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Friday August 26, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

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Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT James, Natalie, and Paul in the HNR. James asks Paul what happened between him and Michelle this morning when they exchanged batteries. Paul tells them the story. Paul says think I should make a F2 with Michelle.  He says he’d just want to tell Michelle to fuck off every day, but he’d rather just ignore her.

Victor, Michelle, Nicole, and Corey in the Tokyo BR. Vic says the voice that calls them to the yard for the care package pisses him off. He says the voice is too loud. Nicole says her heart was pounding when Zingbot came in.

Talk then turns to Paulie and laughing that he went to jury house and no one talked to him for four days. They are glad he didn’t come back. They say that’s why he didn’t want to go to jury with the women he was responsible for getting evicted. Nat says Paulie can talk his way out of anything.

Michelle asks Corey if he’s sleeping upstairs and he says hmmm, I don’t know. Michelle says you should so I can have Tokyo all by myself. Victor tells them how late it is and that it’s after midnight. Nicole says her mom told her that her brother would write her a letter this season because she won three times last time and no letters from her brother. She also mentions the pictures she’d like to see. They talk about the comp and Nicole says you could tell when some were going to fall because their arms and torsos would shake. Victor thinks the care package was prepared last night and it’s all ready.

Talk then turns to James’ previous season and how much harder this season was than last season. James says he felt like he had to work this season. Paul starts talking about the previous evictions, starting with nominating Bridgette, then saying the worst move was keeping Tiffany and evicting Bronte. Nat heard people say that Frank wanted to take Nat out and James says it was to get me closer to the guys. Paul asks if it was James, Paulie, and Frank at one point and James says no, it was the 8 pack though. Paul asks who blew the 8 pack up and James says Frank. Paul asks who was in the 8 pack and they laugh because they didn’t know Paulie was not in the 8 pack. Paul can’t believe Tiffany was in the 8 pack. Paul keeps asking who and Nat says everyone but us. Paul says literally the house against us? They talk about the agreement to get the vets out. They said Glenn wanted to get the vets out and then Jozea took it up after that. Nat says Zakiyah was in the 8 pack and Paul says what?!? Nat says she observed all of this and knew everything. James says Zakiyah told them everything. James says Jozea would have house meetings with like 10 people and Paul says half the 8 pack there and James said yeah. Jozea would lay out the plans and we’d run back to the 8 pack. Jozea said something to Nat about Da’Vonne being evicted because she was black.

Natalie says Jozea asked her to wax his butthole. Paul said he was gross. Nat says Jozea put her through hell and then says Jozea asked her if she was bi-polar and she said that was hurtful. She said he was aggressive. Paul says Jozea says James a master manipulator. Nat says James, really, you’re just using me. Natalie says she didn’t talk game with James at all for like a month and a half. Nat said she didn’t even know what game talk was. Paul says she’s playing a good game.

Natalie says whoever gets the next care package is loved the most by America. Because it’s a popularity contest.


12:25-1:00 AM BBT Nicole is called to the DR.  Natalie and James just talking general chit chat. They circle back to talking about Paul and that he should know right from wrong. Nat saying calling a woman the c word is just wrong and she’s arguing with James about it. Nat says Michelle was hurt by it. Natalie is arguing with James that she’s not in love with Victor. James says he’s a nice guy and Natalie says it wasn’t meant to be. She hurt him, but it is what it is. She ended things. FotH.

Paul, Corey, and Victor in the KT eating. Vic and Paul go to work on Corey about them out to get Paul and Vic. They are pushing hard to get James put up. Paul and Victor are telling them things that happened last week.

Paul gives a shout out to live feeders. They go back to talking about previous comps and then the wall comp. Paul says fuck that wall comp and Corey says yeah fuck that. Victor says they got boned on the endurance comps. Paul says Corey was already at a disadvantage because he had to crouch down to grab the handle.

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1:54 AM BBT Nicole comes out of the DR & says, "Who wants to see my HOH room? Wooooooo." Paul says they want to see this letter. Nicole says she doesn't feel good at all. Nicole says she's going back to get checked out. Victor says he's going to take a warm shower upstairs. Nicole puts her key in the HOHR door. It doesn't open. She tries again & it opens. Paul says, pictures. Nicole says she hates a picture that has her mom in it from an Ariana Grande concert in Florida. Everyone says how young her parents look. Corey says her mom looks just like her. Nicole says her dad is 47 years old. She says how cute her brother is. Nicole shows everyone a dream catcher she makes & sells on Etsy. She says she loves Blonde shampoo. Nicole says she got Alanis Morissette. Nicole got Red Bull in her basket. We can see a picture of her mom & her & they do look a lot alike. Nicole hurts herself jumping on the HOH bed. She says her letter is pretty short.

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1:00 AM BBT Paul, Victor, and Corey in the KT. Paul and Victor are talking about boxing. Paul talks about training for MMA and Vic and Paul are telling Corey “tips” on boxing. We keep getting FotH every few minutes.


Nat and James in the HNR. Nat says she is very dominant in her relationships because she’s always right. Nat dresses fun and flirty. She wears a lot of dresses and leather pants and heels. Nicole says she has camo. She has a camo t-shirt. James says he’s seen New York camo and that’s not real camo.


1:11 AM BBT James and Nat in the UKBR. James says he misses GT. Nat says you miss girl talk? Nat says America James just said he missed GT time.  James says do you think there are other things you kind of know about me? Nat says uh-huh. I KNOW you! James wants to know if she’s going to help him when he gets off the show? She says like what. He says like charity stuff and she says uh-huh. He says will you invite me to charity stuff that you do? She says yes. Nat says it was cute that you said you miss girl talk.

Nat doesn’t think James would have beat Nicole in that wall comp. James says you don’t. Why. Nat says I just don’t think you would have beat her. He says you don’t know that and she you just wouldn’t have beaten her. He says if I wanted to battle it out with her, I could have battled it out with her, I just let her have her letter. I’m not saying I would have won, but we could have gone Longer.  Nat says just kidding. I was just trying to annoy you. She says it worked. She said Paul looked shaky, his arms and even his legs were shaking. Nat says she can do the endurance comps in this place. Her and James are very similar.  James says he thought about winning and he was going to tell her if she wanted to battle it out and she fell, then he was going to put her up. He didn’t want to put Victor and Paul up though so he decided to let her have her letter. He says as long as him or Nat are safe and she swore he had nothing to worry about. James says she might not believe him but he went back on his deal. He says it’s like retribution. Nat says yeah but I kept her safe this week and James says I voted out Victor over Corey. James says he would have had to win if he’d voted out Corey because Paulie would have come back. James says everything works out for a reason. He says if he would have went with Nat and Michelle he would have sealed his fate. Nat says you do have to trust me sometimes. Natalie said she was having anxiety because James was messing around. She says that’s why she wouldn’t look at James at all. Natalie says Da and Z literally held hands and jumped off, she doesn’t understand why.


