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The Voice (Season 11) - Fall 2016


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This is The Voice! The Voice is back for Season 11, along with our two winningest coaches. Grammy award-winning frontman for Maroon 5, and 3 time Voice champion Adam Levine, and Country music superstar with 16 consecutive #1 songs, 4 time winning coach Blake Shelton.  

This season, we introduce to the Voice family two new coaches.  Award winning television and music icon with 5 #1 albums and over 30m records sold, one of the most influential artists in pop culture, Miley Cyrus.  And 15 time Grammy award winning singer/songwriter, record producer, humanitarian and actress, with over 35, albums sold worldwide, Alecia Keys.

With a lineup like this, anything can happen.  This is the first season that there have been 2 female coaches on The Voice.  It's the biggest, bestest and most unpredictable season of The Voice ever.  Get ready, America, this changes everything!

For those who are unfamiliar with The Voice, artists are invited to audition behind the coaches' backs - literally.  If a coach likes what they hear, they press a button in front of their chair and they turn around.  If one coach turns around, that artist joins his or her team.  If more than one coach turns around, then the tables are turned and the coaches must compete for the artist to chose them.

The first artist of Season 11 is 21yr old Jason Warrior from Chicago, IL.  He grew up in a rough area of Chicago among drug dealers and gangs.  His real dad has been in and out of jail since he was born. He was accepted to Northern Illinois University on an acting scholarship and started singing around town.  Now he lives at home with his step dad and family, using YouTube videos to learn how to perform.

Singing Stevie Wonder's Living For The City, it's his story and he's been fighting to get out for 21 years.  Adam is the first to hit his button and turn around as he hits the main beat of the song.  Alecia soon follows to see the young man with the soulful vocals.  Before the final note ends, Adam is already on his feet.  Blake says he's the first person Alecia has every pressed her button for.

Adam says I realize the odds are against me.  Miley says he's playing the humble.  You showed you had the drive to get it all in there, Adam says.  What makes you think you could be a better coach than Alecia, Blake needles.  A coach is a coach, Adam says.  I'm going to get in here so Adam will stop talking, Alecia says, I'm super proud, I heard all that energy and soul, you were only thinking about shining and not holding back.  

I've watched you since I was 2 years old, Jason tells Alecia.  So long, Adam says, walking out of his chair.  No, no, Adam, come om back, Jason says.  I still have a chance? I haven't picked yet, Jason says, I've watched you from Season 1 and enjoyed the work you've put in with each artist.  I want to help you become better at every aspect of what you do, Adam pitches, I've won the show 3 times.  Only 3 out of 10, Miley exclaims, it's basic math but I wouldn't have said that if I was you.  I'm so happy right now, Blake says.

For me, Alecia tells Jason, it's all about what we learn on the journey, to become the most empowered version of ourselves.  Those words are what my mother would say, Jason says, tearing up.  So Alecia it is, Miley says.  Woah, Adam says.  I'm on the edge of my seat, Miley says, I have to know.  Adam says in terms of what this show has to offer, I've been doing this a long time and would be a great coach for you.

OK, Jason, who you going to pick?  All right, he says, I pick...   Sorry Adam, Alecia!  

Dave Moisan is a 33yr old medical device sales rep and trainer from Louisville, KY.  But growing up, he was all about swimming, winning state championships and swam against Michael Phelps, beating the gold medalist in a relay.  He go to back stage after a Maroon 5 show and hang out with Adam Levine and that's when he thought maybe he could sing professionally.  Now his wife sings background vocals for his band.

Singing Sex and Candy (Marcy Playground), his voice is sugary sweet and Adam makes a play for him but doesn't indicate he recognizes him.  Miley decides to get in on some Moisan action, and so do Alecia and Blake, making Dave the first 4-Chair Blind Audition of the season.  Game of Thrones has nothing on what's about to ensure.  Miley rushes to give him a hug.  I heard a bit of Adam in there and got scared, Miley says.  I heard a lot of me, Adam pipes in.

Other than turning around first and believing in you before anyone else, Adam tells Dave, man, falsetto is hard and you were seamless and perfectly on key, soulful and smooth. I want you and need you.  He doesn't talk to his wife like that, Miley jokes.  I've never had someone on my team, Adam continues, who I that was similar to me.  Oh come on, Blake groans, he's gonna be your puppet.  You can't put words in my mouth, Adam says.  

Adam thinks you're a younger, better looking version of himself, Miley says.  Do you sing full time, Alecia asks? No, he says.  Where did the passion come from?  Actually, I was at a Maroon 5 show (Dang, Miley says dejectedly)...  Oh really, Adam says, gettting cocky.  You may not remember, Dave says, but I got to go back stage and we hung out.  Woah, Blake says, deflated.  He didn't even remember you, Miley digs, I would always remember you.  

Dave, you're incredible, Blake says, there's nothing else I can say knowing you're in Adam's fan club.  Adam is a talented, good looking guy but he's a crappy coach.  No, don't, Adam says.  Don't go with the most obvious decision, Miley says, we don't need another Adam Levine.  I would figure out what makes you different.  I have no interest in making you another version of me, Adam says, I want you to be your version of you and I think I am the best for you.  

Alecia says I have that knack of bringing a soulful experience into the real world.  Adam is not as deeply rooted as I am.  Wow, Blake says and the audience agrees.  We can make magic, she tells him, we can explore new roles and new places if you choose me.  Who do you pick as your coach?

Dave says this is seriously the hardest decision of my life.  I pick...   Alecia!  

17yr old Courtnie Ramirez from Brian, TX has been on stage since she was age 5 in church, then went on to contests and talent shows.  She's taking an internship where she's learning how to write songs and strengthen her voice.  Dad is a UPS driver and will be equally proud whether a chair turns or not.

Singing Mamma Knows Best (Jessie J), she has the audience on her side after the first note.  Miley tells Alecia, Mine but doesn't press her button.  I can't decide she says.  All right, she says and presses her button.  Alecia makes a play for Courtnie as well.  Adam thinks about it but leaves it to the ladies.

I almost pushed, Adam, but I was scared of these two ladies and I wanted to watch them go at it.  Miley likes her rocker vibe and can go there.  Alecia says you and Miley would be good.  Blake asks what genre she wants to be.  Who cares, Alecia says.  Why do you put everything in a box, Adam asks, because you're square?  R&B Courtnie says.  Uh oh, Miley says, I'm younger and more in tune with you, she says, I can help you try different styles.

Courtnie, who do you pick as your coach? I am so honored both of you beautiful women turned around for me.  I pick...   Miley!

Sundance Head is a 37yr old father from Porter, TX, 3 generations living in the same farm house.  His dad was a traveling with a band called Roy Head and the Traits (Treat H, #2 1965).  He played bars in a high school band, and returned to music after 10 years working. He plays country but loves the blues.  But mostly, he just wants his kids to grow up and say he was a good dad.

Singing I've Been Loving You Too Long (Otis Redding).  Adam turns around as soon as he hits a big note and Blake isn't far behind.  Both are on their feet as he finishes. Why does he have to have a hat and boots on, Adam whines.  He's like a mystery man riding in here on his country music horse, Blake says.  Soul country music horse, Sundance corrects.  So it's not completely hopeless, Adam says.  Some Travis Tritt, Chris Stapleton, Ronnie Milsap, a little southern rock in there too.  

I am so sick of this genre thing he does, Adam complains, you're too quick to put him in a box.  What the hell are you is the best part about you.  We'll do a whole lot of different on my team.  I was nervous, Sundance says, I'll be better next time.  If that's nervous, Adam says, I want to be a part of next time.  You will be, Blake says, like all the audience.  Where did you learn to sing like that, Alecia asks.  From you, he says, singing a line from one of her songs.  

He was singing Otis, about the furthest thing from country I've ever heard, Adam points out.  Why you trying to box him in, Blake counters weakly.  Adam, I have to get your autograph no matter what for my son, Levi.  Adam calls Levi out onto the stage.  His son and daughter come out and Miley asks them which coach Dad should choose.  Adam coughs to get their attention.  Blake, Levi says.  Blake, the daughter says.  Yeah, OK, Adam says deflated, nice to meet you, you can go back stage now.

I was kidding, Adam calls out as the kids head back to Mom off stage.  The audience groans at Adam.  Who do you pick as your coach, Alecia asks?

All right, Sundance says, I pick...   Blake!

16yr old Maggie Renfroe is from Macon, GA where she started playing music at a young age and started singing at a children's hospital at age 14.  Her first gig was an autism event.  She has a 23yr old autistic cousin.  That event made her realize this is what she wants to do with the rest of her life.  

Singing Lost Boy (Ruth B), she sounds a little young and nervous and none of the coaches turn around.  Miley says I could feel you were young and that means you have so much more time to practice and get experience.  Alecia says her execution was beautiful and there is a lot to bring out.  Blake says you seem like a complete package and look like a star, so come back and win this thing.  Adam says you have a great attitude, still smiling.

From Brooklyn, NY comes 28yr old Ali Caldwell, who formed an R&B girl group out of college and they opened for some big names but never got signed.  She started doing open mikes and was invited on tour with a jazz musician for a Moscow tour.  She toured 5 times and was even on a billboard.  She wakes up and feels like singing.  Now she wants to bring it back home.  

Singing Dangerous Woman (Ariana Grande), Adam hits his button when she heads into the chorus and quickly rises to his feet.  Blake says let's go and he presses his button.  Miley also can't resist turning around and she's joined by Alecia, for a 4-chair Blind Audition.  She screams with excitement after the performance.

Miley says I just won The Voice.  Adam says the last two season winners had very different voices but I just felt the same thing I did when I turned around for each of them.  I'm not speechless...  Clearly, Blake says, I've worked with all types of artists and won with Alecia's former backup singer, Jermaine Paul.  Sometimes the right combination is not the most obvious but can still create magic and I'm feeling magic with you.

Miley says the guys are kind of braggy how many seasons they've won.  How many have you won, Adam pokes.  I'm new, I ain't been on no seasons but I'm about to win one.  Sometimes all someone can say about someone as amazing as you is they're the best and they don't get to know who you are. I want to find songs no one would expect.  Alecia walks onto the stage to embrace Ali.  You're gone, Miley says.  You're giving her up, Blake tells her.

I just want Ali to know that I see all the hard work she puts in, Alecia says.  Adam gets out of his chair too.  He's all up in my space, Alecia says.  I'm just chillin' over here, Adam says.  You're driver's here, Blake teases of Adam in his white shirt and black jacket and tie, he's ready to take you...  You are so special, Alecia continues, giving her a hug.  Illegal motion, Blake referees.  

Adam saunters up after Alecia returns to her chair.  Hi, he says and gives her a quiet hug.  You're such a follower, Alecia complains.  He's here for your luggage, Blake calls out.  I a ready to drive her all the way to the top, Adam says.  Ali looks back stage to her family and Alecia calls them out onto the stage.  Adam, I hope you brought an SUV, Blake jokes as her sister and parents comes on stage.

You are it, Adam says.  That she is, Alecia agrees.  Miley says I really do feel you could win and I could help you share your story through your song.  I can show how to bring out your personality.  My entire season hinges on having you on my team, Adam says.  OMG, Blake groans.   Adam stands up and says all I care about is right here on this stage.

Ali says one thing my mom always taught me is to dare to be different.  So, I pick...   Miley!

Riley Elmore is a 16yr old lemonade sipping, trombone playing jazz performing teenager from West Dundee, IL.  He began singing Frank Sinatra his freshman year in HS and considers himself a crooner.  He's never gigged on his own.  Until now.  He wants a coach to help him learn to be more loose when he performs.

Singing The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra), the audience appreciates his old school vibe and so does Adam and Blake.  Adam's turn earns him a wink from Riley.  So amazing, Miley says while still looking in the wrong direction.  Alecia is dancing in her chair but doesn't turn around.

Blake is on his feet cheering.  Miley can't believe he's 16 with that voice.  Adam says he has a soft spot for that song, sings it once a week.  This music is important to you, I felt that, but I also heard your youth and inexperience.  Which made me even more excited because there's so much I can teach you.  There were moments that were brilliant and I want to make every moment brilliant.  

Blake thinks Michael Buble is the only other person who sings this kind of music, Adam tells Riley, but that's the only thing he can do because he doesn't understand that there's a million singers you love in the vein of Frank Sinatra.  Oh, I've never heard of any of those, Blake retorts.  Miley says it's unusual for someone your age to honor this style - is it the lane you want to be in?  This is definitely the lane I want to be in, he says.

Blake says I want to come back as Dean Martin, he's my hero, his talent, personality, drinking, I want to be that guy.  Well, you got the drinking part down, Adam quips.  Yeah, I like Buble, Blake continues, and look at him selling out arenas, selling 8-9m albums a year.  The only problem ahead of you is you're about to pick the wrong coach!  

Adam says I want to begin the coaching process now.  There's one thing I noticed...  His suit, Miley jokes.  Adam walks up onto the stage and shakes his arms, telling Riley he has to loosen up, like you had a few drinks, even though you're a little young, you're not 21, that wouldn't be cool.  Like you're having a conversation.  

The band grooves into a light background track as Adam works the room them launches into the song.  Riley looks off stage to his family and gives them the thumbs up.  Riley cannot believe he's standing on stage with Adam Levin, singing a Frank Sinatra duet, harmonizing the end.  That was good, Blake says, congratulating Adam, I know what just happened.  Miley commends him for being different.

I think I have a decision, Riley says, I pick Adam!

25yr old Dana Harper from Dallas, TX, growing up in the shadow of her NBA playing father, Derek Harper (Dallas Mavericks).  She did not inherit his basketball talents but has always had a deep voice that she embraced in HS choir.  She performed at Showtime At The Apollo and won 2nd place on Amateur night, but didn't like the big city and moved home.  She's hoping Alecia will turn around.

Singing Jealous (Nick Jonas), her voice drops an octave mid-verse and Alecia gives a look that says, you got to be kidding me, and she presses her button.  So does Blake.  On the last note, Adam also presses his button.  It's a 3-chair turn.

You sounded so great, Miley says, and I don't think I could have helped.  I've always had this deep thing going on, Dana says, and didn't really know what to do with it when I was a kid.  I know, Alecia says.  I know you do, Dana says.  Ok, Blake says, resigned.  There you go, Adam retreats.  It was magnificent control, Alecia says, so warm and a beautiful tone, I hear your life coming through.

Adam says I wondered if you were going to go high and that's what did it for me, wow, she's got everything in her arsenal, you were floating.  That was so easy for you, Alecia says, how is it so easy!  Blake says I love you.  I love you, Dana replies, daddy.  Blake stands up, adjusts his jacket and puffs his chest.  Hey Blake, Dana demurs.  It's getting wierd, Adam says.  

I want you to know how weird Hollywood is, gross, filthy people, like Adam, were born here.  But no girl I think has anywhere that lower area they can go and explore and that's something you should use to your advantage, instant radio recognition.  When I'm coaching, it's not about country but about guiding you through this process.

I'm ready, Dana says, as 3 coaches pray for her favor.  I pick...   Blake! This coach is on fire, Blake sings to Alecia.

15yr old Gabe Broussard, from Lafayette, LA, knew he wanted to sing from when he would sing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the back of his mother's as a child.  He went to a rock camp at age 12 and learned the Beatles and his friends at school noticed.  He's in a band in HS and it helps him get the ladies, he jokes.  Actually, he just writes about what he think it would be like.  He has a rare eye disease that could eventually take his sight.

Singing Lonely Night in Georgia (Marc Broussard).  He reminds be a bit of Paul McCartney and Miley's mouth opens in amazement.  Blake just slams his button.  Miley motions to hit her own button and Blake says No, Miley, No, Miley, No Miley, No Miley.  Gabe doesn't miss a beat.  Blake is playing air guitar with him.  Miley can't stand it any longer and hits her button as he hits the final lyrics.  

That guy's good, Blake yells out.  Are you related to Marc Broussard, Adam asks, you remind me of him.  Bad Ass.  15, Miley exclaims.  You are so special, Alecia says, I made a mistake and I'm really excited for you.  Miley says you have an amazing voice, sound like you've lived a lot of life, you have a story in your voice. I want you on my team.  What do you listen to?  A lot of Marc Broussard, obviously, Gabe says.  

Adam says it's crazy, your face is so sweet and your voice is up to no good at all.  I blew it, I'm sorry.  Blake says when you started singing, you sounded like a freakin' stud, that's all I can say.  My mom tells me that all the time, Gabe says, but I didn't believe it until now.  Are you kidding, of course I'm hitting my button, you're the guy I've been waiting for, Blake gushes.  All of us wait to hear, then to find out you're 15, come on.  Musically, we probably have a lot in common.  We could have an incredible run.

Who do you pick as your coach?  Off stage, Mom says Miley.  I pick.... Blake, Gabe says.

From Orange County, CA comes 34 yr old Chris Cron, who formed the band Melee in HS and performed until 19-20yrs old then did the Warp Tour.  They got picked up by a record label and made a record that did well in Japan.  Built To Last went to #1 in Japan and Holland and they toured southeast Asia and Europe six times then he hit a wall.  Now he has a wife and baby and wants to get back into the artists' game.  There's story in him he has to get out.

Singing Never Tear Us Apart (INXS), his vocal is a bit edgy and moody as he performs, not just sings, the song.  Adam says he's so close.  But no coaches turn their chairs around.  He's just like Adam, Alecia says after they turn around.  Blake says the note he bent for a long time, I couldn't tell if it was a style thing or you had a hard time.  Alecia wasn't sure he felt the words.  Adam says you have incredible taste in fashion.  You were so close, so please come back.

The night's final artist is 20yr old Christian Cuevas from Orlando, FL.  He's been working at Guitar Center, but football was his thing until he shattered his ankle.  That's when he picked up a guitar and discovered music.  His father was rocker Julio Cuevas, who had 3 albums in Puerto Rico.  2 years ago his dad was diagnosed with liver cancer and died a couple months later.  He tears up as he says he has to be stronger because at 19, he's the man of the house.  He's a vocal performance student in college, trying to figure out how to be his father.

Poignantly singing How Am I Supposed To Live With Out You (Michael Bolton), the passion that filled his first line was enough to turn Adam and Blake in quick succession.  When he hits the chorus, he wins over the audience with his impassioned plea and Alecia cannot hold back any longer.  Adam is on his feet at the emotional performance.  And though Miley is clapping for him, she does not turn around, making this a 3 coach race.

You didn't turn around, Adam asks Miley?  I'm trying to help you, she says to Adam.  I felt I was not the right coach for you or your voice, she explains to Christian.  I am absolutely hypnotized by this guy's personality that's through. The record industry looks for a voice that doesn't sound like anyone else and you sold me.  Whether you choose me or not (He's gonna say he's a fan, Miley whispers to Adam), I'm a fan.  I knew he was going to say that, Adam says.  

Will you please get on my side for once, Blake begs of Miley, you may have flowers on your jacket but you're made of cold ice!  Where did you get that emotion, Alecia asks.  Thinking about my dad who passed away a year ago.  Every day I ask myself how am I supposed to live without my dad.  I really felt you.  When I first came out, I was 19yrs old, I could just tap all these emotions and when I saw you I said I know you.  You got it.  That means everything to me right now, Christian says.

Adam says the emotional sincere way you were singing and the thick, incredible quality of your voice that filled the whole room, I couldn't have been more excited to watch how you excited the room and made everyone to feel good and empowered.  I want someone who is able to convey what is going on in the deepest recesses of their heart and soul and that blew my mind.  I have so many things going through my emotions right now, Christian says, I'm about to explode.

Take a breath, Adam says, who's it going to be?  Mom wants Alecia but thinks he'll pick Adam.  The coaches nervously await his decision.

Christian says I pick...   Alecia!

After the first night of Blind Auditions, here's how the teams stand.  Alecia picked up Jason Warrior, Dave Moisan and Christian Cuervos.  Miley started the season with Courtnie Ramirez and Ali Caldwell.  Blake added Sundance Head, Dana Harper and Gabe Broussard.  And Adam found common ground with Riley Elmore.   

If you want more coverage of Season 11 of The Voice, I need your help to cover episodes that I cannot.  Email contact.mortystv@gmail.com to find out how you can be part of Team Morty!

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This is The Voice! Last night, The Voice returned as Superstar coaches Miley Cyrus and Alecia keys joined Adam Levine and Blake Shelton for our biggest season yet.  Tonight, premier week continues as the new ladies of The Voice still dominate.  Tonight will be more competitive, more surprising and more exciting than ever.  The Blind Auditions continue, right now!

The first audition tonight is from Chicago, IL.  Sa'Rayah is 28 yrs old, a single mom and who grew up in a housing project with a mom addicted to drugs.  She's clean now, and the family has moved out of the neighborhood and now Sa'Rayah wants music to pay the bills.

Singing Drown In My Own Tears (Ray Charles), it takes only a few notes for her to transition the state to a church and Miley quickly hits her button.  Alecia is not far behind, pulled in by the incredibly passionate and powerful vocal.  The two coaches are ecstatic as she brings the house down with an electrifying performance, leaving Adam and Blake wondering what was going on.

I just won The Voice, Miley says. I felt I was at church, Adam says, and I'm a Temple kind of guy.  But Adam, Sa'Reyah says, you didn't turn your chair.  That's what I'm saying, Alecia says as Blake applauds.  Adam asks, you want me to talk or not talk at all.  Seriously, Blake asks, I'd rather you not talk at all.  The minute you started singing, I looked over at Alecia and said I'm going to stay out of this.  You are phenomenal.  

Blake says I didn't hit my button for one simple reason.  Because you're an idiot, Adam injects.  You didn't either, Miley reminds him.  It's obvious to me you are in the right hands with either one of these two.  You brought hope and love into the room, Miley says, and filled the space with your voice.  I want to be your coach so bad, I turned around first and saw your energy, and then I saw those shoes!  Everything about you is you and I wear everything about myself. This is who I am and how I feel and I would love to see you win the show with me.

Alecia asks where the deeply rooted passion take me out of my skin music come from?  My past and what I've overcome, I don't know how to hold it in.  I see that, Miley says.  Alecia says you have the ability to share the truth, the light, the real, you moved me back to the whole end of the galaxy with your voice. I would love to be your coach.  Miley says I would work hard as your coach because I know that I'm not an obvious choice. It's not just about winning this, Alecia says, it's about winning life.  We should do this.

It's time for you to pick a coach, Adam prompts.  I am struggling, Sa'Rayah says, because you both have something I love and desire.  I love you both and am having a hard time.  Do something different, Miley says.  OK, look, I pick...   Miley!

Ethan Tucker is 26yrs old from Olympia, WA.  He started traveling to play shows at age 16 and is not afraid of taking risks, talking his way on stage to become an unofficial opening act for The Steve Miller Band where he played a 45m set to a sold out audience.  When he's not touring he stays at home with his 85yr old grandmother, who is at his Blind Audition.

Singing Roxanne (The Police), he wants to make it more reggae.  The coaches don't seem to know what to make of his unique voice and twist on the song.  He's really good, Adam says and almost presses his button.  Then at the last note, he does and Blake quickly follows.

Alecia says you have a unique, husky, raspy, beautiful voice.  Adam says you made a reggae infused rock-n-roll tune more reggae and that was impressive.  That last note showed me it wasn't just a gimmick, you got chops.  This guy's voice is so raspy, like gargling with broken glass.  What threw me was you were singing the word Roxanne kind of like a jazz sound, but by the end it was incredible.  

Musically, we get along, Adam says.  You may be wondering how I can help you, Blake starts.  I'm wondering how you can help him too, Adam quips.  I do have some serious connections in that reggae/Ska world these days.  I don't believe it, Miley says.  Really, Adam wonders.  Yes, really, Blake counters.  So who do you pick as your coach, asks Alecia?

I like all y'all, Ethan says, but I think I'm going to have to pick Blake over here.  No way, Adam says.  I'm shocked, Miley says, I didn't see that coming!

Katie Colosimo is 22yrs old from Nashville, TN where she grooms dogs but she wants to pursue music, but it's a difficult town to stand out in.  With her parents support, she's wanted to be a performer her entire life and it's exciting but nerve wracking.  She just wants any coach to pick her.

Singing Stone Cold (Demi Lovato), her voice is light and breathless, with a rooty deepness in it.  I think she's slightly off pitch and the coaches don't seem to be interested.  She ends without a chair turning.  It's crazy how good everyone has to be, Adam says, but sometimes your voice was so emotional your voice got lost.  Focus on your pitch, Miley says, and don't worry about emotion.  Not an easy song, Alecia says, if you take the safe way you don't grow.  Blake says you lost a little control, probably nerves, but if you get that emotion under control, you'll probably get a button pushed next time.

We' McDonald is a 17yr old teenager from Paterson, NJ who was chubby in middle school and got bullied a lot.  Her outlet was to sing, and her singing voice is a lot deeper than her speaking voice.  He went to performing arts school, has performed at the Apollo and Carnegie Hall twice. She know what it it's like to be judged but this time she's being judged by her voice.

Singing Feeling Good (Nina Simone), her voice is soft and when she hits a deep falsetto, Miley can't hold back and turns her chair around.  Appropriately, she then sings "And I'm feeling good," and immediately Blake and Alecia turn around to see who this powerhouse is. Only at the very end does Adam hit his button to make it a 4 chair Blind Audition, with all coaches on their feet.

When she begins speaking, the coaches cannot believe it's the same voice due to the extreme change in pitch.  They get over it when they realize how young she is.  You're voice was so strong, Miley says, and the great thing about it was our turning around had to with nothing but we could hear.  I heard a total star.  

Alecia is so excited, she's rolling her arms and slapping the chair.  I cannot believe this voice, she says, and you are so beautiful and perfectly yourself, I feel so much inside you.  I was bullied for the longest time, We' explains.  It's the scariest thing to be alone, Miley says, but you're not. You have 4 people who are about, trust me, throw a ham to get you on their team.  You have a friend in all of us, and hopefully a coach in me.

Blake says when I hit my button, it was out of jealousy, how can you do that?  You're the kind of person we learn from.  I will do anything to be your coach.  Off stage, Dad is clapping loudly, which Blake hears and points out.  My job is to find an artist and win this thing.  With the trophy, you get the record deal, everything you came here to get.  I'd love to introduce you to the Staples Center and say, let me show y'all The We'!

That whole performance was so remarkable, Adam says, but you're 17 and there are things you can learn.  I will throw a party if you pick me for your coach.  Miley stands up and says I had to tour when I was 16-17, when you say you were bullied, that happened to me.  The internet already existed...  We weren't born in the 30's, Adam complains in an old man's voice, oh they invented the radio in my day, Miley Cyrus, you young whippersnapper.

You came to this show to meet me, Alecia says simply, drawing We' in.  Dang, Miley says.  I'm not playing or joking, Alecia continues, I'm serious.  I'm serious in my heart, I was trying to figure out who I was through my music since I was 14yrs old. I don't want to be like everybody else and I don't want you to be like anyone else.  You were born to show everyone what love sounds like.  Let's bring out your family.

Adam says I shouldn't even speak at this point since Alecia just dropped the mic on all of us, but I've helped people for 5-6 years to help people facilitate their happiness, confidence and their success on this show.  I'm really good at it.  You gotta pick a coach.

We' says I pick...   Alecia!

25yr old Andrew DeMuro, from Chicago, IL, grew up with teachers as parents, and he went into the family business after college but after 3 years he decided he needed to be a musician.  After saving up rent for aa year, he joined a band that plays folk and rock-n-roll.  He's a really Billy Joel fan, and one day when Joel was doing a Q&A at his college, he asked if he could come up and sing for him.  With Billy Joel accompanying on piano, he sang Longest Time.

Singing Vienna (Billy Joel), Adam is immediately into the performance. His vocal is light and easy going, dancing around the stage.  But the coaches aren't sure they want to take a chance.  Finally, Adam makes his move and hits his button.  At the end, Blake decides not to give it to Adam unchallenged and turns his chair around.

I love Billy Joel, Adam says, I sang with him at the Hollywood Bowl.  We already have something in common, Andrew reveals, I sang with him too.  Uh oh, Miley says.  That song's called Vienna, Adam explains to Blake.  Like those sausages, Blake asks?  I've had those since I was a kid.  Now who looks stupid?  Adam says you have a lot of character in your voice, a joy of singing.

Blake says I can't talk a lot of Billy Joel facts, I know the hits, but being a country artist doesn't really play into what goes on here in terms of coaching. There's a million different ways this relationship happens.  Winning this show is very important to me because it's how we get you to where you want to be.  What I can do is shine a spotlight on you.  

That was good, buddy, Adam says.  That was making some sense, Miley agrees, nothing to do with deer antlers and stuff, He's a charming and sexy MF, Adam says.  Sexy, asks Blake?  He IS sexy, Miley agrees.  I have a girlfriend, Adam, Blake demurs.  We know, Adam says, the whole world knows.  I google him late at night, Miley gushes.  I want you to be on the team with someone who is in your corner and understands what you're about.

Blake raises his hand.  I'm formerly a teacher, Andrew says, so I actually respond really well to a hand raised.  Yes, Blake? Adam likes to lean on his track record on this show, Blake lectures.  I haven't done that on this one, Adam says.  Because his track record sucks, Blake says, lowering the boom, that's factually true.  You're a teacher, you should research these things.

Adam raises his hand.  Yes, Adam?  I like to deal in truths, Adam says, and it seems to me that saying my track record sucks, I have one less championship than he does.  He's good at this.  But I am too.  Alecia has her hand up and Andrew calls on her.  You have a beautiful voice, she says, and I was wondering, who do you pick as your coach?

All right, Andrew says, both of you had some really awesome things to say.  However, I pick...   Adam!

Billy Gilman is a 28yr old from Richmond, RI, but he started training vocally at age 7, and Sony got wind of his performances at local fairs around town and signed him to a record deal at 10yrs old.  His first single was released when he was 11.  One Voice peaked at #2 on the Country chart, the youngest to have a Top 40 hit, and his song was nominated for 2 Grammy's.  

Looking back, an 11 year old cannot truly grasp how amazing an experience that was.  When his voice changed, it was gone.  Sony dropped him and he had to go home to figure out what now.  He realized he was gay but hid it for as long as he could.  Mom says I cannot imagine someone going through live not able to be who they are.  Billy breaks down thanking his parents for their support.

It took a long time to rebuild himself vocally, and to come to grips with who he was personally and as a singer.  He realized he really wants to be a pipe singer.  Miley would be a fun, radical change who could help him be 100% himself.

Singing When We Were Young (Adele), his voice is smooth and comforting, pure and passionate.  Blake looks at Adam who looks back.  Then Adam presses his button.  He hits a power note and Miley gets in on the action, nodding her happiness.  He hits a final power note and Alecia and Blake both turn around.  Adam works up the crowd as Billy tears up with emotion.  I love you, Miley cries.

I know Billy, Blake says upon hearing the name.  Uh oh, Miley says.  Billy say he started out as a country singer but now to be able to sing as he truly wanted to be even back then is truly an honor.  I was making my first album when Once Voice came out, Blake recalls, and I always wondered what happened to you and now you've found your sound and where you belong musically.  I'm happy for you.

Miley says I know your music.  I actually opened up for your father, Billy tells her.  Was there a video where you were on a school bus, she asks? That was me, he says, blushing.  I know who the hell you are, Miley exclaims, rising to her feet.  Let me take care of you!

Adam, who has been standing since the song ended, says I don't know who turned around in what order, but I was first.  I was second, Miley says.  I can't sit down, Adam continues, so rarely do I hear everything happen on the stage, that intangible quality you posses is exactly what embodies the person who wins this show.  You really could be the guy.  I'm blown away and am not sitting down until you join my team.

Alecia says what you really accomplished, which is the greatest success to me, is the ability to stand here and be your best you. It's very inspiring and I hope to continue to be inspired by you.  Thank you for today.  Gorgeous voice.  Well done.  

You've found this nice balance, Miley adds, of these nice riffs and what I call yodel things, but without overdoing it and distracting from the song. I was totally impressed and what I would like is to help you now become the new Billy.  I had to make that decision and I know how I want people to see me and I'm very clear about that. I would love to help you be clear to people about who you are.

This is going to be an uphill battle for you, Adam cautions, because you're an incredibly talented person who's had some success.  You got to get people rooting for the new you.  He's not an underdog because he's had success, Miley interrupts.  I'll tell you afterwards, she tells Billy, when we have private time when I'm your coach.  

Adam says I'm pretty sure she's saying what I'm saying.  But with pig tails and a cuter outfit, Miley says.  When Adam said it, I didn't even hear it, Blake says to Miley, but when you say it, I felt it.  Billy, Adam says, it's time to pick a coach.

I've never been so nervous, Billy says, I have to say one thing.  One of the biggest impressions was the moment you won your first ACM award, he says, pointing to Blake, and you stomped up those stairs.  That image stayed with me to this day.  Thank you.  

However, Billy continues, I pick Adam!

From Bridgeport CT comes 18yr old Nathalie Vincent, who grew up loving R&B and Gospel but was too shy to sing in front of people.  Her sister died from Sickle Cell, which runs through her family.  She was the glue in the family, and somehow she found the courage to sing at her sister's funeral.  Learning about life, she decided to pursue her life and never let go.

Dedicating Hold Back The River (James Bay) to her sister, Chelsea, she leads an up-beat revival behind the judges' backs, but while the audience was on their feet and clapping along, the coaches were not hearing what they needed to hear, and no one turns around.  She says she did it and she's happy.  Both Miley and Adam run to hug her and congratulate her.  Adam points out the applause and tells her to come back.

Alecia says I'm so proud of you, there's so many people who that live their life so afraid to try anything for the first time.  By stepping out on the stage today, you have grown exponentially right now, by testing yourself and telling yourself I am great and I can do it.  That's an incredible accomplishment.  

Carson sits down with 31yr old Sophia Urista from NYC, NY in Duane Park, a 1920's burlesque club where she performs.  She was pre-med in college but that became derailed when she took an acting class.  A karaoke contest led to open mic performances to this audition.  Carson says you've got the looks, which the coaches won't see at all.  This is how I'll know if I got it, Sophia says.

Singing Come Together (The Beatles), she's got the presence of Tina Turner, the styling of Janet Jackson and the voice of Dolly Parton, which Miley says to Alecia.  Miley presses her button but Alecia isn't going to just give it to her and presses her own button.  

Adam says these two are all pumped up right now, of Miley and Alecia.  She's so crazy, Miley says, I don't know what happened.  You're voice is so intimidating, Blake says, full of growl.  here's what I know.  She's going to a girl coach.  I guarantee you she picks a girl coach.  You didn't give her much option, Miley reminds him.  Were you scared too, Alecia asks Adam.  I fear no one, he says.

I don't believe either of them, Alecia says, beginning her pitch, and that's why we need to be together, so we can continue to scare all the men in the world.  They need to be shown that a woman's power cannot be contained, smushed down, so they feel comfortable.  When I heard this voice, I heard Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, combined into one body.  You are the future of music.  I would love to work with you.

