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Wednesday September 7, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Thank you!


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12:00 AM BBT Nicole, Corey, Paul, and Victor in the KT chatting and eating. General conversation about food.


12:07 AM BBT Natalie and James in the HT.  Natalie says she should have put up Nicole and Corey, the two most unloyal, untrustworthy people in the house, instead of Victor and Paul who had her back.


12:10 AM BBT Natalie says she’s going to blow up the house, but in her own way. She says Nicole is a good girl and would use the money to start a family. She’d vote for Nicole over Corey because she taught him how to play the game.  She says when for eviction night she’s going to say James, Paul, and Victor have her vote if they are in the F2 and Paul will feel like shit when he realizes her apology was sincere.


12:14 AM BBT Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo BR. They are talking about how when Natalie talks to them, she talks to Corey and won’t make eye contact with Nicole. Nicole says that’s rude and Natalie is trying to get under her skin.


12:16 AM BBT Natalie says at least her and James don’t want to do pots and pans like Paul does all the time.


12:19 AM BBT Natalie still talking about being each other’s ride or die’s and Victor and Paul playing pool. James says microphone and gets out of the HT and Natalie is right behind. All four walk to the center of the yard listening. Victor says James and we get FotH.

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12:35 AM BBT We have switched to Jeff Reels.


12:48 AM BBT Feeds are back. Everyone in the Tokyo BR and Natalie is in bed in the UKBR. They are talking about Natalie being upset about being on the block and possibly going home. Nicole asks James if he was going to cuddle her and she said no and James says it’s been like that all day.


12:51 AM BBT Nicole says whenever someone says her name with James for anything Natalie isn’t happy. Nicole says that shoutout thing didn’t help. Paul says look we’re in the home stretch. He tells James he’s sorry he has to go through it, but it’s part of the game.


12:53 AM BBT James says he told her if they can’t make it in the house, then they can’t make it outside either. James says it’s been an emotional roller coaster with that girl. He’s had enough. Paul asks if they’re fighting then now and James says he unloaded on her. Nicole says he couldn’t have said anything that bad. FotH.


12:58 AM BBT James re-hashing the last couple of days with Natalie. It sounds like the megaphone and the lockdown was the last straw for them.

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1:00 AM BBT James says he thought it was funny Natalie flirted with Victor and things didn’t work out. Then she flirted with Corey. He says then she claimed she had all this stuff on Paulie and didn’t tell him anything until she got pissed at him. Talk turns to the after show parties and Paul says they’re going to bone so many girls. FotH.


1:12 AM BBT Paul asks James if things got worse after the megaphone, or better or stayed the same. James says what do you mean and Paul says the megaphone. FotH.


1:14 AM BBT Natalie called to the DR. We hear the door slam and James says he’s getting shitted on. We keep getting intermittent FotH. It’s impossible to hear a conversation.


1:16 AM BBT James says they were on and off for a bit before the block. He says the block brought them closer for a day, but then every day since she’s been shitting on him. Nicole says I thought she wanted you to stay, so why is she upset if she thinks she’s going home? Paul says yeah? Why is she upset that she’s getting what she wants. James says well that’s what she’s telling me. Vic says she just wants to shit on him. Paul says he told her it doesn’t matter she wants, they are going to do what they want and what’s best for their game. Nicole tells James he needs to logically think about what Natalie means. He says he thinks she wanted to make it far. James says once she got an inkling she was going home, all hell broke loose.


1:24 AM BBT James says he’s been sleeping alone in another bed for 25 days. Paul says I noticed that but he didn’t want to say anything. Victor says I figured she was gassy. James says she was gassy, she was mad, she wasn’t feeling well, she didn’t want to cuddle on tv because of her family. He says he respects that one.


1:27 AM BBT James says maybe he should go get his stuff out of the UKBR. Nicole says are you going to sleep in Tokyo and Vic says you can sleep upstairs with us. James says that was 80 days of building up. Paul says why did you let it build up that long?

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1:34 AM BBT Paul goes to get water and takes Victor’s bowl out with him. He yells they are still locked down and he has clothes in the dryer. FotH.


1:36 AM BBT James is making up a bed in Tokyo BR. The lights are out in the Tokyo BR. Nicole and Corey laying down. Victor is upstairs in the HOH and Paul asks if Corey, Nicole, and James are really done and going to bed. He tells James you can’t go to bed homie, you have a DR session. FotH.


1:43 AM BBT Feeds are back and Paul tells the Tokyo BR goodnight and heads upstairs. Paul says Natalie came out of the DR and Vic asks crying? Paul says yeah. FotH.


