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Alex Willett - Houseguest Discussion

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Age: 25
Hometown: Grandbury, TX
Current city: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Animation designer

Are you a fan of Big Brother?

I'm a huge super fan! I have the live feeds! I watch every season. I stalk everyone on Twitter kind of creepily. I probably shouldn't admit that out loud! I just follow people and keep track of the show. I'm kind of obsessed with it.

Did you apply to get on the show?

Yes! This is my first time applying! 

Who is your favorite Big Brother winner and who is your least favorite?

My favorite, it's kind of cliche, but I am obsessed with Dan. Are you a Dan fan?

Yes! Over everyone else.

Everyone! People say Derrick and I'm like, "No! Dan! You are a reality TV God. I love you." My least favorite is Andy [Herren]. I really didn't' like season 15. He seemed like a nice guy, he has funny Tweets, but I just didn't think his gameplay was that interesting. But his Tweets are pretty funny! I favorite them a lot!

Who were your three favorite and three least favorite players from season 17 and 18?

I don't know if I have favorites on 17. Is that bad? My three least favorites? The freaking Liz twins and Austin! They were just whiny. To me, I'm not a big fan of people who have a showmance on the show. If you have a showmance it just takes away from the gameplay for me. Season 17 was a little hit and miss. I respected Vanessa [Rousso's] gameplay, but she cried too much! So I didn't like her. For season 18 my three favorites are Paul, Victor and Bridgette. 

Paul, Victor and Bridgette are some of my favorites from last year. 

I didn't like Bridgette at first. I didn't like any of them. But then when she called out Paulie, I was like "Girl, go!" My three least favorites from last season are Nicole and Corey. Corey went o my school and he is so boring!

So you won't be in a showmance?

I have a boyfriend of five years, long distance. I'm here to play the game! There's been too many showmances in the past! This past season was all showmances! I want to bring the game play back!

Did you see the jury fight between Paulie and Da'Vonne? Are you team Paulie or Da'Vonne?

They both scare me! Da'Vonne is fierce and she scares me. I hate Paulie with all of my heart. I really don't like Paulie at all. I watch the live feeds so I saw the way he treated people on the show. I just don't respect that. 

Why will fans root for you?

I'm here to win! And I think this season needs that. It's been lacking in the past. They might not like me because I have my sister here with me. My sister got cast too and it's terrifying! She's my sister and we just found out a week ago! She is younger, but looks older so it's really trippy. We're very opposite. She's highly emotional.

Are you going to tell people you're sisters?

That's a really hard question. We do not want to tell people. But if day one, we get called out, we're just going to own it and just try to have a strong social game. We might have similar mannerisms. I like to think we don't look that much alike especially because she's this blonde little cheerleader from Texas and I'm more of the gamer who just hangs out with the guys. Since we're going to be surrounded by people 24/7 there are probably going to be some similarities people pick up on. 

You're the twist.

I know! But I'm like, "That means I'm going to be targeted first!" We both applied. We applied separately and didn't tell each other. We didn't really know. I've been telling her to apply for years because I'm a huge fan of the show. . .

She's not a big fan. She said you and your mom are big fans. Liz and Julia Nolan were in the house together and Evel Dick Donato and Daniele Donato were also. How do you think you and your sister will compare to the other family members who have played together?

The twins weren't seen as two people for a couple of weeks. I think it let them have a strong social game. That was an advantage. For Evel Dick and Daniele people were scared to go against them. With me and my sister it's going to be interesting. We'll be alright if people don't immediately pick up on it. We'll absolutely be more entertaining than the twin twist. The twin twist involved one twin hooking up with Austin and the other just chilling. Me and my sister will definitely be more entertaining! I'm not even worried about that.

If you get voted out the first week and your sister wins the game. .  .

I'll be pissed! I will be so pissed! This is my game! 

Are you a confrontational person?

I'm very behind the scenes. I use my words to manipulate, but I like people to do it for me. She's the firecracker! She speaks before she thinks. You just don't know what she's going to say. We're close, but we fight a lot! We disagree on a lot of things. It's just the product of being two very different people. When she gets angry she'll chuck a phone at me. She reacts really fast and is kind of frantic. 

Who cries more?

One hundred percent her! I don't cry! I like to think I'm Vanessa without the tears. My sister cries when she can't vacuum her room! If like the vacuum breaks, she cries! That's how different we are.

You're a super fan of the show. And every other season there's $500,000 at stake, but this season it's $250,000. Does that bother you?

I'm not in it for the money! I'm in it to win! The money doesn't phase me.

Oh so you have $250,000 laying around?

Absolutely not! (Laughs)! I'm broke right now. I just want to win the game. I want to say that I won Big Brother.

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On ‎10‎/‎1‎/‎2016 at 0:43 AM, Moonpetal said:

Yes it was Day and yes worst thing they could have done. 



ahh - thank you! - and yes it was the worst thing they could have done! - I like Jason right now - he handled himself well when speaking to Monte - Hope he gets to stay - at least for now -

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Jason is high on the radar but he did present a nice option to Monte. 

You could tell Monte was torn about nominating Jason but he stuck to his plan. 



Alex has set herself up nicely so far. She had the backing of Monte along with her sister and Whitney. 

Between the two sisters I like Alex more. She's deep into game thought. She told Morgan to stop dressing slouchy and wearing glasses as Jason is onto them. 

Alex definitely didn't want to work with her sister but I think she had no choice. Plus they are both aligned with Monte. To be honest I think Monte got them confused and ended up talking game to Morgan when he thought it was Alex or vice versa. 

At one point Whitney said ok we will tell Alex and Monte looked confused. At the time Morgan was wearing a hat. 

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