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Monday July 25, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," "Dae," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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10:00pm-11:00pm BBT: James and Nicole talking about how thwey was excited when they seen each other in the house that first night. James sais he told his roommate when he left home that the only thing that would get him in trouble this summer is if they  have Nicole in the house with him and nicole laughs.
Victor and paul playing chess. Frank walking around and searching in the Nairobi BR looking in things as paul is doctoring his piercings and complaining. paul leaves and Frank looks around where Paul was sitting.  Paul and Frank now in Safari rm talking about eveyone sleeping already.
James and Nicole talking about her showmance on her season. james ask what happened and nicle  refuses to talk about it on national Tv , James says ok when we go to lockdown then you can tell me and she says yeah i will tell you then. 
Frank wants to call a house meeting and no one wants to go so they are playing like they aee asleep to avoid Frank and his meeting. Bridgette is baking cookies and Frank is eating them just general talk going on.

11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Corey and Nicole in bed  snuggling talking about how they like paul and how funny he is . Nicole say at first i wasnt crazy about him but then i got to know him and he is funny. Paul and Victor talk about all the guys being close but Frank. Paul says he can not stand Frank he needs him gone.
 Frank wants to get a house meeting going but some Hg are sleeping. he wants to wake them. 
Natalie is running through the house  cheering as BB announces the BY is now open. Bridgette starts running and cheering with Natalie as Hg go to the BY and Bridgette starts her giggling.

Frank and Bridgette try getting everyone together for the meeting but DA and Zak are not going so Frank is trying to do it without them but no one wants to talk game now that they are free in the BY.Frank keeps trying to get everyone but they are not moving. 
James tells DA to keep following groups and not let them talk alone. She says i am following Frank everywhere tonight.
12:00am-1:00am BBT: Frank sitting at the hot tub talking to Paulie and paul about DA being paranoid and how she will not let him alone to talk in private to anyone.
Paul and Paulie try  to figure out how to get out of this meeting with Frank as they do not want to do it.
James tells everyone that Natlaie is his BB girlfriend and Natalie laughs . Bridgwette was called tom the DR but remains sitting in the BY with Frank. natalie and james start talkingh about they think Corey and Michelle are related and looking at the memory wall trying to figure out any secrets  that the Hg might have., HG  in the BY talking general talk.

1:00am-2:00am BBT: James tells DA to to follow Frank to the BR so he can not talk to anyone or have a meeting . Natalie says she is going to make sure Michelle does not use that Veto so Frank can go home this week.

2:00am-3:00am BBT: James, Natalie and Michelle in the HOHBR talking about eviction tghis week. Michelle says they should keep Frank and send bridgette home. Nicole and Victor come in and talkign stops about game. Michelle and Nicole talk about food. They talk about hopw much food Victor eats. Paul says in 2 days we are out of Pizza and cookie dough.Just  General talk going on about food and the meeting that has been canceled.

3:00am-4:00am BBT: Most Hg in the HOHBR just talking about  food, Frank then speaks up and says he wants to POV used and DA on the block. Frank and DA then start arguing about him wanting her on the block and he tells her you keep blocking my campaigning. Da ask if she needs to leave the room and paulie tells frank that  the numbers are not good for him now. Frank yells and tells them that no one in this house has a backbone. The Meeting breaks up and Frank goes to Zak and throws Nicole under the bus and tells her that Nicole can not be trusted. He then goes to DA and tells her tnhat Nicole is playing both sides of the house. he then ask then to  protect Bridgette from the mean girls when he leaves.

4:00am-5:30am BBT: Justr general talk as the HG staert heading to bed.