1:20 AM BBT Michelle in the corner bed in the Tokyo BR where Frank used to sleep. Just laying there thinking. She keeps sighing and groaning into her mic and pillow.


1:23 AM BBT Nat says the couples are running the house right now. James says yeah, let’s be the last couple standing. Natalie says she hopes they stick to the plan because no one in the house knows they’re working together.  James says if they fuck us over, it is what it is. And if they put James and Nat on the block, they’ll be gunning for James. Nat says he’ll win veto though. More talk about the care package. Nat still thinks it’s a veto. Nat trusts them for now and she doesn’t want to give herself anxiety until tomorrow. Nat says she gave James a shoutout and said she was going to give Bailey one but she didn’t want to make his ex mad. She asks if it’s stressful having a kid. James answers and we get FotH.


1:24 AM BBT Michelle says another week. Another week with Paul, I just can’t do it. She says he’s so fake with everyone. Nat and James are in their little world. Victor is kissing up to Paul and she heard Paul in the HNR with Nat and James. She feels really alone and she’s done with the game. She feels like people have ruined it for her or she ruined it herself. She felt it started out toxic from the beginning with Jozea and Paul who started the whole he said/she said.  She says it just escalated and escalated and she knows she played the he said/she said card too. She says Nicole and Corey won’t trust her anymore, and Nat and James won’t trust her, and Vic and Paul and she’s fine with that because she doesn’t want to work with Paul anyway and she doesn’t want to talk to him for the rest of her to be honest because he took it to a personal level when he got angry at her for laundry because she asked him not to touch her clothes. He felt it was disrespectful because she asked him to not touch her clothes five times when he moved them and left them on the floor and decided he didn’t want anything to do with Michelle because he said that and she thinks it’s very childish. After the things he said today she doesn’t want anything to do with him. She says he plays this innocent act when he isn’t anywhere close to innocent and she doesn’t want a person like that winning this game at all. She’s hoping Nicole makes a smart decision and puts Paul up and he goes home. She says if she goes up and goes home it is what it is because they will never trust her again. She feels like a failure at the game, she feels like an embarrassment, she doesn’t want to look at social media, she doesn’t want to leave the house and have anything to do with the show. She says that sucks as a super fan because she wanted to play but she feels like maybe she shouldn’t have been picked because she’s a failure and an embarrassment. She wishes she was in last season or some other season but this season is the worst. She doesn’t ever, ever remember it being this bad in any season.  Where just your brain hurts and you just can’t take it anymore, people get to you. It just becomes so overwhelming, you don’t know who to trust, what’s happening, you don’t know what’s being said, you don’t know who’s lying, who’s manipulating, you don’t know anything. She’s gaining weight too, she feels like a shit person, she has a shit body, she’s a shit player. She doesn’t know what house did to her because she never used to cuss like this, she blames Paul, and she never used to let people get to her like this. She never let her emotions get to her like this, she’s very strong, very independent, yet here I am crying. I can’t tell if someone’s coming this way.  I just don’t get how everyone can act like nothing is wrong and not anything get to them and she just sits in bed. She doesn’t deserve to be here at all because people who are dying to be there want to know why she’s in bed and not appreciating the experience. FotH.


1:33 AM BBT Michelle continues her thoughts that she’s such an embarrassment. She will understand if no Big Brother players want to talk to her. Ian probably hates her. She’s just defeated. She wishes she could go back in time but she knows she can’t fix anything. The only thing she doesn’t regret is blowing up Paulie’s game and the five guys getting to the end. She’s done. Michelle gets up and goes to the HNR and gets a blanket and pillow and turns the light off in the Tokyo BR and goes to lay down.


James says he’s going to outlive his children. He doesn’t plan on leaving this earth until he’s like 105. He asks Natalie what about her. She says I want to die you and James says what. Natalie says she wants to live to be like 80. She doesn’t want to be any older than that because you can’t take care of yourself.


1:41 AM BBT Nat is talking in Spanish to James and he’s talking gibberish back. Nat says do you think Bridgette is still my friend? James says No and Nat asks why. James says he was just kidding, she’s still your friend.  And back to Spanish and gibberish.


Natalie is talking about how fat she is and she has neck fat and back fat. James says so what you’re saying is it feels like you have a pack of hot dogs on the back of your neck. She says she’s going to lose all that weight when she gets out of there and look super cute.

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1:58 AM BBT Nicole’s HOH letter

                Hi Coco bear! I just wanted to let you know that we are so proud of you and how amazing we think you are. You take chances, you put yourself out there, and do things that seem impossible to me. You’re extremely brave and you handle it all with a smile. (She gets emotional and says it’s so short) We miss you like crazy. I haven’t burned the house down yet thanks to the stickers you left for me on the stove, (She says I told you guys) showing me which button controls what burner. My golf cart rides aren’t as much fun and definitely not as bumpy, smiley face. Paris, Beyonce, and Rain are all doing great, they wonder where you are hiding and send their love. Everyone here loves you and supports you in all the choices you make so go with your gut, head, or heart and just have a fun summer. Love you more, Mom. Heart.


Nat says that was cuuuuuute and Nicole says it was short. They keep commenting how young her parents look and how much she looks like her mom. No pictures of Mariah, sorry. Nat says she has the cutest family ever. Nicole says well, thanks for coming up guys. Nat says the world’s youngest parents.


2:03 AM BBT They are asking her about her dream catcher. James says does it really catch dreams and Nat says yes. Nat wants one and she wants a pink one. Paul wants a black one. He says Nicole takes custom orders.  James is called to DR.


Natalie does not like cereal. Everyone clears out of the HOH room.


2:07 AM BBT Natalie and Michelle talking about how tired they are. Vic walks by and says he’s dead tired too. Paul talking to Victor in the Tokyo BR. Paul says Natalie gets on his nerves. Vic is going to HOH to shower. Vic says we need to hang out up there for awhile. Vic says this game is crazy. He talks about James voting him out and then wanting to work with him.


2:10 AM BBT Paul and Victor in UKBR. Paul says I just hope with that care package they won’t try something stupid. Vic says we just need to see if we can work them and hope they stick to us. He says why can’t people just stick to a fucking plan. Vic says annoying dude. Every week we get shit on. Paul says literally every week. Vic says what did we do. Paul says they all just hate us. Vic says he says they see them as a couple just like James and Nat and Nicole and Corey. He says fuck that then why say you’ll work with us. Nat comes. He says he isn’t a have not anymore and Nat says he’s lucky. She says he has some kid of super powers. Paul asks if Nat is sleeping in the UKBR and she says yeah why wouldn’t I, I always sleep in here. Paul thought she would have slept in Tokyo and kept her company. He says I don’t give a fuck, I’m just asking. Victor says she can sleep in here. Paul says she’s not sleeping in here, not while I’m around. He says she’d rather kill herself than sleep in a room with me. Nat says I don’t think so. She likes to see the positive in things. Paul says he should go to Meech and say I know we don’t see eye to eye but F2, me and you. Vic says she’d say get the fuck out of here. Paul says what if I was serious and Vic says she’d say you’re an asshole. Paul says Michelle would rather self-evict than have a F2 with Paul.


