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Friday August 19, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Thank you!

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1:53 AM BBT Feeds are back. Everyone but Victor is in the WA. They are talking about the HOH comp and they are covered in goo. Nicole and Natalie are in the showers. Corey and Michelle washing their hands at the sinks. The comp had a series of timed rounds and something about buckets.


Victor in the KT making something to eat.


1:56 AM BBT The shower is clogged up so James gets the plunger and plunges the drain. Natalie can’t believe she won this HOH.  James is working on the drain still trying to get the shower to flow. Nicole and Natalie are told to put mics on.


Michelle walks by the memory wall and pumps her fist and says yes. Vic laughs a little. Michelle does a little celebration dance. Paul comes in to the KT and Vic asks do you think we’re ok. Paul says he hopes but regardless Vic stuck to his. Vic says he’s proud of that. Paul says if that’s the case at least we went out honest.



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2:00 AM BBT Vic says to Paul in the KT back to being sitting ducks. Paul says yeah. Vic says he’s just waiting to see what happens. Vic says he thinks they’ll be alright though and Paul says yeah I think so too. I don’t think Natalie would and Paul interrupts and says especially after that performance. Vic says especially after all Nicole’s stuff, making fun of her and shit. Vic says you just got to talk to her like you do.


2:01 AM BBT Natalie asks again if they threw her the comp. Paul says does it look like we fucking threw you this comp?


2:02 AM BBT Natalie walks through and Vic says see how much better does it feel when you actually win it and someone doesn’t give it to you. Nat says way, way, way better, like I am so pumped. She said I thought everyone was throwing it to me. Vic says so we have a plan in place? Paul comes in and asks Natalie how it feels to actually win a comp instead of getting it handed to her. She says unreal. Paul says legit I’m proud of you. Natalie can’t believe she won a comp. She says I don’t know if I can handle this. Vic says now you just have to come up with a speech tomorrow. Nat says it’s going to be hard to have to give a speech. Vic says you can do it. Nat says this is gonna be pretty cool. Paul says sweet revenge. Nat says pretty cool. Paul says even if you turn around and put me up, I’m proud you won. Like I’m not even kidding. Nat is giggling. Paul says that shit was hard as fuck and you had a stiff neck, and you were in pain and listening to you whimper, and like legitimately proud of you. Nat says she was just finding disks and she was getting lucky. Vic says that’s how I win comps a little bit of luck and a little bit of strategy. Nat says I wanted to win a comp before I got evicted and Paul says you’re not going anywhere. Vic says I respect you more since you won it. Nat says did people really not throw it to me? Paul says Corey was gunning it and Vic says yeah they were definitely playing for it, they weren’t letting up.  Nat doesn’t think this is real life right now. Vic says we’re fucked. Vic said never cared. Paul says it is what it is bro. Vic says there’s always the veto and Paul says yeah and the care package.


2:04 AM BBT Michelle says I got the advantage and got out the second round. Nicole says that was hard though you can’t beat yourself up over that. Michelle says they need instructions on how to get the goo off.  They continue to talk about the comp. Corey is told to put on his mic. Corey is picking the goo off of his legs. (OH, the goo is feathers covered with sort of glue)


2:11 AM BBT Vic says questions for you Paul. Michelle comes in and interrupts for a minute and they talk about the goo still on her. She goes towards the WA and Vic says you don’t think they’d make a deal with Nicole and Corey, do you? Paul says I don’t know. They could. Vic says and have two final four deals. Paul says they could. Vic says we just gotta put a wrench in that. Nicole comes in to get some slop.


2:12 AM BBT Michelle in the WA says team unicorn is killing it. They have the most HOH wins with 4, Cateogy have 3 HOH wins, and Freakazoids have 2, and Paul was the only one on his team to win. Paul says that’s no surprise, Big Sister sucked eggs. Natalie says this is pretty cool. Nat asks James if she’ll stay with him tonight and he says yeah it’ll be the last night he can.  Corey in the shower tells Nat good job and she says she was surprised she kept up with him. He says please, I’m surprised I kept up with you.


2:16 AM BBT Natalie requested make-up. She didn’t even really want snacks she just wants make-up. She asks Nicole if she can request make-up and she says yes. They tell her to go to DR and put in her request.  Paul, Vic, and Nicole in the KT and they are talking about what they will be doing tomorrow with noms and when the care package arrives. They give shout-outs to production.


2:21 AM BBT James comes in to the KT and Nicole leaves. James says he’s happy for Nat but he really wanted to win that. Paul asks what James and Nicole were whispering about and he says how many disks they found. They start talking about the comp and James says he slipped.


2:23 AM BBT Nicole tells Corey in the WA that she thinks Nat will keep them safe. Nicole tells Corey Michelle was grumpy but when she seen Nat got ten Michelle looked at Vic and was happy. Nicole says they definitely think she’s putting us up. Corey doesn’t think she’ll put them up and Nicole says I don’t think so either. Nicole say they’re all going to try and talk her into it and Corey says we haven’t done anything to her.  Nicole says they have three and we have four. She says she hopes he gets the care package. Corey says they need to suck up to Natalie big time and keep their butts off the block.