People can really sing but they're not "performing".  You jam like, I've got this, this is my stage, I felt like we're at your show.  You sounded like a rock'n'roll Dolly Parton, it was high, sweet with growl and power, that little vibrato shakiness you had to it.  Dolly did Stairway to Heaven and that's what that reminded me of.  That's my girl, Sophia says of Dolly.

That's my girl too, Miley says of Dolly.  Oh, I might have something perfect for you then.  She looks at Blake, then tells Sophia to turn around and look at the screen behind her.  Hey everybody, Dolly Parton appears, it's Dolly and you just got to pick Miley!  Because she's my Goddaughter!  Wow, Blake applauds, impressed.  Alecia roars laughing.  Miley just shrugs, as if to say, what are you gonna do.

Wow. Sophia says.  You can't argue with Dolly, Blake says.  I would love to have you on my team, Miley confirms.  So who do you pick, asks Adam?  First, I was just happy to be able to sing for you.  She takes a deep breath.  All right, I pick...  Miley!

Brandon Fletcher is another NYC hopeful.  The 26yr old Brooklyner is a bartender at El Toro Blanco, which gives him the freedom to find places to play.  All his peers work 9-5 but he chases open mics to sing.  He's been in 12 bands from classic to punk rock, soul, R&B, country, and is now a solo singer/songwriter. It's now or never to change his life.

Singing Jolene (Dolly Parton), it's a sensitive vocal, quiet and a bit timid but Adam really likes it and hits his button. As his confidence grows, Alecia also hits her button.  Miley is singing along and then she has to join them.  It's a 3-chair turn.  Blake says he got lost and doesn't know why he didn't push his button.  You've got a beautiful voice, he tells Brandon, let the games begin!

Alecia says the NY connection should never be ignored. I know New Yorkers are artists, classic, timeless music that lasts forever. I hear that all time voice, that's what I see in you and can help you reach the pinnacle off.  Let's go!  Miley says I'm from Nashville and I don't know what we'll have in common, but I'd love to find out.  I want to make sure you can say, Hey, I just won The Voice!

Adam says this voice can be The Voice. It's not about someone who can sing 8000 different notes but about someone who can connect with an audience and make people feel something genuine and everyone here could feel it here.  OK, OK, Blake says, who do you pick as your coach?

Brandon says I want to thank you all so much.  I'm gonna, I pick...   Adam!

Dan Shafer is age 56, from Mt. Juliet, TN.  The oldest in the competition, he's been in a bunch of bands then got into singing jingles.  At age 11, his son was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, so he put music on the back burner and became a salesman to pay for his son's medical care.  Next thing you know, you're 56.  Jaime Shafer says we were always together.  Now that Jaime is in remission, it's time to pick up where he left off 30 years ago.  He's currently performing covers in a group called Classic All Stars.

Singing Marry Me (Train), he has s sweet patience to his vocal, a time tested understanding.  His falsetto gets Adam's attention but he's not sure.  He makes a move towards his button, and seeing this, Blake jumps on his, and is the sole coach to turn around.  He walks out to meet him.  This is why I love this show, Blake says.

Adam says that's the hardest I deliberated on the show. I thought you were tender and strong at moments, and I was asleep at the wheel.  So glad you didn't, Blake says, he screwed the pooch on that.  I apologize, Adam says, but I think you're fantastic.  Miley says that's the same as my Dad, when I was born, he couldn't be on the road anymore.  Blake says your voice sounded like a 19-20yr old vocalist, so young.  You are what I love about The Voice.  Welcome to Team Blake!

Our last audition of the night is 24yr old Lauren Diaz, a vocal teacher form Apple Valley, CA.  She travels from home to home giving private lessons.  Pregnant at 19, they've grown even closer together as they are raising their son.  A die hard Alecia Keys fan, she was the inspiration to learn to play the piano and sing.  At age 13, she was on America's Most Talented Kids and sang Alecia Keys, going on to win the show.  But she didn't get a record deal. Her son wants mom to choose Team Blake.

Prior to the addition, Alecia takes a deep breath and closes her eyes.  I'm connecting to the tune inside of me, she says peacefully.  Singing If I Ain't Got You (Alecia Keys), Alecia's mouth opens at the starting notes and the audience gasps.  Her performance is full of quiet passion and Alecia turns her chair and implores Lauren to sing, sing!  She does, pouring on the power and emotion, and that forces Miley to turn around.  But it's Alecia on her feet joining in on Lauren's attitude.

At the last moment, Blake turns his chair around.  Alecia is screaming in her chair and Lauren is in tears with the emotion of the moment.  Alecia turns to the audience.  Holy crap, Lauren says.  Then Alecia walks up to the stage and gives her a hug.  We're done, Miley tells Blake.  You did good, girl, Alecia tells her.  No toughing the artists, Blake shouts desperately, that's a foul!

That's a foul, out of bounds, Blake says.  No, Alecia says, that was a feeling.  That you sang an Alecia song, Adam says, and she turned around first, it's over.  I turned for fun, Miley confesses.  It's done, Adam says with finality.  And then she went and hugged her, Blake complains.  Did you hear that, Alecia asks? That was the icing on the cake, Adam says, it's over.

Hey, says Blake, I'm willing to make an ass out of myself to show you how badly I want to be your coach.  Lauren points her finger at herself Blake-style.  That's right, I'll do stupid stuff like that.  Miley says your voice is undeniable, and to have the courage to sing that in front of her shows us who you are as an artist.  If you want to sing Alecia then go with me, it'll confuse everybody!  It would be so much weirder if she went with Blake, Adam adds.  

I would love for you to be on my time, Miley repeats, but she's getting you no matter what, so I look forward to you guys working together.  The sky is blue, Adam says, the grass is green, and Lauren's on Alecia's team.  I'm not going to accept it, Blake says.  I don't care how cute Adam's poem is, she's so talented, it was disrespectful to not hit his button.  You're a talented singer and you look like a superstar.


Now Alecia, put the hammer to my head and get it over with.  Oh wow, Lauren, Alecia begins.  OMG, Lauren gushes and Adam laughs.  OMG, Miley says dejectedly.  There's no denying you have a god-given talent, and I think we were meant to be together, but if you choose someone else, I will say absolutely not.  I will go kicking and screaming.  That'll make for good TV, Blake suggests, pointing to himself with his crooked finger.

There's things I believe are right, Alecia says, we both have sons.  I have dogs and cats and a llama, Miley points out, way more cats than you'd ever have kids.  I possibly do, Blake interjects with desperation, I don't know.  That's terrible, Alecia admonishes.  The way you interpreted that song, she says, that's the reason I sing.  And that's how you sing, so that you can touch somebody.

So, Alecia says, I just want to say (singing) some people want it all (Lauren puts out her hand as if to say this is too much.), but I don't (I can't, Lauren says) want nothing at all (the band kicks in and Miley says Dang!), if it ain't you Lauren (OMGosh, Lauren says, turning away.  Miley has a look that just says no fair), if I ain't got you, Lauren.  Alecia stands up and continues, singing.  The audience erupts and the other coaches applaud.

Come on, Lauren, Alecia says, reeling her in with her hands, let's go!  Lauren, Adam says, laughing, who do you pick as your coach?

My son wants me to pick Blake, Lauren says, giving Blake half a moment of hope, but pick Alecia Keeeys!  

Alecia walks Lauren out to her family, where her boyfriend and father of their child drops to a knee and holds out a ring.  He didn't even have to say anything before Lauren said yes.  We're getting engaged, Alecia rejoices.

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This is The Voice! With the debut of Alecia Keys and Miley Cyrus, The Voice returned bigger and better than ever.  Our new coaches wasted no time getting down to business.  But our veteran coaches showed they are still a force to be reckoned with.  Tonight, the greatest and most surprising season of The Voice continues.  It all starts Right Now!

Our first artist of the night is Bindi Liebowitz, a 23yr old from Plainfield, NJ.  Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while Bindi was in college and she stopped singing until mom said it made her feel better.  With her mom in remission for 2 years, she is turning back to her dream of making a living singing.

Singing Bust Your Windows (Jazmine Sullivan), the audience and coach are taking their time getting into it.  Alecia says she's good but it's Adam who presses his button as she turns on the power and the attitude, getting into the groove of the performance.  No, Adam screams because right at the end, Blake pressed his button.

No, No, No, Adam continues yelling as Blake says I can already tell I like her, I like her a lot.  Why we standing up, he asks Adam.  Because I'm feeling something, Adam replies.  Dis you pee in your pants? Stay with me, Vindi, Adam urges, I'm not letting us go there, it's too important.  When I was listening to you, I was thinking stop being so great so I can have you for myself.  I was 2 seconds out and then THAT (Blake) happens.  I loved your amazing touches. Alecia says I'm going to regret this.

It's been an hour since she sang, Blake interjects, can I say something now? Bindi, Adam says, I love you, I need you.  Beware of men who say the word Love on a first date, Miley cautions.  Blake says I'm the odd man out, but I'm manly enough to deal with it.  Your voice has all these influences that are just ear candy to someone like me.  And I don't have anyone like you on my team and I would protect you on my team.  I've been doing this a long time (same amount of time, Adam quips) and interestingly enough, he hasn't won as many times.  

I have won this show with southern rockers, Blake continues, not letting Adam butt in, I have won this show with country artists, pop singers and an R&B guy.  It has nothing to do with my being a country artist - that's what I do when I walk on stage.  I'm a coach when I'm on this show.  I want to work with you.  I love you.  

There's nothing I want more, Adam counters, than to even the score.  You want to be with a guy who has nothing to prove? You want to be with a champ, Blake slings back.  Hang out one second, Alecia says, I love your attitude and energy, it's all coming through.  Who do you pick as your coach?

OMG, Bindi mouths.  Let's do this, Blake cheers.  I pick...   I pick Adam!

24yr old Zack Hicks is from Hope, AK, the oldest brother of 3 sisters and a younger brother.  He never really had time for himself so he'd go into his room and just sing.  At 18, he moved to Dallas because he was a country boy who loved the city life.  He came out as gay on Facebook, and while his friends accepted him, it took half a year for his mom to talk to him again.  He now has a fiance who supports his dream of becoming a singer.

Singing At This Moment (Billy Vera & The Beaters), he has a clear and soft voice, full of passion but will any of the coaches feel passionate enough about him to press their button?  90 seconds comes and goes with no chairs turned.  Adam says he has a beautifully round voice, but the song gave him too much space, he was waiting for an urgency, a moment.  Miley asks what music he likes and Blake wishes he had sung a country/soul song.  That would have been better for your voice, Miley says.  Alecia suggests getting the emotion out of the song without the vibrato then add it back in.

Hola, 23yr old Elia Esparza tells us in Espanol.  From El Paso, TX, her parents immigrated from Mexico and she always wanted to perform.  She moved to New York and currently performs as Bubbles (along with BoB0, entertaining kids' birthday parties.  She loves the kids but only performs twice a month.  She's going to take a risk with her blind audition and sing completely in Spanish.

Singing Como La Flor (Selena), Blake says woah.  Dang, says Miley.  Alecia has both hands up and is dancing.  Bad Ass, Miley says.  Her vocal is milky and pitch perfect and Adam decides he needs a bite of that spicy dish.  Alecia eggs Blake on and he presses his button.  Miley does too, making it a 3 chair audition.

Thank you for being different, Adam rushes to say.  Beautiful voice, Alecia says.  Adam says I understood ever word, but what do you want to do?  Pop music, she says, bilingually.  You have a good voice, Adam says, but there were some things that could be better. You were refreshing.  Blake asks her how to pronounce her name, then says I use my button like the radio in my truck. If I hear something I like, I crank it up.  I may not seem like the right pairing but I don't think it matters what the coach does. My job is to make you stand out above the competition.  

Miley agrees with Blake, it doesn't matter the coach's genre, we can help you.  You didn't watch the last 10 seasons to see what worked, you were completely different.  Staying true to who you are will get you so far.  Adam asks how to pronounce her name.  They can't even say your name, Miley complains, you have to pick me!  That shouldn't be acceptable, Alecia adds.  

Who do you pick as your coach, Adam asks?  I love you Blake, Elia says, I love you Miley (ohhh, Miley groans), I pick Adam!

30yr old Lane Mack comes from Lafayette, LA, where life consists of family, food and music.  His uncle was Grammy-nominated for Zydeco music.  After college, he went to work for his dad's cabinet business so he could take off to pursue his musical dreams.  Married with a 3yr old and 3 month old, he's singing not just for himself but for his kids as well.

Singing Every Day I Have The Blues (BB King), the music is up temp and fun and he digs his voice into the song.  But will any coaches love him and seem to care?  Miley does, and she turns around to see what's making that music.  Despite the audience pleasing performance, she's the only one to turn around and he joins Team Miley.

Adam asks him to scream again and he does, to audience applause.  Miley says you might have a similar taste in music, like Jeff Buckley and the live sessions.  How good was your day, Adam jokes, you sang great and got picked by Miley and she has a team full of girls.  It doesn't get any better than that, Lane says, but I'm married!  It's not The Voice, Miley says, it's a Party!

Karlee Metzger is a 22yr old from Springfield, MO who moved around a lot growing up and was often teased for her weight.  Singing was her escape and she escaped every chance she could get.  She's majoring in business but music has always been her life.  After posting some videos on YouTube, she came to realize she had the potential to make a living performing.

Singing Samson (Regina Spektor), her voice opens in falsetto and stays in a breathy upper register.  Alecia is listening dreamily with her eyes closed.  She drops down a little for a power note, then goes back up for another verse, only to repeat herself again.  Miley tells Blake to go, and he tells her to go and on the last note, they both go.

Adam loved how vulnerable and powerful it was, the contrast was great.  I didn't push and I'm an idiot but I love seeing these two fight.  I loved that song, Miley says, you executed so well. You seem a little nervous or shy and I can break you of that.  Not shy, Adam says, pointing at Miley.  She's the person that'll teach you you never have to speak again, Blake mocks.  I'll speak for you, Miley says, so it's perfect.  The quieter you are, the better I am, she says to Blake.  She tells Blake go to for it because we have a connection, I'd love to work with you.

Blake points out that Springfield is the home of Bass Pro Shops and the Baseball Cardinals minor league team.  I don't know nothing about that, Miley confesses, but I can put flowers on your outfit.  There's a lot of different elements to your voice, Blake says, parts made me hesitant, some of the falsetto notes got away, but your full voice made the audience go nuts. Sometimes we coaches wonder why an artists does these bends but you were adding flavor and it's just a trick to get to the note.  

I can help you work on how to use those tricks, Miley interrupts, I used to do the same thing with the yodel and can help you learn to freestyle and find those places to make them your own.  Alecia says I loved the song choice and it really came through.  Adam asks, who do you pick as your coach?  Back stage, Mom says she's loved Blake forever.

Don't be an experiment, Blake calls out as Karlee ponders her options.  I pick...   Miley!

The final singer tonight is 31yr old Josh Halverson from Denton, TX.  His mom is a Sioux Indian but he was never into his father's cattle business.  He wrote his first song at 21 and traveled around the state trying to make money.  This is his chance to be what he's supposed to be and express his heart to the world, a testimate to his son to always be forever young.

Singing Forever Young (Bob Dylan), Miley says he's got a good voice.  But will it be good enough for a chair to turn? His vocal is steady and full of body as he plays guitar.  When he stops the strumming and pulls out some long notes, his voice really shines and right after Miley presses her button, so do Miley and Alecia.

You're a bad-ass, Adam says, you look cool and I'm stupid.  Miley says everything happens for a reason and I felt wrapped up in what you were singing.  I'd love for you to play guitar and me sing with you and we can figure out what we can do together and do on the show.  Alecia asks him to talk about who he is and what he wants.  I turned around because your voice is striking, she says, what feels good should sound like, unique and probably unexpected for us to rock together. I think we could make something that would be really powerful so I'd love to be your coach.

Blake starts by asking Josh what kind of cattle they have on the ranch (yearlings up to full grown). This is getting more country than country, Adam says.  I know where the guy comes from, Blake says, and feel some sort of kinship to this voice that I'm hearing, I'd love to be a coach for you.  I have no idea what all that cattle talk is, Miley says.  That's what I'm trying to get away from, though, says Josh.  That's what I'm saying, Alecia jumps up and claps.  I'm a vegetarian, Miley tries to yell over her.  Blake is silent.

Technically, Adam says helpfully, Alecia knows the least about cattle of these three.  We don't have to talk about cattle or anything, Alecia says, let's just get lost in good music.  I love and hate Blake, Adam says, and I've never done anything like this, it's unprecedented.  It's hard to say...  Then why you saying it, Alecia asks him.  Because in my heart, Adam continues...  What makes you the reason to talk, Alecia asks.  I really do believe Blake will be an amazing coach for you, Adam finally squeezes out.  Thank you, says Blake.  I may have never said that in my life, Adam adds.

Look how powerful you are, Blake says, you built a bridge between us.  That's never happened before.  Adam walks over to give Blake a big manly hug.  It's all about the love, Josh says as Adam kicks up a foot.  It's time for you to decide who your coach will be, Adam says.  

Music for me is all about feeling and spreading the truth, Josh says quietly (uh oh, Miley says), so the coach I would like to be with is...   Alecia Keys!

So tonight, Adam scored blues artist Bindi Liebowitz and pop vocalist Elia Esparza.  Miley scored blues rock artist Lane Mack and indie pop artist Karlee Metzger, and Alecia scored mild mannered Josh Halverson.

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This is The Voice! Tonight on The Voice, with our coaches teams more than half full, our artists will work harder than ever to turn a chair.  Our coaches fight for the artists they want will be the toughest yet.  And before it's over, one artist will move both Alecia and Miley to take the stage.  It all starts Right Now!

Tonight's first artist hails from Atlanta, GA, he's 25yr old Aaron Gibson.  He considered following his dad into the Marine Corps but at 18, he started experimenting with singing. After college, he started gigging fo find fulfillment, working for a background check company.  Completely untrained, this is a big step in his music career.

Singing Losing My Religion (REM) and playing the acoustic guitar, his voice is kind of smokey, mysterious, quietly intense.  Alecia is on the ride with him as he takes a slow, steady approach while throwing in some vocal dynamics.  As he hits the chorus, both Blake and Miley jump into the game, and so does Alecia.

Adam says he's jealous of his voice.  Is that why you didn't push your button, Blake asks? You are the dumbest person I've ever known, Adam retorts.  Nashville's close to Atlanta, Miley says.  Blake name drops Jennifer Nettles and Sugarland (from Atlanta) on him and says he's a fan of that sound.  You're going to hear a lot from these two girls and Miley's going to say a lot of whatever she's going to say.  I'll fight for you, you know this, Miley says on cue.  

This will probably be the last word I get in, Blake says, I've been doing this a long time and have a good track record and would be proud to be your coach.  Alecia says people have to trip out on your voice all the time and it must feel so good, it's so special, a powerful tone.  You totally made the song yours, soulful, comes from inside and we could create some masterful music.  I would be a beautiful match for you.

I'm a fan of yours, Miley says, I would listen to you, there's been artists who amaze me and you I'd listen to in my car.  I love your sound, your voice, and for a chick, I have a gravelly voice too.  I would love to find songs that would get you to totally go there and...  OMG, Blake interrupts, when do you breath!  He's gonna pick me, Miley explains.  You're like a fish, Blake says, breathing through your gills.

Let me tell you, Miley continues, I don't go this hard if I think I don't have it, I feel I have to overly sell but I'd love to work with you.  Overly sell was 2 hours ago, Blake says.  Meanwhile, Adam is nodding off.  Pick me, I'm sorry, Miley concludes.  Blake pulls out a megaphone: Hey Aaron, Just a second here.  Adam wakes up.  I don't even think this is going to break through (Miley continues pleading) the tornado that is Miley Cyrus's voice.  This The Voice, you know, Miley says. I literally was just asleep, Adam says.

I hope you can see the verbal abuse I go through, Miley says.  You have no place to talk about verbal anything, Blake says through the megaphone.  Blake is mean, she says, Alecia I love, she never bullies me, but I would love to work with you and that's all I'm going to say.  

Hey Aaron, Adam says quickly while he can, who do you pick as your coach?  I pick...   Miley!

26yr old Simone Gundy from Arlington, TX grew up happy singing in all sorts of choirs until she was 14.  Then everything changed when as a 15yr old, she had a baby boy.  His father is sometimes there and sometimes not, but her parents empowered her to be a good mother.  Now 10 years later, she performs and works at a solar company, plus musical theater.  She has a new boyfriend who describes her as his future wife.  Both men are proud and support her.  

Singing I (Who Have Nothing) (Tom Jones), Adam is impressed with the dramatic western flavored intro, and then the singing begins, dramatic and empowered, a powerful voice and Adam and Miley both jump on the Gundy bandwagon.  Adam has a big smile on his face as she turns on the power with an honest and emotional vocal.  Kind of reminds me of The Moody Blues.

Both Miley and Adam rush the stage to give her a hug.  You can have all my flowers and outfits, Miley says.  You are such an incredible, unique, beautiful, magnificent voice, Alecia says.  We're about to go at it for you, Miley says before Adam walks in front of her chair and says wait-a-minute.  He taps Alecia's button and then Blake's.  I'm just checking these buttons - I don't know what to tell you, they're working.

Miley says you were not competing at this moment, I was at your show in the front row, yes, with my friends, with goosebumps.  Serious, I have cold chills all over, I want to help you win the show because I feel like you are already performing.  So, Adam says, the song starts and I didn't know what was about to happen right now.  Then you started singing and I was like, woah, this is crazy, crazy good.  Then I said BAM and I turned, and to my surprise, Miley turned, which is a mildly frustrating thing.

I was hoping everyone would be silly and not turn around, Adam says.  I love you so much, Miley purrs.  Right now, Adam says, I'm a monstrous animal and I'm going to get you on my team.  Yes you are, Dad says backstage.  And when I do, Adam continues, I'm going to be able to prove to everybody that you are a one-off, you will be able to show everyone everything you can do and you can do that on my team.

I love Arlington, TX, Blake says.  Ignore him if he tries to throw me under the bus right now, Adam warns.  People try out for this show for the experience of working with another artist, Blake says, and not working with some buttoned up, snooty record executive.  Look down that way (Miley stands up and opens her jacket and puffs out her chest) and tell me whose is the free spirited artist.  
Time out, Adam calls, I'm not going to let you do that.  Corporate is the word, Blake says of Adam.  

Both of those things don't phase you, Adam tells Simone, because it is nonsense, I'm a songwriter, not a record executive.  And I'm wearing a suit because suits are awesome.  Because he's fly, Alecia says helpfully.  I actually like him in a suite, admits Miley.  He does look handsome, Blake allows.  I just think I could help you show more of your personality, Miley says, no matter what you want to do in the world, I want all your doors to be open, so everyone can see what you can do.

You got to decide, Alecia says.  Blake is shouting Miley.  Come on, Adam urges.  I pick...   I pick Adam!

22yr old Samantha Landrum from Laurel, MS had an unusual upbringing.in a recreation of a late 1800's settlement created by her grandmother.  They now have over 70 buildings and displays, civil war reenactments and gem mining.  She does everything, Grandpa says, including singing as entertainment on a stage built by her dad.

Singing Man! I Feel Like A Woman (Shania Twain), Blake immediately points to Miley.  Her voice struggles to shine in the lower octave but begins to show more polish when she brings it up.  She's got a lot of attitude and sass, but not really much character and no chairs turn.

Adam says you were awesome up in the top of that song. Blake says I imagine that song is tricky - Miley would know, she knows it inside and out, but those verses are down there really low.  But the choruses were solid.  That's been my karaoke song since this (knee high), and you had me back there, we need some country attitude, but I couldn't feel your energy and maybe the nerves made you sound safer. Next time let your woman power come through in your song.

25yr old Josh Gallagher is from Crescent, PA but apparently lives in Nashville, TN.  His family has a history of military and law enforcement service but he's the black sheep, playing music.  A lack of commitment to academics killed his chances for a professional baseball career, but now his fear of failure drives his passion to succeed.  He sings mainly country but wants to work with any coach.  Failure is not an option.

Singing Stay A Little Longer (Brothers Osborne), he's got a classic country voice, youthful and up tempo, and Blake is smiling as he slams his button.  He's an entertainer a swell, getting the audience on board, throwing in dynamics and dimension to his vocal.  Near the end, Alecia also throws her hat into the ring.

Alecia and Blake just look at each other.  I love your boots and baseball cap, Miley says, not a cowboy hat.  That is the new cowboy hat, Blake says.  There's some things that's too country, Miley continues, like Blake.  I was too insecure that Blake would just have it so I didn't turn.  I regret it, you're radical.  You have a great voice.  I've had to enter therapy, Adam says, from getting stomped by people going to Blake's team when they sing country music, so there's nothing I would love more than Alecia being able to charm her way into coaching you.

Why would you do that to Josh, Blake wonders incredulously of Adam steering him to Alecia.  Are you mad at Josh?  You two are so cute together, Josh observes.  He is cute, Blake agrees.  I hate you, Adam says.  Alecia says to me, music doesn't have a box, not a genre, you have a beautiful voice.  Country, the blues and soul are all brothers, so this idea that because you're from Nashville you can only go with Blake, strongly suggest you make another decision.  I feel we can really create some magic.  I'm ready to be exciting.  Let's be exciting.

Country music is my life, Blake says, I moved to Nashville when I was 17 to do what I'm doing to this day.  I've been putting records on the radio for 16 years now, and the most fun for me is to be able to help this next group of country artists who are coming along and help open doors for them.  People say you've got to think outside the box, but you know what? I don't want to, I want to be a country artist, live that way and die that way and I want to see that happen to you too.

Who would you like to choose as your coach, Adam asks.  Wow, Josh says.  You came to try something different, Alecia says, or you wouldn't be here.  It's obvious why you're here.  Blake does the head pointy thing, saying Josh knows why he's here.  He wants to make it in Nashville.  

I, uh, Josh says, I'm a blue jean wearing every day kind of guy.  The coach that I pick is...   Blake!

Gabriel Violett is a 28yr old New Yorker who works as a Onsie fit model.  The adult market has really blown up and it's fun but music is what he wants to do.  8 years ago he had the opportunity to join the original Broadway production of Spring Awakening and he dropped out of school.  The show closed in 2009 and his career has stagnated since then.

Singing Treat You Better (Shawn Mendes), his voice is a little gruff and breathy, and with a Dang, Alecia slaps her button and changes Gabriel's life.  His voice moves up to his mid-range as he hits his stride.  He even throws in a quick falsetto but no other coach wants to compete against her.  Except Blake, who sneaks in at the last moment!

That's where he needs to walk down, Blake says, pointing to his lane, to say hi to his new coach.  So before you came out, Miley says, Alecia said she had a really good feeling about this.  I had that feeling too, Blake says, I just didn't say it.  It didn't kick in until right before he was done, Adam chides.  What do you want as an artist, Alecia asks? R&B and pop, Gabriel says, with my own little twist. I have to figure out what that twist is.

It's important to continually ask that of ourselves, Alecia says, who am I? I see that in you and I'm an expert at asking that question.  I think there's something beautiful about when a man sings in that space, it makes you feel wrapped in their arms, that was a beautiful job.  What you got to say, she asks Blake?

I know you're looking at me, Blake address Gabriel, and as Miley says I'm in my Canadian tuxedo (denim jacket), but sometimes it doesn't need to make sense as far as a coach and artist.  It just needs to be someone who is passionate about what you do.  When you got towards the second half of that song, it sounded like you were singing through an auto tuner.  How do you do that? It was crazy how you were able to move up to those notes.  That's actually a big compliment, Alecia says.  

Gabriel, Adam prods, I think it's that time to choose a coach.  Let's make some history, Blake says.  I pick Alecia, Gabriel says.

Michael Sanchez is a 25yr old from San Diego, CA who plays piano 6-7 nights a week, in the corner, playing Piano.  It's hard to support his wife and son playing music.  He says he sounds different than he looks and hopes he surprises some people today.

Singing Use Me (Bill Withers), he's got a jazzy beat vocal going, energetic and entertaining.  Blake tells Alecia she's gotta do it and at the last moment, she does, landing Michael onto her team.  Where's the guy who was singing, Adam wonders.  I thought there was a very large beard waiting for me, Miley jokes.  A 60+yr old black man, Adam says.  In a cowboy had, Miley says.  It's Rick Moranis, Blake says.  That voice come out of your body, Adam asks, and Alecia Keys is your coach?  I did, uh I, uh, says Alecia.  

Your voice has the ability to cross different places, Alecia tells Michael, and the bottom of it is big and powerful and soulful, it doesn't matter which direction we go in, bluesy or soulful.  This is perfect for you, Miley tells Alecia.  You ready to rock, Alecia asks? I'm ready to rock'n'roll, Michael says.

Blake walks in with a jean jacket with artificial flowers stuck on it just like Miley's.  Are you really copying me?  You left the brazier at home, she admonishes him.  Mine are hairy, Blake says.  Are you really going to wear that, Adam wonders.  Stop talking about my close, Blake chides, we got a show to do.  Get over it.  

17yr old Darby Walker is originally from Atlanta, GA but now lives in Burbank, CA.  She got a standing ovation at her first recital at age 6 and that lit the fire for the stage.  At 9, her mom moved them to California so she could pursue a music career.  She's taken vocal lessons and doing auditions, singing No One (Alecia Keys) at age 10.  To work with Alecia would be unbelievable.

Singing Stand By Me (Florence And The Machine), her voice crackles with light emotion and Miley quickly plays with her button.  In her upper octave, Miley can't resist and turns her chair around.  Her accent sounds a little theatrical but it's enough to get Alecia to turn around.  As the song nears an end, Miley shouts, Yeah!  That's enough for Blake to say he's not afraid and to push his button.

OMG, Blake says (he's taken his flower jacket off), is she wearing flowers?  This was my grandmother's vest, Darby says.  I have my grandmother tattooed on my arm, Miley says, so Grandma Power.  Grandma Power, Darby shouts, yes!  I want you on my team so bad, Miley says, our voices have a similar vibe, that kind of shaky vibrato, we have a similar style of music.  There's no way you already know that, Blake challenges.  I want to sing with her, Miley demands.  What would you sing, asks Alecia.  So go sing, Adam encourages.  

Do you know Jolene, Miley asks Darby.  I LOVE Jolene.  Great, Miley says.  Go up there, Alecia says.  They duet and Miley starts dancing when the band kicks in, hamming it up.  You have to pick me, she whispers before returning to her chair.  Hey Blake, Adam calls out, your turn!  I'll be your honey mustard, Miley sings out, I'll be your chicken wing.  Blake pulls out a set of headphones to tune her out.  What, Miley exclaims, exasperated, Miley-Proof?  There's no such thing.  Blake pretends he can't hear her.  Oh man, Adam says, I want some of those.  Blake laughs.  I heard that.

Alecia, Darby says, I have to tell you a story.  Uh oh, Miley says, resigned.  She tells the story of singing No One when she was 10yrs old.  My 10 year old self would be freaking out right now.  That's so amazing, Alecia says, moved, thank you.  I couldn't help myself - the power in your voice was controlled, that gorgeous tone you have, you are such a powerful individual, I would help refine that individuality but don't ever lose that for anyone. You're amazing.  I'm gonna cry, Darby says.

Blake asks what kind of music she's into.  Indie alternative but really into everything, especially old music.  Blake's old, Adam says, seizing the opportunity.  He may be perfect for you, Miley teases.  The way you started the song, Blake says, I really could hear the indie pop, but by the end, you went big with the Jolene part of your voice, getting raspy and soulful.  It was beautiful.

I think it's that time, Adam says, you think it's that time?  Before she goes, Alecia says, she said something that I felt like why wouldn't we just go (singing) you and me together, singing from No One...  Uh oh, Miley exclaims again.  Through the days and the nights, counters Darby, I don't worry 'cause (duet) everything's going to be alright.  Snapping her fingers as Darby enters the chorus, she steps up on stage to sing.

No one, no one, no one, Can get in the way of what I'm feeling, No one, no one, no one, Can get in the way of what I feel for you, you, you, Can get in the way of what I feel for you.  You're so great, Alecia whispers to her.  Blake presses his button.  I'm going to my seat, Alecia says, I just thought it was the right thing to do.  You had to do it, Miley says, I won't be hurt if you pick Alecia but I'll be sad if you pick Blake.  I'll just sit here with my drink, Blake says.  

Who is it you pick as your coach, Adam asks Darby.  Damn, Miley says.  You know what, Darby says, I'm gonna pick, I pick Miley Cyrus!

32yr old Austin Allsup from Ft. Worth, TX is trying to live up to his father, Grammy winning rockabilly and swing musician Tommy Allsup.  Dad has worked with many great artists, from Buddy Holly to Willie Nelson.  Tommy as was the man who flipped a coin with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valenz for the last seats on the plan the day the music dies, February 3rd, 1959.  But it wasn't until Austin shared a song he wrote that they connected musically.  

Tommy Allsup is still touring at 84yrs old, and Austin wants to follow in his footsteps but by blazing his own trail.  His band have played 150+ shows a year for the last decade, country rock with some nitty-gritty soul.  11 years ago, he played a show with Blake, and he sang PS This is Austin and kissed Austin on the cheek.  Haven't seen him since.  Maybe if he turns his chair around, Carson jokes, you can give him a kiss right back.

Singing Wild Horses (Rolling Stones), it's an emotional connection to his wife that he hopes will drive the performance. Playing the guitar, his voice is light and breezy, melodious and haunting, weeping and strong and the coaches just look at each other, enjoying the moment.  When he hits the chorus, Blake slams his button and turns around.  Austin points to Blake.  Off stage, Tommy just smiles.  

Austin is on Team Blake.  How did that happen, Blake asks Alecia, maybe you couldn't hear with that head wrap.  But you (Adam), you have no excuse.  Austin introduces himself and Blake remembers their show together at Billy Bobs.  I remember talking to you backstage, Blake says, shaking his hand.  

Adam says sometimes we have this feeling that we should turn around but we don't and we're not sure why.  It's because of things like that.  Right, Miley agrees.  Yeah, Alecia says admiringly.  And you're dad, Blake says...  Yeah, Austin says, he's here.  Tommy Allsup.  That's nuts, man, Blake says, you've grown up.  You don't get out much, Miley says, you remember everything.  

Your voice is really powerful, Alecia tells Austin.  Even though it's a classic song, Miley says, I didn't mind that you made it your own.  Kind of reminds me of Alecia Keys, Adam says, we did a version of that song together.  I know, Alecia says, we did. I've been listening to that version, Austin admits.  You kind of remind me of my dad, Miley says, with that hair.  So everyone's got a thing.  I'm not old enough to be your dad, Austin protests.  Doesn't that make you feel good, Adam jokes, you remind me of my dad.  You remind me of my mom, Miley retorts back.