1:47 AM BBT Feeds back and Paul and Vic laying in the HOH bed talking. Paul says James is done and he says Natalie deserved to hear whatever James said. Vic re-hashing Natalie jumping from guy to guy. Vic says straight savagery. Paul says tomorrow is going to be so awkward. Vic says awko taco. He says one person in the KT at a time tomorrow. FotH.


1:53 AM BBT We have the FotH screen, but we have sound. It sounds like Paul was allowed to go outside to get his clothes out of the dryer. He says thank you BB fam.  He comes in and yells if you have anything outside get it now.


1:56 AM BBT Paul tells Victor he hopes if neither of them win, he hopes they get AFP. Vic says if Paul wins next HOH and they get to F4 he guarantees one of them will win something. Paul says he’s going to gun it.  Vic says he’ll play his heart out in the F4 HOH and if he doesn’t win, then he’ll play hard for the veto.


2:00 AM BBT All is quiet in the BB house. [The calm before the storm?]

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2:04 AM BBT Paul says in order for him and Victor to make F2, he needs to win HOH next week and put up Nicole and James and James needs to win veto and they need to send Corey home. Paul thinks that’s the smartest move. Paul says Nicole would pick him or Victor over James any day. Victor says that makes sense. He can see it. Paul says it has to be that way because if they take Corey out then Nicole will hate them. He says that’s why James needs to win so she’ll be grateful to them for keeping them in and she’ll realize they had no choice because James won veto.


2:09 AM BBT Corey and Nicole talking. Corey is telling Nicole about him beating up a bully who was picking on some other kids. James comes out of the DR and he goes into the UKBR. He moved a water bottle, then turned the light back out and went back in to the Tokyo BR.


2:12 AM BBT James says you think I should talk to her tonight or tomorrow? You think I should let her sleep on it.  Corey says I would go in there and say something. He says it sucks to be the bigger person in these situations. He says just go in there and say something like he cares about her and keep it positive and then talk about it tomorrow.  James says yeah. Corey says there’s no way she can sleep tonight. James goes back to the UKBR and says I’ll see what happens.


2:14 AM BBT James says hey. Nat, are you awake? He goes over and says Nat a few times and says come on I know you’re awake. He says I just want to let you know I still care about you and ummm….I don’t want you to be like upset. He says I’m sorry and if you don’t want to be friends with me, I totally understand. But just letting you know and I still care about you. Even though you probably hate my guts. Natalie is crying under the blanket. James says it’s been an emotional game. She says something we can’t hear. She says I just want to go to sleep. James says ok I just wanted to let you know all right? James says but I’m sorry again. And no matter how you feel I still care about you. She says ok. James says like I said you have the right and if you never want to talk to me again, I understand. Natalie says there’s no hard feelings. She says she almost left the game. She has to make her decision tomorrow morning. James says don’t leave the game. He says if you’re 100% sure you’re leaving Thursday, then just stay. It would really suck to throw the stuff you’ve done over me. Natalie says you’re right, I threw you under the bus, right? I threw you under the bus while I campaigned for you because I’m such an asshole right? She says she can’t wait for him to watch the show. She’s done fighting. James says he came in to apologize and she says I accept your apology. James says I want you to stay though, don’t quit. He says I really got upset ok. She says I know. He says I mean I really wanted, he thought things were going to be different and bring them closer. She says she does want him to stay and she will be happy when he stays and she goes to jury. She genuinely cares for him and wants him to stay and she campaigned for him and didn’t throw him under the bus. Of course she wants to stay because she wants to change her life, but she would never, ever throw him under the bus. She says she told Nicole in the WA the other day what a great guy James was and she never threw him under the bus. She said she literally went to Paul and Victor and campaigned to them and made herself look like an asshole. How did she throw him under the bus, she’s so confused. He says she made a bad decision listening to him. She says she never said that, she said she got bad information. He says that was in the HOH room.

2:22 AM BBT Natalie says she apologized to Paul and Vic for stabbing them in the back and she never threw him under the bus and made herself look like an idiot. Nat says you think I had a fling with Paulie? James says I never said that. Nat says she’s not even going to defend herself. She wasn’t even going to talk to him and keep to herself tomorrow. She so tired of defending herself. James says you don’t have to defend yourself. Nat says but I’m catty right. She’s so tired of fighting, she’s so tired of this game, and she’s just tired of everything. And if she did throw him under the bus, then she apologizes. James says you have said that to me. Nat says she would try her hardest not to say it to someone else and throw him under the bus.