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9:05AM BBT Feeds showing FotH.  Hopefully, they are waking up the HGs.
9:17AM BBT Feeds are back up & showing everyone is still asleep.
9:19AM BBT  BB announces to HGs that all lights must be kept on during the day.  Nat is called to DR.
9:21AM BBT Since no one bothered to get up and turn lights on in UKBR, BB announced "Paulie, Paul, Zak, Meech & Da the bedroom lights must remain on"  Zak walks into the room.  Paul asks her to turn on the lights.  She turns the lights on & gets into bed with Paulie.
9:26AM BBT Michelle & Paulie head to storage to get fresh batteries.
9:28AM BBT Michelle heads to WA for ADLs
9:35AM BBT Bridgette is called to DR
9:36AM BBT Bridgette heads to WA for ADLs before going to DR.  She tells Bridgette she doesn't want to look like a zombie.
9:38AM BBT Since Bridgette didn't go to DR yet, BB called Paul to DR.
9:39AM BBT Paul is called once again to the DR.
9:42AM BBT Bridgette decides to take a shower since they called Paul to DR instead of waiting for her.
9:54AM BBT Frank is called to DR.  Bridgette & Michelle in WA talking about shopping in little boutique style stores.
9:56AM BBT Bridgette asks Michelle if they have had a convo about what Bridgette said about Michelle's eyebrows.  Michelle said she didn't think they talked about it.  Michelle said that she can't think why someone lie that Bridgette said it.  Bridgette said she can't remember saying it but she might have.  Bridgette said that people are saying that Bridgette has been seen sticking her tongue out at Nic.  Bridgette said that she also heard that Michelle said she wanted to vomit when Bridgette walks into a room.  
10:00AM BBT Frank told to put on his mic.  Bridgette was saying that she had originally been trying to distance herself Josea in the beginning.  Michelle brings up the fact that it was said that Bridgette was spying.  Bridgette said it came from Jozea.  It was brought up that Bridgette herself said it.  Talk went back to Bridgette's eyebrow comments.  She tried to say she didn't say it.  So Michelle says so if I go home and watch the live feeds, I won't see you saying that.  Bridgette tries to cover it up by saying that if she did say it was just a joke.  Bridgette says well I heard that Michelle said bad things about her.  Michelle owned it & said that yes she said things because she was pissed and hurt.
10:07AM BBT Michelle & Bridgette still arguing in WA.  Bridgette is saying that Michelle won't give her a chance.  Bridgette is upset because Michelle was calling her Bridgette Crocker.  Michelle said that it was because she was cooking so much & didn't think it was hurtful.  Bridgette complained that no one wanted to talk to her last week.  Michelle said it was because she was always with Tiff during that time.  Michelle said that most of the reason that Bridgette has been an outcast because she has become close with Frank.  
10:13AM BBT  James is sitting on bottom step of staircase listening in as Michelle & Bridgette continue to argue in WA.  Bridgette keeps saying that Michelle has been attacking her.  Michelle said that she has never attacked her in anyway.  
10:04AM BBT Bridgette says that no one would talk to her.  Michelle said that Bridgette & Frank would always go up in the HoHR and talk about people during her HoH.  Bridgette said that they didn't talk game play or about the other players while up in HoHR.  She said they talked about books, movies, family, etc.
10:17AM BBT Bridgette said she doesn't care if Michelle doesn't like her.  She just doesn't want Michelle to keep talking bad things behind her back.  Michelle said that does Bridgette really think that she is the topic of every convo that Michelle has.  The argument appeared to come to an end so James tried to sneak back upstairs.  They started again & he came back down.  It finally stopped so James went upstairs & told Nat about the fight.
10:20AM BBT Michelle is called to DR
10:27AM BBT Da is in WA doing ADLs.  BB tells her to put on mic.
10:28AM BBT In HoHR, Nat asks James if she should shower.  James said that they be calling everyone out.  He said that they are getting ready for the Veto noms.  James said not to worry about it because last time she had made herself up so pretty and then they were locked outside & her make-up about melted off.
10:33AM BBT Da is told to put on her mic.
10:36AM BBT Michelle, Da & James head out to BY.  Michelle tells them about the argument with Bridgette from this morning.  Da said that Bridgette is panicking because she doesn't want to go home.
10:37AM BBT Da says that in the convo she had with Bridgette, Bridgette admitted that Tiff told her that Da & Michelle were talking to the live feeders about Bridgette.  And that Tiff told her a bunch of other stuff right before walking out of the house.
10:39AM BBT Nat walked outside.  Michelle asked her if her & Bridgette had stuck up for Michelle because people were talking bad about Michelle's appearance.  Nat said she remembers doing it but doesn't remember what the person said.  
10:40AM BBT  Michelle, Da, Nat & James were still talking about what was said.  Meanwhile, Bridgette is inside the sliding glass door listening in.  Michelle called inside to DR.  Feeds switch to Jeff reels.


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11:30am BBT feeds back. Da' is in HOH, asks to use the WC. Frank and Bridgette in the KT saying they are going back to bed. Frank says he has his speech for Thursday. Nat and Michelle in BY talking about what ppl told her that "she" said. Michelle says she is scared for Thursday, what if she win HOH?!


11:55am BBT Da' joins Nat and Michelle outside. She tells them how Tiff made Zak feel that the girls didn't want to have her Birthday. Da' leaves and James joins the girls. Michelle says if she (Bridgette) wins HOH Michelle is going up, who else is there? James says Me. James leaves and Paul joins the girls. The Bridgette talk continues.....


12:32pm BBT James tells Nat that if Michelle had used the VETO she knows what he would have done. Nat says she would have respected that. (Michelle did not use POV.)


12:32pm BBT Nat says that Corey and Michelle have the same chin. They are siblings. She was also staring at their feet, they have similar feet. Nat says this is so High School, all the drama. James says that's why Michelle is staying low, the block is hot right now. James says she (Michelle) was working the house and doesn't want it known.


