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Saturday September 17, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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1:54 AM BBT Nicole says she would have wanted to battle Paul in that comp. James says you would have been battling. Nicole asks how Vic would have done and Paul says Victor wasn’t good under pressure. They talk about how poorly Vic did in BB comics.


1:56 AM BBT James says he’s a little butt hurt that America is going to see him get waxed by 19 minutes and Nicole smoked him like a cigarette. Paul says you got beat by one of the best player in mental comps. They are talking about the comp. They had to put HG pictures in a frame. They were harnessed and had to climb, there was water involved (salt water) and running. FotH


2:00 AM BBT Nicole says she was reading the clues and trying to remember things. James gets called to the DR and he says oh I get to go first. Nicole says you don’t give yourself enough credit, that was hard. Paul says good job. James goes to DR and Paul and Nicole hug and celebrate in the KT. Paul says we won Big Brother. Nicole says he legitimately tried on that one. Paul says he’s so proud of her. Nicole says she had to win it, she had no other choice. Nicole says James demeanor will be different. Paul says we won’t ever be able to be alone. Paul says there is nothing he can convince me with, if I win, I’m taking you to final two. Paul says there is nothing anyone in this world can say. Nicole says she will tell him she’s not going to take him. Paul says he’ll tell me I have to win it.


2:05 AM BBT Paul says he got in his head so bad this week and keeping him up late. He says he convinced James Tiffany had one F in her name and Da’Vonne had 2 V’s. Paul says he was so nervous. Paul says do you know how gangster we’re going to look. Nicole says I’m so glad you won the endurance. Nicole says she doesn’t have any speeches prepared because she wanted to wait and see if she won. Paul says in his speech he’s going to say he was on the block six times. In those six times he only had two votes to evict and one of them was James. In that same week Nicole saved him with the tiebreaker and voted out Michelle. He says he’ll say James wouldn’t be in the final three if it wasn’t for him, but if it were up to James he’d have been evicted three weeks ago and he wouldn’t even have been there. So Nicole thanks for saving my life. Paul says he’s been thinking about that speech forever now.


2:08 AM BBT Paul says there are a lot of genuine people in the game, but two of the most genuine made it to the end. Nicole thanks BB for the comp, she says it was fun. Paul says the only votes they can count on is Corey for Nicole and Victor for Paul and the rest he has no clue. Nicole doesn’t even know if Paulie and Zakiyah would vote together. She says they aren’t a typical showmance. Nicole says Da will vote for Paul and Paul says I put her on the block and she went home because of me. Nicole says Michelle won’t vote for me because she doesn’t like girls. Paul says I called her a c word and she said she just wants to beat Paul. Nicole thinks she might have Paulie and Paul thinks he has Bridgette. Nicole says she told Corey to put in a good word for her. Paul says he’s not going to worry about jury because it’s out of their control at this point. He says Nicole will like his speech because he’s hooking her up with a compliment.


2:13 AM BBT Paul says how do we act towards homie now and Nicole says just like normal. Paul says he will not throw Nicole under the bus. Nicole says she won’t either. Paul says him and Nicole can sleep like bears. Paul says he wants to go to F2 with someone who wanted it as bad as he did and didn’t just skate through. He says did you hear James? He said it’s ok you two can battle it out.


2:18 AM BBT Paul says their families are probably so excited. The focus on cooking and talk shifts to how long they have left and general chatter about the houseguests.


2:27 AM BBT Paul says he felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulders. Paul keeps saying he’s so happy he feels like he’s going to vomit. They talk about what they would do with the money and Paul wants to do something for his parents. Paul wants to scream, but he can’t.