2:24 AM BBT Michelle comes in to the KT and whispers to the guys that Nicole is hoping Corey will get the care package and she says they think they’ll get it. Talk resumes about the competition. Paul says he is going to sleep really well tonight. James says good job Nat and Paul said Nat’s a killer.


2:27 AM BBT Paul thinks POV will be face morph. Michelle says it could be days, comic book and Paul says oh comic book! Michelle can’t wait to see their comic book characters. They say one person will be sitting out the POV and hosting. Michelle whispers that she’s pissed and was really rude to her.

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2:30 AM BBT We get Jeff Reels again for some reason.


2:37 AM BBT Feeds are back. Paul gets in to take his shower. No one else in the WA. All feeds switch to KT/DR area. Nicole is out of her safety suit now but Corey is still in his Patriotard. Nat asks James to come with her while she does her hair and make-up and tells Vic she’ll wash her dish, she promises. Nat and James in the WA. Nat says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do right now. She does want James to stay with her tonight since he’ll be HN the rest of the week. She says this is a surreal moment in my life and she didn’t think she was going to win that competition. She legitimately thought she’d never win HOH. James says he’ll sleep a bit easier in his bumper car. Nat hopes America is really happy and James says they’ll be ecstatic. FotH


Michelle in the KT says ok everyone has to throw the next HOH to me so I’m not the only person in the house to not win HOH.


2:45 AM BBT Nat still can’t believe she won this HOH. James says he knew she could do it. He said every week she kept getting closer and closer. Nat says now she’s really tired. Vic says we get to switch places. Nat says I’m coming for your room and you’re going to have your first HN experience. He says he’s happy for her but not his HN situation.


2:47 AM BBT Nicole in the Tokyo BR talking to herself that Corey needs the care package. Corey comes in and they talk about whether Nat will keep them safe or not. Nicole and Corey talking strategy on what will happen if she puts them up together. Corey says if he goes that would be bad for Natalie next week because those guys would put her and James up. (The pretty much have Paul and Victors plan figured out) The both do a little begging for the care package. Nicole says she won’t talk to Natalie until tomorrow because she doesn’t want to bombard her. Nicole says she thinks if Nat puts one of them up she won’t put them up next to each other. Nicole says Nat only promised her she never said anything about Corey. Nicole says what if the care package is to pick someone to sit out of the veto comp. That would be powerful.


2:51 AM BBT Vic says any idea what you’re going to say in your speech yet? Nat says no I didn’t think I was going to be HOH to have to do a speech.  Nat says we got Paulie out and I won HOH. James says Paulie will shit a brick when the next person walks in the jury house and Paulie says what happened and they say Nat clipped me. Nat asks do you think they showed Paulie my good-bye? They think yes after the back and forth before he was nominated.


2:56 AM BBT Nat says I’m literally HOH this week, I don’t have to worry about going home. James says unless there’s some crazy twist. They speculate about the care package. Paul says it’s a 3-1 odd. Natalie asks James how she should do her hair. James says I don’t know however you want to wear it. Natalie says what do you think I should do?


2:57 AM BBT Nicole says Nat was pretty made at Paul prior to this but they’ve been so nice since. Corey says I can’t believe Natalie beat me and Nicole says she smoked me.

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3:00 AM BBT Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo BR. They are talking about Paulie and him saying his strategy was to get sympathy and not have to bake pies. Corey and Nicole now on repeat about noms, the care package, and the HOH comp.


3:02 AM BBT Victor can’t take it anymore. He’s going to clean the shower. Victor, Paul, Nat, and James in the WA. Paul tells her to do what’s best for her game and he’s proud of her and he’s glad she didn’t quit. More talk in the WA about the HOH comp.


3:10 AM BBT Victor says he’s going to vomit and James starts making gagging sounds. Nicole asks what outfit she should have on when she reads her HOH letter. Victor says something to relax in. James says you dress up for noms, not reading your HOH letter. Nat says it’s my first hoh. Nat says her back hurts. Nat asks about her hair again, should she put in a bun. She said it’s a really big deal for her it’s going to be on tv and her family is going to watch it.  They talk about comp wins and Vic mentions Nicole hasn’t won a comp. She just got her HOH on the best of the worst.


3:15 AM BBT Nat says she’ll be up all night with DR’s and Vic says no just one long one. Nat squeals and says omg you guys get to see my family. Who do you think my letter will be from? Lauren, my mom, or my grandma. James says probably whoever you told them you were closest to. Nat hopes noms will be later in the afternoon so she can rest, and think about things, and think about what she wants to say. Nat asks James [AGAIN] if she threw the comp. Victor says it wouldn’t have made any sense for him to toss it.  Nat says she lied about how many she had during the comp. She said less so people wouldn’t know she had as many as she did.


