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Survivor vs. Millennials 
Millennials are: Adam, Hannah, Figgy, Jay, Mari, Michelle, Taylor, Michaela, Zeke, Will 
Gen X are: Bret, Chris, Cece, David, Ken, Lucy, Paul, Rachel, Sunday, Jessica 


Fiji, a stunning place, crystal clear water,  hundreds of islands, this is the battleground for a survivor culture war 

20 Americans divided into 2 tribes 
Survivor is the game of games, who will win?  
Two generations with 2 approaches to life, they must learn to adapt or they will be voted out.
39 days, 20 people,, 1 survivor 


Open your buffs, and see your new tribe mates
Purple or Orange -  put your buffs on to make it official war of generations
Gen X born between 1963-1982 
Millenials born between 1984-1997
This division is 2 different philosophical approaches to life 
Will, just 18 years old, youngest and still in high school 
Paul born in 1963, oldest tribe member


First test- up in the jungle area, items are scattered, with short term or long term value 
Choose one item from each station and leave the other one behind,,  first big decision to be made. 
2 minutes to get items on your mat. Don't leave anything behind 
Making decisions that impact you for the next 39 days.Jessica found an envelope and grabbed it. 
Millenials grab the chickens, Gen X takes the fishing gear. Time is up. 


Each tribe gets a map to their beach. Fiji is in the cyclone season, the forecast is for a storm soon
Make building a shelter a priority, you will need it. 


Millenials arrive and see their tribe flag and plan to prove people wrong about their misconceptions of
young people.  Tribe members introducing themselves.  They start building a shelter immediately 
and start building alliances. 


Gen X tribe arrives at their camp - they have good values, and strong decision making. 
but don't underestimate the younger people, they are thinkers.  Jessica walks away to open the envelope
she found.  It says congratulations, you have found the legacy advantage, if you are in possession of this note on day 36, 
you will receive an advantage in the game. If you are voted out, you must will it to another player. 


Millenials-Day 1- Figgy, admits she is a flirt and is hanging with Jay and Taylor.  They are already 
talking alliances and bringing in Michelle.  Hannah trying to befriend Michelle. 


Gen X- Day 1: They are working hard on the shelter, getting water and setting up camp.
Rachel is a bit overeager, and talking too much. Ken and Paul go off and David suspects they have an
immunity idol. David is pushing hard and they think he is paranoid. 


Millennials not making a lot of progress on the shelter and they want to have fun and go in the water
They believe in dreaming big and the sky is getting dark without anything done. Their shelter 
cracked as thunder, lighting and the pouring rain comes. They are getting soaked and shivering. 


Both tribe didn't get the shelter done before the rain. They are wet and miserable, and tree 
mail arrives. This is a powerful storm so as a gesture of good will, they each get a tarp to use temporarily 
until they can build a shelter. 


Jeff comes over to the millenials and tells them the weather is so bad, cyclone level, that they 
are going to evacuate the tribes. They need to collect their personal items and chickens and are leaving the island.
Then he comes to the Gen X Tribe and gives them the same message. 

island. Then he comes to give them the same message. They will go to safety to ride out the storm.
The wind picks up and it becomes dangerous fast and will be a rocky ride. 


Gen X- Day 3:  The storm destroyed the work they did on the shelter- a tree fell and they would have been hurt. 
They go quickly back to work.  David's paranoia continues to show itself, but he wants to overcome.  The other guys
see him searching for an idol which upset other tribe members.


Millennials- Day 3-  they also need to work on a shelter and Zeke makes fire without flint and he is very proud of himself. 
There is a divide between the cool kids and the nerds.  They want to break up the pretty people 


The sun is out and the tribes return the tarps.  

The first immunity challenge, and the idol. for today's challenge,you are going to make choices

that will either help you in the front or back end of this challenge.You will race under an obstacle and collect a warclub,

you will come to a rope tunnel which you can cross as is or a shortcut,then a balance beam and run as is or use a shortcut,
then carry a crate to the finish and use the pieces inside to solve the puzzle. 
Here's the dilemma, every time you use a shortcut, it adds 10 more pieces to the puzzle. so if 
you are great at puzzles, you can get there faster or have less pieces but have a shorter puzzle. 
First to finish wins immunity, safe from the vote and flint for fire.   Losing team goes to tribal council
where someone will be eliminated. Teams strategize. 


 Here we go for immunity and fire: Go! Untie all the clubs first and everyone needs to be untied before they can move forward
Gen X takes the first shortcut. Millenials took second shortcut.  Gen X takes second shortcut
and moves ahead,but will be working on a larger puzzle with 70 pieces. Millenials have 10 less pieces
Millennials win immunity and reward. 


Millennials back at tribal- and strategizing for who is going home.  At tribal council, 
they each grab a torch and get fire-  fire represents life in this game. David admits he is his 
own worst enemy.  Everyone thinks it could be them.  Voting begins.  Jeff tallies the votes and 
the vote is 5 for Rachel. 1 Sundae, I David, 3 CeCe. -  Rachel voted out and the tribe has spoken.

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didn't we do this once already?  old vs. young?  hopefully this one goes better...  that severe weather looked really bad - I'm glad all were removed and that no one was hurt - not sure yet who I am rooting for, but too many "yo dude"!!! or "bro" are going to get on my nerves really fast - so we shall see - oddly, I am enjoying David - he's the one who covered his ears when the other guy was chopping?  just too funny - but I doubt he will remain funny for long..........

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Previously on Survivor... Millennials, Figgy flirts with the men and puts together an alliance with 
the men.The majority alliance on Gen X came together with 6 people.   At tribal, Dave plead his case but was 
spared and Rachel was sent home.  19 are left who will be voted out tonight.  


Gen X, day 5, they are having trouble making fire.  Paul has a six person alliance without 
Cece and David, who they think cant handle it out there, so he tries hard to get the fire going and succeeds
They are trying to keep David busy so he doesnt have time to search for an idol, but he still does as he collects rocks.
He finds a coconut with a symbol on it and runs away to open it.  Inside he finds an immunity idol.


 Millennials Day 5, Taylor likes Figgy and they are flirting away. Michaela hears them kissing and thinks its disgusting. 
Zeke thinks they take hookups less seriously, and the casual attitude may get Figgy and Taylor in trouble. 


Gen X day 6- Ken is spear fishing and find an octopus and the tribe is psyched for dinner. 
Ken and David talking about strategy and tells him about his idol in confidence. 


Millennials day 6-  The morale is good, but Mari said they grew up with TV screen and this is harder than they thought. 
Michaela is using the machete for sugar cane and throwing shade at Figgy for all her flirting.
On Gen X, Paul is taking control of the game, he breathes control and some on the tribe onto ok with that. Can they put up with Pauls ego?


Paul  falls down and his hands go numb and are twitching.The producer comes in and checks his pulse and tells him the doctor will be in shortly.   The doctor arrives and Jeff follows. They do a quick trace of his heart to see if he had a heart attack. No damage to his heart. Its heat exhaustion and dehydration only. Maybe its time to get rid of Paul.  


Day 7- Millennials see that Rachel is voted out.  Now onto the Immunity Challenge,one person dives in the wate, race up the cargo net and retrieves a key-  the next person goes until you 
retrieve all 5 keys, then you will use them to open a chest containing a mask, use that mask to retrieve 5 rings, then the rings, land on the target, first tribe to win is safe from immunity.  In addition, you are playing for reward,  you are playing for a tarp.  Millenial sits out Hannah so the tribes are equal .  


 Survivors Ready-  Go!  Chris and Michelle out of the gate, they each get a key, the next pair goes and Paul and Will go and each get a key. 
The teams are even. 3 keys left.  Michaela and Sundae go and each get a key.   David and Zeke in the water.  Zeke takes the lead
Zeke extending the lead and David struggles in the water giving the Millenials the lead. 
Millennials open the chest, Jessica needs to make up time for Gen X, she gets a key.    CeCe gets in the water to get a ring and doesnt get one and they fall behind. 
Millennials in the lead. Millennials in the lead, getting the rings - they are now neck in neck diving for the rings to get the last one.  Now they are tossing. 
Tied 2-2, and Gen X is in the lead and they win immunity!  Tarp will be waiting for you at camp.  Millennials, see you at tribal night.  


 Millennials - Zeke wants to vote out Figgy. Jay is disappointed because they are voting Figgy out because she is part of a couple.  Michelle wants to switch the vote- saying that Mari is smart and she wants to keep people that will stick with her. They are trying to build an alliance of 6 and turn it around.


At tribal council, they each get a torch and get fire which is their life.  Zeke says everything about the experience is incredible.  Michaela feels like the situation can bring out the worst in people.  The game is on! Hannah says some people like cuddling more than others.- theres a love affair and a war.  Figgy is in the middle of things that arent good for the tribe.  Side conversation trying to convince Hannah to vote for Mari. 

 Time to vote: Zeke votes Figgy,and Figgy votes Mari. Hannah cant decide who to vote for and finally votes.  Jeff tallies the votes. Figgy,3 Mari, 6,  Mari gets voted out.  Jeff says  Its clear that the enthusiasm is overshadowed only by the level of game play,, it is on..   Good night. 


Next on Survivor,  Zeke and Adam feel betrayed.  A twist in the game shakes things up.   Mari says she got snagged from a mile away which plays on emotion and it hurts.

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 18 are left, who will be voted out tonight.    Millenials night 7. Zeke and Taylor say Taylor and Figgy - well done.  Figgy says there were 7 votes- its just not us. 
Hannah says, I had to do it, but she feels bad and wants to talk and Zeke wants no part of it.  Hannah doesnt get it and persists. 
Adam says this was my dream since 9 and now I have to move up from the bottom. 


 Gen X Day 8-  David, Ken and Cece are on the bottom.   But David has the idol so he has hope.
Paul is feeling much better and goes fishing. The current is strong and he comes back without fish.
Ken is frustrated the team doesnt see that Paul doesnt do what he says he will do. 
Millenials Day 8-   Gather around for tree mail.  4 have to go to other tribe.   They need to pick
rocks and the 4 who get the orange rocks get to go.  They each grab one and dont look. 
They all reveal at the same time.  Will Jay, Taylor and Fig go and they say get picked up on the boat. 


For Gen X, there is Chris, Paul, Cece and Dave.  So they are having a summit and trying to get information from each other
They get to break bread together and talk -   are there any boyfriend/girlfriends,   what do you do? 
David and Cee try to befriend the other tribe talking to Figgy and Taylor. 

Everyone returns to their tribe and reports their visit.  Millenial girls wanted to know about Ken.  
And Ken goes off fishing and brings back fish.  Paul who brags about being a fisherman hasnt actually caught one fish. 
Jessica feels bad for Ken, but is in with the 6 alliance and doesnt want to rock the boat. 
Millenials day 10-   Taylor, Figgy  are talking with Jay and Michele- they say Zeke should be the next to go. 

Adam trying to convince Michaela Figgy should be the next to go.  Day 10, Immunity Challenge
Carry heavy bags over and under an obstacle and then across a balance beam. - separate sand bags from coconuts and use the sandbag
to knock down large puzzle pieces - when all the pieces are on the ground, you need to reassemble the puzzle - first to get it right gets immunity 
and reward,  hammock, blankets, 2 custom survivor lounge chairs. 


 Survivors ready-  Go!   First everyone needs to go over and over with the 40 lb bags. 
 Gen X is falling behind Millenials are in first and get to the balance beam first,  
everyone needs to get across without falling off.  Millenials have a big lead because they are helping some with the bags
 Will is struggling and Adam is last across the beam.. Millenials now sorting the sandbags and in the lead
Millenials now tossing =  Gen X trying to catch up but still sorting. Now Gen X starting to catch up 
and they are both tossing the pieces and they are in the lead to put together the puzzle.   Michelle and 
Zeke working on the puzzle.  David and Sundae for Gen X on the puzzle.  
Millenials win Immunity and reward.   Millenials ask to trade their reward for fishing gear and Jeff says Gen X needs to agree and
Gen X says no 

Back at the Gen X camp after the challenge,  Paul claims Cece cost them the challenge, because she took so long to go across the balance beam. 
Sunday says CeCe has to go to keep their tribe strong.   David, CeCe and Ken want to vote for Paul and try to persuade others.  Since Paul says 
it could be girls vs. boys  Jessica talks to the other girls about voting off Paul

 At tribal council, Jeff asks about the summit.  The takeaway is that they had a mutual respect for each other
David seems calmer and he is coping with his anxiety. Jeff talking about the differences in the 2 tribes,  the millenials were more efficient at the challenge
Gen X may have to get with the times.. Time to vote.   Jeff tallies the votes.  Paul 5 Cc  3  votes-   Paul voted out.   The tribe has spoken.
A blindside is a blindside. 