Paul leaves and Vic and Natalie talk about Paulie and Zakiyah and their relationship. Natalie says if James was flirting with someone, DONE. Peace out. If James did to Natalie what Paulie was doing, done, wouldn’t even care. Victor asks Michelle if she’s sure she doesn’t want to sleep with them in London as he takes his suitcase to the storage room. Nat tells Victor she didn’t want him to go and she fought and fought for him hoping James would come to his senses, but no. She says that’s why she gets pissed when people say they are one person, when they really aren’t.


2:12 AM BBT Corey and Nicole in HOH. Corey is shaving and Nicole is looking at her pictures. She tells Corey he can sleep up there. Nicole re-reads her letter. She says it’s so nice to know her family supports her.


2:17 AM BBT Paul comes into the HOH room. Paul says he’s going to sleep like a fucking infant. Nicole says Michelle says she’s giving and that she’s jealous of the people in jury. Paul says well, sucks. Paul says he got under her skin so bad, she hates him. Nicole says she hates me too, she’s wanted me out for awhile. Nicole says how do you feel about Michelle going this week. Paul says do I want it to happen, yes, is it smart strategically, no. Paul says if him or Vic get the care package they want to put up James and Nat, because next week he’d feel more comfortable playing against Nat and Michelle. Nicole says it’s just hard for me because she wants me out. Paul says I know but you can do what you want, Michelle wants you out, she wants me dead. Paul says he’d play the odds with Nat and Michelle over James. Paul says if James goes that leaves Nat and Michelle vs Paul, Victor, and Corey. He says there is no way those girls can beat them in an HOH AND a veto. Paul says then we decide whether it’s more strategic to get Natalie out or Michelle out. Paul says she feels like she can say what she wants to anybody and he calls her out on it and she’s upset? Paul doesn’t want Nicole to feel weird. He’d love to take the shot for Nicole and so would Victor. All that Paul can offer to Nicole is loyalty because everything he and Victor have done they get fucked. Nicole says if I keep you safe do you promise not to put me and Corey up in double eviction. Paul says he’s never done anything shady to them. Paul is now telling Corey and Nicole about last week and how Natalie cried because she nominated two friends.


2:21 AM BBT Natalie says Victor got evicted, came back pre-jury, got evicted, came back post-jury and Vic says fool is never going home. Natalie says fool is winning this game and Victor says he’s going to have a fat check. Natalie says Vic has a lot of fans. Nat says James is the only have not now and Victor says he feels bad for him. Vic goes upstairs to shower.


2:26 AM BBT Victor comes in to the HOH room. Paul is making his pitch to Corey and Nicole. Paul says there’s no hiding the fact he’s got Victor’s back just like Nicole and Corey have each other’s backs. Victor says we’ve gotten fucked every week. Paul says they said were manipulated and lied to and they crapped on Nicole and Corey. Paul tells them the plan to BD Corey, but all of them Michelle, James, and Natalie wanted Nicole. Vic says Michelle only wanted to put her up for personal reasons. Paul said that and she said it would be funny for her to go seventh because she left seventh last season. Paul says he realizes they’re in the middle and he doesn’t want to ruin their game with them and they’ll take the shot over there. Victor says Natalie is being more friendly to him than she was all last week. Nicole says but what if you go back over there. Vic says I never put you up and I put Corey up but he wasn’t the target. He says he thought they were working with other side until they put him and Paul up. Vic says they talk about all this shadiness. He says I haven’t done anything shady, I don’t think he’s done anything shady and James told him he seen him and Paul as a couple and that’s why he took a shot at Vic. Vic says if you wanted to do that then why didn’t you just tell me that instead of putting me up on the block and saying it was you guys (Nicole and Corey) who were the reason Paul was on the block.  Vic says they literally could have said you two are up because you are strong competitors. Vic says Natalie sat on the HOH bed and promised to Victor that she would have James vote for him to stay. He says later in the week he comes and was just checking in with her and she says well James does what he wants. Vic said I was like woah! Vic says then outside at the comp Nat said she knows James was going to get this and Victor said he just didn’t want to go up as a pawn again. And Nat said she promised he wouldn’t be put up and Vic says do I have idiot on my forehead? Victor says he’s never done anything wrong in this game and he’s never tried to shit on anyone. Paul says Natalie constantly says she’s horrible at this game and she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Paul says they pulled Victor in and tried to turn him against Paul. Vic says yeah they were telling him Paul lied about a lot of stuff. Paul says he thought James was tight with Nicole and Corey. Victor says I’m not going to lie, I was loyal to them. But now they shit on me and now I want to shit on them. Vic says I can see your doubts in wanting to work with us. Nicole says I can see you guys using us this week and then packing up and going over there next week. Vic says actions speak louder than words. Paul says he can’t stand Michelle and Vic says James vote me out. Vic says they think if Nicole and Corey go with the plan Paul is going up and going home. Paul says they never really talked game as the four of them but none of them have put any of each other up except Vic who used Corey to get Paulie out. Paul says you can trust us based on what we do with the care package. Nicole says I trust you, I’m just worried about next week. Paul says people have used him and Victor for a lot of things in the game. Vic says yeah I’m a robot.


2:28 AM BBT Michelle in the Tokyo BR. She is on the corner bed and she is crying.


2:37 AM BBT Michelle comes into the UKBR with Natalie. Nat asks what’s wrong and Michelle says she doesn’t know, she’s just so upset. She’s really upset by Paul. Nat says Paul is upset too, he’s bothered by it. Michelle says she heard him says never forget always remember and she wants to know what that means. Natalie says she doesn’t know if that was about Michelle she can’t remember the conversation. Natalie says they were making fun of Paulie.  She says Paul is upset about this morning something about Michelle closed the door on the storage room on him. Michelle says I did. Nat says he was upset by that. Michelle says I’m done with this stuff and she’s going to tell Nicole she’s over the he said/she said stuff and it hurts her head. She said everything was fine until today and everyone is being weird to her. She said what did he say. Nat says she’s trying to remember. She thinks it bothers Paul to not be liked by someone. Michelle says he started ignoring her and she starts back on the touching her clothes issue. She says just to be mad is one thing, but ignoring is not ok. Nat says he can’t handle not being liked. Michelle says everyone in jury loves me they were so smiley. It’s not fair for Paul to go around and talk about people but he called her out on it and that’s just not fair. Michelle says Paul told Nicole about her comment about coming in sixth instead of seventh this time. Michelle says she just feels like a terrible person. Nat says America knows who you are and Michelle says I don’t like who I am if that’s what Paul was saying. Nat says Paul was saying she acts like such a good girl and Nat says I am a good girl, I have a good heart. Nat says he’s a liar and asks why is she phased by what he said. Nat says he hurt my feelings too but I don’t give a crap what he says because I know it’s not true. Michelle says I think I didn’t like Bridgette because of Paul and Nat says Paul was the one who was making fun of you. Michelle is crying and saying how Paul is sitting all high and might. Nat says don’t worry he’ll be on the block tomorrow. Michelle says I don’t know he’s upstairs right now. Nat says so? Nat says it’s time to get big targets out and Michelle is not a target at all. Michelle feels like Victor is going back to him too. Nat says Victor isn’t dumb. Michelle says ever since he won veto everything has gone to crap. Nat keeps telling her not to let him get to her. Michelle is crying saying her family is probably embarrassed and she’s getting hate mail. Michelle says everyone will think she’s a mean person. Michelle says I don’t like people like that. He says whatever he wants. Nat says he made a midget joke and no one laughed. Nat says he called her a c word on national tv. Michelle says she makes me feel like the worst person ever. Nat says when I win HOH again and he’s still here I’m getting him out. Michelle says if I go this week please get Paul out. He is making this game a living hell. I dreamed of being here and he’s making is awful for me.