3:18 AM BBT Corey thinks James wants them to work together. Corey says there is no point in Nat and James gunning for them. Nicole thinks Nat might be afraid to make a bold move and just put up Corey and Nicole.


3:25 AM BBT They are talking about information they have shared with Natalie about the guys wanted her up next to Bridgette as a pawn during D/E. General re-hashing again. Nicole wants to talk to James and Natalie when she’s confident. Nicole says Natalie has never given her a reason not to trust her.


Nat and James talking again about the HOH comp and Victor is taking his shower now that he’s done cleaning it. Vic says the shower is gross, he was just pampered. Nat and James go to lay down but she asks him to crack her back. She still doesn’t believe this is real. James and Nat go and lay down in the UKBR.


3:29 AM BBT Nicole starts asking if Corey has a crush on her. And they start having their same relationship talk.  

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3:31 AM BBT Nat says the comp was pitch black, it was scary, there were cobwebs, what else James. She says there was goop and they got showered on with cold water. They start to drift off.


3:38 AM BBT Natalie please go to the DR. She asks James if her face looks pasty. OMG, I can’t freaking believe I’m HOH. He says she looks good.


3:41 AM BBT Michelle in the KT making slop. Vic sees her and asks she’s awake. She says she just got out of the DR. She goes into the WA and asks what’s up. She asks Michelle how she’s feeling and Michelle says good. Vic says do you think Natalie will go with Natalie and Corey. Michelle says I think she will. Vic says remind her of all the stuff Nicole and Corey did. Michelle says Nicole denies it but she says she witnessed it. FotH.


3:44 AM BBT Vic says she could take a shot at me. Michelle says she wouldn’t she really wants the five and I believe her. Vic says his worst scenario is they have a deal with Corey and Nicole and come after Paul and Vic. Michelle says I can ask. Vic says we’ll just see what happens, I can just fight my way off. He points out that he cleaned the shower. Michelle says what do you think. Vic says well it would be whatever, but it would be smart for her to do Corey and Nicole because they will all have her back. If Vic gets the care package and if she doesn’t do what he wants he will go after and he has a good chance at winning and he hates flip floppers. Michelle says so do I and I am never going back to them because they screwed me over. FotH.


3:47 AM BBT Vic says me and Paul could go up and we’d be like what the fuck. And Michelle would be on the outside again. Michelle said blindsided again. Vic says she wouldn’t have been able to get Paulie out without him. Vic says if he or Paul get a care package tomorrow he will wonder why he got one. Michelle says it might just be because people like you. Michelle says they vote all week and Vic says they do? Now he says he would love to get a care package tomorrow, or any of them except Corey. Michelle says she was crying in the DR. FotH.


3:50 AM BBT Michelle says I want to talk to Natalie.  She asked what Nat said when Victor and Paul talked to her and Victor said she was vague. Michelle says she would be stupid to do that. Victor says we have to get through the care package first. Michelle says if Vic gets the care package why on earth would she nominate him. Vic says then they just have to see what she’s going to do. Michelle says she could put me and Nicole up. Vic says she could, but I don’t think she would do that. Vic says the only way he sees her putting him up is because she wants to take out a big target. Michelle says I don’t see how you’re a big target. [Really???] Vic says it wouldn’t make sense to him but you know how the paranoia sets in when you’re on this side. Vic says lets go to the KT because it’s hot in here. Vic says even Paul is feeling a little sketch. Michelle says I hope you wouldn’t feel like that if I won. Vic says he would feel great.


3:54 AM BBT Michelle asks where Paul is and Vic says he’s in London. Michelle asks if Vic and Jozea ever actually had an alliance, or if they were working together. Vic said we were just trying to get out Paulie. Vic said he didn’t get to play in the HOH and he’s a HN. Michelle says she’ll meet Vic in the UKBR but when they go in James and Paul are sleeping.

