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Friday September 2, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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3:08 AM BBT - James and Natalie talking about who will be evicted.  He thinks that he'll be taken out first.  James says, Let's get the hell out of here."  He tells her, Babe, you better win.  He says that he would move in with her.  "Babe, let's go get a house."  Natalie says that she wants an apartment.  She asks him if he has good credit?  She doesn't have good credit.

Natalie says, "So you want me to buy a house with the 1/2 million dollars that I'm not going to win."  She says if she wins, she'd move to Texas, cheer and move in with her but he'd have to pay the bills. 


They are talking about the type of house they want...ranch, open floor plan, smaller house and she will decorate it.  James wants to bring Gizmo, his cat and she wants to get a dog.  Natalie says that her heart hurts because she feels that they are going through a break-up.  She wants to go out first and James yells, Hell NO!  Natalie says that she wants to use the veto on him and he says no.  He says that he's at the top of the pecking order of getting out and she has a better chance of winning.  James says that he aligned with Nicole because she was a vet.  Nat says that she trusted Paul and Victor.  She doesn't want to be in the house without him...it will be hard.



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3:20 AM BBT - Nat is kind of excited to see their faces at the nomination ceremony.  He says that he's going to ask Nat for the lube.  He wonders what Victor's speech will be of why he's on the block.  If he says it's because he's playing sides, then James says that he's not the only one, Corey and Nicole, you have anything to say?


Now they are regretting not voting out Corey.  Natalie is talking to America about donating on her cousin's Go Fund Me page.


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12:00am-1:00am BBT: Victor got Dominoes and gets them out explaining to the other Hg how to play the game. A game of dominos is going on as Victor explains how to play. Paul gets up and goes to listen to the music. everyone but  James paul and Victor have left the HOHR. 

1:00am-2:00am BBT: James ask to speak to Victor alone and Paul leaves the rm. James says i know i am going on the block this week and i deserve it but i have to tell you  I was in a final 4 with Nicole and Corey  and Natalie and that is why I did not vote to keep you in the house. James then says i deserve to go on the block but i want you to keep Natalie off the block she did not want to vote you out she tried to keep you.Victor tells James that it will not be a shot at Natalie if she goes on the block and James shakes his head as he tells him he does not want him to go against Natalie because of him. Victor tells him that her being so close to you is why she  will go on the block. Nicole and Corey come in and interrupt the conversation. Paul now enters the HOHR and they all sit around talking about the AXE spray Victor got.
Victor says he is going to get a shower  then gets up and hugs James then James leaves the HOHR. Nicole ask why James said and they ask her and Corey when they was going to tell them that they had a final 4 deal with James and Natalie? Nicole says there was never a final 4 deal and Paul says it does not matter now we are the final 4 now.
Talk then  goes to the Veto comp and victor says i need to win this one so i can send James out of this house and have that satisfaction.
In the LBR James tells Natalie he is going home this week and Natalie starts crying she tells James he is her best friend and if she wins veto this week she will use it on him and go to jury and have fun with Michelle and Bridgette.
Victor comes to the LBR asking to talk to Natalie and James leaves. Victor tells Natalie she is going on the block but she is not his target this week but James is and that he needs James to leave. Natalie thanks him for telling her and they hug and victor leaves the room then James comes back in and Natalie tells him that he is the target this week notr her.

2:00am-3:00am BBT: James tells Natalie that this is the first time he has heard he is the target all season. 
Corey goes to his bumper car and lays down as Nicole goes to the HOHR to tell Victor goodnight and tells him she is proud to work with him and he says yeah who would have thought i would be working with Nicole from season 16. He then tells her she is working with a legend and then laughs.Nicole leaves the HOHR and goes to the HNBR to talk to Corey she tells him she is worried she is going to get back stabbed and go on the block and she wants to keep her record of not going on the block this season.Nicole and Corey then move to the TBR and snuggle as Nicole gives him crap about going for the have Egg first.