Next time on survivor-   tensions are high at the gen x tribe . Paul is blindsided and he 'trying to figure out who voted for him.   
All the women voted Paul. 

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Previously on Survivor…At the millennial tribe, Zeke and Adam were betrayed after a blindside. At the Gen-X tribe David found an idol and thought he might need to use it. But Jessica wanted to turn on the majority alliance. At tribal council, Sunday and Lucy went along with Jessica’s plan and voted out Paul, blindsiding Brett and Chris. 17 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Gen-X night 10 returns to the camp and Jessica explains why they made their decision. Chris and Brett feels betrayed, and Chris is very upset. Gen-X day 11 in the morning, Lucy and Sunday are already having second thoughts and Lucy talks to Brett and Chris and pins the decision on Jessica making her a target at the next tribal council.  


Millenial tribe Day 11 and they are hungry. They believe they saw pig tracks so they decide to go hunt for a pig to eat. While they are gone, Adam says hidden immunity idol searching has died down and he’s going to re-dedicate himself to finding it because he thinks it is still out there. Adam has found a map to the hidden immunity idol. He doesn’t know how much time he can spare to look for it so he has to go back to camp and look another time.


Jeff calls the tribes in for the reward challenge and says millennials get their first look at the Gen-X tribe, Paul was voted out at the last tribal council. Millenials seem shocked.

For today’s challenge, they are going to race out to retrieve a ring. You’ll then race back to your flag pole, while the other tribe attempts to stop you any way they can. First tribe member to put a hand on their flag pole with a hand on the ring scores a point for their tribe, first to 3 wins reward. They are playing for steak, sausages, veggies, spices and losers….nothing. Millenials have an extra person and sit out Michelle.


First round, two men vs two men. It’s going to be Chris and David taking on Jay and Adam. Interesting match-up out of the gate.  Jeff says there are big swells today and they are going to have to swim to the ring. Jay goes right after Chris and ties him up and Chris pushes him off. That leaves Adam to go for the ring, Jeff says great strategy by the millennials. Adam sees Chris and gives up the ring and Chris throws the ring to David. Chris is holding both Adam and Jay and David easily scores for the first point for Gen-X. Sunday and CeeCee taking on Figgy and Mikayla in Round 2. Sunday and Cee both hang back to play defense. Mikayla and Figgy both close to their flagpole with the ring and CeeCee and Sunday are not strong enough to hold them, we are tied one and one. Round 3, Brett and Ken for Gen-X and an excited Taylor and Will for the millennials. All four head straight for the ring. Taylor intercepts Ken and goes after Brett aggressively. Ken strips Will of the ring and Taylor is tied up by Brett. Brett and Ken pushing forward and Taylor and Will not strong enough to hold him. Ken scores for Gen-X and they are back in the lead 2-1. Jessica and Lucy taking on Mikayla and Hannah in Round 4. Gen-X can win it right here. Lucy is trying to hold Hannah and Mikayla. Mikayla takes her top off and goes after Jessica. Millenials need to score, they are down two one. All four on the ring Lucy trying to pull towards the flag. Mikayla has momentum and is fighting to get to their flag. Mikayla pulls the women and ties it 2-2. Final round, David and Chris vs Zeke and Jay for reward. Zeke goes after Chris and Jay has the ring. Jay has an opening and Zeke doing a good job on Chris. Chris grabs the ring from Jay and all four are fighting for the ring and Zeke is all over Chris. A swell goes over all of them. Chris grabs it again and water is carrying them towards the Gen-X flag. Chris got the flag pole and Jeff almost got knocked over by the waves. Gen-X wins reward.


Back at the millennial camp, Day 11, they talk about the challenge and Mikayla crushed it, the girls crushed it. Zeke talking about how big Gen-X’s guys are and they just got demolished. Adam says he feels like he needs to find that idol before they go back to tribal council or merge. He says he’s looking everywhere and he just doesn’t see it. He finally sees a shell with his tribe’s motif and he struggles to open the shell. He finally gets it open, finds the idol, and gets caught by Hannah. Hannah can see him, but not the idol. She asks him how his idol search is going and he says he’s working on it. She tells him good luck. Adam tells us it was hard for him to decide to come out and play because his mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, but she’s the ultimate reason for him to be there.


The Gen-X tribe is cooking their reward. David and Lucy go off to get water. They talk about who might be on the block and David thinks he needs to go with the majority. Lucy tells them, they are going to get Jessica out and Ken and David shouldn’t get stress out. Lucy tells them she better not see them talking with anyone else and they can’t go tell her. Ken says they went from one dictator to another.


Time for the immunity challenge.  Jeff takes back the idol. For today’s challenge, they are going to race through a series of obstacles to a chair. The tribe will then lift the chair allowing you to retrieve 10 numbered bags, then the next person goes. Once you’ve retrieved all 30 bags you will use the pieces inside to solve a word puzzle. First tribe to get it right, wins immunity, safe from the vote. Losers go to tribal council. Adam sits out for the millennials.


Chris and Figgy both go first. Chris flies through the course, but he’s harder to pull up than Figgy. Chris is flying through getting his numbers. (The bags aren’t in order. There are three levels and each number is on a different level. The tribe has to work to pull up and lower.) Ken is up for Gen-X and Michelle is second for the millennials. Ken quickly gets the next ten and David is the last to run. Millenisals get their second set and Mikayla is coming for the last set. Millenials are catching up a bit, but Gen-X has a slight lead. Gen-X is all running to start opening their bags and work on the word phrase. Millenials are just a bit behind. Both tribes struggling to come up with the phrase. Gen-X is moving things around, Millenials are thinking it out, but not moving many letters. 45 minutes have elapsed and neither tribe has it yet. Millenials now moving quickly and both tribes are moving things around. The phrase was somebody loses their flame tonight. Millenials won.


Gen-X are back at camp and Brett and Chris are a little concerned. Chris talks to Lucy and asks if Ken and David are on board with getting rid of Jessica. Lucy says yeah, they are fine. She counts the votes, and says her, Ken, Dave, Chris, and Brett. She says she’s like a Tiger Mom. She loves being in control. She says if she’s successful at home, it should be successful here. David talks to Ken and Ken tells David how he feels. Ken thinks he, David, Jess, and CeeCee need to vote for Lucy. David says that’s only four. Ken says Jess needs to pull in Sunday. David says in real life, he thinks Lucy is used to calling the shots, but out here you have to be careful so you don’t rub people the wrong way or make someone mad, and that’s what has happened. David thinks it sounds like a great idea. David tells CeeCee to vote for Lucy. Ken tells Jessica that Lucy wants her out and she has to get Sunday or she’s the one going home. Jessica tells us she is stunned and it seems a little suspicious. Jessica goes and tells Lucy what Ken told her. David says things are blowing up in a big way. David tells Ken that Jessica told Lucy what he said and he says he’s shocked. Lucy asks Ken who he’s voting for and he tells Lucy how he feels about her “rules”. David says at this point things are so messed up. He’s afraid if he votes for Jessica, then he’ll be back on the bottom. He says the safest thing would be to write Jess’s name down or use his idol on her. He’s taking it with him, just in case. He says he’s not planning on playing it, but he has a lot to think about.


Time for tribal council. Jeff says let’s talk about last tribal council. Did it bring the tribe together or did it do a better job of signifying game on? David doesn’t think it brought the tribe together. Jeff asks Chris what was his reaction getting back to camp. Chris says him and Brett were upset with the other people in the alliance because they were completely blindsided. He says the state of the tribe is complete chaos, but they have got to figure it out before they are in big trouble. Jeff says Jessica, if Chris really believes he was blindsided along with Brett, what does that mean now to the five remaining of the six. Jessica says she thinks they have all been processing why things happened the way they happened at the last tribal, but the ramification are still being seen. She hopes they have come back together as a five. Jeff says Lucy, so it feels like the last tribal council was bomb and now the game is being played. Lucy says yeah everybody started getting insecure, we started hearing so many different things, somebody mentioned your name and their name and no one knows who is going to vote for who. Jeff says what do you think? Do you have a sense tonight? Lucy says she thought she knew but Jessica told her Ken was voting her out tonight and she doesn’t know if he got enough numbers. Jeff says Ken, you’re nodding your head like you agree with that. Ken says yeah, she’s referring to a conversation we had earlier today and he thinks there are different ways you can ask people for things and there’s also coming up and say you’re going to do this. Lucy says that’s how she is, blunt, and she feels most men would appreciate that. Lucy says most people would realize it was helping to advance their game. Jeff says you realize, you’re kind of doing it again. Lucy says she was coming at get it done quick, easy decision, no need to explain it. Jeff says Ken, so the take away is Lucy now believes you want her out, and have at least talked to Jessica about it. So how comfortable are you that tonight’s vote will go the way you think it’s going to go. Ken says he’s waivered all day and that’s what happens when someone you think is loyal isn’t so loyal. Jeff says Jessica, you had a big reaction. Was he talking about you. Jessica says he was. She looks at Ken and says am I supposed to trust you 100% what you told me about what other people said about me today. Ken says yeah. Lucy says that’s the thing, you never know who’s telling the truth. David says it’s a live tribal. Jeff says meaning it’s not set in stone. David says yeah you leave the beach with an idea what you’re going to do at tribal and then you get there and it changes. He says anything can happen, it’s completely unpredictable. Jeff says Jessica, look at your body language. Have you second guess your vote at all tonight? She nods. Jeff says Chris, how about you. Chris says as far as second guessing my vote, I’m not. I might be hit in the mouth again, but I’m not second guessing. He says the question is who’s the sucker at the table, everybody might be all in, but who’s the chump playing that shouldn’t have been playing. Jeff says sounds like a good time to find out. Time to vote.


Jeff tallies the votes. David stands and wants to say a few words. He stands next to Jeff. I want to say it’s been a pleasure meeting you, I enjoy all of your company. And now for the bit that’s maybe going to upset some people, I’m going to play this for Jessica and pulls out the idol. Jeff says this is a hidden immunity idol and any votes cast for Jessica will not count. First vote, Jessica, does not count. Second vote Jessica, does not count. Third vote Jessica, does not count. Fourth vote, Jessica does not count. Fifth vote Jessica does not count. Sixth vote CC, that’s one vote CC. Seventh vote Lucy. That’s one vote CC, one vote Lucy, one vote left. The fourth person voted out of Survivor Millenials vs Gen-X, Lucy. Well you talk about live tribals, it doesn’t get any more live than that. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night. Jessica whispers thank you to David as they leave and he nods.


Next time on Survivor, the Gen-X idol is back up for grabs. CC says we’ll have an idol search party. And a surprise switch, drop your buffs, threatens to tear to lovers apart. Figgy says I love Taylor to pieces, Taylor says his biggest fear is them getting split up. They have no idea what’s going to happen.

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Previously on surivor,  david played his idol and saved Jessica,  Lucy went home,  16 are left who will be voted out tonight. 
Gen X, night 12-  David says I saved someone that no one wants to work with?  Jessica tells Ken about her legacy advantage, hoping it buys her some goodwill. 
Ken is giving her his full trust.   The next day, the immunity idol is back up for grabs and everyone is out searching for it.  David spots a log with the teams symbol 
and thinks there is an idol there and he finds another one.  

At the reward challenge, Millenials see Lucy is voted out. Jeff says there are some elements of the game you have no control over and it can change your game, 
just like a snap.   Everyone drop your buffs. Things are switching up. The tribes are mixing and there will now be 3 tribes. 
Orange- Vanua,  will be on the millenium camp,  Purple, Takalay will be on the Gen X camp and Green, Ikabula will go to a new beach and will have to start from scratch- but you will have one extra tribe member. 
Members of the Takalay are : 
Taylor, Adam and Figgy, Jessica and Ken 


Vanua:   Cece, Chris and Dave, Zeke and Michele 


Ikabula:  Michela, Jay, Will , Hannah, Sundae and Brett 

The Ikabula get a map to their camp and after introductions, they need to get to work making a shelter. 
The Millenials are happy because they have a majority.   The other two groups get a tour of their camp and settle in.  Figgy wants to keep her distance from Taylor so they arent targeted in their new tribe. 