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9:00AM BBT HGs all still sleeping.  Lights still off in BB house.
The feeds quickly cut to FotH.
9:11AM BBT  Feeds are back on.  Lights are on.  Nat leaves HoHR to go to storage to get fresh batteries.  Then heads right back upstairs to sleep.
9:16AM BBT Nic walks back into the HNR after getting batteries.  Michelle asks her what time it is.  Nic says she doesn't know.  Michelle says there is no way that they got the BY cleaned up yet after last night.  Nic says she doesn't know, but she is tired.  They both go back to sleep.
9:37AM BBT Paul is called to DR.  He sits up & stretches a bit.  As he slowly gets dressed, feeds go to FotH.
9:40AM BBT Feeds back.  Nat is seen heading down to storage again.  She gets what looks like an ice pack.  Goes back up to HoHR & puts it down on the bed next to her.  Paul finally heads to DR.
10:04AM BBT HGs are still sleeping.
10:29AM BBT Paul is finally seen coming out of DR.  He heads to WC.  [He was almost in there an hour].  Nat is called to DR.
10:31AM BBT Paul is seen heading back to sleep in UKBR without washing his hands.
10:33AM BBT Since Nat was taking her time brushing her teeth, BB called Vic to DR.  Nat heads downstairs to WA to put on make up.
#BB18 10:35AM BBT Nat heads to UKBR to grab some things to bring up to HoHR.  Paul stops her & asks if everything is ok.  She said yea but she was in pain.  He said that Vic is panicking.  She heads upstairs.  She tells James that Paul asked her again if everything was ok.  James asked if Paul asked her about noms.
10:46AM BBT Paul just talking out loud says that if he sees his picture come up on noms, he will say that he knew she couldn't keep up the deal.  Feeds keeping going to FotH.  James & Nat still talking about Paul & Vic in HoHR, but unable to get convo because of feeds being pulled down every few minutes.
10:49AM BBT  Feeds back.  Nat says she is afraid about her neck.  She asks James if her make up is ok.  She asks him to pop the ice pack so she can put it on her neck.  Nat heads down to storage.  She passes Corey in hall as he heads to WC for ADLs.  Nat finally heads to DR.
10:55AM BBT In UKBR, Paul tells Vic that it would be "sketch" if Paul or Vic gets some sort of power & Nat & James come down there to want to talk it out.


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4:31 AM BBT Who wants to see my HOH ROOOOOM!!! (With a squeal) I never thought this would happen to me in a million years. Never, ever. Paul taking his time coming upstairs. She got a pictures of herself, her sister, and her mommy. Paul is picking at her snacks. Michelle says she has good moisturizer. Natalie’s HOH Letter:

Dear loving Natalia, so easy to write, so difficult to have the understanding of having you far away but there are reasons for you being away which fill me with excitement and pride. I’m sending you positive waves to make you endure and succeed in your goals. Even though you very seldom go (we get an emotional moment) everybody in tango is asking me for you. They miss having my sparklinglyly, glittering daughter around. This is the third year Ethan and I danced tango in the Latin fair. As usual, I made pinatas for the children and I have a blast with my criminals breaking it.  (Natalie stops and says told you we make pinatas guys) This is what I call the older boys, they love it. Once they have that stick in their hands, they get transformed into beasts and good-bye piñata in no time. Actually, Fiffy (?) is inspiring me to develop a business with my piñata making skills. Esteffy (?) is in the limbo without you. We are very busy with daddy trying to publish his books about little Natalia. Mommy, Esteffy, Courtney, and the rest of the troops from Venezuela, Italy, Spain are busy getting ready for the summer festivities. Remember our trip to Venezuela to see Grandma Gladis (?) is a done deal. (Natalie says so I will see my grandma after this) The plans you gave me have produced zucchini’s to feed the country. Some of your friends have stopped by and enjoyed some of your truce peace zucchinis. (Her and her mom got in a fight so she brought her a zucchini plant) These zucchini plants from this truce peace present remind me of my Natalia. This present represents just how much you adore me and now I adore my zucchini’s. Oh my God, you have to see the garden, it’s a forest of flowers, it feels like a nature celebration. Remember Nata, don’t expect all around you to be beautiful. Your true power is when the beauty is generated by you and like dad, don’t be afraid of falling. This will teach you to recognize what went wrong and make you be wise and be afraid no longer, since you will have pursued a different path. I love you, I miss you, I adore you, you are in my heart, you are my life. I love this priceless piece of perfect work, my Natalia. Love, Mommy.

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5:00 AM BBT Nicole and James and Natalie have a brief discussion (about 5 minutes) on working together and possibly targeting Paul. After they chat, Nicole goes down fills Corey in on the conversation and sends him to talk. Same basic conversation and it sounds like Nat and James are considering targeting Paul and Vic for nominations. Michelle goes to lay down, as does Vic and Paul. Nicole and Corey both pointed out they think Vic and Paul and Michelle are working together. Corey says Paul is a manipulator and Nat says nothing he says he will leave the room. They hope to work as a foursome and they start re-hashing the same scenarios. Corey tells them if they don't get Vic this week they are handing him 500 grand and 100% they have a final three deal. Corey's convo lasted about 20 minutes and was basically giving information for Natalie to considered with a little chat about Paulie thrown in.


5:50 AM BBT Nat asks James what she should. Not him tell her what to do but his opinion as her BB boyfriend.  James says he would never tell her what to do even if it was to put him on the block. She needs James' BB expertise. James goes over all the different people and talks about all their games. James says Paul is playing a similar game to him (knowing when to throw comps). He is discussing scenarios and odds. James says if you don't swing at Victor and Paul now and if you miss, which you could, but if you don't swing and take out Corey or Nicole, you can't play now him and NIcole to protect her against Vic, Paul, and maybe Michelle. Nat says she will not put a girl up on the block. Nat throws out Paul and Victor and one wins veto she will ask Michelle to be her pawn. And if they can get rid of one of them they can pull Michelle in and it will be 5 against 1. Nat's target is Paul and she doesn't trust him and she used him to get Paulie out. James says you might hint to Victor he might be going up. They toss scenarios around and if one of them wins veto they take out Victor. But if they can't get Victor, they want Paul. (This is all summarized because they talk in circles for an hour)

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11:07am BBT: Hg are sleeping with their heads covered.