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2:32 AM BBT Paul says he bets “they” are stoked and Nicole says you think they wanted us to sit there. Paul says you were popular and Nicole says she wasn’t super sweet. Paul says but you were a popular character and Paul says he was entertaining so people may like him. He says the fact they put Pablo out there for the first part of the HOH comp means something. Paul says we’re good people and being good pays off in the end. Paul says he can say he’s proud that he made it to that point without changing anything about himself. He didn’t have to hurt people’s feelings, he didn’t have to manipulate, none of that to get here. That’s what he’s proud of. Paul says you and I were hands down the smartest people in this game. Nicole says I don’t know about me and Paul says Corey too. Corey was very smart and Victor was clueless. Nicole says she doesn’t think Corey got any credit for being as smart as he was. Nicole says Victor was clueless when it came to strategy. Paul says he had a terrible social game, and he didn’t know what to say or when. Nicole says he was just worried about winning comps which is good if he’s your partner. Nicole says he won HOH and kept you safe three times. Paul says he did keep me safe and I’m thanking him in my speech. Paul says do they just grill you and Nicole says one of my questions will be like…FotH.


2:35 AM BBT Paul says make sure when you give your speech take credit for everything you did because no one can rebut you. He says he’s probably going to re-work his speech because he was going to be funny and he doesn’t think that’s going to be the right time to be funny. He says he’ll say he wasn’t in an alliance but he’s afraid they’ll think he didn’t strategize. Nicole says you’ll have good points to make. Nicole is afraid the jury will think Corey carried her. Paul says you guys have the same number of comp wins. Nicole thinks they will ask her about that and she’ll have to think of something to say. Paul says what do you think they’ll ask me and Nicole says she doesn’t know. She says they can’t call you a floater, that’s something they’ll call me. Paul says you didn’t float. Paul says give yourself the credit you deserve. Paul respects that Nicole followed the rules and didn’t get coached by anyone. Nicole says I didn’t get coached by any previous houseguest. The pasta is finished so she goes to drain it.


2:39 AM BBT Paul asks if they will be on the Bold and the Beautiful and Nicole says you might, I was terrible last time. Paul says James is a very bad actor, every time they tell him to say something…FotH.


2:40 AM BBT They are seasoning the pasta sauce.


2:44 AM BBT Paul says James will make sure he’s around both of them at all times. Paul says that guy shit on me so much in this fucking game. Karma. Karma’s a fucking bitch. Nicole says she’s going to start eating healthy tomorrow. She says she still has to do her DR tonight. Nicole says maybe this isn’t Sunday’s episode and Paul says no they will show this right before finale. Paul says they are going to be on stage together at the finale. Paul wants Nicole to get a tattoo with him.


2:46 AM BBT Paul and Nicole talk about the fight between them and how he was egged on by Nat and Michelle and how the girls told Nicole they weren’t egging him on.


2:50 AM BBT Paul says the way James is acting he’s going to be sad and try and make Nicole feel sympathetic. Nicole says James thinks he’s still sitting pretty. She says her ankle needs checked out.


2:52 AM BBT Paul asked Nicole what her strategy for the comics one. Nicole says order first and put up both sets and then zip line again to look for the differences. Nicole says she might have done well because she’d done it before. Nicole says she got second in BB Comics last time. Paul says who beat you and she says Christine. Paul wonders how Nicole would have done in the weather one. Paul says he studied like crazy. He says if he had lost that veto to Victor he was gone. Paul says he saved his ass.


2:55 AM BBT Paul again brings up the week Natalie was HOH and them being on the block and why he was nominated. They are re-hashing the reasons. James is out of the DR.


2:58 AM BBT Nicole is called to the DR. James is getting something to eat. Nicole goes to touch up her make-up. Paul asks James if they will ask him about it. James says the sauce is spicy and Nicole says she didn’t taste much spice.

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3:00 AM BBT Paul wonders what they will have him do for the next few days. James says pack up, get your outfit ready. Paul says that comp looked pretty crazy. He asked how the car got pulled back and James says it automatically reset. Paul says that was a huge fucking set-up. Nicole goes through and goes to DR. James apologizes to Paul and he says it’s alright, just one more comp. James says he tried really hard.


