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Thursday August 25, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo BR. Nicole is asking Corey “trivia questions”. She asks him what “NSAID” stands for and he doesn’t have a clue. (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug). She then asks what the capital of Michigan is and he gets that immediately. She then asks what the capital of California is. He struggles with this one. We get FotH. (We don’t know if Corey ever got the capital of California)


Nicole tells Corey comps that might be coming up, including in another D/E. But she doesn’t think it will be a D/E because neither Michelle nor Natalie can play. They talk about whether they should win HOH with the care package up for grabs. Nicole is worried if Corey wins HOH, she might go home if Paul gets the care package and it’s an HOH takeover. James comes in and lays next to Corey to hide under the blanket. Nat comes in looking for him and Corey lies for him but Nat says she sees his body.


12:06 AM BBT Nicole and Michelle in the LR talking about it being their last night of HOH. Natalie plays to the cameras smiling and making peace signs. They are waiting for James to come out of the DR. Natalie says maybe they can stand upstairs and throw stuff at James. Michelle is looking at Bronte’s picture on the memory wall and Michelle says what is that, her shoulder? Nat says yeah she poses like Bronte and says she has more fat on her bone than Bronte. James comes out and says what’s up you little pranksters. Natalie has a bottle of baby powder. Michelle walks towards him and James runs away. Michelle says they should go turn the lights on in the UKBR and piss off Paul. They are waiting for James to come back out. He comes out with a can of air freshner and Natalie says no that’s chemicals! James says seriously, you guys messed with my pie? The only thing I can eat. James says you let them mess with my pie Big Brother. Natalie says James you’re going to get me in trouble. They all go up to the HOH room.


12:12 AM BBT Nicole tells Corey night and Corey says oh. Nicole says I want to get some sleep. She tells Corey to get some rest because it’s going to be a big day tomorrow.


12:12 AM BBT Natalie and James get in the bed in the HOH room and Michelle lays on the couch. James starts to tickle her and Nat says James that’s my fat stomach. He continues to tickle her and she tells him to stop she loves him. She tells him to stop crying about his pie too because he’s going to get her in trouble. He tickles her some more and she says she hates him and she’s going to vomit.


12:14 AM BBT Michelle asks what day it is and Nat says 71. Michelle tells James he has to win HOH. Michelle thinks Nicole and Corey are still playing the game because if she had found out five people were coming after me, she’d go after them. James says Nicole and Corey owe you guys for keeping them safe this week. James says they just have to keep Paul from winning veto and Corey can’t win HOH because Paul would get the care package.

12:17 AM BBT Nicole and Corey decide to talk game. They start strategizing on who to go after next. Corey wants to put Nat and James up but Nicole is afraid that would get too much blood on their hands. Corey says if we go to 5 with Michelle, Nat, and James, we will never get Michelle on our side. Nicole says she wants Michelle out.


12:18 AM BBT James says he’s gunning hard for HOH this week, he’s not going to throw it. Michelle says you just never know if Corey and Nicole are going to work with Paul. James says Paul told Nicole and Corey that he has to be a veto king because his game is blown up. Michelle says she feels Paul is banking on that care package and he’s so sure it’s a HOH takeover. Michelle says the care package could be insignificant. Natalie says America knew I was HOH before Michelle got the care package and we’re friends now so America gave her the co-HOH. Natalie says they gave you co-HOH so we could have fun together. America knew Nat and Michelle would vote the same way. Michelle says another worst case scenario would be Nicole winning HOH and Paul winning the care package. Natalie says Vic keeps saying he doesn’t deserve to be on the block. James says well did Bronte deserve to be blindsided. They bring up other players who were voted out. James says Bronte didn’t even make it to jury and she got shafted. Natalie says and people who made it to jury don’t even want to be there.


12:23 AM BBT Paul comes in with Nicole and Corey.  Paul tells them that Vic told him that they are shitting their pants about him. Paul asked Vic if they mentioned Corey and Nicole and Vic says no but James wants to talk to Nicole to see if Paul said anything to her. Nicole says he already asked me. Corey says we just told James you were worried about Vic going home. BB tells Paul, Nicole, and Corey the bedroom lights must remain on.  Corey says call us out, are you serious. Nicole says they hate us. FotH.


12:23 AM BBT Natalie says Paul still makes fun of Bronte for throwing the math comp. James says and Vic won the pectacular spectacular package, so he’s not going home empty handed. James says he has a cell phone, a tablet, and a tv. James says Vic already battled his way back, he gets his full stipend, plus the prizes he won, and he may get a chance for a jury buy back. He just needs to go. He says he’s going to talk to him in the morning and tell him he’s voting him out.  Natalie says they made it so far in the game and they survived D/E. James says if I win HOH we’re guaranteed final 5.


12:27 AM BBT Nicole is worried for Corey now and Corey says James won’t vote him out over that. Corey calms Nicole down and they stop worrying.


12:28 AM BBT Michelle says America please whoever wins HOH vote the way Paul can go home. Natalie says are feeds on right now? James and Michelle says yes and Natalie says really?? James says and we’re on Big Brother After Dark right? Michelle says yeah. Natalie says ok America this is what we need to happen this week. We need Paul to go home next, so we need Corey to get the care package. James says do not give it to Paul. Natalie says Paul is just all around sneaky and Corey said some mean things about me but I want him to get it. Natalie says maybe it will be a veto and James says why would there be two vetos in play. Natalie says expect the unexpected, maybe there won’t be a veto comp.  Michelle says what if it’s you get to cancel votes.