2:26 AM BBT Nat says just go hang out with them and be friends. I honestly don’t want to tell you anymore, my heart is hurting. James tries to speak and Nat says my heart is shattering, my heart is hurting, I’m so over it. James says he literally came in to apologize to her. They re-hash the flirting with Paulie thing and her telling James things Paulie did to get him evicted. She apologizes to James for hurting him and he accepts and apologizes to her and she accepts.


2:29 AM BBT Nat says she’s not quitting. She’s going to try her best. Natalie says she’s so over this game. James says why do we keep talking about game? Why can’t we talk about personal stuff? He says you seem to avoid that. Natalie says do you think maybe I was scared because you live in Texas and I live in New York? She says maybe I thought I liked you more than you liked me, did you ever think about that? James says if you thought like that then you should told me we could just be friends. He says because there’s no way you didn’t know I really, really liked you. Nat says and I really, really liked you. James says I wasn’t pushing away from you either. Nat says James I just don’t know how to be in a relationship. James says it’s ok I get it now. Nat says I liked you and I never used you. I came to you, I liked you. I felt like I was lucky to be with you. The first time I pushed you away was when Bridgette told me to be careful and she stayed away to make sure she didn’t get hurt again. Do you think Bridgette would have said that to me if I didn’t like you. She knows the kind of girl I am and that I’d been hurt before. She never thought she’d like someone as much as she liked James, and it’s been difficult being on the block with him and she knows she’s going home, and It’s hard. James says he was up against his best friend last season and he didn’t campaign against her either. He says he knows how she feels because he’s been in that spot before. James says nothing is going to change on his side. Nat says same here and she’s not going to call people out. James says you can call people out. Nat says no.

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2:38 AM BBT James tells Natalie if she wants she can take a finger off after the show. She says I don’t know what that means. James says you can cut one of my fingers off.


2:42 AM BBT James and Natalie are now on repeat. How they like each other, how hard it is to be on the block together, how they tried to block feelings. She wants James to stay but she wants to stay too. She knows James feels the same way too.


2:46 AM BBT James promises Natalie that he does not have a F2 deal with Nicole at all. He promises they never had a F2, they never spoke about it. A F4 yes, but not a F2. Natalie says ok. I trust your word.


2:49 AM BBT Natalie says James’ mean name is Nicholas. James says they only have one day left and then he has a week to think about their relationship. Nat doesn’t care anymore, she’s tired of it. James says I know and I know you want to go Thursday. Natalie says I don’t want to go, but I don’t want to go you to go either. She never expected to like someone, she didn’t know showmances were real. She doesn’t know how to like people. She always pushes boyfriends away because she doesn’t want to get hurt. It’s their fault she breaks up with them. But she doesn’t want America to know her personal life.


2:53 AM BBT Natalie says she would never use James and it hurts her feelings he would think that. He says you have to look at it from my point of view. You started pushing away and didn’t want to be around me, so there were things going through my mind. Natalie says James you know me, I tell you everything. She says he got her off the block a lot, but she never used him. James is really, really sorry for earlier. He doesn’t want her to be sad. James says he’d love to be more than friends, but if she says she just wants to be friends, then he’ll blow her phone up with text messages. Natalie says do you feel I’m a heartbreaker? James says sometimes. Natalie says it’s for a good reason though. She never used James, she would never use anyway. And don’t forget that Nicole cuddled with him to separate her and him and Nicole and Corey were trying to work with Frank and Bridgette. James says I just never had a secret alliance with Nicole.

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3:00 AM BBT James apologizes again. He says he came to apologize as a man who cares about her. He’s going to back and off and let Natalie get back to her life. If things work out great, but if not then hopefully they can still be friends. Natalie says did you come and apologize on your own free will or did someone make you? James says I wanted to come and apologize.


3:03 AM BBT James says one of his best moments was when him and Natalie went on that date. Natalie says which one. James says the Ziggy Marley date. Natalie says that was fun. She said it was a legit real date. He says it’s one of his best moments there. Natalie says America if you ever go on Big Brother don’t ever get in a showmance. James says not all showmances are the same. He says look at them, they look like they were made from each other. Natalie says good for them, they aren’t on the block together and everyone is protecting them and Nicole hasn’t hit the block. James says hey, you took your friendship bracelet off and Nat says you really hurt me. He says I didn’t know if you threw it away or flushed it down the toilet. Nat says I’m not two years old James. She looks through her bag for the bracelet and she can’t find it. She says it’s gone.