Vanua (orange) tribe is getting to know each other. Zeke and Chris, both from Oklahoma are forming an alliance.   On Ikabula ( green), its day 14 and they are back to the beginning
No fire, and people are getting frustrated. Michaela is determined and gets the fire going and she gets very emotional and cries. But her tribe cheers for her and she feels better.

At the immunity challenge with the new tribes, 2 tribes win immunity.  first you have to dive down and collect a bouy and swim it to the platform. once you have collected all 5, you have a choice, you can immediately toss them and hope to land them in the basket or you can take the time to hook the basket, moving it closer to them. Ikabula has one extra member, so Will sits out. 

First two tribes to finish are safe. Survivors ready-  go! Purple is in the lead and quickly gets their balls and starts shooting.  Ken tries to get the purple 
basket closer. David is a disaster and sets the orange team way back.   Green gets all of theirs and they try and get the basket closer  Michaela gets is and scores on her first shot. 
Michaela gets 4 in a row and gets the fifth one and green wins immunity.   ken shooting for purple and gets 4 and they get immunity.   Orange is going to tribal council  and someone is going home.   Cece and David are terrible in challenges and Zeke 
is frustrated because he is in the minority.


Back at camp, orange, Vanua is talking about the challenge. Chris says this is a crucial decision.   Cece and Dave are the weakest and he wants Cece to go. 
Michelle is not sure she can trust Chris and Dave and hopes for the best. 

At tribal council, Zeke pleading his case to stay, saying he provides a link to the millenials.Gen X is down numbers and you will need to work with millenials to win this game. 
Time to vote:    Michelle 1, Cece 3-  Cece is voted out and truly surprised.  Jeff says the remaining 4 can trust each other, unless you are the one being lied to.

Next on Survivor:  Figgy lets her guard down and says Taylor and her have a thing.  The spinning challenge causes medical to be called in. Hannah is taken down.
 CC thinks the Gen X team let her down and she thinks it will lead to their downfall, but she is proud of her game. 

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Last time on survivor:  At tribal council, Gen X gave up their numbers and voted out CeCe. 15 are left, who will be voited out tonight.   Vanua, night 15:   They live to fight another day. David thinks voting CeCe out was the right move.  Chris said it had to be done. Zeke thinks he is now in a power position, and Gen X gave up their advantage. 

Ikabula Day 16:  Everyone is hungry and grumpy.   Jay offers to look for coconuts and take care of the millennial girls. Jay is searching for an idol. He runs across a stick with the symbol and then finds the idol. Just when he is opening it, Michaela
comes up to them and sees the idol.  Michaela says she will keep the secret for now, but if the situation requires, she's snitching. 

Day 16:  Reward Challenge:  both tribes learn CeCe voted out. Figgy glad Michelle was saved. For today's challenge, one person will be the caller, everyone else is blindfolded and will only use verbal commands. The caller will instruct the blindfolded members to collect the puzzle pieces.  Once you collect the pieces the caller will then direct a blindfolded member to solve the puzzle.  first two tribes to finish win reward...  first tribe gets apple pie, cookies, brownies, ice tea and milk.
Second tribe gets chocolate chip cookies.   Jessica, Brett and Hannah all sit out as they are extra members 


Survivors ready!  Michele, Figgy and Jay are the callers.   They are struggling to find the puzzle pieces and getting dizzy along the way 
Ikabula has 2, then 3,   David again is confused.  Ken finds the last set of puzle pieces. Figgy is instructing Ken to put the puzzle together blind folded. 
Michaela finds the last set for her tribe and she is trying to put it together.  Hannah feels faint. Jeff says she is should go sit in the shade and should ask for medical if she needs it.  Michelle and Zeke trying to catch up and they come from behind and win!
Jay and Figgy win second place.   Hannah is panicking as her arms are cramping she is breathing quick.   She said she is prone to panic attacks but doctor says she just needs water, and she feels better as the tribes claim their rewards.   Figgy upset about the loss. Michaela grabs her chocolate chip cookies.  

Michele and Zeke save the day and Vanua is enjoying their reward. Michelle says Figgy owes her her life in this game.  


At Ikabula, hannah and sundae are talking about not addressing emotions and her anxiety brought on the panic attack and she is worried about seeming weak.


At Takali, they are enjoying coconut.  Taylor and Figgy's romance is growing everyday.  Figgy is practicing telling Ken and Jessica
about their relationship, but is concerned about Jessica's reaction. Ken said they didnt do a great job hiding it and that couple isnt as cool as they think they are.   

Day 18 at the immunity challenge, immunity is back up for grabs. For todays challenge, they need to race across a series of balance beams and collect bags of coconuts, and bring them up the beach.  once you have six bags you wil open them to find 3 balls. 2 players will them manuever them to get 3 balls in the holes.  the first tribes to get all to the end will win immunity.  someone will be the 6th person to be voted out.  Adam, Will and Sundae sit out as the extra players. 

Survivors ready- GO!  Jay, David and Ken are first on the balance beams. You have to climb up and untie 3 bags. 
David does it quickly and Ken is struggling.  Next is Taylor, Chris and Brett who have to get the remaining 3 bags. Ken and Taylor working quickly.   Jessica and Figgy now looking for the 3 balls. Michaela and Hannah looking for their balls, 
Jessica and Figgy move onto the maneuvering the balls into the holes. Michaela and Hannah now found their balls and move onto maneuvering. All 3 pairs now trying to figure out their rhythm. Now Michaela taking charge and they have 2, then 3 and they winn immunity.   For second place, Michaela is helping Michelle and Zeke, and the two teams are tied at 2.  Michelle and Zeke win and they are safe.   Takali, tribal council for you tonight.  There are 3 millennials, Michaela says they need to work together to keep the millennials strong. 

Back at Takali, Adam says he has been playing double agent and someone will be coming back unhappy. Adam, Taylor and Figgy talk about voting Ken out. 
Ken says he wont go down without a fight. Adam has decide which way to go.  Should he get out the power couple?  At tribal, the talk is who they divide 3 vs. 2 
Jeff says you know I am an ordained minister, would you Figgy and Taylor want to get married now?   Jeff points out Adam is in the middle.  Taylor says there are more overall millennials and Adam puts himself at risk if he doesnt vote with them. Time to vote: Jeff is tallying the votes:  Ken 2, Figgy-  3 and she says to Taylor win.   Adam says I can explain. 

Next on survivor,   Taylor seeks vengeance.   David and Zeke become an alliance.   Figgy says she was a force to be reckoned with and that is why Adam voted for her. 

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#S33:  Last time on Survivor: The 3 tribes are settling in.  At tribal council, The Gen Xer's and Adam voted out Figgy. 14 are left, who will be voted out tonight. 
Takali  night 18:   They come back from tribal council and there are issues with trust.   Adam admits to Taylor he screwed him.


#S33:  Vanua-  Day 19:    Sitting on the beach the morning after Tribal Council, David is concerned that Chris may pull a fast one and  vote him out and not Michele. 
David is thinking of showing Zeke his idol and tells him about it.  Zeke said Davids secret is safe with him. 


#S33: The other two tribes get a look at the Takali tribe with Figgy voted out. A  lot of different reactions.   Todays reward challenge, work together to  unwind and release 3 ballls, you will will then 
shoot the balls into a basket and push them through a rope tunnel. Once you have the 3 balls, you will attempt to land them on a purch.  First team to win gets a chef comes to camp and 
cook for them a great meal with cheesecake for dessert.   Second winner gets kabobs to cook themselves.   Brett and Sunday sit out as the extra members of their team. 

#S33:   Vanua - Day 19-  A chef is there at camp with a BBQ grill cooking them shrimp from the sea, pasta and chicken. They are eating up a storm. 
They are eating fast and furious and the boys are burping up a storm. Michele as the only girls is worried she is vulnerable, but not changing her game. 
Takali later Day 19, they are talking politics and Taylor says one group wont always be happy.  Taylor says he wont write the names Jessica or Ken. 
Jessica and Ken taking the informaiton in and figuring out strategy. 


#S33: Ikabula - Day 20 -  Michaela says she is the strongest girl in her tribe, comparing herself to winners.  Hannah mentions there are'4 millenials and 2 Gen Xer's.
Bret telling about his job as a funeral home director and not telling that is he really a cop ( because cops dont usually do well ) 
Hannah tells the others she is pretty sure that Brett is a cop. 


#S33:  Day 20 at the immunity challenge,  Jeff reclaims the idols and immunity is back up for grabs.   Race and throw coconuts into a net, once the net is heavy enough a flag

will drop with revealing numbers on it. 
  Those numbers will release a key, the key will unlock a slingshot to throw sand bags and knock down targets.    First two tribes to finish are safe, Hannah and Will sit out.  


#S33: Survivors ready!   They are all tossing coconuts - not succesfully.  Ikabula hasnt lost a challenge yet.   Takali advances and Adam has to find the right combination of numbers .  Adam unlocks the slingshot and starts to toss 
tha balls.   Michaela having trouble with the target and Jay goes in.   Vanua is catching up,   Takali winns immunity  Vanua takes 2nd.   Ikabula is going to tribal council.   is it going to be Brett or Sundae going home? 


#S33:  Sundae sad that others will decide her fate.   Its either Brett or Sundae,   tonights vote= they vote for each other .   Michaela is telling her tribe its a number name and figuring out who family will stay tonight. 
At tribal council,  Sundae and Brett are aware they are the underdogs.   Michaela says she wants to make it to the merge, which has to be coming soon.   They trust each other and someone will be blindsided.  Michaela goes with 4 votes and she is shocked!  Hannah is also shocked,   


#S33:  Next on Survivor:   The merge has arrived and Gen x is outnumbered and Hannah wants revenge.


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#S33-  Previously on Survivor-   Jay and Will voted with the Gen Xers to send Michaela home. Leaving Hannah in the dark.  13 are left who will be voted out tonight. 
Ikabula-  Night 20  Jay proud of his big move getting rid of Michaela.   Hannah feels she is excluded from the tribe and plans to plot to get revenge. 

#S33:  A boat is coming to the Ikabula tribe.  They are brought a message-  you have 5 minutes to gather all survivors you need get on this boat and go to your new home. 
At the Takali tribe, they get the same message and are packing up and head out on a boat to their new home. They are all glad the tribes are merging. 

#S33- The Ikabula and Takali tribes arrive at the Vanua camp. # Merge. Michele is so glad to be back with the people she always trusted. They open two big trunks with a note they have made the merge full of food and drink.
Jay thinks he is the kingpin with his alliances and an idol in his packet.  The millenials are happy to be reunited.   Brett and Chris are talking and not sure the merge will be good for them. 

#S33-Zeke is worried that the rest of the tribe is taken in by Jay's charm.   They are all enjoying the food and wine. Adam goes searching a " merge idol".   He finds a note that says "Congratulations, you have won an advantage that allows you to
steal a reward after it has been won by someone else. Alert Jeff of your intention to steal the reward after they have won and before they leave the challenge area. 

#S33-  Taylor wakes up in the middle of the night and hoards food out of sight so he has his own stash of food.   Bret hears him, but doesnt want to confront him, so he goes back to bed.  Adam then sees Taylor stealing the food and 
goes and talks to Taylor. Adam tried to sway Taylor away from Jay and tries to build an alliance, but Taylor isnt buying it.   Adam tells Taylor about his advantage but Taylor just wants to blindside Adam.  

#S33-Chris and Bret are talking about making a run at the millenials  and taking out Taylor.  Jay and Taylor are talking about targeting a Gen Xer. and Taylor tells Jay that Adam wants to take out Will. -  They want to turn the tables and vote out Adam. 