12:30 AM BBT Natalie says Paul will get a veto because he’s the veto king. The doggy one, like this one. Michelle says he’s not a veto king by any means, if anyone was a veto king it was Paulie. James asks how many vetos he won and Michelle says 3 and James says it could have been 4 because he threw the ice cream one to corey. Nat says he 100% threw that one and Paul was doing his best to get me out. She says Paul I’m coming for you bro. Michelle says he called me buzz lightyear and called her FTs, get him out. Nat says he called her FTs behind her back and to her face and she had no knowledge of what that meant. Michelle says Paul is egotistical and sits in a room for hours and talked about himself. Michelle says Paul thinks he’s America’s favorite and Nat says he’s too much of a jerk to be. James thinks there will be three people in the running for AFP James, Michelle, and Natalie or Nicole. Just because of their fans. He only threw himself in the mix because he won it last season. Michelle says Jeff got AFP twice.


12:37 AM BBT Nicole and Corey hear a loud thud or boom. Corey gets up to go check on Paul in the UKBR. He heard it too and says it sounded like it came from upstairs. Nicole says yeah it was above us and it sounded like a bowling ball. Corey goes to get more water and goes back to lay down. Nicole says it didn’t sound good, it made the ground shake.


12:38 AM BBT Natalie says Michelle is a superfan and America loves her. Natalie says they sent her a care package so America loves her. Natalie says they voted for you out of everyone and Michelle says well out of four and Natalie says no out 16. They think voting for the care package doesn’t begin until after HOH is shown and then America votes. [Do they really not get the logistics of this? How do they get a care package on Friday if we don’t see HOH until Sunday?] Michelle is skeptical. Natalie says if a guy had gotten co-HOH they would have opened that other side room.


12:41 AM BBT Nicole says she’s getting a headache and Corey says he can help with that. He tells Nicole to lay on her back and Corey starts massaging from the sides of her eyes to the top of her head. She asks what he does for a living in real life and he says don’t worry about it. She laughs and Corey says what and she says it feels good. She asks what it’s called and Corey says I don’t know. Nicole says how did you learn about it and Corey says you can get rid of headaches by rubbing them out through pressure points and he read about it somewhere. Nicole says where and Corey says just shut up.


12:42 AM BBT James gives Natalie a massage. Natalie thinks Corey might be a masseuse. Natalie says if James wins HOH she’ll make out with him and James says liar. She then says she’ll give him a kiss on live tv. James says it needs to be a more passionate one. Natalie says the feeds aren’t on because they don’t want America to know what we’re saying. James says the cameras are down and Michelle says no they’re pointed at us.


12:48 AM BBT Nicole asks Corey if he liked the move The Vow. They then talk about the movie and Corey says he likes Rachel McAdams and he liked her in The Notebook and they start talking about that movie too. Nicole didn’t like her in Mean Girls though. Corey asks if she’s seen Sherlock Holmes and Nicole hasn’t seen that one. Corey says she would love it. They move on to Robert Downy, Jr. movies.


Natalie says after the show is over she’s going to run, run, run. She’s not going to see anyone until she runs 20 miles and loses all this weight. Michelle is going to go Vegan when she goes home.


12:53 AM BBT Michelle asks James how many tweets were tweeted at him after the show. James says it’s a lot. They asked when it was at its slowest, how may did he get. James says 15-20 and Natalie says that’s a lot.


12:55 AM BBT Natalie says what if someone says I’m ugly and James says never comment on something negative. He says your fans will fight your battles for you, but when you respond back they know they got you. Natalie says James’ massage made her feel less fat. Natalie says if it’s a wall comp are you ready to win it? Michelle complains about Nicole again. Natalie says she’s going to go back to her doctor after the show is over and get her boobs a little bigger. Michelle wants to go too. Natalie says be prepared because for six months after you can’t work out. Michelle says she’s going to go off birth control when she gets home.


12:57 AM BBT Corey and Nicole adjust to maybe get some sleep and they talk about spooning.

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1:00 AM BBT Natalie, Michelle, and James in the HOH room. They are talking about Natalie’s sister and her sister’s girlfriend. Natalie wants to be there when her sister proposes to her girlfriend. Natalie really likes her sister’s girlfriend. They start talking about Nat’s cousins and we get repeated FotH.


1:04 AM BBT Nicole and Corey in Tokyo BR and Nicole is telling Corey the types of questions they ask to F2.


Natalie is talking in Spanish and Michelle is saying a few things. They say tomorrow is a big day and an important day. Nat says something in Spanish and asks them if they know what it means. She says James likes blonde girls in Spanish and Michelle gets it right. James says he’s getting ready for bed and Michelle says go rest up big boy. Natalie says go lay down and go vote out Corey. He tries to pop her pimple, he says it has a white head on it and Natalie tells James to stop because he’s embarrassing her. He tickles her again and she says she’s going to throw up. James turns the lights out for the girls and Nat says are you going to miss and he says yeah and Nat says how much. James says a lot. Michelle is singing Kiss you through the phone and we get no feeds off. Natalie tells America goodnight. James is standing by the door and the camera looks straight down on him. He asks for a kiss and Natalie says no because he’ll move his head. He swears he won’t move and she kisses him on the cheek and he turns the light on.


1:14 AM BBT James goes down to the HNR to go to bed. Michelle and Natalie in HOH bed chatting and Nicole and Corey in Tokyo BR chatting. Paul is in UKBR asleep. James talks to Nicole and Corey on his way through and we get FotH.