3:02 AM BBT Paul says 7 minutes? That’s insane. James says yeah. Paul is asking for details of the comp. James says he got all the answers right, it was just the picture fucked him up because he couldn’t get it in the frame. They had to run through some type of maze as well.  


3:06 AM BBT James says do you regret keeping Nicole? Should we have kept Corey instead of her. Paul says he would have killed this comp. He says with those legs of his and he knew the houseguests as well if not better than Nicole. James says yeah, you’re right. James says he’ll be rooting for Paul. He says if Paul wins he’ll give him a girl hug. Jump up and wrap his legs around from Paul.


3:09 AM BBT James says dam she smoked that comp. Paul says 7 fucking minutes. James says damn. Paul says that’s like an average of 2 minutes in each section. James says she literally didn’t fuck up. Paul says she messed up once and James says no way. James says she beasted it man. Paul doesn’t know he would have done in that comp.


3:11 AM BBT James says is she giving you crap or anything and Paul says she’s just celebrating her win. Paul says that’s a big ass win and you can’t hate on her for it. Paul says he’s tired but he knows they will call him to the DR. Paul says I’m sure they want to get initial reactions and James says yeah.


3:15 AM BBT James thinks Paul will have the upper hand in the last part of the HOH comp because he was out mingling while Corey and Nicole were in bed. Paul wonders if they’ll start setting up for the next comp immediately or if they’ll give them a day. James says hopefully they’ll give us a day so we can do laundry. They estimate how long it will take to tear the current set up down and set up the new one. Paul says they’ll sleep the day away tomorrow.


3:20 AM BBT Paul is pacing around the kitchen and dining area. James asks Paul how long it took to get his degree in philosophy. James says are you going to do anything with it? Paul says he might get a PhD. But it takes a lot of time and a lot of money. He says it’s a very open ended subject. He says you can teach but it inspired him to do business ended things. James goes to brush his teeth.



3:27 AM BBT Paul goes to the WA to wash his hands. He says he’s tired and James asks if he’s going to lay down and Paul says he’s going to wait. James has a canker sore. Both guys just hanging out in the kitchen and dining room area. They look at the memory wall. Paul says they’ve come a long way. James says they had some characters that’s for sure. James asks if Paul’s comp will be an hour? Paul says no because I don’t have to talk about the comp, just about Nicole winning.  

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3:33 AM BBT Paul asks James what time he’s going to bed and James says I guess when you get called to the DR.


3:39 AM BBT Paul and James say they need to renovate before season 19. James says the floor is cracked. Paul says when do they start building the next hours? James says they don’t build a new house. Paul says no I mean redecorating and all that. James says maybe 6 months from the premiere. Paul says who knows, maybe they use this studio for other shows. James says there are enough cameras and microphones.


3:45 AM BBT James says he was banking on harnesses and upper body strength. Paul says they went a different route this year. James says she’s been studying since day one because she’s a superfan. James says she has to know everything about all the houseguests. He says she studied the days and the memory wall. Paul says what were the questions again. James says the three HG that only won one veto, the three HG that were never a have not, and three HG that were evicted with 5 votes. Paul says that one would have been hard. James says he got it right on the first try because it was process of elimination.


3:50 AM BBT Nicole comes out of the DR and says Woooo! Let’s go. Who am I? James says Corey. Paul gets called to the DR. James says he was waiting for Paul so he wasn’t up by himself. James says you’re all hyped up huh? Nicole says no I can go to bed. Nicole puts the food away. James says him and Paul put the dishes in the sink and fuck them dishes. Nicole says she’s going to take a shower and then clock out.


3:53 AM BBT James follows Nicole to the shower and says did you get the question on who you would take to the F2? Nicole says I don’t know. James says he didn’t get that question, he just had to say he was at the mercy of Paul and Nicole. Nicole says we both are going to take you. Then she says if I can win. James says you’re a smart cookie. Nicole says she can be when she wants to be. No common sense though. Nicole says the McGuyver comp was when she was scared of Natalie and knew she had to go. James says oh you were thinking about voting me out then. Nicole says they wanted you out up until that point. James says that’s what saved me? Natalie doing good in that comp.