12:44pm BBT Paul changing into swim suit in HOH talking to James. They are concerned about Bridgette winning HOH next week. Paul says Michelle had the balls to say that he sent her friend home (Bronte) no SHE sent her friend home when she didn't use the POV on her. HG are heading outside to sun bathe and swim. Frank and Bridgette are laying in bed talking.



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 1:36pm BBT HG are still chillaxin' by the pool. Frank is hugging a pillow trying to nap. Paulie doing some laundry. Bridgette flops down on the bed next to Frank and he wakes up and goes to the WC. James is called to DR, he comes down from HOH. Frank goes back to bed and hugs the pillow tight, Bridgette lays next to him.


1:51pm BBT James tells Paulie that he saw Nic and Bridgette hanging out at the memory wall and when ppl started to come out they separated. James isn't saying that they are gunning for them (James and Paulie). Paulie says once Da' is gone its time to clip Zak...either after Vic and Bridgette or before, he isn't worried about Nat she is like a Victoria. Nic can win stuff but she is witty, smart.


1:52pm BBT Paulie has been growing his beard out for 41 days, he has cleaned up under his neck but that's it. Paul comes over and they agree that Da' needs to go soon. Its fishy that she talked to Bridgette for 3 hours. It's dangerous for Da' to get in Bridgette's ear. In this house all you need is doubt. Guys get logical when it comes to info, girls get emotional. Da' can stir up stuff.


1:55pm BBT The guys agree Da' should go first so she cant suck others in.







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 2:07pm BBT James, Paul, Paulie and Corey say Da' or Bridgette cant win HOH this week. They don't care what deals or alliances Frank made wk 2 or 3, it was too long ago. They agree its Frank going home but he will leave bombs all over the place when he leaves. If they cut Da' and Bridgette off it stops that situation.


2:15pm BBT Paulie fills Vic on the guy convo a few minutes. How they are getting info that makes it sound like Da' and Frank are working together. Keep it hush. If Da' or Bridgette win HOH they will take some shots. One of the guys needs to win HOH. Vic says it makes sense.

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3:14pm BBT: Michelle gets up and goes inside the house, Victor goes in and heads to the shower. paulie  in the KT walking around. James and Natalie in the pool whispering.(can't hear them)

3:26pm BBT: Paulie and Victor in the KT. Paulie is washing dishes while Victor talks to him about working out with dumbbells.

3:31pm BBT: Victor now in the HOH rm listening to music alone.

 3:38pm BBT: Victor, Paul and paulie all in the HOH bathroom waiting  to take turns to get showers. Paulie just got out and heads down stairs. Paul decides to go downstairs for a shower since the HOh shower is clogged up. Natalie and James still in the pool whispering.

3:52pm BBT: James in the HOHBR talking to Victor  and says if everyone is on board with eviction then it is whatever. BB tells Victor to put his mic on. James lays in the floor and closes his eyes as Corey is asleep on the bed. Paulie and Natalie in the pool talking general talk.

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4:15pm BBT The viewer screen is flashing the words "The clues to the secret are all around you. You may want to keep it to yourself..." James, Nat and Paulie see it. Bridgette also see it. They are guessing what it might be....diamond power of veto is one guess. Frank says they are on a floating ship going all over the world. Bridgette and Frank want to find it.


4:26pm BBT and the search is on.....Cam zooms into the Nairobi  sign. Bridgette takes a mask off the wall and tries to put it back up, she says she broke it. Frank is looking in the suitcases at the front door. James goes into the HN rm. Bridgette and Frank say they searched the place the other day. WBRB


4:30pm BBT James checks out the phone booth outside the HOH. He and Nat look across the room towards the Departures Wall, she says that Paris is different. Frank is in the Sarari rm, he reads the Nairobi sign above the door, it reads... "Your Adventure starts Now!" He reaches up and feels it.


4:35pm BBT Bridgette gets into the phone booth outside HOH and asks what number does she dial? Nat hopes they don't get into trouble for not telling the others, James says it said you can keep it yourself. James and Nat go to the WA...WBRB


4:39pm BBT BY is open, James goes outside and says "nothing" Nic and Zak are now awake. Nat and James see that some of the things on the Departure wall are odd, that each destination has a room. Nat and Bridgette read the sign in the London room..."Departing on Quarter Hour Big Ben London"  Nat asks what quarter hour means, Bridgette tells her every fifteen minutes.


4:48pm BBT Corey and Vic are now awake. James goes into the phone boot by the HOH and dial a few numbers then hangs up. (they are quietly walking around the house looking around) Frank and Paul in London rm, Frank leaves and Paul sits on side of bed to look at Big Bens clock face...he tells Nic and Zak that he may have figured it...he runs out of the room to the Japan room, looks at the sign there. Paul runs to the Safari room to look at the sign (he walks past the sign in the hallway by the sarafi room.)


