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Monday August 1, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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12:00-1:00AM BBT: Bridgette is in the kitchen. Michelle gets up for a snack and talks to Bridgette in the kitchen about her jealousy over Frank. They clear all that up and Michelle says she is tired and head back to bed.


Victor goes to the kitchen while Paul and Paulie go to the Have-Not room talking to the girls. Just general talk going on.


1:00-2:00AM BBT: Paul and Natalie are in the kitchen. They play a game to see who laughs first and Natalie keeps losing as she can not stop laughing.


Nicole and Zakiyah talk about having a crush on the boys. Zakiyah says she might want to have Paulie's babies-- the girls giggle.


2:00-4:00AM BBT: Paul and Paulie are in the HoH room talking about Nicole is a threat in the house. Paulie says, "I know, and she will go right after Da'Vonne and Bridgette, we have to get her out, but after the others."


James joins them asking if Victor has said anything about him and they say that Victor told them that James has to go soon. A lot of repeating themselves.


4:00-5:00AM BBT: Paul, James, Paulie, and Zakiyah are in the HoH room talking about a meet and greet. Zakiyah says her sister could never play this game because she would be cursing all the time. Just general talk going through the house . Some HGs sleeping.


5:00-6:00AM BBT: James tells Zakiyah that people get your email addresses after you get out. Paul says he had his phone turned off before he left home; Zakiyah and James say they did too. 


They then talk about the jury house and James tells them it is fun and you make it fun . 


Talk turns to drinking as Paul tries to go to sleep. James tells him, "You asked us up here, so stay awake." Just a lot of general talk about cousins. 


Everyone leaves the HoH room as Paul and James start going to sleep and James says he can not believe he got kicked out of his own bed. Paul says Natalie will say she is sorry tomorrow and James says yeah she will. they turn the lights off and go to sleep.


6:00-7:00AM BBT: All the HGs appear to be sleeping then Zakiyah gets up and goes to Paulie's bed and they whisper real low and cuddle. They then settle down and go to sleep. 


All the HGs are now sleeping!

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(Didn't catch the time) but before Jeff's reels James and Michelle were on the hammock discussing how Paulie is influencing Paul to put Da up as the replacement nom. James and Michelle still want Bridgette out because Da is not coming after them. 

