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Wednesday August 10, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

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Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT Victor, Paul, Corey, and Nicole in the KT. Still general chit chat going on.


12:01 AM BBT Natalie and James in the UKBR and Natalie says what if someone was making fun of you. Like what if Corey made fun of you because you talked to Nicole, like a normal conversation. James says it’s just a game, unless it’s something vulgar. Natalie says ok, allright. James says I would care if someone was talking about a girl I like and talking about her butt or taking her on dates behind my back. James says he’d care about that. Natalie says I just have to play it all off. James says you should have put him in his place. Natalie says how. Natalie says she told him to his face they were just friends and she says James said that was harsh.  Natalie says he needs to stick to his girl and not on her. Natalie says I’m very straight up and you know that. James says yeah I know you are. He says he doesn’t know how to take all that stuff and Natalie says I know I shouldn’t have said anything. I’d rather go be with my friends and family who don’t make fun of me and talk about me and twirl their hair behind my back. James says we’re all put in stressful situations and Natalie says no one is making fun of you. James said well I look like a fool if he’s saying all that stuff behind my back and smiling to my face.


12:05 AM BBT Natalie says she was laying out a few weeks ago and Nicole was there and Paulie told her to put her butt away and she was laying on her stomach. Natalie says she kept her mouth shut because she was scared of him.


12:07 AM BBT Bridgette goes to check on Natalie saying she needs to wax. James asks Bridgette if Michelle sent her and she said no she came in to see if Natalie wanted to wax. Bridgette says she thinks Michelle is in safari if he’s looking for her. James says he thought she was going to bring someone in for him to talk to.  Bridgette says I think she’s trying to pitch to stay and stuff. James says who is she talking to and Bridgette says she pitched to me. James says no in there and Bridgette says she’s in there by herself. She’s not talking to anyone, but we talked out the Jacuzzi. Bridgette says Michelle tried to pick her brain on who James was going to eliminate for the vote. James says she’s trying to get the votes together because she wants to stay. James says he told her if she gets people to tell him to his face they want her to stay then he’ll consider it. But he’s not going to make any decisions until then. Bridgette says I don’t know what do you think is best for your game. James says I don’t know I don’t think either of them are targeting me or Natalie. Bridgette says they’ve been talking to me which is a complete 180 from two weeks ago.  Natalie says now that Michelle is on the block she notices who is true and who is not. Bridgette says she thinks she feels hurt because Nicole, Corey she was with that group and they are obviously against her now, the house. Bridgette says Vic told her he wanted Michelle to stay. James says it sounds great she thinks she has a vote but if he goes against the house then he could be on the block. Bridgette says she’s getting upset because Corey put words in her mouth and said she wanted Michelle gone, which isn’t necessarily true. James says no I definitely think they want her gone.  Bridgette says oh yeah Corey wants Michelle gone. James says Nicole will probably vote against Michelle and Paulie won’t vote against Z. Bridgette says ok I’m not going to lie because I want her to stay because I’m upset because they told me Z was the target.  James is scared Paulie, Corey, Nicole and whoever wanted Michelle to leave wins HOH and they come after him because he blindsided them. James says the only way I can make that right is if he told the whole house he wanted Zakiyah out. But if he did it at eviction time and Bridgette says no that wouldn’t be good I wouldn’t ask you to do that.


12:14 AM BBT James says the only way he’d do it is if other people stand up and say they want Michelle to stay because he doesn’t want it to be just his ass on the line.  Bridgette says it would piss off Corey, Nicole, or Paulie and that’s it. Bridgette says she asked Paul why the target changed. James says he didn’t know so many people were on board with keeping Michelle. Bridgette says Paul told her because it was Paulie’s girl. Natalie asks if James would have won the veto on her and he says yeah it’s expected. Natalie says he didn’t so he really doesn’t care. He left her on the block. James says maybe that’s what Paulie wants us to do is send her home.


12:18 AM BBT Bridgette says as a vet what are the steps we should take to keep Michelle. James says you need to voice your opinion. Bridgette says to who. James says he’s not sure he doesn’t understand why Victor won’t come talk to him. James says this is a sticky situation because you’re going up against a tyrant right now. James says if he wins HOH I’m fucked if he’s blindsided and Bridgette says me too and he’ll want Michelle out. James says if they can’t get Michelle they will go after me.  Bridgette says if we can convince Paulie that Z is bad for his game and get him on board to get her out then it’s a house decision. Natalie says Zakiyah gets jealous that Paulie was getting to know Bridgette. James says Zakiyah should be jealous because of how Paulie is. Bridgette says can I tell you my great idea and James says he won’t say anything. Bridgette says she really wants to trust him. Bridgette says she’s going to flirt with Paulie so she can make Zakiyah jealous and Paulie will want to get rid of her. James says why don’t one of you girls flirt with him and take him.


12:20 AM BBT Corey and Nicole go to lay down. Zakiyah is going to make cookies.  