11:27am BBT: James is up going to the DR, Natalie ask him to come back and hang out with her after he gets out. he says he will as he walks out of the HOHR. All other HG still sleeping.

 11:36am BBT: Nicole gets up and goes to the WC, She comes out washes her hands and then fixes her hair then puts her earrings in as she yawns.

11:49am BBT: Nicole in the WA doing her make up before her DR session.

11:55am BBT: Nicole goes back to bed with Corey and snuggles to him and he stretches and says he is tired.Nicole lays down and closes her eyes as Corey goes back to sleep.

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12:46 BBT Care Package for Michelle! She will be Co-HOH with Natalie. She got a key to the room and will nominate one of the two for eviction. However, both Michelle and Natalie will not be able to compete in the next HOH comp. 


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12:47 pm BBT Michelle's package also included multiple packs of Kleenex (?), headbands, bracelets, and brownies. She will no longer be a HN. Michelle says she feels bad for Nat because she will share the power. Nat says No I didn't want to be alone. James says thanks for kicking me out of the room America! We get FoTH. 

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 12:10pm BBT: All HG still snug in their beds sound asleep.

12:18pm BBT: James is out of the DR  and goes to the HOHR tells Natalie he will go get her ice packs then heads to the STR grabs the ice packs and goes  back to the HOHR.

12:19pm BBT: Michelle is up and heads to the WC. James is back down stairs getting things from his bag then heads back upstairs again.

12:21pm BBT: James gets on the bed in the HOHR and drops all the ice packs and heat packs on Natalie. he then ask what she needs and she picks Advil. She then gets up and goes to the table to eat some snacks before she takes the Advil.

12:24pm BBT: James putting icy hot on natalies neck and shoulders while she eats a snack. Michelle in the Safari RM putting make up on.

12:29pm BBT: James is still rubbing natalies shoulders and she keeps whining about it hurting and James tells her to suck it up as Natalie laughs. she then says she still can not believe she won that comp with her necklaces.

12:32pm BBT: James and Natalie talking as James rubs her neck and she tells him she spent hours getting pictures together for her hoh encase she won and they sent ugly pictures she did not pick out. Michelle is done with her make up and goes to BR then to the KT.

12:36pm BBT: James tells Natalie that they can get rid of Paul or Victor this week and open themselves up for a final 2. Natalie says she wants to pull Michelle in with them. Natalie then says i feel like they want to take me out and James tells her i do not think they want to take you out they want me out.

12:45pm BBT: After a brief FOTH  the CP is received and it goes to Michelle she receives, socks headbands wraps and brownies. Card says  congrats Michelle america has made you CO HOH which means you get all the perks of HOH  you will nominate one HG for eviction and Natalie will nominate one HG and because you are HOh you will not be a have not this week. HG are screaming as Natalie hugs Michelle and we get FOTH again.

12:51pm BBT: Michelle yells Thank You America. Hg all go back inside and talk about how everyone in the house has been HOH now. Natalie says we get to share HOH and heads to the WA with Nicole asking has this ever happened before and Nicole says no.

12:54pm BBT: Natalie says i am so happy that you are HOH Michelle cause i did not want to be alone this week. Nicole says you do not have to be  a have not this week. She then says James is jealous as he will be the only have not this week now. Hg are all sitting in the KT looking around.

12:55pm BBT: Michelle and Natalie in the safari rm talking and Natalie tells her that she just told James she needed to talk to her about  noms and now we are HOh together. they then start talking about what to wear for the day and for nominations.

12:58pm BBT: Natalie and Michelle now in HNBR talking and Natalie tells her that Paul has been talking about people and saying things then Michelle starters changing clothes and we can not hear from the clothes rustling. Paul comes in and tells them America loves us and says he is so pumped. Natalie says i am pumped too. Michelle stands up and Paul says next week only Victor or I can get the care package now i am excited.

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1:02pm BBT: Michelle and Natalie talk about Paul and how he needs to leave and Michelle says i can not put up Victor cause i love him and Natalie says i can put victor up and  tell him Paul is our target not him. Michelle says ok. Natalie says Paul is coming after us both of us and he needs to go.

 1:10pm BBT: Natalie tells Michelle that Nicole is not a big player but Paul is and if we do not take out the strongest  player then we are done. Natalie  tells her that James is on their side but Paul is a big threat.

1:11pm BBT: Michelle says she does not trust Nicole or Corey and Natalie says they do not have their alliance here anymore so they will latch on to us now. Paul is the biggest threat now we need him gone. 

1:16pm BBT: Michelle and Natalie still whispering and repeating themselves. James and Victor in LBR talking about how many votes there will be . Paul laying in bed saying we are so close to the end of this game though. Natalie and Michelle  leave the HNBR and go to the KT. Nicole and Corey jump out of bed to go talk and Victor comes out of the BR and heads to the KT where Natalie is. Natalie says i am pumped i am not going to be alone in the HOHR.

