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Tuesday September 13, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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Midnight BBT or a little later... MissCleoBB tweeted that Paul won HoH.  <personal note> I caught about 10 minutes of BBAD last night, not sure if it was recoreded or not... IT showed James and Paul in LBR sleeping, Victor's bed stripped and Nic and Corey in kitchen laughing.


As I said not sure what is going on, but everyone is alive with Paul is HoH, but no confirmations

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James says if Paul throws him a lifeline by not using the veto, then he owes him and will vote the way Paul tells him.  (Wimp!!)


Corey thinks Paul wants him out because he (Corey) can beat him (Paul) in the mental comp..

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9:00 pm BBT Feeds return. James is doing dishes and Paul is eating in the KT. Nicole is laying down in the Tokyo BR. Cory walks through the KT and James says they are going to start calling them for DRs.  Cory goes to lay down with Nicole. James is wearing a uniform and he says he thinks they will want him to wear it. It sounds like James won the veto.


9:05 pm BBT Nicole asks Cory if they should asks James. She says that she wants to know. She says that she wants to start to prepare him. Cory says that he wants to know. Nicole says she wants to give him everything she knows before she goes if it’s her. She says she doesn’t think there’s anything they can do to affect things at this point. She says that she doesn’t think James will tell them because they didn’t tell him about Natalie. It sounds like Nicole and Cory are on the block.


9:10 pm BBT Nicole says she is scared to hear his answer. Paul is upstairs feeding the fish and enjoying watching them go after the food. Cory and Nicole hear someone walking and Cory asks if it’s James. Nicole says that James is in the DR. It turns out that it is James, so Cory tells him that Nicole and him would like to sleep tonight so they would like to know if he decides before bed. James tells them that Paul would like to talk and he wants to do that before he tells them anything. Cory says that Paul wants him to go because he thinks that Cory will beat him in the mental comp. Nicole says that Paul will not use the veto. It sounds like Paul actually won the veto. Cory tells James that they won’t tell Paul what he tells them and James says that he doesn’t want to start causing problems.


9:15 pm BBT James says that Paul is pretty positive he’s not using the Veto but that he is still weighing the options. Cory says he thinks that Paul is pretty set. Nicole asks if Paul has said something to him and Cory says that Paul doesn’t want to face him in any of the comps. James says things are messed up. Nicole says they’ve both worked so hard and they aren’t in an easy situation. James says he is in a hard situation, too because he really likes both of them. He’s hung out with Cory all season in bumper cars and playing pool. As for Nicole, she’s a vet and he really likes her. He really doesn’t want to have to do that.


9:20 pm BBT Nicole asks James if he is saying that he wants them to come up with who they want to go and he’ll do that. He says that would make things easier for him. If not, he will have to make the decision and he’d rather not do that. He tells them that if they want time alone, he can go sleep in London. He knows how it is because he was there with Natalie. He tells them they don’t have to rush to make a decision and that he doesn’t even know when the Veto Ceremony is. Paul is upstairs in the HOHR laying down in bed. James leaves the Tokyo BR and Nicole asks Cory if they should tell him to vote her out. She also tells him that she thinks it’s disgusting that he asked them to choose. She says it’s like Hunger Games, making them choose. Cory says that it sounds like he’s making a deal with Paul to vote him out.


9:25 pm BBT Nicole wonders if James would vote her out if they asked him to even if Paul wanted him to vote Cory out. She says she just wants James to decide so they don’t have to. James goes into the UKBR and mutters that this is really tough. He lays down in bed with his eyes open. Nicole tells Cory that she almost wonders if they told James to vote her out if he’d really do it because she doesn’t think that’s what Paul wants. She says they threw him a lifeline last week and Cory has been throwing him lifelines throughout the whole game. She says that she’s just going to let whatever is going to happen, happen. James is called to the DR. As he comes through the Tokyo BR Nicole asks him to shut off the light.


9:30 pm BBT Cory asks James if he’s scared to tell him that he’s voting him out. James says he’s not scared of anything. Cory says that he understands that if Paul is throwing him a lifeline he might have to do it, he just wants to know. James says that if Paul asks him to he might have to vote him out because Paul is keeping him in the game. Nicole asks what if she asked him to vote her out. James says that he would have to take it to Paul. James says that it would be hard because it would be like an F-you to Paul after he kept him in the game. Nicole says that basically you are going to do what Paul wants because he’s saving you. James says yes. James goes to the DR and Nicole is looking for her earring. She says she’s had them the entire game and she thinks they are good luck. She says it’s ironic that she has lost one of them now. Nicole says that she would rather whoever can win $500,000 stay in the game. Cory dejectedly says James should vote him out. He says Nicole should go to the final 3 and have family come out. She should be excited. She says that she doesn’t think he really feels that way and he asks what she wants him to do. Nicole is looking for her earring the entire time.