3:09 AM BBT Natalie and James talk about Survivor and The Amazing Race. James says she should do Survivor. She says maybe. She says there’s not any scheming and backstabbing on there right? James says actually, yeah.  She says she’d be better at the Amazing Race because she’s good at scavenger hunts and she’d be good in other countries and solving puzzles. That’s why she made it to F6.


3:12 AM BBT Natalie says it’s hilarious if they’re afraid of her over everyone else. She says Nicole won a mental and a physical and Corey won a mental and a physical. She says Paul and Victor have won every kind. She knew she’d be good at these comps, she just wasn’t good enough to win them. She says they are literally taking out the weakest couple, good for them. Congratulations.  


3:13 AM BBT James says one of Julie’s questions might be what is her biggest regret in the game. Natalie says working with Corey and Nicole. If Julie asks that questions, then she’s going to shit on them in the most amazing way possible. She’s going to call it out with facts, evidence, and the truth. She went to school for PR and journalism and journalism is the truth. Natalie says she was put on the show for a reason and James says it was to distract him.


3:16 AM BBT Natalie says she grew up dirt poor and worked so hard to get everything she needed. She says Corey beat her by 3 minutes in the veto comp, so how is she a bigger threat. She said she told Nicole Corey would do well in that competition. She starts talking about the veto comp in general. She thought that comp was easier than a lot of other comps. It was one of her favorites. Black box was easy for her, even with a pulled neck. Natalie says her regret was working with Corey and Nicole. That was her number one mistake. James changes the subject to shoes.


3:21 AM BBT Nat liked how everyone got silent when she was going to the DR. Like you guys weren’t talking about her anything. She doesn’t care, just say shit to her face. Everyone in there is acting like a little pansy. She asks James if he was talking about her too. James says we were talking about our fight. Nat says why would you talk about our fight with them? James says not details and they heard them. Nat says so you talked to them about the fight? Nat says so what? It got quiet for one second when I walked out. She says why would you tell them we’re arguing though when it’s none of your business. James says they heard some of it and asked if they were all ok. She says so I walk out and everyone stops talking. That’s nice. James says when you came out they didn’t know what to say, they didn’t know if you were sad. Natalie says they don’t give a fuck about my feelings, none of these people in this house. Never did, never would. None of them cared about my feelings, never care about my feelings. Not one person has ever asked if she was ok if she was sad. They don’t need to know her business or anything about her. It’s the fact that he went and talked to them after the fight makes her…James said I didn’t have anywhere to go. Nat says whatever, it is what it is. James apologizes again.


3:28 AM BBT James asks Natalie if it ever crossed her mind after the call out thing that maybe she should give him a heads up that it would best if they were friends. She says she didn’t want to just be friends though. She never invited Paulie to sleep with him, but James invited Nicole to sleep with him. She never asked Paulie to sleep with her or keep her company.

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3:33 AM BBT Natalie says did they say anything mean about me while you were out there? James says no. Natalie says that makes me look even worse. James says no, they didn’t say one mean thing about you. Natalie says they all got quiet when I went out there.


3:35 AM BBT James apologizes again. He cares about her and he’ll be her friend. She can’t cry tomorrow because she doesn’t want to have poofy eyes or a poofy face. She has to look beautiful when she meets Julie. Natalie says when she goes to jury she’s not going to give them any information about what’s going on in the house. She’s going to say hi and she’s going straight to the treadmill and layout by the pool. She doesn’t want to talk game at all. James says Bridgette will want to know and she says I’ll let them know what I want them know when I feel like it.


3:39 AM BBT Natalie and James back on repeat about their relationship. Natalie can sleep for days in a row when she’s sad.


3:43 AM BBT James felt Natalie was hot and cold a lot but he was steady.


3:48 AM BBT James says it was demeaning that he was Natalie’s third pick. Natalie says seriously? She says Vic was hitting on her, she wasn’t hitting on him. She says ask Jozea, she was running away from Vic all the time. James says what about Corey? Natalie says I liked him for like 2 days. I thought he was cute and it has nothing to do with you. Nat says you cuddled with Nicole, you gave Michelle back massages. Why are you yelling at me for liking Corey and Victor, it has nothing to do with me and you and it was way before me and you. James says it’s kind of demeaning that Victor could say you’re sloppy thirds or sloppy second. Natalie says then why did you get in a showmance with me? James says because I liked you and I let that go. Natalie says all right James, you win. James says it took you awhile to calm down on your flirting. Like you told me you never touched Paul, but then you got in a fight and you said he touched your butt and you touched his butt. But she denied it in front of Paulie. Paulie says they flirt and touch each other and Natalie says not like that. She pinched Paul’s butt just fooling around. James says well then you can’t complain because he grabbed your thighs. She says she didn’t say that Paul did. She says she’s sorry and James says he let all that go. She says you’re throwing shit in my face and making it worse. James says I’m letting stuff go to, he says you’re not the only one letting stuff go. Natalie viewed Paul as a little brother and James says but he pinched your butt. Natalie says he never touched my butt, I pinched his butt. She says she did calm her flirting down. Natalie says all right James, I just can’t anymore.