3:56 AM BBT James and Nicole talk about when Natalie threw him under the bus. Nicole says she was just trying to save her game. Nicole says her and Corey were upset that week at James for throwing his game away for a girl he barely knew. James says he felt responsible and thought it was his fault Natalie was on the block. James says Natalie was making him feel bad and lashing out. He told Nicole what Natalie said about never talking to him again if he worked with Nicole and Corey going forward. He tells Nicole about their conversation concerning that.

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4:00 AM BBT James says he knew after that conversation with Natalie that he needed to look out for himself in the game. Nicole says she told Corey to try and talk to James to save his game, but he didn’t want to. James says that’s the only question mark he has with Natalie. What was her real feelings? He says it’s hard to explain it. He knows Nicole would never have done that Corey and he wouldn’t have done that to her. Nicole says her and Corey never questioned each other about any moves in the game. Nicole says Natalie never admitted to certain things and that bothered her. Nicole says she never admitted Paul was her target when it was obvious that he was. James says yeah.


4:05 AM BBT Paul is out of the DR and BB tells Nicole to put her microphone on. Nicole says it’s on. James asks if Paul is going to bed and he doesn’t know if he can sleep yet. James says might as well go to bed, they are going to wake us up in 5 hours. Paul says yeah, I’m going to brush my teeth. Nicole is talking to herself while popping zits. James comes into the WA and says he’s going to bed and Paul says he’ll be there in a minute. James says good night America.


4:07 AM BBT Paul and Nicole are whispering. Nicole tells Paul about some of her and James’ conversation. She says she told James that Corey would have taken him, but she’s a little more feisty. Paul and Nicole are both brushing their teeth.


4:10 AM BBT Paul asks Nicole if she’s going to bed and she doesn’t think she’ll be able to sleep. Paul says we can have a friendship session in the safari room. Nicole says she wants to try and go to bed in case they get the BY back tomorrow. Paul says we’re not getting the yard tomorrow. Are you on drugs? He says they aren’t tearing that down, they all went to sleep. They both go to the safari room.


4:12 AM BBT Paul asks if he should shut the door and Nicole says whatever you want. Paul says what’s up America, are you ready to see this battle? Nicole asks who do you think will win? Paul whispers and says James asked if they should have gotten rid of Nicole instead of Corey and Paul says Corey would have smoked that and Nicole agreed. Paul says James said he was right, he just hopes they made the right move. Nicole says James asked her if Paul was telling the truth about Natalie throwing him under the bus.


4:15 AM BBT Nicole says she wants him to stress because he hasn’t for the entire game. Paul says we’re on the same page. Paul says I told you if we made him feel like he was in the middle he would be easier to beat. Paul says I don’t see where James sees in his mind that I would ever take him. Paul says he almost nominated James with Corey as a “fuck you” to him. Nicole says it was good strategy in case you are sitting next to me at F2 I couldn’t say I was never nominated. Paul says he’s so happy she won. He says she deserved it just like he deserved that endurance comp. Nicole says that was a great comp to end the season on. Paul says he redeemed himself.


4:19 AM BBT Nicole says she thinks it was funny that her and Paul were the brains of their alliance and Victor and Corey were the brawn. They spend a little more time talking about James. They hope James doesn’t get AFP. Paul says at least Victor got the 5 g’s from Corey. He says that was a sweet move. Nicole says we thought it would be a good idea just in case Victor pulled a fast one. Paul says are you high? Vic would never have voted him out. Nicole says she just didn’t know because he was talking to Michelle a lot that week and Vic and Paul had faked that fight. Paul says they didn’t fake it.


4:25 AM BBT They talked about the flaws in Victor’s game. How he made the mistake of bragging about comp wins and no strategy.  Paul says he would have lost to Victor and Nicole says she would have voted for him. She says comp wins are important, but it’s not the only reason to vote for someone. They talk about jury round table and Nicole says it’s vicious. Paul says ED was exponentially worse than he was.