1:17 AM BBT Michelle says she thinks Paul is trying to be an Evel Dick. Vic comes out of the HNR and goes to the DR. Michelle and Natalie talking about James voting out Victor and the care package. They are speculating what the care package might be. Michelle doesn’t want him to get it. Michelle says if Paul wins HOH they are fucked. Natalie says that care package could be something silly. Michelle wonders if it’s the sole vote to evict. Michelle doesn’t think Corey and Nicole trust her anymore because she’s afraid Paul told them stuff. Michelle hopes James tells Vic tomorrow and Natalie says he will tell him. Michelle just doesn’t want him to wait until the last minute. Michelle says who knows Vic might come back. Natalie says yeah. Michelle says what if Paulie comes back. Natalie says no because Julie said when he didn’t have the round trip ticket she was NOT coming back. Natalie says Paulie is just not pleasant to have around. Michelle says he’s so cocky. She says it’s so funny that every time someone leaves someone else becomes public enemy number one.


1:24 AM BBT Nicole says Natalie is similar to Amber from her season. FotH


1:26 AM BBT Michelle says Paulie wanted them to get Paul. He told them this word for word. Natalie says it would have been awesome for Corey to go so their whole little crew could be squashed. Michelle is worried they might skim by and Natalie says it won’t, don’t worry. They won’t let it happen. Michelle says she’d be really sad if Nicole, Corey, or Paul beat her out. Natalie says Nicole doesn’t know her days so they need to study harder. Michelle says don’t underestimate her either. She plays up the ditz act too. Natalie says do you think fish can talk to each other. Michelle says maybe but she thinks fish are stupid. Natalie says maybe they talk in bubbles or something. Michelle doesn’t like the fish, they scare her.


1:29 AM BBT Nicole and Corey are talking about the HG who’ve been voted out. Nicole says Paulie will be happy to see Vic and when they ask who got him out and he says Natalie, they will be like what happened? Michelle in HOH room says there are only 4 more live shows after tomorrow. Natalie says really?


1:30 AM BBT Michelle asks Natalie if she’s going to watch the show and she says yes.  Natalie says tomorrow is in destiny’s hands. Michelle says no use pondering anymore. She says James is going to vote Victor out and Natalie says do you think that’s the right choice? Michelle says we might be safer if Victor stays but if he flips we’d be in trouble. Michelle says forgive and never forget so he could put them on the block. Michelle got to brush her teeth so she gets back up to do that.


1:35 AM BBT Natalie thinks Michelle’s was the best care package. Nicole had supersafety and had to wear the suit but she got no perks and didn’t have to get blood on her hand. Michelle says she had to nominate someone. Michelle says if Paul gets the care package anyway then they should go ahead and get out Nicole. Natalie says if your gut is telling you to get out Nicole, then that’s what we should do. She says James said he’d put up Paul and Nicole. Paul first, then Nicole. Michelle says Nicole was her number one target from day one and then she talked to James and said they should all work together.  Natalie says imagine if the pinky promise to get vets out had happened. Nicole says she manipulated her whole team off the bat to go to that side. Natalie says everyone that’s been associated with Nicole has blown up. Michelle thinks Nicole is playing a feisty dirty game. Natalie says she’s going to look so hot if she goes to jury because she’s going to run on the treadmill all day. All they’re going to do is run, tan, go in the pool, watch movies, listen to music, and play monopoly. Michelle thinks Zakiyah might be mad at her but Natalie doesn’t think so.


1:42 AM BBT Michelle tells Natalie she should tell Corey what Paul told her about the comment he made and tell Nicole about the chicken thing and they will never trust Paul. Natalie says don’t you worry. Natalie tells Michelle about the spy girls and said they would have ruled the house.


1:46 AM BBT Michelle and Natalie talk about Tiffany, Bridgette, and Bronte. They don’t mind Zakiyah or Da’Vonne coming back because they can’t win comps and Nat and Michelle would just beat them and send them out again. Natalie says it would just have been awesome for Corey to go because Paulie would have been devastated. Michelle says then Nicole and Paulie would be like damn.

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1:55 AM BBT Michelle and Natalie still talking. Natalie thinks Nicole and Corey have a deal that if Paul wins he won’t put them up and Michelle says I know they do. Natalie says I have to talk to James tomorrow and Michelle says she just thinks James is too trusting of Nicole. Michelle says didn’t you think they were acting kind of weird? Natalie says I’m going to tell James I want Vic to stay. Michelle says really? Nat says I don’t know it’s a hard decision. Michelle says it is, I’m like 50/50. Nat says James is a gamer and experienced and he knows the right move to make and at the end of the day he’s going to make the right move for him. Natalie says at the end of the day Vic can win the next HOH and then we can win the one after and send him home. Michelle says exactly, he’s not that hard to take out. Michelle just feels like they have better odds if Vic stays and she really doesn’t trust Nicole and Corey because they would be stupid not to work with Paul. Natalie says her gut is saying Corey needs to go and her brain is telling her to keep Victor. Michelle says logically though it’s better for Vic to stick with us because think about it. Let’s say if Vic does win HOH and doesn’t go against Paul he’s going to piss all of them off and he can’t play in the next one so it’d be stupid. Michelle asks Nat what her thought process is. Nat says I feel like it’s a big gamble but she trusts Vic more than she trusts Corey. Michelle knows Paul has told them that all three of them are going after Nicole and Corey. Michelle doesn’t think Nicole and Corey would Paul up and that’s why James needs to win. Nat says yeah James needs to win. Michelle says if James doesn’t win one of us three will be going home. Nat says if I tell James I want Vic to stay and he still votes him out…then she sighs. Natalie wants Corey out but statistically speaking Vic is a better person to get out and Michelle says no statistically speaking it’s better for Vic to stay. Michelle says if James win they can put Paul and Victor up again. FotH.  