3:53 AM BBT James says I’m just trying to talk to you as a friend. He says you don’t have to worry about the relationship part, they are just friends hashing stuff out. He says if you were a friend you’d at least hear me out because I heard you out about Corey. Natalie says you’re coming at me with all these things. I’m like sad, and it takes me awhile, and you’re coming at me with all these things after you literally made me sad tonight, and I wanted to self-evict, and it’s a lot to take in. She’s about to get evicted and she just doesn’t think she can just handle anything else. James says I guess I should have kept it to myself. James says I just wanted you to know what I was dealing with the whole summer so you can see why I finally blew up the way I did and viewed stuff a certain way. He apologizes [Again] for blowing up on her. She said I’m glad you got all that off your chest, I hope you feel better.

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4:01 AM BBT Natalie appreciates James apologizing. He thanks her for hearing him out. She says she shouldn’t have came on this TV show. He says it was a learning experience. She says this was tough.


4:10 AM BBT James says Julie will ask Natalie about their relationship. She says she’ll just sit there and not answer or say she doesn’t know. Natalie says but you’re right James, I used you all summer. Then she says I didn’t use you, I don’t use people. That’s not my style.


4:13 AM BBT James says he needs to hear out of Natalie’s little mouth what she’s thinking. He asks if she’s breaking up with him and she just laughs. She says she doesn’t know. He says so currently we’re still together. Natalie says I don’t know. James says America would like to know if they’re broken up or still together. Natalie says I don’t know. He’s doing in their girl talk style where he’s taking questions from random people. Natalie says her manager says she doesn’t have to answer questions until tomorrow. Nat says he really hurt her tonight and that shit did not feel good. She has to think about things. James says you only have a day to think about it. She only has 24 hours. James says he’ll be stuck in limbo because he won’t know if he’s single or in a relationship. Natalie says that fight really did a lot on me. He says he needs to know soon for good-bye messages.


4:21 AM BBT Natalie says when she leaves she’s going to scream she’s Chewbacca’s cousin in law. Then she says she’ll scream she’s Julie’s niece. Or Victoria’s step-sister or cousin-in-law. James says look at Nicole if you say that because she will flip. Natalie says I’m going to have them believing I’m a secret genius. She says I’ll scream I own google. James advises against that. She says I’ll scream I work for the government, the FBI or CIA. James says tell them you were on Big Brother Canada. He says they won’t know. Natalie wants to use the fire hydrant costume for Halloween.


4:28 AM BBT James says he’s going to scream out that he’s related to Jun. Natalie says Jun? James says she was another Asian girl and she won.


4:32 AM BBT Natalie says do Nicole and Corey think if they make it to F2 over other people, they’re going to win? [Ummm, well if they make it together, then one of them has to] She’s going to tell every single person in jury what they said after they left. All of them. I’m going to tell them each and every one what they’ve said about them. Everyone in that jury house. James says just be careful when you go in there because some of them have been in there for a month and they’ll be gamed out. James says you’re actually not allowed to and we get FotH. She’s going to workout, but she’s going to tell people. Because if they’re F2, I want them to know. She says she won’t call anyone out. Her speech is going to be sweet, just like her.


4:36 AM BBT James says do you care if I pass out in here with you? Like over here? She says yeah. He says you do mind? She says no. James says he’s really sleep. It’s been an emotional night. She can’t wait to see her good-bye message from all her friends. She says their gonna say some crazy shit. She can only imagine. She’s not friends with any of them. James says not everybody talks about you Natalie. You’re not always the center of attention. She says I never said I was. She doesn’t want to be the center of attention. James says no one out there was talking about you. She feels like all the life has been sucked right out of her.


4:45 AM BBT They re-hash Natalie’s comp win and discuss what might have happened if she hadn’t won. She says it didn’t feel right when she won it. She says they should have put Nicole and Corey up and stuck with the plan. James says Paulie would have been back though. Natalie says we had a strong team though. Everyone would have been loyal. James asks Natalie how does it feel to break up with America’s favorite player and use him all summer. Natalie says how does it feel to be broke up by America’s favorite player from BB18. Natalie would be so excited if Big Meech got America’s Favorite Player. James doesn’t think Paul or Big Meech will get it. James talks about previous people who won AFP. Natalie isn’t going to let people walk all over her anymore. If they are mean to her, then she just won’t be friends with them. James says he’d come back next season, too if they called him.