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4:30-5:00 AM BBT Paul and Nicole talk again about the comp and they start having the same conversations about James. Paul says why would you want to take another vet when you could go with Paul and say you were the last vet.  Same general conversations and they finally decide to go to bed.


5:02 AM BBT All HG tucked into bed. Paul and James in the UKBR and Nicole in the Tokyo BR.

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1:17 PM BBT Nicole is awake and goes to the WC. She is going to take a shower. She is mumbling going over things to use in her jury pitch. She talks about her HOH’s and POV’s and the deflection she has done from people calling her out.


1:21 PM BBT James is awake. James comes to the WA and says he was trying to scare her but she saw him. James asks her how she slept. Nicole says she slept good but she thought she’d take a warm shower and see if she could go back to sleep. She asks if he looked at the time and James tells her what time is. She says she heard them tearing stuff down outside. James says three days.


1:25 PM BBT James says as soon as he laid down last night he fell straight to sleep. Nicole wishes for finale they had someone to help with make-up and hair. James says he requested haircuts for finale but they said no.


1:28 PM BBT Nicole says she wants to ask them if they can get them some clean towels. James says he thought they had some clean towels but he can’t find any. James says it’s going to be pretty crazy if two vets make it to the final two block. James says 2 out of 4 and Nicole says yeah that would be crazy. James says everyone is going to think we had a final two deal. Nicole says yeah they will.

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1:30 PM BBT James asks Nicole if she’s ready for Thursday. She says she thinks so. She’s been watching the show since she was 8 years old. James says you know you’re getting a parade right? Nicole says she doesn’t know if she wants one, but maybe if she wins. James says you know if you win Big Brother your ass is getting a parade. He says that’s huge.


1:32 PM BBT James goes to the WC. He’s out and washes his hands. He’s going to take a shower.


1:37 PM BBT Nicole goes back to lay down and hits her head in the process. She mumbles great now she’ll have a goose egg.


1:45 PM BBT James is out of the shower. He’s just wondering from room to room sitting and staring.  


2:01 PM BBT James goes to lay back down. Paul asks what time it is and James tells him. James says he went to take a shower. Paul asks James how he’s doing and says he’s just ready to get it over with. Paul asks if Nicole is asleep and James says yes and asks how Paul is doing. Paul says he is ok.

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3:14 PM BBT Paul is awake and heads to the WA.


3:16 PM BBT James is back up. James is getting something to eat. Paul ask him what’s up and James says he’s bored. Paul says they slept the day away. James says he was waiting for someone else to get up so he could be up with them.  


3:19 PM BBT James says the kitchen is a disaster. Paul says maybe he’ll clean it tomorrow. James says maybe we can get Victor to come in and clean it. He says every time he sees it Victor would be freaking out. Paul says yeah he wouldn’t be happy right now. One of us would be dead, if not all of us.


3:24 PM BBT Paul doesn’t think they’ve started tearing down the comp from early this morning. He said unless they started early and finished which he doubts. James says you’re probably going to get a massage when you get out of here. Paul says fuck yeah. James says full body and Paul says fuck yeah. James says from head to toe. Paul says head to fucking toe. He says you have to detox after getting out of there. Paul says it was weird to see all the jury members come back with a glow on their faces for the jury buy back. He says they looked so different.


3:27 PM BBT James says this house is crazy. He says what other reality show do you go on live in a house for 100 days and cut each other’s throats. Paul says this is definitely the longest because Survivor and The Amazing Race aren’t as long. He said on Survivor you starve, but you don’t have to hang out with people and be stressed out. James says you have to kind of hang out with others in Survivor and help around camp or you’ll get voted out. Paul asks James if he’d do Survivor and James says yeah, he wants to. Paul says they’d put you on there. James says it wouldn’t be easy.