4:54pm BBT Paul goes to HOH to look at the sign in HOH WA. Paul tells Paulie and James he might have it figured out. He looks around in HOH and goes down stairs to the KT, then on to the Departure Wall. He says he might have it. He touches the sign in the hallway, goes into the safari rm and swears...says he thought he had it but now it doesn't make sense to him. He keeps going back and forth. (giving the cams a run for their money, he is moving fast)





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5:00pm BBT WBRB .... Paul goes outside to read the sign by the back door. Zak upset ppl didn't wake them up. Nic says she woke up on her own. Paul tells Vic he is looking at the signs, Vic asks if it could be the times. Paul says there is no time on the outside poster. Michelle is looking at the walls in the phone booth by HOH. Michelle calls Zak upstairs and tells her to bend down and look, you can see stuff. (Apparently BB told them to not move any props


5:09pm BBT Paul looks under the airplane outside the HOH. Paulie goes outside to figure it out on his fingers. James whispers to Nat that some things are in green. "Departing secret destination now" Nat says departing now is Paris. They go to HOH... no green there. Frank keeps dialing numbers on the phone. Nat says its in Paris, that's the KT.


5:13pm BBT Paul is in the phone booth....."Stay calm and don't panic. Your destination is top secret information. Congratulations you have just discovered the secret destination. (it gets hard to hear but this is what I can make out...) By your feet, the doors unlatched now. Once inside close the door behind you and then crawl through the tunnel to your secret destination. (something)... five seconds to get inside..."return when the coast is clear and dial Paris again."


5:16pm BBT Paul hangs up and runs downstairs saying it has nothing to do with the phone. Frank goes into the phone booth and dials numbers. Paul runs outside and starts looking around then back upstairs but Frank is there.


5:38pm BBT Paul still running around. Other HG try numbers from around the house. Paul plays with numbers in the booth, Bridgette asks if she can try he keeps telling her hold on. He keeps hitting the same numbers (you can hear the tones)James and several others are trying the other phone between the rooms. Paul redials the message....Several Hg are standing there, he goes for it.....we see him in the tunnel and then out into a room, he reads something and a noise starts. We cant hear what he is reading





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5:42pm BBT Hg are clapping for him while he still reads the card he found. Paul..."whooooo whoooooo!!!" Paul reads the card..."Secret Destination: Before you are 12 sealed envelopes each one containing a BB airlines ticket. Eleven envelopes contain one way ticket but one holds a round trip ticket. Any HG that finds the secret destination may choose one envelope. Once and envelope is claimed it is yours, you may not exchange it for a different one. If you are evicted your envelope will be opened on stage revealing your ticket. If you hold the round trip ticket you will immediately go back into the BB house for a second shot at the half million dollar grand prize. You MUST keep the envelope sealed as the ticket inside is only valid if it is opened on the stage with Julie upon eviction."


5:44pm BBT it goes on to say if you open it before your eviction its void. If you tamper with another HG envelope you may be subject to a penalty. It is up to you if you tell other Hg about the room and the envelopes. The more ppl that enter the room the great chance...WBRB...5:48pm BBT Paul rereads the card. He has an envelope in his hand. WBRB


5:51pm BBT Paul crawls back out the tunnel and the HG cheer and congrat him. He says come down stairs and he will explain. Paul explains that there was envelopes and he got to pick one and can only open it with Julie. He tells how he figured it out. He asks them  not to open it or he will get boned. He says he doesn't now where the round trip ticket goes to. He didn't count how many cards.


5:57pm BBT Nat thinks you can try again. Paul says go for it. 6:07pm BBT Victor tries it and gets in too. He hits his head in the tunnel. He reads the card, he picks an envelope and WBRB.


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6:26pm BBT still WBRB


 6:40pm BBT Feeds back and Michelle is now in Paris getting her envelope. She asks where the envelopes are and ....WBRB


6:41pm BBT Michelle came out and goes to HOH calls Paul a lier. Paul says he was going to wait till Frank and Bridgette were gone. If Frank comes back he will be mad. James, Paulie, Nat, Corey all have tickets. Da' comes in and Paul asks how pissed are they down stairs. In Safari: Vic and Nic talk, Vic says there are 12 tickets so everyones going to get one.


6:41pm BBT Michelle came out and goes to HOH calls Paul a lier. Paul says he was going to wait till Frank and Bridgette were gone. If Frank comes back he will be mad. James, Paulie, Nat, Corey all have tickets. Da' comes in and Paul asks how pissed are they down stairs. In Safari: Vic and Nic talk, Vic says there are 12 tickets so everyones going to get one. In HOH, Da' says of course BB does this week he is set to go home.