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5:00 AM BBT Nat and James go to the WC and then go to get ice cream.


5:06 AM BBT Natalie says Zakiyah hurt her feelings, she got her evicted. Paulie made her mad and she got him evicted. Paul pissed her off and hurt her feelings and she won HOH and put him on the block. She says Paulie used to talk to her like she was an idiot.


5:15 AM BBT General re-hashing about the fight from earlier. How emotional of a day it was. They are back on repeat.


5:33 AM BBT Natalie says if they ask her questions about their relationship she’s going to say she doesn’t speak English in Spanish. James asks why and she says she’s just kidding. All lights are now off.


5:38 AM BBT Natalie is giving shout outs to her family. She’s practicing her eviction speech. She wants to give a shout out to Bronte also. She wants to tell America how good her family is to her. It’s her ten second to say whatever she wants on live TV. She wants to use it on her family that cares about her and not the people in the house that don’t care about her.


5:44 AM BBT All HG tucked into bed. Victor and Paul sharing a bed in the HOH room. Nicole and Corey sharing a bed in the Tokyo BR. James and Nat in different beds in UKBR.

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2:10PM BBT James and Natalie talking in the UKBR. Natalie saying she won't crap talk the others in the house. She said God knows what the others HG have done and what she has done. She says Karma gets people but she doesn't need to crap on people to get ahead. James tells her that villians do win this game. She says that she is glad she isn't winning this game because she isn't a villain.


2:11PM BBT Natalie shouts out whoever wins congratulations. You are a liar and deserve your money. She also says never date anyone who has been on BB as they are all liars. James tells her that's he shouldn't say that. Natalie says that she was always looking for James and he was never looking for her. She says he is a stand up guy. She says that she knew Paul and Vic were coming to evict James but she had his back.


2:13PM BBT Natalie tells James that's he had Bronte and Bridgette's back too. And Michelle's. She says Michelle was back stabbed by Nicole and Corey. She says she doesn't care how America views her. She never cared about anything but her family.


2:20PM BBT Natalie says that James really hurt her last night. She knows she hurt him a little bit. James says he can't go back in time but his intentions were not to hurt her but he was really hurt. Natalie says that he called her catty. Natalie says she doesn't even know who he was last night. James says she has to understand that he really liked her. He doesn't hide it. He says maybe he shouldn't have said it because he didn't know how she felt. She says that she was scared and tried to push herself away from him. She says the game was crazy for her and how does he expect her to act. James just telling her how he felt and how their relationship was. James says that he didn't intend for a showmance. Natalie says that she is a rare breed. James agrees. She says a lot of girls want to use guys. She says all she wants is a guy to treat her well. She says she works for everything she has. She doesn't ask anyone for anything. Her sister always tells her that she is too caring and giving.


2:35PM BBT As Natalie and James rehash their relationship (which is now just friends) the other HG are in the KT joking around. No game talk.


 2:46PM BBT James and Natalie take a break to get food from the SR.

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3:21PM BBT Natalie tells James that she is going to write a book. She has such an outrageous life that her book would be good. Her friends can not believe the experiences she has had.


3:27PM BBT Natalie tells James it would be a motivation book. She grew up with nothing. She shared a one bedroom home and something happened to her as a young person (James had said something but they whispered it). She says she had the same experience but not as bad. Her book would talk about how to made it to college and how she made her dreams come true. James said his book would be motivational too. She says she knows and isn't knocking his.


3:33PM BBT Nata nd James retire to the UKBR. Natalie tell James that she took a social work class in college. She has worked with all types of kids. Those that have had cancer, blind, poor, any hardship. That's how she knows to work with so many different people.


3:35PM BBT Natalie is telling James it was all the events that she created that she worked with the kids. She says that the kids hugged her and told her how much she changed their lives. She has always wanted her own non profit after helping all these people.

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3:37PM BBT In the LR Corey, Vic and Paul talk about bands. In the UKBR Natalie still telling James how her department did the best job ever with events. She made sure the kids had the most amazing event. It was her job to break them out of her shells. She says dancing at bar mitzvahs helped with that.


3:43PM BBT Corey, Nicole and Paul sit down to play dominoes. In the UKBR we have rinse and repeat with Natalie and James.


 3:53PM BBT James telling Natalie if he wins HOH he is going to try nd take out one from each couple because they took his one out. Natalie tells James that the way people treated her in this house, she won't stay in touch with any of them. James says she doesn't have to.