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3:32 PM BBT Paul asks where they build the balance thing, if it’s right outside. James says yeah. Paul says it’s cold, but at least he has that jacket. James says he looks like a school crossing guard and Paul says he looks like a fucking highlighter.


3:35 PM BBT James and Paul talking about what they’ll do when they get out of the house. Paul talks about visiting James in Texas.


3:48 PM BBT James says he’s connected to his whole town and all the new stations in his town. He says the first time he was on no one knew him, but now everyone knows him. Paul says they had some good cast members this season. He says you had a character like Victor. James says if Corey sets a party up or a meet n greet in Dallas they could all do that. Paul says just text me and confirm it, he’d be there. FotH.  


4:03 PM BBT Feeds are back and Nicole is up. The backyard is open to them. Paul is clapping and says that was impressive. FotH.


4:06 PM BBT Paul says thanks America for sending me a care package. But I guess I didn’t need it so salute to that. Nicole is inside putting on her swimsuit. Nicole wants to do some workouts and Paul says he’ll help her. James is going to do laundry. Nicole wants to do ab stuff and she wants to run and Paul says he’ll help her do all that. Nicole wants to lay out but there isn’t much sun out. Paul asks them to let him know when they do towels. Paul asks if he can have a ball or something to like kick. He asks BB if he can have some sort of activity. James is very impressed at how quickly they tore that set-up down.


4:10 PM BBT James went to get another bottle of laundry detergent. James asks her how the sun feels and Nicole says good. She says she’ll be outside all day tomorrow. Paul says when he sets up his Halloween party he’ll set up an appointment so him and Nicole can get little matching tattoos. Paul is playing pool by himself. Paul says you can’t sell human bones on Craig’s list. James asks where he gets a human skull anyway and Paul says he has several.


4:15 PM BBT Paul is talking about skeletons and skulls. He says he bought the skeleton for $800 but he’s trying to sell it for $6500. He says that might be too high, but he thinks he’ll get $5500. James is asking how to tell the difference between a male and female skull. Paul explains the difference and also says Asian’s skulls are smaller.


4:20 PM BBT Paul and James just talking about life outside the house and what Paul wanted done while he was on the show.

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4:33 PM BBT James says “friends” will come out of the woodwork when you get out of the house. Paul says fuck them. He says the same thing happened when he got his business running.


4:37 PM BBT Nicole is inside getting dressed and a snack. Paul and James just general chatter.


4:45 PM BBT Nicole is at the memory wall. She’s point at pictures (can’t see which ones) and says your vote, your vote. FotH. Nicole is still counting votes at the memory wall. Nicole says it’s risky, but she doesn’t have those votes if she’s sitting next to Paul. She says she’s got to do what she’s got to do. She complains about the kitchen. She says she’ll clean but it will get back to the way it is. She says she has the two messiest boys in the house, they don’t put the toilet seat down or nothing. She’s going to make them help clean the kitchen. Nicole talking to the cameras and tells her mom she won part 2 of the HOH. She says James didn’t max out and finished in 19 minutes which is pretty good for him.  


4:51 PM BBT Nicole goes outside and says she needs lotion. She asks them when are they cleaning the kitchen. Paul says yeah and Nicole says it’s getting bad they don’t even have utensils. James says yeah we do. Nicole says James, no we’re cleaning the kitchen. Paul says damn she told you. James says ok and Paul says he’ll clean it now. Nicole says not now since we’re outside and she heads back inside for something. James says damn did she just give me an ultimatum. Nicole is mumbling that James doesn’t seem like he wants to help clean up. Nicole says look at how neat his stuff is, yet he’s the messiest guy in the house. She doesn’t get it. Paul goes in to go to the WC. James says he’s going to stick his feet in the pool.


4:47 PM BBT Nicole says she played like a vet she feels like. She says there were only four vets and two of them are still here. She says that’s pretty impressive. Nicole in the hammock saying she needs to think very carefully about this stuff. Nicole says Natalie will not vote for her no matter what, she’s a lost cause. Bridgette, Nicole thinks she might vote for her, but she told Paul she was rooting for him. She thinks Bridgette will vote for her if she’s against James. James is walking around the KT with a trash bag picking up trash. Paul says he’ll do dishes in a little bit and heads back outside.

