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Sunday September 18, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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10:26 PM BBT Nicole describing how she told James he has no blood on his hands. She is saying how she wants to go out with a bang and as a super fan she wants to go out against someone who she thinks would deserve even the second place prize. Paul saying he is being completely transparent with her and he agrees. Nicole saying she told James that Paul has one Corey (victor), she has one Corey but James has two (Natalie and... Michelle?) . She told James that she has to do what is best for her game. She is describing how her name has been dragged through the mud all season, and Paul says he isn't worried when her and James are alone and she agrees. He says he would rather cut his finger off than take him. She says she would be worried if it was strategically smart but it isn't. Paul is worried about James pulling something. Nicole says he isn't capable of it. She says he only one the one HOH that was practically given to him. Nicole saying how James told her that both of their situations were similar, showmance and vets. James told her that her showmance was just a tiny bit more powerful. Nicole saying how she is baffled he thinks her and corey were only a tiny bit more powerful. Nicole says she is fumed James made it farther than victor and Corey. Paul saying how Victor cried about his game and Nicole cried when Corey left, Nicole saying they played their hearts out. They are criticizing how James was thinking about throwing his game away for Natalie. Both Paul and nic saying how as much as they loved their partners, they would never use the veto on their partners ever. James comes in, in the middle of this discussion. Nicole asks James if he threw the comic veto because he maxed out. James says he just couldn't get it. Paul says how the two strongest mental players are going head to head in the final showdown. Nicole describes how there has only been 6 female winners. Paul says there wont be one this season and laughs. James says how many Asian people have won big brother? He says he is the first minority to win AFP. Paul says in 18 seasons he is the first Armenian. Nicole says you have to be related to the Kardashians. Paul says if he was he would be swimming in a pool of money and not on big brother. James leaves again. Paul says they have gotten far because of their brains. It doesn't matter how many comps you win. Nicole says Vic and Corey were the bronze and beauty. Nicole says they both deserve either 500K or 50K. Paul likes that they both see eye to eye on many situations. They say they will go on vacation with their money. James comes back with a sugar cookie and chips. Nicole says thanks and James says he has to kiss some ass. He walks away. Paul says he was watching Nicole on his laptop 2 years ago. Who would of thought he says. Nicole says the first day Natalie was in her face saying "you were my favorite" many times. She says she thought nat was too peppy and wasn't into it. she says she saw Tiffany and thought she looked like someone. She saw James and was good with it. She was hoping for more people to come out. James comes back and says did you know there were 4 vets coming out? Paul says yes there were 4 question marks. Nicole says and 2 vets in serious showmances. Nicole says if Paul came back she would watch him and support him. He says that is friendship.


10:44 PM BBT Nicole says she supported Caleb on survivor even though she had never watch it before. Paul says he would come back for season 20 if he was asked. he would pop out and probably be evicted the first day. James says who would have known he and Nicole would be playing together. Nicole says i thought you would come back. James says you didn't think J mac would? She said she hoped not. She said j mac said she was so boring and in between ian and dan in his bio. James says j mac was loved by America but when he watched it back he would see why he won AFP. James said in his bio it said his favorite player was Victoria. Nicole says no way you put that there. James says they framed him. He doesn't remember saying that. Nicole shouts out Andy herren and says she hopes he is rooting for her and supporting her. He is the bomb dot com she says. Nicole says she was hanging out with Andy and Hayden and they called j mac and she let him have it. The minute she read his bio she wasn't a fan. James says he actually does like Victoria as a person. He shouts her out and says your pretty awesome. Paul shouts out Frankie and says he is cool as f. He doesn't care what anybody thinks. They are both entertaining. Nicole asks if the pizza is almost done? James says you will like it. They all head inside. Nicole asks so you would really be happy if Victoria won? James say well yeah I would be happy for anybody who won, you made it. Nicole says as a BB super fan you would not support someone who didn't work their butt off to win. James says he knows it is a controversial subject.


I'm all done thanks!

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10:30 PM BBT Nicole says Paul doesn’t have to convince her not to take James. She says she is fuming he made it farther than Victor and Corey. Nicole says she would never throw her game away for another person is if it were a sibling. Paul says he wouldn’t even use veto on his sibling. Paul says they hugged before the veto. James comes back and says the pizza is started. Nicole asks if James threw BB Comics and he says no he couldn’t get it. Nicole says how long did you stare at Natalie’s picture? He says five minutes. Paul says he’s not going easy on Nicole this Wednesday and Nicole says I’m not going easy on you either. James says ya’ll two, oh boy. Paul says the two strongest mental players in the game. Nicole says she thinks there have only been six women who’ve won Big Brother and Paul says it will still be six. James asked how many Asian winners have there been. Nicole says Jun. Paul says he’s the first Armenian on Big Brother.