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7:07 PM BBT BB tells the HG to please lower the umbrella in the yard. Corey gets upset, but he & Nicole take care of the awnings at the same time. In the HOHR, Da'Vonne says she's tired of going back to pre-jury. Paulie says he's not wanting Frank & Bridgette up. Paul, Natalie, Victor & James are all up there as well. Natalie is worried that Frank will get to leave & come right back in. Paulie says that he will have everyone oepn their envelopes so no one can swap out their cards. We see FOTH.

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7:11 PM BBT Paul says that they all have an advantage now. Paulie says that Frank was trying to add all the numbers. We hear Corey telling Nicole that he purposely told her the numbers. We see FOTH. In the BY, Corey says that Paul didn't want to tell anyone. Corey says that he didn't know if he could tell Nicole in front of everyone. Nicole says that she just wanted to know if someone could tell. She says that Victor blurted at the answer. She says she didn't think they would be mad if he told Nicole. Paulie says Paul was upset that everyone was getting the answer. Corey says that Victor told her before Corey could so he would look like the good guy. He says she should have known that. In the KT, Bridgette is cooking. Paulie says he ran for 1 horu and 20 minutes & he needs to stretch. Michelle & Zakiyah are sitting at the table. Frank is hovering over Bridgette. He says that he's going to eat two suppers tonight. He wants to know if there is chicken thawing out. Natalie goes to the KT table. Michelle gets up to wash her bowl. Natalie is eating a banana. She goes upstairs to be nosey. Michelle tells Bridgette that she's not attacking her. She says she knows it must feel that way, but that's not what's going on. Paulie goes back to the KT to take some Advil. Frank goes to console Michelle in the SR. She says she feels bad. Frank tells her not feel bad. She cries to him telling him that she really likes him & doesn't want him to leave. Zakiyah & Da'Vonne go in the SR. Michelle says that she doesn't want everyone attacking Bridgette. She says she is just thinking of this as a game & isn't doing anything maliciously. She says she doesn't even know why she's crying. She says she feels bad for Frank. Da'Vonne says that he may be coming right back in. Michelle says that she at least wanted to hang out with Frank in jury.

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7:20 PM BBT In the BY, Paulie & Paul are in the couch area with Corey & Nicole. Paulie says that Frank & Bridgette would have to win everything. Paulie says even Brendon & Rachel had to win everything & then they got snagged. In the KT, Bridgette tells Victor that she didn't realize she had done anything until Tiffany told her a comment last week. Victor says he will be back & he walks out of the KT. Bridgette says she doesn't know what she did, but apparently she's an asshole. Zakiyah & Frank go to the KT. Brdigette asks Zakiyah if she should do anything different? Zakiyah says, no. Frank says that Michelle is sad about him leaving. Michelle goes to the HNBR to lay down & cry in a bumper car. 

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7:26 PM BBT In the KT, Paul says that he saw 211 & new the answer was Paris. He says he typed in Paris & heard the guy talking. Bridgette says that she knew the answer. Paul is looking for Michelle. Da'Vonne tells him that she's in the HNBR. Paul asks he if she's o.k.? She tells Paul that she feels bad. He tells her that Michelle that Bridgette knew the answer also. Paul says that Natalie said there had to more to it. Paul says he knows that it has to do with being able to come back in the house. He says he told Paulie to keep Bridgette & Frank away while he tries to hear the message again. Paul says that if he didn't do it then Bridgette would have been. Paul says that people were telling the answer after he got it. He says he hates Frank & Bridgette so much. He says that Frank had to look over Paulie's shoulder to find out the answer. Paul says once Frank leaves & doesn't come back he's going to call Bridgette out. He says he's going to talk about her dropping Da'Vonne's jewlery in the Safari Room, talking about shaving off Michelle's eyebrows, & rolling her eyes. Michelle says that she asked Bridgette if she has something to admit? She says she doesn't remember, but if she did she's sorry. Paul says he will put Bridgette on blast as soon as Frank is gone. Michelle says there is something to do with stipend. Paul says he only saw Da'Vonne talking to Frank & Bridgette. Michelle says that it must be her. Paul says that he kept seeing the green words & put them together. He says it said 211 on the airplane. He looked at the number on the board & saw Paris. He says he tried that on the phone & heard the message. He says he wishes people could read between the lines & not being so stupid. He says it only took 10 minutes. Paul says it says call Paris in the mirrors. He says that Frank asked him if call Paris meant anything to him. Michelle says she saw the tunnel. He says that he saw the red lights. He says he also heard the drilling up them. He says that he thought it was the diamond power of Veto, & he wasn't going to let anyone beat him to it. He says that he was going to wait for 4 people to evicted & then he was going to tell them to get their prizes. Michelle says that she's glad Paul got it. Michelle tells Paul that he knows how to play this game well, especially for not knowing what the Veto even was. Paul says that they figured things out the most. Paul says if he is HOH he will tell Bridgette that she has no chance to win. He tells Michelle not to feel bad about Bridgette. He says that she has a mouth & an ego & he's going to call her out on her bullsh*t.