1:30pm BBT: HG are all just  sitting around talking general talk and Michelle doing make up before nominations take place. Natalie tells Corey and Nicole that America gave Michelle  the care package  for a reason. Natalie says Paul always told Lies he told Bronte that she was going to be safe and she wasn't.

1:33pm BBT: Nicole says this is a good thing that Michelle got the care package. Natalie agrees and Natalie says i was scared that Paul was going to get it.

 1:36pm BBT: Victor goers to the LBR and tells Paul that Michelle is so excited now. Paul says she should be. Victor says he is going to go eat breakfast now as he leaves the rm.

1:38pm BBT: Michelle is excited they get to do the HOH blog together. Victor is making food and Corey is eating. Nicole just sitting there excited for Michelle. James and Paul in bed sleeping.

1:42pm BBT: Michelle goes to the WA and Nicole follows her and whispers asking if her and Corey are safe. Michelle says Paul is  planting seeds and Nicole says He has been planting seeds for awhile. 

1:45pm BBT: Natalie goes and lays down with James and thanks him for everything he has done for her. Paul is asleep in the other bed. Most Hg in the KT eating and talking general talk and Michelle says i get to play in veto and is so excited.

1:48pm BBT: Nicole goes to the LBR then to the HNBR then leaves and goes back to the LBR. Natalie gets up and James goes with her to the STR. Nicole follows and Nicole says she told Michelle to tell her the plan and Michelle says they are after Paul. Nicole tells them she is all for that. Natalie says yeah we need him gone. James says welcome aboard.

 1:58pm BBT: Corey and Nicole in bed talking about how Nicole did not win HOH and Corey laughing. Most Hg in the KT talking general talk and eating then victor says he has to study today.

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 2:08pm BBT: Natalie and James are talking and Natalie  told James that Paul has said he did not want to win the money and James tells him that is a good reason to nominate him and get him out and Natalie says Paul and victor are the biggest couple in the house and i need to tell them that.Natalie says this is going to be a big move and James agrees and says we might get a bigger target out and says that would be victor.

 2:23pm BBT: Nicole comes in and ask Natalie if she is going to let Victor and paul think that Her and Corey are going on the block and natalie says yes i am. James says he wants to tell Victor and not blindside him and Nicole says  he will tell Paul if they tell Victor.

2:25pm BBT: Natalie says she feels bad not telling Victor he is getting nominated.Natalie then says that if things go wrong then maybe they can get Victor out. 

2:34pm BBT: James and natalie playing with a tampon in the WA and putting water on it to watch it expand. 

 2:42pm BBT: Michelle comes from the DR saying who wants to see my co hoh rm and they all head upstairs.Paul taking his time getting ready then heads upstairs. Michelle opens the HOHR door and goes in.Everyone looking at the pictures. 

 2:46pm BBT: Michelle looking through her basket of goodies then through the fridge.Michelle looking for her letter and James hid it in his pocket he pulls it out and they laugh. 

2:50pm BBT: Hg just sitting around in the HOHR listening to Michelle read her letter.  Michelle and Paul talk about talking to their dogs.

2:53pm BBT: Michelle offering snacks to everyone but no one wants anything. Natalie gets yup and goes to brush her teeth. James follows her. James goes to the fridge and ask why they have to share a fridge up there in the HOHR. Natalie tells Michelle they have berries in the fridge and Michelle gets excited.

2:55pm BBT: James is looking through the goody baskets and laughing. Michelle and Natalie eating snacks.James and Paul now after snacks. Just general talk going on.

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3:05pm BBT: HG are all just talking general talk in the HOHR. Nicole leaves to go to the KT to cook so slop.

3:20pm BBT: Natalie and Michelle laughing in the HOHR talking in  sync saying  this is the HOH meeting. They joke about doing a hip bump. Nicole still cooking in KT.

3:25pm BBT: Paul heads down stairs saying he is sick and not feeling well and he might throw up. he then tells Nicole as Corey comes down the stairs that he is so getting nominated he just knows it. They then talk about eating healthier this week.

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3:31pm BBT: Paul goes to HOh rm and the door wont open Victor lets him in and they all are talking about natalies pictures, they then talk about renting properties.

3:50pm BBT: Just general chat in the KT and in the HOH rm

4:06pm BBT: Paul and Victor in the HOHR talking after Michelle and natalie are called to the DR about how the girls do not want Corey and Nicole to win anything but then they do not want us winning either. paul says we just have to wait to see what happens and win that POV.

4:10pm BBT: Michelle and natalie out of the DR and Michelle is eating  her salad and says there is ants in it. Paul tells her she is lucky America hooked her up and she is HOH and dopes not have to be a have not this week. michelle  is excited abotu that.