10:35 PM BBT James says he made history. He was the first minority to win AFP. James heads back inside to check on the pizza. Nicole says Natalie and James are voting the same way and it won’t be for her. Paul says it just goes to show you can be as physical as you want to be, but the noggin gets you far. Nicole says Corey and Victor were the brawns and beauty, and we were the brains. Paul says if he wins, vacations. If Nicole wins, he’s going to make her take him on a vacation. James comes back out and Nicole asks what he’s got. James says a sugar cookie. James comes out and picks up the empty glass and Nicole says thank you. Paul says fool is nice. James says I have to kiss some ass.


10:40 PM BBT Nicole says the first person she was relieved to see was James. She says she knew Paulie but she didn’t know if that would have been a good thing. Nicole says two of the vets were in a serious showmance. She says Frank was sort of in a showmance too. James says if we see him and he’s in a body cast we know what happened. Paul says he would come back and play again. James says he supported Nicole on season 16. Nicole says she had a feeling it would have been James. James said you didn’t think it would be Johnny Mac and Nicole says he said he hated her. Nicole says in Johnny Mac’s bio he said his least favorite players were Dan, Ian, and Nicole.


10:45 PM BBT James says they framed him and put that Victoria was his favorite. Nicole says are you trying to be Victoria and James says no. Nicole gives a shout out to Andy. James really likes Victoria as a person. He says she calls all the time and Paul says really? Nicole says she calls everyone. James gives a shout out to Victoria. Paul says he had Frankie as his number one and he gives a shout out to Frankie. Paul goes to the WC and Nicole checks the pizza.


10:50 PM BBT Paul comes out of the WC and does not wash his hands. Paul comes into the KT with James and Nicole. Paul sits down and BB asks if he washed his hands. Paul says he pissed, he went, unzipped, pulled his weiner out, put it back, and zipped up. He didn’t put his finger in his ass. Nicole says you touched your weiner though? Paul goes to run water on his hands in the kitchen sink. He says what do you have cameras in here? Paul says I know we’re not allowed to talk about our diary room sessions, I know. BB says you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests. Paul says give us another Orwell’s Owls bullshit. Nicole sing Everybody in the club getting tipsy. Paul wants to take his pizza and go back to the hammock. James and Nicole talk about Frank threatening to put them on the block over pizza. Paul says Frank told him he was a legend and everyone was afraid him. Paul says he had big legs but he wasn’t intimidated by him.


10:55 PM BBT Paul says he called Frank curly cue in his diary room sessions. BB says Paul and Paul says yeah, I get it. He says Frank shouldn’t have been cocky, he should have been more humble. James goes to the WC.  James does wash his hands. Paul and Nicole in the KT whispering about James saying he liked Victoria. Nicole says did you wash your hands since they called you out? Paul says yes and James says he sprinkled water on them. BB comes over the speaker and says yes. Paul says he didn’t touch anything, he flushed with his shoe. Nicole goes to the WC. James says that would be like if Nicole rubbed her thing and Paul says but she didn’t do that. Nicole comes out and washes her hands and the pizza is done. They say James did a good job.

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11:00 PM BBT Nicole and Paul grab a couple of pieces and head out to the couches in the BY. Paul says his parents are stoked right now. James comes out and joins them and says everything was made from scratch. Nicole asks what time it is, if it’s late at all and James says it’s 11. Paul asks if Nicole is sleeping in London again and she says yeah. Nicole dropped her pizza and Paul says five second rule. He says the alcohol will kill the bacteria. Paul says no one got sick, that’s impressive. Nicole says people got sick on 16. James says didn’t Jocasta get sick and Nicole says yeah heat exhaustion. They talk about Donny winning veto and saving her. Nicole says Donny was a veto king, she thinks he won 3 in the first 5 weeks. She says he won the dice comp, the spelling comp, and one more.


11:05 PM BBT Paul asks if they think they’ll have the backyard tomorrow. James says yeah. Nicole says the pizza is so good she wants another piece. She goes inside and Paul says she’s wasted. He says she’s feisty, he likes it.


11:10 PM BBT They are talking about how big the backyard is compared to what they see on TV. Nicole says she’s about to pass out. She says she’s going to sleep like a baby. Paul says that was friendship and they thank Big Brother. Nicole says ok good night. Paul says we’ll do dishes tomorrow. Paul thanks James and he heads inside too and James followed. Paul says maybe we’ll get some motivational speeches tomorrow. Paul asks who changed the oven to Spanish and James says not me. James doesn’t know who did it. Paul think it was Natalie or Victor but he doesn’t think Victor would do that. Paul complains about being called out for not washing his hands again. Nicole says technically you should still wash your hands. Paul says why if you don’t touch anything. Nicole says girls don’t touch anything because they use toilet paper and Paul says that’s different. Nicole says pee could get on your hands and Paul says what, am I sticking my hands in the bowl?


11:15 PM BBT They all head to the UKBR. Paul is talking about his hairy eyebrows and he wants Nicole to clean up him tomorrow so he’s not irritated on live TV. Nicole asks them if they are all going to bed and the guys say yes. Nicole says she dieted all day and then James made that pizza. They all get in bed and the lights are out and Nicole gets called to the DR. Nicole goes to the WA to get ready. Paul says his family seen him win tonight. He says they might have known if they watch the live feeds, but he doesn’t think they do. Paul gets called to the DR. Paul says what’s happening right now, I’m butt ass naked. James says they just called Nicole though. Paul is complaining he has to put his pants back on. He says what are we going to talk about? James says maybe it’s a check in. Paul says at 12? James says but they just called Nicole and now you. Paul says but Nicole had to put make-up on, and a bra, and write a novel. Paul goes to the DR.