12:23 AM BBT James says just follow him around, get in bed with him, and be liked a puppy. Natalie says you’re sick shut up. Natalie says are you guys pranking me. James says seriously the only way I’ll stick my neck out is if someone sticks their neck out with me because I’m not going to get mine chopped off. Bridgette says we potentially have five people and James says five votes? Bridgette says no we have three votes. Natalie says Nicole won’t keep Michelle because she’s lied to her so many times. Bridgette thinks Paulie and Nicole have something. Natalie says their families are friends, they always talk about each other’s families. James says he has nothing with no one, but people feel comfortable with him because he’ll carry out things. Natalie says what’s the worst that happens if Z stays. Bridgette says I think this is bullshit but Paulie says if he wins HOH he’s going to put up Zakiyah and Nicole and Z is still a target. They think everyone will throw the D/E HOH because no one will want it. Natalie so is it not a bad thing if she stays? Bridgette says if Paulie is lying and does gun for HOH he could put up James and Bridgette and they could lose another number.


12:25 AM BBT Paul goes out to the BY and Victor says he’s going to play 9 ball by himself.  On his way through the KT, he says Paulie is awake.


12:28 AM BBT Natalie says Z will always be a number for Paulie and she’s in love with him. Natalie says why do girls do that. James says Natalie isn’t like that. Natalie says as long you respect me and don’t talk about putting me on the block behind my back, I’m cool. James says he hasn’t done any of that this game. Natalie knows James wouldn’t hurt her feelings. Bridgette says he knows Paul wants Z out but he’s going to do what Paulie wants. James says you need to get Victor to talk with Paul. Bridgette says Paulie doesn’t trust Victor and Natalie says Paulie trusts Victor because he fell after Michelle and Z fell in the HOH. Paulie wouldn’t have done that before. Natalie thinks Z was going to come after Paulie. Bridgette says what do you think James and he says Paulie has to be ok with it.  Because we’ll be taking shots at couples too.

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12:31 AM BBT Natalie, Bridgette, and James still in the UKBR. Natalie says if we can get rid of Zakiyah, then maybe Bridgette can work with Paulie. Bridgette says he’s been suspicious of her since week 1. Natalie asks Bridgette if she’s sure Victor wants to keep Michelle and Bridgette is confident because to his understanding she was not the target. Bridgette says he’s not the most strategic guy and Natalie says I think he got tricked into putting them up. Natalie says Zakiyah threw away all of Bridgette’s cookies. James says yeah but Michelle was always the one saying we need to go throw Bridgette’s cookies away and Zakiyah was like I’m not scared, I’ll throw those things away. Bridgette says when they are out of the house she’s going to send them cookies every month for a year.  James says it won’t be good if she put Nicole and Paulie up because Paulie 9 times out of 10 is going to win the veto and pull himself down. Nat says yeah but she’s not going to put me up, or you, or you. James says whoever tries to get Paulie out good luck. Natalie says he’ll win and Bridgette agrees. Bridgette says people will have to respect his game because it’s Derrick’s game. James says Derrick was never put up on the block and Bridgette says but he’s the one everyone trusted, he’s the one who everyone went to for an opinion, he was the one calling the shots.  Bridgette says Paulie may have been on the block, but he was never really a target. Natalie says Derrick probably couldn’t have won comps all the time. Paulie and Victor are smart and they can win any comp they want to. They are capable of winning every single comp.


Michelle is in the Safari room crying by herself.


12:37 AM BBT Natalie and Bridgette leave the UKBR and go into the SR looking for a snack for Natalie. They high five and mouth I hope to each other. Bridgette says I hope James is not bullshitting us. Natalie says he’s not. Especially after the conversation I was involved in. Bridgette says Michelle asked her why James would lie to her in front of Natalie and Bridgette said you’re so right. BB tells Natalie to exchange her microphone and she says Yay!!! Natalie eats a few peanuts and then says she’s going to have some cottage cheese. Bridgette says she’s going to request some soy milk. Natalie eats the cottage cheese right out of the container. Natalie loves the feeling of cottage cheese. (I think she means the texture)


12:38 AM BBT James in the Tokyo BR with Corey and Nicole. James tells Nicole and Corey about his and Nat’s fight.


12:42 AM BBT General chit chat in the KT with Bridgette, Natalie, Victor, Zakiyah, and Paul.  Paulie up and clipping his toenails in the WA.


12:43 AM BBT James comes out of the WC and asks Paulie how things are with him and the “old lady”. Paulie laughs and says yeah I just can’t get alone time. James says you like that though right? Constant attention. Paul comes in and says he tried to fuck with Paulie while he was asleep.


12:50 AM BBT James asks Natalie if she wants to hang out in the HT. She says yes, she’s going to get some ice cream and she’ll put her feet in. James says you’re not going to get in and she says no she already showered and that’s a rarity. Is rarity a word?  


12:52 AM BBT Natalie tells Vic he has an amazing body. Zakiyah says she released the nips tonight. Natalie says yes free the nips America. Natalie says you have to free the nips because the boobies are our friends and you have to name your boobies and you have to treat them like your friends. Natalie says release the nips America let them live, let them be free and breathe. She asks Zakiyah if she’s named her boobs and Z says Zoe and Zara. Natalie says she likes that. Z says did you name yours and Natalie says she’s named all her body parts and she talks to them and she loves them soooo much. Like when she has a tummy ache, she talks to her tummy.


12:56 AM BBT Natalie and James go out to the HT. Natalie says she’s going to run tonight. James says he’s glad they’re talking again because it was boring without her. Natalie says she was bored without him too. She almost cried in bed because she was sad because they didn’t talk all day and it was awkward and she talked herself out of crying because she’s only known him for 50 days and if he doesn’t want to talk to her that’s fine. James said he thought the same thing and Nat says shut the front door. Natalie is so sad that Nicole is making fun of her. She doesn’t make fun of Nicole, she doesn’t make fun of anyone. James says you make fun of me and she says she teases him. She’s sad because Nicole is fake to her face and makes fun of her behind her back. Paul comes out and James says come here. He says he’s x’ing his vote and Paul says that’s cool I told you to.