2:05 AM BBT Natalie and Michelle continue to talk in circles repeating the same things over, and over, and over, and … They think they are thinking too far ahead in the game and they need to play week by week.


2:20 AM BBT All HG now seem to be asleep.


3:52 AM BBT Vic is up and going to the WC. He goes and sits in the KT with the lights off. Vic goes into the storage room to get something to eat. When he walks back through to the KT the lights come on for him.

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4:03 AM BBT Vic goes into the Safari room and says what’s up to the live feeders. He’s talking about being a have not and only being able to eat slop and pies. He hasn’t eaten much today and he can’t sleep now because he’s nervous about tomorrow. But he thinks he has a better chance than he did yesterday to stay. He says it’s 4am there and he wonders what time is where we are and asks how we’re doing. He talks about block paranoia and you can’t control what people are going to do in the game. He says it sucks to be on the block but it’s not as bad before veto as it is being on the block come eviction night. He talks about people being weird around you while you’re on the block. He says it’s like having an A on him. (Referencing The Scarlett Letter) He says only one person can win the game. He wishes he could answer questions for us but he can’t think of any right now. He then comes up with what is eviction day like? He says typically it’s a chill day and a normal day where everyone gets ready for the show. He talks about the HOH comps and how intense they are. Vic is now studying the safari room noting what’s in there and how many of each of the things.  He says hi to the people in Europe who are watching. He cannot sleep in that bumper car, he doesn’t wish that on anyone. He wants to have one more conversation with James tomorrow. He’s going to tell James he’s 100% sure they’re working together and he’s going to find that out real quick. He tells the women of America and worldwide that he’s single. He gives his Instagram again and snapchat on there too. He wants to go party in Miami and he wants to go to Ibiza. He just wants to take trips and not pay for them. His favorite color is red, his favorite number is #8. He’s not giving us his phone number though. His favorite type of food is a tie between Chinese and Mexican food.  It might just be Chinese food though because it’s the bomb. He’s happy with everything he’s done so far. He thinks it’s bizarre he’s moved up 7 spots since being evicted third. Victor hopes he or Paul wins HOH and the other will get the care package and next week will be a cake walk. He says even if he does have a bad day tomorrow, you never know there could be a buy back. He says it’d be wild for him to win that and then win the season. He is homesick though. Not enough to go crazy, but he does miss his family. Camera 1 keeps flashing back between Vic in the safari room and his picture on the memory wall.


4:40 AM BBT Vic says Big Meech is hilarious. She can be moody and erratic, but she’s funny. Paul doesn’t like her at all. He says she doesn’t annoy him but she is messy. Vic says Natalie is a really sweet girl to the point where it can be annoying. He says she’s nice but he doesn’t know much about her. He doesn’t have anything to say about her. Vic loves Nicole to death, she’s awesome, but she’s annoying when she’s with Corey. He’d hang out with her outside of the house no questions asked. Vic likes Corey and he’s excited to hang out with him outside of the house. Vic says what can I say about Paul. He’s been my boy since forever. He’s had to do stuff in the game to stay ahead but it’s who he’s the closest with in the house and he feels like a brother to him. He’s excited to meet his family and his dogs and cat and see his business. That’s his bud. James he’s ok with. He thinks James respects his honesty with him and they have a mutual respect for each other. Vic likes Corey and Paul a lot. Vic is excited for football season. He gives a shoutout to SEC south.


4:54 AM BBT Victor goes back to the HNR to lay down in his bumper car.