2:39 AM BBT Vic says he did what he did for them and helped them get Paulie out and did a favor for them. Then after Nat won HOH he felt all sketched out all night and he told Paul before they went to bed they were getting boned. He says they pulled him and told him before noms and Paul still didn’t know. He said he was pissed over the audacity. He says he could have kept Paulie around to get James and them out. He says Paulie wasn’t coming after him and it was planned. Vic does he think I’m really going to be buddy buddy with him after he voted me out? He says fuck them. Paul says they just didn’t like the way they went about it.


2:43 AM BBT Vic says James has already bounced checks in this house. What makes him think a check can’t be bounced his way. Paul doesn’t think Nicole and Corey did anything wrong and he apologized to them for coming in hot. He says they turned their back on him and he will turn his back on them. Paul says regardless if you want to work with us or not, we’re taking a swing at them. Paul says Michelle got lucky with OTEV. Paul would bet his left nut the care package will be an HOH takeover and Vic says something similar. Paul says James didn’t start trying to make a deal until he was shaking real bad. Vic says oh you know why they kept saying “glitter”? He says it was code for James not to fall. Vic says they told him that after the comp. Nicole says that is sketchballs. Nicole thought they were talking about glitter in their HOH baskets. Victor just doesn’t want them to bone him and Paul and Nicole says we don’t want you to bone us. Vic says can we protect each other to a final 4 for real. He said I would just like a group. He says they’ll talk about things after the care package and think logically what they’re going to do with said power. Victor is excited, he finally has an alliance, he’s tearing up. Vic is trying to get to 10 comp wins. He’d like them to help him with that.


2:51 AM BBT Nat says last week I made it clear that Paul was my target and America didn’t vote for a care package for him. She says you got a care package and your butt wasn’t even on the line.  His ass was on the line, America knew I was putting him up, and YOU got a care package. Nat says if America loved him and they knew he was going up they would have saved him. Michelle says she can’t even sleep because it feels personal now. Nat says if you want to make it right go talk to Nicole and tell her Michelle is here to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. Nat says talk game to her. Nat says if you were a bad person America would NOT have voted for a care package for you. She says 16 people were eligible for the care packages [ummm, no?] and out of that group of people you got one of them.


2:52 AM BBT Victor tells them about their plan to separate and try and get Vic to stay. Vic says it didn’t work so fuck them. Vic said even if he’d stayed and Corey would have went they were going to go to Nicole and go after James and the other side. Paul says if Corey had left he would have told him he’d take Nicole as far as he could. Vic says he was loyal to them, they shit on him, and now he doesn’t want to work with them. Paul says they shit on Nicole so bad and that’s why Paul went down so hot on them. Corey says we were very confused and Paul says he could tell he wondered why Corey was laughing. James gives Corey a hug and straddles him on the bed. Vic says dude this is awesome.


2:56 AM BBT Natalie says Michelle, you don’t think I go crazy every day? She says she freaks out, she cries, the game makes her feel disgusted about herself, she feels hideous every day she wakes up, she’s disgusted and repulsed about herself because when she goes to eat I feel so fat that I feel disgusted. She hates her body and feels uncomfortable in her skin. Michelle says it hurt her feelings that Paul said no one would want to see her after the show. Michelle says if Paul goes home this week she doesn’t have to deal with him again. She doesn’t need his jury vote. Nat says that’s the way she is about Paulie. Michelle wish Paul were like Paulie because he was still nice to Michelle even after she blew up his game.

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3:07 AM BBT Paul, Nicole, and Corey still taking. Vic in the shower. Paul is still re-hashing everything from last week and the fight from before eviction. He said he likes the C word because it makes people stop. Paul says she’s pissed. Paul says Michelle said she was going to tell Nicole to slither up on the block. Victor says Michelle told him Nicole is sitting so pretty.


Michelle and Natalie in the UKBR still talking about Paul.  Michelle says she gives Natalie all the credit for her game. Michelle says no one is playing harder than Natalie and she deserves to go far.  Natalie says you deserve to go far too. Natalie starts re-hashing the FT thing. They think they should have been on last season with those girls. Michelle says the cast last year wasn’t very interesting. Natalie says Paul is a fucking liar because he’s a real fan.  Michelle asks if James and Nat would vote Victor out even if Nicole wanted her out. Nat says yes, then she says she can’t speak for James, but she thinks he would. Michelle says Nicole hates me and Natalie says Nicole isn’t playing personal. Michelle doesn’t think she’d put up Natalie and James.  


3:12 AM BBT Paul gets called to the DR. A little more chatter. He asks if he can shower after he gets out of DR.


James comes in to the UKBR with Natalie and Michelle. He asks where Paul is and they point upstairs. Michelle says he’s been up there with Victor for an hour. Nat says Vic is taking a shower. James asks what they think is going to go down and Michelle asks James if he knew what Paul said when Paul said always remember, never forget. Michelle says you guys aren’t lying right? Natalie says they wouldn’t lie to her. Natalie says Paul has been saying everything to Nicole and Corey and James says how do you know. Michelle says because when Nicole won she said at least I’m not going out in seventh place. Michelle says then Nicole looked at Paul. Natalie says he’s a sly little man and he slid right through her fingertips. Michelle says she’s done with Paul and the he said/she said mumbo jumbo. James says at the end of the day their BB fate is pre-determined and he’s not going to stress. Michelle says Paul really attacked her character today to the point where she’s crying in bed. And they go on repeat with the same conversation Nat and Michelle had about not worrying what Paul said. Michelle asks James if he watched Evel Dick’s season and James says no.