3:00am-4:00am BBT: Paul and Victor in the HOHR just talking general talk and drinking a beer then Paul gets up to make up the bed and starts talking to the feeders about Michelle stealing Pablo and throwing him to the audience. Victor is in the WC laughing as Paul rants on about Pablo.
4:00am-5:30am BBT: Nicole and Corey now in the KT and Nicole is making Corey slop to eat. She then gets upset after he takes a couple of bites and throws it in the trash and washes his bowl.They then head to the TBR and snuggle and play under the covers.
Natalie sleeping in the LBR and James comes in and lays with her and they hold hands talking about they will both be evicted in the next 2 weeks. Natalie then says she wants to stay in the house and win HOH. She says she wants everyone out but Victor and will go to final 2 with Victor. She say she will put Nicole and Corey on the block first. Games talk stops and James ask iof she wants him o go to the other bed to sleep and she says no she is scared and  he stays in bed with her. James turns the lights off and lays back down.
Lights off in the house as All HG are sleeping.

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10:05am BBT: Victor in the shower in the HOHR. All other Hg still sleeping.

10:18am BBT: Victor out of the shower getting dressed then uses his deodorant as he listens to his music.

10:30am BBT: Victor goes down stairs  and goes and gives Nicole a hug and says he is the only one awake.he then goes to  the LBR to get his dirty clothes.

 10:40am BBT: Victor now in the KT making eggs. 

10:45am BBT: After a brief FOTH Nicole is up doing make up in the WA and Paul is called to the DR. Victor is washing his pan.

10:55am BBT: Nicole in the KT making coffee while Victor makes him a drink. Paul in the DR and all other Hg still sleeping.

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11:00am BBT: Victor and Nicole eating. Paul comes out of the DR and Nicole offers her breakfast to Paul he says no thank you he wants real bacon not turkey bacon. BB calls Nicole to the DR.

 11:10am BBT: Victor and Paul talk about cleaning dishes then about Michelle and how she felt leaving lastnight. Paul throws his egg yolks in the trash and Victor tells him they are not bad to eat. Paul refuses to eat egg yolks.

 11:26am BBT: Paul and victor talking about when finale will be and then Victor says he smells good. Paul making a cup of coffee.

11:30am BBT: Nicole out of the DR and now eating her eggs and turkey bacon. Victor gets called to the DR. Paul sitting talking to Nicole about past comps and how cold the water was  in the water comp.

11:39am BBT: Natalie and James moving around and Natalie says i need a shower today then James says you and me both. They then turn over and James yawns as they try to go back to sleep.
Nicole and Paul still in the KT talking general talk.

11:48am BBT: Paul tells Nicole he really wants to take her to the Rose Bowl and he says she will love it. She tells him she would love to go.

11:55am BBT: Nicole and Paul talking about shipping and suitcases and Paul says he loves the vintage suitcases. Nicole says i want a vintage vanity set and Paul says i can get you one. DONE. He then says they will cost but they have alot of them.

11:57am BBT: Natalie rolls over and tells James that her tummy is nauseous cause she is hungry and James tells her to go eat. She says there is nothing i want. She then rolls back over and covers back up and tells James she has had the best summer with him and he says me too babe.

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12:05pm BBT: Victor is now out of the DR and Natalie has gotten up and  joined Paul and Nicole in the KT area. Just general talk going on about school subjects.

12:14pm BBT: Paul, Victor, Nicole and Natalie in the KT  talking about home and family.

12:20pm BBT: Paul talking telling about his dad and their daily routines Natalie and Victor laughing at him as Nicole sits there staring.. 

12:23pm BBT: James is now up and in the KT making himself some food.and we get FOTH.

12:32pm BBT: Feeds come back and Corey is now in the KT getting food as Paul continues telling stories. We get FOTH again.

12:43pm BBT: All HG in the KT talking. James and Corey eating and victor telling a story about fireworks and how to light them without getting hurt.

12:45pm BBT: Victor and Nicole go to the HOHR to play Dominoes. They start playing Dominoes and victor is teaching her how to play.

12:53pm BBT: In the KT Natalie, Paul, James and Corey sitting and talking about tickets the police have given them.

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1:35PM BBT Natalie and James lying in bed. They are talking about Michelle. Natalie says that she told her to campaign. Natalie knew in her gut that Michelle wasn't going to stay. James says he talked to Nicole and she was set in her way. Natalie says that they wanted them out on the DE. James says that Nicole/Corey played the innocent card.


1:43PM BBT Natalie and James talking. James tells her to spend as much time together as possible. James tells her he will be waiting for her at jury. Natalie says uh huh. James says never doubt that. Natalie doesn't say a word. Then Natalie says that Corey and Nicole played them hard. She says you don't get to the F6 without knowing what you are doing.