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7:37 PM BBT Michelle says that Bridgette just has one of those personalities that she doesn't click with. She says that she is cocky & mouthy. In the KT, Zakiyah, Frank, Bridgette & Natalie are all sitting at the table. Paulie is fixing a plate & then he is going to sit down at the table. Paul tells Michelle that he dislikes Bridgette more than Frank, but he knows that sending Frank out first is the right thing to do. Michelle says that she would rather hang out with Frank in jury. Paul says that Frank is a better player so he needs to go. Paul says he is going to give Bridgette exactly what she doesn't want. He says if he gets HOH he will tell her that she says she doesn't want to be stuck there with 8 other people, & he will make sure she's the first one to get there. Michelle thanks him for talking to her. He leaves the HNBR. Da'Vonne goes in the HNBR. Michelle tells her that Bridgette is still be cold towards her after she appologized. Da'Vonne tells her that she has to take into consideration that her or Frank can come back into the game, so now she's cocky again. She says that yesterday she was vulnerable & was crying. Da'Vonne says she is praything that neither one of them got it. Michelle says that Bridgette says she is attacking her. She says this is Big Brother & people talk behind your back. Da'Vonne tells her not to let it bother her. She says that Paul said something bad about her because he thought she put him on the block. She says she had no reason & she was on her team. Michelle doesn't want to be seen like BB15. She asks if people on Da'Vonne's season talked bad about people? She says people do that all the time. Michelle says that Paul does all the time. Michelle asks Da'Vonne if she told Frank that she told her about the stipend thing? Da'Vonne says, yes, she cussed him out about it. We see FOTH. Da'Vonne comes back says that she cussed him out about it. She says that it wasn't his place to say anything about their stipends. Da'Vonne says that Frank could possibly be getting way more than her. She says that they don't discuss money in there, ever. Michelle says that she kind of betrayed Frank a little bit, but you have to do that sometimes. She says that she wishes that Paul could have done the phone booth in secret. Da'Vonne says that Bridgette didn't know it. Michelle that everyone is being weird because some people like Zakiyah didn't get woke up. Michelle says that Natalie & Victor were shouting the answer. She says she can't wait until Thursday to see if it's a round-trip ticket.

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7:50 PM BBT In the KT, Bridgette screams because she has an ant on her leg. Paulie says his sister makes a brownie cookie. He says that will definitely put on the pounds. Paulie goes to the BY. Frank & Bridgette go to the Safari Room. He says that's their hiding spot. He says Michelle was balling. Bridgette says she heard. Frank says he made her feel like sh*t about the stipend. She says she was upset because it shows she can't trust people. He says that Michelle was upset with the stuff with her. Bridgette says that Michelle admitted to talking bad about her in the DR's & on the feeds. Frank says it sounded like a baby crying. Bridgette is wondering what Michelle said. She says that Paul is a piece of sh*t. She says that Paul was being mean to her & she was defending her. Frank says that he doesn't care for Paul either. Zakiyah walks by the Safari Room. Bridgette tells Frank she hopes he comes back. He smiles & says he's not counting on it. Bridgette wants to know if they can hang out in that room. She says she had it. Frank says that Paulie is all pissed. Bridgette asks why? Frank says because people were waking up to find out about it & other people weren't getting woke up. Frank says they were pissed at the other people in their group for not waking them up. Frank says, "F them." Brdigette says what a piece of sh*t with the numbers. Frank says don't say anything to lead them down the wrong path. Bridgette says she was going to type in Paris, but Paul told her that wasn't right. Frank says that she was the one that found the right clue. She says she saw that there a long time ago, but didn't know what it was for.

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7:56 PM BBT Frank says he hates all of them, & he doesn't know if he should trust Paulie to be honest. Bridgette says he's really charming, makes you comfortable & puts you at ease. In the BY, Da'Vonne & Zakiyah go to the hammock. Zakiyah tells Da'Vonne that Frank was telling her not to trust anyone. He microphone is muffled, so you can barely understand what's she's saying. BB tells Zakiyah to please not obstruct her microphone. She tells Da'Vonne that Nicole is playing both sides. Da'Vonne says that she felt it, but now he confirmed it.