3:15 AM BBT Vic leave the room and says he’s just staying awake until he gets called to DR. Corey says he’s proud of Nicole, that she did great. Nicole asks Corey what he’s thinking. BB says the HOH room lights must remain on. Nat doesn’t want to put them up because she promised them. She hopes Corey gets the care package and can do it. He talks about things Paul told them and gives his perspective (which align with Paul). Corey says she needs to put up James and Natalie. Nicole says she doesn’t want to put Natalie up. Nicole says she wants to put James and Michelle up and tell James she had to put him up to ensure her target, Michelle, would go home. Nicole wants to keep James in the game so him and Paul will be targeting each other. Nicole wants to keep the 4 with Vic and Paul solid. Nicole says Michelle is not someone you want on a D/E night. She says it’s not personal, it’s because she’s a threat and Michelle will be good at mental comps that will be coming. Corey says we have to find a way to keep James happy and safe so we can get Michelle out.


3:16 AM BBT Natalie says Paul goes to every group and blows things up and goes to the next group and plays the victim every time. Michelle he started with Jozea, then Frank, then Paulie, then ours. Michelle says he takes information and gives it to the next group and even makes stuff up. James says it makes me wonder if Corey really made that dick sucking comment of if Paul made that up too. James says because Paul didn’t press the issue when Corey said he swears he didn’t say that. Michelle says exactly and James said Paul was like ok well I guess he didn’t say it then. Nat says Paul swore to God that Corey said that and Michelle hates when Paul did that. Nat says he came in the game to play as dirty as possible. Paul thinks Nicole will put up Paul and maybe Michelle and maybe BD Victor. James says Victor can’t win that veto though because if Vic wins and uses it on Paul then one of us goes up. Michelle hopes Corey gets the care package. James says Paul and Victor have to be nominated this week. James says Nicole told him he can put up part of the noms.


3:20 AM BBT Vic comes in and asks what they’re doing. Natalie says they are GTing it up and Vic says GT time. Michelle says until Paul comes in. They talk about what the DR sessions are about and they get the warning. Talk turns to the jurors and how excited they were to see them. Vic says Paulie kept referring to “that girl”. (Natalie) Michelle says Paulie started shaking when he heard Natalie talking. Natalie says that’s why everyone wanted me to keep talking. Vic says that’s why his knees buckled. Vic says he wasn’t happy with James still. Michelle says it’s good he didn’t come back in that house. James says man, Paulie wasn’t going to beat him. Vic says he was so happy when Paulie fell. Natalie says she was so happy, like clenching her butt cheeks. Vic says he seen her face as she was telling Paulie good job. Michelle says Paulie was confused by how Vic got out and Vic didn’t have time to explain. He only got to tell him about the co-HOH’s and James was the swing vote. That’s all he could explain. Vic says he’s tired of getting in trouble today.


3:26 AM BBT Natalie says the live feeds aren’t on in here are they? Michelle says yes, they are on. [Can someone please inform her they are always on?] BB says you are not allowed to talk about production. Michelle keeps asking questions and they get the warning again. The talk about Z and Da’s jump. Michelle says apparently people thought the kiss with Paulie was real. Nat says Michelle and Zakiyah will be best friends after the show. James says Nat and Paulie will be best friends. He says they’ll end up dating. Nat says the day me and what’s his name again, the day me and Paulie date is the day hell freezes over. Vic says Paulie didn’t want to fall before Bridgette. Vic is quizzing them on what’s in the safari room, the have not room, and the other rooms. Vic tells them Paul knows the whole house and the whole departure board. Michelle says I used to.


3:33 AM BBT Nicole says Natalie did them a solid and that’s why she doesn’t want to put her up. Corey says Nat can say she did us a solid, but I think she didn’t see us as big a threat as Victor and Paul. Nicole says being little and not muscular helped with that comp.


3:34 AM BBT Michelle says it sucks having vets in the house, no offense James, but now everyone knows the comps. Michelle says he didn’t know anything when he came into this house. James asks Michelle if she’s going to sleep with Nat Nat and she says no she doesn’t want to sleep in there. Nat says she’ll sleep in Tokyo so she’s not alone and Michelle says that’s ok. Vic asks Michelle if her family watches the live shows and she says I don’t know.

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10:06am BBT: Natalie up and i the KT getting water. Lights are on ion the house but all other HG still sleeping.

10:08am BBT: Natalie now in the WA brushing her teeth.

10:10am BBT: Natalie finished in the WA and heads back to BR and puts her things away and fold her towels.

 10:15am BBT: Natalie still the only one up and in the WA folding her clothes and putting her things away.

10:30am BBT: Natalie now in the shower as all other Hg are sleeping.

10:40am BBT: Natalie now out of the shower, gets her clothes and goes back in the shower to get dressed.

10:52am BBT: Natalie is dressed and doing her hair and make up. All other Hg still sleeping.

10:59am BBT: Michelle is now up and in the WA. Nicole gets up and comes in to get make up done.

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11:59AM BBT Nicole and Corey talking. Figuring out that Natalie didn't want Corey to stay. Nicole says that's he is still not 100% if they were telling her to go after Vic or James. Nicole tells Corey that she kept looking at him to see if she should throw it to James or not. Corey says he was trying to tell her to stay on there.


12:04PM BBT Nicole tells Corey that whoever is sitting next to Vic is getting 2nd place. She says there is no way he will not win the game. Corey agrees. Corey says that Vic has gotten three tries. They talk about how much Paulie struggled with the comp. She really thought he was going to be the one to come back.


 12:15PM BBT Nicole and Corey talk about the CP. Corey says if he gets it and he has to put someone up who would he put up. Nicole says she still has no idea who she should put up. She says she needs to come up with the best plan. She is worried about causing a fight and picking sides. Nicole says she wants Michelle gone this week. Corey says that they should put James with her and tell him he is not the target and no one wants him out. Corey jokes that she will be in her HOH room and no one bother her. Nicole says that's not nice.



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12:22PM BBT Corey and Nicole continue to go over their choices. They do not feel James will win at a mental comp. She says that she will honor her promise to James initially but if Michelle is taken off of the block, she will put up James. They talk about the first HOH and if Corey really wanted it. Corey says he didn’t know if he really wanted it.


12:32PM BBT Nicole talking about the HOH comp. She says she knows Corey told her to get down but she decided when the wall went back up that it was the perfect time. James told her to get down too so she decided to and is happy she did. She thinks her Dad will be proud of her for hanging in there on the comp. She says it is odd that guys with muscles have such a hard time on those comps. Corey says that he isn’t sure if is just harder for guys with muscle to make it. Nicole says that they were using their fat to hang in there.


12:37PM BBT BB announces to head to the BY – special delivery. You hear the sound of an “airplane” It’s time for the care package delivery!