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8:30AM BBT Lights still off.  All HGs still asleep.
9:00AM BBT  Lights still off.  HGs still sleeping.
9:30AM BBT No wake up music yet.  HGs still sleeping.
9:45AM BBT Feeds go down.  Hopefully to wake up the sleepy HGs.
10:00AM BBT Feeds come back up.  Paul & Vic in KT.  Paul making breakfast.  Vic washing dishes.  Paul is laughing.  Vic said "she" put vaseline in all this sh*t.  Paul asks when are they going to call us up.  Vic asks what time is it.  Feeds go down briefly.  Paul says he didn't sleep much last night.  The have nots get to have pie as an extra this week.  Vic found a way to get around it.  There are graham cracker crumbs that are supposed to be used to make pie crust.  He mixes it into his milk to make a graham cracker cereal.  Paul asks if he can do it.  Vic says he had it last night.
10:02AM BBT James in WA doing ADLs.  Vic goes in to let James have a taste of his graham cracker mixture.  James says its good.
10:04AM BBT James goes back to HoHR.  James tells Michelle that Nat had put vaseline on everything.  He also said she put Icy/Hot on his deodorant.  
10:05AM BBT In KT, Paul says Michelle is a bitch.  His goal next week is to make sure she cries.  Meanwhile, up in the HoHR, Michelle & James are teasing Nat about her starting to play pranks.  James tells her that he will get her back.  Nat & Michelle then tell him to get out of their HoHR.  They tell him that the princesses are sleeping.
10:06AM BBT Vic wishes that there was a way that he could let the others know about the lies that have been going on without putting Paul's game in jeopardy.  He said that he knows that if he does say something & Vic goes to Jury, then Nic & Corey will be gunning for Paul.  
10:20AM BBT Paul headed back to bed.  Vic & James up in HoHR bothering the girls.  Vic asked if the fish ate.  James said he fed them last night.  James said he was dreaming of dinosaurs chasing him.  Nat said it was cool.  James said it wasn't cool that a 20 ft Tyranosaurus Rex was chasing him & the only thing he had was a blanket to hide under.  Then he turned into Superman & threw the dinosaur out of the window.  Vic asked him what type of window.  James said it was an apartment window.  Vic asked what type of apartment can fit a 20 ft T-Rex.  James said a really big one.  
10:22AM BBT James said he then skipped to another dream where a buddy of his was throwing out a Guitar Hero set.  And it was outside in the yard.  So they hooked it up & where playing Guitar Hero out in the parking lot.  Vic says he hasn't played Guitar Hero in forever.  James said his dreams were all off track last night.
10:23AM BBT James said that because he was dreaming he was getting REM sleep.  Vic says F/U.  I forgot what REM sleep is.  I am trying to get plugged into the Matrix so I can be throwing dinosaurs out of the window.
10:37AM BBT Vic laying on the HoHR couch with his eyes covered.  James laid down in between the girls on the HoHR bed.  James starts singing.  The girls were trying to get James to go downstairs.  Michelle bribes him with brownies & she offers up Nat for sexual favors.  Michelle says that Paul had wrote about Vic going insane when he had been evicted & sequestered for 2 weeks.  Michelle said that Paul is not allowed to go up to HoHR during lock down.  They don't care where they lock him down at, but they don't want him up there.  BB announces that they are not allowed to talk about production.

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1:12pm BBT: Feeds are back with HG in the WA brushing teeth and doing make up. BB tells Nicole to put her mic on.

1:15pm BBT: Paul in KT  making food, Victor is packing in the Tokyo rm, Michelle sitting in the LVR eating. Nicole walks to the KT and tells Paul she is going to make chicken after she gets ready. She then says that she thinks she got food poisoning from the coconut pie. Paul says yeah well it says do not microwave. Nicole says then thats what is wrong.

1:20pm BBT: Natalie talking to James about keeping Victor tonight and voting Corey out saying that Victor can win HOH and he will get rid of Paul she says if Paul wins Veto then Nicole leaves.

1:25pm BBT: James and Natalie going over the pros and cons of keeping victor this week but James is set on voting  Victor out  as he knows that he will still work with Paul. Natalie  thinks he is working with Nicole and Corey instead says Paul will  get me out next week. James does not think so and she says ok i better not get screwed then.

1:30pm BBT: James and Natalie laying in the bumper car going to take a nap but talking about them tweeting each other. Paul, Corey and victor in Tokyo rm, Victor and Corey packing. Nicole went to get in the shower.

 1:45pm BBT: Michelle and Nicole in WA talking and Michelle says she can not deal with Paul anymore she tells Nicole that Paul was saying that Natalie and James were sucking up to Corey and Nicole told her not to worry about it.

1:50pm BBT: Paul tells corey he can wait to go off on Michelle  cause he has been holding it in for to long. Corey tries to change the subject. James and Victor in the HNBR talking and victor ask him what he is going to do and he says he is still 50/50 and victor says he will not ask again it is what it is.

2:00pm BBT: James talking to Nicole, James says that Corey told Paul that   I was being paranoid. James says he wants to call Paul out. Nicole gets mad and says if  you don't trust me then vote Corey out. James tells her he hears alot of stuff from Victor in the HNBR and Nicole says that Paul and Victor are probably pretending to me mad at each other.Nicole then says she hears things from Paul all the time about James not trusting her but she says i trust you and James says yeah i know and leaves for the KT.

2:08pm BBT: James in the KT and he and Paul get into an argument Paul tells James he is paranoid and Michelle starts yelling at Paul and Nicole is in the WA shocked.James tells Paul that he heard he told Corey that he was paranoid and Paul yells and says i did not tell Corey that i said everyone was paranoid. Paul says  this is all his observation after James says  he is making assumptions.

2:10pm BBT: Michelle and Paul yelling loud at each other cause Michelle does not like it that Paul called her and Natalie a biotch. James then says that he did not have anything with him and Paul says he does not believe that. Michelle starts yelling at Paul again and he tells her to shut up that he was not talking to her. Natalie then yells that James had nothing to do with her HOH and Paul says he does not believe her.Paul ask James to have this conversation in private so Michelle can not interrupt.

2:15pm BBT: Natalie and Paul start arguing about him and victor being put on the block She says that James had nothing to do with her HOh  and  that he lost her trust in this game a long time ago.Michelle is in the Safari rm listening through the door. Paul then yells at Natalie and James  for them crapping on him after the veto was won and they said they did not do that. Natalie says her feeling are hurt from the way Paul treated her and Paul says well my feelings are hurt from the way you and Michelle treated me.

2:18pm BBT: Paul tells Natalie that right after Noms Michelle told him that Natalie made her put him on the block. Paul says that Michelle is  rude and disrespectful after he went to the Doctor and they did not believe him that he was sick. Paul says she is disrespectful and i do not want anything to do with Michelle inside or outside of this house.