11:20 PM BBT James is lying in bed. Nicole is getting ready in WA. Paul is in DR.


11:27 PM BBT Paul comes out of the DR and Nicole goes in. Paul goes to the London room and James says you’re next. James says comp stuff? Paul says kind of. He says a little bit of both. He says you’ll see. James says of course they get us after we’ve been drinking. Paul says they’re surprised we went to bed so early.


11:34 PM BBT Nicole is out of the DR and James gets called to the DR. He asks Paul if he needs comp stuff on and Paul says not really. Nicole is waiting outside the UKBR door so she can scare James. Nicole laughs and heads in and says she scared him. Paul says we nailed it, buddy. He’s so proud of them. Nicole says she’s in a food coma. She says she threw away the rest of the pizza because she knew she’d eat it. Paul says Nicole, as of right now we have one day and a wake up. Nicole says it’s insane. Paul says dude you better have a spicy ass speech ready. Paul says do you even have time to say anything and Nicole says she doesn’t remember, but maybe time for a one liner. Paul says she will sleep real good. He says tomorrow they can fuck around and do whatever. He says tomorrow they can say it’s the day after tomorrow. Nicole says she lost her glasses. Paul says fool is Velma from Scooby-Doo. Nicole says she needs help and Paul says I’m butt ass naked, I’m not getting out of this bed. He asks where she put them. She says she put them on the table but she heard them fall. He says check under the bed and Nicole says yeah, they were under the bed. She goes to turn the light back out and says are you really naked? Paul says do you want to see my butt. She says I thought you said you slept with your underwear on and he says he never cared many days ago.


11:40 PM BBT Paul says he can’t explain how excited he is. Nicole thinks James is coming. Paul says never cared, for once in my life I don’t have to tiptoe around shit. Nicole says she had to walk on eggshells around Frank. Nicole asks why he didn’t vote with the house for Victor and Paul says because I didn’t want to be mean. Paul says karma paid him back for being a good person. Nicole asks if him and Victor were as close as she and Corey were. Paul says no we were just friends. We weren’t even working together. Paul says he stuck his neck out for him and he tried to help him and give him hints and that’s when he knew Victor was stupid. Paul says he tried to tell Victor not to tell anyone about his roadkill wins and he went and told Paulie and Frank. He says Vic also low key threw Paul under the bus telling Frank and Paulie that Paul told him not to trust them. Paul says he hated Natalie since day 1 and Nicole says that was Corey’s least favorite person in the house.


11:45 PM BBT Paul says he seen Mr. Flirty and Mrs. Flirty and he knew they were digging their own grave. He says his ego got hurt and she shit on him. Paul says she really irked him and James comes back in. He says to Nicole you little trickster. Paul says she got you huh? James says she caught him off guard. She took advantage of him because he was drinking. Paul says Italy is where the pizza is. Nicole says you’ve been to Rome? Paul says he’s travelled a lot. He says he’s been to Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Majorca, Pargue, Budapest, Romania, and Transylvania. James says isn’t that expensive? Paul says a round trip ticket would be $1200, but once you’re there…BB tells them the BR lights must remain on. Paul says you’re high if you think I’m turning the lights on. He says first I’m naked and second fuck lights. Paul says that’s why you got night vision cameras. They are told again the BR lights must remain on. Nicole says they got James and Nat doing the humpty hump and James says they never did that. Paul says they got Paulie and Zakiyah procreating. James says they got Nicole and Corey procreating. Nicole says no way they didn’t. She says we kissed and made out. She says she knows her and Corey never had intercourse so that’s all that matters. BB says I said the bedroom lights must remain on. James says why don’t you come down here and make us. Paul says G, I’m going to tell you now, I’m but naked. James says we’ll get called to the DR together. Paul and Nicole are laughing and James says what the hell? James says ok, I didn’t get the memo.  


11:50 PM BBT James says Paul what did you and Victor do? Paul says nothing, we almost beat the crap out of each other. James says I seen Victor with red marks on his neck. Nicole asks if him and Natalie ever made out and he says no. Paul says I’m calling bullshit. James says he’s going to bed. Nicole says you get married and have kids. She says will you invite me and James says heck yeah. Paul says would you invite me and James says yeah. Nicole says would you invite Corey so I could see him again. Nicole asks what making out is and Paul says kissing with tongue. Nicole says what is making out without tongue and Paul says kissing. Nicole asks why tongue is an upscale and James says it’s more passionate.


11:55 PM BBT They talk about kissing preferences and experiences. James says his best kiss was with drunk sex and Nicole says she doesn’t have drunk sex and Paul and James say that’s the best. Nicole says you guys gross me out. Nicole asks what was the strangest experience they had and Paul says he has a girl asked him to choke her.

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