12:42PM BBT Corey has gotten the care package. He gets a jock strap, glasses (that are his), candy canes,  another jock strap, and his card. BB Bribe. This is the final package of the summer. He may offer one house guest $5000.00 to benefit his game. Once it is transferred, the person must fulfil their obligation. He may make it in private or in public. Michelle and Natalie joke about they will take the bribe. We get FOTH.


12:53PM BT Corey and Nicole in the HOH discussing the bribe. Corey trying to figure out how to use it. Nicole says just hold on to it until he needs it. Corey says he wants to talk to DR and find out how he can use it.


12:59PM BBT Michelle is going through Corey’s CP in the KT. He also got a Halloween sucker. Michelle says she doesn’t understand it. Natalie says he was born on Halloween. Vic says America hates him. Discussion changes to summer plans that they would have outside of the house.


1:01PM BBT Natalie telling the HG how NY smells like garbage in the summer. She says it is an amazing place to live but it is a dirty city. She says expect to see roaches and rats. James says like in the BB house.

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1:03PM BBT Michelle comes to the HOH room. She comes up to tell Nicole that if she has to put her up she is fine with it. She is tired of the whole he said she said yet. She says she won’t call anyone out in her speech. Nicole tells her that she thought it was going to be the HOH take over. She says that she says no hard feelings. Nicole says she had no idea yet who she is putting up. Michelle says that she won’t play the dirty game Paul is playing. Michelle tells Corey that she is so happy for him and shows that America isn’t in love with Paul. She is really happy about that. They discuss what the bribe can be used for.


 1:10PM BBT Nicole tells Corey after Michelle leaves that Michelle is definitely going up. James is definitely not going up. She says he will blow up people’s game. Paul she trusts to tell what she is really thinking. The plan is Paul and Michelle. Corey and Nicole hope Vic wins Veto and takes Paul down. They want Natalie up so Michelle goes home. Paul and Vic enter the HOH and congratulates Corey. Paul tells Corey that he could bribe Nicole to put up a certain someone. Nicole and Corey both say they think Corey wants to hold on to it until after Veto.


1:13PM BBT Nicole tells Vic and Paul that she has their back. She explains that she wants to put up Paul. Paul says he is in. Paul jokes about the CP and America hates them. They discuss that Michelle is ready to go home but wants the 5K. Paul says that he doesn’t want to drag them under the bus and whatever they need is fine. Nicole tells both Paul and Vic that their loyalty is with them. Paul says put him up he is trusting them.


1:18PM BBT Natalie and James talk about if they are okay. James tells her that there is nothing they can do. Natalie wants to go lay down. As they head to the TBR, Natalie stops to talk to Michelle to see how her talk went. Michelle says that Nicole hasn’t made up her mind. Natalie goes to the bed and tells James that Nicole hasn’t made up her mind. She says that she is scared. James says if he goes up he doesn’t care. Natalie says she shouldn’t care either. James says he is fine with whatever happens.


1:22PM BBT Natalie asks James to tell her a bed time story. He starts to tell her about long ago in a country called Valenzuela…. Back in HOH Paul is telling Corey and Nicole that he has no reason not to work with them.


1:23PM BBT Michelle comes into the TBR to talk to Natalie and James. James thinks Paul and Vic are stressing out. James says that America wants the underdogs to win. They are the underdogs. Michelle says Paul and Vic would save each other so that’’s why America didn’t give it to them. Michelle asks if Nicole can tell someone they are safe. James says no you can not tell anyone they are safe or going up on the block. James says he is not worried and you can’t fight fate. Michelle tells Natalie that she doesn’t see why Natalie would go up, she has been nothing but nice to Nicole. Natalie says it would be because of Paul. Paul has said crap about Michelle from day one and Natalie has stood up for her.

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1:31PM BBT Michelle, Natalie and James continue to talk. Michelle says she didn't make any deal with Nicole. James says if they go up, you can't do anything about it. Don't stress.


1:43PM BBT In the HOH, they are trying to come up with an alliance name. They are having trouble with coming up with a name. Paul comes up with the Final 4. They like it.


1:46PM BBT Natalie, James and Michelle talking. Natalie is tweezing her chin, lip and eyebrows. James asks Michelle if Natalie forced her to nominate anyone. Michelle says no. Now they discuss how he pinched Natalie. they keep going round and round about how bad Paul is.

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1:51PM BBT Paul and Vic tell Nicole and Corey about how Natalie was so happy to see Vic. They agree that no bad things need to come out of their mouths about the F4.


 1:57PM BBT Natalie lying in bed finishes her tweezing. She says if she is going up then Nicole should give her a heads up. Michelle says she can't. James says she can say it's a possibility. Michelle says that she should go up and talk to Nicole. Natalie doesn't say anything. Paul comes down and Natalie asks hos he is feeling. He says not well. He heads to the other room. The trio discuss Paul's ex cheating on him. James says if she cheated on him then the relationship wasn't good.



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2:00PM BBT James asks Natalie if they should go talk to Nicole. Natalie says that she doesn't do that kind of thing. James asks if she wants him to talk to them. Natalie says yes. Michelle tells James that he needs to mention the super fan thing. James tells her it isn't his first rodeo and he knows what to say. Natalie tells Michelle that she is too scared to go.


2:05PM BBT Michelle and Natalie discuss how none of the guys in the house like a strong outspoken woman like they are. Michelle says that Paul had no right to touch her clothes. Natalie says she has yelled at James for touching hers. Michelle says Paul is being a baby about things. She would have moved the clothes (BB asked him to get his shirt and he touched her clothes looking for the shirt).


2:07PM BBT Natalie says the ditzy act got her so far and now the real her will get her further. She says she came in wanting to kill everyone with kindness. Michelle says she wants to know where is the line drawn. Zingbot is allowed to call her a baby and Vic a douchbag. Natalie says that if HG come in with certain personalities they can get away with it. Michelle says Paul gets away with everything. Natalie says feminists always get voted out first. Guys can't take it.


2:11PM BBT Vic comes into the UKBR. Michelle offers to get out of his bed but Vic tells her he is just getting his shirt. Michelle tells Vic that Paul has made this game so toxic and she can no longer deal with it. She says she is done playing his game. Michelle is happy that Paul didn't get the CP.

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3:42PM BBT Nicole. Corey and Paul talking in HOH. Paul tells them he is down to play and he is willing to be put up as a pawn. He says he is ready to play. He says he trusts Nicole and Corey.


3:43PM BBT Natalie climbs into James' bumper car. She whispers that it would be a terrible waste if Michelle goes home this week. James tells her that he waited for Paul to fall to decide to take himself out of the HOH. He says that he can talk to Nicole about making the best strategic move. Natalie says if Paul is nominated he will go nuts.


3:57PM BBT Corey, Nicole and Paul talk about future comps. They also discus Corey's 5K. Paul jokes that if he gets Corey's 5K and then they do the "skating" comp, he would go for the 5K and get 10K and be out of there. They all laugh.