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1:00 AM BBT Paulie in the Tokyo BR with Nicole and Corey. Nicole tells Paulie she thinks Michelle was waiting for Nicole to go to bed so she could talk to James. Paulie says I guess I’ll stay up. He says what is she going to say, she was as bad as those three people. Paulie says so what? I guess one of us have to win this D/E and make sure we’re safe. Nicole asks will you study with me tomorrow and Paulie says he thinks D/E stuff won’t be memory but crap shoots and Nicole says it wasn’t on my season. Paulie says Z is like always around him. Nicole says Z laid there for a bit before she got up. Paulie says he trusts her but he wants to have conversations with her not there.


1:01 AM BBT Natalie and James in the HT. Natalie says Z is just another number for Paulie and makes him more powerful. James says unless the whole house is on board, he won’t do it. James says Paulie might not be mad if he x’s out his vote and the house votes her out. Natalie says so how do we get that to happen. James says the only thing about that is Paulie will be pissed because we all sent her home and Michelle is coming after him. James says just know if we target his couple…Nat says he kept her on the block. James says I know but just know that it’s going to be open season for couples and me and you are going to be the first. Because if we do that and go against him and he wins HOH and we sent her home Natalie says he doesn’t care about her. Natalie says Z will do whatever Paulie says. She’s his little puppet. [Pot meet kettle again?]  Natalie continues she is his puppet, she’s not playing her game, she’s playing his game, she’s playing for him. He’s giving her false hope. Nat says you do what you think is the best decision because every decision you’ve made so far has been the correct one.


1:03 AM BBT Paul whispers to Paulie they need a “PP” sessions. Like now. Paul says he needs to do laundry. He says he hasn’t done laundry once this entire season. Paulie says I won’t lie that’s amazing.


1:07 AM BBT James tells Natalie he is aware of what’s going on in the house. Natalie says so why don’t you do something about it. James says it’s about timing and it’s not time to rock the boat. Natalie says well when is the right time? After I’m taken out. James says no. Natalie says James Nicole doesn’t like me. Nat says if Nicole were to win she would put me up. 100%. James stands up and says he’s going to take a cold shower and Nat says ok thanks for listening to me. James says I am listening to you and he repeats what she said. Nat says you just do what’s good for your game, I’m just giving you my opinion.


1:10 AM BBT Paulie and Paul go upstairs to get some gummi bears. Paul says so what’s the plan bud. I have some concerning things to tell you. Paul says I trust you so keep this information to yourself or else we’re going to get dee-hayed. Exec already has his eyebrows raised about the three couples and I understand where they’re coming from but I trust you and that it’s not like that but homie has his eyebrows raised, not particularly concerning you but he’s thinking after this week it’s the three couples and him, Victor, and Bridgette and they are left out and easy targets. Paul says he told him I don’t think so man, like I trust Paulie and I don’t think any shady shit like that’s going on. Paul says that’s number one. Number two Bridgette said the same thing to me. Paulie says did she? What did she say. Paul says again don’t dee my hay here and Paulie says I’m not going to dee your hay, why would I do that I’m trying to take targets out before they come after us. Paul says I know but don’t approach Bridgette. And what was particularly sketchy about Bridgette doing that and why I’m telling you is cause she was like I know Paulie’s your boy and he was like continue and she’s like can’t you see the bigger picture. Paul says he was like no and she says you know the three couples.  Paulie doesn’t understand why his name. Paul says she was using his name as a preempt.  Paulie says he’s going after Bridgette this week anyway for D/E. Paul says we might have to please Bridgette and Vic and take a serious shot over there. Paul says there are two ways to go about it, you either have to put up James and Nicole or James and Nat. Paul says Bridgette is convinced other wise and he doesn’t really trust her but maybe he can real her in. Paulie says if Bridgette won’t go after him he has no problem leaving her in.  Paul says next week we have to take some serious shots though. Paulie says the thing about the couples though is they don’t know about me you and Vic and they don’t know about the Execs. Paul says he’s looking at it like if one of those girls wins they will put up him and Vic and he’s looking at it to see what the chicks would do.  Paul is not down to be a pawn anymore. He wants to take serious shots before they get taken at him.


1:14 AM BBT Natalie re-hashing everything again with James. She’s saying the same things and mentions again that Nicole and Paulie’s families are friends. Natalie repeating three times Derrick told Paulie NOT to get in a showmance. James says if you see your boy getting close to a girl you cut her. Natalie says she doesn’t know the game, but she seen season 16.