3:56PM BBT BB has taken the dominos away. Paul saying thank goodness and we get FOTH.



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4:03PM BBT Paul and Nicole talk about the remaining weeks and pawns. In the UK BR Natalie practicing her speech. She says that she has apologized to Paul and Vic but they made fun of her. She said all Summer she has put up with the HG calling her FT. and we get FOTH.


4:12PM BBT The dominos have been replaced with a deck of cards. Vic is shuffling them.


4:13PM BBT James and Natalie in the UKBR. They talk about this show isn't worth not being yourself. She tells James that she knows the other HG would kill a random stranger for a million dollars. (or 100 million - it was difficult to hear). James laughs and says she doesn't really think that. She says that she believes it 100%.


4:20PM BBT In the KT the 4 HG are playing a game of BS. In the UKBR Natalie and James just rehashing talks and game play. Just rinse and repeat.


 4:26PM BBT In the UKBR Natalie telling James that she is happy for him but it sucks for her. She wants him to win the game as much as she wanted to. She says she would have used the veto on him. He says he would have done the same. She says she was campaigning to keep him.

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4:33PM BBT Natalie says she is going to use the speech as her closure. She came into the house caring about peoples feelings and didn't know anything about the game. She says people are going to crap on her all the way out the door. James says something about he will follow her all the way to the door. She asks James if he likes her speech and he says it's a good speech. She ants to tell Nicole that she has made fun of her on camera and off camera. She says she wants America to know who Nicole really is. She say "bam". She says she is going to tell them that they messed with the wrong girl.


4:44PM BBT Natalie still talking about her speech. She says that she went to school for PR and journalism. She says her speech will have factual evidence and present it that way. She will not call them snakes (not sure how long she thinks she gets to talk). She says that if she had come into the house ditzy and saying she was 21 she would have gotten far too.



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5:20PM BBT Poker game still going on. James and Natalie are awake and Natalie talking about her eviction. James says whatever she decided he will be behind her. She says "I don't need you behind me". James asks :Beside you?" Natalie says she doesn't need him. He tries to explain. She says now that she needs her girlfriends. She says if a girl can not keep a lot of girlfriends then there is something wrong with her.+


5:30PM BBT In the UKBR Natalie is complaining that the HG in the KT are constantly screaming. (As she chomps on a sucker and slurps on it.) She says they have all been backhandedly crapping on her all week. She says she is calling Nicole out because Nicole is so worried about her image. (she continues to crunch on the sucker. James says she can call him out as a jerk if she wants to. She says no she doesn't think that way. Natalie says that Nicole and Michelle were best friends in the beginning. She says Nicole has been in more room with crap talkers so she is guilty by association.


5:38PM BBT In the UKBR Natalie telling James that the other 4HG keep getting called out for talking about their DR sessions. She applauds and says "congratulations" It is only going to make me crap on you (ok not the word she keeps using but these are family updates)more when I leave.

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5:39PM BBT Natalie says that she is going to make great TV. She says that she is on the show because she is so sweet and spicy. She tells James that the way she has been on the show is the way she is at home.


 5:48PM BBT Natalie tells James that she hopes Michelle wins AFP. She laughs hysterically and says that even though she crapped on Natalie she wants her to win it just so it serves everyone right. James looks uncomfortable. Natalie still laughing. In the KT Vic and Paul talk about poker.


5:50PM BBT Natalie tells James that in jury she will just have the best time and even if no one speaks to her it won't matter. She says she will work out and get her body back. She says that she distanced herself in the games because of how she felt about getting fat.


 5:58PM BBT Natalie and James talking. She says she would do well on Survivor. She is great at comps and loves the heat. James says that she likes to walk around in bikinis. James telling her that Survivor people get all sorts of money. You get 10K just for showing for final tribal night. Natalie asks if she should do Amazing Race or Survivor? James says Survivor.

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6:00PM BBT Vic is cleaning the KT and complaining how the HG are messy. He says that when people come to his house he makes them take off their shoes.


6:11PM BBT James is tickling Natalie and she is laughing and telling him it tickles. Vic doing the dishes.


6:17PM BBT Natalie and James find food in the KT. As they return to the UKBR Natalie says the BR is gross. She says she will be happy to go to jury where it is clean. She says she has never lived in a mansion before.



 6:18PM BBT Natalie tells James that she wishes she had taken her meds today. We get FOTH. When we get back Vic is complaining that he always has to do the dishes. Paul says he leaves them out because he doesn't care. Vic says that Paul and Natalie leave the biggest messes.