1:53PM BBT Natalie tells James that she is feeling trapped. She says she is home sick and feeling trapped. She is stir crazy. James says it starts right about now. There are not as many people and it's all game. In the HOH BR The 4 are chatting about home and friends.


2:03PM BBT Natalie and James in bed. James was rubbing her leg and she tells him to stop. She says people will think something is happening and she didn't sign up for porno. In the HOH BR the HG are talking about taking pictures of people for them. Paul says he turns the camera around and takes a bunch of selfies and hands it back to the person.

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2:27pm BBT: Victor, Paul talking about their animals  and Corey and Nicole just sitting and listening. they then talk about making Burgers and taco meat.

2:47pm BBT: Paul tells victor, Corey and Nicole that they will all come to his place for Halloween weekend and they will go to all kinds of places and go party. Victor says go to the beach and Paul; says yeah.Paul says on Halloween night they will dress up and go out and it will be awesome as everyone dresses up.

2:52pm BBT: Paul and victor telling Corey and Nicole about how Michelle would take the peanut butter and dip the knife in and eat it off the knife then stuck the knife back in the peanut butter and stir it around. Paul then says  sorry Michelle that you didn't get my text about the party. Nicole say she wont come anyways. Paul says yeah she will. She will be the one to look at every blog watch the feeds and watch every show in one day.

2:58pm BBT: Nicole asking if anyone will play dominoes with her and they say no. Victor says Paul can play or go on the block with James and they all laugh.
Natalie awake in the LBR saying she needs to go get a shower and James ask her if she wants a shower before or after nominations.

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3:05pm BBT: Natalie and James are back to sleep in the LBR. 
In the HOHR Nicole, Cory, Victor and Paul are playing dominoes.

3:09pm BBT: Natalie now awake sitting in the bed. She says alright BB i am ready to see my face on the wall. James says we know it is going to happen and Natalie says i know as she yawns.

3:11pm BBT: Natalie says to James if you win that veto i am going home and James says bon voyage. She then says i will be rooting for you to win that veto and James says thanks babe. Natalie giggles. Natalie then says Paul had a chance to put me up as a pawn and he didn't but now Nicole is telling them to put me up. She ask James why did i listen to you and James says it is ok. Natalie says i know it just sucks and James says the jury bye back is what screwed us up.

3:14pm BBT: Natalie says i just want to hang out with you this week and have fun and sun tan and do my nails and before i leave this house i will have my body back to normal or almost to normal. Natalie says you  really wont let me use the veto on you James and he says no i am going  out with honor. Natalie says you are winning that veto. You will.

 3:22pm BBT: Natalie and James get up and talk about taking a shower and getting something to eat. 

3:24pm BBT: Natalie and James go to the STR and say they have been restocked. Natalie says i can eat tomatoes today and nominations today. They then head to the WA for showers.

3:28pm BBT: James in the shower as Natalie gets her things ready for her shower.

 3:40pm BBT: The dominoes game is still going on in the HOHR and alot of yelling going on about points.
James is out of the shower and Natalie is now in the shower.

3:47pm BBT: James says he is going to pile the sink full of dirty dishes this week to make victor mad and he will make them all mad and will go out right this week.

3:53pm BBT: Nicole leaves the HOHR and James yells it is almost nomination time. Natalie brushing her teeth and James leaves the WA.

3:55pm BBT: Corey asking when nominations are and James says 4pm and he then says they need to hurry this crap up. Natalie laughs. James says i know i am going up and walks to the KT.

3:56pm BBT: Natalie goes to the LBR and tells James that Nicole has made this game so personal. James says i know and then Paul walks in and they stop talking.

3:58pm BBT: Corey in the KT making slop with BBQ sauce. Nicole and victor getting ready to make burgers and tacos.

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 4:05pm BBT: Nicole drops the dip that Paul likes and says it is the only one of it and he says  that half of it is on the ground. Nicole says sorry Paul. then they laugh. 
In the LBT James and Natalie keep repeating themselves about the nominations and how they went wrong and how Nicole does not like anyone.

4:15pm BBT: Victor, Paul and Nicole in the KT talking general talk as they chop onions and avacodas and making tacos and burgers.
In the LBR James and Natalie are talking about James being a threat and Natalie says i am not a threat and James says no not right now. James says they need you right now to get to the end they do not need me.