2:24pm BBT: Natalie, Paul and James yelling in the KT and James says he had nothing to do with him going on the block and Paul does not believe him and Natalie yells loudly that she makes her own decisions that James did not tell her what to do.Natalie yells that Michelle wanted to put you up so i had to put up Victor. Natalie says she is telling the truth and Paul does not believe her. Paul thinks that it was a mutual decision to put him up on the block  and that he thinks Michelle was forced to nominate him.

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2:30pm BBT: James says everyone makes fun of everyone after Paul and Natalie say their feelings are hurt from each other. Paul says that Natalie pinched his butt one day and Natalie says if you did not like it you should have said so. Paul and Natalie start arguing more about the sabotage plan and Paul says yeah i wanted to sabotage but it never happened. James says yeah only because Natalie and victor told you not to.

2:33pm BBT: Paul says he felt  uncomfortable going to the HOh rm cause Michelle was treating him bad and he felt like Natalie and Michelle was mad that he won the POV and Natalie lies to him and says she was not unhappy that he won the POV.

2:40pm BBT: Natalie leaves and goes to the WA then gets in the shower as Paul and James are talking and Paul trying to get Natalie to answer him he says that He and James could have had this conversation in private but no he had to be called out for being a liar. Nicole com,es in and makes food then tells Paul that everyone needs to stop. Paul, James and Victor talk in the KT now about why Paul ditched Victor after he won POV and Victor says yeah why did you do that? (Victor and Paul planned all this) Victor says when i would get up and ask if you wanted to hang out you would say no i am tired and Paul says i did not feel good.

2:45pm-3:00pm  BBT: Paul says he does not like talking to Michelle and Natalie cause their conversations spiral out of control, Paul says it gets me that i became enemy number one. Paul repeats himself alot about not being trusted and being an enemy. 

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3:00pm BBT: James and Paul still yelling at each other as Victor listens and others are in the BR listening to the conversation about how paranoid they think each other are  Paul keeps going on about how James ran Natalie HOH and James says he never told Natalie what to do. he says it was her HOH and she made her choice without me. James says why would i do that i kept you and victor safe when i put up Bridgette.

3:09pm BBT: Paul tells James that he has the right not to trust you James and James agrees with him. Paul says i have nothing to hide from anyone he says that James  went against the five person alliance and he let all this happen.

3:14pm BBT: Nicole and Corey in their bed and Nicole tells him that paul has their backs then she says she did not come here for this high school crap i came here to play BB. paul and victor in the KT talking and Paul tells victor he should have come to talk to him face to face about things. Victor says we are past that and there has been lines drawn and Paul gets up and leaves the KT.

3:17pm BBT: Victor goers and talks with James and Natalie and Michelle and says that Paul is working with  Nicole and Corey he says that is clear. Victor keeps saying Paul will work with them. James says that Paul thinks that you are still going home to Victor and Natalie says Corey needs to go tonight. Natalie says James you have to vote Corey out.

3:25pm BBT: Michelle and Natalie talk about getting Corey out now and James says if he votes Corey out and Paul switches his vote they will know i voted Corey out. James is worried about  being the swing vote.

3:31pm BBT: Victor and Paul in LBR talking about what all Natalie, Michelle and James said. Victor says we can relax now they are convinced that i will work with them and Paul and victor are laughing as Paul gets in bed.Victor tells Paul if they pull this off they win the game.

3:38pm BBT: Victor and Paul go to separate rooms  and Bb calls all HG To the LVR. HG go to the LVR and we get FOTH.

we are now on  Jeff's reels

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7:04 PM BBT Live feeds return with the HOH wall competition in full swing. The 6 remaining HG's & the first 5 evicted jury members are all competing to win this HOH comp. The last remaining jury member will be back in the house, & if they are the last remaining HG in this competition they will also be the new HOH. Water squirts into the HG's faces. Paul says that scared the titties out of him. James is squatting on the wall, as it is leaning forward.

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7:07 PM BBT More water squirts in the HG's faces. Paul says it tastes like friendship. Da'Vonne is whispering to Zakiyah & Victor that she thinks James will be out of this one. Bridgette is singing about bananas. Nicole looks calm, cool & collected as mascara is running down her face. Natalie & Michelle are sitting on the sidelines watching everyone on the road. Michelle calls Paulie a stud. Paulie says he loves her. Michelle says she loves him to. Paulie says he got a lot of questions about that kiss. Da'Vonne & Zakiyah both fall off the wall at the same time. James wonders what just happened. The wall moves into the leaning position a little more. James is squatting again. James makes noises & whistles. Natalie tells him to stop. Nicole is whining that she is so cold.

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7:13 PM BBT All the HG's are chit-chatting. Natalie is twirling her hair with her right hand. She says this is crazy. She says that Da'Vonne didn't try really hard for someone that loves the game. Natalie asks Paul if his arm is o.k.? She says she has a lot of Icy Hot. We hear an airplane fly overhead. Paul says he has a beard hair in his mouth. James is struggling. He says he's low to the ground. Nicole is sucking water into her mouth & her mascara is still running down her face. Paul asks what the friendship suicide is that just happened with Da'Vonne & Zakiyah? Bridgette says that was not planned. James tells them that the jury house is sweet because he was there. He says you get Netflix. Natalie says you get a treadmill. Natalie says, "No matter what Victor can't win." She continues to twirl her hair. The wall moves forward & Corey falls off. He climbs up the stairs & sits next to Natalie on a stool. Nicole says that she should not have worn eye make-up. She says it feels like her eyelashes are stuck together. She says she's having a hard time opening her eyes. James says they look cool. James asks Bridgette how her ankle is doing? She says it's o.k. Michelle says if any of the remaining 3 don't win HOH she has a bottle of wine with their name on it. The wall moves again & we see Jeff's Reels.