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5:00 PM BBT Paul says James is nervous. Paul says James was going to put his feet in the pool but Paul watched him do a lap and didn’t even put his feet in the pool. Nicole only has half the deck of cards so Paul goes to get the other half. Paul says he’ll clean up the kitchen later and Nicole says we don’t have to do it today because of the backyard. Paul says yeah we need to clean it anyway. Nicole says it’s just the sink, she says if one more person washes their hands the sink will overflow. Paul says it’s clogged, he’ll fix it. Nicole doesn’t think James deserve the money. She says he literally slept all summer, chased Natalie around, did moves for Natalie, and did nothing strategic for his own game. Nicole says he is NOT playing a Dan/Derrick game. Nicole says James backstabbed everybody and begged for her and Corey to vote him out. Paul cannot find the other half of the cards.


5:05 PM BBT Nicole says Paul would have to not vote bitter and Vic will have to vote for her. She says there are bitter juries all the time. Nicole thinks James hid half the deck of cards so she goes in and asks him where they are. He says why would I hide half a deck of cards. She says cause you are a prankster. James says he’ll give her a hint and says BRRR. She looks in the freezer. James says clue number two small and BRRRR.  James says I’ll give you another hint and clue number 3 I’m outside, small, and BRRR. Paul says did you find them? She says she’s getting close, she’s getting clues. Paul says fool shouldn’t be pulling pranks right now.


5:08 PM BBT Nicole and Paul settle in the hammock and play golf. Paul talks about getting a tattoo with Nicole. Then Paul turns the conversation back to James and how nervous he is and how he played the game. Nicole says since Natalie is gone, James has changed. Paul says they were both playing for America’s favorite and they were putting on a façade, and their true colors showed when they were on the block together.


5:14 PM BBT James comes back outside and dips his feet in the hot tub. Paul asks if it’s hot and James says no he was just cleaning his feet. They were dirty. James comes over and sits next to the hammock. Talk turns to what era they would live in. Paul says he’d fit in in the 50s. He says he likes the 80s but he doesn’t think he’d fit in.  Nicole says the 30s and Paul says he can see her churning butter. Nicole also likes 70s style.


5:21 PM BBT Nicole asks James to switch laundry out. Paul asks if she’s going to do towels and she says she’s going to do her clothes. BB tells the HG to please raise the outside awnings. BB also tells the HG to lower the umbrella. James and Paul are complaining.


5:25 PM BBT They move to the table to play cards. Just general game talk about cards.


5:40 PM BBT Paul talks them in to playing bullshit. James doesn’t know how to play so they teach him how to play.  

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7:02 PM BBT Nicole is in the SR getting food our of the refrigerator. She also gets items out of the baskets on the walls & leaves. Paul is scrubbing down the counters in the KT, deep cleaning it. He says there is Lipton Tea wants any of it. He says he needs to get a new can of coffee because the other one is pretty much done. Paul asks BB to hook him up to get in the SR. Nicole looks for the pan she wants to use to make chicken. She asks James if he wants any chicken. She then asks both James & Paul how many pieces of chicken they each want? James says he only wants one piece. Paul is talking, but we can't really hear him. James says he's going to clean the glass by the stove because they are going to tell them to clean it. Paul asks where his panda licorice is? Nicole tells him it's by the suckers. He says that his black licorice. He says someone may have thrown it around. James & Nicole both say they don't know. Nicole says she saw it on the table, but she didn't clean it off. Nicole tells James & Paul that she is going to bake some chicken in the oven for her. She says she does that at home & loves how it turns out. She tells them she is cutting the chicken up for them to use how ever they want to make it. Paul asks her to cut 4 pieces of chicken up for them & he will eat the left overs later like he usually does. She is going to cut it all up & Paul will cook it all.