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9:35 pm BBT They turn the lights out in the Tokyo BR and Cory lays down. Nicole is sitting up in bed and says she doesn’t know what to do. Cory says she should do nothing and she should just let him go. She says she doesn’t want to just let him go. Nicole says she can’t believe he’s doing what someone else wants at this point in the game, unless that’s what he wants, too. They sit in silence.


9:40 pm BBT Nicole says that she doesn’t like that James told them to decide whose BB life should end and then in the next breath said he was going to do what Paul told him to do. She said it was just to make them feel like crap. She says that Cory is closer to James than she is so he’s just doing whatever he’s told and it doesn’t make sense. Cory says, “Oh well.” They sit in silence again, holding and rubbing one another hands. The DR door opens and it sounds like James has come out but we don’t see him.


9:45 pm BBT Nicole asks Cory if he is going to be disappointed if she doesn’t volunteer herself. She says even if she does volunteer herself she doesn’t think it will make a difference. Cory agrees. James enters the HOHR and crawls on the floor toward the bed. Then he stands up and slams both hands down. Paul calls him names and then tells him that Cory and Nicole are pressing him. Paul asks what they are doing. Cory is called to the DR. Nicole says that James must have run upstairs. James tells Paul that Nicole and Cory are pretty dead set on him not using the veto. James begins to tell Paul about the conversation he had with them. He tells him that Cory nodded his head in understanding but that Nicole asked him if she asked him to go against what Paul told him to do, would he. James tells Paul that he told her that he wouldn’t do that to Paul. Paul says that he appreciates that. Paul asks if she asked that in private or in front of Cory and wonders if she’s checked out since it wasn’t in private. James says that Cory told him that he got the vibe that he’s going because Paul says he doesn’t want to go up against him in comps. Paul says he said he’s going to talk to both of them. James says that he told them he’s not going to go against him. Paul says that was a smart move on his part. James tells him that he moved his stuff to the London room.


9:50 pm BBT Paul asks James if he should talk to them and James says he doesn’t know. Paul says that it’s tomorrow and he should just tell them that Paul hasn’t told him yet. Paul says that they (Nicole and Cory) weren’t going to write them a check. James says he knows. Paul asks again if he should talk to them. James says that he doesn’t know but that he doesn’t know how to answer them right now. Paul asks what Nicole meant when she asked if he would go against him. James says he doesn’t know. James reiterates that he told them he wouldn’t go against Paul. Paul thanks him again. Paul says that as a game move they should respect what he’s doing. Paul says an argument to make to them is that Paul won HOH and veto so it’s his decision to make. James says that they both want Cory gone for strategic reasons. He also tells him that he just wanted him to know that they are fishing.


9:55 pm BBT Paul says that he doesn’t really want to break the ice but at the same time they are his friends so he doesn’t want to keep them wondering. James says if they know they can beat Nicole when she’s rattled, then that’s the way they should go. Paul says that if James knows one million percent that he is voting Cory out, then that’s what they should do. Paul says they would look like idiots if they didn’t. Paul asks if Cory is in the DR now. James says yes and says that he could send Nicole up. James says that he’s willing to say that it’s his decision if he wants him to. Paul says that he can say it’s his, too since he’s the one with all the power this week. Paul says that in his veto speech his plans to make it clear. He says that realistically they are the same but their mentality is different. Paul says that Cory is, and together they both emphatically say, COMPETITIVE! Paul says he does not want to take him to the 50 – 50 thing at the end. James says if they ask him again… Paul tells him to tell Nicole to come talk to him. He says he’s going to say that he hasn’t made his decision yet. James says it’s up to him.