#S33-  The first individual immunity is up for grabs.   No more tribal immunity, revealing the new immunity necklace. For todays challenge, they will balance a narrow perch. Their hands will be tethered  to a bucket above you, if their arms drop and the water comes out of the bucket, they are out of the challenge. 
Everyone is in position and the challenge is on.   The old challenge had one arm , this has both.  Sundae first out , Chris and Bret quickly follow. 
10 minutes goes by and Jay is next to be out.  Zeke is next, and 8 are left. Jay goes after a slight movement. Hannah follows. 20 minutes has gone by and Michele is out and we are down to 5. 
Taylor is out , followed by David and Adam and we are down to 2-  Jessica and Will.   They continue to the 1 hour mark.  Jessica says my kids are going to be damn proud.  Will says his mom would be proud. They continue to the 90 minute mark. 
and Jessica drops and Will wins immunity.   Someone will be the 8th person voted out, it wont be Will. 
 #S33-   Will very proud of himself and knows he needed to win to go against Adam's plan. The plan now becomes to vote Adam out.   Michelle thinks that is a stupid move based on personal feelings vs. strategy. 
Adam is scrambling and and Hannah offers to help Adam.  Adam doesnt know if he has the numbers to stay or if he should plan on playing his idol.  

#S33-  At tribal council,  they talk about Taylor taking the food for himself. Jeff asks about alliances and who trusts who based on the dividing of the tribes. Time to vote-  Adam- 4  Michelle 7-  thats enough for Michele to be voted out and the first member of the jury. 

#S33-#S33-  At tribal council,  they talk about Taylor taking the food for himself. Jeff asks about alliances and who trusts who based on the dividing of the tribes. Time to vote-  Adam- 4  Michelle 7-  thats enough for Michele to be voted out and the first member of the jury. 

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#S33-  Previously on Survivor-   Jay and Will voted with the Gen Xers to send Michaela home. Leaving Hannah in the dark.  13 are left who will be voted out tonight. 
Ikabula-  Night 20  Jay proud of his big move getting rid of Michaela.   Hannah feels she is excluded from the tribe and plans to plot to get revenge. 

#S33:  A boat is coming to the Ikabula tribe.  They are brought a message-  you have 5 minutes to gather all survivors you need get on this boat and go to your new home. 
At the Takali tribe, they get the same message and are packing up and head out on a boat to their new home. They are all glad the tribes are merging. 

#S33- The Ikabula and Takali tribes arrive at the Vanua camp. # Merge. Michele is so glad to be back with the people she always trusted. They open two big trunks with a note they have made the merge full of food and drink.
Jay thinks he is the kingpin with his alliances and an idol in his packet.  The millenials are happy to be reunited.   Brett and Chris are talking and not sure the merge will be good for them. 

#S33-Zeke is worried that the rest of the tribe is taken in by Jay's charm.   They are all enjoying the food and wine. Adam goes searching a " merge idol".   He finds a note that says "Congratulations, you have won an advantage that allows you to
steal a reward after it has been won by someone else. Alert Jeff of your intention to steal the reward after they have won and before they leave the challenge area. 

#S33-  Taylor wakes up in the middle of the night and hoards food out of sight so he has his own stash of food.   Bret hears him, but doesnt want to confront him, so he goes back to bed.  Adam then sees Taylor stealing the food and 
goes and talks to Taylor. Adam tried to sway Taylor away from Jay and tries to build an alliance, but Taylor isnt buying it.   Adam tells Taylor about his advantage but Taylor just wants to blindside Adam.  

#S33-Chris and Bret are talking about making a run at the millenials  and taking out Taylor.  Jay and Taylor are talking about targeting a Gen Xer. and Taylor tells Jay that Adam wants to take out Will. -  They want to turn the tables and vote out Adam. 

#S33-  The first individual immunity is up for grabs.   No more tribal immunity, revealing the new immunity necklace. For todays challenge, they will balance a narrow perch. Their hands will be tethered  to a bucket above you, if their arms drop and the water comes out of the bucket, they are out of the challenge. 
Everyone is in position and the challenge is on.   The old challenge had one arm , this has both.  Sundae first out , Chris and Bret quickly follow. 
10 minutes goes by and Jay is next to be out.  Zeke is next, and 8 are left. Jay goes after a slight movement. Hannah follows. 20 minutes has gone by and Michele is out and we are down to 5. 
Taylor is out , followed by David and Adam and we are down to 2-  Jessica and Will.   They continue to the 1 hour mark.  Jessica says my kids are going to be damn proud.  Will says his mom would be proud. They continue to the 90 minute mark. 
and Jessica drops and Will wins immunity.   Someone will be the 8th person voted out, it wont be Will. 
 #S33-   Will very proud of himself and knows he needed to win to go against Adam's plan. The plan now becomes to vote Adam out.   Michelle thinks that is a stupid move based on personal feelings vs. strategy. 
Adam is scrambling and and Hannah offers to help Adam.  Adam doesnt know if he has the numbers to stay or if he should plan on playing his idol.  

#S33-  At tribal council,  they talk about Taylor taking the food for himself. Jeff asks about alliances and who trusts who based on the dividing of the tribes. Time to vote-  Adam- 4  Michelle 7-  thats enough for Michele to be voted out and the first member of the jury. 

#S33-#S33-  At tribal council,  they talk about Taylor taking the food for himself. Jeff asks about alliances and who trusts who based on the dividing of the tribes. Time to vote-  Adam- 4  Michelle 7-  thats enough for Michele to be voted out and the first member of the jury. 

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Previously on Survivor: the tribes merged and the Gen Xers put their differences aside and Michelle was voted out. 12 are left who will be voted out tonight. Night 23: Jay says he just lost one of his most loyal ppl. Chris says he is glad to see the votes they way they were. Taylor and Jay don't know how that happened. Adam says when Jay and Taylor gunned for him all bets were off. Adam and Taylor have secrets on each other. Taylor thinks no one noticed that he stole food. Hannah is playing with the intention of winning. She is finally getting to play and now she wants to pull off another vote.


Reward challenge time: two teams of 6 they will race thru obstacles to get a key, open a box and throw bolos at targets. Winning team gets resort, pool, cheeseburgers, fries and cocktails...soft drinks for Will. Purple team is Chris, Brett, Ken, David, Sunday and Taylor. Orange team is Hannah, Adam, Will, Zeke, Jay and Jessica. Go.....everyone is quick over and under the first obstacles and purple gets their key and unlocks their box. Orange gets key. Purple drags the box under a heavy net, orange catching up under the net. Purple is now out of the net and Ken chops the rope to open the box. Orange heaves the box still under the net. Purple gets their box open and gets first bolo, second bolo, third bolo, fourth bolo. Orange is still under the net. Purple wins reward. Orange drags themselves out from under the net. Purple heads off to the spa while Orange heads back to camp.


Day 24 spa time, they marvel over the food, its senses overload. Taylor says he is more adapted to eating more because of his stolen food. The liquor is flowing freely. Sunday tells us she needs to take control of the game. Back at camp Orange moans their loss. Adam is worried he is playing to hard but he has a much stronger bond with Gen X then with Jay. Jay says if he doesn't win Immunity he is in trouble.


Zeke says Adam shouldn't have told Jay he was on the bottom, it could get him voted out.


Day 25, the sun rises. Sunday feels Jessica wants to get her out. Sunday can use Jay to help her, Jay says he is with her and justs her fully. Sunday is going to push for Jess. They also have Taylor and Will.


Immunity time: they have to stand on a narrow beam while balancing a ball on bowed beam, at intervals they will move down the beam. Last one standing wins. Jeff says they can opt to sit out and give up immunity for grilled cheese, chips beer and soft drinks. Zeke and Will are sitting out and can start eating.

Will says he obviously wasn't going to win that against surfer guys so he chose to eat. Challenge starts, Hannah is out. This part is 5 minutes long then they move down the beam. Move down the beam...its narrower. Sunday recovers, Brett's ball falls, he is out. Chris has a save. Brett wonders why he didn't opt out. Next round, one foot in the narrowest part of the beam, they will stay there for 20 minutes. Jess, Sunday, David, Chris out. Adam in trouble, Jay has a save. Adam is out, Jay is out. Its Taylor and Ken. Taylor has movement and is whistling. Ken having trouble. Taylor is out. Ken wins immunity. After 25 days someone will be the 9th person voted out and the 2nd member of the jury.


Talk goes to split the votes between Taylor and Jay. Sunday would like to see Jess go home but because of the numbers there is no way she can make a move. Sunday tells Jay its him or Taylor. Taylor takes Jay to his food stash, Jay is not going to tell Taylor about his HII. Jay says he has 3 options for HII, him, Taylor or save it. Taylor tells Jay about Adams advantage. Jay goes WOW. Taylor says if he mentions Adams advantage it will put a target on Adam.


Time for TC: Jay says it felt crappy to be on the wrong side. Chris says he's been on the wrong side of the line but you have to get yourself back in. Taylor tells them he hid food and Adam helped him do it. Adam says he did not help him bury it, he watched him do it, never ate any of the food. All Adam did was keep his secret. Taylor says the bigger threat is over there, he tells them about Adam advantage. Taylor says Adam can steal their loved ones visit, it can be snatched from their hands. Adam says clearly he made a mistake in who he could trust. If the advantage he got was so terrible then vote him out. David says he is stunned, it was a nail in the coffin for one of them. Taylor says if he can get ahead by eating then he would do it. Jess says its not the way she was raised she cant forget it. Taylor brings up the point that not saying something is as bad as doing it. Adam says you ate the food not him. Jay admits he ate the food. Hannah says the game is more complicated then a simple disagreement. Survivor is not a simple game. Brett says there are several errors here and who is the most cuppable.


Time to vote. Lets tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? nope. Votes: Jay, Taylor, Adam, Jay, Taylor, Jay, Taylor, Jay, Taylor, Taylor. 9th person voted out and second person in the jury is Taylor. He says good luck guys, sorry for stealing food. Jeff says almost every single vote is about strategy but every so often its just about consequences.


Next time on Survivor: Gen Xers are imploding and Will puts his trust in Zeke. Jay having in HII goes around camp.






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 Previously on Survivor:  Taylor was sent to the jury - 11 are left who will be voted out tonight?   Vinaka - night 23.    Adam confesses about his advantage and Jay shows the tribe where  the buried food is.   Chris wants to get Jess out and starts to form a plan. 


 Vinaka - Day 26   Watching the sunrise, Ken and Hannah are bonding.  Zeke is telling Will the plan he has with Chris and Will confesses that Jay 
has an idol to solidify his relationship with his new alliance and build trust. Zeke tells everyone in his alliance about Jay's idol so they can work on their plan to knock Jess out and send her to the jury   But, they want Jay to think its him to flush out his idol. 


At the reward challenge, they have to be divided into two teams of 5.  They have to swim out to a raft, work together to pull themselves to a platform and climb up the ladder, retrieve keys, slide down and swim back to shore and use the keys to unlock a set of blocks and stack them so there are no repeating colors on any side.  The reward is a floating pizza store docked off  shore where you can have pizza, chicken wings, cold beer.   David volunteered to sit out because he isnt a good swimmer and the tribe told him not to back out, he can do it.   David so appreciated the support and the teams were selected by random rock selection.    Jay picked the odd rock and is sitting out, not eligible for the reward. 


The teams are : Ken, Jessica, Will, David and Chris and  Zeke, Hannah, Adam, Sundae and Brett.  Here we go for reward:   The teams are quick to race to the rafts and Ken's team is out first

Everyone needs to get to the platform before they can move forward.   Ken drops his key and needs to retrieve it.  Hannah is moving fast and Sundae comes up right behind her but she struggles. Huge effort by Chris followed by Adam and Zeke goes quickly leaving David to go last.   He is trying his best but his team is ahead. They are working on the locks and Ken's team now working on the blocks and are ahead.  Zeke and Adam working on the blocks trying to make up time. 
and they win! 


 At the pizza restaurant,  the food is plentiful.. Hannah is so excited as this is her first reward.  She can see people back at camp and feels bad because they are hungry.  Bret is enjoying the beer and they each get a note from home as a surprise and the tears flow!  Adam is so sad because his mom has cancer and he could get the worst news at anytime. 


