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Monday August 29, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Nicole and Corey talking about Nicole and Hayden and how they broke up cause he did not want to get married and have kids. She tells Corey she made a scrap book for him with pictures and everything and spent alot of time on it for Hayden for him to break up with her. Corey asked if they had closure and nicole says no.

12:00am-1:00am BBT: The talk continues about Hayden and Nicole. Corey gives Nicole a hug and tells her to get some sleep and he goes down to the KT and joins  Victor, James Natalie and Michelle. they talk about food and the squid that smelled so bad.
James and Natalie head to the BR and talk about the POV and Natalie says she does not think that Victor will go on the block at all.Michelle joins them and Natalie says Victor knows how to work it so he is not put on the block he always knows what to say.

1:00am-2:00am BBT: James, Natalie and Michelle now study for upcoming comps and tells Michelle and Natalie that they can do this but next week the power needs to shift back to us. Victor is in the KT  deep frying squid and trying to make it taste good.  Paul gets up and comes in and says he thinks he is going to die as he has weird chest pains going on. Michelle says she gets those pains when she is nervous. General talk going on about Paulie in the KT and how he his his veto card in the table when he was suppose to throw the veto.

2:00am-3:00am BBT: Victor and Corey eating the squid and talking about how tough it is. paul is eating chips and salsa. Nicole comes in and says she is proud of the guys for eating the Squid. James comes in the KT and walks around not talking and looks in the fridge then walks out of the KT back to the BR. Nicole tells Corey she is going to go take a shower and go to bed. She goes to the HOH rm and then to the shower. Talk in the KT continues about squid and other foods then Corey  passes gas and Victor and Paul tell him it is bad. Paul calls it the squid  farts. Corey then tells them his stomach does not feel well and goes to get tums.Corey now heads to the HOH rm with Nicole and Paul and Victor whisper in the KT and victor tells Paul  not to worry about anything.
In the LBR Michelle, Natalie and James talking about evicted HG and how some of them were mad and how they are happy that DA made jury.
3:00am-4:00am BBT: Michelle , Natalie and James continue talking about  evicted HG and Paul and Victor are int he KT talking about James and Natalie not talking to anyone. Back in the LBR James , Natalie and Michelle talk about  Nicole winning the POV and James says he will be surprised if Nicole uses it. Natalie says well you kept Corey safe last week so she shouldn't use it. Natalie says if she does use it then she will congratulate her for messing up her game cause Paul and victor will win. 
Victor, Paul and Corey leave the KT and go to bed, Natalie and Michelle get up and go to the WA to brush their teeth for the night  James tells them all just 24 days left in the BB house.   


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9:00AM BBT Wake up music has played. Nicole is up and finding clothes. Other HG still in bed.


9:11AM BBT Michelle and Nicole doing make up in the WA. Hard to hear as neither has their mic on. Some laughter. Michelle says something about Corey and the CP. No real game talk as Nicole is moving around. BB now calls for Nicole to put on her mic.


9:16AM BBT Nicole and Michelle talk. Nicole asks Michelle is she thinks it is a DE this week. Michelle says definitely. She says it always goes from 7-5.


9:17AM BBT Michelle tells Nicole that's he is going to start dieting since she will soon be out in the public eye and they says "well I already am". Make up continues...


9:23AM BBT Michelle and Nicole talk. Michelle says that her parents let her sister move into her room while she was gone. She says she is going to try and get it back when she gets home. She is concerned that all of her stuff in a box. She says that her sisters steal her clothes all the time and probably ruined them all. She says she bought all the stuff she brought into the house.



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9:28AM BBT Michelle continues on about how her room was raided when she went to college. She says that is why she has asked live feeders to tweet her sister to leave things be. Nicole says she told her brother's GF that she could move into her room while she was gone. She says she hopes that she didn't move her stuff out though. She says she told her that she could borrow anything she wanted though. Michelle says that it sucks that when you leave people take over stuff like vultures.