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8:00 PM BBT In the Safari Room, Bridgette tells Frank that you go about your normal life, & at some point you eat a sh*t sandwich. In the BY, Paul tells Da'Vonne & Zakiyah that he kept it as quiet as he could until others started to figure out stuff. Paul says, screw them, because he got it. He says that Natalie & Victor should have just shut the f up. Paul says he knew it was something about coming back. Paul says that he had to do it, beause Bridgette was right behind her trying to get in the phone booth. Paul says that he only told the people upstairs after hearing the guy talk. He says he told him about a tunnel. He says they needed to keep Bridgette & Frank out of the phone booth because he knew the tunnel was there. He says that he, James & Corey were in the HOH room. He says he heard if it wasn't safe he could hang up & call Paris again. Paul says that Bridgette & Natalie wanted to try & figure it out because he wouldn't let them in. He says he threw them off when he told them to add up the numbers. He says he tried to make it seems like a grand prize because he can't lie. He saw 12 there. He says that's why he wanted to wait until some of them were evicted. He says if Frank comes back they're screwed. He says if he didn't tell anyone TV would be pissed, since there were 12 envelopes.

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8:05 PM BBT Nicole says there is a benefit to having friends in the house. She didn't realize that there were envelopes for everyone. She says they could have done it at any time. She says there was a long line & she didn't know the answer. Michelle says that Paul explained things weird. Nicole says that Da'Vonne asked Zakiyah to talk on the hammock. Michelle says that she asked Da'Vonne straight up if she was the one who said something to Frank about the stipend, & she told her she did. Nicole says that it's on their contrat that they are not allowed to bring up their stipends. She says she wonders now if they are all the same. Nicole says she would come back for free. She says it's not a lot at all, so she's curious. BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Nicole says that Frank is talking to everyone & telling them not to trust her. Michelle & Nicole both say they trust either other 100%. Victor & Paulie go in the SR. They find steak that was sell by July 22. Paulie thinks today is July 25, Victor thinks it's July 24. They are going to make steak & salad for their dinner. Back in the HNBR, Nicole tells Michelle that she called Frankie out on stuff. Nicole says that you don't want talking bull crap. She says this makes her stomach feel nauseaus. Michelle says that she doesn't like having a conversation about Bridgette. She says that she is fake. Nicole says that people talked about her appearance, but she didn't know until after the show. She says that Cody had talked about her having zits. She says that Derrick had talked about her body. Nicole shouts out to Derrick & tells him that she loves him. She says she only knows because people Tweeted her. Michelle says that she had a long conversation with Bridgette this morning. She says that Bridgette let her use her blue dress when she had a sunburn. She says that Bridgette told her that someone had said something about her body when Jozea was still there. She says that Bridgette didn't want to say anything. She says that she is going to assume it's not true since she wouldn't tell her. She says that Bridgette says that she wouldn't see things from her perspective. She says that she walked away & it ended badly. Michelle says she found out that it was Natalie actually sticking up for her. Victor remembered what happened. She says that Paul had said at one time that she looked like Buzz Lightyear. She says that Paul admitted to saying it. She told Bridgette that she found out. Bridgette asked her if she was going to hold a grudge against him. Michelle told her no. Michelle says that she tried to find out if Bridgette had said she was going to shave her eyebrows off. She says that Bridgette said she didn't remember it, but if she did she was sorry. Nicole says calling her Bridgette Crocker & baking her way to the end is cute.

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8:20 PM BBT Zakiyah & Paulie go to the SR. She tells Paulie that Frank is telling her not to trust Nicole. She thinks that Frank is putting doubts in her head before she leaves. She says that Nicole supposedly had a final deal with Frank & Bridgette. Paulie says he may need to talk to Corey. Paulie says not to believe anything they say at this point. Zakiyah says this hurts her feelings because she trusts Nicole. Paulie says that Paulie wants Bridgette to stay so he is trying to plant doubt in everyone's minds. Zakiyah says that Frank said to just trust Paulie. She tells Paulie that she trusts him. She says it didn't sound like bullsh*t. They both think that Nicole seemed scared during the comp when she answered. Zakiyah says she's good about picking up things about people. Paul walks in & asks if they want to be alone. Paulie says that he will ask Frank to see what he says & then he will ask Corey about it. Paul says it is a little weird about Nicole. Paulie says that Da'Vonne says that he said it to Da'Vonne & Zakiyah. He says that he's known that Da'Vonne was working with him. Zakiyah says that he would hate for Paulie to say something to Corey. Paul says they have to be smart about who they say sh*t to. He says if it wasn't for Natalie & Victor that would have never happened with the phone booth. Paulie says that Frank has to go. He says he would hate for Frank to have it. Paulie says that he saw Frank look over his shoulder & that's how he & Bridgette figured it out. He says that Frank told him that Bridgette game him the answer. Paul says that as soon as Victor went & saw what it was he was saying that it was Paris. Paulie says that not that many people actually figured it out. Paul says that Bridgette was on his ass, so he had to do it the way he did it. He says it could have been a diamond power of Veto. He says that he gave them the peace sign & went into the tunnel. He says that they weren't happy. Paul says that Natalie tried to get Michelle to mend things with Bridgette. Paul says that Bridgette is going out next week. He says that he will put both Bridgette & Natalie up. Zakiyah & Paulie say they will. Paul says he also could put up Bridgette & Victor.