A good note from his dad makes him feel so much better. David tells Ken he is sorry they lost but so completely appreciates the support of the team.  And he values his relationship with Ken. Ken tells him they all acknowledge how much
David has grown threw out his time on the Island.   They bring Jess in to the conversation and David believes that they should vote out Chris and Zeke would go along with it. 


At the immunity challenge, Ken gives back the necklace and its back up for grabs.   They need to stand on a narrow beam while balancing a statue with a long pole.  At intervals, they need to move further 
away making it harder, if they fall, they are out.  The challenge is on.   It is falls back or drops, they are out.   The first section is 5 minutes and everyone makes it to the second part further away. 
Hannah is the first out of the challenge. Ken is second. The 3rd section even harder and Sundae, Chris, Jay and Will are out.   Brett follows. 
4 are left,  Jessica, Zeke, David, Adam.  The last phase begins and they are fully extended on the pole and will go until there is a winner.  Adam is out, and Zeke is barely hanging on.   Jessica is out and it is either Zeke or David. And its David for immunity! 


 Back at camp, they congratulate David and Jay is said he blew it.  Jay is like whats the word and he wonders if he should use his idol tonight. 
Chris, Brett, Zeke and Sundae all plan to vote for Jess.   Now David is talking to Zeke and tells him he wants to go after Chris.  Jess was told her name is being written down by Chris and she knows she then 
has to give her legacy advantage away.  Zeke is on the fence whether he votes Jess or Chris.


 At  tribal Michelle and Taylor are on the jury.   Jay feels on the outs.   David mentions there are 2 voting blocks and the difference between a voting block and an alliance.    Hannah says there are trust clusters
which are in between the 2.   Adam says there is a cold war brewing and not sure where the vote is going to go.  They are all saying they are 100% appearances are deceiving.   Time to vote:   Jessica   4  Chris 6-   Chris is voted out  


 Jay is happy he didnt have to play the idol.   Jess is happy they stuck to the plan and voted Chris out.   Now Zeke needs to explain to Brett and they are good.   David now talks to Brett and Sundae and tells them
Chris had to go.   And Jay should be the next one to go.  The person winning this game now is Zeke, because he was the swing and holds power.    But Brett has already signed on with Zeke, so the plot thickens. 


Day 29-   David says he and Zeke are chess players having the same thoughts-  Zeke says the same thing but thinks David is more of a threat and who has more people on their side.  Zeke tells that David has an idol as does Jay.    Hannah has a stronger alliance to Zeke and isnt sure who to align with at this point. 


At the reward challenge,  there are 3 teams of 3. Their feet are tied together and arms are bound to their sides and they need to slither through the sand and a series of obstacles and then they work together to put 
together a snake puzzle.  First team to finish the puzzle wins reward which is being picked up by chopper and go for a ride and then touch down and enjoy a survivor picnic, mac and cheese, wine, beer and dessert,  I person wont win the reward.   If you are out, you automatically go on the reward. 


The teams are Hannah, Jessica and Adam;  Will, Ken and Jay; Sundae, Zeke and Brett and David chose the white rock so he is going on the reward.  They are all inch worming their way in the sand.   Jay is in the lead.  Jessica coming along but struggling.   Jay flying through fast and their team is first to the puzzle.   Brett and Jessica struggling.   They are all working on the puzzle together.    Brett's team in the lead and they win reward. 


  They love the helicopter ride and Sundae says this is one of the best days of her life.  Brett enjoying beer again and toasting with Zeke.  Brett admits he is gay to Zeke, saying his generation doesnt really talk about being gay.  Zeke says that he never would have thought of not admitting he is gay..   Zeke, Sundae and Brett are talking about voting out David and who else can they get to go along with them. 

Back from the reward challenge,  Hannah grabs David.  Hannah tells David they know he has an idol.  Brett is watching Hannah and David talk.  At the immunity challenge, they stand being a cage door and maneuver a handle through a maze - once the handle is fee you can unlock the door and complete a slide puzzle. First person to finish gets immunity, everyone else can become the 4th member of the jury.   Everyone has to be done by touch since you cant see 
the maze.  Jeff isnt reporting how they are doing in the maze, so he isnt giving anything away.  Jay is first through the door and starts to work on the puzzle.   Jay wins immunity before anyone else gets through the door. 


Back at camp, David is talking to Jess and wants her to write down Zeke's name.  Ken agrees to write down Zeke's name.  Hannah is talking to Zeke and Zeke says she needs to choose David or Zeke.  So now Zeke is gunning for Hannah
and tells Jay and his alliance to vote for Hannah.  They have 5 votes and Hannah realizes it is her and David needs to use her idol for her and if there is a revote, how would that play out?  This is the scariest part of the game.  


At tribal,  the members of the jury come in,  with new member Chris.  At tribal, no one feels 100% -  they are at a turning point and will be the most chaotic tribal so far.  Lots of whispering and confusion and its time to vote.  Jeff goes to get the votes.    David goes up to play the idol and he plays it for Ken.    Zeke   Hannah  tie at 5 votes each .   there is a re-vote and they ask Jess to vote for Zeke and not Hannah.    The new vote is    Hannah 4  Zeke 4
They need to go unanimous for Hannah or Zeke and discuss.  There is no unanimous decision and Hannah and Zeke are now safe.  So 6 people will draw rocks Will, Brett, Sundae, David, Adam and Jessica and one will go home. 
5 white rocks, one black rock,  the black rock goes home.   Jessica goes home.    The legacy advantage goes to Ken. 
Jeff says that drawing rocks is an all in move and the rest of the game will be insane. 


Next time on Survivor -  David gets a glimmer of hope.  The love ones visit and flips the game.  Jess is proud of herself and if she had switched her vote to Hannah she would still be in the game and Hannah would be out.

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Previously on Survivor, at the last Tribal Council, there was a Rock Draw. Jessica was sent to the jury and willed her Legacy Advantage to Ken.  Nine are left - who will be voted out tonight?

Night 30 at Vinaka.  Will congratulates those who are still here.  Hannah says that was so emotional, to have the tribe choose to pick rocks over voting her out of the game.  She feels both guilty and thankful. David says it's not on you.  He is upset he burned his idol at Tribal for no reason and now is in the minority. He figures he's next.  Zeke, Will, Bret and Justin congratulate each other. Zeke felt like a warrior at TC, saying Zeke that TC was about David and he going to war together and he won the battle.  They make a Final 5 deal.

Day 31.  Ken receives the Legacy Advantage.  There is something to be said for authentic relationships in the game, he says.  He has a better shot now of winning $1m.  Time for Reward.  Jeff says after 31 days, it's a perfect time for love.  Sunday's husband, Jeff, comes out.  Bret's dad, Don comes out.  He said he wouldn't cry but he's crying.  Jay's sister Melanie comes out.  I have two halves to my heart, he says, one is standing right here, the other is my mom who can't come.  I'd give me up before I'd give my sister up.

Hannah wants to see her mom and Liz comes running out.  I'm OK, Hannah says, comforting her mom.  Adam is joined by his brother, Evan and learns Mom, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, is OK.  He reveals he has an advantage that allows him to steal a reward, but he can't use it, he can't take anyone else away from their loved ones.  David is ready for some love from his father, Doug.  He just wants to make his father, who leads a fearless life, proud.

Ken's big brother William comes out.  They're both so handsome, Hannah says.  Ken says I wanted to be him when I grew up.  Zeke's dad, Sam, comes out for a frenetic hug.  Sam says Zeke is my hero, who I look up to and model my behavior after.  Will's mom, Irene, comes runs crying and they embrace.  When you were little, she says, I said I would go anywhere for your smile, even Timbuktu and here I am in Timbuktu.  

So, Jeff says, we know the stakes.  Let's get to the challenge.  You'll be cast to a rope woven through a series of obstacles. Race through the obstacles to the end for love.  First to finish takes their loved one back to camp, and instead a normal day of rice and fish, they'll receive a good ol' American BBQ. To the loved ones Jeff says you're going to watch.  

For reward in the form of love, Survivors ready? GO! Starting from the water, they first have to go through a wooden frame structure.  Ken is the first through with Jay right behind. Jay launches himself around a horizontal log as Zeke clears the frame, followed by Hannah.  The third obstacle is a buried log.  Zeke joins Jay and Ken at the third obstacle.  Will and Sunday continue to struggle at the first obstacle  Ken gets stuck under the post and Jay takes the lead.  Adam is also stuck.  

Jay is at the final obstacle but Zeke joins him.  Ken gets through as does Hannah.  Adam is stuck under the log in agony.  The final obstacle is a vertical bar.  I'm sorry, Evan, Adam cries.  It's David, Zeke, Jay and Ken.  Who will get to the end first? Jay wins Reward!  He falls to the sand exhausted.

Melanie joins Jay, but love is best shared and Jay can pick one more Survivor to share reward with.  He respects all of them as warriors but promised from the beginning that he'd take Will.  Irene joins her son.  Pick one more, Jeff tells Jay.  They made a promise to me first, Jay says, and I have to pick Sunday.  Her husband Jeff joins her as Jay apologizes to the other Survivors.

This looks like a nice gathering for a BBQ, Jeff says, it would be nice to even it out with one more.  The others beg Jay to be included.  I love you guys, he tells them, but this guy didn't do it and he could have done it. Me and Adam have been brawling this whole time.  You come on, man.  Thank you, Adam cries as Evan joins him.  The remaining loved ones say goodbye and leave with no last hugs.

At a picnic table the included Survivors thank Jay, who tells Adam he respects him for not using his advantage today.  He tells us for 5 seconds we saw the soft side of Adam. Adam and Evan sneak off to talk. Mom has had some bad reactions to the chemo pill and the doctors took her off it. Then they said the infusion wasn't doing it's job.  Again, Adam asks, sobbing, why is this happening? She's doing nothing now but gaining a lot of strength, Evan assures him, since we stopped that 2 weeks ago.  But she's not getting any treatment, Adam cries.

Me and my parents love Survivor as much as Adam does, Evan tells us, and having him out here is such a boon for us, it drives us, especially our mom, forward. She's getting her strength from you, Evan tells him.  I know, Adam says, I feel her.  I want to bring joy to my family, Adam tells us, to give them as joy as possible.  To stay in this game I have to stay focused and use this as inspiration to continue fighting.

Jay and his sister join Adam and his brother.  You don't know how important this was, Adam tells Jay, and I'll never forget it. I don't know if there's a way for me to repay this totally, but I'm giving you the Reward Advantage. For real? No strings attach, Adam says.  The stakes for me are higher than anyone who's played this game, Adam tells us.

Day 33. Will says seeing my mom makes me realize I need to start playing this game.  Despite the moves I've made, I don't get credit and that could ruin my shot at winning the game.  Zeke, Bret, Jay and Sunday are on the beach.  Will tells David and Adam that Zeke will beat them all at the end.  I know I'm a target, David responds, but use me for this vote.  I'm tired of using people, Will says, I want to work with you.  Tonight's the night.  It's risky, Will tells us, but I didn't come here to be dragged as a goat, I came to play.  David tells us Will telling me he wants to swing over to our side was music to my ears.  I'm an endangered species but there's a good chance Zeke is going home tonight.  

Time for the Immunity Challenge. Jay returns the Individual Immunity idol. Each Survivor will have two tension handles to hold a steel bar in the air. If the bar drops through the handles, breaking a tile below, they are out.  Last person standing wins Immunity, guaranteed a 1 in 8 shot of winning $1m. Losers, someone will become the 5th member of the jury.  Everybody grab your handles and get some tension on that bar.  

The challenge is on.  There is no wiggle room in the challenge, Jeff says, and you're done. It could happen quickly, you start to feel your hand shake a little.  The Survivors are pulling their handles out away from either side of the bar, creating the tension.  David is the first out, his hand strength failing him.  It looks so easy, Jeff says as Hannah slips, saves then is out of the challenge.  Will lets up for a moment and is out.  Bret follows suit and we're down to 5.

Strength, concentration and touch, Jeff says, that is the key, the right finesse.  Sunday drops and we're down to 4: Jay, Ken, Adam and Zeke.  Zeke has a wobble but recovers.  He then has a slide but regains control with 6" of bar remaining.  He can't hold it and he's out.  On the bench, David claps and pats Hannah's shoulder.  Jay has his first movement but recovers.  There is no finish line, Jeff says, it's just outlasting the others.