9:41AM BBT Nicole and Michelle still the only ones up doing ADLs.


9:50AM BBT Nicole sitting on  lounger in the BY. Vic crawling out of his bumper car. Nicole starts talking to the feeders. She says she is lucky to have found a best friend in Corey. She says she has kept her sane.


9:56AM BBT Vic comes out to the lounger and lays by Nicole. General chit chat about how he slept etc.

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10:01am BBT: Nicole and Victor in the BY talking about how they act in the house and how they act different in the house. They then talk about how they have missed everything all summer and how everyone goes back to school tomorrow.

10:08am BBT: Paul goes to the BY and victor ask are you awake and Paul says yeah they forced me up to go to the DR. Paul tells them that lastnight Natalie was telling James that they need to wash sheets and James tells her why if there is a DE  Thursday then there is no point then Paul says then they shut up/ Victor says well let him sleep on dirty sheets.

10:12am BBT: Victor, Nicole and Paul head inside to get coffee. Paul says he better not drink it with his chest hurting the way it does and Nicole says yeah don't drink it. Nicole says they still have 20 minutes. She then says that the coffee looks light not dark. Paul looking in the fridge  and talking about making eggs. James comes out of the DR and looks outside.

10:16am BBT: James and Nicole in the BY on the lounger and James says  you know how it is when you leave this house you do not know what will happen. He says i just do not know whats going to happen when  i leave here. Nicole says yeah i know i told Corey that i hate texting so when i leave here i am going to miss him so much you know like he is my best friend i am going to miss him so much.

10:19am BBT: Victor walks out to the BY and goes to sit with Nicole and James and James tells him they are just talking about having 24 days left in the house. victor says yeah i know man i am counting it down i am ready to get out. they then talk about visiting  each other.

 10:22am BBT: BB tells the HG to lower the awnings then BB calls Nicole to the DR and James and Victor yells that is it. Nicole heads to the DR. Natalie sitting in the KT not talking and Paul is making eggs. Corey and Michelle still sleeping.

10:25am BBT: BB says Hg this is a lock down pleas go outside and close the sliding glass door and then we get Jeff's Reels as the HG do the POV ceremony.

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11:00AM BBT: The feeds are back and Nicole kept the nominations the same. On Thursday, either Michelle or Paul will be evicted.

11:07am BBT:  Feeds come back with Michelle laughing and everyone joking. they all head different directions. Natalie and Michelle in the WA laughing and getting ready to go out to the pool. Nicole and James in the LBR getting ready to go out to the pool. Victor and Paul in the BY and victor says we are good man you do not have to do anything extra we are good.

11:14am BBT: Most HG in the BY laying in the sun by the pool. Corey in the KT getting water.

11:22am BBT: Nicole in the WA telling Paul and Victor that some of her swim suit bottoms are missing as she puts her hair up to go out to the BY. Corey and Paul now in the BY going to lay out. Just general talk going on about the heat.

11:26am BBT: Michelle and James tell Paul about Dan being the best player of all time in BB history and then they tell Paul about Dan and his funeral.

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11:33am BBT: James and Corey in the BY laying out talking about songs they like. Michelle and Natalie just laying there listening. Nicole and Victor in the WA getting ready to go outside. Paul is in the DR. James starts singing and we get FOTH.

11:42am BBT: All HG are in the BY laying by the pool no talking going on. Michelle has been called to the DR.

11:50am BBT: All HG now in the BY and BB tells Michelle to please put her mic on. Nicole ask  Corey if he is doing laundry today and he says yeah. Paul is walking around in the pool.

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12:05pm BBT: HG in the BY, Paul and Victor playing around in the pool and Nicole and Corey talking about washing underwear.

12:17pm BBT: Nicole and James talking about music and Nicole says i love the summer country songs they are so fun then James starts saying  lyrics then Nicole starts singing and we get FOTH.