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9:00AM BBT  Good morning BB fans!  Everyone is still asleep in the BB House.
9:13AM BBT  Feeds went down.  Hopefully it is to wake up HGs.
9:23M BBT Feeds are back up.  Zak, Nic & Bridgette is in WA doing ADLs.  Vic is in KT making a shake.
9:24AM BBT Vic yells up to Paul that he had to commandeer his room briefly since there is no toothpaste downstairs.  Nic borrowed toothpaste from Zak.  Corey comes in KT & tells Vic he actually slept for about 5 hours last night.  Nat, Michelle & Da are told to change their batteries.
9:30AM BBT Vic said he is going to try to get a workout in because he thinks there is an hour before the ceremony.
9:34AM BBT In TBR, Vic finishes getting ready to go workout.  He tells Corey that he plans to do shoulder work and maybe a bit on the bike if he has time.  He said his legs are still stiff from yesterday.
9:36AM BBT Zak is called to DR. Corey tells Vic that his stomach feels empty & he doesn't want to eat slop.  Vic tells him to drink a protein shake.
9:39AM BBT Paulie called to DR.  Da, Nic & Zak in WA doing ADLs.  Corey in KT drinking protein shake with almond milk.
9:41AM BBT Da tells Nic & Zak that she is pretty sure the next episode will have a montage of her having late night cry sessions.
9:43AM BBT  Paulie still hasn't made it to the DR so he is called again.  Vic is in BY working on shoulders.  Corey is shooting pool by himself.  Vic asks Corey if they are going to be doing the veto ceremony already.  Corey said he hoped so.
9:46AM BBT James walks out to BY and asks if Corey actually wants to play pool or just play by himself. Since Corey won the last game, James shoots first.  BB announces that Zak needs to center her mic.
9:49AM BBT Nic said that last night the boys were playing a game where they had to scare each other or insult each other without any response.  Michelle said that she was pissed because they came into her room to play while she was trying to sleep.  She ended up going into the other room to sleep with Nat.
9:51AM BBT Vic asks James if he was supposed to sleep with Nat last night because Michelle crawled into bed with her.  James said yea, he wished they would have told him ahead of time.  
9:54AM BBT James is called to DR.  In WA, Zak says "I told ya'll to call me.  I am about to go back to bed since ya'll playing around"
9:58AM BBT Nat is called to DR.  Corey is making coffee in KT.  
10:00AM BBT In KT, James, Paule & Corey are joking around about the PoV ceremony today.  James makes it like that Corey & James are on the block and practice their crazy speeches.  Paulie said he will reverse use the veto and put himself up on the block.  Just as Zak gets into the bumper car bed, BB finally calls her to DR.
10:07AM BBT Paul is called to DR.
10:09AM BBT Da is called to DR.  In KT, James, Zak, Paulie & Corey just having general convo.  Nat is outside running.  Nic is laying out in the sun.
10:17AM BBT In UKBR, Paul & Da talking.  He told her that she has talked to some of the others about going as a pawn since Paulie plans on taking himself down.  He said that the others were afraid to be up there next to Bridgette.  He told Da that he is going to make sure that his speech is going to make it clear that she is a pawn.  After Paul walks out, Da tells the cameras "Game on! Game on!"
10:25AM BBT In UKBR Da still by herself.  She says "I think its time for me to win HoH."  She then mumbles something.  Says "Time to shake the game up. People are sitting real comfortable.  Sitting up having drinks.  Cracking jokes. Never been put on the block. OK.  Let's change the game a little bit.  Just a little bit.  Stay tuned".  she then leaves the UKBR.
10:35AM BBT Paul is called to DR.  He stays at KT talking to Paulie.
10:38AM BBT In BY, Nic, Michelle & James were talking about showmances.  They say that Nat came into the game wanting one.  Paulie didn't want one.  They said that Zak didn't want one either.  Michelle said that she wanted one but isn't getting one.  Nic & James both tell her that Vic likes her and she should hook up with him.
10:43AM BBT Paulie is called to DR again.  In KT, James tells Nat, Corey, Paulie & Paul that Nic said she had a dream about him.  They guys want to know if it was a wet dream.  James said he told her not to tell him the dream yet.  feeds go down for Jeff reels.  It is time for the PoV ceremony.


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11:38am BBT: Feeds are back  with DA in the BR alone then goes to the STR. Paul, in the HOHR with Nicole saying he is very irritated and everyone will do what they want so we will deal with it next week. Natalie telling James they can not sit next to each other no more cause they laugh to much. DA goes to the BY to sit on the hammock. Zak joins her and she ask DA why did he put you up. Da said it is ok i knew he was going to put me up[ but you was never an option cause you are hooked to Paulie.

11:42am BBT: James comes to the HOHR while Nicole is feeding the fish. James says he needs to use the bathroom. Nicole says there is no air freshener. DA in the BY talking to Zak and says she is mad cause she did not do nothing. She then says its alright. DA tells her if you need to talk to me i am here but other than that i am going to sleep.

11:45am BBT: Zak gets up and goes to the KT where victor and Bridgette are talking about being safe and Zak walks in and they hush then we get a brief WBRB. Paulie now in the KT whispering to Bridgette about swaying people to vote DA out.

11:48am BBT: Paulie making slop and Bridgette making tea as they whisper very low then stop talking. Paul, Nicole, Corey and James in the HOHJR. Paul says he will tell Bridgette  that next week she better not screw him or he will kill her family and then he says joking and laughs. he then says he has kept her safe for 2 weeks now so she better not go after him.

 11:54am BBT: James, paul and Corey in HOh talking about if Bridgette or Zak wins HOh this week then they will probably put up Paul and Michelle. DA comes up and ask to talk to Paul alone. James and Corey leave. Paul ask if she is ok and she says kinda. DA says  ok she started already so whats up. Da says i walked into the house and Bridgette is having a conversation with paulie and i know it is a game but what is up? Paul says i feel bad cause i am trying to do good for the house but then i feel victimized. Da says i understand  i just thought we was tighter than we are.