Jay has another slip.  Don't let this hot sun bake your mind, Jeff warns as Jay tries to shake his head awake.  You have been out here for only 4 minutes, Jeff says.  Adam is still solid.  Ken has a big slip.  Jay is down to just inches of bar.  Ken is down to bare inches.  If you lose your concentration, Jeff intones, you will drop.  Ken is out.  It's down to Jay and Adam, a showdown of Millennials for Immunity.

Jay has no margin for error, the upper end of his handle flush with the top of the bar.  Adam is safely holding his pipe in the center.  He glances over at Jay and his bar slips just a little.  He quickly recovers.  Jay drops and Adam wins individual immunity.  He'll live to see Day 34, Jeff says, for the rest of you, after 33 days, one of you will see everything you've accomplished so far come crashing to an end.  Zeke lost, Will tells us, and this is my moment. This is my time to make a big move so people realize this 18yr old kid from Jersey is here to play.

I'm making my Survivor dreams come true, Adam says of winning Individual Immunity, I only have one check box left - winning the game.  I'm safe at Tribal tonight, I have a Hidden Immunity Idol, and Will wants to make a move and blindside Zeke.  David tells Hannah and Adam, we have a solid 5, no matter what anyone says, just vote Zeke.  It's like Will just got his drivers license, David frets to us, and we're all sitting in the back seat terrified because he's going to take us for a drive.  

Zeke tells Bret, Jay and Sunday that something's up.  I have the numbers, he tells us, but I don't feel great, something's amiss. The 4 should not be this call.  I know David's coming for me so we need to get rid of him.  But David has a nose for Idols and I can't take the risk so we need to throw someone else under the bus.  They choose Ken.  Will, sitting in on the conversation, agrees.  

Will and Ken take a walk on the beach.  You have two sides talking at you, Ken tells the youngster, it's tough.  I feel there's a group that respects me and a group that doesn't, he tells the father figure, they don't take my input, they just tell me where to vote.  Ken says I don't start talking strategy until I have an idea of where they are.  Ken tells us I have a good feeling about Will but not 100%, I've got to know the core of a person, their integrity.  

I am willing to vote Zeke, Will tells Ken, because he could beat anybody.  I give people one chance to be honest with me, Ken replies, and if that breaks, it's done.  Working with Ken is like getting your fingers and toenails ripped out at the same time, Will tells us, excruciating, but I want to make a big move, so I have to deal with that crap.  You're one of the few in the game I feel is authentic as myself, Ken says patronizingly.  

They're writing your name down, Will tells Ken.  Really, he asks, cut short.  That's what Zeke just told me, they're voting for you.  I don't understand that, Ken says.  Ken goes to Jay and asks him to help with some driftwood.  I'm thinking we're good to go, Will tells us, then Ken grabs Jay to talk and at this moment I know we're about to have a rumble.  

Will says you guys were saying my name, Ken tells Jay.  Will said that? Look at me, is that what was said, Ken asks?  One minute the Solid Five is good to go with Ken and next minute Will betrays us. Now it's Will, Ken, Zeke, Jay, Sunday and Bret.  Here's my issue, Will says, every time I make a move, other people take credit for it.  How can I win at the end if I don't have a resume? I'd rather go out playing hard than be taken to the end as a goat.  Ken walks away, leaving Will to fend against the others.

We all knew something was up, Jay says, just a young kid trying to prove himself to the whole world.  But, I still need him.  Tell me the name, Jay tells Will, and I'll freakin' go with you.  Let's get to 5 and then we can dial it out.  I had to test Will because I didn't feel 110%, Ken tells David and Adam, and they don't value him.  How did you test him, the two ask? By exposing him to the Five, Ken explains. David can't believe he did that.  

We have this plan, Adam tells us, and Ken "tests" Will by revealing Will's plan.  That's not a test, that's a betrayal.  Ken walked up here 2 seconds after you talked to him, Jay tells Will.  He screwed you, Bret tells him.  I'm done with this, Will says, we have 5 here, I want him gone right now too.  This guy preaches about honor, Will tells us, and integrity and how he's this great and noble human being with his arrogance and extreme ego, then he has the audacity to pull this crap on me.  

Now Will has no incentive to vote with us, Hannah tells Adam.  Ken just screwed up everything, she tells us, whomever that alliance of mobsters led by Zeke is going home.  What if David plays the Idol for Ken, Zeke worries to his new Five.  They wouldn't be expecting Hannah, Sunday volunteers.  I know it's me, David tells Hannah and Adam, but it's OK.  It's going to me be, Hannah says.  Are you sure, Adam asks?

Everyone knows I'm in the middle, Will tells us, the logical side of me says this is my time to make a big move, but I'm so angry with Ken, I'd love to blow up his game.  Either way, I'm in control and there's nothing anyone can do about it.  It's time for Tribal Council.

Jeff brings in the jury, Jessica voted out at the last Tribal Council.  Jeff asks if the tribe is still divided in two and David says there's no reason not to just put everything out in the open.  There are two sides vying for a single swing vote. Sunday says the divisions are Bret, Jay, Zeke, herself, and Ken, David, Adam and Hannah.  Will is appropriately sitting in between.

Will, how did you end up in the middle, Jeff asks? My original plan was to flip on Zeke but Ken revealed it to the entire tribe, so everyone knows what's going on.  Will doesn't want to sit on the sidelines, Sunday says, and feel like the big kids did all the work.  Will visibly does not like that characterization.  He was swayed a little today, Sunday continues, oblivious to the effect her words are having, but hopefully he sticks with us.  

I wasn't swayed at all today, Will says, I came to THEM with the decision to try to flip, that's part of the issue, everyone treats me like the 18yr old high school kid. I don't want to be treated like that, I want to be treated like an adult because I'm here to win and play as hard as the rest of you.  It is very insulting, Will says when prodded by Jeff.  It's insane that this crazy swing vote with me in the middle is what it takes to make people realize I am a serious contender.

What's your pitch, Jeff asks of Zeke.  I've always wanted to play with you in the game, Zeke says, you were never under heat because I was protecting you.  Will was smiling but on hearing that, he turns his head away.  Even when he talks about it, Adam points out, Zeke is saying I protected you, I did this for you.  I don't think I was saying that in the least, Zeke objects, he saved my ass last Tribal.  And if I'm here at the next Tribal, I'll again owe my life to him.

Why should he come with your side, Jeff asks Jay.  I've never looked down on Will, Jay says, I've always treated him as an equal (Will nods agreement) and never tried to take credit for anything we've done together, because we took out Michaela together.  David says Will feels he needs something to show on his resume at Final Tribal should he get there and right now Jay is trying to make him feel like he already has that.  Jay shakes his head no.  If he votes with us, his name will be on that vote in big, bold letters.  That's something to put on your resume.

Bret says they'll build you up and then vote you out in a heartbeat.  They've done it several times. I don't buy it.  Our side has an equal partnership making decisions and the moves that are made and Will is already a part of that.  Do you think that everyone in a 5 person alliance can have an equal say, Jeff asks Will? When you have 5 people, Will says, everyone is fighting to get their own voice heard.  5 people can't take credit for one move.  

Jeff asks Hannah what Will's mistake will be if he goes with the other four? There's been a lot of fluffing Will up on that side, she says (Jay shakes his head no), telling him they'll work with him, that he gets credit for all the moves. I'm not here to fluff you, Jay says, honestly dude, just go with your gut.  If that's what you feel is right, then do that.  Thank you, man, says Will, if there was one person who has shown me respect throughout the entire game, that would be Jay.  

I could sit here all night with you guys, but it's time to vote.  This time, none of the votes are revealed as they are cast.  It's time to tally the votes.  I think I'm going home, Hannah whispers.  It's you, Adam whispers back? I think so, she says.  Will's face is poker blank.  

Jeff asks if anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol, now is the time to play it.  Adam stands up, grabs the idol from deep in his crotch.  What, Hannah gasps? Jay is shocked, as is Jessica on the jury.  Adam hands the Idol to Jeff and says you don't have to touch if if you don't want to, but I'm playing this for Hannah.  Jeff takes the Idol. Zeke and Bret remain impassive.  This is a Hidden Immunity Idol, Jeff says, any votes for Hannah do not count.

It's time to count the votes.  First vote, Hannah.  David shares the moment with Hannah, Adam and Ken.  Second vote, Hannah.  Third vote, Hannah.  Zeke and Bret look glum.  A fourth vote for Hannah, none of them count.

One vote for Zeke.  Zeke looks at Will, who gives nothing back.  Two votes Zeke.  12th person voted out and the 5th member of the jury, Zeke.  Three is enough.  It's been an honor to play with you all, Zeke says, keep fighting.  The tribe has spoken, Jeff says, extinguishing his torch.  Will lets off the slightest smile while Bret gives him a cold look.  Here's the thing about big moves, Jeff concludes, they're great until you're the one that gets punched.  With only 8 left, there's a lot of knockouts to come.  Everyone needs their gloves up.

Next time on Survivor, Will tries to take charge but Adam has other ideas.  After being voted out, Zeke says it's possible he went after David and his side too early. I think I was excited to play a little hard, but I didn't come here to ride coattails. I came here to throw some punches and wasn't going to go down without a fight.  When you play at this high a level with this caliber of players, it it makes you want to play it better.  And maybe one day, I will.

For the record, the votes were Zeke, Sunday, Jay and Brett voted for Hannah, while David, Adam, Hannah, Ken and Will all voted for Zeke. 

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Previously on Survivor: Adam plays his idol for Hannah and Zeke was voted out. 8 are left, who will be voted out tonight. Vinaka Night 33: at camp the tribe congrats Will. Will says he feels he can flip flop back and forth enough to win this game. Bret thinks its all insane. Day 34: Bret and Adam think Dave should be next. Adam says He loves it.


Immunity challenge time: they will race out to a group of discs, stack them then take them thru obstacles then roll the discs down a ramp. Go!! They can take one or ten discs at a time but if they drop one they have to go back. David and Bret over the balance beam. Will drops Adam over the beam. David has all his discs over and now has to stack discs and navigate thru bars. Bret is the first thru the bars. Bret and Dave in the lead. Will still back at the beginning. Jay has all his discs ready to roll, Dave can start rolling, Bret is rolling too. Dave has 2 discs in, Jay has 5, 6 in. Jay has 7, 8, 9....Jay wins Immunity. Jay says he can go spear fishing and don't have to talk to anyone, plus he has his HII.


Day 34, they congrat Jay on his win. Jay could have been a target tonight but now they have to figure something else out. Will brings up Dave to all of them and they say they are good with it. Will says he wants ppl to feel like they are part of the game but he is in control of it all. Dave says if Will is smart he will follow up one big move with another, why wouldn't they want to get rid of him tonight. Adam says Will is the bigger threat, why would he want to work with someone who flips back and forth. Bret and Sunday agree with Adam and will out Will. Hannah asks Adam if he wants to get rid of someone that just saved them. Adam says they have a huge decision to make.


TC time: Jury comes in looking all cleaned up. Jay says if ppl trust in Will then they should stay with Will. Hannah says you should take out the threats in the game. Adam says you have to think of who you want to sit with at the end but also who is a big threat. Dave says its a complicated game but if you don't make big moves you are the goat. It also puts a target on their back. (it starts to rain) Time to vote. Jeff will tally the votes. Any one want to play the HII? nope. Votes: David, David, Will, Will tied. Will, Will, 13th person voted out and 6th member of jury is Will. Will says have a blast guys, good luck to all of you. Jeff says instinct says to hide but you must be seen.


Back at camp night 34. Dave says thanks a lot guys that worked. Jay says every time some one tries to make a plan with him they go home. Jay is not going down w/o a fight. Adam tells Jay he is sorry he lied to him again. Jay tells Adam to take Dave to the end. Adam tells us that if Jay doesn't have immunity he needs to go home.


Day 35, time for Immunity challenge: They have to solve a block puzzle but there is a timer, they roll a ball up a board and they can work on the puzzle as long as the ball is on the board (think plinko), if the ball falls off the board they have to wait for it to go thru some troughs to get it out. Jay is first with a time penalty, Dave also has to wait. All of them have to wait for the slow ball to get down the trough. Ken thinks he has it but its wrong. Adam tells Ken when his ball is about to fall. Ken thinks he has it again...and he does. Ken wins Immunity. Bret says that was fun but it was crazy. Ken says apparently after not eating for 35 days you cant spell either.