12:22pm BBT: James and victor talking about auto insurance they have on their trucks. All other Hg just laying  by the pool.

12:30pm BBT: general talk going on about Nicole family to Corey and Paul. she then talks about her cell phone and how Zack tries calling her and she always declines him. Victor and James in the pool talking about credit cards.

12:34pm BBT: Paul goes inside to bake muffins as he is bored and Natalie goes inside to get something to eat. All other HG are still by the pool.

12:43pm BBT: Natalie and Paul in the KT cooking and all other Hg laying by the pool with just general talk going on.

12:51am BBT: Natalie walking around the KT looking for hot sauce while Paul makes muffins. Corey and Nicole have moved to a shade now in the BY because they are getting really red and say it is very hot out. Nicole goes and gets them a cold drink from the outside fridge.

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1:00pm BBT: Nicole and Corey on BY lounger talking about using the  bribe on Victor and nicole agrees that is the best thing to do since Victor and  paul are honest and james will flip flop on us. Corey says since Victor has been evicted two times already means he is not a good game player.

1:15pm BBT: Paul, James and victor talking in the KT about this could be a doble eviction week.

1:30pm BBT: Pauls muffins came out good and he takes them out to the BY showing natalie.

1:45pm BBT: paul doing dishes and Victor is walking around gathering up the dirty laundry to be washed and james watches natalie laying in the sun  and says she can lay out there all day.

1:50pm BBT: paul and james in the KT talking about a double eviction and how it works when they go to Jury and looking at the memory wall.

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2:00pm BBT: Victor and Paul talk about James talking about the DE and victor tells Paul do not stress over it that they are good with strong people now as Nicole and Corey are good players. Paul says he is not stressing as James walks in and Paul and Victor leave. Paul goes to HOh to shower and victor goes out to the BY .

2:15pm BBT: Paul in HOh talking to Nicole. Paul tells her that James is being weird today and she ask how and he says that James keeps talking about the double eviction and how whoever wins this week is going to have to play  the game now. Nicole says he is just trying to get you to come after me and Corey. Paul and Nicole think James is playing mind games. Corey joins them now in HOH and Paul tells Corey how James is acting then says  that if he stays this week he will tell James he better win HOH or Natalie is going next.

2:25pm BBT: Corey lays down with Nicole and paul gets in the shower. Corey says maybe he needs to offer the 5k to james to throw the HOH comp thursday. Nicole says that is crazy and Corey says i know it is. Nicole says that James will never throw the comp and will not be ok with natalie leaving the house so she tells him it is not a good idea at all.

2:40pm BBT: Most Hg napping  and Nicole and Corey are up eating just general talk going on.

2:48pm BBT: Corey, Nicole, Paul and victor in HOh rm studying for the HOH comp.

2:57pm BBT: Studying still going on in the HOH rm about who won HOH when and who won the BOTB and Corey says i am finally learning this game.

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3:04PM BBT In the HOH, Nicole, Corey, Vic, and Paul studying for possible comps. Natalie asleep in her bed in the UKBR.


3:11PM BBT The HOH crew decide to get together tonight to study. Nicole will come up with questions. In the UKBR Natalie and James are sleeping (in separate beds). Michelle not on the feeds.


3:18PM BBT Vic and Paul leave the HOH. Nicole explains to Corey that she wants Vic or Paul to win HOH but she doesn't want to give them all of her knowledge. She says she doesn't want to go out on DE by giving them everything. She is explaining to Corey the before/after comp.


3:30PM BBT Vic is preparing food again (shocking - I know) and all other HG are sleeping.

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3:43PM BBT Vic still cooking. Corey chatting with him. All other HG are quiet.


3:48PM BBT Vic and Corey discuss the HOH comp that Corey lost to Natalie. He lost by 4 seconds. Vic ready to play HOH this week. They continue to prep their slop.