As the night went on, Blake's team kept getting stronger, with smooth pop singer Christin Fermin singing Brother, and found another great country artist in 16yr old Preston James from Cheatham, TN, who sang Nobody To Blame (Chris Stapleton).  You knocked it out of the park, Blake tells him.  Y'all handed me that one, he tells the other coaches.  There's no way they're not going to go with him, Adam tells Miley about country artists, you're the only one who can do it.  Wait for a country one you want to jack from him.  

For Khaliya Kimberly, 16yrs old from Mescalero, NM, family culture is just as important as her music.  Half Native-American, there's lots of wide open space and green on the reservation.  They don't have a lot of money but they do have lots of love.  Her grandparents are very traditional but she's still learning her culture.  What makes her different, however, is she's gay.  Her parents are supportive of both her country music and her sexuality.

Singing Dibs (Kelsea Ballerini), the confidence and depth in her voice belies her age.  Miley challenges Blake to press his button but he shakes his head.  Miley fakes pressing her button and Blake falls for the bait, pressing his button.  She then presses her button in quick succession as Khaliya continues her teasing, pleasing performance.  Miley is leading the audience, swaying in her chair.

You can't do an extra hand clap, Miley complains as Blake continues clapping, I had everyone waiving during the song.  Beautiful voice, Alecia says.  Miley says I started as a baby and one thing I found when my voice was changing and I was finding my sound, I always felt pitchy and not even on the high bits but the low bits.  I think girls should show off when they can hit those low tones.  When you stay up here it can seem like you have no emotion in the song and don't relate to the song anymore.

Is that a pitch, Adam asks Miley.  That was my pitch, Miley says, that's why I think... I mean, look at my outfit, I don't have to pitch that much.  Come on, Adam says, sell it, sell it! Hey Khaliya, Blake says simply, I can get you a trophy.  Oh, Khaliya says.  I can't give you the flowers, the bedazzle.  Then what can you do, Miley asks? I can win the show, Blake answers.  I can too, Miley says, when I was here to mentor, I spent extra time with every single person to help them make it their own.

I can tell we're going to have to change the name of the show to Miley's Voice, Blake complains, because that's all (in this ear), absolutely, OMG.  OMG, Miley says.  It's so cute when you're mean to other people, Adam says, in Miley's corner.  And me of all people, Miley demurs, I really want to win and have nothing else to do but play with my cats at home.  I'll stay so much later to work with you.

Blake, Adam asks, do you have anything else you'd like to add? I haven't even said one freakin' thing yet, Blake exclaims.  Because she already knows, Miley explains.  Blake asks if country music is her passion and she says yes, she wants to put a country twist on indie alternative.  She's too young to get stuck in a genre, Miley says.  Blake hangs his head.  She's beaten you down, Adam gloats.  

She's going to change her mind a million times, Miley says, because she's young.  I was...  The flowers are going to die on your clothes, Blake interrupts, you're sucking the oxygen out of this room!  He's so annoying, Miley tells Khaliya, his jokes aren't even good.  That was kind of funny, Adam concedes.  Adam says I have to ask you a question that everyone wants to know at this moment.  Who do you want as your coach?

Come on, Blake says, it's country music!  We can relate, Miley counters to Khaliya.  Let me introduce you to Nashville, Blake says, the right way.  I pick...   Miley!

22yr old Cooper Bascom was raised in Rochester, NY but lives in Winston-Salem, NC.  His grandmother taught piano and his grandfather taught trumpet and he learned from both. He realized, however, that singing was more his passion than playing. In high school, led a rock group called Exit 13, but that broke up when everyone went off to college.  He graduated just 2 months ago and it's either this or law school.

Singing I'm Going To Be 500 Miles (The Proclaimers), his voice is confident and sweetly romantic, fast tempo with good dynamics, a bit of grit and worldly travel, a bit rockish.  He's good, Adam says, yet nobody turns their chair.  Adam says we all should have turned, and I loved that big gritty rasp in your voice, but it just has to do with what's going on with my team.  Miley says it was a cool version of the song, but I lost you after you stopped with the guitar and started picking up with the band.  The second half, Blake agrees.  Plus, Adam says, we got to teach the audience how to clap.

Both of 18yr old Halle Tomlinson's Boulder, CO parents are choreographers who own a performing arts studio, so music has always been part of her life.  Her parents split up when they lost the building housing the studio and she joined the School of Rock as a teenager as an instructor to find an anchor in her life.  She would probably freak out if Alecia Keys turned her chair.

Singing New York State Of Mind (Billy Joel), her voice is airy in its upper register and Adam doesn't need but a moment to press his button.  Alecia follows closely and Halle's smile gets real big.  Her vocal is smooth and easy, powerful with a little grit in her gut.  

Nice job, shouts Alecia at the end.  When I heard you say New York, Blake says, you might as well have been saying Alecia, so I decided to just listen and enjoy.  See, Adam says, I heard Adam.  It's weird, I was listening to the same song, Blake says, I didn't hear Adam.  We all got scared of Alecia and didn't turn around, Miley agrees.  Except for me, Adam says, unafraid.  

You're voice, Alecia tells Halle, is an instant, recognizable signature.  There is a gang of people who are carbon copies of other people, I loved it and you didn't try to hard, it was easy and effortless and fluid, here's me doing my thing like this, like that, I'm so proud of you, I loved it.  

That's a big, powerful vocal, Adam says, and you kind of turned it inside, I loved that, a totally different way of approaching the song.  This is a risky thing to say, but I think you have some things to work on. There's nothing wrong with being young, but it's a work in progress. But you have a gorgeous voice and a lot of potential.

So what do you think, Alecia asks, you can choose Adam or me.  I pick, Halle says, Alecia!

The final artist of the night is getting his second chance at a Blind Audition.  35yr old Nolan Neal from Nashville, TN auditioned in Season 10 of The Voice and while he failed to turn a chair, the coaches urged him to come back with a different song.  The experience opened a lot of old scars after he shared about his dad's suicide and getting clean.  He received a lot of emails of encouragement and has committed to seeing his son as much as he can.  

Singing Tiny Dancer (Elton John) with a rock twist, his voice starts out intense, a bit rough and fried, playing the acoustic, and both Blake and Adam turn chairs in rapid succession.  Blake recognize Nolan and points him out to Adam.  He hits a huge unexpected note and that's it for Miley, as she hits her button to join the fray.  His controlled power now on display, he's dancing and rocking out on stage and the final holdout, Alecia, makes it a four-chair Blind Audition.

When it's over, Nolan throws his hands up in victory.  A standing O from the coaches and the audience.  That was good, Alecia says.  Awesome, Miley says.  Welcome home, Adam lures, just come on over to me.  I sang for you last season, Nolan reminds Adam, who hangs his head in shame.  You said if I came back with a different song and picked you, we'd win the show.  He's already done some coaching, Miley observes.

I don't know what happened from last season to this season, Adam tells Nolan, but you're going to be the first guy who went home last season and won this season.  You belong right here, he says, pounding his chair emphatically.  I know I'm wearing a suit and it's like a corporate (he starts taking his jacket off) thing.  There you go, says Alecia.  Take it off, Miley encourages.  Adam unbuttons his shirt cuffs.  You look way less like an accountant, Miley says, why didn't you just wear that?  You look cool like that.

I'm the only one whose supposed to take my clothes off, Miley says, drawing attention back to herself.  Adam remembers that last season his song was too mellow.  Miley says his voice took her home because her dad has a similar voice. People think of him as a country singer but he's not, he's a rock singer.  That's what I heard in your voice. I have a good team and I like to keep all the Aces with me.  

That's a good point, Adam says, spying an opening, she has a great team but I need someone like you.  You're the guy that belongs on my team, he tells Nolan, especially considering I started coaching you almost a year ago, and I do not plan on stopping right now.  

You are made of the thing that inspires the next generation, Alecia tells Nolan, to reach inside of themselves and find their voice. You're a classic all-timer. That's the type of voice you have.  I know something about classic all-time and music.  Together we could make classic all-timer.  Thank you so much, Nolan says, I just talked to Alecia Keys!  He didn't do that for us, Miley worries, we're out.

From all timer to old timer, Adam segues, Blake Shelton.  You're already an accomplished vocalist, Blake says, there's not a lot any of us can say that can effect how great you already are.  What you need is a rock-solid position on this show.  Adam's been here a long time, we've both known this show a long time.  Alecia and Miley, a little bit experimental.  Totally fresh, Miley injects.  I think you need to be in a spot, Blake continues, that is proven season after freakin' season to get people in the finale, because that's all you need, the shot.

If you get into the finale, I think you win this thing, Blake says.  I think so too, Adam says.  Come on home, Blake says, stealing Adam's line.  Adam has rolled up his sleeves.  Our collaboration has already brought you to this moment right here, he pleads.  I know, Nolan says.  This is getting pathetic, Blake says, come on, listen to that.  

Who do you pick as your coach, Adam asks.  Adam sits with open arms.  Miley looks at him with anxious hope.  Blake confidently points his finger down on his head.  Alecia just smiles with the quiet confidence of a winner.  

I'm just trying to take this in, Nolan says.  I've been in love with you (Alecia) for 10 years.  So, I have to pick...   Adam!

Tonight, Miley added singer/songwriter Aaron Gibson, indie artist Darby Walker and country singer Khaliya Kimberlie.  Adam landed R&B singer Simone Gundy and no-chair to 4-chair returnee Nolan Neal.  Blake worked his magic on Alecia for country artist Josh Gallagher, as well as claiming seasoned country rocker Austin Allsup, Preston James and Christian Fermin.  And Alecia scored pop singers Gabriel Violett, Michael Sanchez and Halle Tomlinson. 

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While the coaches head to their chairs, let’s meet the season’s only duo. We have Shannon, age 23, and Whitney, age 25, from Houston and Austin, Tx and they are sisters. Shannon works at a church and Whitney works as a property assistant at a commercial real estate company and they don’t get to see each other often. Their parents are missionaries and they’ve had an opportunity to sing in a lot of other countries and they grew into their love of music. They’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and if they don’t get a chair turn, they won’t be able to pursue music. As a duo they sing pop, but they want to pick Blake because he does a good job of listening to artists and they think he would get their style.


They sing a traditional version of Landslide. Alicia holds up two fingers and Adam nods. Adam hits his button first, quickly followed by Blake and Miley, and Alicia a few seconds later.


Miley asks what their names are and if they’re sisters or best friends. Miley says she expected Siamese twins. Adam says at first he thought it was the most talented person ever. Adam says how beautiful they harmonized and you can’t teach something like that. He says they were respectful of each other and he loves them very much, and they’re amazing, and they blew his mind.


Blake says hi girls and asks if it was the Fleetwood Mac version or the Dixie Chicks version and they say the Dixie Chicks. Blake says they sound so country, they just drew him in. He says it’s that thing you can only have with siblings. Being a duo and being successful on the show has only been successful one time, and he’s proud to say it was on his team with the Swann Brothers and he wants them to think about that. He would be honored and proud to be their coach.


Alicia says it was so beautiful and there is no box they will fit in. She says she can help them get everywhere and the world needs the two of them. She says they need to see them because they represent the future. It is a beautiful fusion of all of them and what they make and how they make people feel and she knows them together could be so powerful, so incredibly, crazy powerful. She would love to be their coach they are a beautiful example of the world she wants to continue to create.


Miley says she enjoyed listening to their harmonies because there is this almost psychic connection. She grew up around country singers who harmonized and she’s been listening to the Dixie Chicks since she was a baby. She loves what the song means and the first time her heart was broken she played that song. When she lost her dog and her heart was broken she played the song. She played this song through the hardest times in her life and their harmonies were so spot on and she would love to help them find more creative harmonies.

Alicia says so, this is it, you get to chose.  We pick…Alicia. Alicia says Whitney and Shannon, OMG. She feels like they transcend genre which is her favorite thing to do. Alicia says who’s the queen of the four chairs and points to herself and says that’s who.


Welcome back to the final night of blind auditions. Next up is Johnny Rex, 25, from Miami, Florida. His parents are native Cubans. It wasn’t until he got out of high school that he put all his focus into music. He had a full ride to Florida International University and found himself in a dark place and was doing drugs and alcohol and got arrested. He’s been sober now for six years. He’s currently an IT network manager, but his heart truly lies in music.


He’s singing Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. He sings a slightly slower, stripped down version. Adam hits at the end and says he’s going and Blake quickly follows. Miley says she didn’t see that coming and Adam says it was a sneak attack.


Adam says he seen Blake wanting to do something so he wouldn’t look at him and thought he was going to wait until the very last second. Johnny says he feels like Blake always pulls that move and Blake says that’s my move. Adam says it’s deceptive and sneaky and Blake says nobody likes someone who’s premature. Adam feels like there is one falsetto thing that needs a little bit of refinement on and Miley says to strengthen the falsetto, this is the dude to do it with. Adam says he’s the captain of the falsetto and Miley says you are. Adam says he has a really rich, emotional tone and he stayed really strong and consistent. Adam thinks he’d be great on his team.


Alicia asks if he sings for a living and Johnny says he’s actually an IT guy at a school that he used to go to. Blake says I don’t know how often you get out and perform at coffee shops or whatever or if he just started doing this to pick up chicks at parties. But Blake loves IT guys and Miley says he doesn’t know IT. Blake says it’s like Internet Technical, isn’t that right. Adam says first of all what kind of music do you like? Johnny says he has to be honest, he loves country but one of the biggest bands that he covers is Maroon 5. But he loves country and Blake so you’re telling me there’s a chance.


Miley says alright Johnny, who are you going to pick? Mr. Falsetto or Blake. His family says 100% Adam. Johnny says he thinks at this moment in time, he’s going to pick Adam. Blake thinks Johnny has a great pitch, he’s right on point, he has great hair, he just has the wrong coach. Adam says three spots left, he feels very good about where he’s at. Johnny says he’s been singing his songs forever. He can relate to him in so many ways.


Next up is Maye Thomas, 27, originally from Oklahoma, but currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She grew up in a musical family, her dad is a radio DJ for country. Maye says he introduced her to classic rock, country, and pop and that’s where she got her love of music. She met her husband when they were 19. He worked at a clothing story and she would drive up there just to hope they would talk. When they met her husband was in a band and touring and that’s what made her want to pursue music in that way. They moved to Nashville in 2013, but she’s an Indie pop artist and she gets by by waiting tables.


Maye sings Roses staying closely to the original version by The Chainsmokers. Adam hits his button first. Miley pushes second. Miley says you know where you had me and Adam says yeah 30 seconds after she had me. Blake asks her what her name is. Blake says this sounds like a whole Miley thing to him.


Miley says this sounds like a Miley thing doesn’t it Adam and he says yeah, actually it does. Adam says can I just say one thing before you take her and Miley says she might be your number one fan, you never know. Probably not, but… Adam says listen, I want to tell you this relies on being “different”, but it still has to be good and he thought she had a different voice, but a good voice. He says it was one thing just to give her some criticism and she was a little flat. If he’s her coach he has to point those things out and congratulations.


Miley says she thinks it was great she didn’t freeze up. She would love to hear her do a song that doesn’t sound so current because it can be distracting. She would like to hear her sing something smaller so it’s more about her and Maye says that’s so right up her alley. Miley says perfect, so am I your coach? She says we’re going to make you the gothic Dolly Parton. Adam says he’s going to do impression of Maye and says I pick Miley. Maye says she feels like she could do better…She picks Miley.


Let’s meet our next singer. We meet Johnny Hayes, 28, from Mobile, Alabama. As a child, his parents played a lot of rock and roll like Led Zeppelin and Van Morrison. He sang as a kid, but music was never the focus. It was more important for him to get an education because his parents never went to college. After college, he got a job but he wasn’t happy so him and his dog moved to Nashville and that’s where he met his band. This year his life drastically changed. He got married in March and his wife Meredith is the most supportive person in his life. He put his honeymoon on hold to audition and his wife gave up everything for him to move to Nashville and be with him.


Johnny sings Traveller. He does not get any chairs to turn. Adam asks what his name is and says there was a lot of good there. He had moments where he thought about pushing, but moments where he wasn’t sure. Miley says this is the hardest thing they see where someone is so close and they have to make a decision in 90 seconds. Alicia thinks his voice would shine if it was an arrangement that was more about him and more stripped back.


Carson sat down with the next artist in a recording studio in LA. Next is Courtney, 36, from Los Angeles. She’s currently a song writer. She’s written for Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo, Kelly Rowland. Carson says that’s huge. She feels like the Voice will give her a chance to do what she was born to do, which is sing. When she was 17 she found out she was pregnant. When her son was born it was an all-consuming love. Her son says his mom his best friend and he wouldn’t want to change that for anything. She says she sacrificed for her son but she still had to find a way to hold on to that dream. She says the teams are filling up and she has 90 seconds to show the coaches she’s worthy.


Courtney sings Let it Go by James Bay and stays close to that version. Blake pushes first. Alicia pushes next like 6 times and yells at Adam and Miley to come on! Blake and Alicia both give a standing ovation. Adam asks what her name is and asks if she was a bit nervous. She says this is the first time she’s sang publicly in 15 years. Miley says they’re about to fight so hard for you and Blake says no we’re not.


Blake says he doesn’t feel like this is fair because he’s not Alicia Keys. He just heard a brilliant voice. He asks what she means she hasn’t sung publicly in 15 years. She responds she’s a mother and her son came first, but she is a song writer. Blake says all he can say is he has mad respect for her voice and he can’t believe how good that performance was and he thinks she has an incredible voice. He would love the opportunity to be her coach.


Alicia says she felt so much of her soul, this feeling that she gave her was a very emotional feeling. And now just knowing a tiny taste of your story and what a dedicated, beautiful, loving woman that you are. Because that’s what we do, we put ourselves aside all the time and make sure everyone else is good and she’s proud of her because she’s to a place where she can ask herself what’s Courtney all about. She sees that.


Adam says I’m going to ask you, because I have to know the answer, who do you pick as your coach? She picks Blake. She picked him because she thinks he respects true artistry and she trusts she’ll be able to thrive under his mentorship. Blake says he’s shocked she picked him as her coach.


Welcome back to the blind auditions. After Blake picked up his first artist of the night, his luck continued adding Tarra , 30, who sang Black Velvet. Blake wasn’t alone in finding unique singers. Miley scored Charity, 17, who sang Girl Crush. Adam added JSoul, 26, who sang Stay With Me. Alicia picked up Belle, 18, who sang Don’t You (Forget About Me).


Let’s see if our next artist can land one of the five remaining spots. Kylie, 28, from Danville, California. Her mom was a performer and her dad played classic rock and that’s where she got her love of music. She got her first guitar when she was 12 years old. She tried for all the talent shows and was in all the choirs and after high school she went to the Berkley School of Music. In November of 2014, she was performing and she suffered a complete vocal hemorrhage. She wants to sing and she couldn’t do what felt natural for her.


Kylie sings Wherever I Go, by OneRepublic. She makes it more bluesy and soulful. Blake and Alicia both push at the very last second. Adam asks her name and says that was solid. She says she’s Kylie and she’s 23. Adam says he was going to fight for Blake, but that’s not going to happen now. He says she’s awesome, he wishes he had eyes in the back of his head, you’re great, screw Blake. Miley says thank you for being an amazing singer.


Blake says he can’t wait to start working with her. He says there was never a moment she didn’t have him. The only reason it took so long to hit his button is because they are down to the wire. He speaks from experience, Alicia can’t do that because she’s new, but he wants her to know he’s been through it and he can be a rock for her and he can’t wait to work with her. He’s been waiting on her.


Alicia says she is so completely herself and in her zone. That’s what she’s all about and she loves that she plays guitar and its part of what she considers the full package. She’d love to help her develop her full package. She would love to close out big with Kylie on her team.


Adam says it’s time, Kylie it’s time to pick your coach. Kylie wants to say she respects both of them and she’s overwhelmed right now. But she picks Alicia. Alicia was so happy to turn around for Kylie. She loved her style and she had a unique voice. Kylie felt like Alicia got who she was. Alicia says her team is complete!


Alicia scored the first artist of the season Jason Warrior. She added We McDonald, Michael Sanchez, Lauren Diaz, Kylie Rothfield, Josh Halverson, Gabriel Violett, Belle Jewel, Halle Tomlinson, Whitney & Shannon, Christian Cuevas, and Dave Moisan.  


The next artist is Natasha Bure, 17, from Los Angeles. When she as little she was engaged in tennis and that was a huge passion of hers. Her dad is originally from Russia and he was a hockey player in the NHL and he was her tennis coach for awhile. She was always in a music program at school and that was something she was super passionate about and that’s when she knew music is what she wants to do. Her mom is best known for being on the show Full House and is known as DJ Tanner. Growing up she would go to the set with her and she got a taste of what it was like to be on stage. She said music and television are different and her mom doesn’t know much about the music world. Carson shows a video of Bob Saget and John Stamos wishing her luck.


She’s going to sing Can’t Help Falling in Love and she’s going to change it a bit stylistically. Blake says lots of cool stuff in there. Adam hits his button. Adam asks what her name is and says he heard a self-assured girl singing really well. He says there was something there that was different and special. He says if she works on getting her nerves together, she’ll do really well. Miley says there were so many great runs but it got too tricky for her. If she’d kept it more simple, Miley says she would have liked it. Miley says she doesn’t have to prove herself in one song. Adam says Natasha is interesting.


Blaine Long, 40, from Arizona is next. He doesn’t have an education, not even a GED. Any type of job you can name, he’s done. He had a hard time making ends meet and moved into his brother’s boat in Florida. He says one day he painted this woman’s house and she became his wife. He says his life changed when they adopted their son and daughter, they could have kids but chose to have them through adoption. He didn’t realize how hard it would be because you don’t know what scares them. He says their children grew up in rough homes. He says his wife has always been there and she’s put up with a lot so if he could turn a chair for her, that’d be cool.


Blaine will be singing Have a Little Faith in Me. Blake and Miley hit back to back. Adam turns toward the end. Alicia says her team is full or she’d have turned around. She says his voice was great and sounded so effortless and fluid. She says congratulations.


Miley says the thing that made her want to turn was his simplicity and not being overwhelmed or taken over by the environment. She asks what kind of music he wants to do and he says Americana. Miley says amazing. She says every song she written started with her and a guitar and she’d love to hear what he’s writing. She’d love to be his coach and she has one more spot and he’s worth it.


Blake says he’s happy to hear him say it’s all about lyrics and songs because he’s a Nashville guy and that’s basically what Nashville is, a songwriter’s community. Blake says he’s clearly the worst singer of the bunch of coaches but songs have been what has kept him around for so long and he appreciates guys like him who puts in the work. He’d love to be his coach and he thinks it’d be a lot of fun.


Adam says when you started singing, he thought he was an amazing singer. Adam says then he did this little riff and it was spectacular and that’s what made him turn. He said he’s a great singer at first, but he’s a one in a million. He’s not a Nashville songwriter, but he is a songwriter. He’s approached song writing from every angle possible and that makes Adam valuable to him because he can understand where he’s coming from and apply it to the show. Adam says they all have one spot on their team and if it were to be him, it would be a fairy tale ending for Adam. Blake says we’re all trying to convince you that we’re writers and he wants to be his coach. Miley says she’s not always “this” and after the blinds they’ll have one on one time.


Alicia says it’s time to pick your coach Blaine. He says this is tough. Blaine picks Blake. Blake says Blaine is one of those special guys who comes along every other season. He says he’s glad Blaine is the guy who completed team Blake this year. Blake says hey everbody! My team is full!


Let’s look at how he built his team. We start with Sundance Head, then Christian Fermin, Gabe Broussard, Josh Gallagher, Courtney Harrell, Dana Harper, Ethan Tucker, Dan Shafer, Tarra Layne, Preston James, Blaine Long, and Austin Allsup.


Next is Nicholas Ray, 32, from Chicago, Illinois and he works as an Optician. As much as he loves his job, he wants music to be his full-time career. When he was kid he always wished he was on stage. He says he did music theater in school and found out he was a terrible actor. He sings for a wedding band right now. He sung Sugar by Adam Levine on his first date with his boyfriend.


Nicholas sings I’ve Got the Music in Me. Adam shrugs but he doesn’t get a chair turn. Adam says there was stuff going on that was great, but it didn’t quite get there for him. He says the last a capella thing was flawless and he was confused. Blake says it seemed kind of loungy. Alicia says sing me something you would sing and he sings My Guy. Miley says she loves that song. Adam says he has one more spot and he wants to be blown away.


Next is Ponciano Seoane, 25, from San Antonio, Texas. Both his parents were in the Air Force and they moved around a lot. He played the Saxophone for 9 years but in high school he started playing the guitar so he could sing. He’s going to sing Home by Phillip Philips. The song is important to him because he recently became a father and the song was an anthem to him. He and his son’s mom are not together anymore, but they are on good terms. He doesn’t get to see his son much and he wants to do this for him.


Ponciano sings a slower version of Home. Adam presses his button quickly and Miley is not far behind. Adam says his name is awesome. Adam says he feels everything he’s singing and he loves singers who are introverted but they translate to a large audience. He says he soulful and spectacular. Miley says she could hone in with him and be very focused. She can be very calm with him and he has an amazing voice and she could be a good coach for him. Adam always hopes when a person leaves the show, they leave a stronger version, more developed version they came wanting to be.


Alicia says, so who do you pick as your coach? Ponciano picks Adam. Adam says his voice is distinctively different, unaffected, pure and sharp. Adam says his team is full!


Adam fought hard to build his team. Adam’s team starts with Simone Gundy, Elia Esparza, JSoul, Brendan Fletcher, Billy Gilman, Johnny Rez, Andrew DeMuro, Bindi Liebowitz, Natashe Bure, Nolan Neal, Ponciano Seoane, and Riley Elmore.


Miley says she’s the only hope anyone who coms in now has left. She says that’s a lot of pressure. Miley brought her unique brand of energy to the season. Her teams starts with Courtnie Ramirez, then Sophia Urista, Maye Thomas, Sa’Rayah, Karlee Metzger, Lane Mack, Ali Caldwell, Charity Bowden, Khaliyah Kimberlie, Darby Walker, Aaron Gibson, and one spot left.


The next artists were not what Miley was looking for. Stori sang Killing Me Softly, James Paek sang If It Hadn’t Been For Love, Sophia Joelle sang Elastic Heart.


Let’s see if Miley’s luck changes with the next artist. Josette Diaz,17, from Cresskill, New Jersey. She’s been singing her whole life. She can’t see her doing anything else. She’s involved with the music department at school. She also teaches guitar on the weekend. Her dad says she’s 24/7 music. Her parents were immigrants and wanted a better life and encourage her to follow her dreams. She’s a huge Miley Cyrus fan.


Josette sings Love Yourself and plays guitar. Miley finally hits her button and gets up to give her a hug as soon as she turns. She says her team is full. Miley says all their teams are full and she was the only one who could press. She says the other coaches believed in her and she knew she had to push. Alicia says she’s so happy for her. Adam says she’s awesome. Her team is finally full and she’s ready to battle and get to know her artists.

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This is The Voice! Tonight, the battle to win The Voice begins.  To prepare their artists, our coaches have brought in some of the biggest names in music.  Adam enlisted Grammy winning Rock'n'Roll Hall of Famer with over 80m albums sold, former front man for Van Halen, Sammy Hagar! Alecia recruited chart-topping, Grammy nominated and Golden Globe nominated singer/songwriter, Charlie Puth!

Miley called on one of her idols - legendary Rock'n'Roll Hall of Famer with a career that spans 4 decades, it's Joan Jett!  And Blake brought in Grammy, Emmy and Tony winning singer and actress, staring in this Spring's Broadway revival of Hello Dolly, Bette Midler.  Our new coaches bring an energy that will be felt across The Voice, and the artists will have to rise to the challenge if they hope to win or be stolen.

The Battle Rounds start...   Right Now!

Alecia settles in with Charlie Puth, who is still at the start of his own career.  The first battle pairing of the is Christian Cuevas vs. Jason Warrior, singing Hello (Adele).   Both have powerful, soulful big voices, Alecia says.  Charlie says Jason has a John Legend tone but needs to pull it back.  He tells Christian to try to sing more with his head voice.  Lift their hearts, Alecia says.

Charlie tells Jason and Christian they both have so much vocal power and can do amazing runs, but they should try to be tighter and more real.  You can both sing this powerful song in your individual ways, Alecia says, be together but keep your space.

Going head to head from Team Alecia, it's the Orlando soul singer and guitarist, Christian Cuevas vs. the Chicago R&B vocalist hoping for a shot at the spotlight, Jason Warrior!  Let the Battle begin.  Jason begins with a quietly intense vocal, Christian more tender and vulnerable, singing expressively while Jason sings more passionately.  When they sing together, the power knob spins up to 11.  Christian is more emotional, Jason more manic, yet both equally engaging.

Alecia is jumping up and down in her chair. Miley says Christian has a unique sound, beautiful, vulnerable and strong at the same time. Watching Jason, seeing how you moved, you were performing for me.  Blake says Christian delivered what he was capable of and Jason had me wrapped up in his delivery.  Adam says you both have emotional roots. The fact one of you has to be available now blows my mind.  He's so happy, Miley says.

Alecia has the final decision for the battle.  I hurt my hand banging on the table, she says, Christian accessed a real place and let us into your world, mind and heart.  Jason makes people want to be like him, so riveting, let me on that train.  You went off over there and I was like, whoa.  I don't know how she's going to make a decision, Miley quips.  Don't make me whoop you, Alecia retorts.  Don't threaten me with a good time, Miley rebounds.

I'm really taken by you both, Alecia tells Christian and Jason, and the winner of this Battle is...   Christian!  Carson reminds us Jason is available to be stolen.

WE GOT A STEAL!!!   Adam steals Jason Warrior from Team Alecia!  Both Jason and Christian move on to the Knockout Rounds but on different teams.

We meet Adam's advisor, former Van Halen front man, Grammy winning legend, Sammy Hagar.  His first battle pairing is 17yr old Natasha Bure from LA vs. 16yr old Riley Elmore from West Dundee, IL.  Singing Cry Me A River (Michael Buble), Adam puts Natasha through nerves boot camp, making her go first in rehearsal.  Sammy tells her to channel that nervousness into the song.  

Riley is a natural crooner, Adam says and can learn from Natasha about staying loose.  He tells Natasha to close off the end of her notes. For their age, both kids blew Sammy's mind.  Sammy encourages Riley to try to not get too experimental but stay in his wheelhouse.  He tells Natasha to pull her mic back on the big notes to help her pitch.  

From Team Adam, it's the 17yr old pop artist finding her own path, Natasha Bure!  Vs. the Illinois 16yr old with the classic sound, Riley Elmore!  The Battle starts now.  The music starts with dramatic fight tones and Riley throws the first punch with his crowd-pleasing opening notes and deep range.  Natasha counters with a suave and sophisticated upper cut but her tone isn't quite as controlled, a bit off pitch.

The performance as all the drama and cuteness of a Disney teen movie, with the younger but taller Riley towering over Natasha.  Blake says that's just adorable. Riley was singing right on the money but Natasha really sold the performance. I'd choose Natasha.  Alecia says she really nailed it.  Miley said that she had this one hair flip.  Alecia says Riley was really strong, powerful.  I'd choose Riley.

Miley says y'all fit together perfectly enough to tell the story, a lot of chemistry.  Natasha has really grown as a performer today but Riley was in control all the way through.  Adam, you get the final decision, Carson says.

Adam says we fixed that nervousness in Natasha and I could not be more proud.  And Riley, we could all recognize your voice with our eyes closed, and that's extremely valuable.  The winner of this Battle is...   Riley!  Natasha is not stolen and her journey on The Voice comes to an end.

Miley is rocking out with Hall of Fame singer Joan Jett.  She represents Rock'n'Roll.  Team Miley's first battle pairing pits 28yr old Ali Caldwell from Brooklyn NY vs. 17yr old Courtnie Ramirez from Bryan TX.  Singing Hit or Miss (Odetta), both are different yet strong.  The song has Courtnie's hippy vibe with Ali's attitude.  The message is no matter what, I'm myself and they are themselves in the song.  

Joan says they have a connection but have to be able to draw more from it. Their voices are crazy and the performance level terrific.  In the full rehearsal, Joan tells Courtnie to breath from her diaphragm when the words go by so fast. Miley tells Ali to be professional but don't ever hold back.  This is going to be an epic battle, she tells us.

Battling from Team Miley, it's the powerful singer from Brooklyn with big music dreams, Ali Caldwell!  Vs. the 17yr old pop singer from Texas, Courtnie Ramirez!  This Battle begins right now.  Get it, girl, Miley screams.  From the outset they have a groove going, smooth and full of attitude.  Courtnie has a growl that says she's trouble, while Ali delivers a sensual confidence.  Courtnie has a voice that sounds like a trumpet while the words slide out of Ali like a sliding trombone.  Together the heat is overwhelming.

Adam says that was awesome. Ali, you're a maniac singer, unbelievable. Courtnie, your confidence was amazing. Blake says I want both of them, what are you going to do?  You'll have to wait and find out just like everyone else, Miley replies, throwing her feet up onto the front of the chair.  Because I don't know.  Blake says it'll be hard to believe Ali won't be around to the end - you're that good.  And Courtnie, I'd pick you for entertainment factor, strutting around like a rooster was awesome.   

I don't know where you're from, Miley tells Blake but girls don't like to be compared to roosters.  But she was, Blake says, strutting around like a little rooster that are adorable.  Alecia says thank goodness he's finished. I was hoopin' and hollarin', you are testaments to not fitting in any boxes.

Miley says Ali has so much style in her voice, how she dresses.  Courtnie has such classic rocker energy.  I'm shaking, I loved working with you so much.  The winner of the Battle is...   Ali!

Coaches, let me remind you that Courtnie is available to steal.  Courtnie thanks Miley and starts to walk off the stage when WE GOT A DOUBLE STEAL!!!  Both Blake and Alecia try to steal Courtnie Ramirez.  Blake says as good as Ali was a singer, it was Courtnie I watched, entertaining, smiling, like a little banty rooster.  I don't care what Miley says.  Because you ain't no chicken.  

Adam says I just reviewed my records and Alecia was the other coach who turned around for you initially.  Thank you for pointing out that really true fact, Alecia says, I was taken by her then and I'm taken by you now, there's a certain joy that exudes from you, one of the most important parts of performing. Your voice was so beautiful and raw and special and deliberate and powerful. I hope we do it right this time and you join Team Alecia.

Who is your new coach going to be, Carson asks Courtnie? My new coach is...   Alecia!