1:19 AM BBT Paul says another point Bridgette brought up was why did the house flip from Zakiyah to Michelle. Paul says he told her he didn’t know, maybe it was something Meech said in her speech that was a loose cannon statement. Paulie says he said that to Bridgette. Paul says Bridgette doesn’t it make sense Paulie would protect Zakiyah since they are a couple. Paul says how confident are we that Zakiyah won’t turn around and take a shot at us, because I’m still not sold. Paulie says I don’t know but Meech made it clear as day she wants to take a shot at him and blow his game up so for me she fucked up this week. Paulie says straight up if she’d have kept her mouth shut she’d have been fine. Paulie says Zakiyah can’t win a competition. Bridgette can win a competition. Paul says don’t say that, she lasted awhile in the last comp. Paulie said that was physical, this will be mental. Paulie says he would love to separate Nicole and Corey but they talk way too much and he wants Corey with them. Paul says Corey is getting really attached to Nicole. Paulie says they are 100% going for girls on a double evic. Paulie says let’s not forget there was a fatal 5. He knows Zakiyah and Nicole feel safe. Paul says I just want to know who to put up. Paulie says I’d be ok separating James and Natalie too and Paul says send which one out and Paulie says either one. Paulie feels like Bridgette is just playing Paul for information. Paul says also homie James mentioned to him the other day they are always biting the bullets for all the other people. We’re doing everyone else’s work for them. Paulie says he’s eluding to the fact that Corey hasn’t won anything and neither have the girls to help us take shots at anyone. Paul says he’d rather be the one taking the shots.


1:24 AM BBT Natalie says when Paulie wins the game she’s going to tell James I told you so.

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1:30 AM BBT Paul and Paulie in HOH chatting still. Paul is comfortable with Corey winning this HOH because he doesn’t think Corey would take a shot at him yet. Paulie says those girls, well not Zakiyah, but Nicole and Natalie hold control over their guys and that’s a problem. Paulie says that’s something Derrick said to him. If you see your boys getting close to a girl, then you have to clip that girl. Paul thinks if they put Nicole they have to send her home because she’s the strongest of the three girls. Paulie says put Nicole up against Zakiyah and win veto and swap Z with Natalie. Paulie wants all the fucking girls out because they haven’t won anything and they’re just coasting by. Paul says James is saying they are doing things for others but James is throwing comps and that’s not in the best interest of the alliance’s game, but it’s the best interest of James’ game. Paulie says if it got down to couples, he’d be the first to go because he’s the strongest out of the couples.


1:43 AM BBT Nicole and Zakiyah in the safari room. Z tells Nicole that Michelle told her that if Z gets sent home that Paulie says he’d only lose a cuddle mate and he’d have more free time. Nicole says she’s just saying that to keep herself safe. Nicole says she doesn’t know why she would say that to you. Nicole says she’s playing dirty. Z says she doesn’t think Paulie would say something like that.


1:46 AM BBT Paul says Natalie is so much in control of James. Paulie says we need to get those girls because they have control over their men. Paul says Corey hasn’t won anything at all and done anything. Exec will not crack under pressure so they need to get rid of him at 5 or 4. Paulie says if we can get rid of Nicole, James, and Bridgette, Victor should be the next to go. Paul says he’d rather have Zakiyah, Nat, and Corey who can’t beat Paul or Paulie in a comp over Vic. And if they have to keep Vic around one more then they can BD him. Paulie doesn’t even want Vic in the top 6 if possible. He thinks the optimal top 5 would be Zakiyah, Natalie, Corey, Paul and Paulie. Paul doesn’t think Vic will ever take a shot at them. Paulie says do you want to take that risk and Paul says yes. They keep spinning scenarios.  




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They have stayed up ALL night. Natalie and Bridgette double teamed James and James had a brief chat with Nicole and Corey. Lots of flip-flopping all night, but at the end of it all (or the end of what I watched since they are still awake) is James is going to use his power to cancel Paulie's vote and Corey's vote and Natalie, Bridgette, Paul, and James will vote out Zakiyah.  The plan is to go after Paulie in D/E with Corey and Nicole as the back up if they can't get Paulie. Paul, Bridgette, Michelle, Natalie, and James talked about this plan. Now we wait to see if Paul and James will trust each other and/or if Paul will run to Paulie with everything he's learned. I just can't do anymore tonight so I'll include a few time stamps for anyone else who can fill in. A little after 3:00 AM BBT with Corey, Nicole, and James in the Tokyo bedroom, a little after 5:00 AM BBT in the HNR (camera 1)  and anything from 6:30 AM BBT on.