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7:11 PM BBT James starts to cut up a lemon to put in his water bottle, just like Nicole has in hers. Paul starts to cut an onion also. They are all cutting everything with butter knives. James tries to get the seed out of his lemon slices. Paul asks Nicole how she wants her onion cut? She tells him to leave her half of it & she will cut it up. She is cleaning off mushrooms with a wet paper towel. Paul pours some olive oil in a frying pan on the stove. He puts the onions in the pan & begins to cook them. Nicole is cutting up the mushrooms now & James is washing some dishes. Cam 3 focuses closely on a pimple on the left side of Nicole's face. She asks Paul if lemon or lime is better on chicken? Paul says they both are good. He asks Paul if he will grab some for her. He brings both lemons & limes back from the SR. Nicole says she is going to use lime. She has put the mushrooms & onions in a small meatloaf pan. She adds her chicken & seasons it a little. She decided to use the lemon. Then she uses the lime also. She says it's perfect & hopefully it turns out.

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7:17 PM BBT Nicole says someone turned the oven off. James said he did it when he was cleaning the mirror because he wasn't sure if he turned it on or not. He says he should have asked. Nicole covers her pan with foil. Paul is seasoning the chicken he is going to make that is in a bowl. Cam 3 gets a close up on the left side of Paul's face on his beard & lips. James says if they keep being proactive like this they will really sleep good tonight. Paul says he would be down for some hot tub action later. Paul uses a spatula to mix everything in a mixing bowl. James says lemon water tastes weird. He says it doesn't taste like water. Cam 3 gets a close up of James' whole face while he is eating potato chips while sitting at the KT table.

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7:25 PM BBT James says he did 5 times back & forth on the first one of the comp. He says there were 7 times back & forth total. Nicole says she did 4 times back & forth total. She says she has never literally ran so fast in her life. She says that Corey would have smoked her because of his long legs, but there was a lot of start & stop. Paul says he thinks he would have done really good. Nicole leaves the KT. Paul says he wants to eat good & sleep good. He says he wants to get in the hot tub later. He asks BB to hook him up with turning the hot tub up so it's hot later. James asks Paul if he put garlic in that chicken? He says, no, but James can cut some up & he'll put it in. Paul says he thinks he will make a wrap with the spinach. James says he doesn't eat spinach. Nicole says the spinach expired on Sept. 12. Paul tells her to toss it out. She says they got a new bag they can use. Paul says he can't wait to go back to Italy. Nicole asks when he's going to go? Paul says in the summer. James asks if that's Paris? Paul says Paris in a city in France & Italy is a country. James says he totally knew that. Pual uses a garlic press to put garlic into the chicken he is cooking. Paul says he can't wait to go to Prague. He says it's his favorite city ever. Nicole tells him he's done some cool stuff that most people never do in their whole life. Paul says he's not banking on an afterlife. James says he's not banking on reincarnation. Paul says he might come back as a fish because of how he talks about the ones upstairs. Nicole says it's weirdly dark outside. Paul says he would like to come back as a bird. James says he would like to come back as an eagle because no one can shoot you down out of the sky because it's a Federal offense. The timer goes off. Paul says there's not way Nicole's chicken is done that quick. Paul presses more garlic into the pan of chicken. James says that's a lot of good garlic right there. Paul shows James all the juices in the pan.

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7:41 PM BBT Paul takes his pita out of the toaster oven. He tells Nicole he's going to be outside enjoying it. He takes his plate, a paper towel & a drink to the BY. James adds some cheese to his pita & then puts the package in the refrigerator. James puts his pita in the microwave. James eats some of the chicken out of the pan. Nicole says she's the new Victor. She says she just loves cleaning. She tells James that his pita looks really good. James eats more chicken out of the pan. Nicole says they've eaten a lot of chicken this season. She says they ate a lot of turkey burgers & fish on her season. James says Liz & them ate a lot of turkey & fish on his season.

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