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7:19 PM BBT Nicole says that she wishes she could lock her arms in it. James says be glad they have the board. He says he had 3 little nubs the last time. Nicole says she wishes she wore pants now. Michelle tells Victor that he got a huge t-shirt again. Natalie says it's really good seeing them again. Nicole says it's 3 and 3. James tells Nicole not to fall off. She tells James she is holding the way she is so she doesn't fall off. The wall tilts forward on an angle & then goes back up. James squats down & gets back up with the wall. The wall keeps moving. James says he's going the distance. We see FOTH. Paulie says he hasn't gotten zinged for singing in a week. The wall tilts forward on an angle again. It goes back up. Someone is whistling. James says, "Please stop whistling." James tells Nicole to hang tight that the big guys always fall first. Nicole says she doesn't feel anything in her legs. James says that Clay's life was on the line & he fell. The water squirts 3 times into the HG's faces out of what looks like a monster tail. Paul says boner garage. Natalie says the ladies are doing a great job. Paul says this comp is dope. Natalie is frantically twirling her hair & says she can't watch. She says it's a crazy comp as another airplane flies overhead. Bridgette is looking to the right. Paulie is trembling trying to hold his composure to stay on the wall. Natalie tells Paulie & Bridgette to hold on. Bridgette falls off. Paulie saves himself. James tells Bridgette she did a good job. Natalie tells Bridgette she loves her. We see FOTH. Bridgette climbs out of the water.

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7:26 PM BBT Nicole thinks there might be a snake in the water. James & Paul get dinged for singing by BB. James says he's going to do some dips on this thing. Natalie tells James he's stressing her out & she tells him to stop. Paulie is breathing hard & trying to stay on the wall. Nicole whines about her eyelashes being stuck together. James is dancing on the wall saying he's pumped. Nicole says he's not even human over there. Natalie tells James to stop. James says they are going up & he will relax his arms. The wall leans forward on an angle really good. Paul talks about the Olive Garden. He says degrees don't mean anything at this point. Michelle tells Victor that the slop is paying off for him. Victor says he lost some weight. More water squirts in their faces. Paul says that will happen to the first girl he has sex with. Natalie says she can't watch this. Michelle tells Nicole she's doing a great job & she's the last girl standing. Nicole says thank you, but.

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7:30 PM BBT Nicole says she's really cold. Paul tells her to tough it out she's doing great. More water squirts into their faces. Corey says the Lockness Monster is farting. He says it farted & knocked him off the wall. Michelle wonders how long they've been on the wall. She asks if the water is cold? Nicole says it is, that's why she's shivering. Michelle says, after all this they don't all get to play in the Veto. Natalie says Big Brother is starting to make things interesting. Corey talks about Paul's quads. He jokingly asks Paul if he works out? Paul makes bird noises & we see FOTH.

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7:36 PM BBT Paulie, Victor, Paul, Nicole & James are all still on the wall when feeds come back. Paulie talks to Victor about the two of them & Corey wanting to ride the sh*t out. Water squirts up in the HG's faces 3 times in a row again. Then they get the double splash. Nicole says it looks like paint with water. The wall tilts forward on an angle. Paul starts to sing & gets a stop that from BB. Victor & Paulie are breathing really hard. Paul says that is really steep. James looks really comfortable on the wall. Paull is dancing & bouncing a little. The water squirts in their faces more. Michelle says she wants to sit in the Port A Potty. Natalie says she can't watch this anymore & they are going to be there for hours. She is still twirling her hair madly. Michelle says she can't even watch this stuff on TV. Paulie falls off. Victor yells, "Yes, yes, I'm back in the house. F yeah!" Paulie tells everyone goodbye. Victor says it's time to start making deals. Michelle says the wall is going back up. Natalie says she knew in her head that this was going to happen with him coming back in the house. Victor falls off & is extremely happy he can come back in the house for the third time. Michelle says there still is the care package.

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7:43 PM BBT Victor says his arms hurt. Natalie says she Paulie shaking. James says that he doesn't think any of the others wanted to come back. Nicole says it's honestly nice being in the jury house. James says that the jury members drop quickly. Victor says you have an advantage in this comp the smaller & lighter you are. Paul, Nicole & James are still competing for HOH. Paul tells Nicole she's doing great. James says, "Thanks bro." Paul tells him he doesn't need that motivation. Nicole tries to shout out to her friends & family & gets the FOTH.

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7:46 PM BBT Victor says he left & came back & isn't a HN anymore. James says the only way he won't be a HN is if he wins HOH. Paul talks to Nicole about the Titanic movie. She says she's never seen it. Victor tells Corey, Natalie & Michelle that one of the female jury members told him it's just a game, but he can't remember what the rest of what she said is. He never says her name. We see FOTH. James says they are doing to have another double eviction because they are ahead a week now. Natalie says it looks like they are going to be there for a long time. She tells Victor that he will win this game. Victor says he'll take another selfie with Julie.