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6:34AM BBT In UKBR, Bridgette, Paul, Nat & Michelle having huge game play discussion.  James walks into the room.  Paul says so I hear that I am getting boned.  Bridgette says sorry James.  Paul says its friendship.  Bridgette says basically we are getting boned.  Paul asks how boned?  Bridgette responds boned, boned, the whole house.
6:35AM BBT Paul asks how does she know this.  Bridgette says she doesn't know what to do and asks James to help her.  Paul says that James is a straight shooter & asks him to hook him up.  James says that he is being told a bunch of shit.  Paul asks how credible is this source.  Michelle asks if this is the past hour or 2.  James said that the source is really credible and that it has been ongoing.
6:36AM BBT James tells them that there are a bunch of final 3 promises and a few final 4s.  James said that Paulie told him about an hour ago that Paul told him that Bridgette wanted to put James up this week.  Bridgette said that he never said that.  Paul said that he never said that she did.  
6:37AM BBT Bridgette said that her targets before were Michelle & Zak because she thought they were coming after her.  Paul said he can't understand why Paulie would be saying this because he thought they were tight.  James asked if he was in the final 3 and he said no.  James then said that Paulie said he is getting the girls to put Vic & Paul up if one of them wins HoH this week.  Paul asks if this was just said.  James said that was said a few days ago, but he has been sitting back and collecting information.
6:38AM BBT Bridgette said that Paulie has been telling her that the final 4 are going to be her, Paul, Paulie & Vic.  James said that Paulie has told him that final 3 are going to be James, Paulie & Corey.  Paul responds with SKETCH!  Michelle tells Bridgette that she should tell them about the Nic thing.
6:39AM BBT Bridgette says that Paul already knows because she told him about that last week.  Paul says he thinks that they are all thinking the same thing right now.  The others say yes.  James says that he thinks America gave him that power this week for a reason.  They all says that they now have the numbers.  The talk turns to how Paulie is trying to get the singles to take out the couples.  James again brings up that Paulie is trying to convince the girls to put up some of the guys and that if one of the guys gets pulled down, to put another guy in his place.  Nat says that Paulie doesn't think that any of them would get together and compare notes on what he is telling them.
6:40AM BBT Michelle says that Nat is right because Paulie believes that each of them trusts him so they won't talk about it.  Nat said that this house had been one that no one really calls people out.  James said that he had reminded Paulie that Paul had called Frank out.  James said that there is alot of information.  They have another Frank in the house.
6:41AM BBT Michelle said that before Frank left, he said that Paulie was running the house.  Bridgette said that Frank had said it. Nat said that she needs to say something.  She asks James a few times if it was ok to say.  Bridgette said that it was time for them all to clear the air.  Nat says that her & James were in HNR.  Paulie had walked in and said he wanted Bridgette & Frank up. Nat said that once Paulie walked out of the room, she told James he better not put Bridgette up on the block.  Bridgette asked James if it really was Paulie that wanted her up.  He said yes.  Paul then said that he was hating on Bridgette because he was told that Bridgette hated him.   Bridgette said that she did say he was overwhelming and loud.  Nat went back to talking about when Frank & Bridgette were put up on the block.  She said that she was honestly consoling Bridgette because she didn't want her up on the block.  She said Paulie was consoling Frank even though it was him that told James to put them up.
6:43AM BBT Bridgette said that remember how she was in the UKBR picking her nails apart because she thought that Frank was campaigning against her.  She found out that it wasn't Frank.  It was Paulie.  Frank told her the night before evictions that Paulie pulled him aside & told him that the only way Frank could stay in the house was if they told everyone that Bridgette said she wanted to home.  Bridgette confronted Paulie about it after Frank left.  Paulie said that Frank asked him to go around & tell them that.  Paul said that they already have the power to swing the vote a certain way, but if one person backs out at the last minute, then they are stuck with their balls in their mouth.
6:45AM BBT Bridgette said that Paulie has pulled Vic aside & said that if the votes go the way that we want this week & one of us wins HoH, then everything will go as plan & you will be safe next week.  Nat brings up that Paulie has been flirting with her the whole time behind Zak's back.  James confirmed this.  Michelle then said that she was told that Nat was trying to flirt with Corey. Nat said that she had said on the 2nd day in the house that she had a crush on Corey because he adopted a puppy.  She said that she also said she had a crush on a bunch of people.  She then said that she really likes James and sees that they have potential out of the house.
6:49AM BBT Paul says that he heard that Nat was just using James.  He then quickly said that he knows that isn't true.  James said that his fans wouldn't have voted for Nat to get that first package if she was using him.  Paul said that at first he thought that James's package was lame, but now that they have a chance to take over the power because of it, America was right in choosing.  James said that America is going to love the power flip.  They start whispering and Paul says that Paulie has been in the DR blowing sh*t up.  Michelle said that Paulie, Corey & Nic get called in there alot.
6:49AM BBT James said that we have all been taking out the people that Paulie wants out.  Frank wanted Paulie out.  Tiff wanted Paulie out.  Da wanted Paulie out.  Bridgette said that Frank told her that in order for her to survive, she needs to take out Nic & Paulie, bake her a$$ off and then lay low.  Paul asked James if he was willing to go against his 3 in order to do this.  James said yes.  
6:51AM BBT They all agree that Nic is coaching Corey on how to play the game.  James said that he has never heard Paulie say anything bad against Corey & believes that Paulie actually likes Corey.  Bridgette said that she asked Paulie who he trusted most, he said Corey.  She asked Corey same question, he said Paulie.  She asked Paul (previously), he said Paulie.  She asked Vic same ? & he said Paul.  Paul said that is friendship.
6:52AM BBT Paul said that Vic isn't gunning for James or Nat because he saw their goodbye messages.  Bridgette thinks if they can get either Nic or Corey on board that they could get rid of Paulie easily.  Paul said that there is no way to get either one of them on board. To really throw Paulie & his crew off the scent, they are talking about cancelling out Paulie's vote & one of their own vote.  This way it will be a 3-2 to keep Bridgette in the house instead of a bigger lead.
6:57AM BBT James says well he could make it look like he was trying to take out the votes from someone who was trying to get him out.  Paul said he was pissed that Paulie was trying to make it seem like he was going against James.  Paul said he has only said nice things about James.  
6:58AM BBT James said that he actually went up to Paulie and asked if he was trying to get a thing going with Nat.  Paulie had told him that it was the other way around because Nat is trying to hook up with him after the show.  Paul said, but that is just Nat being nice because she said that to everyone.  James said that Paulie told him that Cody & him have a respect thing going so he would never do that to James.  
7:00AM BBT Paul said lets all start talking seriously.  He said that can all agree that they have been boned.  The others say yes.  Paul says that they shouldn't show that they know that they were boned. James said that Paulie could start backtracking all of that if they did.  Michelle asked if she should continue acting all sad.  They said yes. Paul says he feels bad since James is the one being put in the position to cancel out the votes.  They try to figure out which votes would cause the least blood on James hands.  They want it to cause confusion on Paulie's side.   
7:02AM BBT They all agree that Paulie allowed Zak to be put on the block to make it look like he was in the same boat as them and that he was being played as well.  Bridgette said that she knows that Zak was never the target because Paulie played that veto to win it.  Paul said that Paulie told him that he didn't want to win the veto and Paul wonders because he throw it in the best spot.  Bridgette said that when they came back in the house after the comp, Paulie said to her that he kind of f'd that one up.
7:04AM BBT The convo turns back to Paulie go around saying that Nat is talking crap & making things up.  Nat was upset because she thought it was because James went to Paulie & called him out for hitting on her.  Paul told her not to be upset with James because this was something Paulie had already been doing in order to try to get people to be ok with putting Nat up on the block & voting her out.  Nat tells them about when Frank & Bridgette were put up on the block, that she had gone into the daybed with Bridgette to consol her.  Paulie came in to the room and told Frank that he couldn't believe that they put Frank on the block.  Paul said that this honestly sucks because they are all being bent to go against each other.
7:07AM BBT  Paul said that the day Vic came back he was already asking about a final 2 deal.  Paul told him don't start talking about that now.  Paul told him that he needs to lay low.  Michelle said that Paulie told her that Vic wanted to do an all guys alliance.  Paul said that wasn't hard to believe.  Nat goes back to the convo that took place after Frank & Bridgette's nom, she said that Paulie had left the room to talk to James.  She said that Paulie told James that he told Frank that he had it coming.  James confirmed this.  Nat & Bridgette said that they were there for the convo with Paulie & Frank and that Frank never said that.
7:09AM BBT James said that Frank had told him to put up Corey & Paulie.  He ran back & told Paulie about it.  Paul said that was because we were loyal & thought we were being loyal to the right people.  Paul says that he & James are straight shooters.  James says he doesn't know what Corey really knows.  He feels that Corey is being drug along.  Bridgette said that Corey told her that he wants Michelle  out, but then turned around and said that he can't understand why Paul is going around saying that he & Nic want Michelle out.