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10:00 pm BBT James goes to the Tokyo BR and tells Nicole that Paul wants to talk to her and she heads to the HOHR. She climbs in bed with him. He tells her that he is saving her ass. He says that he gets that she is trying to save both of them but that it’s not going to happen. He says he would look stupid to Victor, to his family, to America. He says he planted the seed to James. She starts to tell Paul the story about what happened downstairs. Paul says that what James is trying to do is make it that he’s the nice guy. In the UKBR James starts to talk to the Live Feeders. He tells Bailey that she will be super proud because he feels like he is going to make it to the Final 3 and maybe get a shot at Final 2 and a half a million dollars. Meanwhile Paul is telling Nicole that he planted the seed with James to save her. James tells us that it has been a rough game. There are 4 people left in the house and he’s by himself. The hardest part about being by yourself is that everyone is trying to win $500,000 and they’re working hard at it. He says the jury is kicking back but they are still in the fight. He says spoiler alert Cory and Nicole are on the block and he doesn’t think Paul will use the veto.


10:05 pm BBT Paul tells Nicole that as a fan of the show she should understand this game move. She tells him that it would be stupid of him not to take her to the Final 2. She says that everyone in jury hates her. He says that James doesn’t deserve it and he will never forget that she cried when he was on the block. James tells us that he still has feelings for Natalie. He says he hopes she still feels the same for him. If not he says he hopes they will be good friends. He whispers that he can’t really say anymore because he doesn’t know who’s out there. He whispers they’ve only got 7 days left and then BB is over for the season. He says he’s sleeping in the UKBR to give Cory and Nicole their space since he knows what it feels like. He tells Bailey that daddy loves her and hopefully he will make it to the Final 3 and that he has a good shot at winning. He says that no matter what happens he gave it his all.


10:10 pm BBT Paul and Nicole are talking about how there’s no way James can beat them. They hear the DR door close and Nicole goes to call him upstairs. She asks him if he has to go back in and he says yes. She goes back into the HOHR and tells Paul that Cory was crying and tells him that’s what makes her want to forfeit her game. Paul says that she will hate herself if she forfeits and Nicole says she hates when people forfeit when she’s watching. Paul says that he wants someone to win that he cares about but that realistically he has no chance if both of them are there and she can’t deny that because Cory is her ride or die. She says that Cory is her ride or die. Paul says that her ride or die is dying this week. He says that she saved him and Cory didn’t. She says that Cory can’t hate her for staying in the game. Paul says that she can’t tell him about the deal they just made because he can’t tell James. She says that it will be so hard because she hasn’t kept anything from him the entire game. Paul says that this isn’t a dating game.


10:15 pm BBT Nicole tells Paul that she lives for BB and she’s about to make Final 3. Paul says that if she commits to him she will make Final 2. She says that she has met the best boy she has ever met. Paul says that if he’s the best boy she’s ever met then he will understand when the game is over. Paul says that James doesn’t know anything but he’s a good player. Paul says that apparently he made a promise to Natalie to get Cory and Nicole out. Nicole says that she had a feeling. Paul says that if she goes against him he will be very upset. He says he’s a fan of BB and he’s not going to let someone who hasn’t done anything win. He says he went into the woods and hit every branch. He’s not going to let someone who was on a bicycle on the path win. He wants to let someone who was at least in the woods with him go to Final 2 with him. He says he would rather win 50 G’s and lose to her than James. He says he is very angry that he has to keep James safe. He tells Nicole that he really cares about her and she tells her that they really care about him, too.


10:20 pm BBT Paul tells Nicole that she needs to go downstairs and cry and act really messed up. She says she won’t be acting. He says that plan doesn’t work unless she acts really messed up. She says that she has to do something because she has worked really hard this time. She says people might think she has floated, but she hasn’t. Meanwhile, Cory is out of the DR and is making his way up to the HOHR. Nicole leaves. Cory asks her if she’s going to bed and she says she will wait up for her. Cory asks Paul what’s up. Paul tells him that he got really close to him and Nicole. He says that they are both good people and he thinks they both deserve this. Paul says that he cried when he won the HOH. He says he’s a tough dude but he has an emotional side. Paul says that in his eyes they are equal competitors but that Cory is more competitive. Paul says he really wishes they stuck to the 4 plan. He says that James’s game plan is actually scary. Actually, both of their games are scary but that his best bet is to secure himself in that spot.


10:25 pm BBT Cory tells Paul that he gets it. Paul says he knows that if he doesn’t win he would kick himself. He says he’s in a sh*ty spot. He says that he doesn’t want to be sketch or shy away from what he’s doing. Cory says that when this is all over nothing will matter. Meanwhile, Nicole is in the Tokyo BR whispering to herself. Paul says that it was a bulls*it veto comp. He starts to describe it and we get Jeff’s Reels and then FotH. When they return, Paul says that he wanted to win the veto as much as he wanted Cory to win it, too. He tells Cory that if anyone understands how he’s feeling, it’s him because he was there last week. Cory tells him that he appreciates him talking about it. Cory says they are thankful to have gotten this far – for a showmance to get this far is pretty incredible. He says he’s very competitive and he hates losing, but he’s thankful to have gotten this far.