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7:49 PM BBT The wall tilts forward on an angle. Water squirts in the HG's faces. Corey says everything works out for a reason. He says they get a reset week. Michelle says everything is good. Nicole says she knows why Zingbot told her she'll never win this game. She says no one wanted to hug her it was a force. The 3 squirts of water go into the HG's faces. Nicole complaining each time. She says the water is burning her freaking eyes. More water is squirting up at them. Nicole screams. Natalie tells her to hang on. James says he's dub stepping. Natalie keeps saying that she can't watch. Victor says he was hurt, he was just waiting for Paulie to fall. He says he almost fell that first time. Natalie talks about her keeping herself on the rope in the other HOH comp. Victor says he's walked on stage twice & met Julie twice. Michelle says it's so crazy. Victor says he's the first HG in history to be evicted twice & get back in. Michelle whispers to Victor & Natalie, but we can't hear what she says. Victor says he's cold. The 3 squirts of water go into the HG's faces with the 2 bursts at the end. Nicole says the water is colder than before. Natalie says it's giving her anxiety.

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7:55 PM BBT Victor needs to go to the bathroom. We see FOTH. We see the LR on Cam 1 & it goes back to the BY. Natalie & Michelle are whispering about Paul's arm. They wonder if he's hurting at all. Nicole is trying to talk herself into not shaking anymore from the cold. Michelle says she may need to use the bathroom. Natalie says it's crazy that they didn't get to compete in this. She says that she thought they would get to compete. Victor comes out of the Port A Potty. He says that Paulie wanted Bridgette to fall off so they could battle it out. Natalie says she was praying Paulie would fall. She says, not praying because she doesn't pray in this game. The wall is tilted even more forward on an angle. Natalie says this is serious business. Nicole says this is not good. Victor says he envy's them, he could not do it. James takes in some deep breaths. Nicole is grimacing as she tries to stay on the wall.

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7:59 PM BBT More water is squirted at the HG's. Natalie & Nicole both say that they thought Bridgette would do well. Paul says her ankle had to still be bothering her. Natalie says she was in her Converse shoes. The wall is tilted forward on the angle & tilted even more forward. Paul is concentrating on the placement of his feet as the wall comes back up. Natalie & Victor are talking about pizza. James is squatting. Michelle calls him Spiderman. She says he's going to go for days on there. She says he was on the wall for 4 hours before. James says he has to be very careful getting up. Nicole asks if he could stay like that the whole time? He says no. Paul spits water out of his mouth. Michelle says she thinks she needs to go pee again. Nicole says, "Oh God." Another airplane flies overhead. Paul starts to sing beats of music. Nicole has her hands firmly planted on the sides of the board she is hanging on to. Natalie, Michelle & Victor keep joking around. James squats down & moves his left arm around. Nicole says, "Put me up, put me up." Paul is shivering & he makes sure his hands are firmly placed on his board that he's holding on to. We see FOTH.

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8:04 PM BBT Live feeds come back. The HG's are trying to figure out how long the comp has been going on. Michelle says she thinks the two people that go home next week are the last two to go to the jury house she thinks. We see FOTH. Feeds come back with Paul saying he is cold. Victor says everyone in jury fell off. Michelle says that it must be heaven. Victor says Paulie was in it to win it. Michelle says he must devastated. James says that's the same thing that happened in BB17. Paul sings fun in the sun as the wall tilts on the forward angle again. Victor tells them all they are doing a good job. Nicole says, "Thanks." Victor says he's shoes have good grip. Natalie says that Bridgette's Converse get slippery when they get wet. Paul is really shivering & struggling to stay on. The wall starts to go back up. Nicole says, "Thank God, please keep going." They all get a long squirt of water in their faces. The wall tilts on the forward angle again. James squats down. Nicole is really struggling to stay on. She asks James if he has to use his arm strength. Nicole bends forward a little bit. Natalie tells everyone good luck. Victor says he promised Paul a kiss if he won. He says he'll give James a kiss. James says he'll take it. He tells him to bring in on over there. He says it will make good TV. Victor says his mom will sh*t her pants.

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8:11 PM BBT James tells Nicole that he is standing on the balls of his feet. Nicole squats down just like James is. She says her arms needed a rest. The water squirts in their faces 3 times with the 2 loud splashes after that. Nicole says she thinks that her feet are slipping. She says her toes are closure to the edge. Paul is really shivering & trying to hang on to his board. Nicole is still in the squatting position like James, & she is moving her right arm. Nicole says her mic pack is not helping her. Michelle says Danielle won this comp in BB14. James stands back up just as the wall is tilted forward on an angle. He tells BB they are funny guys. Nicole is still squatting & moves her right arm again. She looks at Paul. She tells everyone they are doing good. Paul says he's a little cold. Nicole says, same. Victor & Natalie won't stop talking in Spanish.

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8:16 PM BBT Natalie says that she has trimmed her hair there. Victor says he hasn't trimmed his in over 1 year. Nicole tells everyone to work out their arms if they are going on Big Brother. She says all 3 endurance comps have had to do with arm strength. Michelle tells Victor she fell into the toilet because he left the seat up. Nicole says she doesn't know if she can get back up. The wall tilts on the forward angle with the water squirting in the HG's faces again. James goes to the squatting position as the wall goes forward. The wall is moved back up & the tilted forward again. James laughs. Victor tells Michelle she can have a glass of her wine & then he's drinking whatever is left in the bottle. He says the DR will need him. Natalie says they will go down even more. James says, "No sh*t." Michelle asks who came close to him in the wall comp? He says, Shellie. Victor says she was perfect size for that & she locked her arms. James says you can't lock your arms this year. Victor says he wishes he had a sweater.

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