Now let's meet Blake's advisor, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winning and actress, Bette Midler.  Blake's first battle pairing pits 57yr old Dan Shafer from Mt. Juliet TN vs. 38yr old Sundance Head from Porter TX.  Singing Feel Like Makin' Love (Bad Company), Blake says they both have experienced, soulful voices.  Sundance says he's nervous in front of Bette Midler.  Why, she says, I can't sing like that.  The first line I had to lean in a little but the rest came through like gangbusters.  Bette says Dan is holding back a bit and has to come out of his shell.

Blake tells Dan he has to step out from behind the jingle and become yourself.  He warns Sundance against rewriting the melody.  When you sing together, you're in clover.  Or the way they say it now, you're golden.  Is "you're in clover something they used to say," Blake asks? Yeah, Midler retorts, and I would know.  Civil war, my era.  The two go off to work on the arrangement and present it the next day during the full band rehearsal.  Sundance says he's got to do some homework - Dan's been holding back!

Blake says Sundance's choices are perfect and Dan is stepping out of his shell.  Bette tells Sundance to put his hands up from his guitar once or twice, let us see some body language.  Dan, you should open your eyes, flirt with those eyes, use those eyes.

Which one of these Team Blake artists will win the Battle tonight? Will it be the Nashville salesman returning to music, Dan Shafer? Or the Texas Soul Singer & Father, Sundance Head?  This Battle starts right now.  Sundance opens with the guitar and the lead, with Dan coming off like a backup singer.  His solos feel lethargic next to Sundance's energy on stage.  At the risk of sounding ageist, Dan looked like someone trying to relive his younger rock years while Sundance's performance was raw, natural and honest.

Alecia says Dan has an honest, genuine way of delivering music, owning his space. Sundance is his own beautiful being, hard to control your voice being so free and wild but you did.  Miley says Dan used his platform and stage to involve the crowd.  Sundance won me over with that one note, kind of a scream but it didn't rattle or cut your throat, it still was pure.  Adam says Sundance is the young hot shot but Dan rips that mic of the stand and is like, step aside, junior, I was partying with Bad Company when you were in diapers.  Watch how the men do it.  

Coach Blake says I've never been to concert with Miley, but now I see her over in her onsie rocking out, and that's what it's like to party with Miley I guess.  Believe it or not, Adam, we were worried about Dan as a performer.  Worry not, Adam says.  I feel so stupid now, but you're (Dan) a performer now. And Sundance, even as he's standing there like a statue, that voice comes out and blows the brains out of my head and into the toilet and the toilet flushes itself.  It's unbelievable.

Blake, who's the winner of this Battle?  The winner of this Battle is...   Sundance!  Dan is not stolen and leaves The Voice.

We return to Team Adam for the next battle pairing, 25yr old Andrew DeMuro from Chicago vs. 28yr old Billy Gilman from Richmond, RI.  Singing Man In The Mirror (Michael Jackson), it's an introspective song that speaks volumes today. Adam says Billy can sing any note, but Andrew's voice is assertive.  Sammy says when you sing against the top of your register, it gives your voice more soul.  Billy doesn't seem like he's trying, Sammy says, but Andrew's struggle comes off more soulful. Be your own metronome, Adam tells them.

After some private practicing, they show off what they've done during the live rehearsal. Sammy says both could win the whole thing.  Adam tells them to sing the first lines less.  Sammy cautions Billy against holding lines too long, says he should get out of it immediately.

Battling now from Team Adam, it's the passionate Chicago teacher Andrew Demuro!  Vs. the former child star hoping for a second chance in music Billy Gilman!  This Battle starts right now.  Billy sets the tone with a soft and comforting vocal that is echoed by Andrew.  Both are oozing masculine sensitivity but during his solos, Billy throws in more dynamic acrobatics though both are strong and joyful, Andrew a bit more focused while Billy is more in the moment.

Blake says that was the most evenly matched battle. Billy has a voice that cuts through everything, laser voice. Andrew has all these runs and things he throws in that you can't go wrong either way.  Alecia says Billy's voice started out in a really good crystal space. Andrew as well brought spirit and life to it and I felt maybe everything isn't as bad as it seems.  Miley says you matched and blended so well.

This is not an easy thing, Adam says, Andrew has shown a tremendous leap, such a soulful and rich tone.  Billy, you did your homework and refined your craft. You both have valuable attributes. I have to make my decision based on who I think can win.

The winner of this Battle, Adam says, is...   Billy!  Billy moves on to represent Team Adam in the Knockouts.  Andrew is not stolen and leaves the show.

Don't forget you can download full versions of tonight's performances on iTunes or listen to them on Apple Music.

The final battle of the night comes from Team Alecia, with 25yr old Lauren Diaz from Apple Valley CA against 17yr old We' McDonald from Patterson NJ.  Singing Maybe (Janis Joplin), they have so much soul and emotional connection to the song.  We says Lauren's voice is so old school soul.  Charlie totally confused by the difference between We's speaking and singing voice. You're singing about this moment, Alecia says, getting serious, feel it.  Ask yourself if you want to be good or be great? If it's great, you leave every single thing on the floor.

In the full band rehearsal, Alecia says you have to believe as Janis Joplin did.  Lauren says she has to not be so structured.  We says she has to be less flustered.  Charlie suggests pretending like she's drunk.  She's a minor, Alecia reminds him.  Right, he says, that's a very good point.  Sloppy is the word I wish I'd used.  Trick your brain into relaxing and hitting the note will be easier.  

In this moment, Alecia tells the two girls before they take the stage, you get to be everything you've worked for, everything you've dreamed of, everything you believe in, give it your all.

Entering now from Team Alecia, the California vocal coach, Lauren Diaz!  Vs. the Harlem high schooler with the surprising sound, We' McDonald!  Let the Battle begin.  Lauren begins with a broken vocal, crackling with emotion.  We' follows with a powerful, woeful response from deep inside. Lauren channels her inner Janis with a guttural voice but We' reminds me of Jennifer Hudson with the power and volume of her voice. In some ways, Lauren sounds more like We's speaking voice. Both are bringing the heat and Alecia screams in ecstasy at their harmonies.  

Miley says that was a great pairing, you wailed and showed what your have without taking away from the lyrics, there was a lot of feeling, both so unique, runs starting in the high notes then running down into the low moments, We' did a really a great job with that so I'd go with We'.  Adam says We' was like (Adam pretends he was pushing Lauren away).  She did that, it was so crazy, one kept climbing over the top of the other and these women were battling for their lives.  Amazing.

We' had this guttural, it forces something out of us that is hard to explain.  Thank you, she says, not comprehending.  And then you pull that sweet squeaking voice and what? Where's the beast from earlier? Then Lauren blew me away how she never backed down.  Ever.  It's a brutal choice.  Blake says it was incredible. We' was incredible hitting those bigger notes, going up there, but it shouldn't overshadow the cool stuff Lauren was doing, she has those quick little high notes that bounce in there.  This one's going to hurt Alecia, I think.

Coach Alecia has the final decision.  I'm so proud of you both, it's a difficult song, the amount of abandonment it requires. You're both bona-fide artists.  It's an impossible decision, Carson cuts her off, who is the winner of this Battle?

The winner of this Battle is...   We'!  We' moves on the Knockouts representing Team Alecia!  Carson reminds the coaches that Lauren is available to steal and Before Lauren can say anything to her coach, WE GOT A STEAL!!!  Miley presses her button and jumps out of her chair to embrace her new artist.  Welcome to my team, she says.

Victorious, Miley returns to her chair.  Hey, Miley, Adam says as she sits back down.  He smashes his button.  WE HAVE A DOUBLE STEAL!!!  

Miley is shocked as Adam just smiles and waives at her.  Miley says I could not leave someone so talented up there feeling defeated.  I think in song choice and performance, I could be there for you.  You did such an amazing job.  Adam says you haven't truly unleashed that soulful monster inside of you. I truly believe I could bring that out of you.  I believe that.  He's late to the party, Miley says, I am the party.  What do you mean there's a choice?

I would like to say one thing, Blake injects. This will be really honest advice, I'm sure, Adam quips. I'm glad you pointed out you didn't hit your button for Lauren, Blake says, and if I'm Lauren, who really believes in me? From the start? You have more of a life, Miley tells Adam, all I have is cats and dogs, you have a wife and family.  I have nothing going on except this show.  That's good, Blake says.  

Lauren, who's it going to be, Carson asks, the Dad or the Cat Lady? Lauren thinks then says...   Miley!

Moving on to the Knockouts tonight are Christian Cuevas and We' McDonald from Team Alecia, as well as Courtnie Ramirez, stolen from Team Miley.  For Team Adam, it's Riley Elmore along with Jason Warrior, stolen from Team Alecia.  From Team Miley, Ali Caldwell moves on, along with Lauren Diaz, stolen from Team Alecia.  And from Team Blake, Sundance Head moves on, with no steals.

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This is The Voice! Tonight, the battle to win The Voice continues. To help prepare their artists for the biggest battle of their lives, our coaches have recruited some of the biggest names in music.  Adam enlisted Grammy winning former front man of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar.  Alecia recruited chart topping Grammy and Golden Globe nominated singer/songwriter Charlie Puth.  Miley called on Rock'n'Roll Hall of Famer with a career that spans 4 decades, Joan Jett.  And Blake brought in Grammy, Emmy and Tony winning singer/actress, fresh off the re-release of her debut album, the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler.  And Alecia will orchestrate something that shocks our coaches.  It all starts Right Now!

Our first Battle comes from Team Miley, pitting 30 year old Lane Mack from Lafayette LA against 31yr old Sophia Urista from New York City.  Singing Money (Pink Floyd, a first for The Voice), Miley says they both have a bluesy rock vibe and perform live. Lane says Sophia has soul and sass. Joan says they should build to a climax, give the audience chills when they sing together. Miley tells Lane to not over perform too early.  Joan tells them to figure out where they can harmonize and insert their individual personalities.   In final rehearsal, Joan likes how they move around and Miley loves the harmonies.  Miley says Sophia is a bit more timid. Joan tells her to not be afraid of her voice, she has more places to go.  Miley tells Lane she likes how he screams but Joan warns him to watch his breathing.

Who will win this Team Miley Battle? Will it be the Blues man and cabinet maker from Louisiana, Lane Mack?  Or will the Manhattan night club hostess and rocker, Sophia Urista??  This Battle begins right now.  Lane sets the tone with a down-on-his-luck angst-filled vocal, while Sophia counters with a smooth, sexy and sophisticated take.  Lane grabs the attention during the harmonies but Sophia showcases more attitude an stage presence.  Adam says Lane looks shady in a cool way, he'll either sing or rob a bank. Sophia's ass-kicking superstar status scales higher than her singing level, but if her singing reaches her stardom, forget it.  Sophia is so much prettier than Lane, Blake says, it's unbelievable.  OK, says Lane.  Lane has that gravelly, gritty voice but when Sophia started digging in, it was like, woah, where did that come from? But Lane came out swinging from the beginning, that's undeniable.  I'd go with Lane.

Alecia says Lane, you came out like an animal, on all fours and growling.  Then Sophia, a powerful, unique energy, you brought us into your world, a killer performer.  If I had to choose, it would be tough but I'd vote for Sophia.  Miley says from the beginning, Lane, you've come out and attacked the song and that's what I wanted.  Sophia, you took everything I threw at you like a professional.  So, who is the winner of this battle, Carson asks?  If I had to make a decision on who I wanted to be a guide for, the winner of this Battle is...   Sophia!

Lane is not stolen and leaves the competition.  He says he gets to go home and see his kids now.  I'm not made for this, Miley says, tearing up.

Blake's first match up of the night is 36yr old Courtney Harrell from LA against 26yr old Ethan Tucker from Olympia WA.  Singing Gravity (John Mayer), Blake says each has a unique tone with a pop influence. Courtney says you know there's a God because Ethan's voice is not normal.  Ethan says Courtney is so angelic with so much control and power.  Blake says Ethan's voice should be called Gravelly.  You have a lot of heartbreak in that voice, Bette says, but the key is too low for Courtney.  You were right, Blake says after they raise the key.  They agree that Ethan has a jazzy, blues vibe.  Ethan says as a band member, he's usually thinking about what the rest of the band is doing but now he has to focus on the melody. Blake suggests Courtney try to fitness the transition to Gravity.

Bette says both Courtney and Ethan are so talented but it's like they've never met, they don't look at each other.  She tells them to do it again holding hands and look at each other.  People want to see you look each other and see the magic of the performance. Blake tells Ethan each time you do something a little bit more, it's because she's pushing you.  To Courtney, he says you do things vocally I wish I could do even in my dreams.  Blake says this will come down to whomever pours the most heart into their performance.

Which Team Blake Vocalist will win this Battle? Will it be the LA mom and songwriter, Courtney Harrell?  Or the working musician from Washington, Ethan Tucker?  Let the Battle begin.  Ethan opens with a smooth as silk vocal, while Courtney takes a more soulful approach.  Ethan is more laid back, going for the easy going romantic vibe.  I love his voice, Miley tells Alecia.  But Courtney has more passion and dimension in her performance, more dynamics and acrobatics.  If Ethan were flying solo he would be amazing, but he's flying into headwind Courtney and she just swallows him up.  No wonder he ends the Battle at her knees.

Alecia says beautiful both of you. Ethan opens his mouth and it's like (Ethan's mother lets out a yelp, then realizes the camera is on her and quiets down with embarrassment), that you have an undoneness about you, it's cool.  You stayed in your space and owned it, which gave Courtney this beautiful platform to take us to the clinic, an experience of the beautiful passion in your voice, loved it when you took the octave up, so good.  Miley says this is a hard one, Ethan's voice is so amazing and I wish you had found more parts for me to hear your tone.  Courtney's voice is so big and she has so much personality and style and movement, I never want you to lose that determined look. As much as I like Courtney, though, I might have to say Ethan.

Adam says it's really nice you were so locked into each other, you're both very talented and did a great job together.  The final decision is Blake's.  This is crazy, he says, as a coach you regret putting you two together because you are both incredible, no question. Cant's say enough about Courtney's ability and Ethan's natural sound catches people's attention. Blake tries to say Gravity the way Ethan does.  Don't ever try that again, admonishes Adam, Ethan, you have the voice of an angel.  You have to recognize it and celebrate it, Blake agree, but that gave Courtney the freedom to do all of these things underneath, over the top, so that's what I struggle with.

Blake, Carson asks, who is the winner right now?  It's a hard one Alecia says as Blake says I don't know.  This never happens to me.  The winner of this Battle is...   Courtney!  She's shocked and Ethan's hopes of being stolen are dashed.

This wasn't the only tough decision our coaches made tonight.  Adam paired pop singer Elia Esparza against indie artist Ponciano Seone, singing Tenerife Sea (Ed Sheeran).  This felt really natural, Adam told them, so the winner of this Battle is Ponciano.  Miley paired country singer Charity Bowden with pop vocalist Josette Diaz, singing She's Got You (Patsy Kline).  This was a big challenge for Josette, Miley said, and you made it so your own.  The winner of this Battle is Josette!  And Miley also had country artist Khalya Kimberlie face off against Indy Pop Singer Maye Thomas, singing For What It's Worth (The Cardigans).  You came here with such personal style in the way that you sing, Miley tells them, and the winner of this Battle is Maye!

Now we go to Alecia Keys and her advisor, Grammy nominated pop sensation Charlie Puth.  Alecia says Charlie being such a young artist and producer really benefits my artists, the possibility they have in front of them.  Alecia matches up 33yr old Dave Moisan from Louisville KY vs. 25yr old Michael Sanchez from San Diego.  Singing Valerie (The Zutons), Alecia says there was a bit of an opposition in their style but both have beautiful, soulful voices. They can interpret the song anyway they want to, from husky to falsetto.  Charlie calls Dave's voice early John Mayer, that cool, raspy tone.  Michael gave me a Randy Newman vibe, Charlie says, very distinctive.  

Alecia says they need to slow down the tempo, making it driving, preachy.  Dig in, Charlie agrees.  She tells Dave to hit the melody at least the first time.  She tells Michael to not swallow the endings of lines but to finish the word.  Charlie demonstrates how to put a tail on it.  During private rehearsal, the two discuss throwing in some smooth dance moves to add to the performance. In their final rehearsal with the band, Alecia suggests they play the piano, switching out.  This is totally my world, Charlie says excitedly.  They work through the logistics with an electric keyboard but it seems like Dave is hogging the mike.  It feels right, Alecia says, it can totally work.  There's so much more chutzpah, Charlie says (not sure he knows what the word actually means), more oomph.  

Entering now from Team Alecia, it's the Kentucky medical device salesman with the smooth voice, Dave Moisan!  Verses the San Diego jazz artist and father, Michael Sanchez!  Let the Battle begin.  With Michael behind the ivories, Dave opens with a light and creamy vocal, followed by a (Charlie is right, Randy Newmanesque) folksy vocal from Michael.  He's so good, Miley whispers to Alecia.  They switch fingers on the keyboard and Michael surprises the coaches by dropping from Dave's upper octave vocal down to his own deep vibrato, then bouncing back for a sweet harmony.  Behind the keyboard, Dave starts dancing around while Michael grabs the mic off his stand and walks over to Dave, who puts his arm around his shoulder as they harmonize, Valerie.  

With a jazzy flourish, Michael returns to the keyboard as Dave throws out a soulful, passionate solo, using his mic stand as prop.  Miley says again that Michael is so good as he releases more jazz runs from behind the keyboard. Dave leaves the mic stand behind as he steps forward, singing down to his knees in passion.  Michael joins him out front of the keyboard, equally impassioned in his performance.  Just when you thought this belonged on a smooth jazz station, they two end a line hard with the band, adding a crowd-pleasing extra dynamic as Michael breaks it down while Dave flies over the top with a falsetto.  They come to a complete stop again, only to harmonize the final word of the song, Valerie.

The coaches and audience are on their feet. Miley says that was the quickest I've ever seen Adam jump up for someone not on his team.  He's trying to get that steal in early!  Is that what you're doing, Blake asks, teasingly. You guys shine in your own way, Miley says, it was a bit of a show, a real performance, you took us out of the ring, not a boxing fight but music, art.  Adam says Dave broke his heart (choosing Alecia over him) and I'm a sad man.  I love you, even though I'm mad at you.  But the big surprise is Michael. You had a rich, soulful, incredible tone and I was really blown away how you carried yourself.  The whole tag-team switch on the keyboard was epic, how did you do that.  In this moment, in this Battle, Michael, I really feel you won.

Blake says I remembered you looking like Rick Moranis (I'm thinking John Oliver) but I don't remember that voice. Rich Moranis, Adam digs, what's the matter with you?  Rich Moranis puts sexy, Adam says.  I'm not attracted to Rick Moranis or Michael, Blake explains.  Say that to me and I'll whoop your ass, Adam warns.  I just want to finish my thought, Blake says, backing down, turning back to Michael, what you just did here performance wise was my favorite of the day so far, I didn't see it coming and you just won that Battle.  Dave did all that high stuff that got you 4 chairs to begin with, but there was just something about Michael's voice that sounded so seasoned.  

Alecia, you have the final decision.  Both did an amazing job, both play multiple instruments and no-one else could have pulled that off.  I love Michael's beautiful round voice, and Dave's beautiful, Smokey Robinson falsetto that we don't get a chance to hear a lot.  You both made this even more difficult than I imagined it would be.  Who is going to be the winner of this Battle, Carson prods.  

I'm going to say, Alecia says, the winner of this Battle is...   Michael!  Michael moves on representing Team Alecia in the Knockouts.  Michael is met backstage by his wife and child.

Coaches, let me remind you that Dave is available to steal.  Adam slaps his button without pause or hesitation.  WE GAT A STEAL!!!   Dave is stolen from Team Alecia and joins Team Adam, despite Blake egging Miley to press her button.  Adam says I died over missing you and want to make sure that never happens again.

So after the end of the second night of The Battles, Team Miley keeps Sophia Urista, Josette Diaz and Maye Thomas.  Team Blake puts through Courtney Harrell.  Team Adam's Knockout team adds Ponciano Seone on decision and Dave Moisan on a steal from Team Alecia.  And Team Alecia adds Michael Sanchez to her Knockout team.

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Tonight, the battle to win The Voice continues.  Our coaches have recruited some of the biggest names in music to help prepare their teams for the performances of their lives.  Adam has already used both his Steals, while Alicia and Miley each have one.  And Blake has both steals remaining.  

We start with Team Adam and his advisor, former Van Halen front man, entrepreneur and New York Times Best Selling Author, Sammy Hagar.  The first Battle of the night is 25yr old Johnny Rez from Miami vs. 35yr old Nolan Neal from Nashville.  Singing Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel), Adam calls them his two Rock'n'Rollers.  Nolan can sing high and raspy with control, while Johnny is a really talented pop singer.  Adam tells Johnny his voice is almost too pretty, try to find a little roughness.  Sammy says have fun with it and get to know the lyrics really well.

Adam says every word of the lyrics means something to Peter Gabriel, it's soulful and decisive. Don't sing it, profess it.  In the final rehearsal, Sammy says he'd recognize Johnny's voice on the radio.  He compliments Johnny on adding some huskiness to his voice. He tells Nolan to not try to sing too hard.  Adam cautions against changing the melody too much.  Adam climbs behind on the drums to help them rehearse.

Two rockers enter now from Team Adam. It's the Miami IT worker from Miami with big music dreams, Johnny Rez!  Vs. the seasoned returning singer from Nashville, Nolan Neal!  The Battle starts right now.  Nolan opens with the first note but Johnny gets the first verse with his unique, nasily vocal.  Johnny swoops in with a smother, easier vocal.  For me, this wasn't the right song for Johnny but perfect for Nolan.  Johnny was just overshadowed by Nolan, whose notes were more rounded and easily digestible.

Blake says that was a very evenly matched Battle, you both killed it to Johnny's credit. And one of life's great mysteries is how the hell that hat stays on your head.  I would go with Johnny.  Alicia says you both started to rev your engines and work the stage, you got your juices up, great job.  I would go with Nolan today.  Miley says those harmonies were so tight, I'm a huge fan of Nolan but I'd have to go with Johnny because your vocal was such a surprise.

Adam, it comes down to you.  Adam says you put in the work to capture the spirit of what the song is supposed to do.  Choosing one over the other doesn't seem fair when both deserve to be rewarded but I have to choose one.  The task at hand was completed fully by both of you.  I want to go with the person I feel most connected to in terms of what I feel I can offer this person.  The winner of this Battle is...   Nolan!

Team Miley's first pairing of the night is 17yr old Darby Walker from LA vs. 22yr old Karlee Metzger from Gladstone MI.  Singing Brand New Key (Melanie), Miley felt the song would represent them well and their voices as indie alternative artists.  Karlee says Darby has skills, a beautiful voice, so different. Miley says they should be youthful.  She tells Karlee to keep her voice soft when flipping to her full voice, not falsetto.  She tells them to keep the harmonies simple.  Joan Jett suggests trying to reach down for some mid or low notes.

During the final rehearsal, Miley loves Karlee's lower harmonies but Darby's more shy.  Joan reminds Darby to breath in, deep, fill up.  I forget to breath a lot, Darby admits.  Miley says it will come down to who is the most unique.  During dress rehearsal, Miley tells both ladies to just make it their own.

Two young indie artists are going voice to voice from Team Miley.  First it's 17yr old LA high schooler, Darby Walker!  Vs. the business major from Michigan, Karlee Metzger!  This Battle begins right now.  Karlee opens with a slinky, classic vocal, a bit of country flavor that has Alicia going, wow! Darby comes in for the second verse with more of a sing-songy vocal styling, a bit more lilt in her dynamics.  Karlee isn't able to reach those higher notes with the same comfort as Darby, who just seems to float all over the melody.  

Adam says that was the Miley-est thing ever.  Performance wise, it was hard to look away from Darby because she was just doing her bouncy thing, but Karlee was more grounded vocally, with a country twang. Maybe Karlee - it was super infectious and fun.  Blake says my mom used to sing this song all the time.  You're mom's awesome, Adam mutters quickly.  He's never said a nice thing about you, Miley helpfully tells Blake, but he just said your mom's awesome.  But you said it in a weird way, Blake tells Adam.  

Darby was entertaining, Blake says, even now she's doing it, it's infectious and she sings great too, but vocally Karlee had the edge.  This was so fun, Alicia says, I couldn't get enough of both you.  Darby has an infectious energy and beautiful style, and Karlee just owned it. It's a tough choice, Miley, whatcha gonna do?  I'm just sweatin' in my clown suit, Miley says.  

Miley says Karlee transformed so much in a short amount of time, you had this cool voice and you need someone centered with Darby because she has a lot of energy and personality.  The show is The Voice but it's also about performance, someone who is entertaining.  I know I have to decide but I'm trying to buy myself some time.  Time's up as Carson asks who is the winner of this Battle?

I'm going to go with someone who I think I would love to continue to coach and work with, Miley says, I loved every second of being with both of you.  My pick is...   Darby!

Karlee is available to steal as she thanks Miley for the opportunity to work with you.  I'll take her, Blake says, hitting his button.  WE GOT A STEAL!!!!  Blake says Adam pointed out there's some country in there and I said yeah, there is! But you can do anything you want, I just want to be a part of it. I knew you would not go home, Miley says, thank you, Blake!

Blake's first pairing of the night pits 40yr old Blaine Long from Chandler AZ against 25yr old Josh Gallagher from Crescent PA.  Singing Stranger In My House (Ronnie Milsap), a really masculine song for a pair of really masculine men, Bette Midler says.  It's a soulful country song, Blake says.  Blaine says Josh's voice is very country and his isn't and he knows the song pretty well.  Bette tells Blaine he has to learn the song, don't be scared of it.  Blake notes he's a songwriter and not used to singing other peoples' songs.  Bette tells Josh he's a little bit pushed, get more emotionality.  

During the final rehearsal, Bette tells Blaine to go to wardrobe and find something to replace his baggy jeans.  Yes Ma'am, Blaine says sheepishly.  Was I too mean, Bette asks Blake? He looked like an unmade bed, she says, so I was very distressed.  She tells him to sing like he's singing every word to someone in the audience. Blake says his voice is unbelievable, so good.  Really powerful, Bette says, a lot of masculine power that he's afraid to unleash.  Then Josh learned the song inside out and came back and killed it.  Bette tells him to turn towards Blaine.

People often listen with their eyes, Bette says, so what is happening with the body and face has to be interesting too.  You know when someone's giving you a vibe you're mystified by, find that and show it to us.  Be the guy who's betrayed, Blake tells them, whomever can play that part the best will be the winner of this battle.

Only one of these artists will remain on Team Blake. Will it be the Arizona rocker and family man, Blaine Long?  Or the ex-baseball player turned country singer from Pennsylvania, Josh Gallagher? This battle begins right now.  With Josh playing his acoustic behind a mic, Blaine takes advantage of his mobility to deliver the attitude while Josh comes off a little more stiff.  He pumps his fist and grits his face to be more expressive, but Blaine is able to use the whole ring for his performance.  Josh grabs his mic and also goes mobile, delivering more power while Blaine offers more gravitas.

Alicia says that was great. Blaine's voice stands out, a tone that calls out to me. Josh has a nice showmanship and the brotherhood really came out. I think I would choose Blaine.  Miley says this was a tie, Blaine was smiling and involving the audience, like he was at a concert not in a ring. Josh was in the perfect spot with Blaine to see where he wants to be.  Adam says you are both super compatible, Josh a contemporary country singer and Blaine has a great voice. I might go with Josh just because there may be more to be discovered.

Blake says this breaks my heart. Josh pushed himself more vocally than expected and so much energy, I felt sorry for your guitar.  Blaine doesn't do covers, this is a new world to him, and because of that I think you sell yourself short on what your vocally capable of doing, so talented, it's unbelievable. I don't know what I'm going to do.  Tough one buddy, Carson comforts, who's the winner of this Battle?

I just have to, all I can do is base it on what just happened, Blake says, the winner of this Battle is Josh!

As the Battles continued, Blake paired R&B soul artist Dana Harper with pop singer Tarra Layne, singing Alive.  Dana, Blake says, for you to take that lower register and push it like you did, it's so awesome.  The winner of this Battle is Dana!

Alicia paired Indie artist Belle Jewel with indie pop singer Halle Tomlinson, singing Bennie and the Jets (Elton John).  Your voices are wonderful, powerful, Alicia says, the winner of this Battle is Belle!

Adam paired R&B vocalist JSoul with soul singer Simone Gunde, winging You're All I Need To Get By (Method Man & Mary J Blige).  I'm going to choose the person who just as a certain magic I can't describe, Adam says, Simone.  

We finally get to Alicia's first Battle pairing of the night, 31yr old Josh Halverson from West Texas vs. 24yr old Kylie Rothfield from Danville, CA. When Charlie Puth meets the two artists, he realizes he and Kylie went to school together, freshman year at Berkley.  She was one of the really nice people who invited him to sing with them.  Now look at us, he tells her.  Look at YOU, Kylie says.  Oh please, Charlie says.  There's something inspiring, Kylie says, seeing someone who was your peer and is now at this crazy level, but still the same normal, humble guy.

Singing The House Of The Rising Sun (The Animals), Alicia says I love that you both play guitar and that's important to me, though different styles and interpretations.  Josh says the song brings back memories of his dad performing it for him as a kid. It has a lot of emotion, Kylie says, but also a lot of range making it a challenge dynamically and to make it compelling. Charlie likes the haunting unison when he goes low and she goes high.  Alicia comes up with a way for them to leverage their differences to climb on top of each others' vocals.

Charlie suggests at one point having the band drop out.  Alicia wants Kylie to belt out some high notes harder and she agrees to try it. You have to get a little reckless, Alicia tells them, it's not about reaching the high note but the feeling of save me, think about abandonment.  Scream it, screech it, yell it, just do it.  During rehearsal with the band, Kylie says Josh is so authentic, he makes her feel something when he sings. Alicia says when you hear something that makes your skin stand up, that's the thing everyone is searching for.  

The energy is insane, Charlie says, make that low E Flat solid, he tells Josh.  Being called an artist by Alicia, Josh says, is like a dream come true.  Kylie says this is either one step closer to achieving your dream, or it's over.  I've been doing music for 11 years, Josh says, I want to support my family with this.

Going head to head tonight from Team Alicia, it's the Texas cattle rancher, folk rocker Josh Halverson!  Vs. the soul pop artist, Kylie Rothfield!  Let the Battle begin. Both are playing Josh's acoustic and Kylie electric.  Josh is deep and dark with his opening, while Kylie is more edgy and narrative, a bit of twitch in her voice along with some vocal dynamics.  Their harmonies are incredible, Josh's eyes going big with the lyrics to push the drama and Kylie going big with her voice. Josh seems to be having a good time while Kylie remains dead series in her delivery.

Miley says it's easy when someone is so much like the other in a Battle, we just say we only have one spot on our team. But for this, two separate performances. You were totally on line with the harmonies, but Kylie got to show off more range than Josh.  I turned for Josh and still love everything about you, so unique, but on this song I wish I had heard you more so I have to go with Josh.  

Adam says it's tough, you are as different as different could be but the song fit for both of you. And that song is as tall an order as it gets, no harder song to sing. Josh, there's something so alluring about you, your vibe is really strong.  But there's also a lot I don't know about Kylie and maybe I might go with her.  But I have a small head and Alicia has a beautiful big brain.  

Blake asks Josh to promise him after he makes it huge that he'll be in a western, because the looks on your face are so good for a gunfight.  I'm not going to lie, Adam confesses, I was a little scared.  Kylie, Blake says, her voice starts to shred a little bit do I might go with her.

Alicia says I was so taken by Josh's voice, when you sing you leave the physical realm. But the thing that got me the most was you said to me your purpose was to spread light through music and that's one of the things I hold onto.  Kylie, I was excited to see a young woman playing guitar in her own zone. But you were holding back in rehearsal and I really wanted you to bust through the ceiling, and you did, so this is very, very difficult for me.

Alicia, who is the winner of this Battle? This is awful.  I know, Miley commiserates, this is our first season, it's not supposed to be...  This is really emotional and rollercoastery, Alicia says.  The winner of this Battle is...   Kylie!

Coaches, let me remind you Josh is available to steal.  WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!  Miley Cyrus uses her last Steal to take Josh from Team Alicia!  Miley says I couldn't believe you were available.  We're on a more similar path than you realize, and you were worth my last Steal, no one like you in the world, no one like you on my team!

Blake's next Battle paring pits 20yr old Christian Fermin from Buena Park CA against 15yr old Gabe Broussard from Lafayette LA.  Singing The Reason (Hoobastank), Blake says it's his two young gun power singers, a song that brings out their tones and strengths and gives them room to show off as vocalists.  Bette says Christian has a beautiful, light, pitch-perfect voice. Gabe is more open and powerful.  She tells Gabe to relax on those tough notes he scrunches up his face for.  Blake warns him about biting off the word "you" in the second chorus.

Blake tells Christian he's so accurate a vocalist it almost seems easy but even though it's harder for Gabe to get through, you can see it on his face, the desperation.  In a performance situation, it looks like he's dumping everything he has into it. Don't change how you sing, but figure out a way to sell the song visually.  I want to be a singer that a listener can listen to and feel something, Christian says, tap into the emotion of the song and communicate that message.  Bette tells Gabe he seems less stressful now and can't believe he's only 15.  This is so cool, he blushes.

Game says his voice is still developing at his age and he has to work through all these things and get better.  During the band rehearsal, Blake tells Gabe to let it ring out more.  Bette says you both are extraordinary singers, you don't have to worry about the sound. You have to worry about believability.  Take the lyrics away, the microphone stands away, and look your audience in the eye.  Connect with us.  You're selling the meaning of the song to you, not just the sound of the song.  Blake says find something you can tap into to create a memorable performance.

I never thought of the performance aspect, Gabe admits, I just thought performing was standing up there and singing.  I hate you two for singing so good, Blake says.  It's a serious song, Bette says to Gabe, but you can smile.  Look, you have a smile - you're the cutest thing ever!  You look sharp, Blake tells the boys before their Battle, just don't sing sharp!

Who will win this Team Blake Battle? Will it be the California pop artist and worship leader, Christian Fermin?  Or the 15yr old soul singer high school student from Louisiana, Gabe Broussard? This Battle starts right now. Gabe opens with a moody, dark vocal matched by an earnest and uplifting vocal from Christian.  Gabe's voice has a angst-driven crack while Christian has a purity and honesty.  Both deliver hard on the power, outdoing each other on the chorus, then dropping back into their roles on the verses.  He's so mature, Miley tells Adam of Gabe.  He's 15, she reminds Alicia.

I need help from you guys, Blake says.  These are two very different style voices, Alicia says. Gabe has a great richness and went for it and the emotion came out strong. And I really liked when Christian played with the riffs and melodies. I would choose Gabe.  Miley says my dad made me buy him an iPod just so he could listen to this song, and Gabe, I tripped out when I first learned you were 15 and am still tripping out. You have this strength and maturity in your voice.  Christian has more of the vocal tricks but Gabe has a sturdy voice.