3:57PM BBT All 4 cams on a sleeping Michelle. I think it is Michelle. The blankets are pulled over her head but it is her bed. Corey, Vic and James are awake in the KT and Nicole is in the DR.

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4:09PM BBT Michelle still sleeping. Guys telling stories in the KT so no feeds on them.


4:19PM BBT Vic wipes his armpits with a paper towel. He says he feels sticky. He and James talk about if Corey will use the bribe card or let it go to waste.


4:26PM BBT Just Vic and James cooking in the KT on all 4 cams.


4:36PM BBT James is making mac and cheese. The mac is boiling in water and he adds slices of American cheese to the pot and stirs. Corey laying in the hammock in the BY.

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 5:00pm BBT: Victor in the KT putting lotion on his body as he talks to James while he eats. Corey is making a glass of ice water. talk is about dry knuckles and skin.

5:15pm BBT: Victor and Corey trying the slop bread that Victor made and Victor says it is sweet but not over bearing. Corey gets him a piece of it and is now trying it and keeps eating it.

5:23pm BBT: James in the LBR getting his tennis shoes on. Paul, Natalie and Michelle sleeping. Nicole asleep in the HOHR. Victor and Corey in the KT eating the slop bread that victor made and they say it is their sweet slop. James now in the BY walking around.

5:30pm BBT: James talking about there might be a double eviction again and talking about the 5k bribe. James says if you  dont win HOh and you go up on the block then you have a chance at the veto. James and Corey laughing.

5:40pm BBT: James, Victor and Corey in the KT talking general talk and all other HG are still sleeping.

5:49pm BBT: Michelle is now up in the KT making herself something to eat. James, Corey and victor talking about milk and how much almond milk is better.

5:53pm BBT: Victor and James tells Michelle that you can take and pour coke on the battery to clean it and we drink this stuff and they laugh. Corey goes to the HOHR and wakes Nicole and they snuggle and whisper quietly.

5:55pm BBT: Corey and Nicole talking about offering James the 5K to throw the HOH comp Thursday and Nicole says offer it to him now. Corey says i am scared to offer it to him and then him know we are after them. he then says i am going to tell him that  i am gonna tell you that you will go on the block cause i am going to try to win it but are you ok with that. Nicole says yeah tell him that.She then tells him to wait till Wednesday night to do it and Corey says i don't know.

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 6:04PM BBT Nicole and Corey talking about James and that he never comes to hang out with them. Corey thinks James is worried about who is left in the house.


6:14PM BBT Michelle and Vic are chatting about their favorite places to eat. Michelle starts to tell Vic about the room mate she had in college who would leave food lying around.


6:20PM BBT Corey and Nicole talk about who would go if they were nominated against others in the house. Corey thinks he would be okay against Natalie but not against Nicole.


6:25PM BBT Michelle, Vic and James continue to talk about room mates outside of the house.

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6:38PM BBT James and Vic playing pool. Nicole has gotten a bowl of James mac and cheese. She says it is better then Z's. James says he thought so but didn't want to say it.


 6:45PM BBT Michelle laying in bed with her eyes open. Just staring. Vic cleaning in the KT and Nicole eating.


 6:52PM BBT James and Nicole relaxing in the BY and Vic cleaning the KT. Corey is working out.


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7:01 PM BBT Victor is putting grey pillow cases on the two pillows on the day bed in the Tokyo BR. He leaves when he is finished doing that. Michelle is sleeping in the bed in the corner in the Tokyo BR. Nicole goes in the house from the BY to grab some sheets to wash them. Corey is working out. He stops to rest a little bit. Victor starts to work-out with hand weights. He is making faces as he watches himself in one of the mirrors in the BY.