11:58am BBT: Paul says i put paulie up and i gunned for that veto to keep it the same but i lost. he won so i had to go with the house since he won cause i lost that crap. Paul tells her i went to everyone and asked them what am i doing and i did what everyone wanted. he says you will see but i had to make a move and play this game cause i am thinking senerios and i feel confident. He then says i feel like you have distanced yourself from me and i do not know whats going on there but Bridgette is supposed to go home that is what i want.

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12:02pm BBT: Nicole in the BY talking to paulie telling him that DA is mad cause she kicked Corey and James out of there to talk to Paul. Paulie says she went to every inch of the house to see what was being said. Nicole says she is so sketchy. paulie says yeah. Corey comes out and gets sunblock to put on. Da and Paul in the HOh still talking loudly repeating themselves as Da is mad. Paul tells her if she has any questions or concerns to come talk to him and he says i am sorry i had to put you on the block .Da tells him he does not have to apologize for anything but  when i picked you to be on my team i never thought this would happen. DA gets up and  is leaving the HOHR.

12:08pm BBT: Nicole in the BY putting sunblock on Corey and DA comes out to start laundry. James is going into the HNR to take a nap. zak tells him pick a  bumper car no one will say anything. he picks one and lays down. BB calls DA to the DR.

12:11pm BBT: James ask Zak if DA is ok and he says she will be ok. James says we will all get out of here and we will all be best friends. zak says i hope so. In the BY Paulie, Corey and Nicole talk about DA kicking Corey and James out of HOHR to talk to Paul. paulie laughs and said that funny.

12:13pm BBT: Victor in the pool and Michelle laying in the sun by the pool just general talk going on.

12:15pm BBT: Nicole, Corey and Paulie talk about they are fine with getting DA out as they wanted her out the week Tiffany went home. Nicole say if they think i was working with Frank because i wanted DA out then thats fine.  Victor and Michele talk about who has the round trip ticket and victor says it is mine number 4 and Michelle laughs. Nicole goes in to maker Corey some slop and Corey and paulie talk. Paulie says i will keep you safe but you need to step up and win some.

12:21pm BBT: James and Natalie talk about her kicking him out of bed lastnight and him sleeping in HOHR with Paul. she said she just did not want him to think she was putting pressure on him moving forward and he says you wasn't and she leaves the room to go out to lay by the pool with Michelle.

12:27pm BBT: Michelle goes in and gets in her bumper care bed in the HNR to take a nap. Nicole comes in and Zak, Michelle and Nicole talk about what is being said in the HOHR. Nicole says i do not know. James goes outside to talk to paulie and Corey about his conversation with Natalie.

12:38pm BBT: James, victor, Corey and paulie in the BY talking on the couches about once DA is gone then they will hit other targets but they just have to keep winning. 
Nicole leaves the HNR and goes to the KT then Zak and Michelle talk about how it bothers them that they can not read Nicole.

 12:46pm BBT: Pal comes outside and tells the boys that he had a talk with DA and then looks at Paulie and tells him that he needs to keep his girl Zak in check and not tell her anything anymore cause he does not trust her. James tells them that Michelle came in the HNR and said that Nicole, Corey and paulie are always whispering. Paul says that Michelle needs to be dealt with soon too.

12:48pm BBT: Paul is upset about Michelle and tells them he is going to take some heat off them all and put Michelle on blast and call her out.

12:52pm BBT: Victor comes to the BY with a tissue saying Earnest has been killed. he said he tried to save poor earnest but DA hit him with a towel and killed him. They boys sit there for a funeral for earnest and Victor says a few words  and Paul says he can not do this and gets up and goes into the house. Victor then says  goodbye to earnest and throws him in the trash as we get WBRB.