Adam says Gabe's voice does not suggest 15, but Christian's big notes got me really interested. Just because of the age and voice being such an interesting combination, I'd lean towards Gabe.  But you're both good.  Blake says there's something about how real and personal it seems when Gabe performs. Some of it may be natural sound, but some is what was driving Bette crazy, closing your eyes, getting really into the singing. That's not how you perform, you open your eyes.  I can't believe these two boys were with Bette Midler, Miley says, that's crazy.

At the end of the day, Blake says to Gabe, you kind of get lost in the moment and I respect that. And Christian can hit these big notes and play with it too once he gets up there, that's one of the things that impresses me about you, you get to the high note and then just punch one little thing here or there.   Good job to both of you but I have to make a decision here.  Who is the winner of this Battle, Carson asks?

I don't like this, guys, Blake says, I hate making decisions.  The winner of this Battle is...   Gabe!  Christian tells Gabe he loves him but it'll be from a distance as Christian is out of the competition.

The last Battle of the night comes from Team Miley, who pairs 25yr old Aaron Gibson from Atlanta vs. 28yr old Sa'Rayah from Chicago. Singing I'll Take Care Of You (Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa), because she reminds her of Beth and he reminds her of Joe.  Miley encourages Aaron to play guitar on the song. You hear her life in Beth's voice so I want to hear that in you too, Miley tells Sa'Rayah.  Joan says you can tell Aaron has the blues in him, he's a little reserved but has personality. Sa'Rayah loves the grit in his voice.

Miley tells Aaron to come in soft but stay strong.  And be the lyrics, Joan advises, let the conviction of the words flow through. She says Sa'Rayah is sometimes such a gifted singer that you get lost in showing the gift. Miley says everyone knows you can wail - I want them to see you not in that performer mode and show more of the story in your voice.  Just because you can sing 5 octaves, Joan cautions, doesn't mean you should, find something really genuine.

In their final rehearsal, Miley says Aaron become more comfortable with his guitar and Sa'Rayah had more personality in her voice. Miley wants to find one place for Aaron to really shine. Let's hear that raspy voice and the pain, Joan adds.  For Sa'Rayah, Miley wants her to leave the O open, she pinches the note when she closes her mouth. I have to step outside my comfort zone, Sa'Rayah says.  Miley says she doesn't want to let either of them down but it's good if they can make it hard for the coach.

Which Team Miley vocalist will win this Battle? Will it be Aaron Gibson? Or Sa'Rayah? This Battle begins right now. With Aaron on his electric, he opens with a raspy, gritty, down in the gutter that belies his mild mannered nature.  Sa'Rayah offers background vocals then steps into the spotlight with a soft yet powerful vocal, countering his dirt with attitude and passion, the two going back to back as she plays off his immobility at the mic stand.  The result is heat and fire and sexual tension, culminating in a face to face climax that brought the roof down.

Without waiting for Carson, Miley says, Before I lose somebody, I want you to know you're the picture of my team, what I wanted my team to represent, doing something out of your comfort zone. I thank Sa'Rayah so much and Aaron, you're like a new dude, you blossomed into this confident, swagalicious, it was incredible.  You're going to have a very tough decision, Carson says, regaining control.  

Adam says Aaron, what the hell was that? It's amazing fully seeing what you're doing. Sa'Rayah, you brought what you did to the table without trying to change what it was. You proved you can fit anywhere. You're both spectacular. I would go with Aaron, but Sa'Rayah, you're amazing too. Blake says Sa'Rayah was born to sing that song, that seemed natural. Me and Alicia were going, what, oh wow, and no you didn't.  I did it like that (moving his head side to side) too.  Don't ever do that again, Adam advises.  And Aaron, we all love your voice. But I would go with Sa'Rayah.

Alicia says I was so excited the world got to witness what a beautiful, crafted artist sounds like. Miley, Carson says, you have the final decision, young lady.  I really feel you represent why I'm on this show. You represent the hardest decision I'll make on this show.  Miley, Carson says, who is the winner of this Battle?

I love the time spent with both of you and thank you for being so open. Sa'Rayah, I feel I've worked with you and given you, honestly, something you can take. But I feel the person I can coach the best, the person that needs me just to spread them wings a little bigger, the winner of this Battle is...   Aaron!

Carson reminds the coaches Sa'Rayah is available to steal as she thanks Miley for all the time she spent and the encouragement, and this moment right now.  Blake looks at Alicia.  Give it up a big hand for Sa'Rayah, Carson says and she begins to walk off the stage.

But before Sa'Rayah can take that first step down, Blake presses his button with a smile, daring Alicia to join him.  THAT IS THE SOUND OF A STEAL, Carson screams out.  What? Sa'Rayah mouths in total shock.  Blake Shelton steals Sa'Rayah from Miley Cyrus!

Alicia slams her palm down on her button with a determined look on her face.  THAT'S ANOTHER STEAL!!!  Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton both attempting to steal Sa'Rayah!  Why are you so mean to me, Blake asks Alicia.  

You won that Battle hands down, Blake says to Sa'Rayah, I have nobody like you on my team and would love the opportunity to work with somebody who works as hard as you do. I love you.  I love you too, she says.  Yes! Blake fist pumps.  We'll see how much love there is for you, cowboy, Carson jokes.  Alicia says I just felt you, you got onto the stage and settled into this place with determination and real fierceness, not overbearing, completely created a beautiful moment and I'm happy for you to be on the show.

Alicia didn't say two words, Adam notes, and Sa'Rayah was already crying.  Blake's chances are so bad, he says gleefully.  Not true, Blake protests.  Its gonna be Alicia Keys or Blake Shelton, Carson tells Sa'Rayah, where do you want to go?  Sa'Rayah looks to her mother in the audience who just shrugs, I don't know.  That was no help at all, Sa'Rayah says.  I'm not saying pick Alicia, Adam says, just don't pick Blake.  

OK, says Sa'Rayah, I pick Alicia!

You had to press your button, Blake tells Alicia.  I'm sorry, I shouldn't have, she replies.  I can tell it's killing you, Blake says.

After tonight's Battles, Team Adam moves forward Nolan Neal and Simone Gundy.  For Team Miley, Darby Walker and Aaron Gibson both moved forward, and Josh Halverson was stolen from Team Alicia.  On Team Blake, Josh Gallagher, Dana Harper and Gabe Broussard moved onto the Knockout Rounds.  And on Team Alicia, Belle Jewel and Kylie Rothfield were both victorious, and Sa'Rayah was stolen from Team Miley.  With the Battles coming to an end Tuesday night, only Coach Blake has a Steal remaining

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This is The Voice! Six final artists.  Three more winners.  One last Steal.  Tonight, everything is on the line as the Battles come to an end.  Our coaches have recruited some of the biggest names in music to help prepare the final Artists: Sammy Hagar, Charlie Puth, Joan Jett and Bette Midler!  It's go big or go home.  It all happens right now!

The first pairing of the night comes from Team Blake, 32yr old Austin Allsup from Fort Worth TX vs. 16yr old Preston James from Nashville.  Singing Bad Moon Rising (John Fogerty), the perfect song for country singers with an edge, Blake says.  Preston has so much character in his voice for 15, and the power that comes out of Austin is completely effortless.  Bette says that's a song from 1969 but you make it timely today.  It's a song about doomsday, she says, you have to convince them.  She points out an area where the harmony is weak and tells them to be crisp and together.

Blake says when Preston sings above Austin, he's out and loud, and when Austin, when you're seeing the harmony in falsetto, that might be where the discombobulation is.  In their final rehearsal, the two slow the song down to put their own spin on the song, more earthy, rootsy.  Bette says it was funky, swampy, I hear the message but see you having fun.  She suggests using their arms, kick, bob, don't be afraid to have fun.  Blake says the singing part is real good, listen to Bette about the performing part.

Right now two country vocalists compete from Team Blake.  It's the Texas singer following in his dad's footsteps, Austin Allsup!  Vs. the Nashville artist with the unique sound, Preston James!  Let the Battle begin.  Austin opens with a raspy, dire vocal, dirty and mountain.  Preston is more classic country, and though he digs into the vocal with seasoning beyond his years, he still sounds a little youthful, energetically moving around and throwing off the power vocals while Austin chooses to express himself through vocal dynamics and facial expression.

Alicia says Austin's first note was spot on, a strong sense of self.  Preston is so in his swag, full of abandonment, both really strong. If I had to pick, I'd pick Preston.  Miley says I'm not good with confrontation, I just want everyone to live in rainbow happy cloud land where everyone wins.  Preston is younger and with a family that's in the industry and knows what it takes to make a classic country artist. Austin is already touring 150 shows a year, I can you on radio.  So, I don't know.  I'll say Austin because I think he has what country fans already want.  Preston can learn more from Blake.

Adam says to Miley, you're saying everything and nothing at the same time.  A lot has been said, he says to the boys, a lot.  Austin, I was surprised by how great you were right off the bat. Preston, it's enticing to see that kind of greatness in a kid so young.  I think you're both great and Blake really can't go wrong.  Blake, Carson says, you have the final decision.

Blake says you were both incredible. You could feel it by the end of the song, you were like you won the gold for Team USA.  We all have something to learn every day, Preston just turned 16, has spiky hair and sings good. If I had done what you two just did, I'd be like, I just nailed it, yes!  

The winner of this Battle, Blake says, is Austin!  Since only Blake has a steal remaining, Preston cannot be stolen.  Someday I'll make it, he says.

The next Battle pairing from Team Alicia pits 28yr old Gabriel Violett from NYC against 25yr old and 23yr old sister duo Whitney & Shannon from Texas.  Singing More Than Words (Extreme), the sisters have built-in harmony and Gabriel adds a pure tone.  Gabriel says the sisters are pitch perfect and they can do so much more together than he can by himself.  Charlie says the girls have fantastic intonation that works well with Gabriel's voice. Alicia tells him to not hesitate to belt it out. Charlie says he can't over-think his part.  

Whitney and Shannon are so dialed into each other, Alicia says.  Gabriel struggled to decide to go for power or falsetto. Someone's going to swallow somebody.  In final rehearsal, Alicia likes the strength Gabriel is giving but tells him not to swallow that falsetto run.  Don't go nasily, Charlie says.  Gabriel has a great range, the sisters say.  Charlie tells all three to come into the ring with certainty.  

Who will win this Team Alicia Battle? Will it be the Broadway actor hoping for his shot at a solo career, Gabriel Violett? Or the pop singing sister duo from Texas, Whitney & Shannon?  Let the Battle begin. Gabriel opens with a kind of tentative vocal but the sisters are so smooth and polished, easing into their 2-part harmony right off the bat like warm butter.  Singing solo, Gabriel just can't compete on sweetness and dimension.  Gabriel just came off looking timid against their total confidence. There were moments I forgot he was up there, getting lost in the sisters.

Miley says that was, I've never been speechless, it was nice with the harmonies, it made the song interesting. Gabriel fit in nicely with the girls natural comfort with each other, finding your way around the stage. I'm leaning towards Whitney and Shannon because I'm kind of infatuated with this whole thing. Adam says Whitney & Shannon, it hurts to not have them on my team and I have to side with them.  But Gabriel, you were fantastic too.  

Blake says I don't feel like Gabriel is getting the credit he deserves. The guy sings all over the song, in and out of his falsetto, there's a way he transitions from his full voice to his falsetto with a little squeak, it's so interesting. I was impressed.

Alicia says Gabriel didn't hold back, all the things we talked about he conquered.  To the beauties, there's such a love that emanates from the two of you, the way you can show the world what music can sound like and be like.  I know Carson is chomping at the bit.  What did I do, Carson asks? He's rushing her along, Blake jokes.  Telepathically sending you messages, Adam jokes.  Take your time, Carson says, we can sit here all night.  

And the winner of this Battle, Carson, Alicia says...   Is Carson, Miley asks? Wow, that'd be weird, Carson says.  That's a plot twist, Miley jokes.  The winner of this Battle is Carson Daley, Adam states.  Amazing, Carson says, waiting patiently for Alicia.  Who is the winner of this Battle, he asks.

The winner of this Battle, Alicia declares, is...   Whitney & Shannon!  Though Blake has one steal left, he chooses not to use it on Gabriel.

So the last Battle is next and with one Steal left, we know that both artists will remain in the competition.  The coaches know as well.  But the artists don't, so the Battle remains suspenseful.  From Team Adam, 23 year old Bindi Liebowitz from Plainsville NJ vs. 26yr old Brendan Fletcher from Brooklyn.  Singing Home (Marc Broussard), Adam says they are both cut from the same cloth and can push themselves. They both have great rasps.  Brendan's husky voice is very cool, Sammy Hagar says, it's beefy.  Bindi's voice has that classic soul sound.  

Adam tells Brendan to not be afraid of taking it up as high as he wants.  Sammy says he was uncomfortable going up, but when he bursts out, that's what it is, right there, man.  Brendan says nerves has always been an issue. Adam says he didn't know Bindi had that rasp.  He advises them on some of the harmonies by having Bindi go from a low note transitioning to a high note.  He tells her to have confidence and work on it.

In their final rehearsal, Bindi found her confidence.  There are notes that are not for you, Adam advises them, trust me, I have a million of them, but you have to choose what's best for you.  Do the unison note together and that will be powerful, Adam tells Bindi.  For him to say just be your self means so much, Bindi says.  For you, Brendan, Adam says, sometimes I hear you being a little timid.  Sammy says he's freaking out with his shyness and personality.  But when he doesn't do that, he's this big 'ol oak tree stump of a voice. Your voice chops down wood, Adam agrees.

Which talented artist will represent Team Adam in the Knockouts? Will it be the New Jersey receptionist with the bluesy sound, Bindi Liebowitz? Or the soulful Brooklyn bartender, Brendan Fletcher? The battle starts right now.  Brendan opens with his acoustic guitar, his voice deep and masculine, countered by Bindi's lighter, more bouncy vocal.  In terms of uniqueness, Brendan's voice is smooth with soft edges, though he has plenty of edge.  Bindi's vocal is strong but it doesn't stand out.  I don't think the chorus of the song offered much to either artist, but the verses were electric.

Blake says both sounded really good, hard to say who out sang the other. Brendan, I think I learned the most about you because the key of the song let you shine a little more, pushing you more.  It was in the middle of Bindi's range until the end of the song and she sang above him. I wish I could have heard you separate in that register. Alicia says well done both of you.  Brendan's voice had a strength that shined through.  Bindi's voice was so powerful, I wanted to hear more, more fire.  Miley says one more note, one more octave higher, show what you can do.

Adam says Bindi's voice is extremely unique. She's not a top female register single but more like a Rhianna (Bindi places her hand over her heart, awed by the comparison), not a singing the lights out kind of voice that has a special in the middle beautiful quality.  There were moments when Brendan, I thought the building was going to come unhinged and fall down, there's something other-worldly about what you do, unbelievable, thunderous.  

All right, Adam, who is the winner of this Battle? I think moving forward, Adam says, I have to do right by this person, I believe their potential is limitless and what they do astonishes me almost to the point that the hair stood up on my arm.  The winner of the Battle is...   Brendan!

Coaches, let me remind you that Bindi is available to Steal.  Bindi thanks Adam for all his advice and as he gets up to give her a hug, Blake reaches for his button and presses it.  Yes, Adam exclaims!  WE'VE GOT A STEAL!!!  Blake says I just don't think we've heard what your capable of and want to hear you some more, so welcome to Team Blake!

Heading into next week's Knockouts, Team Adam consists of Riley Elmore, Billy Gilman, Ponciano Seoane, Nolan Neal, Simone Gundy, Brendan Fletcher, and Steals Jason Warrior and Jason Moiser.  Team Miley has Ali Caldwell, Sophia Urista, Josette Diaz, Maye Thomas, Darby Walker, Aaron Gibson, and Steals Lauren Diaz and Josh Halverson.  Team Alicia includes Christian Cuervas, We' McDonald, Michael Sanches, Belle Jewel, Kylie Rothfield and Whitney & Shannon and Steals Courtnie Ramirez and Sa'rayah.  And Team Blake brings Sundance Head, Courtney Harrell, Josh Gallagher, Gabe Broussard, and Austin Allsup, and Steals Karlee Metzger and Bindi Liebowitz.

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will be the mentors for the Knockout Rounds.


Josh Gallagher and Sundance Head from team Blake are the first matchup of the season. Sundance is going to sing The Climb by Miley Cyrus. Blake says he’s doing it acoustically which is risky, but not when you’re Sundance Head. Josh is going to sing My Maria. Blake says Josh is singing the mother of all country songs, but he has that new sound and definitely fits in with today’s country.


Josh is up first and is pretty consistent with the Brooks & Dunn version. Sundance goes second and he slowed it down a bit and made a bit more soulful.


Blake says it paid off that Sundance did an acoustic version and Josh just fits in with today’s sound. Blake says he’s going to have to get technical and give it to who he feels had the more solid performance. He gives it to…Sundance Head.


Carson reminds them Josh is available to steal and Adam immediately presses his button. Adam says it was the easiest steal.


Kylie Rothfield vs Whitney and Shannon from Alicia’s team are next. Kylie chose the song Hound Dog the Big Mama Thornton version. Alicia says she has a bluesy, rootsy style that you don’t expect. Tim tells her to keep it thick and swampy. Faith says Kylie blew her away, she just interprets songs as an artist. Whitney and Shannon chose I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. Alicia loves their song choice and Faith says it was almost like one voice. Alicia has them sing a small part individually so they don’t lean on each other. Tim says they need to own it individually so when they come together they are more powerful.


Kylie is first and has a bluesy sound. Whitney and Shannon kept their version pretty close to the original. Alicia says Kylie was not who she expected her to be and Whitney and Shannon impressed her with the way they sang. It’s time to choose and Alicia chooses…Kylie.


Ali Caldwell and Lauren Diaz are up from team Miley. Ali has chosen Ordinary Love by Sade. Faith and Miley both give tips on things she should do differently to obtain a big moment. Tim says give the words a little sensuality because it will set her up nicely. Lauren chose the song Rise Up by Andra Day. Tim says Lauren was a great singer, but he said it felt like she didn’t know what she wanted to do or how to do it. He tells her to sell it. Miley tells her to just be her and enjoy her time on stage.


Lauren is first and stays true to the Day version of the song. Miley mouths to her it was perfect. Ali Caldwell is up and she belts the song out staying true to the original also. Adam says he loves Ali, but he believed every word Lauren sang. Blake says both did really well and he doesn’t know what Miley is going to do. Miley thanks Lauren for letting them in on her emotion and thinks Ali is a total start and could win the show. Miley chooses…Ali.


Dave Moisan and Simone Gundy are both up from Adam’s team. Dave has chosen the song Like I Can by Sam Smith. Adam says Dave has incredible range and a lot of power, but Sam Smith is ambitious. Adam thinks he needs to work technique wise how to get the higher notes in full voice. Faith also says the same thing. Simone is going to sing Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips. Adam says her voice is very vibrant and she smiles and has fun. Faith says she believed everything Simone sang. Tim says her energy is so great.


Dave is up first and sings a heartfelt version of the song. Simone follows and belts out her song and gets a standing ovation from Adam. Blake says he’d pick Simone after that performance. Miley says they should both be proud of their performance. Adam respect both of their performances. He thinks they both made progress. Adam says he’s judging them on this Knockout and he chooses…Simone.


Courtnie Ramirez and We McDonald are up next from Alicia’s team. Courtnie is going to sing If I Were a Boy by Beyonce. Alicia likes the song because it shows off her range. Tim tells her to watch where she takes her breath and Faith gives some technical tips. Tim says she needs to keep some body in her vocal and that’s the key to her having a successful performance. We comes in and she has chosen No More Drama by Mary J. Blige. Tim says he was shocked and Faith says she had tears welling up in her eyes.


Courtnie goes first and stays close to the original but adds some extra flourishes. We comes and stays true to Blige’s version and belts out that song. Miley says every time Courtnie sings she out does herself and We has some new confidence and she was blown away by both of them. Alicia points out these are two 17-year-old girls and she has everyone stand up and give an ovation. She says she is in awe of both of them. Alicia chooses…We.


Jason Warrior and Riley Elmore are up last from team Adam. Riley has chosen the song Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble. Tim thought Riley was fantastic and any time you can set yourself apart stylistically is a bonus. Adam does not want him to be too buttoned up and Tim wants him to use his legs more to dig into the song. Faith tells him not to look down too much. Jason has selected the song I Want You by Luke James. Faith tells him when he goes from Falsetto to normal, there has to be a bridge. Adam says this is going to a really hard one for him to choose from.


Riley goes first and stays true to the Buble version in his unique throwback tone. Jason is up next and shows his range and belts out the James version. Alicia says she liked that Riley looked uncomfortable and totally fell for him again. Alicia says Jason was in the zone and hitting crazy notes that even women can’t hit. Miley says the way Jason performs is completely genuine and she loves watching Riley’s youthfulness and innocence. Adam says Jason is an incredibly talented singer. Adam tells Riley shocks him every time he sings. Adam chooses…Riley.


Adam says the choice was hard but when Riley starts to sing and you hear his voice, you know it’s him. Jason is available to steal. Blake hits his button. Blake asks Adam what is wrong with him. Blake says what else can you say? You can win this thing. Jason thanks him so much. Blake says Jason has this amazing range and he’s willing to try things and that’s why he stole him.

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First up, from team Blake is Bindi LIebowitz and Courtney Harrell. Blake paired them because they both have bluesy sounding voices. Courtney has chosen the song River Deep, Mountain High by Tina Turner. Faith says Courtney has so much vocal talent, she can just lay it all out on that stage. Faith pulls Courtney to the side and gives her some technical tips. Blake says he wishes he knew what Faith was telling his artist. Bindi chose the song Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield. Blake says the energy she had at the end he wanted the whole song. Tim says to start that song out like she’s in the middle of the show. Faith says she has a great voice, but she felt like Bindi was on a straight line like vanilla ice cream and she should be rocky road.


Courtney is up first and belts out her song and gets a standing ovation from Blake and Miley. Bindi is up next and stays very true to the original. Alicia says she felt like it was the first time she really got to hear Bindi, but she thinks Courtney grabbed that battle. Miley says Courtney just exploded. Adam says Bindi had some struggles and thinks her talent is tied directly to her confidence. Blake says it’s hard not to smile when he sees and hears Bindi and he felt like Courtney was a volcano. Blake’s winner for this round is…Courtney.


Billy Gilman and Ponciano Seoane are up next from team Adam. Billy chooses the song Fight Song by Rachel Platten. Faith says it felt like that was his song. Tim says to make sure he emotionally connects with the song. Adam tells him to stay connected. Ponciano’s song choice is I See Fire by Ed Sheeran. Faith says he sounded amazing but he came alive half way through. Adam wants him to kick it up another gear.


Ponciano is first and sang a solid rendition of I See Fire. Billy is next with Fight Song and stays true to the original but really picks it up halfway through the song. Blake says Ponciano did a great job, but he felt Billy’s performance. Alicia enjoyed Ponciano’s performance. She felt a tentativeness from Billy but then a lion came out. Miley thinks Billy’s voice is amazing and likes listening to people like Ponciano. Adam says this was by far the best Ponciano has sang. He also says Billy has a special gift and he’s proud and honored to have them on his team. Adam’s choice to stay is…Billy.


Team Alicia is up next with Belle Jewel vs Christian Cuevas. Belle has chosen the song Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House. Alicia says Belle is totally unique. Faith says she was so confident and Tim says she has a freshness the way she delivers the song. They give some technical tips to help her enhance the song. Tim says Belle has very stylistically carved a niche out for herself on the show. Chrstian selected the song Superstar by Luther Vandross. Tim says he couldn’t believe the velvet smoothness of Christian’s voice. Faith says he’s going to be great, he just has to decide how he wants to interpret the song. Alicia says when the chorus came, she felt like he was feeling, but when the verses came he was singing.


Belle is first and stayed true to the original but had a more toned down version. Christian sang an emotional version of the Luther Vandross song Superstar. Miley says she loves everything about Belle, and she felt Christian was looking at her and she was falling madly in love with him. Adam says Christian looked at him like he looked at Miley, but he is obsessed with him. Adam says Belle made fans out of all of them. Blake says he’s mad at Alicia for putting those two together. Alicia says they both completely delivered. Alicia says Belle is so dope and Christian had to work for this, and he did. Alicia has chosen…is Christian.


Belle is available to steal and Miley hits the button and Carson says that might be the fastest steal in Knockout history. Miley is stoked to have Belle on her team because she has her own style.


Next Monday and Tuesday are the last of the Knockout rounds and Alicia is the only one with a steal left. She says she’s waiting for something fiery. Who will move on? Who will go home? And who will get the final steal?

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  • 2 weeks later...

This is The Voice! Tonight 20 become 12.  Welcome to the Playoffs.  I'm Carson Daly, we are live on The Voice!  Keep it going for your coaches, Mr. Adam Levine!  Her first time with the live shows, Miley Cyrus!  Another first timer, Alecia Keys!  And our resident cowboy, Blake Shelton!  

To get you ready for the big election tomorrow, you have a lot of voting to do on tonight's show.  For the first time, our Playoffs are packed into one huge show.  We have performances tonight with immediate results as you help pick the artists that will be advancing to the Top 12 live shows in real time tonight.  America will vote to save 2 artists from each time and then each team's coach will select one of the remaining 3 artists to continue in the competition.  <<>> Due to scheduling conflicts, this episode was covered on DVR Delay, so all voting has concluded. <<>>  

We start with a team of powerful vocalists, here is a closer look at Team Alecia Keys: Christian Cuevas, Kylie Rothfield, We' McDonald, Josh Halverson and Sa'Rayah!  

We kick off the performances with the Orland soul singer, singing Yesterday (Paul McCartney), Christin Cuevas.  His voice is soulful as he accompanies himself on the acoustic guitar.  The audience is quickly hooked by his simple and pure vocal.  Midway through, the band kicks in an he kicks the performance up a notch with an emotional power.  He dials it back again for the sensitive and impactful climax.

We continue with the LA pop soul artist, singing I Can't Get No Satisfaction (The Rolling Stones), here's Kylie Rothfield.  Rocking out on stage, her vocal is initially overwhelmed by the band.  As she kicks it into gear with her electric guitar, it becomes a poor cover imitation.  Her voice isn't bad but the performance just isn't believable.  Maybe if she had dumped the guitar and just danced around the stage it would have carried the energy she needed.

We continue with the Harlem 17yr old with the surprising sound, performing Home (Diana Ross), please welcome We' McDonald.  Standing down by the audience, her voice is soothing and has the flavor of a Broadway performance, her sound reminds me so much of Jennifer Hudson, the deepness and broadness of her vocal, this was a crowd-pleasing power diva performance.  She walks off the stage to thunderous applause.

Next up on Team Alecia is the Texas folk rocker, singing Cupid (Sam Cooke), give it up for Josh Halverson.  Playing the acoustic in his cowboy hat, the song choice and his stage presentation are a bit odd.  His vocal is a bit dreamy, a forced smile adding to the eccentric nature of the performance. If you're looking for a sedate, passion-felt performance, this is the one for you.  But if you don't buy into his quirkiness, you might just feel a bit lost.

We end Team Alecia's Playoff performances with the Chicago powerhouse, singing I'd Rather Go Blind (Etta James), here is Sa'Rayah.  The fist thing that captures your attention is that hair - it's big and the red spot draws your eyes, though it's her silky vocal that draws your ears.  Her vocal has attitude, confidence and power.  The rest of her performance, sadly, was lost by a DVR failure.

Voting is now closed for Team Alecia but before we get to those results, here first is Team Blake: Dana Harper, Austin Allsup, Jason Warrior, Sundance Head and Courtney Harrell.  

We begin Team Blake's performances with the Dallas R&B singer, with Maneater (Hall & Oats), please welcome Dana Harper.  This was so different from the original, her vocal opens with an intriguing soft, soulful take but then she transitions into a more reggae flavored performance that I think swallows her voice a bit.  She has so much power but seems to instead go for the dynamics and acrobatic runs and I think it was a poor choice.

The next artist is country singer and family man from Texas, singing Ain't Living Long Like This (Rodney Crowell), here is Austin Allsup.  He hits the vocal hard, charging with a southern country rock beat and never slows down or lets go.  His voice as the country twang, digs down into his gut and lets it loose.  He is clearly having the time of his life, the result of being a seasoned performer, and he brings his audience along for the foot-stomping ride.  

We continue with the Chicago R&B singer with the smooth voice, singing One Dance (Drake), please welcome Jason Warrior.  He jumps into his vocal, smooth and confident, moving around easily, both his body and his vocal, working the ladies in the front row without missing a beat.  Leaning back almost to the point of falling on his back, he lets out a sophisticated wail before repeating the move on center stage to end his performance, frenetic and energetic.

We continue right away with the soul country singer from Texas, singing Blue Ain't Your Color (Keith Urban), here is Sundance Head. Shadowed in a dark red light, playing his acoustic guitar, his voice just kinds of slips into place with the accompanying band, as if they were made for each other and perhaps they were.  His vocal has no pretense, just raw honesty and sincerity.  His vocal has a passionate power which he wears on his facial expressions as the audience goes wild.

We end Team Blake's performances with LA singer/songwriter and mom, singing It Must Have Been Love (Roxette), here is Courtney Harrell.  Her vocal smooth and elegant, the pure quality of her voice masks the complexity of her performance, a laid back feeling amid a driving beat and as she wanders into and glad-hands the audience, she releases her huge power to bring the audience to their feet.

The moment is now at hand for Team Alecia.  Please welcome back to The Voice stage, Christian Cuervas, Kylie Rothfield, We' McDonald, Josh Halverson and Sa'Rayah.  The Top 2 from each team from the live vote will automatically move into next week's live Top 12.  Then our coaches will have the difficult decision to save just one from the three remaining.  Let's check in with the other coaches before hearing from Coach Alecia.

Miley says says Alecia has 2 artists that were once on her team and she would pick Christian and We'.  It's time to reveal which two artists from Team Alecia were saved by America's vote:  Christian, Kylie, We', Josh or Sa'Rayah with the most votes tonight.  Ladies & gentlemen, here we go.

In no particular order, America saved...   Christian Cuevas, you're moving on to the Top 12!  Coach Miley called that one.

America also saved...   We' McDonald!  You have been saved by America's Vote in real time tonight!  

That leaves Josh, Kylie and Sa'Rayah center stage and a difficult decision for Coach Alecia.  Alecia says I am so full right now for so many reasons, I'm able to live my truth through music and I'm able to watch you live your truth right now, and that's what music is about, being who you are in every moment. Josh, I see you every time, taken by your individuality. Kylie, I watch you overcome anything that's ever tried to hold you back, you just beat it up. And Sa'Rayah, I feel Gd in the room when I watch you, so this is a really terrible, lovely and beautiful moment.

It's all your moments, Alecia tells Christian, Kylie and Sa'Rayah, you've achieved so much, come so far, you all are incredible artists, and I have to choose.  Alecia, which of these artists are you going to save, Carson asks.  

Alecia grimaces and stands up in her chair. I love you all so much, Alecia says.  I believe in you all so much.  Sa'Rayah!

Sa'Rayah moves on with Christian Cuevos and We' McDonald, representing Team Alecia in the Top 12 next week, as we say goodbye to Kylie Rothfield and Josh Halverson.

Voting is now closed for Team Blake, but first, it's Team Miley's turn.  Let's have a look at her quite eclectic team: Sophia Urista, Darby Walker, Aaron Gibson, Belle Jewel and Ali Caldwell.  

We start things off on Team Miley with the Manhattan rocker, singing Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (Rod Stewart), here is Sophia Urista.  Get your disco rolling as she channels her inner 80's with a sultry vocal, bejeweled bell bottoms, and a solid performance doesn't rush and just channels the power into her voice, with a teasing twang and both vocal and stage moves that simply demand you pay attention and have fun.

We continue with the 18yr old Georgia indie artist, singing Those Were The Days (Mary Hopkin), here's Darby Walker.  Her voice is both deep and heavy, and flighty, flowery as she performs with an accented, theatrical vocal.  Dynamically, her range is wide but the overall flavor of the performance was confusing to me, maybe a bit too off kilter but the audience seemed to like it and she was totally pleased with her accomplishment.  

We continue with the singer/songwriter from Atlanta, singing Round Here (Counting Crows), this is Aaron Gibson.  With a throbbing guitar lick in the background, he opens with an intense narrative vocal, his voice a comforting, natural rasp.  He easily segues into playing his electric guitar with his grungish performance, never letting off the passion pedal, his vocal stripped emotionally bare.

We continue with the Utah indie artist with the vintage vibe, singing Runaway (Del Shannon), give it up for Belle Jewel.  Her voice is soft and wistful, as she paints her past with her hands, but when she picks up her Mic and hits the classic rock chorus, I think her voice gets swallowed up a bit by the performance. She slows it down again for the second verse and it's magical but I think the chorus is just too big for her.

It's the powerful R&B singer from New York up next, with Times Have Changed (Irma Thomas), please welcome Ali Caldwell.  She opens with a brilliant vocal run before easing into a soul sister performance, understated in its power, her vocal confident, full of attitude and boy can she belt out the big notes.  She reminds me a bit of a younger Aretha Franklin as she just sucks the energy from around the stage and into her voice and performance, ending with her hands on her hips as if to challenge, was that good for you?

Voting for Team Miley is now closed as we check out the results from Team Blake.  Dana Harper, Austin Allsup, Jason Warrior, Sundance Head and Courtney Harrell return center stage.  It's time to find out which two artists received the most votes tonight and were saved by America.  Here we go.

In no particular order, America saved...   Sundance Head!  Moves on to the Top 12 Live Show next week!

America also saved...   Austin Allsup, you've moving on to the Top 12!

That leaves Courtney, Dana and Jason all looking for a hot to move on, but it all comes down to their coach, Blake.  An unenviable task.  Blake says this is happening too fast, I can't wrap my head around this.  We come up with scenarios of what to do but nothing makes sense.  Any of the three of you could win this thing, I believe it in my heart.  This sucks so bad, you're gonna hate this part, Miley.  But, it's part of it and we knew what it was when we signed up as coaches and you guys as artists. I gotta pick somebody right now.  You do, Carson says.

Which of these artists are you going to save, Carson asks. It's literally, Blake starts, I'm going to move Courtney forward.  

Courtney Harrell moved forward by her coach with Sundance Head and Austin Allsup.  Put your hands together for Dana Harper and Jason Warrior, whose time on The Voice comes to an end.

It's time to take a look at Team Adam's powerful artists:  Brendan Fletcher, Simone Gundy, Josh Gallagher, Riley Elmore and Billy Gilman.

