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Tuesday September 6, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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8:53 PM BBT Nicole is lying in bed in the Tokyo BR by herself. She hears Corey & says, "Here he comes." They both ask each other if they are o.k.? They both say yes. Corey asks why she left so quickly from the BY? Nicole says because she though tit was a good time to study. Corey has his towel on & puts on his boxer briefs under the towel. He puts on grey shorts over them. Nicole is concentrating on studying while yawning. Nicole is talking to the live feeders about the comps & days. Corey takes her water to her. She thanks him & he says no problem. Nicole says she doesn't know why Corey's pillow is moved from the bed. Corey says it's hot. Nicole says it's not hot now, but she was hot after her shower. Corey asks Nicole what's up her sleeve? She says she's just studying. She quizzes Corey & he answers correctly. Corey wants to eat something in a little while, but he wants to chill out first. He says the hot tub was blazing hot. Nicole asks Corey to quiz her, so he does.

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