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1:05 PM BBT: Nicole talking to Paul about how Michelle said that Davonne trusts her (Nicole) and how she doesn't believe that. Paul saying that he is going to act angry at Michelle so she will ask him about it and he will tell her that he knows she doesn't have his back. Paul saying they need to be very selective about what they say in front of Z and Michelle from now on. Paul ensuring that they will have his back to say that he wanted Bridgette out all along. N telling Paul that she told Michelle that Day wants her out and how she asked if Paulie told her that and knows Michelle doesn't trust her bc she wouldn't tell who told her. 


Nicole worried if Michelle and Z win double eviction they may go after her, but they think they will go after Bridgette. Paul says this week is the domino week and he is tipping the Domino over. Says they need to decide if they want Bridge, Z or Michelle out next. Nicole saying if they can get Day out this week, she will do whatever Paul wants next week. If Bridgette doesn't win next week, he wants her gone next. Says he is not intimidated by Z and Michelle, but that Bridgette can win and make big moves. 


1:11 PM BBT: Nicole asking if it's true that Z said to Paulie that she wants Paul out. He says yes but he didn't want to act out of emotion and nominate her. More talking about Z talking behind Paul's back to Paulie. 


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1:13 PM BBT: Paul saying he wants to be a man of his word in this game. Calling Z a psycho and saying she also talks about James and Nicole saying now they will be talking about her too. She says she has been sticking up for Paul and Paulie. Paul saying a big reason he chose Day was that she wanted Paul to win HOH so bad, but after he hit the 21 she waited until last and was actively trying to beat him. Then said she was only trying not to be a have not. He knew she didn't trust him.


Nicole saying the only people she didn't want to win were Bridgette and Day and she was so nervous Day would win. Paul saying Day was all over him right after he won and they laugh over her calling him her "ride or die." He says he then doesn't hear from her for days after he made nominations, but after Paulie wins veto she is back to being his best friend. Saying she was mad Paulie won POV instead of just being happy that Bridgette didn't win. Saying Day also threw Z's name under the bus immediately as a replacement nom. 


1:18 PM BBT: Paul saying he told Day that he didn't know how others would react on the block and he thought she was his "ride or die" 



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 1:16pm BBT: James found out his crocks are in the freezer by the hands of Natalie and he has now declared war on Natalie and the house as he has victor thawing out the crocks. James then gets Natalie Nike shoes and saran wraps each shoe and putting it in a zip lock bag then another zip lock bag filling ti with water then putting it in the freezer. he then says the makeup is gone too as he saran wraps that and we get WBRB.

1:26pm BBT: Natalie, Nicole and Corey in the KT making food. paulie in the BY working out.

1:29pm BBT: Natalie making eggs and toast with a heart shape in it while Victor is peeling garlic. paulie comes in and says that sun is no joke. Da is in the BY reading her Bible. 

1:33pm BBT: James is in the Safari RM wrapping Natalie make up bag real thick and tight with saran wrap and giggling while he is doing it.

1:38pm BBT: Paulie and Corey at the pool no talking going on. Nicole and Natalie in the KT talking about cooking while Victor is washing a pan.

1:39pm BBT: James comes to the KT and Natalie says i made you a present he says thank you and they hug. James sits down to eat and says this is good.

1:44pm BBT: James finished his food and ran to the HOHR to wrap Natalie's make up some more. feed switches to Natalie and Bridgette whispering and then Natalie leaves the BR and heads to the WA. Natalie looks around with a puzzled look then heads back to the BR looking around for her sneakers.

1:47pm BBT: Natalie looks for James and ask victor where he is. she says i think James hid my sneakers. She runs through the house yelling James and says she really wants to work out. Natalie tells Bridgette she thinks James hid her sneakers and she needs them cause she is fat and needs to workout.

1:49pm BBT: James still in the HOHR and he says just so you know she started this. She should already know if you mess with me i will have to one up and in this case 2 up as he wraps the make up bag with alot of saran wrap and foil then saran wrap it again.

1:52pm BBT: Natalie is walking around looking for her shoes and James tells her he promises he does not have her shoes. She is looking everywhere saying someone hid them cause the cameras are following me all around. James ask her if she will make pasta and ground beef for dinner tonight and she says yeah if i find my shoes.