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3:59PM BBT Paul leaves the HOH room. Corey tells Nicole that he thinks Paul is okay with going up. Nicole says then she will go with the plan. They discuss different scenarios for the care package.


4:06PM BBT Vic and Paul talk. Vic says that James tried to get him out and he is back. Says that James is in a worst spot then he was when Vic went out last night.


4:10PM BBT Corey and Nicole discuss who she is nominating. Corey asks her what the damage control will be if she votes Michelle out in a tie breaker. She says that she will just say she changed her mind.


4:20PM BBT In the KT Vic and Natalie talk about getting the BY. Natalie says that she wants to work out for 5 days before the end of the show so her family doesn't have to see her how she is. Vic says that she shouldn't get down on herself. Natalie says as long as everyone remembers what she looks like the day she walked in. She says that's all she has to do in the house is think about her body. She says that was the part about being a cheerleader, she could maintain her weight. In the house she is not able to.

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 4:39PM BBT Michelle, Natalie and Vic talk in the KT. Michelle asking what a sitcom is. Vic tells her situation comedy. Michelle asks him if Parks and Rec would be one. Vic tells her yes. Natalie says she loves Modern Family. She says her mom's accent is 10 x worse then Sofia Vergara's accent. Michelle tells Natalie that she reminds her of Eva Longoria.


4:42PM BBT Natalie tells Vic and Michelle that they have survived 73 days without social media, phones, etc. Natalie says that it is great to get away from everything. All the guys calling her and bugging her and asking her out for dates. Vic laughs and says how busy she was. Natalie says she didn't say it in a cocky way. Michelle lets out a belch and helps herself to another bowl of cereal. We get FOTH.


 4:51PM BBT We have Jeff reels. It's time for nominations.

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5:46PM BBT The feeds come back on. All of the HG are in the kitchen having random conversation. Paul is on the block. He says something about pulling himself off of the block. Natalie says that he hates Fridays because she has anxiety. Paul says that it is the best day.

5:50PM BBT James lifts up two pie crusts up to the cameras and yells at BB for giving him broken pie crusts. He tells BB that he can’t do anything with broken pie crusts. Nicole says that she is going to lay down and gives Cory a big hug. Paul tells them that they are hugging weird. Then Paul tells Victor that he better win that Veto because he is going to be the replacement nom. Let’s be real guys.

5:59PM BBT Paul says that he could not do more than a couple of weeks in the jury house for his own sanity. They are talking about how fake Paulie was in the house. Paul is referring to how he could not be able to deal with Paulie in the Jury house.

6:00PM BBT Victor is cutting onions. Paul comes up behind him and says don’t cry bro, Im gonna win the veto. I promise. Victor was tearing up from the onions.

6:13PM BBT Going around the cameras and there is not much game talk going on in the house. Paul says that he is an arsonist. Natalie didn’t know what that was. Natalie says that she is sick because she started a fire in the house. It wasn’t much of a fire, just a quick poof from the gelatin.

6:17PM BBT Victor is teaching Natalie how to work a fire extinguisher. Natalie keeps saying that she is sick to her stomach. Victor keeps messing with her telling her she should be because she almost killed us all. She really thinks that Paul really could have gotten hurt from it. She could have burnt his beard off.

6:24PM BBT All of the feeds are on Nicole in the HOH room. She looks herself over in the mirror and then the feeds go back to the kitchen. When Nicole walks down, Victor is the first to tell Nicole that Natalie almost burned the house down. He then tells her it was more like a magic trick and went poof. James starts talking about when he was blown up and that he knows what Natalie is going through. Natalie starts to see that her fire wasn’t that bad.


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7:02 PM BBT In the HOHR, Nicole & Corey are discussing how the lines in the house will be drawn after this week. Corey doesn't know who he will put up if he wins HOH next week. Nicole tells Corey that people will see if he is playing both sides. Nicole says that someone is going home from one side, so they need to stay loyal to a side. She says they need to know what side they are going to in case of replacement for Veto. Nicole says her gut is telling her to go with Paul & Victor. She says her head is telling her to go with James & Natalie. She says votes were switched last minute last week at the last minute & Corey almost went home. Corey says he can't stand Natalie. He says he would vote for Paul or Victor to win because he actually likes them. He says that he will be very upset if Natalie wins this game. He says he will be devastated if Natalie wins for sure. Nicole jokes with him about not sharing her bottle of wine with him tonight. She says she might find a different friend to tell her with. Corey makes hand gestures to Nicole. She asks him what it means & she calls him a jerk face, jokingly. Corey says he hopes there are no HN's this week. Corey asks who she will pick? She says she will not pick Paul because she doesn't want him & Michelle to bond. She tells BB to not have her pick. Corey says if she doesn't pick it will be the first 3 to fall off & that means he will be a HN.

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7:09 PM BBT Corey says he hopes he's not a HN this week. He says there is so much food there for them to eat. She says she doesn't want to cut potatoes all night for french fries. She says she just wants to share wine with her BFF. She says today is Day 73 in the house. Nicole says that Paul wants her to get James or Natalie out this week. She says her eyes are on Michelle no matter what. She says it may be good for his game to get one of the out, but she isn't sure if it's good for her game. Nicole says she's tired & she whines that Corey may be a HN. She says she won't sleep in the HOHR by herself. She says she doesn't sleep by herself. She tells Corey that he's going to be a HN she knows it. In the UKBR, Natalie tells Michelle that she definitely has James' vote for sure. She says that James has risked a lot for her to stay in the game. Natalie tells Michelle if she wins the Veto to definitely take herself off the block. Michelle says that she is worried about Paul winning the Veto. Natalie says Corey winning America's Care Package was the best scenario. Natalie thinks her or James may get backdoored. Michelle says that Nicole is probably sticking to her word. She says they may backdoor Victor. Natalie acts like a brat & says that they wouldn't take that gamble to get Michelle out in the Final 7 with Victor being such a strong player. Natalie says if next week is a double eviction it will go to Final 5. Natalie tries to figure out how Final 4 works. She says she is trying to learn it. She says Final 5, someone wins HOH, puts 2 people up & there is only 2 votes. She says there is only 1 person voting in Final 4. Natalie asks Michelle if she's o.k. that she's on the block. Michelle says she laughed about it in the DR & she hasn't cried yet at all. She says she figured that Nicole would nominate her. She says Paul probably told her that she was going after her. She says if she knew someone was going after her she would probably put them up. Natalie tells Michelle that she's lucky she can win mental comps. She says that's something that she can't do. She tells Michelle to study her days. Michelle says they need to study the Memory Wall. Michelle says that she would be good at the comic book competition. Michelle talks about not being good in the physical competitions.