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7:06 PM BBT James goes in the Tokyo BR and lays on the princess bed. He & Michelle start to talk about Natalie. James tells her that you never know what type of mood she's in. Michelle says she wishes she would tell her if she mad at her or not. James says it may have something to do with him. Michelle says he didn't do anything. Michelle stretches her right arm. Michelle says Paul sometimes rubs her the wrong way. She says he's a know it all. James says he was thinking about who may win the double eviction & who should go home. Michelle says Nicole should go home. She says Corey would be a lost puppy without Nicole & Victor would be a lost puppy without Paul. James asks if she's trying to take the brains out of the house? She says, yes. Michelle says she doesn't think that Victor is in it to win it. Michelle says Nicole is going to be the one the slides to that Final 2 seat, she's calling it now. She says she will always not be seen as a threat. Michelle says she is very strategic. James says it's good to get Nicole out during the double eviction. James says if Corey wins HOH he will put him & Victor up for sure. Both scenarios that Michelle give is that her & Natalie will both be voting, so he will be safe. James says everyone is calm today. James asks if they should take Nicole out this week? She says that's her gut feeling. She says that Derrick never ruffled any feathers, & Nicole is doing that this season. She says that Steve layed low like Nicole is. She says she doesn't get blood on her hands & she's not a big target. She says Andy was the same way on his season. She says it's going to be easier to get Corey & Victor out. She says they need to get Nicole out, then Victor & then Corey. She says that's her opinion. She says if she wins HOH she won't be voting. James says it's going to be a double eviction. James says 2 votes will send someone home. James says they can send Nicole home then. Michelle says if that's what they think is best, because that's what her gut is telling her. She says she guarantees that Nicole knows the days & has been studying. James thinks that Corey & Victor don't know a lot about the days. Michelle says that Nicole will nail face morph, days & comic book. James says they will know going into a DE they will know she wants Nicole out if she's still on the block.

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7:16 PM BBT James tells Michelle that Victor will do good in the next endurance comp. He says there's an endurance comp coming up before the Final 4. Michelle says they need to get him out. James says he can beat Corey in an endurance comp all day long. Michelle says she can also. James says Natalie can also. Michelle says it should go Paul, Nicole, Victor & Corey in a best case scenario. She says it's going to be all puzzles & mental comps. James asks Michelle if she's studying her days? She says she is every night. They talk about the different comps that they've had.

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7:18 PM BBT James tells Michelle to make sure she studies her days. Michelle says Natalie knows them really good & the others probably don't think they know them. Michelle is worried if Nicole knows that she knows her days. James says they can turn the days comp into an HOH comp. They discuss the possibility the next HOH comp can be A & B or Before & After. James says if they lose the next HOH comp it will be one of them going home. Michelle says if Paul stays that will suck for them. James says he is going home. Michelle says she feels like she's going home. James tells her to hush her mouth she is staying. He tells her she has block paranoia. James says that Victor is distancing himself because Paul is going home. Michelle tells James he is a competition beast. Michelle asks him how much longer he could have gone on the Dub Step comp? He says he could have stayed up there. Michelle asks what will happen if it's not a DE? James says they will be down to 6 people & he will bet her a buffalo nickel it's a DE. Michelle asks if there is anything else they can do for HOH? James says no. BB tells Michelle to please stop playing with her microphone. Michelle tells James to wake Natalie up. James asks if she wants him to die? He says Natalie will kill him. He says she will wake up in about an hour. He goes in the UKBR. Paul is sleeping with a face covering his eyes since the lights are on. James lays down in a bed that Natalie is not in so he can nap in the UKBR as well. We see FOTH briefly twice.

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7:28 PM BBT Victor & Corey continue to work-out in the BY while everyone else except Nicole is napping. Victor asks Nicole if the biceps or triceps are the bigger muscle? She guesses the biceps. Victor says the triceps are actually bigger. He says they are longer & they split. Nicole says, o.k. She is lounging in the hammock in the BY watching Corey do sit-ups while sitting on a turquoise towel.

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7:32 PM BBT Michelle is sitting in the LR eating a full pack of Kale chips. She chews every bite with her mouth open & chomps constantly. She goes in the SR to throw the package away. She starts humming & we see FOTH.

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