We start with the soulful Brooklyn bartender, singing To Love Somebody (Bee Gees), this is Brendan Fletcher.  Playing the acoustic guitar, his voice is light yet rough around the edges, his vocal squeezing in passion and emotion in this softer version of the classic rock ballad.   It was pleasant and entertaining but not mesmerizing or signaturely memorable for me.

We continue with Texas R&B vocalist and mom, singing Diamonds (Rihanna), this is Simone Gundy.  She opens with a strong, affected vocal, her voice elegantly floating across the stage, filling the room with her energy and restrained power. This was a showcase of range, control, dynamics and quality.  But was it unique enough to stand out among her fellow artists?

We continue with the country singer Adam stole from Blake during the Knockouts, singing Colder Weather (Zac Brown Band), please welcome Josh Gallagher.  From the opening notes, his country vocal is calming and soothing, sensitive and masculine.  He's playing his acoustic but all I hear is his open and honest voice, as he kicks it off safety and releases the strength and sincerity in his vocal, slinging the guitar around his back and working the stage.

Let's continue with the 16yr old crooner from Illinois, singing Luck Be A Lady (Robert Alda), here's Riley Elmore.  His voice is incredible, in that caught-in-a-time-warp way, his vocal smooth and naturally suave.  He walks down into the audience then bridges a little skat before returning the the stage continue his period vocal.  But despite the amazing talent, he's in a competition where those voting only know this style of music from those boring old movies their parents watch after the kids go to bed.  I wish if he'd tried something modern just to show he's not one-dimensional artistically.

Ending our Playoff performances, the 20th of the evening, is the Rhone Island pop singer, performing Crying (Roy Orbison), this is Billy Gilman.  This is a challenging song for anyone and his pure and clear opening A Capella voice immediately captured the attention and he never let it go.  Standing amongst the audience, the sadness in his voice, the emotion as he majestically built up the vocal to the center stage chorus delivered what everyone anticipated and hoped for, that huge, climactic power finish.

That wraps up Team Adam's live Playoff performances and it's time to reveal the results for Team Miley as we welcome back Sophia Urista, Darby Walker, Aaron Gibson, Belle Jewel and Ali Caldwell center stage.  Before we find out the results, Alecia says her top 2 would be Darby and Ali.  Now it's time to find out which two artists received the most votes and were saved by America.  Here we go.

In no particular order, America saved...   Aaron Gibson, you're moving on to the Top 12! Congratulations!

America also saved...   Ali Caldwell!  You too live to sing another Monday on The Voice.

That leaves Belle, Darby and Sophia in a tough one.  Miley, you have three great artists here, but unfortunately, you know how it goes. Tell us about these three.  Miley says I feel so lucky I got to work with Belle having got her from Alecia, I've never gotten to dig in that kind of library and genre, tonight you were so open to the arrangement and performed it so beautifully and were yourself.  Darby, you're my mini-me, I see so much of myself in you and love picking your clothes.  And Sophia, this song was perfect for you, showcased your energy, your own feminine, sexy rockish side, performing and being inspired by the crowd.

Nice words for all three, Carson says, I can't imagine how tough this is, but you have to pick one.  Which one of these artists will you save? I'm, not one to listen to anybody, Miley says to the audience, so I'm the wrong person to chant what to do, I don't listen when people tell me what to do.  But this time I can tell the room really loves the person I'm going to pick.  And I do to.

And the person I'm going to pick, Miley finally says, is...   Darby!  Darby moves on by her coach.  Give it up for Sophia Urista and Belle Jewel, whose time on The Voice comes to an end.

Voting is now closed for Team Adam as Brendan Fletcher, Simone Gundy, Josh Gallagher, Riley Elmore and Billy Gilman join Carson center stage.  Only 3 more spots remain in the Top 12. Blake says if he were to pick 2, Billy slayed it so that has to be a no brainer.  Adam and I are alike on one thing and Riley, what he does that's special, I'd pick him.  

Adam says every single one of you was amazing tonight and if the best performances of the night (across all teams) would be moving on, I think all 5 of you would be saved.  It's just the way it goes.  Billy, you're a no brainer, you're tremendous and unbelievable to the ear.  Brendan is so special, you don't need frills in your voice, actual oak in your voice. Josh, you're a new friend but you're amazing and an incredible singer that Ding Dong missed out over there.  You calling me a ding dong, Blake asks? Yes.  You can't say that on television, Blake protests.

And Riley, Adam continues, look at us.  You did a song not only made famous by Sinatra, but those are big shores to fill and you really did it with ease and poise, we were all just blown away. You really raised the bar tonight.  And Simone, Simone, bubbles, sweet sweet bubbles. You are just such a unique spirit, your energy is infectious and contagious.  That's not even the singing, where you're as tremendous. You've done nothing but right by me.  

It is time to reveal which two artists, Brendan, Simone, Josh, Riley or Billy, received the most votes and were saved by America.  This is it, here we go.

In no particular order, America saved...   Billy Gilman, yes, you are moving on to the Top 12!  10 have been decided, but there's room for 2 more.

America also saved...   Josh Gallagher!  You're moving on, representing Team Adam!

That leaves Brendan, Simone and Riley.  Adam, you have only 30 seconds, you can only pick one.  Stop, Adam calls out to the audience, quiet.  Please.  The credits are rolling and I have to close this up.  It's unfair, because all of you deserve to make it and I got to choose one and I don't even know what I'm going to do.

It sucks, Adam exclaims, pounding his fists in the air, I gotta choose, I'm choosing Brendan, I'm choosing Brendan.

Brendan Fletcher chosen to move on by his coach, and there you have it.  We say goodbye to Riley Elmore and Simone Gundy who leave us tonight.  We're off tomorrow for the election coverage, please do not forget to vote.

So there you have it, your Top 12.  From Team Alicia, it's Christian Cuervas, We' McDonald and Sa'Rayah.  From Team Blake, it's Austin Allsup, Sundance Head and Courtney Harrell.  From Team Miley, it's Aaron Gibson, Ali Caldwell and Darby Walker.  And from Team Adam, it's Josh Gallagher, Billy Gilman and Brendan Fletcher.  Who your top artist from each team?  Do you have a favorite to win Season 11?

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This is The Voice! Last week, The Voice went live and 12 talented artists emerged.  Tonight, to help the Top 12 sing exclusively for your votes, he's the biggest soul artist of all time, with over 138m albums sold, 2 Grammy Awards, 17 American Music Awards, 5 time CMA Entertainer of the Year, multi-award winning country music superstar, Garth Brooks!

No more Steals, no more Saves, tonight it's all up to America as the Top 12 artists will perform and your votes will save 10 of them.  The two artists with the fewest votes will compete for an Instant Save, with one artist going home.  I'm Carson Daly.  Please keep that enthusiasm going for Adam Levine!  Miley Cyrus!  Alicia Keys!  And Mr. Blake Shelton!  For the first time, voting is open right now for all artists on all platforms.  

We kick off our performances tonight with Team Blake's soul country singer, Sundance Head.  Sundance has already bought Garth Brooks' new album.  He is singing My Church (Maren Morris), a popular female song he's making his.  Garth gives him some suggestions on how to arrange the song.  The more you strip it down, the more loose you can get it, the more magic you create, he says.  Blake says he's the king of getting lost in the song, of both Brooks and Head.

He opens with a crowd welcoming intro then eases into a country groove, his big soulful voice filling the stage, playing on his electric, he's taking the audience to church and they're following him.  But while his voice is country gruff and his stage presence comfortable and churchy, this performance didn't blow me out of the water.  I expected this of Sundance and he delivered.  But the question has to be, does he have anything more?

Alicia says he's so spectacular, from the blinds to now, he continues to just raise the bar and put so much soul in his music, killer voice. Miley says you were meant to play on the big stage, a song that gets everyone involved, you were made to be on a big stage with a lot of energy. Coach Blake says vocally I'd put you up against anyone in terms of singing with heart and soul. You're what we all strive for, but my favorite thing is you are soaking up everything, this guy is having a blast in this moment.

We continue with the singer Coach Miley saved from elimination just last week, here's Darby Walker.  She just turned 18 and started her senior year in high school.  Singing Ruby Tuesday (The Rolling Stones), Miley says she's ageless, taking us back to the 60's and 70's.  Garth says she stole my heart, she's at the age were we all decided we wanted to do this professionally.  She thinks this will be her most vulnerable performance yet.

With a mic stand covered in flowers (from her coach), her voice is airy yet with a weight holding it down in her unique, accented way.  I'm not sure how strong her pitch is at such a low octave, and that continues into her powerfully emotional chorus.  It may just be that her entire vocal is in a minor key.  The whole thing is kind of sad and depressing despite all the flowers, very dramatic and powerful despite her dainty, fragile appearance.

Blake says I can't express to you enough how important it was to give us that full voice performance, you're so powerful, it stretches and gets raspy, so much character and passion, great job.  Coach Miley says I wanted Darby to showcase her voice with this song but there's one line in there, "Don't ask her why she needs to be so free, she's going to tell you it's how she needs to be" - It represents who she is.

We continue with Team Alicia's Orlando soul singer and an emotional ballad dedicated to someone special.  Christian Cuevas is singing The Scientist (Coldplay) for his girlfriend.  Garth says you don't expect him to sound like he does, but he's singing the living hell out of it, going higher than he can on his falsetto.  Alicia gives him some suggestions on how to interpret the song, taking it higher and more belty.  What feels good for you, Garth tells him, will feel good for the audience.

He opens with a soft vocal accompanied by piano and acoustic, living in a countertenor into a falsetto for accent, he then breaks out into the soul power, hoping around the stage, exuding passion and emotion, lifting up his lyrics and pleasing his audience.  This was solid and entertaining.

Adam says that's unbelievable, to hear music is one thing but to feel it is what you do.  I wish you were on my team.  Coach Alicia Keys says but he's on MY team, Adam.  Oh no she didn't, sings out Blake.  You have this uncanny ability to take any song, Alicia says, from anywhere and make it yours and own it and be inside it, you took even me on a journey with you, you nailed it.

Remember you can listen to all your favorite artists' songs on Apple Music or download them on iTunes and each will count as a vote.  And for the remainder of the season, if an artist charts in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles Chart, their downloads will be multiplied by 5.  These votes will accumulate throughout the season.

We continue with Team Alicia's Chicago Powerhouse, saved from elimination last week, here's Sa'Rayah, singing Livin' On A Prayer (Bon Jovi).  Garth says this should be fun.  Sa'Rayah says she's going through a divorce right now and this puts her in another late, picking up the pieces in another lane from what she's sung before.  Garth says a female singing this song takes it to a whole new level.  Alicia urges to explore putting more vibrato on the lyrics.

The music is dirty and dramatic and Sa'Rayah stands on top of a stage bridge with attitude and sexuality, but as she walks down the steps, she loses the lead vocal, blending more into the background vocals.  I'm not sure if there's a mic problem or if this is intentional, as she struts with her background vocalists, but her voice is stopping just short of being being on the edge.  Midway through, the performance turns more into celebration rather than defiance but she ends big and the audience loves it.

Miley says that was crazy, I liked you doing rock style, you were made for it, going outside your comfort zone.  Blake says my favorite thing was when you hit notes that you can't even believe comes out of your mouth. I would be shocked at how well you did too.  Coach Alicia says I continue to be wowed by you as a vocalist and an artist, you always find your way back to your heart and yeses and your audience joins you.  Your killer dresses and hair style, it's who you are and you nailed it.

Next is Team Adam's determined Rhode Island pop singer, Billy Gilman, singing The Show Must Go On (Queen).  Garth says he must be bananas to take on Freddie Mercury, but Billy says this song tells the story of his life.  Adam says his ability to showcase the emotion in the music is the best in the game.  All I can show you, Garth says, is how to get on and off the stage, that's all that's left to give.  He's going to wake up the world.

The music opens with an intensity and Billy stands atop a platform bathed in red.  His voice is edgy and solid, as he sways through the first chorus, the anticipation building as he descends the steps on the second verse, his powerful vocal cutting through what feels like a smoke filled room even though there is none.  Now center stage, he continues building the drama and finally releases a huge killer power note to bring the house down.  Game over.  

Adam encourages the audience to remain on their feet.  Blake says it's amazing, he remembers Billy opening a CMA show when he (Blake first started) and he has held onto it.  As great as you were at 10yrs old, you're a million times better now as an adult.  It's unbelievable.  Coach Adam says wow, wow, I mean, I just think when you hear something like this happen on this stage, the show is called The Voice, and what you've been through in your life, what could possibly more epitomize the show than someone who sings like you do, with the emotion, and on a level that blows all the coaches away.  You are truly special and this is just the beginning.

We continue with Team Blake's Texas country artist with a surprising choice that's personal to him, here's Austin Alsup.  Singing Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (Aretha Franklin), the song hits home because he wants to be the do right man for his wife and kid.  Garth says the first Do is hard, so maybe he shouldn't go big on the first verse.  He works out a new arrangement and is excited by Austin's embracing of it.  He's got no ceiling, Garth says, like Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood. His future is for how long he wants to ride it.  He tells his wife on Facetime he put some southern rock into it.  Awesome, she says.

He opens with a guitar lick, wearing red, white, blue and stars on his guitar strap, delivering a solid, baseline vocal, switching to a more urgent tempo before dropping into a foot tapping chorus with huge facial expressions.  He grabs the mic and swings the guitar to his side and begins sashaying down the stage, offering up his powerful voice before returning to the mic and the guitar to close out the performance.  This was a big performance by a true cowboy.

Miley says this was my favorite performance of yours so far, you had some magic notes in there I didn't know you had in there, it was really cool to have that platform.  Coach Blake says there is a movement in country music between Texas red dirt artists and Nashville, a new generation of outlaw country music and there isn't anyone in that group who can sing like you do.  Unbelievable.

Now it's Team Alicia's powerful 17 year old, whose destiny led her to this point, it's We' McDonald.  Singing Take Me To Church (Hozier), Garth's look of surprise as she starts singing was priceless. It's a difficult song to connect with, Alicia says, you have to be real, rhythmic.  She tells We' to wait until the end to go big. Garth encourages her to take the mic and own it.  And enjoy every day of it.

She opens playing the grand piano, her voice in deep octave with a light trip into an upper octave for accent.  She offers up a light vocal run, then grabs the mic and starts pounding the stage with a hard edged voice, delivering huge power while down in the audience pit, showing off powerful emotions before becoming possessed again by the power of her voice, wailing the climax and bringing Alicia and the audience to their feet.

What happens to you when you sing, Carson asks, you transform into another human being.  That's the fun part, We' says.  Miley says it's such a different experience watching the audience react to you on stage than from the Blinds, all these people loving on you.  Coach Alicia composes herself then, measured, says you are the real deal, unforgettable.

We continue with the Team Miley rocker from Atlanta, Aaron Gibson, singing Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (Father John Misty).  He likes doing songs that have never been on the show before, he tells Garth, showcasing his alt-rock style.  He relates to being crazy in a moment of stress.   Garth tells him to feed the audience, don't let them drift off.  He has to be able to sell the audience a song they don't know.  Miley tells him to work the crowd to help him connect, use the stage as you would at a show.

Opening on his electric, the audience is clapping as he sings Jesus Christ, what are people going to think? His voice is dirty, like ground up glass, but there's something mesmerizing about his deliver, a vocal that says there's something deep and dark here if you can only lean in to receive it. There are whole bars where it's just music, contributing to his non-conventional approach, honest and believable, comfortable even while a bit bad.

Adam says your voice is so special, like you have a responsibility to be a singer, it would be a disservice to the world not to sing. It's so special and distinct and beautiful, not a choice but something you have to do.  Blake says if Godzilla could sing, that's what he would sound like, like fire coming out.  That's so unbelievable, Adam says to Blake, the things you choose to say.  Thank you, Blake says, and to Aaron, we've never had anyone quite like you on the show before and it's important for music to have someone who sounds like you do. You're breaking new ground.

Blake, you do say some crazy stuff, Miley confirms.  He's called one of my artists a rooster, and now Godzilla.  And I'm damn proud of it, Blake exclaims.  I understand, Miley says, with this song we didn't know how many would be familiar with it but this is the lane you can be going down after the show. Adam says you are special off the show too and he's so right.

We continue with the LA song writer saved by Coach Blake just last week, it's Courtney Harrell, singing I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Aerosmith).  It showcases how powerful she is, Blake says, there's so much angst and you're too pretty right now.  She reveals her son just went off to college (she had him at age 17 herself), but is in the audience tonight.  Garth says it's so sweet, why not just make it a love song?  Great idea, Blake says.  Garth tells her just to sing to him, but to back off the mic and let the audience lean in.  Blake says she'll still find a way to blow it away.

Dressed elegantly in white, a white choker and white mic, her voice has a soft, Dream Girls quality, soft and passionate, setting you up for the big chorus and she effortlessly opens up without even seeming to change her vocal.  She grabs her mic and walks towards her guitarist on the front stage steps, kneeling before the audience then rising up strong and emotionally raw, and then she lets loose a HUGE transition power note, shifting into a stronger key and setting off vocal fireworks.

Her son Dylan has moist eyes in the audience as he soaks up the audience's reaction to his mom.  Alicia says that's such a beautiful song and at the end, you settled into your grounding and just went for it, a really unforgettable feeling. Beautiful job and you look stunning.  Coach Blake says we all feel a little more invested in the artists we saved, and what you just did is evidence to me I made the right choice, you're having a moment right now, that moment you deserve coming out of the shadows, you deserved it, so good.

We continue with Team Adam and an artist who met his idol this week, here's Josh Gallagher.  Josh got married a month ago and is doing good after 30 days.  Singing Why (Jason Aldean), it's where Adam thinks he fits in the country spectrum and encourages him to keep it stripped down. Garth says you believe him as soon as he opens his mouth, he has the career ahead of him.  Adam tells him to pull back a bit to avoid getting ahead. Garth says that's country 101.  This whole world is going to be listening to you for a long time, Garth tells him.

Sitting out in the audience, he opens with a classic country ballad vocal, delivering his lyrics softly and non-threateningly, a bit wistful, then stands up and brings the show back to the stage, his voice on the edge of heartbreaking, powerfully accenting the lyrics.  He wanders back into the front stage fans, then closes out his passionate, emotionally sincere performance on his knees.

He's emotional, catching his breath as Blake says how cool was that to work with Garth? This was, I don't know, you never know if you made a right or wrong choice as a coach, but you do deserve to still be in the competition. Coach Adam says you're new on my team but it's been such a pleasure, no one works harder taking a rough idea and polishing it.  I was lucky to have Garth because this isn't my wheelhouse.  Really, pokes Blake? You've made that painfully clear many times, Adam jabs back.  But what's amazing is how much I learned from both of you, no one means it more than you and that commands a lot of respect.

We continue with Team Miley's New York R&B vocalist with a meaningful song choice, here's Ali Caldwell with Did I Ever Love You (RIP, Leonard Cohen ).  Miley wanted her to stand out with this song. Garth says she has a wonderful way of treating a lyric. Everything that is less obvious takes work, Miley tells her.  She is putting all her trust in Miley's hands with this song.  There's innocent Ali, Miley tells her, vulnerable but there's big Ali, powerful in the later choruses.  This will be crazy, Miley says, I promise.

Opening light and with a sophisticated, graceful vocal, holding a rose and wearing a rose dress and hair, she tosses away the flower and breaks out into a strong, prideful performance, her voice even and confident, throwing out some lyrical power in the mid-verse, then totally blasting us leading into the up-tempo finish that had both Miley and Alicia dancing in their chairs.  Her soft and sensitive close was packed with emotions as all four coaches stood.

Alicia says that was a real moment, not only because of how you owned the stage but how you let everyone in to that special, precious place inside of you. That song choice couldn't be better timing, when songs are timeless, you just created that for us. Miley says you started with a 4 chair turn, and this would have been a 4 chair turn. It was scary going into it, and Leonard heard this and I'm so proud of you, I trust you and thank you for trusting me.

We close out the show tonight with the Brooklyn rocker from Team Adam who is about to unleash on stage, it's Brendan Fletcher with Whipping Post (The Allman Brothers Band).  Adam tells him his songs have been so introverted he needs something like this to bring out a whole new him.  I was in a metal band, Brendan confesses.  Garth is incredulous.  I was young and frustrated, Brandon says.  Adam thinks people will understand him after this. Garth says there's no other voice like his, the intensity and identifiableness. He shows Brendan how to hold the mic with desperation, knock them out with his close in voice. Testify, Adam says.

From the start, the music is edgy and his voice sounds like it's just crawled out from the gutter, dirty and desperate, angry and lashing out.  He's nearly spitting out the words at the chorus, dropping with emotional baggage.  He grabs his mic and heads to the front of the stage, frantic and possessed.  It was a heck of a performance, the crowd was screaming, but I do wish his voice had a little more definable edge, a little more bite in his bark.

All the coaches but Blake were on their feet. Blake says gosh, I feel the battle brewing between you and Aaron, for as long as we've gone without voices like yours, we now have 2 on the show and it's exciting.  Coach Adam says this guy was not this guy for a long time and just became this guy this week. He deserves to be voted through. I need to see him voted through.

That is it for your live performances tonight.  Three artists from each coach's team, you're votes will decide who will be next week's Top 11.  Who had the best performance tonight?  Sundance? Darby? Christian? Sa'Rayah? Billy? Austin? We'?  Aaron? Courtney? Josh? Ali? or Brendon?  Let me know!

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This is The Voice!  We have your results and we are live.  Good evening, I'm Carson Daly.  Please say hi to your coaches, Adam Levine!  A very shiny Miley Cyrus!  The lovely Alicia Keys!  And the equally lovely Blake Shelton!  Let's get started with some results.

Please welcome your Top 12: Sundance Head! Darby Walker! Christian Cuevas! Sa'Rayah! Billy Gilman! Austin Allsup! We' McDonald! Aaron Gibson! Courtney Harrell! Josh Gallagher! Ali Caldwell! And Brendan Fletcher! Ten of you will be voted through by America's vote but the two with the lowest number of votes will sing for America's Instant Save.

Here are the names of the first three artists who are safe and advancing to the next show.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Miley...   Ali Caldwell!  Congratulations, you are the first one saved by America's Vote!

America also saved...   From Team Alicia...   We' McDonald, congratulations!

America also saved...   From Team Adam...   Brendan Fletcher, you're moving on to the Top 11!  Congratulations!

Now Coach Adam joins his team, Billy, Brendan and Josh, with For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield).

Let's bring out the remaining 9 artists as eliminations continue.  In my hand, the name of the next 2 artists safe this week and advancing to the Top 11.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Blake...   Courtney Harrell, congratulations, you're moving on!  OMG, she screams.

America also saved...   From Team Adam...   Billy Gilman!  Courtney and Bill move on to the Top 11.  That's 2 for Team Adam.

She's a 29 time Grammy award winner and one of the biggest music stars ever, with her new single Holy War off her incredible new album, Here, out now, give it up for Coach Alicia Keys!

We thought it would be fun to invite some of Miley and Alicia's biggest fans to The Voice set and then surprise them.  Roll tape!

Back to business, it's elimination night and we have our 7 remaining artists on stage. It is time to find out the names of the next 2 who are safe and advancing to the Top 11.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Miley...   Darby Walker, you're moving on to the Top 11 saved by America!

America also saved...   From Team Blake...   Austin Allsup, you're gonna sing another week!

Next, Coach Miley with her team, Darby, Aaron and Ali, singing There'll Always Be Music (Dolly Parton).

Back to business and more results as we bring back out our five remaining artists.  Getting down to it, guys, good luck to you all.  Three of you will be saved, two of you will have to perform for the Instant Save tonight.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Alicia...   Christian Cuevas, you are moving on! Congratulations.

Four artists remain.  America also saved...   From Team Adam, Josh Gallagher! It's a clean sweep for Team Adam!

And then there were three.  America also saved...   Sundance Head from Team Blake! Also a clean sweep for Team Blake!

That means the artists with the lowest number of votes were from Team Alicia, Sa'Rayah and from Team Miley, Aaron Gibson.  They will each sing for Twitter Instant Save.

With Rock Steady (Aretha Franklin) in her last chance to stay in the competition, here is Sa'Rayah! She tries to get the audience clapping but they don't.  Her vocal is laid back and grooving, channeling a mix of Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin and plenty of attitude.  The performance showcases more of her dancing than her voice, but it's high energy and she lays it all out on the stage.

Coach Alicia says Sa'Rayah should be saved because there's no denying the power and beauty of her voice, anyone at home with a heart feels her when she sings. Continue to walk in your light.

Singing Lego House (Ed Sheeran), representing Team Miley, please welcome Aaron Gibson.  A quiet vocal, accompanied by his acoustic, his voice is light and gravelly, quick and thoughtful, a dynamically tempo gives the performance character and earnestness.  

Coach Miley says she is so proud and can't wait to see what they do together after the show.  Everyone should vote for that growly voice.

The Instant Save window is now open. To Instantly Save Sa'Rayah, tweet or retweet #SAVESARAYAH.  You have 5 minutes, so GO!

The Instant Save window is now open. To Instantly Save Aaron Gibson, tweet or retweet #SAVEAARON.  You have 5 minutes, so GO!

After the commercial break, the Instant Save breakdown is 66% for Aaron and 34% for Sa'Rayah.  But there's still time to tweet!

Twitter Instant Save voting is now closed.  Sa'Rayah thanks Alicia for believing in her and fighting for her.  Aaron says thank you to Miley for her graciousness and for teaching him how to be himself.

Alicia says she is blessed to have worked with Sa'Rayah, she's phenomenal and her voice is a gift that she shares and so many can relate to, anything is possible. Miley thanks Aaron for always performing with an artist's heart and not a competitor. I want to succeed because you succeed.

The time has come. One of you has been instantly saved by America and joins the Top 11, the other unfortunately leaves tonight.  Here we go.

America instantly saved...   Aaron Gibson from Team Miley!

Put your hands together as we say goodbye to Sa'Rayah as Team Alicia becomes the first to lose an artist.


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This is The Voice! I'm Carson Daly and it's the Top 11 Live Show. Say hi to our coaches Adam Levine! Miley Cyrus!  Alicia Keys! And our buddy, Blake Shelton!  

Tomorrow night, one artist will go home regardless of which team they are on.  Voting is now open on all platforms for your favorite artist tonight.  

We kick things off with the Team Miley R&B vocalist who showcases her big personality with a song that means a lot to her coach, here's Ali Caldwell, singing 9 To 5 (Dolly Parton).  Miley wants people to get to know her personality. Ali says it's a big challenge but she has wanted to do something upbeat, a song about women empowerment. Miley tells her to move like Tina Turner, so she looks for a shimmy outfit.  Miley works on her choreography and stage presence.

Shaking her grove thing, she opens in her lower register then finds a more comfortable zone for the chorus.  It's a big song but she doesn't let it get away from her, but unless she was a 1920's flapper, I'm not sure the wardrobe matches the message of the song.  By the end it felt like she was over-singing a bit but the audience loved it.

Adam says I told Miley you needed to do a country song and I'm so happy, you could do it, you did do it.  Blake says I hope Dolly was watching.  She'll get it on VHS, Miley quips.  She was probably watching to watch me, but I am so impressed, that was so much fun, you put your stamp on Tina Turner.  Miley says the rest of your life will be opening and closing shows, because you're a star, born to be on a stage, a gold glitter staircase stage.

We continue with Team Blake's sole country singer who brought one of his biggest music inspirations to rehearsal this week, his dad, it's Sundance Head, singing No One (Alicia Keys).  It takes nerves, Blake says.  Sundance says he doesn't want to sing it like Alicia. Blake tells him to find that extra notch as a vocalist - if he can blow her back, imagine what he'll do to everyone else. He doesn't want to go back to the smoky bars.

Stripped down to showcase his voice, he carries the melody more than in his previous performances, the country richness his voice coming through.  The tempo during the chorus is a little rushed to get the song in under time, the verses are pure poetry.  Heading into the final chorus he delivers a huge surprise power note to infuse the performance with an added energy.  Eyes closed, he brings it home to the final sensitive, emotional verse.

All four coaches give him a standing ovation as Sundance wishes his son Levi, in the audience, a happy 11th birthday tomorrow.  Alicia says I've never heard anyone sing it like that and that's the one person I wish was on my team.  It's amazing to see you evolve on the show and how solid you are as an artist, it's beautiful.  You made me listen to my song in a whole new way and it was such a beautiful gift.

Coach Blake says he should feel proud of himself, to sing like that to the world and in front of Alicia, that pressure just added another level of energy to the performance, you're so diverse, I think this was a breakout moment for you.

We continue with Team  Miley's Atlanta alt-rocker instantly saved last week, here's Aaron Gibson, singing Hurt (Nine Inch Nails).  Aaron wants to show a different side from his rock.  Performed for the first time on The Voice, Miley says this is a song about who feels the most, showcase his low notes but also scream some times. This song is about depression, Aaron says, and that's an important message I want to say.

Playing the acoustic, he opens in his gruff, lower octave voice, dark and intense, the lighting accenting the sockets of his eyes, contributing to the honesty and depth of the vocal.  You could hear a pin drop as he holds the audience spellbound.  Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he dials up the energy, the drama, anguish and the pain, all the while never losing the grit of his voice.

Adam says that was the coolest cover of that song, you're voice is just crazy, bravo to your coach for the song choice, it's not always the happiest thing to be a human thing and that experience deserves to be represented.  All emotional types are valid and real and deserve to be represented.

Coach Miley says I pretend to not listen to Adam but I actually do. Last week Adam said he wanted to see you cared more and you couldn't have given any more to that performance, it was a perfect performance, the strongest of the night.  This was so you and showcased who you are.

Don't forget if an artist's song is in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles Chart, their downloads will be counted as votes multiplied by 5 and will be cumulative through the end of the season.

We continue with Team Blake's LA Songwriter, making a statement with a personal song, it's Courtney Harrell singing What I Did For Love (A Chorus Line). It's the first time she's sung it since 20 years ago in High School.  It's a song about accepting what has happened in your life, doing away with regret. Blake tells her to get as Whitney as she can.  She plays with the melody a bit and Blake tells her to hold the note at the end until it's gone.

Backed by strings and a sparkling of stars, her voice is soft as cotton, tender and pure, though started out a little off pitch and felt a little flat throughout.  It didn't stop her from emoting her vocals, however, her strength and quiet, sophisticated power shining through, sucking you in to her emotions.

The coaches are on their feet as Alicia says you are so pure, a pure soul, you sing like the greatest singers, taking people to a place in themselves, so personal, a beautiful journey.  Blake says this is he happiest I've ever seen you, you work so hard and this means so much to you, it blows my mind for her to give this kind of performance and you're enjoying the moment.

We continue with Team Adam's country singer who is going big with a hit song, here's Josh Gallagher, singing Drunk On Your Love (Brett Eldredge).  Adam says you look like you need some fun.  Josh says I want to interact with the audience like I do in Nashville. He wants to change up the melody but Adam says wait until the end of the song. Over the phone, he asks Adam if he can open it up some more and Adam tells him to embrace his inner Garth.

He opens by talking to the audience, then easing into a county narrative, easy going vocals, encouraging the audience to join him for the chorus.  Lots of bouncing and pointing to the audience, it's a light, fluffy song, his voice not wavering as he walks down into the audience.  It was fun and entertaining but I'm not sure if it was challenging enough for this competition.

Miley says you're the only one in here more drunk than Blake. I challenge that, Blake retorts. It's great how you interact with the audience and use the stage, she tells him. Coming from the country music world and watching my dad connect, that's what fans love about country music, they feel like they can get close to the artists. This felt more like your tour than a contest.

Coach Adam says you just get up there, have a good time, sing your song, and connect with the audience, there's no one better than you right now in the competition. This is how music is supposed to be shared and you killed it.

We continue Team Adam's Rhode Island pop singer with an emotional Adele song, here's Billy Gilman singing All I Ask.  Adam says you've wowed people but now it's time to show your intimate side, strip it down and carry an emotional performance. He tells him to take his time with the subtle nuance at the beginning, stay emotionally invested rather than stepping through each section. Adam suggests just him and a piano. It's an honor, Billy says, to be trusted with this song.

With a piano and violin accompaniment, his vocal opens soft and sensitive, even toned with a light tough of emotion, his voice floating from lyric to lyric like a slow dance, powerfully expanding and contracting power, an outpouring of his heartfelt soul.  A change of key provides the cover for an elevation of energy, you can almost fee the tears that must be running down his face as he emotes so well.  

Blake says I'm running out of awesome things to say about you, do you ever hit a bad note? Is it possible? Billy shakes his head.  It's not, Blake says, stop arguing with me.  That's what you come out of a studio with after a week, it's so good, that was a big step.

Coach Adam says for the purposes of right now, you can sing all the perfect notes but it doesn't matter if you don't feel it and you really  made me feel something, it felt so pure and real and honest, and when you possesses that skill and technical ability, it's great but when you can connect emotionally so triumphantly, you are everything The Voice stands for and more.

We continue with Team Alicia's pop singer who had a very memorable week, here's more from Christian Cuevas, singing Rosanna (Toto).  Right after last week's show, he asked his GF to marry him (she said yes) and now he's ready to have fun.  Alicia says less ad lib and tells the band to get rid of the horn. He's a classic singer, like the Carpenters or Luther Vandross, and it comes so easy he has to make sure the connection is there.

Opening with the tom toms, he jumps right into the vocal, solid and easy flowing, like a boy smitten deep inside.  His voice has a happiness and joy, a quiet feeling that he can't help expressing while walking down the street, stopping strangers to let them know how great life is. Then his voice turns to a desperate heartbreak as she's gone away and becomes more pleading, but still having a good time as he runs into the audience at the end.

Yeah baby, he yells, still pumped up as the audience cheers. I love so much, he says to his finance.  Miley says I think Christian is my team's biggest competition from Team Alicia. You had such energy, to see you with the audience, you had me dancing down here, I was into it.

Coach Alicia says your voice is so big, it's this big (holding her arms out why) and crystal, pure tone, there's shivers and chills when you go out for a note, he was really singing Elaine, not Rosanna.  America is witnessing the voice of a generation.

We continue with Team Blake's Texas country singer who completely relates to his song, it's Austin Allsup with Turn The Page (Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band).  Blake says he's done a lot of classic artists but still want him to take on a classic song to see what he does with it. Austin says it's about going on the road - I've been on the road since I was 17 with my dad, sometimes playing to empty rooms. But it can be lonely away from your family and for your kids too. Blake says this is your wheelhouse, a song that means something to you, the outlaw country artist.  You're an Avenger with your voice, Blake says tells hi,

He equals the dramatic musical introduction with an intense vocal accompanied by his acoustic, his eye straight ahead, the bass and base drum accenting the pounding of the miles.  I'd have liked him to be a little stronger, powerful on the chorus, but he chooses to let the music have its own voice.  When the camera is close up, it's magical but the wide shots lose him a bit. Then he throws back the guitar and strips down the band for a powerful reset that amps up the power and emotion leading up to a climactic angst-filled conclusion.