4:19pm BBT: Natalie and michelle in HOHR talking about who they want to put on the block and Michelle says i want Nicole out. natalie ask her can nicole win a comp? michelle says no. natalie tells her she is set on putting up Paul and that is 100 percent. Michelle agrees she wants paul up too.Michelle says we could put Victor up and tell him he is a pawn. natalie says that is a good idea and tell him we want him to win the veto.Natalie says I like Victor he is a good guy but putting Paul and Victor up together is the best option for us.

4:27pm BBT: Michelle tells natalie that she does not want to put up Victor and natalie assures her that Victor will be safe. Michelle ask Natalie if Victor was not on the block would he use the veto on Paul and natalie says yeah he will.Michelle says we need to talk to Victor and tell him he is going up as a pawn and natalie tells her if that is what you want to do then we will.

4:33pm BBT: Natalie asking Michelle if she has a final 3 deal with paul and Victor and she says no she doesn't. Natalie tells Michelle it is best for  them both if Victor and paul go on the block together.

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7:14 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Paul & Victor talking about being put on the block. They're in the UKBR. Paul says it's time to f sh*t up. Paul says they better hope he doesn't win the Veto. Victor says if he goes home they will have a ton of people mad at them. Victor tells Paul to let them tell him what they told him. They leave the UKBR. Paul goes to the KT & asks Natalie what he lied about? Paul wants everyone in the KT to tell him why he's a liar. Natalie tells him that she will talk to him when he's not heated. Nicole is in the WA brushing her teeth. Michelle comes out of the WC & washes her hands. Nicole tells her to stay strong. Nicole comes out of the WA. Paul asks her if he's lied about anything? Nicole says no one has said anything to him. Paul says he's curious as to what Michelle will say.

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7:18 PM BBT Paul wants to talk about everything. Natalie tells Paul that he lied about saying he wasn't going to vote against Bronte. He says he did lie about that to save his game. James tells Paul to calm down & he's not heated. Natalie walks away. Michelle goes to the KT & tells Paul that he lied about believing in God. He says he doesn't believe in Heaven or Hell, but that doesn't mean he doesn't believe in a God. Michelle asks him if he does? Paul says, yes. Michelle asks which one? He tells her it's none of her business. Michelle says he knew that Da'Vonne & Bridgette were going home. He says he didn't know anything until someone told him. He says that Bridgette was a target of his for a long time. Paul says everyone told him to put up Da'Vonne on the block. He says it was his intention to send Bridgette home. Michelle says he knew on that day before the vote. He says he may or may not have had an idea, because he heard people talking. Natalie says that someone was going to be backdoored. Paul says that Paulie is full of sh*t. He tells Natalie that he lied about her also. Paul says if they said he was only a threat to their game because he was going to win that would be fine. He says instead they called him a liar & an atheist. He says Paulie said all of their names, & there is no reason to believe anything Paulie said. He says that Paulie told him that they should get Natale & James out. Michelle says that Paulie said he was a liar & a manipulator. He says he's not manipulator. Natalie says he has a great social game. Natalie asks about her FT's (fake tits). She says when she asked what it meant they told her it meant free throw. She says they should have told her because they should have told her about the joke. She says it hurts her heart & she cried about it. Paul says he thought they already had that taken care of. He apologizes again if the first one wasn't up front enough. She accepts his apology.

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7:16  pm BBT: Paul walks in to the kitchen: “All right hook me up Nat, what did I lie about?” Paul tells Nat to tell him in front of everyone what he lied about. She tells him she will speak to him when he has cooled off.


Nicole walks in and Paul asks her if he has ever lied. She says she can’t think of anything. Nat says Paul told her and Bronte that Paul did not vote against Bronte when he did in fact vote against her. Paul asks Natalie, has she never lied during this game? James tells Paul to calm down, and Natalie leaves. Michelle enters. Paul asks Michelle about an atheist comment (I guess made during the nom ceremony) Michelle tells him that he said he did not believe in God. Paul denies. Michelle says that Paul made a comment about there being no Heaven or Hell. Paul says you need to check your facts, me not believing in Heaven or Hell doesn’t mean I do not believe in God. Michelle asks, “Well what does that mean?” Paul says he does belong to a religion. Michelle asks which one and Paul tells her it is none of her business! Michelle says she is sorry.