Day 35 at camp. Tribe tells Ken he did a great job. Adam is glad Ken won. Jay asks them to keep him please. Dave and Ken tell Hannah they split the votes between Dave and Bret and then all vote out Bret. Hannah says why not Sunday? Ken and Dave says ok. Hannah says they have to split up Bret and Sunday. Adam talks to Hannah and Ken. Adam wants to vote Jay, they need to get rid of Jay. Adam wants to vote for Jay or Dave to get rid of an HII. Bret tells Adam Jay is a huge threat and should go home. Jay tells Adam he hates him. Jay tells us Adam lies so his name prob wont be written down.


Adam tells Jay his mom has stage 4 lung cancer. Adam pulls his buff over his eyes. Jay says he has been scared his mom will die. Both are crying. Jay says Adam is no longer a weasel he is a warrior. Adam and Hannah talk, Adam is reluctant to vote out Sunday.


Time for TC. Jury comes in. Dave says you have to lean on friendships and bonds. Jay says yes you have to rely on alliances...which he doesn't have anymore. Jay says who is the bigger threat, the lone guy or the one with ppl who has his back. Dave says he has relied on friendships to stay but doesn't know if its true tonight. Sunday says she isn't a physical threat, she is underestimated. Adam says everyone has been playing their own game. Time to vote. Jeff is ready to tally the votes. Anyone want to use a HII? Jay says alright, rather be safe then sorry. Votes: Jay, David, David, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, 14th person voted out and 7th member of Jury is Sunday. Jay says he know he didn't have to use it. Sunday says good luck, have fun. Jeff says there are 3 millennials and 3 gen x left. Good luck.


Next time on Survivor: Six are left and the game is still up in the air. Who will outlast all the others and claim the title of sole survivor. Join us next week for the 2 hr season finale followed by the reunion show. (remember the winner is announced at the beginning of the reunion show.)


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Hello Survivor fans! They are live behind the scenes with the cast of Survivor 33. Jeff says they’ve given them a great season of game play, including great tribal councils and blind sides. They are going to show us what they are doing for the next season of Survivor and show us who will be playing. 6 people left, 3 millenials, 3 gen-x and any one of them could win.


For 35 days, it has been a battle between clashing cultures, Millenials vs Gen-X. Two groups with two different approaches to life. It was clear this would be a season unlike any other. At tribal council, the game play was intense leading to an epic rock draw and a string of devastating blind sides. Only six remain, three Millenials and 3 Gen-X.

Adam, this survivor superfan has won challenges, found an idol and a reward steal. The only thing left to do is win for his mom. Jay, since the merge he’s managed to avoid the vote. Now without an idol to protect him, he is vulnerable. Can he win his way to the end, or will he finally have his torch snuffed. Hannah, early in the game she suffered a panic attack merely watching a challenge, but she has matured into a dangerous player. If she makes it to the end will her resume be strong enough to convince a jury.

Brett, the likeable Boston police sergeant. His game is focused on relationships and he has a lot of friends on the jury. If he could survive the last three votes, it could be worth one million dollars. Ken, a single father playing for his daughter and with the legacy advantage in his pocket, he has at least one edge on everyone else. Ken has never strayed from his alliance from David, but will being loyal pay off in the end. David, a self-described fearful neurotic oddball has transformed into a strategic powerhouse. Ironically, his impressive game play is now his biggest obstacle.

Who will have what it takes to outwit, outlast, and outplay all the rest to win the million dollars and the title of sole survivor?


We’re back after tribal council and they are talking about flushing out Jay’s idol. He says he has to go around tomorrow and search for a new one. Brett says tribal council was horrible and he can’t believe they didn’t take David out when they had the chance. Brett says he’s working with morons because Jay or David are going to win this thing if they don’t vote them out. David is surprised he survived another vote. He says he needs to create chaos and he’s been stealing beads and he’s making a fake immunity idol. He says he has to do everything he can to end up in the final three. He hides the fake idol in a coconut in hopes someone else will find it. Jay is out looking for an idol and Ken walks up with David. They are walking back and Jay sees the coconut and David is smiling and thinks Jay seen it. Jay goes back and finds the idol David hid. He says he had a train of losers following him and they didn’t even see it.


Ken gets to open his legacy advantage. The advantage guarantees him immunity at the next tribal council. He is not going to tell anyone about until tribal council. We get to the immunity challenge and Jeff takes immunity back from Ken. Immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge they are going to race through a series of obstacles while collecting a bag of tiles. They’ll use the numbers inside to solve a combination lock that will release a key. They’ll cover their numbers, go under a net, up a wall, and use the key to unlock a set of puzzle pieces. They’ll then race to assemble a bat puzzle. First to finish wins immunity, guaranteeing themselves a 1 in 5 shot at winning the game. Losers tribal council where someone will become the 8th member of the jury. In addition, the first to finish wins reward. Want to know what you’re playing for? First to finish will get a big juicy steak waiting for them at camp with all the fixins.

Jay has his tiles and is trying a combo. Everyone else is getting their tiles. Jay gets the combination and doesn’t cover his numbers. David goes to look at the combination and everyone else looks as well. David and Adam are dead last and Jay and Ken are in the lead. Everyone is now working on the puzzle. Jeff says Jay had a big lead but gave it up when he didn’t cover his combination. David and Jay are both battling for immunity. Jay drops his puzzle and loses everything and David calls Jeff over, he thinks he has it. David wins immunity.

David gets to choose two people to have the steak dinner with him. But Jay pulls out his reward takeover and takes it over. He says he won’t take it away from David because he won and Jay chooses Adam since he gave him that reward takeover. David thanks Jay for not taking the reward from him. Jay says now he has to sit down with David and Adam and try and save himself.

They have a table set up in the woods and go to enjoy their steak dinner. Jay makes his pitch saying he’s a bigger threat and he promises if he keeps winning he’ll take them to final three. Plus he points out Brett has friends on the jury. David says it’s very tempting because he’ll have a bigger shield in front of him. Jay is pitching Brett going home. Back at camp Brett is talking to Ken and Hannah and they talk about voting out Jay. David, Adam, and Hannah meet on the beach and talk about Brett or Jay. Adam wants Jay and Hannah talks about Brett because of his friends on the jury. Brett says it should be simple but he’s working with crazies. Hannah and David talk to Jay and say they’re down, but he has to get Adam on board. Jay makes his pitch to Adam and asks for one more shot. Adam says he and Jay have a weird relationship and he believes Jay would take him to final three, but could he beat him?


Time for tribal council. Jeff asks about Jay stealing the reward and they talk about Jay’s pitch. They talk about friends on the jury and Brett says he hopes the others didn’t buy what Jay sold. Brett says he sees a lot of Jay’s friends on the jury too. Jeff asks Hannah about the choice and taking the wrong person to the end and Hannah says it’s tough because you have to be sure you read the jury correctly. Jeff asks about Jay forgetting to cover his combination and Jay says if he had just lifted the cover he’d be sitting there a champion. Ken says day 6 you remember to lift that cover, day 36 it’s not as easy. Jeff asks David about the advantage winning a reward is at this point in the game. Jeff asks Ken if there’s been talk of idols and if any will be played. Ken says anything is possible. Jeff asks Hannah what her take is on tonight’s vote. Hannah says there are six of us and every vote is a huge decision. Time to vote.


Jeff goes to get the votes and says if anyone has an immunity idol, now is the time to play it. Jay pulls it out and everyone is dumbfounded. Jeff says this is NOT a hidden immunity idol. He says it is a work of art, but it has no value in this game. Jay is shocked. Ken gets up and asks if he can give something to Jeff. He pulls out the legacy advantage from his book and everyone is stunned. Jessica in the jury is shocked and says she hates the game. 15th person voted out and the 8th member of the jury is Jay. Jay says they’re all warriors and it was mad fun. He then says go ahead Jeffrey, snuff my torch. Jay walks away saying that was a million dollar lock combination. Jeff says and we’re down to five.


Jay says you got me, it sucks to go out. He says it was a great experience and much love for everyone. Everyone voted for Jay.


Day 37 and we’re at the immunity challenge. David is extraordinarily worried because Jay was his shield. He feels like he is going to be voted out next if he doesn’t win. Jeff takes the idol back and David says why did it have to be water Jeff? Immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge, they’re going to maneuver a buoy through a series of obstacles. They’ll then use two handles to transport puzzle pieces across a teeter totter. Once they have all the pieces they’ll use the pieces to solve a word puzzle. First to finish win immunity and a spot in the final four.


Everyone is very close at the first obstacle. Ken is first to finish, then Brett, then David, then Adam, and Hannah is last after the first obstacle. Jeff talks about David’s struggles in the water. Ken is through the second obstacle and on the beach. Brett and Adam are right behind. David is through. Hannah is last out of the water. Ken takes a lot of tiles and drops them and has to start over. Brett is going with fewer tiles and makes it. Ken drops the tiles again and Brett is going with his second set. Adam is going with his set and Ken goes again and they have their first. David is going with his and he barely makes it with his first set. Hannah drops on her first attempt and has to start over. Ken quickly has his second set and David and Adam behind. Brett has his last tiles and he is the first to start working on the puzzle. Ken is next, then Adam, then David. Everyone is on the word puzzle except Hannah. They are all struggling to finish the puzzle and Hannah catches up so everyone is now on the puzzle. Ken thinks he has it and the answer is not a participation trophy. Ken wins immunity.


Brett congratulates Ken and says he won’t lie he wanted that one. Adam says the fact that David didn’t win is huge for his game because he needs David to go home tonight. Adam is looking for an idol just to make sure if there is one, it is not in David’s pocket. David, Hannah, and Ken are talking and David pitches Adam as the person to go. Hannah asks why Adam vs Brett. David says he has to get Adam before Adam gets him. Adam finds the immunity idol and says two idols for you mom. David pitches to Brett about voting Adam out and Brett tells Adam. Adam shows Brett the idol. Adam says he has total power over tonight’s vote. Adam tells Hannah about his idol and tells her to vote out David. Hannah says the guys don’t even realize she is the one with the power. Hannah says her vote is based on who she thinks will help her get to the end.


Tribal council time. Jeff says Ken gets another win and asks Hannah how long before people scurry into the jungle. She says people want to talk and look for idols and Adam says he was the first to take off. Jeff says they often talk about Survivor is a marathon of sprints and asks David what part of the game they’re at. David says it’s about the final three at this point and Jeff asks Brett about that. Brett says he isn’t thinking about final three, he’s just trying to get to tomorrow and he’ll think about tomorrow, tomorrow.  Jeff asks Hannah if there’s any way Brett isn’t thinking about final three combinations and Hannah says she definitely thinks he’s thinking about final three and how he gets there. She says they all are. Jeff asks who the biggest threats are right now to Hannah. Hannah says we’ve heard over and over that David is a threat. Brett pointed at David and David says he thinks Brett would be hard to sit next to. Jeff says David if I felt your pulse would it be racing. David says he thinks he might be going tonight, but you have to just rely on the people you trust and rely on their loyalty and hope it does mean something. Jeff says if it is the end tonight, what is the end of your story. David says he really, really wants to be the sole survivor but he wants to take from the game and apply it to his real life. Adam says that’s why he’s such a threat because he’s a great guy and he’s got a great story. Jeff asks Brett how much pressure there is when you realize you’re this close to winning the money. Brett says you don’t want it to end and if it’s him he will be devastated. Jeff says Hannah the last woman standing and the youngest, are you nervous about the vote. Hannah says yeah, we’re all nervous, because we all think we have a game plan and one of us is wrong. Time to vote.


Jeff gets the votes and says if you have an immunity idol, now would be the time to play it. Adam pulls it out and says he really, really wants to make final four and he thinks a few bullets are coming his way. Jeff says this IS a hidden immunity idol and votes cast for Adam will not count. Dave, Brett, Dave, Brett, and the 16th person voted out and the 9th member of the jury is Brett. Brett says the flipper flips again. Adam looks at Hannah in shock. Brett tells David congratulations and the rest just lost a million dollars. Jeff says there is only one reason to continue to blind side people and that’s because you all are a legitimate threat to win the game.