Adam says that was by far unquestionably your best performance on the show, it's not about who is a great singer but who's the most willing to put it out there and give it everything and you did so with such a cool song and a great arrangement.

Coach Blake says I've not been on the edge of my seat like that ever, the way you ended that song, there's nobody doing what you do anymore anymore, it's bad-ass and you're an Avenger with your voice.

We continue now with Team Miley's indie artist who is embracing her free spirit this week, here's Darby Walker, singing You Don't Own Me (Lesley Gore).  Miley says we are such vintage souls. Darby says it is going to be very theatrical. Miley wants to give her a rock big moment, to deliver the attitude and the freedom. She dedicates the song to her twin sister, the STEM girl so opposite from her, yet neither allowing themselves to be defined by convention or expectation.

Standing in a coat of many colors in a stage full of colored light bulbs on sticks, glitter around her eyes, she's dressed like an 80's hippie, her voice oozing through the song, flicking off attitude with her shoulders.  She drops the coat to reveal platform shoes and bell bottoms, free to be who she is even if that means singing a bit flat. Instead of a song of celebration, it almost comes off like a funeral dirge.  I have to confess I don't get Darby, though doubtless there are many of you who do.

Alicia says your falsetto was effortless and flawless, you owned the song, a favorite song for us girls, a reminder that nobody owns us. But you owned it. You should feel amazing.  

Coach Miley says we have you singing freedom because that is what you represent, what you radiate. You are young and want to be young, when too many young girls just want to grow up. It's fun to be free and colorful and not serious all the time.

Keep it going for Paul Mirkovich and The Voice Band! We continue with Team Adam's Brooklyn bartender, tackling a song by a rock legend, here's Brendan Fletcher with The River (Bruce Springsteen).  Gregg Allman tweeted at him after last week's show.  Brendan says he and his brother used to cover Springsteen songs as kids. Adam says it's like a monologue, every line counts, every word is poetic, the ultimate balladry.  Take temporary ownership the song, make it your feelings, a little more introverted.   Promise you'll enjoy it, Adam tells him.

Playing the acoustic, his soft, voice with the honest gruff springs up from the bottom of the water, the song flowing easily but with purpose, his vocal intense and purposeful, snaking through the moving stories of life, building in speed as the waters narrow, filling up the stage as they widen.  Not every song has to be full of foot-stomping energy - sometimes it's the simplest songs that evoke the most complicated emotions and such was Brendan's success tonight.

Blake says you have such a warm voice, a great storytelling voice I never picked up on before. I wish you were singing country now, selfishly, I'm jealous of you.  Coach Adam says you really conquered a lot this week, you did that so beautifully.  The Voice means so many things and this is such an almost-forgotten voice like Brendan's, so special and one-in-a-million.

We close out the night with Team Alicia's 17yr old singer who's really feeling the bond with her coach this week, We' McDonald, singing Love On The Brain (Rihanna).  She charted 15th on the iTunes Singles last week and is juggling 17 credits in college but she's prepared to fight.  The song fits the vintage world she likes, Alicia says, but is contemporary and she can put a spin on it that will make it sound new.  They work on how to put drama and more feeling into the song, how to bring out the places in her voice.  

Her hair tied back, she looks older and more sophisticated, almost catching up with the natural maturity of her voice as she delivers a soulful vocal in a deep octave, a bit of anger and attitude, determination and empowerment, her voice seemingly overwhelmed by the emotional power.  She shows off an ability to dig into her gut we haven't seen before, so draining she falls to her knees before collapsing on her back at the end. How old is she?  

Coach Alicia says you always come with it. The audience won't stop cheering. You're so young but you sing like 1000 trillion years of experience living, it blows my mind. All these deep places you take the audience, you cannot deny you don't feel We, you deserve everything, you deserve to be here, you deserve to soar, there are no limits to you.

Well there you have it, your Top 11 have performed but only 10 can go through tomorrow on your votes: Ali Caldwell, Sundance Head, Aaron Gibson, Courtney Harrell, Josh Gallagher, Billy Gilman, Christian Cuevas, Austin Allsup, Darby Walker, Brendan Fletcher and We' McDonald.

Did any of the artists make it easy for you to vote them out? Who do you see in the Finale in just 3 weeks? Which artists have you listened to on Apple Music or downloaded from iTunes?

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This is The Voice! Good evening, Carson Daly and this is The Voice live results.  Say hi to your coaches: Adam Levine.  A very pink Miley Cyrus. The always cool Alicia Keys.  And our friend, Mr. Blake Shelton.  Tonight, you at home will Instantly save just one.

Please welcome your Top 11: Ali Caldwell! Sundance Head! Aaron Gibson! Courtney Harrell! Josh Gallagher! Billy Gilman! Christian Cuevas! Austin Allsup! Darby Walker! Brendan Fletcher! And We' McDonald.  One artist made it into the iTunes Singles Top 10 this week.

After last night's performances, America voted and I have the name of the first two artists who are safe and moving onto next week's live show. Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Blake...   Sundance Head!  Your iTunes Top 10 artist!

America also saved...   From Team Alicia...   We' McDonald, congratulations!

Now Coach Blake joins his team, Austin, Sundance and Courtney, with The Heart Of Rock'n'Roll (Huey Lewis & The News).

Let's bring out our remaining 9 artists, it is results night here on The Voice.  I've got the names of the next 2 artists who are safe and will move on to the Top 10. here we go.

America saved...   From Team Miley...   Ali Caldwell is in the Top 10! Congratulations!

America also saved...   From Team Adam...   Billy Gilman!

Right now taking the stage with her team, please welcome Coach Alicia with Christian and We', singing People Get Ready (The Impressions).

Let's get to more results as we welcome our remaining 7 artists.  I'm going to announce 2 more saved by America's votes; the remaining 5 will still be at risk of elimination.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Blake...   Austin Allsup, you are moving on!  Voted in by America's Vote on Team Blake!

America also saved...   From Team Adam...   Brandan Fletcher, congratulations!

In honor of Thanksgiving on Thursday, our artists visited The Voice Confessional for the first time this season with their favorite holiday secrets.  Let's watch!

Now he's the powerful vocalist who took home the win on Season 9.  Tonight, Jordan Smith returns to The Voice with a special holiday song that you picked off his new album, 'Tis The Season, here's O Holy Night.  Please welcome back Jordan Smith!

Back to your results and the remaining 5 artists seeking safety this week. Good luck to you all, I'll now announce the last 3 artists saved by America's votes, which means the remaining 2 will perform to stick around.  Here we go.

America saved...   Christian Cuevas from Team Alicia!

America also saved...   From Team Courtney Harrell from Team Blake!

America also saved...   Josh Gallagher from Team Adam! Team Alicia, Team Adam and Team Blake all intact tonight!

That means two artists from Team Miley will face off for the Twitter Instant Save tonight, Darby Walker and Aaron Gibson.

Singing Your Song (Elton John) for her last chance to remain in this competition, here's Darby Walker. Her voice is appropriately melancholy but her lower register pitch just isn't on target. She is better in her mid-range, as she pours out her emotions during the chorus, but her vocal just doesn't seem natural, like she's trying to sing in a offsetting voice.

Alicia says she is on her way to become her own beautifully crafted version of someone only she can be, a unique style all her own, a real artist.  Thanks America, Miley says, greatest birthday eve ever.  But life isn't easy and doesn't care about birthdays.  Sometimes the way we win is different, it's not the same thing for everyone. It's about living your truth and being happy.  As long as you are being true, don't worry about anything else.

Now for his last chance to remain in the competition, here's Aaron Gibson singing Budapest (George Ezra).  Playing the acoustic, his growl in full effect, he attacks the up-tempo tune, keeping his vocal cool and collected, smooth and easy going.  The performance is a bit quiet which accentuates the dynamic choices that lets his voice stand out without jumping out.

Miley says I cannot believe we're having this conversation again, Aaron is so humble. He said last night he said even if he's in the Bottom 2 again, his song last night was worth it, it meant so much, and yet here we are again. The coaches all thought you had one of the best performances last night, it was perfection. No matter what, we're working together.

It's time for you to instantly save your favorite artist.

To Instant Save Darby Walker, tweet or retweet #VoiceSaveDarby.  You have 5 minutes, so get going!

It Instant Save Aaron Gibson, tweet or retweet #VoiceSaveAaron.  You have 5 minutes, so get going!

After the commercial break, Aaron has a 75% -25% lead over Darby, but you still have a minute to tweet or retweet your Instant Save vote!

Darby tells Coach Miley thank you for allowing her to sing about things that mean something to her, to be a free spirit and express herself 10,000% because people need to realize they can be who they are.  Aaron says thank you for being super amazing and opening up his world of music, to be a performer, to be a good person.

Miley says she thinks both are so important to what the show represents and if either walks away learning anything from their coach, just be yourself.  Darby is tearing up as Miley tries to hold it together.  And Aaron, she says, that you just want to be a good person, that's how I want to win. As a coach I wanted avoid this moment at all costs. You can't always use your falsetto, honey, you can't always use those low notes, but you can always smile at someone and make their day.

Voting is now closed.  The time has come, Darby and Aaron, one of you is instantly saved, the other unfortunately will leave us tonight.  Here we go.

America has Instantly Saved...   Aaron Gibson!  Second week in a row!  Please put your hands together for Darby Walker.  We'll see you next Monday!

This means your Top 10 is, from Team Miley, Ali Caldwell and Aaron Gibson!  From Team Blake, Sundance Head, Courtney Harrell and Austin Allsup!  From Team Alicia, Christian Cuevas and We' McDonald!  And from Team Adam, Josh Gallagher, Billy Gilman and Brendan Fletcher!  

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This is The Voice! We are live with your Top 10.  I'm Carson Daly and keep it going, there's Mr. Adam Levine. Say high to Miley Cyrus! The lovely Alicia Keys!  And Blake Shelton is joining us tonight.  The biggest night of the season, our Finale is 2 weeks away.  The Top 10 are taking the stage tonight, doing everything they can to stick around.  Tomorrow night, 2 will be eliminated no matter what team they're on.  Voting is now open for all artists on all platforms.  

We kick it off with the Rhode Island pop singer from Team Adam, going back to his country roots, it's Billy Gilman.  Singing Anyway (Martina McBride), he recorded a demo of Martina songs that she heard sent to Sony, who signed him at age 10.  Adam says that kind of versatility and range is what creates a winner. He tells Billy not to change anything at the end, his big thing is that perfect and soulful note.  Adam coaches the band to be a little more dramatic and slow build behind the vocal.

Billy opens soft, his voice light and sensitive, his vocal soothing.  Then the band kicks it into gear and he heads into the chorus with more power, his voice expanding and soaring.  He drops back for the next verse, then turns it up again for the chorus, filling the air with big, sustained notes that send tingles through the audience.  He drops back for a third time and this time the anticipation of the build-up is rewarded with a huge climax, the last 10 seconds or more (and at least 3 note changes) on a single breath of air.

Carson says Adam has a look on his face every time Billy sings like the Guinness Book of Records has been broken.  Blake says I'm happy to see Billy go back to the well if only for this week because he's so good at it, that's still what I think of for him and this is why, you really connected with the song that way.  Incredible range.  Miley says that was not good for us (her and Alicia) at this stage in the competition but it was really good for you, and I'm nervous. This was a moment big enough for your voice.

Coach Adam says it's amazing you can still astound me, everyone knows you can sing, knows your story, but I cannot explain how special what we just heard was, it was a Remarkable feat to do what you just did, I'm amazed and blown away.  Again.

Now it's Team Blake's LA songwriter who's breaking out of her shell with a song she absolutely loves, Courtney Harrell, singing If I Could Turn Back Time (Cher).  It's her big 80's moment, Blake says.  My favorite genre, Courtney says.  Cher's voice is so distinct, this is going to be a huge challenge but she's going to try to channel the style.  She was insecure growing up, her own people didn't understand her tastes in music and this song is about going back and taking away that doubt.  

It's an 80's beat, and 80's stage setting, but Courtney offers a modern take on this classic song.  Her voice is static, choppy, powerful and dramatic as she struts the stage in her black leather, not missing a note as she steps down into the audience pit. I think I might have gone for a bit more energy, really rocked it out because she has the chops to really let go.  Still, she belts out her vocal, stepping up the song towards the end creating momentum towards the end.

When done, she gives the coaches a look as if to say, judge that! Alicia says she and Miley were laughing because Miley didn't realize they could do pyro in their performances.  That represented you so well, you emanate such grace and beauty then that voice comes out relentless, never stopping. You take the expected and turn it on it's head.  That was you.  

Coach Blake says this was like a new contestant stepped into the Top 10. Your stage presence, your personality came out like it's never come out before. We expect you to blow our mind with your singing, but your performance looked like you were having the kind of fun that you should be on the show.

We continue with Team Adam's artist fully embracing his inner country superstar, here's Josh Gallagher.  Singing Real Good Man (Tim McGraw), Josh says Adam has helped him grow his confidence to turn it up and ride the up-tempo, boot stomping energy with the audience. Adam tells him to try to sing behind the beat and to think about his new bride while singing, dropping off the childish ways and becoming a man. Adam says his personality comes through during performances because his authenticity feeds the audience.

The beat is pounding and Josh is playing his electric as he pumps out his vocal, his country voice at home on this rock-a-billy raunch.  It's like he's been doing this all his life, playing around with the guitarists as he makes his way from the back to the front of the stage, his voice solid and strong.  He performs a guitar solo with a violinist then easily slides into a stripped down verse that showcases his voice.  This was simply fun to watch and even more fun to listen to.  Team Adam is out-countrying Team Blake.

Alicia says that was fantastic, you were so in your element, you controlled the feeling, starting at the top and moving down the stage, always in your skin and controlling the energy and message, I loved it.  Coach Adam says before tonight, Josh was a great singer and a great guy, but tonight, a country star was on the stage. That was amazing. I'm blown away.

Don't forget, if an artist's song is in the iTunes Top 10 Singles chart at the end of voting, their downloads will count as votes multiplied by 5 and aggregate through the Finale.

We continue with Team Miley's Atlanta alt-rocker with a fighting spirit, here's Aaron Gibson.  Singing Rocket Man (Elton John), Miley notes that his performances have been darker but his Instant Save songs get him through because they're more fun so they'll try to do that the first time this time.  He wants America to see he's in it to win it. Miley works on pumping up the arrangement that has a Dave Matthews feel.

Aaron gives the classic song a bluesy feel, his vocal laid back and just kind of floating out there, swinging around for a pass then drifting back again. His voice is soft around the edges, going from dreamy to bouncy, changing tempo like a car speeding only to slow down then speed up again.  It's interesting enough to hold my attention and enjoy the performance because I just don't know how he's going to sing each line next.

Adam says when you make it into the Top 10, everyone has a similar opportunity to make something out of it and I feel you're establishing yourself through the show and after the show, make the best of what you have.  Coach Miley says I love pyro and smoke, but that's not you, you don't need glitter and glam. You just need your guitar and your voice, that's all you want to be as an artist and you killed it tonight.

And now a performance by a 3-time Grammy awarded band, fronted by our very own coach, Adam Levine, with thew new hit song, Don't Want To Know, give it up for Maroon 5!

We continue with Team Alicia's Orlando soul singer, who found inspiration from a surprising song choice, here's Christian Cuevas.  Singing Million Reasons (Lady Gaga), he's supported by his hometown church and since he can't do Gaga like Gaga, he's got to do it like him.  Alica says you have to find your way through it, it's your fate, you have a million reasons to walk away but why don't you? It's your faith. She tells him to give it a lot of juice, but softer, exploring his head voice. Lead the audience to expect that big note then don't, instead, concluding with a big cry.

Christian's vocal is soft and intense, his vocal a bit desperate, struggling to find his inner self.  By design, not by fault, and it results in a very effective performance, full of emotion and spiked with short-lived outbursts of power notes accenting the deeply personal.  The big notes get the audience's attention but it is the huge, passionate direction he leads the song that makes it so good.

Blake says that was a very timely performance, we only have 2 more weeks left, you're an incredible vocalist and now you've had an incredible moment. I love how at the end you didn't do the obvious and go over the top but got soft, that was tasteful.  Coach Alicia says an artist was born on this stage right here, you took me through an emotional experience, you were crying, an artist takes life and makes it relatable and tonight, that was you.

We continue with Team Blake's Texas country singer and family man who's putting his own personal stamp on a rock hit, here's Austin Allsup.  Singing Missing You (John Waite), he was mentioned in a Bob Seeger post last week.  Growing up, his dad wasn't around a lot but his mom was a constant.  Blake suggests trimming it down to the piano and Austin to help show a softer side. Then swell up at the end to make it seem more intimate. Austin is learning the melody verbatim before making his own tweaks.

Austin is sitting on a stool inside a circular structure, his voice slow and wistful, the vocal personal and steeped in emotion.   The performance is honest and sincere during the chorus as he glad hands the front row fans, steady and strong.  My only complaint is that during the verses, it feels like he's reciting his lines, almost like he's waiting for a reaction rather than internalizing the feelings he's expressing.

Miley says only on Team Blake can you get a cammo tuxedo.  I don't know what came over me, they way you were screaming into that mic, I got teary eyed because I was in your shoes and feeling you.  I really belied you and it was really powerful, one of my favorite performances of yours.  Coach Bake says there's something that happens when you're on stage, you're so tall and lanky as you stroll around, lallygagging, then you stop and this music, range, power comes out of him, you took a classic song and made it your own.

We continue now with the youngest artist in the competition, always full of surprises, here's We' McDonald.  Singing God Bless The Child (Billie Holiday), she's nervous heading into her first session with Alicia, wanting to do the song justice. Her family has sacrificed so much for her, she wants to channel Alicia's swag since she isn't the coolest girl. Alicia wants to unleash the opera side of her voice since she's had formal training.  Just when you thought you knew who We' was, Alica says, there's more.

We' opens addressing the audience about how much she's learned and then proceeds to show us.  Standing in a pool of fog, she proceeds to take us to church, matching her stage presence and her incredible vocal talents that go so far beyond her years.  She throws some sass into her voice, layered with spirit and attitude, she's combined her vocal talents with a fun and entertaining complete performance.  She leads the audience in a back and forth at the end, and concluding with an incredible operatic aria, achieving moment status.

Yeah, screams Alicia as the audience delivers a sustained applause.  That song came out in 1942, Carson says, and you're just 17.  Coach Alicia says you are, there's nobody like you. Period. It's just incredible to see you, people don't do that at 17, it's just a beautiful thing to appreciate and honor the way you're bringing so much to it and honoring who you are, so many sides, the opera side, the jazz side and the soul and pop side, there's no boundary for you.  You burst through America's hearts every time you sing.

We continue with Team Adam's Brooklyn rocker who is showing a softer side this week, Brendan Fletcher.  Singing True Colors (Cindi Lauper), Adam says do it super organic with some cool horns and piano, an earthy vibe. Brendan is excited to sing a vulnerable song, to take a risk and let himself go.  Adam tells him to imagine Bruce Springsteen singing Cindi Lauper. The song reminds him of the support of his parents as he pursued music in college. Adam says the song should swell and pulse and build, not lose traction. His potential is limitless.

The band sets the soft and emotional tone with a beautiful oboe accompaniment, then Brendan's rough and soulful voice comes in and the combination is just mesmerizing. The arrangement has silent pauses between verses that just makes you more excited to hear his voice again.  Sensitive and vulnerable, his vocal has a sensual, romantic vibe that makes you feel everything is going to be OK.  There was no power notes in the performance but there was greatness in the subtlety.

Miley says you just sang about a rainbow, I'm so happy. You just made True Colors, your version, my new favorite song. I was imagining you were singing to me, picturing I was special like a rainbow.

Coach Adam says we talk about voices that have all this bombast, big giant things and explosions and fireworks, and we love that, but you're the first guy this season to artistically create a version of a song that didn't exist before and is so incredibly different and special and valuable, that people want to listen to. You relaxed on stage for the first time and smiled.  An incredible night for you.

We continue now with Team Blake's soul country singer who's looking for a standout performance to match his success last week, here's Sundance Head. Singing Me And Jesus (Tom T Hall), he received a tweet from Sarah Silverman last week. The arrangement is bluegrass.  Blake suggests slowing it down then break in with a barn burner. He works with the band to give Sundance the opportunity to kick it into overdrive. Someone might get hurt in the mosh pit, Sundance jokes.  Blake wants to bring in a banjo player. The song is about salvation, Sundance says, his wife saved him and he's singing this for her.

Sundance starts with an easy going, rollicking vocal, his voice strong and clear.  This was foot tapping fun as rolls through the song on greased wheels, flowing from verse to verse without missing a beat, strong and solid.  Midway he drops out the band and takes the vocal with the percussion and background singers, slowing it down to gospel quality.  And then the party begins, the tempo picks up, the audience dancing in their seats, the light shining through the stain glass window, having an epiphany from above.

Alicia gives Blake a high five. She says to Sundance, you have my heart and you take it wherever you go, the blues, bluegrass, gospel, country, soul, it's all in that same wheelhouse. When you sing, I'm right at home and your music just brings us together no matter what.  Coach Blake says congratulations, we've never had a performance like that ever in 11 seasons on this show, not just the obvious moment and talent, but the message of the song, people have their own personal relationship with Gd these days.

We close out tonight's Top 10 performances with Team Miley's powerhouse, Ali Caldwell, who's going back to basics.  Singing Without You (Harry Nilsson), she and Aaron sing Happy Birthday to their coach.  She makes me want to work harder, Ali says of Miley. Miley tells Ali she can do a version of a song so powerful that people will believe it's your own song. This song shows what she would do if she won, Miley says. Ali says I couldn't live without music and that's what she's singing about.  Miley tells her to hold the notes up longer and not come down.

Standing in an elegant dress in a bed of fog, Ali's voice is strong and silky, ringing out among the stars, contained sensitivity. Then she hits the chorus and her voice belts out the passion and emotion.  Leading into the second chorus, she ramps up the big notes that blow the fog away from the stage, revealing a huge train on her dress the length of the stage.  As the wind blows, the video panels on the stage floor reveal water behind her.  She closes out with standing ovation from the coaches and audiences.

Carson says that's a 60' train! Oh my Goodness! Adam says not the best choreograph in the entire world because that dress slowly made it's way 50,000 feet across the stage. I've never seen anything like that.  Coach Miley says or the biggest voice we needed the biggest train.  I am so honored to be your coach, watching you perform takes me back to the Blinds when you chose me, the first time I felt I had won.  Spending time with you, make music with you, create dreams like this dress with you, my goal in life is to make you the biggest star in the world and shine the way you deserve to.

So who had your favorite performance tonight? Was it Billy Gilman, Josh Gallagher or Brendan Fletcher from Team Adam?  How about Courtney Harrell, Austin Allsup or Sundance Head from Team Blake?  Or maybe Aaron Gibson or Ali Caldwell from Team Miley?  Or Christian Cuevas or We' McDonald from Team Alicia?  It's time to vote!

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This is The Voice! Come on in, everybody, I'm Carson Daly and tonight we're going to find out your Top 8 Semi-Finalists.  Keep it going for your coaches: Mr. Adam Levine! Miley Cyrus! Alicia Keys, and Blake Shelton! Tonight 7 artists will be saved by your votes overnight and the bottom three will sing for your Instant Save.  For the first time this season, a double-elimination tonight.  

But first, we'll start off with some awesome music. She is the most honored female country music artist of all time, tonight the one and only Dolly Parton teams up with country superstar Jennifer Nettles for a song from their new holiday special, together with our Top 10, ladies and gentlemen, Circle of Love.  

All season season long, coaches Blake and Adam have been facing off against Alicia and Miley in a very heated Game Night. They are tied 1-1, so we had to enlist our Queen of Games, Jane Lynch, to help break that tie.  Have a look.

Please give our Top 10 a hand as they come onto center stage tonight: Billy Gilman, Courtney Harrell, Josh Gallagher, Aaron Gibson, Christian Cuevas, Austin Allsup, We' McDonald, Brendan Fletcher, Sundance Head and Ali Caldwell!  

Every artist charted on the iTunes Singles Chart last light and five, Billy Gilman, Christian Cuevas, We' McDonald, Brendan Fletcher and Sundance Head charted in the Top 10 by the close of voting.  But was that enough? Best of luck to you all.  In my hands are the names of the first two artists who are safe and moving on to the Top 8 Semi-Finals.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Adam...   Brendan Fletcher, you are in the Semi-Finals! Congratulations!

America also saved...  From Team Blake...   Sundance Head! The #1 song on the iTunes Singles Chart.  Brendan had #2.

Let's get to more of your results.  Here they come, the remaining 8 artists.  Welcome back and good luck to you all.  I have the name of the next  two artists who are safe and moving onto the Top 8. Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Alicia...   Christian Cuevas!  Congratulations, you're in the Top 8 Semi-Finals!

America also saved...   From Team Miley...   Ali Caldwell, you're moving on!  All four coaches will be represented in the Semi-Finals next week.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your remaining 6 artists. Let's get back to the eliminations.  It's time to announce 2 more who will be saved by America's votes; the bottom four will still be at risk of elimination.  Here we go.

America saved...   From Team Adam...   Billy Gilman! You've got good reason to smile, you're moving on to the Semi-Finals!

America also saved...   We' McDonald from Team Alicia! All of Team Alicia is safe tonight!

Here is a special performance of the song, Jolene, please welcome super group Pentatonix, our own coach, Miley Cyrus, and the great Dolly Parton!

Morty's TV joins with the thoughts of our family on The Voice for the people of Gatlinburg, Tennessee affected by the fires tonight.  

Let's bring out your four remaining artists, Courtney Harrell, Josh Gallhagher, Aaron Gibson and Austin Allsup.  Best of luck to you.  One of you will be saved by America's vote, and the other three will sing for the Instant Save.  Here we go.

America saved...   Josh Ghallager from Team Adam!  That's a clean sweep for Team Adam.

Courtney, Aaron and Austin will now perform songs they picked to prove to you why they should be in the Semi-Finals.  Singing Tennessee Whisky (Chris Stapleton) for his last chance to remain on Team Blake, here is Austin Allsup.  No guitar, just Austin and his voice with a light musical backup.  This reminds us why Austin is so good, a smooth country soul voice who can punch the power without sacrificing the melody, his vocal carrying the story with emotion and passion and genuine believability.  I love you, he says to his family at the end.

Adam says I really like you, I was asleep at the wheel with you for a while, but I'm now a believer.  And your such a great guy.  Coach Blake says one of the feathers in my cap is I was the only one who turned my chair around for you and you're still standing and you just proved why, a great country music singer unlike anyone else out there.

Now singing Bless The Broken Road (Rascal Flatts) for her last chance to remain in the competition, also from Team Blake, Courtney Harrell.  Her voice is elegant and confident, her voice a little squeaky with emotion during the verses.  She's got the power and knows how to use it, maybe a few more acrobatics than Austin but I think he carries a stronger quiet energy.

Alicia says that was beautiful, your heart is pure when you sing, life tries to squeeze us into boxes but you've burst out of these places and stand in your ownness. Please continue that every day.  Coach Blake says I hope you understand your instincts were right, look how far you've made it into this competition, how far America has taken you.

Now singing Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (Bob Dylan) for his last chance to stay in this competition, here's Team Miley's Aaron Gibson. With only his acoustic and a harmonica, he delivers a quiet, cerebral vocal, his voice soft and gritty at the bottom, a folksy narrative that has the audience silently enthralled.  

Miley's eyes are moist. Adam says that was the best performance you've ever had on the show and you are the guy who should be moving on.  Coach Miley says my mom is crying back stage and that was so nice of Adam, we really needed it, I believe the same thing, you deserve to be here. But if you don't, what you're going to do will be incredible and well be playing your songs so loud.  You're so honest and real and it shows.

It's now time to save either Courtney, Austin or Aaron.  The Voice Twitter Instant Save starts right now.

The Twitter Instant Save is now open. To save Courtney Harrell, Tweet or ReTweet #VoiceSaveCourtney.  You have 5 minutes so GO!

The Twitter Instant Save is now open. To save Austin Allsup, Tweet or ReTweet #VoiceSaveAustin .  You have 5 minutes so GO!

The Twitter Instant Save is now open. To save Aaron Gibson, Tweet or ReTweet #VoiceSave Aaron.  You have 5 minutes so GO!

As we come back from break, the vote are at 40% for Aaron, 39% for Austin, and 21% for Courtney but you still have a minute to vote.

Austin tells Blake he's still as cool as he was when they met 11 years ago.  Courtney says I faced my biggest fear of being seen and heard and rejected and you've helped me be free.  Aaron tells Miley she's one of the most genuine and awesome human beings he's ever met and she's made more of an impact than she'll ever understand.  Best of luck to all three of you.

Coach Blake says there's nothing you can say to justify being in the Bottom Three and nothing that's bad about it. It's just one of those things. Look how far both of you have come in the competition. This is one of the coolest moments for me and hopefully for you two. I'll never forget the memories the three of us have made.  Coach Miley says to all three of you, everyone in the room should understand, it takes so much strength to get up on that stage, it's the most intimidating stage I've ever performed on.  It's about celebrating music and artists and talent.

The Twitter Instant Save window has closed and the results are in. One of you has been instantly saved and the other two are unfortunately are going home.  Here we go.

America has Instantly Saved...   Aaron Gibson from Team Miley!  Three weeks in a row! And just like that, Team Blake goes from 3 to 1.

So here are your Semi-Final Top 8 artists: From Team Adam, Billy Gilman, Josh Gallagher and Brendan Fletcher.  From Team Blake, Sundance Head.  From Team Miley, Aaron Gibson and Ali Caldwell.  And from Team Alicia, Christian Cuevas and We' McDonald.  With 2 weeks to go, who do you think is going to win it all?


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This is The Voice! This is the Top 8 Semi-Finals.  Good evening, I'm Carson Daly, keep it going for your coaches, Mr. Adam Levine, the very shiny Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, and Blake Shelton.  Drink up, Cowboy.  It's the most important night of competition yet as our 8 Semi-finalists each perform twice, a new song and a duet, then tomorrow night, only 4 artist advance to the finale.

Voting is now open for all artists across all methods.  We start with Team Alicia's Orlando soul singer, going back to where it all started, it's Christian Cuevas. Last week, @ladygaga tweeted him, then he hit #6 on iTunes. This week he's performing To Worship You I Live (Away) (Israel & New Breed), a little known gospel song that he's dreamed of performing.

Alicia says you listen to this and are drawn into it. Christian says his grandmother used to sing this in Spanish and so he's mixing it up. Alicia gives him ideas how to make the band help him sound super angelic.  You have to do what you love, Alica says, you have to love it so much that the audience can't help but love it with you.

Standing below snowflakes suspended from the ceiling, his voice lightly falls on the fog-covered stage, his vocal both graceful and earnest, his acoustic guitar lightly accenting the performance, the deep felt emotion crying tears of happiness.  His power (Christian's, not the other guy's, though maybe both) is evident as is his ability to move and carry an audience.

Adam says I run out of things to say about you, I knew I'd be seeing you now when I didn't get you on my team. Nobody in the competition wears their emotions on their sleeves the way you do and I envy that. Blake says whether it's up tempo fun or a sad song or a song of faith and worship, whatever you feel, you have the ability to make us feel and that's the mark of a great artist.

Coach Alicia says this was your dream and you lived it, you lit up when you chose this song, it represents you as a man, as a human being, spreading light. You lost yourself in the moment and that's the mark of an artist. Thank you for giving your heart, showing everyone who you are.

We kick off our duets with two artists who couldn't be more different but whose incredibly unique voices both stood out this season.  We' McDonald and Aaron Gibson are performing FourFiveSeconds (Rihanna). Sitting on steps under which the video water flows, the pairing of their vocals produces a nice harmony, while their contrasting solo voices fit together like sleepy pieces to a puzzle. In terms of character and personality, I think Aaron has the better vocal; We' needed more opportunity to open up rather than sing behind Aaron.

We continue with Team Miley's New York powerhouse, trusted with a song by two of the most influential female vocalists in music, here's Ali Caldwell.  Singing I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton & Whitney Houston), Whitney was the first voice Ali ever heard sings a girl and she's been waiting for this moment. Miley says her voice naturally leans towards the Whitney vibe but she can blend in some of the Dolly elements that touch your heart.

Ali opens with a soft and lilty vocal, the lights slowly revealing her white dress laced with red roses, she's the epitome of grace and elegance as her voice shifts into and out of a falsetto ease, her power pushing the boundaries reminiscent but not similar to the original. Miley finally got to use pyrotechnics to punctuate the anticipated finale, though Ali provided plenty on her own without letting the climax get away from her, ending with a beautiful aural run.

Alicia says I loved everything about that, Miley had her sparklers drop down, but more importantly (to Ali), you honored that look of yours, the red theme keeps coming up all the time, not shaken by the legendary song, you were able to mix and strengthen the styles, you were restrained, a perfect performance, so beautiful.  

Coach Miley says in 2016, Ali and I are like Whitney and Dolly, if you can share that emotion through the lyrics, and don't focus on how high you can hit and how much you can wail, we all know you can do it, but you never lost feeling, you sang as beautiful as you look and you are a rose, the most stunning, a perfect performance.

Remember, you can listen to all your live show songs on Apple Music and download them from iTunes, and if an artist's song is in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles chart at the close of voting, those downloads will be multiplied by 5 as votes, accumulated through next week's Finale.

We continue with Team Adam's Brooklyn rocker with a song that's a perfect emotional choice to follow up with last week's success.  Here's Brendan Fletcher with Angel (Sarah McLachlan).  B3INT #2 on iTunes last week was surreal. Adam says he has the kind of voice that can pull anything off, and this is an honest response, embracing the tender side of his voice. What touches people from Brendan is the sincerity.  Brendan will be thinking of a childhood friend he used to play open mics with who passed away recently.

Adam says make the big parts big and the soft parts even more tender.  He urges Brendan to use pauses to give the song energy, make it bluesier, and he directs the drummer to use soft brushes.  

Surrounded by flameless candles, his voice is a little quiet and subdued, maybe a little too much so as the emotional impact of the song feels like it's lost in the nuance of the vocal performance, the pace and the pauses making it harder to maintain a connection.  Even Adam looked a little sleepy as this performance lacked the passionate impact I think he had hoped for.

Blake says its been fun watching you grow in popularity, every week you rank higher and higher because your voice is so infectious, that gravely, warm sound, I selfishly want you to do some Michael McDonald, I want it so badly.  Coach Adam says I'm shameless, you should vote for him if you want something different, a different shade or tone than we often see, he's doing something something so him and pure to who he is, he deserves to be in the finale.