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7:27 PM BBT Paul tells them that he's not heated because he's not swearing or anything. He says he shouldn't be in trouble for giving a friend of his a sympathy vote. Paul says they have Veto tomorrow & let's blow the tits off the comp. He tells Victor they should have used lube because they are getting boned. Victor says he's a HN tomorrow. Paul says he's not making them anything, no more fries. He says he  will make them but someone has to cut them up. Michelle talks about Paul's religion because he won't tell them what he is. Michelle wants to redo her speech. Nicole thinks they will bleep the atheist part out. Nicole wants to make spaghetti salad because it has to cool. Victor puts his arm around Paul & says they do look good together. Victor hugs Natalie. She tells him she's sorry. Paul says he's not Frank or Paulie & he's not a liar. Michelle says, "Are you sure you didn't lie to me?" Paul tells her to tell him what she's talking about. Natalie says she found out the in-depth jokes. He says he's apologized two times. Natalie says he's an awesome guy from an awesome family. She says he is good game wise. Paul says he has a sense of humor & has called everyone names. Nicole gets called to the DR. Paul says it may be there last week with him, but it's not his last week with them. Natalie & Michelle leave the KT. Victor tells Corey that he needs to get off the block. Corey says there are a lot of dishes for them to do. Victor says there are ants everywhere from people leaving stuff out everywhere. Paul says the house is going to be alot more quiet. Victor says they have the Veto tomorrow. Paul says they would be pissed if he comes off the block & he goes home. Paul says they better pray he doesn't win the Veto tomorrow because he's going to take blind shots.

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7:20 pm BBT Paul asks what else did I lie about? Michelle responds “About you not knowing Dae was going home!” Paul says Bridgette was his target but everyone else told him to put her up.  Paul said it was not his intention to send Dae home. Michelle asks Paul if he never talked about backdooring James? Paul denies and says Paulie lied about that. Paul says Paulie is/was full of shit. Paul says Paulie told him to go after Nat and James… Natalie says I think you (Paul) are good at the game. He has a great social game. Michelle agrees. Paul says OK I will give you that. Natalie asks if Paul ever joked about her FTs? Paul says yes, but I told you I did.

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7:38 PM BBT Paul says they are about to find out what it's like to live with him on the outside of the house, since he hasn't been real. He says that Michelle is going to get sh*t on for calling him an atheist. He says she will have fun on Reddit. He says he's not an atheist. In the HOHR, Natalie tells Michelle that she is not going to make an easy move with putting people on the block that aren't threats. Michelle is agreeing because she is shoving potato chips in her mouth & chomping. James says he will be in the HNBR with Victor. Natalie says that's why she kept Victor's speech really nice, because she wants to think Victor is nice. Paul goes to the HOHR. He asks Natalie if it was her plan to put Paul on the block? She says it was made yesterday. Michelle says her mind was made up today after she got the package. Paul wants to know who boned him? Natalie says that she doesn't want to drop names & Paulie told her stuff. He says Paulie was telling him stuff. He says if he loses the Veto he will be gone. He says that they got to their head & he trusted them. Natalie says her word is her bond & she did trusted them. Paul tells her that he shouldn't have listened to the two people that were going to her ear & telling her stuff. Paul says he will tell Nicole & Corey to their face. She asks Paul if he was eaves dropping on her conversation with Nicole & Corey? He says he told James that they were just talking normally. He says he wasn't there trying to listen intently to everything that was being said. He tells Natalie that he still wants to see one of them win this game. He says it's just him talking to them. He says he wasn't out for their worst interest. Paul says the attitude changed towards him after the comp. He says he told Victor & they both felt weird. He says he wasn't going to go bug them about it, but maybe he should have to clear things up. Natalie tells Paul that he was playing both sides. Paul says he literally was giving James & her information, so there's no way he was playing both sides of the house. He tells her to ask Nicole & Corey. Natalie says if they made a mistake, they have to live with it. She tells him he's a great gamer & she can see him winning. He tells Natalie that she will get f'd over. She says she is not expecting to win this game, but she wants to make some moves. Paul says he & Victor were on board to finish what they started.

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7:47 PM BBT Paul tells Natalie & Michelle not to listen to Nicole & Corey. She says they are playing the innocent sympathy card. Michelle says she is literally scared of them now. Paul says they have been on the outs for a few weeks now. Michelle says he's always been a target in her mind. Paul asks why? She tells him because he is a great social gamer. Paul says he has not thrown James' name out & he was committed to the 5 people working together. Paul tells them that he wanted Bridgette gone for the longest time. He says he's bum they got to him. He says the move happened, it's a game. He says he's not telling them about a dying aunt or anything. Michelle says if one of them comes off the block, Nicole or Corey will go up. He says he's not going to make it a big deal, if they want him gone, they want him gone. He tells them not to trust Nicole & Corey. Paul says he told James in the hallway to voting that they needed to win this HOH. He says if Paulie comes back he never cared. He says it's a wasted HOH if Paulie comes back. Natalie says she usually sticks to her guns. Natalie asks if Paul told Paulie that James was going to put Nicole & Corey on the block if they won? Paul says that was the plan. Paul says he wouldn't have told Paulie that. He says he always told James what Paulie said to him. Paul asks Natalie who told her that? She says she doesn't want to name drop. Paul says he's not stupid it was either Nicole or Corey. He says they always knew they were talking. He says that Nicole would go in the UKBR looking for a random sock when she's never in that room. He tells Natalie that she had his & Victor's word. He says that he told Victor who to trust, because he's good at comps. Paul says he's not going to pray to God, & that shouldn't even be part of this. Michelle says religion shouldn't be brought in to this. Natalie & Paul discuss the FT thing again. He says he never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings with his humor.

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