signs. Scott says the LR is just so regal. Shane asks if he even went into the LR.




Neely enters. Says it's a divas paradise and so sparkly. She likes the vibe of the old UKBR but picks one in the Lantern Room. Neely asks them to show her the house. Neely says that someone is going to get kicked out tonight with their being 16 place settings. She glances at the Tips board and then heads to WA. She keeps saying it's cute.


They go upstairs and Neely asks who is going to teach her chess, and Morgan and Shane both say "Scott". Neely says the house is so blingy and she just loves it. Discussing again where everyone is from.




Shelby is the next one in and hugs everyone before asking "Are we going to do names now?" She is from Az but now lives in LA. She asks if they have picked out their beds yet and they send her off. They follow and Neely asks Shelby if her trot is her normal walk. They talk about hiding  to scare the next HG. 

They talk about being from the south and that they have southern charm and the "S" club because 3 of them have S names. Neely says the dinosaurs are Scott's pets. They talk about chess and that they think Scott is a hidden genius. Neely talks about needing someone to teach her pool as well. 


They talk about being able to go outside and getting sun. Laying by the pool, making up games.




The first 4 hide. Cornbread walks in. (His mic isn't workin well) He is giving his bio. It is very hard to hear him when everyone cheers. Cornbread takes the last bed in the old UKBR. (His mic is working now) "This is so over the top!" Neely asks him how long he had been thinkin that up. He said just now. They ask if his real name is Cornbread and he says no, it's Chad, but he prefers Cornbread. 


They are discussing jobs and Cornbread asks if they have seen the house. He asks where the rec room is and Scott tells him it's all the way down on the right. Cornbread checks the fridge and says that is how you know if everything is alright. Shelby walks in the WA and says, "What's this?" They explain it's the bathroom.


They discuss beds and 16 HGs and if their will be HN's tonight. Cornbread is almost in tears saying how excited he is to be in the house with everyone. Neely says that she sat in the chair for 2 minutes before coming in and it felt like the longest 2 minutes of her life.


Upstairs Shelby asks why it has been so long since anyone else came in because there are only 6 so far. "Maybe there is only like 12 of us and there will be a battle of the block type of thing. Did they tell you anything?" Scott explains the number of place settings and their speculation (stated above). Shelby runs to the telephone booth upstairs and says she is going to call her family. Scott asks if someone just knocked, Shelby starts to run back towards the stairs, complaining about wearing such high heels and not being able to run in them. Scott says he was hearing things. They go back downstairs.


Everyone in the LR discussing ages and such again. Shelby asks which of the doors behind her is the DR and they tell her the one with the button. They are all discussing jobs. They ask Neely her age and she says she is 28 (she is really 33). Shelby and Neely stop talking and say they are going to wait until everyone else comes in so they don't have to keep repeating their bios.




Kryssie is next. Hugs going all around, and more introductions. She says that she has a large portrait of Robocop on her arm that she is not allowed to show. Kryssie asks if the Lantern Room is the room she is getting a makeover in. She goes into Old UKBR and says somethings are great and somethings are awful. Shane comes in with her and they bond over nose rings. They start the tour again.


Cornbread says he is just so glad that he can talk! He and Shelby are discussing talking to themselves and Cornbread says that he got so bad he was answering himself. Kryssie says so we have one toilet for 13, possibly more, people. She then asks Shane if he is a musician too since he has long hair and he explains his profession (roofer) to her.


At this point they are all at the round counter in the kitchen and there are two or three conversations going on at once. It's not easy to follow any one specific one. It is now 8:00pm BBT and that is the end of the premiere!



(Sorry it took me 2 hours from start to finish. I was trying to get as much as possible in there)

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