We continue with a duet by two country artists with very different styles but the same competitive spirit, here's Josh Gallagher and Sundance Head singing Feelin' Alright (Joe Cocker).  Both playing acoustic, Sundance sets the tone with a dirty vocal, his voice digging deep into his gut. Josh counters with his equally edgy but higher register vocal, his vocal coloring outside the lines. They don't so much as try to sing with each other as in and out of and around each other, weaving a fun, up-tempo, energetic sound wave.

We continue with Team Alicia's 17yr old singer striving to be an artist with an important message, We' McDonald.  Singing Scars To Your Beautiful (Alessia Cara), this is the kind of artist she wants to be, with a message. Alicia says she is so relatable, the beauty in her soul. She gives her the space to not rush in the song.  The song is currently on the charts but tonight's version will be We' style.

With an organ accompaniment, her mic atop a lit column, her voice is moody and serious, deep and intense. She hits the chorus and begins to come alive, singing to her guitarist as she descends some steps, a group of drums below ready to pound out the drama and feeling of the fast paced lyric, but I don't think this was her best vocal.  Ever the showman, leading the band and the audience with her power and presence, something felt a little off, whether it was pitch or tone, I just don't know, but the audience either disagreed or just didn't care.

Miley says the greatest thing is it's what We' can do on her own tour, how you used the stage and set to lift you up, the runway, I can't wait to wear your t-shirt. Coach Alicia says she knows what she wants, it's We's vision, her own artistry, her own message, how she wants to make people feel, and we can't stop screaming for you.  We are witnessing the growth of a star.

We continue with Team Miley's alt-rocker who made history last week when he was Instantly Saved for the 3rd week in a row, performing a hit song at the most crucial point in the competition, here's Aaron Gibson.  Singing (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (Bryan Adams), he honored his bet and shaved his legs and received a tweet from William Shatner.  Miley says it's important for him to not get lost with this song, a big classic hit everyone can sing along with and be involved.  She tells him to not sing it how Bryan sings it but on the same timing.

He says parents love him, but he's still single.  Miley tells him not to push it at the start but save it for the end. He needs to show America why they keep saving him each week, have a big moment.  He says if he makes the Top 4, he'll die his hair any color of Miley's choosing. Hot pink she says.  You got to get me there first, he says.  

Totally single, Aaron stands before a leafless forest, the stars spinning in space on the video wall behind, his voice rough and dirty just like Bryan Adams but just different. The vocal is soft and earnest, calm and collected, sweet and sincere.  He grabs the mic as the music begins to climb and build in intensity though his voice never seems to get bigger.   Never the less, by the end, it seems stronger and more real.

Coach Miley says I know you sang that song for me so I really believed it.  This was different from anything we've done in the competition, everyone is coming out guns-a-blazing and this was a song that shouldn't have you in the Bottom.  You executed it so well, thank you so much.

Next up is a duet between two good friends who've developed a strong bond in the competition, here's the Wonder Twins, Christian Cuevas and Billy Gilman.  Christian confesses his first grade teacher only played Billy Gilman's Oklahoma.

Singing Unsteady (X Ambassadors), Christian starts down in the audience, his vocal range conveying the emotion echoed by Billy standing in the audience on the other side of the stage. They slowly join each other on stage, each singing slow and passionately, Christian's voice smooth and sugary while Billy is more bouncy and expressive. The two don't exactly harmonize but they do come together really well.  At the end, the band drops out and it's just their sweet voices bringing the performance home.

We continue with a return performance by Team Adam's country singer with a song that's a dream come true, here's Josh Gallagher.  Singing Danny's Song (Kenny Loggins), he wants to quiet it down and have a me moment on stage. Adam says this shows the complete, well rounded you after emphasizing his performance ability. The song reminds him of his wife, a day care teacher, they don't have much money but are happy with each other.

Adam moves the band's arrangement from the end to the second verse, countrified. Then he adds some background vocals for the chorus.  Josh says Adam has a very clear path where he wants this song to go. Josh says his acoustic gigs are his favorite to play because it's just him.  I need a breakout performance, he says.

Sitting in a light circle on a stool with his guitar, he's a pure country folk singer, his voice comfortable and cushiony, clear and hopeful, his vocal happy and reassuring. His country twang and a complimentary guitar lick adds authenticity to this classic ballad of bliss. He does play around with the melody a little but it's not tragic because his vocal is true. You could hear a pin drop in the audience as they are held spellbound, you don't even realize at first there's a choir in the background.  When he's done, though, the audience erupts.

Coach Adam says I know you know you nailed it because you were so happy after you did it. I happen to believe that was vocally, feel-wise, the best of the night so far because it was the best song for your voice, so tasteful, you sound better than you ever have.

Our final duet of the night comes from two powerful artists coming together for a bit rock song, it's Ali Caldwell and Brendan Fletcher, singing It's Only Love (Bryan Adams). The electric guitars are strumming and Ali is working the audience while Josh works the strings. He leads off with a gravelly first verse, followed by Ali's Heart-filled turn.  She owns the stage as Josh is limited by his guitar but that doesn't stop the two from making electricity with their voices that work together very well in an unrestrained, high-energy kind of way.

We continue with Team Blake's last remaining artist, tackling country music royalty, it's Sundance Head, singing Love Can Build A Bridge (The Judds).  Blake says he's #1 on iTunes and can still win this thing. Blake says he's paid his dues.  Sundance says he was working 45 hours in the oil fields and still doing 4 gigs a week. Luckily, he was laid off.  The song is Blake's idea and Sundance seems nervous, but takes a call from Wynonna who tell shim no pressure, it's just one of her mom's legacy songs.  Just be you, she says, and I get wait to watch you just let it rip.

Sundance asks Blake to sing the song for him to study and the effort pays off. Blake challenges him to take his voice even higher.  His voice has so much power, Blake says, but more than that, he has a special way of getting to your heart.  

Introduced by piano, he opens in classic ballad style, his voice ringing out with sincerity and honesty.  But when he gets to the chorus, you begin to sense this is not in his wheelhouse, sounding a bit wooden and repeatedly cutting off the word "bridge".  He's back comfortable with the second verse and for the second chorus, he's joined by a choir that adds a little more color. By the third verse and chorus, he's in his power element, building up to huge notes that soar, closing strong.

All four coaches are on their feet. Coach Blake throws his hands up in the air and says I think everything great right now, dude, what can you say about Sundance anymore, it blows my mind. Every week you blow people away, you are not like anyone else in the world, so much passion when you sing coupled with so much natural-born talent, you put it together on the stage, this is really happening, dude, this could not have been better.

We end the Semi-Finals with Team Adam's pop singer who is finally showing the world the kind of artist he's always dreamed of being, it's Billy Gilman! Singing I Surrender (Celine Dion), he received a congratulatory tweet last week from Martina McBride. This is a big Celine song but not THE big Celine. This is the type of sing he would sing in private growing up, Billy says.  Adam tells him the purity of his voice has been at a 10 but he needs to sing in such a way that lets people in, rock out and get lost in the performance and people will respond.  Adam suggests the song has been so big, he should end quieter.

Standing under a chandelier in a bed of fog, dressed in black in front of a black Grand Piano, his voice rings out clear and soft, sensitive and inviting, then his vocal throws a switch and he goes into drama mode, climbing the scale in the chorus then sliding back to the bottom.  I don't think he's as strong in his bottom register, there's a little quavering, but you cannot argue with his power, the ability to sustain an emotionally charged note.

In the middle of the chorus, the black backdrop is suddenly felled then pulled up to dramatically reveal the full band, creating a magic energy that just keeps building as he changes into a new key mid note and chorus comes on stage to back him up. Dramatic lighting, exaggerated body movements, the emotion and excitement of the climax just goes into overdrive as he brings this penultimate performance to a breathtaking close.

That is how you close the Semi-Finals, Carson says.  And thank you to the amazing Paul Murkovich and the Murkovich band,  All the coaches and audience are on their feet, and Billy is jumping up and down, still pumped up with excitement.  Adam eggs on the audience's cheers.  Coach Adam says you know about Billy, there's not much to tell, we know what he can do, and this doesn't happen often, Sundance was so incredible tonight, and I thought, thank Gd Billy's next because no one else could follow him.  

The look of shock and amazement on the other coaches at your ability to sing, it's hard for Celine Dione to sing a Celine Dione song, and that was an impossible task to sing the length of those notes you held out with such passion, it's unbelievable. Nobody appreciates this as much as this guy, one of the most humble and hardworking guys I know.

So there you have the Semi-Final performances as your Top 8 sang for their chance to form your Top Four tomorrow night.  Will you send Team Alicia's Christian Cuevas or We' McDonald to the finale? Or Team Blake's Sundance Head?  Will you send Team Miley's Ali Caldwell or Aaron Gibson?  Or will you reward Team Adam, the only team with all three artists remaining, Brendan Fletcher, Josh Gallagher or Billy Gilman?

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This is The Voice!  We are live with your results, I'm Carson Daly, please say hi to your coaches, here's Adam Levine.  Miley Cyrus.  Here's Alicia Keys.  Blake Shelton.  We're getting down to it as we find out which four of our Top 8 will advance to next week's Finale. Your fourth finalist will be determined by your last Instant Save.  

Let's find out our first finalists, here are your Top 8: Christian Cuevas sang To Worship You I Live (Away) and charted in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles Chart.  Ali Caldwell sang I Will Always Love You.  Brendan Fletcher sang Angel.  Josh Gallagher sang Danny's Song and charted in the iTunes Singles Top 10.  We' McDonald sang Scars To Your Beautiful.  Sundance Head charted in the Top 10 on iTunes with Love Can Build A Bridge.  Aaron Gibson sang (Everything I Do) I Do It For You.  And Billy Gilman sang I Surrender, charting in the iTunes Singles Chart Top 10.

Good luck to all the artists, I'll now reveal the name, in no particular order, of the very first artist saved by your vote.  Here we go.

America saved...   Billy Gilman from Team Adam, you are in the Finals!

Next, they are global music superstars. Tonight, they're here to sing their brand new single, with Let's Hurt Tonight, please give a warm welcome to our friends, One Republic!

This week our Top 8 Semi-Finalists got a big surprise when they got an exclusive tour of the upcoming television event, our own Hairspray Live, right here on the Universal backlot.  Have a look!

Let's find out another artist saved by your vote. Our remaining artists join me now center stage.  I'm going to announce the name of the next artist moving on to the Finale.  Here we go.

The second Finalist is...   Sundance Head, Team Blake!  You did it, buddy, Blake Shelton's only artist makes it to the Finale!

She was Team Pharrell's finalist last season and you picked her to return for a special homecoming performance, and we're excited to debut her new single, I Alone Have Loved You, please welcome back to The Voice, Hannah Huston!  

It's time to reveal the name of your third finalist, please welcome back to the stage your remaining six artists.  I'm going to announce the name of one more artist moving on to the Finale.  Here we go.

The third Finalist is...   We' McDonald, Team Alicia!  The youngest in this competition has a ticket to the Finale!

Before we get to the rest of your results, a family member takes the stage. He's a 4-time winning coach with 22 #1 songs, with his new hit single, A Guy With A Girl, give it up for our buddy, Mr. Blake Shelton!

Let's bring out your remaining 5 artists and get back to the business at hand on a tough Elimination Night. In my hand are the 3 artists who will be performing tonight for the Instant Save. I will reveal those names in no particular order.  The remaining 2 received the lowest number of votes and will unfortunately leave us tonight. Here we go.

The first artist performing for a spot in the Finale is...   Ali Caldwell from Team Miley!

The second artist performing for a spot in the Finale is...   Josh Gallagher from Team Adam!

Just one more artist with a shot to perform tonight.  The third artist performing for a spot in the Finale is...   Christian Cuevas from Team Alicia!

We say goodnight to Aaron Gibson and Brendan Fletcher.

Singing I Can't Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt) for his only chance to make it into the Finals, from Team Alicia, please welcome Christian Cuevas.  He opens with a soft and cuddly vocal, his voice sincere and tender, his vocal comes off a bit numb, devoid of his usual emotional power.  Then he kicks it into second gear and the feelings start pouring through his voice, but this time I think his singing just wasn't quite up to his standard.

Coach Alicia says if you can't feel Christian's soul when he sings, there's never been an impure moment, that hasn't translated to the truth inside him in music and song, that's all we look for, you say and speak the truth, you are incredible.

Now singing Sledgehammer (Rihanna) for her only chance to become a Finalist, representing Team Miley, please welcome Ali Caldwell. Graceful and strong, her vocal is confident and her voice fills the air with a dynamic talent as she delivers this Sia song, her power channeled into a dramatic display of control and range. A very strong claim to make it to the Finale.

Coach Miley says I don't even know how you did what you just did because I'm ready to pass out. Life isn't always what we choose but it's what we make it. This is a wall and you just pushed right through it like I knew you would.  

Now singing I Drive Your Truck (Lee Brice) for his only chance to make it to the Finale, from Team Adam, here's Josh Gallagher. His voice soft with a twang, he's opens with a sensitive vocal then segues into a classic country rhythm, pushing vocal intensity with his power, then stripping it back to just the piano, crescendoing back to a sustained note, closing with simple end.

Coach Adam says I only have 10 seconds which sucks but this guy constantly gets better and better, charting higher, he has so much more to give and it'll come next week.

Ali Caldwell, Christian Cuevas join Josh Gallagher.  You can only save one.

InstantSave voting is now open. To save Josh Gallagher, Tweet or Retweet #VoiceSaveJoshG

Instant Save voting is now open. To save Christian Cuevas, Tweet or Retweet #VoiceSaveChristian

Instant Save voting is now open. To save Ali Caldwell, Tweet or Retweet #VoiceSaveAli

At the commercial break, Josh is holding a 44% lead over Ali (31%) and Christian (25%).  But you still have time to vote!

Coach Alicia tells Christian he's handled this with such grace and has a purpose that goes far beyond this moment.  All three do.  You are an incredible light-bearing being and everything feels you, no where to go but upward.  This is a victory either way.

Coach Miley congratulates all three for making it this far, you are all so talented. Ali, people want to see themselves in their artists, you make everyone feel your songs but you are not like anyone else, you are so different, you are a superstar and never forget it. Ever.

Coach Adam says I got started with Josh having stolen him from Blake, thank you Blake, but we've really just hit our stride with the Tim McGraw song and the Loggins & Messina song this week which you got into the Top 5, we're on such a roll.  There's something about you that everyone connects with, whether they know you or not, they feel you, something special about your character and your ability to sing a song in a way that everyone understands.

The Voice Instant Save window has closed and the time has come to find out which artist is our last Finalist.  One of you was Instantly Saved and will advance to next week's Finale.  The other two will be going home tonight.

America Instantly Saved...   Josh Gallagher from Team Adam, you're in the Finale Four!  Congratulations!

Please put your hands together as we say goodbye to Ali Caldwell and Christian Cuevas.

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This is The Voice! Everything has led to This Moment.  Tonight, four of the most unique and talented artists we've ever seen will compete for the last time in the hopes of being named The Voice.  

From Team Adam, Billy Gilman.  From Team Blake, Sundance Head.  From Team Adam, Josh Gallagher.  And from Team Alicia, We' McDonald.  America get ready - The Season 11 Finale starts Right Now!

This  is it, everybody, our Finale performance show, I'm Carson Daly. Keep it going for your coaches: Adam Levine! Miley Cyrus!  Alicia Keys!  And Mr. Blake Shelton!  It all comes down to this, the most important night of competition.  You are picking the winner of The Voice. Our four finalists will each sing a new cover, a duet with their coach, and debut an original song.

We kick things off with Team Adam's pop singer, tackling one of the most iconic songs of all time, My Way (Frank Sinatra), here's Billy Gilman and his coach.  Roll tape.  Billy fits in the category with Frank Sanatra, Adam says, doing this hyper-masculine song for the first time.  Billy says it speaks to how I feel about my time on the show.  Adam says first verse A Capella, second verse Piano, then build tot he finale.  Billy says this is flipping the coin but it's my final statement.  Dropping the mic, adds Adam.

Standing alone at midstage the stage, light from the back, his voice pierces the darkness with solemnity and gravity, mesmerizing, showcasing the talent that once won him a Grammy, delivering the chorus punch line with a slight smile.  His second voice raises the stakes and the power, with huge, sustained power notes.  In his third verse, be begins to relax, conspiratorially with the audience, turning it on as the audience explodes in applause, the drama and the performance climaxing into a Vegas-ready extravaganza, ending with a whisper heard throughout.

Miley (wearing a veil) says you just sang my favorite song in the world and Team Miley was watching you back there, we kept looking at each other and it resonated with all of us, because we did it all way and we have so much pride and joy and so should you.  Coach Adam says I thought you were going to lose it at the end and you kind of did and it was beautiful. Never has someone like Billy, with all that talent and experience, matched a song so beautifully, his heart just poured out on that stage, that's an admirable thing regardless of the outcome.  How do you not feel like you just won The Voice?

Just a reminder that voting is now open for all your Final Four artists, and for the last time, your iTunes downloads count as votes and any artist reaching the Top 10 on the iTunes Singles Chart will have their download votes multiplied times 5.

Tonight you are picking the winner of The Voice and we continue with Team Adam's Josh Gallagher and a he wrote with a couple buddies from Team Adam, Pick Any Small Town.  It's a personal song that reminds him of the small town in which he grew up.  Don't sing it, Adam teases, sang it.  Adam says it's been fun to watch you develop.  You've brought out an experimental side, Josh confesses.  Adam says the song is rich, it lets you in, you guys wrote a great song.

If you forgot Josh was country, this song was a total reminder, with a soft drum beat, heavy on the whispering guitar, and a vocal that tells the story of Americana and a voice that makes you think you've never heard it before.  The audience can be heard clapping along and if you look right now you may be tapping your toe yourself.  Playing the acoustic guitar with an electric in the background, it's both modern and classic at the same time.  A baseball cap instead of a cowboy hat doesn't change its authenticity.  

Blake says that was such a cool story to know you wrote that with Nolan Neal (Team Adam).  That's a song I can relate to - I still live in a town of just 35,000 people.  Great job.  Coach Adam says I feel like the way I wanted to feel about you, this dude could be doing this on The Late Show with 10 records, it feels like it came true and I feel so proud, you're killing it.

We continue with Team Alicia's We McDonald, singing Ave Maria in a duet with her coach, the great Alicia Keys.   Complete with harp, black and white pianos, Alicia opens up in the original Latin with a youth choir behind her, complimented by We', also in Latin, with a string orchestra behind her.  The performance is light and spiritual as the two get up from their respective pianos and continue with an operatic vocal by We' that just blossoms from her voice. Listening to the two side by side, I can't help but observe Alicia cannot sing like her protege.

We continue with Team Blake's Sundance Head and his new original single, Darlin' Don't Go, written for the love of his life.  This is what I want my sound to be, Sundance says, it tells my wife I cannot live without her. Blake says it's incredible to hear you sing a song you wrote yourself.  Sundance loses his composure when Blake tells him that KISS just confirmed to perform with him on tomorrow night's finale.  The month before his brother died, they went to a KISS concert and he sat on his shoulders.  I know, Blake says, It feels like he's around you.

He opens with a huge note, playing his acoustic in a bed of fog, pointing to his wife, the emotion on his face, the guitars gently weeping, the backup gospel vocals, there is no question this is a man in the doghouse begging for a second chance.  But anyone who walks away from this amazing voice, full of sincerity and steadfastness doesn't deserve a second chance. This performance was a masterful piece of country outpouring of soul, and whatever the audience thought, Missy & the kids were smiling, so whatever he did all is forgiven and that's all that matters.

Carson asks Blake what's more exciting, to hear his new original song, or how impressed you are with the way this man sings? Coach Blake says he's most impressed with is that this show has discovered somebody who, it is beyond me how in the hell this guy hasn't been discovered before.  You wrote that song by yourself.  Thank you for almost leaving him, Blake shouts to Missy, and making him write that song about coming back.  Perfect.

We continue with another duet from Coach Adam and Billy Gilman, singing Bye Bye Love (The Everly Brothers). Billy says I could never trust anyone in this business but I've grown to trust Adam.  I'm honored, Adam says.  Pumping up the energy, their voices pair perfectly, with Adam taking the high road and Billy taking the middle ground.  And while vocal styling of his solos sounded natural for Billy, they didn't quite so for Adam, who tried more for soul, as Billy was able to channel his country origins, but the two brothers play off each other well for an entertaining performance.

We move right along to We' McDonald's original song, written just for her inspired by her Blind Audition to perfectly showcase the artist she's become, Wishes.  Alicia coaches her on how to sing it, fitting her low register, the lyrics fitting into her life at multiple levels.  Sometimes you need to make it on your own to make your wishes come true.

In her deep mature voice, the drama flows thick and syrupy from her voice, but the lyrics are hard to follow until she gets centers stage to belt her chorus.  Her eyes moist during the second verse, the drummer pounding out the rhythm of intensity, she builds up to the second chorus, joined by backup singers as the arrangement continues to build to support her powerful vocals.  The band drops out except for the drums to get the crowd clapping as she pours fuel on her fire, her vocal coming out so hard it feels like she has no breath left over by the end.

We's so excited she starts to walk off stage but Carson calls her back to hear from her coach.  Coach Alicia says I cannot express how proud I am, handing everything with such grace and endurance to stand here every week, you are the truth, so proud of America for seeing in you the individuality and diversity I see, the unlimited potential, no ceiling for you.

It's always been Coach Adam's dream to win The Voice with a country singer, and with Josh Gallagher, he just might.  Singing Smooth (Santanna) for their duet, the guitar is dropping hot and heavy, both eclectic on the electric with concurrent licks, Adam takes the high register while Josh takes up residence low and slow, they had the theater grooving.  Where Josh slides into the vibe with ease, Adam seems to be working to come off the cool cat, but he shows he knows how to play guitar with a huge solo while Josh brings the song home.

Now a duet by two country boys. Coach Blake's and Sundance's perfect partnership works so well because they love big performances, good music and having a great time on stage.   Singing Treat Her Right (Roy Head & The Traits, Sundance's father).  Blake tells us his dad got signed in High School.  Sundance says he's going to let Blake do the dancing.

With silhouettes dancing in a 1960's groove behind the band, Sundance is getting his groove on in front, his vocal channeling is paternal inspiration.  Coach Blake joins in standing down by the fans, as they trade off verses with female backup singers with an accenting echo, this is such a throwback performance, slowly building with intense vocals and a sultry undercurrent ready to blow up and explode it does into an American Bandstand feel but with strobe lights.  The song was #2, behind The Beatles in 1965, and Roy Head is in the audience.  

We continue with Team Adam's country finalist, Josh Gallagher, singing his cover of Jack & Diane (John Cougar Mellencamp).  And why not, he's taken on country superstars all season long. This is Adam's first country singer to make the finale, and this song bridges the gap between country and pop music.  Adam says after the first verse, run to the other side of the stage to pump up the audience like Garth Brooks would. I want you to have the time of your life up there.  I just want my wife Lindsey to be proud, Josh says.

After the first bar, Josh calls the audience to their feet as the backup singers lead them in clapping.  He adjusts his mic pack as he opens with the first verse, channeling his inner cougar, this is a terrific reproduction in his own voice.  He steps down into the audience, leaves the mic to do a little electric guitar solo but the mic isn't picking it up.  He grabs the mic for the next verse, the vocal comfortable and strong but while this was fun and very entertaining, it didn't feel deep or challenging.

Coach Adam says, over the audiences' screams as Josh tips his cap, Dude, that song and you were meant to be together, no person on the planet doesn't want to hear that song and you sang it so well. you brought that song back.  Thank you.

We continue with Team Blake's sole (or soul) country singer, Sundance Head and his cover of At Last (Etta James).  Blake says he's a natural country voice, but Sundance says he learned to sing from Alicia.  Singing about love, unity and faith, this is about reaching the finale. Blake says he hears a bass singer when the band hits the bass part. The show was made for heartfelt artists like Sundance, Blake says.

With a beebop-sounding backup, Sundance's vocal is crystal clear and shiny, his voice strong and loud, earnest and stalwart.  In the second verse, the arrangement shifts to a more country feel, sliding back in style for the chorus, an interesting and satisfying mixture of style woven effortlessly by his center stage presence that fills the room with positivity and achievement.  Before singing his final words, he gives up a little smile then nails the climax.

Coach Blake says I could not be more excited, happy, proud. It's literally like someone reached back into time to find this undiscovered classic iconic vocalist and plopped him down right in front of us. It's absolutely unbelievable.

How about a huge hand for Paul Mirkovich and the incredible Voice band all season long!

And now the debut of another original single, here's Billy Gilman with Because Of Me.  It's not what people might think for you, Adam says.  But it's my identity, Billy concludes.  Adam says it was going to be a Maroon 5 song but they decided to give it to Billy.  Adam suggests extending some of the notes deliberately and Billy nails the direction.  This is so big, he says. You're faith in me is about 90% why I can continue to fight each week.  We're on to something good, Adam tells him.

With the clouds flowing in the background, Billy's voice flows in the foreground, simple and straight forward, piano pounding out the chords while his voice belts out his emotion-packed vocal, accenting the bridge with a replay singing behind his singing.  His performance is atmospheric, sweet, going from quiet sincerity to a powerfully commanding presence. He's alone on stage but he owns it, delivering what could be described as an anthem experience.

Coach Adam says this is a first, when you find a song that connects in a way that's gigantic with the right singer in the right space to project a message and a melody that everyone can link to, that's what I love and I think that moment was the most definitive of your career.

Tonight's final performance comes from Team Alicia's We' McDonald, at 17, the youngest artist in the competition but one of the most mature voices. Singing Don't Rain On My Parade (Barbara Streisand), she wanted to show it's OK to be yourself from a happier side. Alicia says this song is specific to how Barbara does it, full circle for her saying this is who she is.  We' says she learned so much about producing songs.

Standing in front of stage orchestra, she shows she can not only deliver on pop but stand her own on Broadway as well.  Her voice is dynamic and adventurous, her vocal glamorous and sultry, I had flashes of Bette Midler attitude with a bit of Liza Manelli mixed in.  This was pure entertainment as she takes the mic off the stand and strolls to great her audience with a commanding stage presence and curtain closing climax final note.  Your Voice Finale performance show comes to a close, leaving the audience screaming for more.

Coach Alicia keeps the screaming going before saying you came out on stage the first day and you said you had been bullied, and to me, this song shows everybody who ever ever didn't understand who you are, how diverse you are, how unique you are, how special you are, it gives everybody a chance to know that nothing that can stop you, and everyone who has ever felt misunderstood or unloved or unappreciated or unknown, you are the artist they know.

The artists have done their jobs, and now it's your turn to make one of their dreams come true.  Voting closes at noon Eastern tomorrow.  We'll see you back here Tuesday night at 8pm ET for the live 2 hour finale.  

Who will be your winner of The Voice Season 11? Will it be either Billy Gilman or Josh Gallagher from Team Adam?  Or will it be Sundance Head from Team Blake?  Or will it be newcomer Team Alicia's We' McDonald?  Tell us who you are voting for and why either here or on the Morty's Fan Forums & Chat at http://tvfanforums.net!

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This is The Voice! 9 hours and 23 minutes before The Voice Finale...  Adam is missing.  Roll the Ferris Beuller tape!  

This is it, the night we've been waiting for, our huge Season Finale.  I'm Carson Daly.  Please keep it going for your coaches.  I'm glad he could make it, Adam Levine!  Miley Cyrus!  Alicia Keys!  There he is, the cowboy, Blake Shelton!  

Tonight's guest artists have won a combined 78 Grammy awards.  We kick off our celebration tonight with a 25 time Grammy award winning legend, tonight he's joined by pop superstar Ariana Grande and your Top 12, with Faith from the new animated film Sing, ladies and gentlemen, Stevie Wonder!

We're bringing back your favorite artists from the season and for one of Josh's last times on stage, he's singing a big party song with two of his closest Voice buddies, Austin Alsup and Brendan Fletcher, singing My Kinda Party by Jason Aldean.

When Blake first met Sundance at the Blind Auditions, all the country music stars aligned and that perfect coach/artist chemistry brought them all the way to the end of this competition.  Let's see more.  Roll tape!

Now, he's a 10 time Grammy Award winner, also an Academy Award winner, and tonight he joins the youngest artist in our competition for an awesome duet, with his hit single Love Me Now from his new album, Darkness and Light, here's We' McDonald and the one and only John Legend!

First time coach Miley has been so dedicated to helping out her team, and though she lost Aaron and Ali last week, she has continued to work with them working on their first records and touring.  From the beginning, Miley was a fierce competitor with an effective strategy - talking her artists way onto her team.  Take a look!

He's one the world's best selling music artists, a 16 times Grammy Award winner, a music icon, with his new single I Can't Stop Thinking About You from his new album, 57th & 9th, ladies and gentlemen, here's Sting!

For one of his last times on stage, Billy Gilman is bringing back some of this season's most powerful voices for a huge performance.  Singing Proud Mary (Tina Turner), please welcome Billy Gilman, Christian Cuevas, Ali Caldwell, Courtney Harrell and Sa'Rayah.  

One of the closest coach/artist relationships we've ever had on the show was Alicia Keys taking We' under her wing and all the way to this finale.  Here's more.

Now Team Adam's country artist joins an acclaimed country singer/songwriter on her breakout #1 hit, with Burning House, please welcome Josh Gallagher and Cam!

As the season comes to a close, your finalists and their coaches stopped in to The Voice confessional one last time to reflect on what a win would mean.  Let's take a look.

He's a world-acclaimed 2-time Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter/producer, with his massive hit Starboy, ladies and gentlemen, give it up for The Weeknd!

Now Blake Shelton is a master of a lot of things, coaching, country music, cowboy stuff, cocktails, but we're all in agreement that fashion is not one of them, wearing the same clothes he started the series with.  Take a look.

Sometimes no one wears you better than you.  No one knows how to tear up the stage quite like Sundance, so we thought it'd be a good idea to bring in his idols to do it with him.  They are Rock'n'Roll Hall of Famers and one of music's most influential bands, with an epic performance of Detroit Rock City, give it up for Sundance Head and Rock legends KISS!  

Sundance and KISS also performed Rock And Roll All Night (and party every day).  And yes, there was a guitar smashed in the making of this performance.  Alicia and Miley grabbed the pieces for souvenirs.

For one of her last times on The Voice, We' is bringing back some of her closest Voice friends with some of the most unique voices.  Singing Love Lockdown (Kanye West), please welcome Aaron Gibson, Darby Walker, Brendan Fletcher and Final 4 artist We' McDonald!

This week the Final Four got to do something that a lot of emerging artists just dream about, record and debut their brand new original singles.  Each one charted in the iTunes Top 10 Singles chart.  Regardless of who wins, they've shown music matters to them the most.  In appreciation, Toyota is giving each of them their very own state-of-the-art recording studio.  

Now for a coach/artist partnership for the history books, this is the first time Coach Adam has taken a country artist all the way to the Finale, and this unlikely partnership has already proven to be a perfect match.  Take a look!

Right now, Team Adam's powerful pop singer takes the stage with a 3-time Grammy Award winner and one of the biggest voices in the world, with It's Quiet Uptown from her chart-topping album, The Hamilton Mix Tape, give it up for Billy Gilman and our close friend, the great Kelly Clarkson!

Sundance takes the stage one last time, teaming up with his fellow Team Blake members, Courtney Harrell and Austin Alsup, to sing Ain't Worth The Whiskey (Cole Swindell).

Both Coach Adam and Billy Gilman are two artists driven with an undying passion for music, and have developed a playful connection that just could be the winning combination.  Take a look!

Now, he's a 4-time Grammy Award winner with 170m singles sold, tonight this global music superstar takes our stage with his newest hit.  Singing 24K Magic, give it up for Bruno Mars!

Now, who wouldn't want to be just like coach Alicia Keys, she's a 15-time Grammy Award winner, an accomplished musician, and behind the scenes, the other coaches asked for a private master class with the master herself and she even has a star pupil.  Have a look!

Ladies & gentlemen, this is it.  Last night, Billy Gilman sang My Way, his original Because of Me and Bye Bye Love with his coach, Adam Levine.  Josh Gallagher sang Jack & Diane, his original Pick Any Small Town and Smooth with his coach, Adam Levine.  We' McDonald sang Don't Rain On My Parade, her original Wishes and Ave Maria with her coach, Alicia Keys.  And Sundance Head sang At Last, his original Darlin' Don't Go and Treat Her Right with his coach, Blake Shelton.

The Final Four artists charted 7 times in the iTunes Singles charts overnight: Billy Gilman with My Way and Because of Me, Josh Gallagher for Pick Any Small Town, We' McDonald with Wishes, and Sundance Head with At Last, Treat Her Right and Darlin' Don't Go.

Our four Finalists join me now on stage. All season you have witnessed them grow and out sing the competition, and now it is time to find out who will win it all.  

Sundance tells Coach Blake thank you for being such a great guy and so sweet, this is a job but you are such a genuine person.  We' tells Coach Alicia she has coached her not only about music but about life, being confident in yourself and I feel like I've won already.  Billy tells Coach Adam he never thought he'd be here, it's been an amazing experience, you found and gave my voice back in a way I never thought possible.  Josh tells Coach Adam I came into this thing not knowing what will happen and you have helped me grow and step outside my box that I never thought possible.

Good luck to all of you.  Sundance, We', Billy and Josh, one of your lives is about to change forever.  I will read the artist in 4th place, here we go.

The Finalist in 4th place is...   Josh Gallagher from Team Adam, congratulations for a great run on The Voice!

Josh tips his cap as he leaves the stage.  That leaves Sundance, We' and Billy.  Now I'll read the name of the artist in 3rd place.  Here we go.

The Finalist in 3rd place is...   We' McDonald from Team Alicia!  Give it up for We', the youngest in this competition.  What a run.

Sundance Head or Billy Gilman, one of you is The Voice.  Perhaps it was destined to come down to an artist from Team Blake and an artist from Team Adam.  

It's The Voice Finale, the moment has come, what a night of music and a great season, great artists, and it all comes down to these two right here, Sundance Head and Billy Gilman.  One of their lives is about to change forever, let's not waste anymore time. Here we go.

The winner of The Voice Season 11 is...   Sundance Head!  Team Blake wins for the 5th time!  Give it up for your 2nd place winner, Billy Gilman from Team Adam!


Sundance and Billy embrace as Adam congratulates Blake.  The coaches then embrace their artists on stage as Sundance's wife and children comes up.  Singing his original single, Darlin' Don't Go, give it up for Sundance Head!  Misty Head, Sundance corrects, the champion here is her.

Sundance calls up the rest of the Top 12 as his parents also join them under the falling confetti.

Thank you for joining me for this 11th season of The Voice with Morty's TV.  Personally I'd have liked the results to have been reversed because I think Sundance wouldn't have needed any help breaking into Nashville, while Billy's range and power should be nurtured and thrust forward.  But I can't argue that these Top Two were the best voices of the season, so good on ya, America!

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