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7:00 PM BBT In the KT, Victor & Paul are preparing food to eat. Paul is looking for Honey BBQ. Corey is peeling garlic. We see FOTH briefly. Paul & Victor tell him his hands will smell like butt for a while. Nicole goes in the KT to refill her water bottle. Victor asks her to get the bay leaves out of the refrigerator for him & she does. Natalie & James are napping in the same bed in the UKBR.

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7:03 PM BBT Victor is disgusting & burps twice without excusing himself at all. Pual asks how long the rice will take to cook? Victor says a while. Nicole asks if they ever use brown rice? They both say no. Paul is excited that they will get to see their parents. Nicole asks where the deck of cards is? Corey gets them. Victor asks if anyone knows how to play Spades? No one does. Nicole says she knows how to play Uker. Victor wants to know the rules, but Nicole doesn't know all of them without playing with someone else who knows how to play the game. Victor is rude telling her if she can't explain it then she doesn't really know how to play. Nicole goes to the WA. Corey shuffles the deck of cards. Paul & Victor are still in the KT. BB tells Nicole to please put on her microphone. Corey wishes they had some dice. Paul says they would be great but would make too much noise & BB doesn't want noise. Nicole sits down at the dining room table with Corey. She says she can beat him at anything.

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7:08 PM BBT Victor says the most ignorant comment he's ever heard was when he was asked if he speaks Mexican. He says that's like asking someone if they speak American. Nicole says they are going to play Go Fish, but they don't know what they are doing. Nicole says she's played Old Maid & Go Fish with the actual cards, not regular playing cards. Corey doesn't know what Old Maid is. Paul says he's heard of it. Natalie walks through the KT to & from the WA. Nicole says Old Maid is luck Duck Duck Goose. She says it's a classic game that everyone knows she thought. Corey says Ubly is a different place. Natalie walks back to the WA. Nicole & Corey start playing Go Fish.

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7:13 PM BBT Corey & Nicole are laughing while they play Go Fish. They are hilarious & aren't even playing the right way. Natalie goes back to the UKBR. She tells James he's tickling her as she peels an orange. She tells James that Paul was trying to say little words to her, but she doesn't want to talk to him. She says she wants to go already & she wishes eviction was today. James asks if she is ready to find out? She tells James that she already knows he's staying, she just wants to go. James says then he's ready to win HOH & make it to the Final 4. She tells James if he wins the next HOH he's guaranteed the Final 4. She tells him he can get the Veto the following week to be safe. James says this is the best one to win because Victor isn't playing. James says he hopes it's a crap shoot. Natalie says she hopes it's not days & she should have been teaching him days. He says he thinks that will be a Veto comp. He says that will be crazy if that one sends him home. Natalie tells him they will all go after him next so he needs to win the HOH. James says they will all try to be his friends. She tells him to put one of the last two couples up & break up the Final 4. Natalie tells him not to put 1 from each couple up because they will sh*t on him the next week. She tells him to pick a side & stick with it. She says Paul & Victor have sh*t on him the most. She says Nicole & Corey have not been loyal to them. James says he wants to put Nicole up because she is the only one that hasn't been on the block the whole season. Natalie says everyone will be going to his HOHR to talk to him. She tells him to listen to Paul & Victor. She tells him he can tell them he will put up Nicole & Corey & if one comes down he will put one of them up as a pawn. She says he will be the deciding vote in the end. James says it sucks that he's between two couples. Natalie says he has to stick to a couple. James says Nicole & Corey will never go against each other. He says he will have a 1% chance of Paul or Victor taking him to the end. Natalie says one person is going home. She says it's better to piss off one group but not both. He says he would put Nicole & Corey up & if one comes down he will put Paul up & vote Paul out. He says that way he will have to work with Victor because Nicole & Corey will be ride or die. He asks if he should tell Paul? Natalie says hell no, blind side that mother f'r. Natalie says they set them up to blindside both of them & send her home. She says they are playing dirty. She says she is prepared to go home & she doesn't want to hang around them. She says everyone needs the money but she really needs it. She says she has the best work ethic & she knows how to make money. James says this is so crazy. We see FOTH briefly. Natalie says she doesn't have to get sh*t on & be stuck in this hell hole anymore. She says she gets to go to jury & have fun. She says she is looking forward to seeing Paulie & Zakiyah. She says she will hug them so tight. She says she knows Corey & Nicole are very convincing. She says working with them is sending her home. She says they are only keeping James to protect themselves. She wants James to put them up at the same time so they know what it feels like. She says they knew they were going to send her home.

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