4:24pm BBT: Corey sitting at the KT table pouting as he can not eat regular food for another 7 hours. Nicole washing dishes as they are cooking. James is in the KT just talking general talk.

4:26pm BBT: Victor ask Corey if he is ok and Corey says yeah . Victor says hang in there man the count down is on.

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5:56pm BBT Feeds return and James and Natalie are nominated. Nat thanks Victor for not being mean during noms. Victor says it's not his style.  James, Nat, Paul and Victor are in KT while Nic and Corey relax in Tokyo BR.

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6:10pm BBT Nic accuses Corey of positioning his arm to prevent her from getting close to him.  Vic, James and Nat continue social convo while Paul is at the counter.  Nic tells Corey she picked him to be her partner from day 1.  Nat grabs the dominoes from the HoH and excitement ensues.  Paul pops into give Nic something to drink.  Corey doesn't want to play dominoes.

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6:15pm Nat and James and the Dominoes in the KT.  Paul back at the counter. Vic joined Nic and Cor in the BR.  Cor talks about how glad he is to be a Have this week.  Nic asks if she can shower in the HoH.  You need to, Vic jokes.  He suggests some body wash.  Paul wanders into the Tokyo BR for a Final Four confab.  It's all smiles for now. 

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6:22pm BBT Nat wants to have a good week with James.  They continue playing Dominoes alone in the KT, everyone else in the Tokyo BR quietly strategizing without actually saying anything of import.  Corey wants to make a speech because speeches always get aired.  Paul wishes Victor had named Nat as a pawn during noms so she wouldn't feel so safe.  Apparently Victor called James his target.

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6:27pm BBT The Tokyo conference breaks up and heads to the KT.  Nat won a game of Dominoes.  Corey heads to the WC. Nic grabs her bathing basket and heads up to the HoH WA.  Vic and Paul in the KT.  Paul has been mixing non-alcoholic drinks and having the other HG taste them.  He gives a Watermelonade to Nat.  Nic is in the HoH shower.  Vic says no more care package means they can sleep in in the morning.  Paul says they all play for veto, so no picking players either. 

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6:35pm In HoH, Nic tells herself they still have to win Veto to be safe this week.  Vic jokingly gives out his Social.  What, I'm not supposed to say that?  I'm not that dumb! He's making a fresh pot of coffee.  James gets the next game, but Vic says it's best out of 7 and Nat is leading 3-2.  Vic offers to cook hamburgers but Corey wants tacos.  He's putting away silverware.  Paul goes up to HoH to snack on Victor's food.  He's been kind of aimless since noms.  He tosses some pillows off the bed and lays down with the headphones.  Nat wins her 4th game and dances around that she beat James in Dominoes.  He gives her a bear hug.

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6:45pm BBT Corey has to wait until midnight to officially become a Have.  He's killing time by washing dishes.  Nat is called to the DR. Victor is preparing food to go into the oven.  Corey keeps humming and BB tells him to stop.  Victor puts away the Dominoes James and Nat left on the DT.  Vic continues working silently in the KT. James pops in, looks around, then wanders off.

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6:50pm BBT James eating potato chips in the UKBR.  Victor is up in HoH where Paul is in bed listening to music, Corey is laying down on the couch and Nicole is out of the shower.  She says she didn't get much sleep so she's going to go lay down.  Victor describes for Corey the taco casserole he made.  Corey wants the BY open to play some pool and get a workout in, maybe the hot tub.  He's wondering when they'll be locked in this week.

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7:07 PM BBT Live feeds come back with James & Natalie napping in the UKBR. Victor & Corey are in the HOHR trying to fit Victor's dominos in the wooden box they go in. Victor tells Corey that he wants to get Nicole with how hard it is to put them in the box. Corey sings a little bit. Victor says he's surprised they gave him the dominos. Victor mixes up the dominos to start playing a game with Corey.

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7:10 PM BBT Victor makes grunting noises as he & Corey play dominos. He is holding his dominos in both hands. A letter J has formed from the dominos game. James gets called to the DR. Victor says dominos are a pass time in Puerto Rico. He says you have dominos, shooting pool & drinking. Victor sees the instructions that tell them how to play another way.

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7:16 PM BBT Natalie is in the KT warming something up in the toaster oven to eat. Victor & Corey finish their game of dominoes, while Natalie has fixed herself two soft tacos with meat, tomatoes & sour cream. She is sitting by herself at the dining room table eating.

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