1:57pm BBT: BB says HG this a a lock down please go outside and close the sliding glass door then we get WBRB.

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1:26 PM BBT:  General chatting about the use of salt and pepper. Natalie tapping a knife on a plate. (very riveting stuff going on!) Paulie running in the BY. Corey told to fix his microphone. Victor crying because he is cutting onions and saying it smells bad. 


Corey in the pool watching Paulie while he runs. Day reading her bible. Natalie making toads in a hole as a surprise for James. Natalie asking Paulie how he is holding up on slop and he is mumbling his response. Natalie asks James to get her a shirt so his surprise will be ready, he asks Nicole to do it, which ruins the surprise.  Getting fish because Victor is singing. 


1:35 PM BBT: Looks like James is trying to prepare some type of prank in the room with the couches that's not a bedroom (sorry not sure what to call that room) He is wrapping something large in plastic wrap and laughing. It looks to be one of Natalie's shoes since there is a bin of shoes next to him. 


Day in the bedroom wandering around and asking the "little camera" what it is looking at. Sticks her tongue out at the camera and calls it disrespectful. 


1:39 PM BBT: Corey in lounge chair while Paulie is in the pool. General chit chat about Paulie not being able to drink Gatorade while he is a have-not. 

Natalie gives James her present that is supposed to be in the shape of a heart, but didn't turn out great. He tells her that she is sweet. 


Natalie and Bridgette whispering in the Tokyo room about how Bridgette is going to act sad all week likes she thinks she is going home. They laugh and Natalie leaves the room


James has taken the item wrapped in plastic wrap up to the HOH room and is cutting it open. It must have been Natalie's sneakers bc now she is looking for them. She is wondering out loud if James took them. Calling him by his full name, James Joseph Huling. Natalie seems to be starting to get mad looking for James and her sneakers. She is saying that she is fat and needs to work out.  


1:53 PM BBT Paul sleeping in HOH room, while James now appears to be wrapping the sneakers in more stuff like tin foil and talking about how he has to one up Natalie for freezing his shoes. Now putting plastic wrap around the tin foil and Natalie is outside running in another pair of shoes. Now it seems like he is saying that it is her makeup that he is wrapping and not her shoes. Paul awake now and talking to James about the prank. Paul saying it looks like a pack of drugs. 


James going down stairs to get more plastic wrap. Natalie now asking him in the kitchen where he hid her sneakers. (I'm personally not sure what he wrapped in there. Her sneakers or makeup.) He is telling her to check the have not room for them or run in the ones she has on. She is saying she can't run in them. Telling her she looks cute in the current shoes and asking her to make him bowtie pasta with ground beef. Natalie asking America where her shoes are. She knows something is going on because the cameras are following her. James using a wooden spoon as a microphone to say that Natalie is cute in her shoes to America. He is saying "Babe, I will find your shoes." She says she will make the pasta he wants if he finds her shoes.



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2:04pm BBT: Natalie telling James in the BY that she needs her sneakers to run in cause she is fat. he ask why you look at me like i got them and she says i know you got them. James laughs and says i do not have them i did not hide them. She says then why are the cameras following me around the house. James says they follow everyone.

 2:08pm BBT: Da reading the Bible on the lounger as Paul lays there looking around. They talk about someone in the house as DA heard the commotion by the door and we get a brief WBRB.

2:12pm BT: James and Natalie still arguing about if james stole her shoes and hid them or not.

2:24pm BBT: HG still on outside lock down and just general talk going on as some are laying by the pool some Hg are in the pool and others just laying through the yard.

 2:29pm BBT: Lockdown is over and there is a care package on the table and James says it is for Natalie. James says open it as it is her make up wrapped in the saran wrap and foil. He is laughing and high fives victor. Natalie runs to the freezer in the STr and comes back and says who ratted me out as James laughs and she carries her wet shoes to the sink. James says America that is  how it is done as they laugh.