10:30 pm BBT Paul tells Cory that he knows he would lose to him in Final 2 because he’s just such a nice guy. Cory thanks him and tells him that he’s a great guy, too. He tells him that everyone really likes him. Cory says he hopes the eviction is tomorrow. Paul asks if he thinks the veto will be live. Paul asks if he thinks the Final 3 will start after that and Cory says he thinks it will. Paul says that “homey” (James) thinks it will be something we have to hold onto. Nicole is practicing her Veto Speech. She is saying that she has to do what’s best for her game. She says that James is a floater. She says that Cory is the most genuine, kind-hearted most selfless person ever. Congratulations on making it this far. She knows she wouldn’t have made it this far if she hadn’t been with her sidekick Cory. She says the best decision she made was choosing to pair up with Cory. She knew him for 2 hours before she asked Cory to be her ride or die and ever since then they’ve been making moves and kicking butt together.


10:35 pm BBT Nicole did not say that James is a floater. She said that James is the “sole voter.” She then says that basically she is going to compliment Cory a lot “like [she] always does.” Then she adds that she’s going to say hello to her parents, etc before she goes into the speech. Cory and Paul are finishing up their conversation and Cory says he’s getting ready to head to bed. He says he’s going to sleep well tonight and he’s going to get up tomorrow, eat a great breakfast, and hang out. Paul talks about what he’s going to prepare for breakfast. They hug and say they love each other. They both head downstairs. Cory heads to the WC. Cory is called to the DR. Paul heads to the Tokyo BR and stands by Nicole’s bed. He asks where James is. She says he must be in the UKBR.


10:40 pm BBT Nicole asks if he talked to Cory and Paul says yes. Paul asks where James is and she says he’s asleep in the UKBR. He asks if she cried to him and she says she didn’t go in there because he’s asleep. Paul tells her that he told Cory that he would be an idiot not to take Nicole and Cory agreed 100%. Cory comes out of the DR to change his shirt and then heads back into the DR. Paul says that he told Cory that they both love him but that this situation is messed up. BB tells the HG that the BR lights must remain on. Paul gets up and turns the lights on in the Tokyo BR. James is asleep so the lights stay off in the UKBR. Nicole says that someone is getting evicted tomorrow, right? Paul says that they wouldn’t be doing goodbyes if that wasn’t true. She says that she hasn’t done goodbyes yet. She thanks him for talking to Cory because he wanted to just know so he could sleep and just enjoy his last day. She says she would want to know if it was her, too. She tells him that how it was on BB16. He says as far as James goes… Nicole interrupts him and says that James will avoid them because he doesn’t want to tell them.


10:45 pm BBT Paul says that James is feeling really good. He says that she just needs to act pissed at him. Cory comes out of the DR and climbs in bed with Nicole. Paul leaves them alone. She tells Cory that she feels so bad and she could tell he was crying. He says it was his goodbye. He says he knows she’s not leaving but it was hard. He says he had to talk about other stuff, too and it was hard. Paul is called to the DR. Cory starts to tell Nicole more about his DR and is told that he’s not allowed to talk about his DR sessions with other HG. Nicole tells Cory that Paul told her to stop asking him to use the veto. She says that she doesn’t want him to think that she’s doing anything behind his back. She says that Paul just told her that she’s probably staying and that Cory’s going. She tells him that Paul wants her to work with him. She says that Paul doesn’t want her to tell him. Cory asks her what she means by “work with him?” and she says Final 2. She asks if she should take James and he says YES. Isn’t that obvious?


10:50 pm BBT Paul comes out of the DR and goes into the UKBR. He tells Paul he needs to turn the light on because he needs to find Victor’s retainer. James says he knows where it is and gives it to him. Paul returns it to the SR. Cory asks Nicole if she has done her goodbye yet and BB tells them the BR lights must remain on. Cory says NO because it’s too bright and they ignore BB. Nicole tells Cory that if she makes Final 2 she’s not good at speaking and answering questions. He says that she just needs to be herself and act like she’s having a conversation. She asks him what her biggest move was. She says it could be that she convinced Natalie and Michelle to put up 2 alliance members and then won HOH and got out Michelle and then made a deal with Paul and Victor. He tells her that’s good and that she’s good at speaking. She tells him that she’s absolutely not. He says that he doesn’t know what to say in his speech tomorrow and she says she just plans to compliment him.