Brett says it sucks going out of the game. He says if those two people had some sort of a brain they would realize David is going to eat them alive and voted him out. But it’s a great game, it brought him out of his shell, and he’s lucky to have been a part of survivor after being a fan for so many years.


Adam says he didn’t realize loyalty ran so deep in the game. Dave says Ken and Hannah saved him. Adam tells Hannah he can’t imagine what she could possibly say to justify her making a mistake. Jay says they put David one challenge away from the final tribal council.


Jeff takes back immunity. For today’s challenge, they’re going to use a long pole to maneuver a bowl through a channel. When you get to the top, you’ll place the bowl and head back for the next one. The entire structure sits on a spring which means if they hit it too hard, it will wobble and the bowls drop they have to start over. The first person to stack 13 bowls or the person with the most bowls at the end of 30 minutes wins immunity and a guaranteed spot at the final tribal council.


Adam drops the first bowl, David and Ken place their first bowls. Hannah and Adam still working on their first. David has his second and Hannah has her first. Jay has his first. Ken has his second. Adam, Ken, and Hannah are tied with 10. David hit his and has to start over. Ken has 11 and Hannah hits her structure and loses everything. Adam stops and watches Ken and hopes Ken’s falls over. Adam stops thinking he won and the wind carried his structure and everyone has now lost everything. Hannah is now in the lead. 2 minutes left and Hannah is in the lead with 10. Ken is trying to catch her. Adam has 8 and watching. Ken and Hannah have 10, Adam has 8, and David has lost all of his again. Ken and Hannah are tied. They will have a showdown.


It's a 5 minute showdown. Whoever has the most bowls win, or the first to 13. Ken is aggressive and Hannah is slow and steady. Ken is in the lead and the wind is blowing so Ken waits. Hannah ties Ken with 4 but Ken places his 5th. Hannah places her fifth and Ken has 6. Hannah is right behind and there is 30 seconds left. Ken placed his sixth bowl and runs back for one more. Hannah has her sixth bowl. Ken places the seventh bowl and wins immunity.


Everyone congratulates Ken on his immunity win. David has faith in Ken and he’s glad if he didn’t win, it was Ken. David says he doesn’t mind going to a fire making challenge against Adam. Adam talks to Hannah to make sure she will vote out David. Hannah says she set up David for the kill with the last council but they have to get Ken or they go to a fire challenge against the guy who’s made fire the whole time. Ken tells Hannah how close he and David is and asks Hannah to have faith in him. Hannah says it’s frustrating because Ken works by a different code, even when it’s not the smartest game move. David tells Adam it might be smarter for him and Hannah to go after each other and Adam says absolutely not.  Adam says no way because if David doesn’t go home, then Adam can’t win anyway. Adam goes to practice making fire because he’s so nervous. David and Ken talk and David says he’s vote out Adam and he trusts him 100%.  Ken says he can vote out his closest friend or they can make fire and see who comes out on top.


Tribal council. Jeff says the penultimate tribal council. It’s not the last but the most important. Jeff says let’s start with one of the most dramatic challenges he ever seen. Jeff says the first tribal council Hannah took forever to vote and he thought she got lost, and now she marches up with authority, she also almost passed out watching a challenge, but today she almost took out Ken. She said it was crushing to be taken out that way, but they fought it out. Jeff says Adam so when it came to sudden death he couldn’t do anything but watch. Adam says he put himself in that position. His only goal was to make sure Dave didn’t win immunity. David says Adam is a good player but Adam realizes it played a better game all along. Adam says he’s been way at the top and everyone realized it but they just fell short of taking out David. Jeff says Ken you’re the only one who’s guaranteed to be here tomorrow. Ken says yeah they all wanted to talk but he wanted to be himself and he went out and fished. Jeff says David what was your pitch and David says loyalty and they made a final three since day 3. Adam says there is only so much you can do to get people to the end and try to win the game for their family. Hannah says any of the three of us could be going and Hannah says they seen truth at the last tribal council when Brett congratulated one person. Jeff says Ken you’re nodding as each of the three talk as if you agree with everything they’re saying. Ken says every one of their points if valid and these people are bright and none have had an easy game and they’ve all grown. Ken says at the end of the day you have to figure out what is most important and how that affects your decisions. Time to vote.


Jeff goes to get the votes. First vote is for Dave. Second vote Adam. Third vote David. One vote left. 17th person voted out and the final member of our jury, David.  Jeff congratulates the final three.


David says obviously he wanted to be the sole survivor, he wanted to win the million dollars. But he had so much personal growth and he’s going to walk out of the game a new man and that’s worth more than a million dollars so in a way, he really did win.


Hannah is talking about being on the beach on the last day. Then we see Ken and he says he’s tired of that generation because they don’t know how to be quiet and just appreciate what they’ve done. He says he’s played an old school type of game. He says he has to win to give him and his daughter a better life. They go to get tree meal and they get their breakfast baskets. Hannah says she started the game with the millennial stereotype and neurotic but she’s grown into the player she is. She says the final council will be a test for her because she believes she played a better game than Ken and Adam. Adam thinks he’s played a good game and he’s won challenges and found idols and he’s done it in a way where he hasn’t been a target. He wants to do everything he can to win for his mom.


Jeff welcomes them to tribal and explains the power has shifted. He gives them a minute to collect their thoughts.

Time to begin final tribal council. Taylor is first. Taylor says he’s one of the more spontaneous millennials and his vote isn’t set. He wants them to make their pitch to him. Hannah says she hopes everyone is as open as he is. She says her game wasn’t as flashy, but she played strategic and put every one of them on the jury the same way Adam and Ken did. Ken talks about loyalty and he thinks that deserves some credit. Adam says he feels he played the best game and he kept his alliance safe and was never in a target position.


Sunday is next. Sunday says they talked a lot between the millennials and the gen-xers. She wants to know if they played more like a millennial or a gen-xer and how adaptable they were. Ken says he was rigid and as adaptable as others who might be called a flipper. Adam says you had a gen-xer who wasn’t movable and then you had someone who’s allies didn’t know what they were going to do at tribal council and then there’s me a combination of both. Hannah says for a point of clarification Adam just said she was unpredictable, but Hannah tells Sunday it was her that thought Sunday and Brett were a dangerous pair. So to them it might feel unpredictable and Adam as usual went along with me. Adam says those were two times she actually went rogue. Hannah says I made a decision I felt was right at the time. Adam says we talked about those two times later and he felt they were bad strategic moves and Hannah says she believes they were the right ones and that’s why she made them.


Jessica is next. Ken you came into this game putting yourself on a pedestal based on being loyal and honest and I’m shocked at the decision you made on day 38, to take out David. The one person that you promised on day 2 you would bring to the end. Ken says the decision he made on day 38 was the hardest thing in this game. David, you were my number 2 alliance, number 1 is my daughter. That’s the only reason. Jessica says thank you, I appreciate the honesty.

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 Will is up next.  He respects Ken so much for voting David out rather than all the talk about respect.   Will is  confused with Adam's game, he  was in the wrong side of some votes. What is the reason you couldn't get some of your moves to work?  Hannah leaving David in the game, maybe have been a million dollar mistake.  Hannah disagrees. 
Zeke is next and congratulates the final 3.  Tonight's winner should represent the evolution of survivor strategy.   Ken, you played a loyal game but did nothing to evolve the game,  Adam and Hannah, how did you contribute to the evolution of the worlds greatest game.   Adam replied, people wanted to stay in control for the whole time once they gain control -  I made sure there were 3 people in front of me at the final 6 that were bigger threats and one was a challenge beast who could take them out.   Hannah replied,  building relationships with trust was important and the trust cluster was an evolution of the game. Adam is good at taking credit, but I feel responsible for most of the jury. 


 Michelle is next.   She asks Hannah how many votes were you on the wrong side of?  Hannah replies none. except for the Michaela vote.   Michelle asks Adam, clarify for me why your victories overshadow your blunders. Adam replies. I was able to correct my blunders.   Hannah counters with they weren't blunders, they were decisions which I thought was best such as voting Brett out before David.   Brett is up next and he asks Ken at what point did you feel you feel you really started playing this game? Ken replied right away considering I was at the bottom of the Gen X team from the beginning.   I made Jen feel safe from the beginning.   Adam, please break down your plan for voting out David and how it went wrong -  Hannah wanted to vote out Sundae first. At the final five, I thought we would get David out then. 


 Jay is up next.-  he has one question for Adam.  At one point, you said we were brothers and I told you I would take you to the end, why didnt you use me to take out David?  Adam replies, we had such a crazy relationship where we were rivals and I genuinely love you like a brother.  You know why it is so important to me and you were in the way. Chris is next, he admits he is a trial lawyer who never served on a jury.   David was the skinny guy planning the demise of everyone and one of the three of you faced off against him.;  Adam, the biggest move was turning Ken against David. Ken admits he made that decision on his own. 


David is the last jury member to ask a question-  this experience was trans formative.   My question to each of you is what evolution did you have, how did it change your life?   Hannah is first, the person I was on day one. She was terrified of everything and pushed through everything and will bring that into her life.   Ken was quite socially awkward and developed twitches and put myself with 19 strangers and put myself in social positions because I am playing for my daughter.   Adam admitted this was a dream.   He applied with his mom 2 years ago, and his goal was to bring some joy to his family.  He talks about his mom's diagnosis of cancer and he was supposed to come out here and felt like his mom and him were winning together. 

The jury digests all the information they were given and then they will vote.  It is time to finish it,  the jury will decide who will be the sole survivor,  Hannah, Ken or Adam.  Jeff thanks everyone for the great season and will see them back in Los Angeles.   With 6 votes,   Adam wins survivor. 


 Adam says it was his dream since he was 9 to play survivor  I set my mind to one goal, winning this game.   Adam says being in the theatre and winning is a dream come true. Adam said his mom said he had to go and couldn't pass up this opportunity. She was with me in spirit and she is with me tonight.  


 Adam shares that his mom passed one hour after he got home. She knew he was there.  To honor his mom,  Adam is partnering with Stand up to Cancer to raise money for lung cancer research .  Bristol Myers Squib is matching all donations Adam raises up to $ 100K.   Hopefully this will inspire people to donate.   Adam is donating $ 100K, which will be matched so #200K is going to lung cancer research.  


 David transformed himself - he had a voice in his head and finally convinced himself they like him and that encouraged him on.  Zeke, a powerful story also, he transformed himself and became his best version of himself. He realized he had power and pulled himself up and is stronger than he could have imagined. 

Jeff says that Brett, the tough Boston cop and Zeke the self described millennial nerd, provided the moment of the season when Brett admitted he was gay.   Zeke says Brett paved the way for him.  Brett had some great conversations with Zeke and they formed a bond and he could trust him.    Jeff said Brett is changing lives by announcing his sexuality.  Another great moment is Hannah admitting her crush on Ken. Jeff says that moment captured her spirit.  Hannah admits she feels bolder and has found people she can open up to.  So many people have reached out to her and shared they have anxiety also.   Hannah said she was going to flirt with the prettiest face ( Ken ) and see what happens. 


Jeff talks to Michaela next,  he says she dominated at challenges and spoke her mind.  She realized that people she was thinking ahead and considered her a threat.  Next, Jeff talks to Jessica.  Jessica said loyalty mattered so much and she just picked the wrong rock.  Jessica was trying to be true to 3 people who were true to her.    Will is the first HS student to play the game. His parents struggled to let him go on the show. Jeff asks Sundae about the role of mom and she says she was going for the dream and wanted to go for it. Figgy admits the relationship didn't last with Taylor and she wishes she would have played as a strong, independent woman.    Chris was asked how much time did they spend thinking about the twists.   He said you have to adapt
your game.  


 Fiji is the most spectacular place, a world class location, so we are going back next year. The game play has been come so unpredictable, it is hard to imagine.   The most competitive players ever come together to battle it out on the island of Fiji.This spring will be Survivor Game Changers with Michaela, Tony, Tai, Siera, Siri, Sandra, and Ozzy.  


Michele says people arent bitter and that's why it was a great season.   Survivor Game Changers premiers in March,  look for it. 

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