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7:15am-8:00am BBT: Bridgette talking to Paul and tells him that Corey told her to watch out and do not trust Paul. Paul tells them that they need to start winning comps. Paul then tells the group that he thinks that James should cancell his and Corey's votes. Paul then says when the votes come up 2-3 they can blame it all on Nicole for forming a girls alliance.

8:00am-9:00am BBT: Paul, Natalie and Michelle talking  about paulie and then paul tells them he is mad cauase he trusted paulie .
natalie says that people thinks she is dumb but  she says i am not dumb i know what is going on in this house. They talk aboput them winning after flipping the vote and then putting up Nicole and corey then if one of them win the POV they put paulie up and backdoor him.Natalie tells them it hurt her game when they took DA out. Paul jumps in and tells her that he wanted Bridgette gone not DA.Natalie tells him it is fine and that they can not keep doing Paulies dirtys work and getting the blood on our hands.Talk turns to James throwing comps and paul says it is selfish of him doing that. Paul then says he will tell paulie not to win HOH this week so they can try to backdoor him and natalie says that is smart do it.Paul is mad at paulie now that he was playing him all this time. Natalie, Michelle, James and paul all tell things that paulie has said and done in the house. Paul says he is mad he trusted him.

9:00am-10:00am BBT: Paul and Natalie talk when Michelle leaves to go get batteries and Natalie ask him what if Zak or paulie have the round trip ticket and comes back into the house. Paul says he is not worried at all about Zak having it.Paul tells Natalie to tell Zak everything and blow up paulies game so if she comes back into the house she will work on their side.Paul goes to change his batteries and Natalie and Michelle talk about how strong they are and Natalie tells Michelle to stand tall that this is her game. Paul, Natalie and Michelle are now in bed going to sleep.

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1:55PM BBT After cuddling with Nicole for a few minutes, Corey heads to the KT and makes a pot of coffee. He is sitting at the table.


2:21PM BBT Paulie and Corey are in the KT. Nicole doing ADLs.


2:22PM BBT Paulie and Corey talking about people scheming in the house. Paulie says he doesn't understand the type of scheming that Natalie is doing. Corey says that James really hurt yesterday by how Natalie was acting. Paulie says that James actually cares about her.


2:25 PM BBT Michelle, and Zak doing ADLS. Paulie starts to whisper to Corey in the KT. It is hard to hear them as they keep rattling a bottle. Paulie is talking about being loyal. Paulie tells Corey he has a lot more to tell Corey and James. He says he has reasons now to put up Natalie. Paulie says that if Natalie comes down then it will be one of the two guys. Corey wants it to be the 5 guys but he doesn't know if they will stick together.

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2:44PM BBT Paulie goes into the WA where Zak is still doing her make up. He crawls up by Zak. He tells her that Natalie tried to pull something on James. She told James that Paulie hits on her according to James. Paulie says that she hits on him. Paulie says that she told James that she is always uncomfortable with things he says to her. Paulie says he told James that he would never do that to him. Paulie says he told James that he warned him about her.