10:55 pm BBT Nicole is sitting up in bed and Cory is lying down. She asks him what Paul said. He tells her that Paul said he doesn’t know how to say this but that he just feels his odds are better against James and Nicole. Nicole says it’s a compliment and Cory says that it is. Cory is rubbing Nicole’s shoulder and back while they are talking. They sit together in silence staring into space. Footsteps are heard walking through the house but we don’t see anyone. Cory tells Nicole to play hard. She lays down on his chest and they cuddle. He tells her that she has been beating the boys and she can do it. He tells her to pray about it. He tells her to make sure that her head isn’t crazy before the comps start so she doesn’t try too hard. She tells him she’s going to miss him and he says he’s going to miss her.


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11:00 PM BBT Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo BR. Nicole says she only has one vote in jury and Corey says and Paulie. Nicole says over Paul and James and Corey says yes. Corey says if it’s Paul and James who would you vote for. Nicole says Paul. Nicole says Paul is playing a very good game. Nicole doesn’t think some will vote for her since she already played the game before. They can’t sleep but they think there will be an HOH tomorrow.  


11:09 PM BBT Nicole says she just feels like she’s taking Corey’s chance away. He says she deserves it too. Nicole says but this is my second time and you carried me on your back. Corey says we looked out for each other. Nicole says Paul said the same thing but she feels like Corey looked out for her more because of more comp wins. She thinks Corey would be chosen to come back for all-stars. She doesn’t feel like she deserves it more than Corey does. Corey says you deserve it Nicole, you really do. Nicole says why what have I done? Corey says you’ve done a lot of things. He says you’re very loyal, you’ve never really wronged anyone, you’ve done well with deflecting certain things, you’ve played the game very smart. He says you picked the best partner ever on day one. Nicole says I did.


11:14 PM BBT Corey says James has gotten away with so much this year. Nicole says you and I have been the deciding vote for several evictions. Nicole is called to the DR and she says she’ll be in there for a long time. She goes to find her jersey from the veto comp.  Paul comes in and says what’s up and Corey says I’m down to play some cards. They head up to the HOH room and Paul tells Nicole she can join them and she tells him she’s been called to DR. Nicole goes to put make-up on.


11:17 PM BBT Paul asks what he wants to play and they decide to play golf. James gets called to the DR. Paul offers Corey something to drink and Corey drinks a Snapple. Paul starts talking about a girl and all feeds switch to Nicole putting on make-up.


11:22 PM BBT Paul thinks Corey will get America’s favorite. Corey says I don’t think so. Paul says Nicole’s fan base will vote for you and Victor was kind of cocky. He says Corey was a nice guy and unless he was a dee-hay in DR’s he liked well liked. Paul says he was a nice guy in a savage season. Plus he got the last care package. Corey says I don’t think I will, but if I do I’ll be grateful. Paul says think about it Michelle got a care package, but no way she gets America’s favorite. Corey says Zakiyah gets it and Paul says wtf? Corey says Jozea and Paul says no way. James is out of the DR and Nicole gets called again.


11:27 PM BBT Corey calls James up to play golf in the HOH room with him and Paul. Paul is giving Corey advice on what to say in his eviction speech. He says Corey should say Nicole, I may have lost that baseball comp, but I’m going to hit a home run with you. James comes in with a bowl of cereal and Paul tells him to grab a sparkling water or something to drink if he wants. Paul asks if Nicole was down there and James says she’s in the DR. James sees a Dr. Pepper and Paul says drink it and James says no Victor told me it was bad for me. Paul says who cares and James says ok.

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11:32 PM BBT Paul asks James if he did GB and he nods. Paul says it was long. They are just playing cards, snacking, and having general chit chat. They are talking about cell phones.


11:54 PM BBT Nicole comes out of the DR and goes to the kitchen and grabs the bread. She runs to the storage room and grabs another loaf of bread. BB tells her to put her microphone on and she left it in the DR so she goes to get it.  She comes back and Corey asks what she’s doing and Nicole is making him a PB&J. He tells her to come up and play cards with them. Nicole is singing bits and pieces of Ironic and BB tells her to stop singing. She mumbles she barely sung and then they aren’t putting up with her bull crap.  

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