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7:20 PM BBT Natalie tells Michelle that James is so right & he's been right about a lot of stuff. She says he & Nicole have already played this game. She says that Nicole is not going to take her out. Michelle says, if so, it is what it is. Natalie says only her & James are voting. (Victor, James, Natalie & Corey will all be voting if the noms stay the same.) Michelle tells Natalie that Nicole would be the deciding vote if there is a tie, because 4 people are voting. Natalie says she didn't think about that. Michelle says she thinks it will be the comic book competition. Natalie tells Michelle is really bothers Paul. She tells Michelle that he's not going to show his feelings to her. Michelle says he's probably talking a lot of sh*t about her in the DR. Natalie tells her to let him talk all he wants & he didn't get a care package, but she did. Michelle has her comforter over her microphone again & she is muffled. They are trying to figure out what day Natalie got her care package. Michelle tells Natalie that she got hers on Day 45. Natalie tells her she is going to win that one. BB tells Michelle to please not obstruct her microphone & to please move it lower. She moves the comforter away from her face. Michelle says she wishes that she never helped Victor & Paul study to give him all this information. She says that she would have tried to throw them off. Natalie says if there were no vets she wouldn't know what to study. Michelle tells Natalie that she wishes she didn't tell Paul anything & now he thinks he's a super fan. Natalie says that he could be a super fan or someone in his family has played. Michelle says someone is his family was almost on BB Canada. Natalie says that Paul even knew that Evel Dick got HIV. She says he knew the whole story. Michelle says there is only 27 days left in the house. She says if she gets out she will go to jury & detox from this madness. Natalie says she doesn't want her leaving. Michelle asks Natalie if she's only been on the block once? Natalie says, yes, because of James protecting her. She starts to tell what she said in the DR. We see Jeff's Reels & then FOTH.

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7:27 PM BBT Natalie says James is a nice guy & she feels lucky. Michelle says the two Vets hooked up with newbees. Michelle says she can't imagine if her & Paul would have hooked up. She says that would be so ugly. Michelle wants to ask Natalie questions. She says she has to go pee really quick. She tells Michelle to wait & think about them. She leaves the UKBR. James goes in the UKBR looking for Natalie. James says she got dinged on her microphone. Michelle asks James if his pasta is done? James says yes. Michelle says she is trying to think of what to study. She tells James the comps they haven't done yet. Michelle tells James that if next week is a double eviction they have a 60% chance of winning HOH. She says the following week there will be a 50% chance of winning HOH. James says he has a feeling whoever gets the Veto tomorrow will get the $5,000. Michelle asks if she would? James says, no, because she would pull herself off the block. Michelle says they may give it to her if she takes Paul off the block. James says if she does that they will send one of her friends home. James says he's going to take a nap until about 11:50 PM BBT. Michelle comes out of the UKBR. She tells Natalie she is going to make some pasta. Natalie tells Michelle that she has makeup under her eyes. James gives Natalie a hug. James tells Natalie she almost burned her eyelashes. Natalie tells James that she almost burned Paul's beard. James says it didn't happen, so it's o.k. She says it's just scary. We see FOTH. James & Natalie go to the UKBR. Natalie says that she is tired. James tells Natalie that Natalie, Michelle or him all need to take turns being with Paul & Victor at all times at least until the replacement noms. James says Nicole is getting close to Victor. Natalie says she thinks that Nicole is just trying to be nice to Victor. She says she's not going to do that to Corey, it's just strategy. James says she won't take him out over one of them. He says, come on. James says that Paul & Victor were hanging out in the HOHR & they went up. Natalie says she trusts Nicole's word & promises & said they are not going up. James says if he wins another HOH or a double eviction he will have to put the guys up together, whoever is left. He says it might be Corey with Paul or Corey with Victor. Natalie says they really just need Michelle to stay to win the mental comps with them. James says if they manage to break up Paul & Victor they will be target number one in the house. He says people will be gunning for them hard. Natalie says they can discuss their options when they get there if they get there. She says it was weird with Paul in the KT saying it might be him & Victor going up. James says that's good. Natalie says she's going to take Nicole's word on it & she is not going to worry. James says that Nicole can't play next week. Natalie says they can backdoor Corey. Natalie says Paul is everyone's target so it leaves no blood on their hands. She says if Paul doesn't pull himself down they will look like the saviors to Victor.

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7:39 PM BBT Natalie says Nicole is not stupid & she's not going to keep Paul & Victor over the two of them, because they will lose the game if they do. Natalie says they are set up for success with putting Michelle up as a pawn. Natalie says people are studying. They both says, never cared. James says he hopes it's a how bad do you want it comp. They talk about the girls possibly having to color their hair & the guys having to shave their head. Natalie says she would be damaging her hair if she had to dye it orange. James says on a comp like that you get more points for taking the bad stuff. James says the people on the block need to win this comp. He says they can put an option for a video message from your family. He says it could be like 15 points for slop for the rest of the week & like -20 points for taking the video message. This is how he's explaining the comp to Natalie. James tells Natalie he wants her to win this Veto. She says it's the perfect Veto for her to win with no blood on her hands & she can't be backdoored. James says she can tell them that she wants to pull Michelle off the block. James says they can offer her $5,000 not to do it. Natalie says she would make her give him the money & do something for James. James tells her if he offers her the money to take it. Natalie says she hasn't won a Veto yet & she gives it her all. James says he can't believe that he hasn't won a Veto this whole summer yet either. Natalie says she would have to talk to Michelle about it, because she is her friend at the end of the day. She tells James that she told her that there would be 4 people voting with Nicole left to break the tie. Natalie says that she would try to get Victor to change his vote. James says Michelle has nothing to worry about.

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7:46 PM BBT In the KT, Nicole & Corey are sitting at the KT table. Paul is cooking dinner on the stove. Victor is washing the dishes. Nicole tells Paul & Victor that the food is good. Corey really likes the burgers also. Victor says the dishes can wait he's hungry. Paul is happy that they like the food. Corey says the french fries are on point. Paul says he has more coming. Nicole asks Victor to grab her a paper towel & he does. He joins Corey & Nicole at the KT table to eat. Victor says they didn't cook like this in BB16 did they? Nicole says, "Nope." Victor says, "Good job everybody." Paul puts seasoning on the french fries that he just made. He says, "Boom, another batch." Nicole tells Paul that he needs to eat. He puts more potatoes in the pan of grease on the stove. He says they can cook while he's eating. Victor says if they get hungry later they can eat some animal style french fries with meat on them. Nicole thanks them for including her in their meal. She says it's an A+. Paul jokingly says he will still put her on the block next week. Nicole says that burger was really good. She washes her dishes in the KT sink. Paul is now eating his dinner. Victor says every time they make something they perfect it even more. Corey says they do get better & better. He says they can go on Hell's Kitchen after this. Corey says they didn't slice & dice fast enough, jokingly. Paul says he remembers getting home one day when the TV was left on. He says there was an Iron Chef Kids Edition on, & the kids were making these elaborate dishes. Nicole says he doesn't understand how these kids knew how to make the food & then they cry when they lost.

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