2:50PM BBT Zak tells Paulie that when she talks with Nat that Nat is just looking for a guy. She says she told Nat that she was trippin'. Paulie says that he told James if he (Paulie) tells Zak that Nat hit on him that Zak would be furious. He says NY and NJ girls are like that. Pageant girls. He says she is so tiny that she can't win anything.


2:57PM BT Zak says that she doesn't want Natalie around her right now. Michelle comes in and talks to Zak about the tanner she put on herself and the convo stops.

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3:10PM BBT Zak telling Michelle and Natalie about a dream she had with an alligator. Natalie says that when you dream about alligators it means you are hiding something because alligators are sneaky and creep up on you.


3:18PM BBT Nicole, Corey, Paulie, James and Natalie sitting around the KT table talking about family and dinners. James gets up and Natalie asks her why he is leaving her. She starts to cough. It appears James may have left an odor behind. Zak is putting on make up in the WA.


3:23PM BBT Nicole comes into the WA and asks Zak if Natalie asked her to hang out. Zak says yes. Nicole asks if Paulie told her about Natalie. Zak says yes he did. Nicole says maybe she is going to applogize. Zak says that she has her man and She is sorry Natalie doesn't have hers. Michelle comes in and tells Zak that the suitcases are in the SR. 



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4:00PM BBT Vic and Bridgette talking in HOH. She says that Michelle will do whatever they want her to. She tells Vic to have a talk with Paul today. He says he will. Vic says there has been a turn of events while he was sleeping. She says not to tell anyone anything. She just came up to HOH to listen to music. Vic says he told Michelle to go talk to people.


4:03PM BBT In the HN room Michelle is talking to James and Natalie. She says if Frank had stayed he would have taken him out (Paulie). James says that Frank would have ridden it out for awhile just like they all have. Natalie talks about how Paulie thinks she is an idiot. He doesn't care about how she grew up or what she had. He doesn't know her.


4:07PM BBT Corey enters the HNBR. Michelle asks where everyone is. He says Paulie is showering and Zak is watching. Bridgette is upstairs in HOH listening to Drake. He says others are sleeping.


4:12PM BBT Vic and Bridgette agree tomorrow will be fun with the house flip. Zak is in the WA with Natalie and they are taking about how cute Zak's clothes are.


4:16PM BBT Natalie comes back into the HNBR. Zak is going to wear  a skirt that she borrowed from Natalie. Natalie is laughing that Zak is going to walk out wearing her skirt. She says Julie will tell her how cute it is and ask who is it by (the designer). She tells Michelle and James that Corey is a spy and Nicole always wants to know where everyone is.

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4:29PM BBT Paul and Bridgette talking about who Paulie would put up. He says that Paulie would put up Zak and Natalie. Paul says he wants to know why not Nicole and Zak. Paulie told him that Zak couldn't beat Nicole. Paul says once he realized Paulie wouldn't put up Nicole, he knew there was a deal.


4:33PM BBT Natalie talking to Michelle. She says that she told Bridgette that Paulie wanted her out. Michele tells Natalie that even if she leaves this week she is happy that they now realize that Paulie has to go. Natalie wants to know if they should really call him out or should she pretend to really like Paulie and flirt. Michelle says she doesn't know.



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4:57PM BBT Natalie tells Michelle about how jealous Zak is. She says that Paulie told her she was a jealous person. Natalie says she told Paulie that Zak gave him a hickey. She says that Nicole turned on her good girl personality and said they were all adults and they were allowed hickeys. Natalie says she has to play her dumb card in the house to survive. Michelle says that Nicole plays a ditz too. Natalie says that Nicole took something she said and twisted everything she said. She says she told Corey and told Paulie.


5:02PM BBT Michelle asks Natalie to pop a pimple on her back. Natalie says she needs a napkin and pops it. She says there is blood and pus and now she can wash her face with it (?). They do a group hug and head out of the HNBR.


5:23PM BBT James goes into the Safari Lounge where Nicole is sitting. She asks him what's up. He says he is just ready for the DE. He knows it is coming. Nicole asks James if Natalie is mad at her because she is acting odd. James says not that he knows of. He says she acts that way sometimes.

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 5:33PM BBT Michelle is packing her suitcase. In the KT food prep is occurring and general chatter.


5:47PM BBT Michelle talking to the cams. That jealousy got the better of her and if she had thought about how wonderful Bridgette and Frank would have been to her game, she would have been better off. She says Bridgette is wonderful and asks that American send a care package to Bridgette or Paul or herself next week.


5:50PM BBT Vic joins Michelle in the SR. He tells her that Paul filled him in. Michelle says that tomorrow will be epic. She says Zak's mouth will hit the floor. She tells Vic that her speech will be great. She says it will be a 6 against 3 vote. Vic says that he told her that he didn't want her to go.


5:51PM BBT Michelle asks Vic if Paulie had anything to do with the noms. Vic says absolutely. Michelle says she knew that it was because of Paulie. Natalie is in the BR fussing at James because he said something about what she should wear She says that no one is ever allowed to tell her what to wear. He says he wasn't telling her what to wear. She says it is her body and she can let anything hang out she wants. He says that's fine. She says she doesn't dress slutty.



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6:05PM BBT All of the HG in the KT discussing what Halloween costumes they want to wear this year.