2:32pm BBT: Natalie starts unwrapping the saran wrap and then gets a knife. James says tell America thank you and she says someone is going to be sleeping alone tonight as she  keeps unwrapping. DA says thats alot of wrap. Natalie says i bet it is my make up.

 2:36pm BBT: Natalie still trying to unwrap her package. DA says Jesus there is alot of wrap and she ask James how long it took to wrap that and he says like 10 minutes. Corey and paulie in the BY talking about studying everything for the comps.

2:43pm BBT: Natalie and James in the STR laughing and hugging and talking about playing good pranks on each other. James looks at the camera and says America she really did get me. Victor comes in and they stop talking and hugging. 

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3:00pm-4:00pm BBT: Paulie telling paul that zak thinks she owns him like a little puppy dog. he says Zak is not sleeping in his bed ever again he is done. Paulie tells Paul and Corey that he will m ake sure to shake zak and michelle up before the hoh comp this week by telling them if they do not win they are next to go up. 
Corey is upset with Michelle about her being upset that DA went on the block. Corey and paulie say they will make stuff up to Zak and Michelle so they will want to vote DA out thursday.
Nicole talks to Paul and says she does not understand why Zak and michelle are sticking up for DA and why they want to keep her but she will continue to hang out with the girls so it does not look funny.
Bridgette in HOHR now plucking pauls eyebrows and Nicole leaves.

4:00pm-4:30pm BBT: general talk going on around the house with DA and bridgette taling about relationships and paulie and Corey talking about how unclean the girla are in the bathroom area.  Victor, Paulie, Corey go to the KT to make food and Zak joins them.

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4:39pm BBT: half the HG in the KT making food and eating just general talk about wine with dinner.

4:51pm BBT: DA and Paul upstairs talking on the balcony about Bridgette talking to her a few minutes ago as she was trying to read her bible.

 4:55pm BBT: just general talk going on in the KT. DA reading her bible .

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5:00pm BBT: Nicole, Zak , Bridgette, Paulie, Paul, Corey, Victor all in the KT talking about what time to eat dinner then start talking about  banana peels.

 5:10pm BBT: most HG in the KT playing a game and Natalie keeps laughing sp Paul tells her she sucks at this. She keeps laughing.

5:15pm BBT: DA is in the BY alone reading and eating on the lounger. all other HG except James and Michelle who are sleeping are in the KT playing a game and laughing.

 5:25pm BBT: Hg still playing a game where they whisper to one another then say what was said in their ears.

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7:03 PM BBT Michelle talks to Corey in the Tokyo BR about this week possibly being a double eviction. Natalie checks the HNBR to see if James is still sleeping & he is. Michelle says she's glad she wasn't the only one sleeping all day. BB tells Natalie to please put on her microphone. Corey says that he was separating trail mix in the KT today so he could eat the peanuts, & Victor threw it all out in the trash. Michelle says that he needs to be a HN next week. Corey says he was pissed. Michelle wants to get an HOH basket.

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7:09 PM BBT Michelle tells Corey that she keep grinding her teeth. She tells him that she is trying to get her night guard. She says she wears it every night at home, & she left it at home. Victor goes in the Tokyo BR. He brings Michelle a silver bowl with milk in it. She pretends to be a cat & drink it. She says, "Meow, meow." We see FOTH briefly. Victor says he's so bored. Michelle says she is also, that's why she's been sleeping. She puts her microphone on. Victor tells Corey that he has a marshmallow under his bed. Michelle tells Corey she hopes they do a montage of him bringing her milk. Victor won't leave Michelle alone for her to fix her hair. Corey takes the bowl to the KT & washes it out in the sink. Victor goes in the KT & says the milk has been sitting there for a while.