6:16PM BBT Natalie talks to James. Says she hasn't been able to get Zak by herself. She says she doesn't want to hurt her feelings but she needs to. She says that Zak is in love love with Paulie. James looks at her. Natalie says "we are just getting to know each other". James says that's not what he was saying. Paul comes in to the UKBR and asks Natalie why she hasn't spoken to Zak. Natalie says Paulie hasn't left her side.


6:23PM BBT Natalie goes out and gets Zak. They come back in. James tells Paul to leave with him. Natalie starts to try on clothes. Natalie starts to tell Zak that Paulie has said things to her that have crossed the line. Natalie says she doesn't want to hurt her feelings but she has heard things about Zak.


6:27PM BBT Natalie is hard to hear because she has no mic. She tells Zak about the bed incident where Paulie said they should make out during hide and seek. She tells Zak that Paulie has told her that she has the type of butt that he really likes. Natalie says this isn't good for her game but she has to be honest with Zak because she can't have this. Natalie tells Zak that she hears a lot of stuff and knows who will be put up this week if certain people get the HOH. Natalie says that she asks Paulie a lot if he is going to get together with Zak after. She says he says no.

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6:33PM BBT Natalie continues to tells Zak that a lot of things have been said and Paulie is saying a lot of lies. Zak says that she wants to know. She doesn't want to look dumb. Natalie tells her that she respects her as a woman. Natalie dropping the F word every couple of words. She says that after the bumper car incident (she supposedly asked him to come to her bumper car early in the season) she no longer cares.


6:39PM BBT Natalie says she feels so bad. It hurts her to tell Zak these things. Zak is sniffling and says it hurts and she appreciates it. Nat says she didn't want to tell her but she had to. Natalie says that there are so many more things she could tell her but she shouldn't. Zak tells her to please tell her more (not sure how much Zak is buying since Paulie told her some of this earlier). Natalie says that she is telling her that she is a flirty girl too but she never crosses the line.


6:45PM BBT Natalie tells Zak that Paulie hurt her and she finally landed in James' arms and at 26 years old she learned she can trust a man. Zak is crying. She tells Zak how smart she is and beautiful. Natalie throws Corey and Nicole under the bus. Zak says she just finally started talking to Nicole again. Nat tells her that she will not vote for Nicole if she is F2.


6:50PM BBT Natalie keeps telling Zak how sorry she is. Zak asks if Nicole has ever said anything mean about her. Natalie says no but she has said that Zak was jealous. Natalie says Nicole tries to make her jealous.

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7:00 PM BBT In the UKBR, Zakiyah & Natalie have been deep in convo about the way Paulie has been in the house. Zakiyah is crying. Natalie is trying to console her. Natalie tells her that she is hot. She tells Zakiyah to play her game. Zakiyah is mad that Paulie told her he is going to take her on dates after the show. Natalie tells her that Paulie told her that also. Zakiyah says that she isn't going to blow up Natalie's game. She doesn't want the red flag to be put on her to get her out. We see FOTH.

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7:03 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Natalie tells Zakiyah she's not going to talk garbage behind people's backs. She says this is the info that she didn't want to tell her, but she thought she should know it. Zakiyah says that everyone in America knows this. She says that everyone has been acting different & she can feel it. Natalie tells Zakiyah that he garbage talks her all the time. She tells her that Paulie said yesterday that she wasn't anything. Natalie says whatever his game strategy is...We see FOTH again.

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7:05 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Zakiyah tells Natalie that she talked to Paulie about hi being on the block. She says that he told her if she were to get the Veto & he is in a situation where he needs to be pulled down that she should pull him down. Zakiyah says that she is so stupid. Victor takes a tray of cookies into the UKBR for Zakiyah & Natalie to take some. We see FOTH again.

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7:06 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Victor gone from the UKBR. Natalie tells Zakiyah to use this information how she pleases. She says if her game gets blown up & she goes to jury next week she will be excited. She says she will get to be on a treadmill & be with Da'Vonne. She says she doesn't talk behind her back. Zakiyah says that she doesn't even want to sleep next to Paulie. Natalie tells her that she doesn't have to. Natalie says the Fatal 5 girls alliance has gotten blown up. Zakiyah says that it started with Tiffany going crazy & then she left it alone. Natalie tells Zakiyah that she's heard people talking sh*t about the person she is. Zakiyah says that she can't stand when they talk about people in the house. Natalie tells Zakiyah that she's not scared. She says if she goes to jury next week she will be happy. Zakiyah tells Natalie that she appreciates her & they hug. Natalie tells her that she cares about her a lot. She tells Zakiyah that she has more than just her & James in the house. She says she is confused why her one guy didn't use the Veto on her. Zakiyah says the whole house is probably wondering also. Natalie says the whole house knew that he wasn't going to use it. Natalie tells her that Paulie knew he had her no matter what. She tells Zakiyah that she's playing Paulie's game.  Zakiyah realizes that she has been playing his game. Zakiyah says that her family appreciates her right now. Natalie says that Paulie said she was making up lies about him hitting on her. She says she's not a liar in situations like this. Zakiyah says she is a real human & she doesn't know how to cry on cue. Natalie tells her she can play a better game now. Natalie says it was hard for her to get over Victor. Zakiyah asks if she should trust Nicole & Corey? Natalie says that's up to her.

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