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7:12 PM BBT Corey says that he wants to take a nap. Victor tells him that he can't because it's already after 7 PM BBT. James wakes up & goes to the KT. Natalie is soaking wet & covered in lotion from a shower. She tells James that she can cook for him if he wants her to. He tells her that she doesn't have to. Corey says he's tired. Michelle is at the KT table eating trail mix out of a brown bag. She puts some of it on the table & then puts some of it back in the bag before sealing it. Michelle wants to taste Nicole's slop. Nicole tells her it won't be that good. She tells Michelle that Frankie always used to make it for everyone on her season. Michelle tastes it & says it's not that bad. James & Natalie go to the WA. James tells Natalie that he thinks he's going to work out his abs in the BY. BB tells Natalie to please put on her microphone again. James says that he will get in the hot tub or pool after his work out. Natalie says that she wants to work out also. James asks Natalie where her vote is going to go this week? She says she doesn't know. James tells her that she told both Bridgette & Da'Vonne that she wouldn't vote for them. Natalie asks what she should do? James tells her that he just wanted to get her dinged. BB tells Natalie to please put her microphone on again. Natalie smacks James on his arm & goes to get her microphone. James goes to the KT.

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7:21 PM BBT Natalie asks James if he wants turkey burgers with her? She tells James that she can make the pasta tomorrow. He says it's fine. Victor says the burgers are turkey & beef. Natalie asks if there is bacon or mushrooms in the burgers? Victor tells her there is no bacon, but there are mushrooms in the burgers. Michelle is now choking on whatever she's eating from an orange bowl. She is eating more trail mix also. Victor is saying that the Walmart & Great Value items probably came from Sam's. He says it's all the same company. Corey says it's all from Walmart. Bridgette brings her plant to the KT to water it. Victor says that Bridgette had to pick all the ants out of Mr. Jenkins. After she waters it she wipes it off with a paper towel. BB tells Bridgette to please put on her microphone, even though she isn't talking. We see FOTH briefly twice. Bridgette has her plant in a coffee cup. In the SR, Paul tells James that Da'Vonne has calmed down a bit. He says that she told him that she will lay low. He tells James that something funny happened that he will tell him later. Paul says that he thought Natalie was going to get way madder at that prank. Natalie goes in the SR looking for something. James moves meat from the refrigerator to the freezer. He says that is how it goes bad from them not using it. Bridgette uses a small piece of rope to tie her plant to give it more support. She asks James if the DR will give her more soil. James tells her the she can ask them. She is using a butter knife to cut the rope.

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7:33 PM BBT Paul gets called to the DR. Paulie says that Paul is trying to take a nap & gets called to the DR. Corey & Zakiyah are sitting near the hammock. Paulie is swinging back & forth on the hammock & it's really loud from the HG's starting to break it. Zakiyah pushes him some. She looks at the color of Corey's eyes. She says they are crystal blue. Paulie says the day that Victor is HOH & starts to go off on everyone they will lose it. Zakiyah tells him to not say that & take it back. We see FOTH.

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7:37 PM BBT Victor is telling James, Natalie & Michelle what he did in the BY with Corey. He says they tried to do a milk challenge, but they got a "Stop that." He says they did one round of nut ball & he got clocked in the nuts a little bit. Natalie is chomping on the food she is eating. James is eating while sitting at the KT table with her & Victor. Michelle is walking around the KT. She keeps going in & out of the refrigerator. Natalie saysa she is still hungry. Paul tells Victor that he's going to take a nap & he is going to work out later. He goes to the HOHR. Natalie tells James that he really didn't miss anything today. She says there was a lot of boredom.

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7:41 PM BBT James tells Natalie that he's actually starting to poot now. She tells him it's a good accomplishment. James tells Natalie that they will make up tonight. Natalie says they can do it now. He tells her that he would rather do it in the bed. She laughs a little. We see FOTH.

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7:44 PM BBT Bridgette goes to the KT & asks to join James & Natalie. She tells them the ants are going to kill her. Victor notices that Bridgette tied up her plant. She says she had to tie it, because she had to get in the root to get the ants out. James tells Natalie that his Crocks have cinnamon in the velcro. Michelle comes in getting in the middle of the conversation. James tells Michelle that he got Natalie back by freezing her tennis shoes & taking her make-up. Michelle asks what he said? Victor tells James to tell her the story because he just wasted his breath. Zakiyah & Paulie are in the KT attacking the trail mix that's on the table. Corey & Victor are working out in the BY.

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