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8:30 PM BBT Paul says that Natalie is supposed to be on their side, but she was going back to Bridgette's side. He says that Natalie thought it was a vacation, & she really needs a vacation. Paul says that is why he came out to say it was a prize & there was only one. Paulie says that James & Natalie came out to tell everyone to look at the TV. Paulie says if they didn't say anything they could have figured things out. He says there were only 3 lines on the TV, & they could have told everyone. Paul says he knew the answer was Paris. He says that the voice said there was a tunnel & he could go back if the time wasn't good. He says that Frank asked what tunnel? Paul says it's outside. Paul says he knew he figured it out because they told him congratulations. He says as soon as they wanted to figure it out also he punched it in & went in the tunnel. He says when he came out there was a party waiting for him. He says he waited to come out when he figured out what to say. He says it pisses him off. He says there are 3 people that he didn't want to have it, that don't need to have it. He says once they were gone it would be o.k. Paulie says now they need to send those people out faster because if they come back they are still numbers. Nicole & Michelle go in the SR. Paulie tells Michelle not to be upset over the sympathy card player. Nicole is playing with her bun & looking in the mirror. Zakiyah & Michelle give each other a hug. Zakiyah says Michelle was left in the bumper car. She says she told her it was Paris. Michelle says that Victor put the code in for her & showed her the tunnel. Nicole grabs food to cook. Paul says that Frank & Bridgette just f'd it up. He says he would have told them all when the time was right & their targets were gone. Paul says he's so over those two. He says he's going to be so mean to them, f them both. We see FOTH.

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8:41 PM BBT In the SR, Zakiyah asks Michelle if she has something in her eye. Michelle tells Zakiyah that Frank told her not to trust Da'Vonne. Zakiyah says that she's just not going to believe anything that Frank tells her then, since he's telling everyone someone else not to trust. Da'Vonne goes down the spral stairs swinging her hair. Paul runs up to the HOHR. James & Natalie are laying in his bed. Paul lets them nap & leaves. Paul & Nicole are in the hallway upstairs. Paul asks Nicole is Natalie upset because he is upset? She says, no, because the photo booth stirred up a lot of crap. Paul says that they sympathy cry from Bridgette has turned into her being cocky again. Paul says if he comes back they need to give him 3 weeks of safety for blowing up. He tells Nicole that he was going to wait until 3 of them were gone. They walk down the spiral stairs. Back in the SR, Da'Vonne is now in there with Zakiyah & Michelle. Zakiyah says she's hungry & then not hungry. Da'Vonne says that she doesn't even think she wants to eat anything. Michelle says she feels sick. Da'Vonne says that she doesn't think anything else will happen tonight. Michelle says they need alcohol. Da'Vonne says to tackle that situation when that happens. Zakiyah says she's getting the hell out of there. Her & Michelle leave the SR. Da'Vonne is standing there. She asks what's she wants? She says that she could literally eat popcorn & lay in her bed. She eats some potato chips. She says she doesn't want anymore bread though. Frank & Bridgette go to the Tokyo BR. Frank tells her that she slides her feet so damn much. Bridgette says that she thinks Tiffany took her burgandy hoodie because she was weraing it the whole last week she was here. Frank says that his eyes hurt so much. He says he thinks he needs an eye transplant. Frank puts a blue bandana over his eyes. Bridgette puts on a yellow one. The cam view goes to the KT. Paulie says that cooked fast. Victor says steak is the fastest meat to cook. Nicole is cutting up an onion by the microwave. Zakiyah is sitting at the KT table. Da'Vonne is standing by the table.

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8:50 PM BBT In the BY, Paul & Corey are playing a game of pool, sharing the pool cue. Michelle tells Paulie what Nicole told her about what was said about her on her season. Paul says that Frank & Bridgette are bullies. Paulie says that Jozea was the first bully. Paul says he will go off on Bridgette. Paulie says he can unleash on both of them. He says if Frank comes back they still have to beat them. Paul says that Frank & Bridgette both told him, "F you," because he gave them the wrong numbers. Paulie says that Natalie didn't even figure it out. He says that Victor told her what it was. Paul says he will unleash on them in a care package when he gets pissed. Paulie tells Michelle that they are going to eat dinner. He says he knows she doesn't eat meat, so she just may want the salad. They go in the house. Corey tells Paul he's over Frank & Bridgette causing problems all the time. Michelle goes back to the BY. Michelle tells Paul that Victor said there was only enough for 4. Paul & Paulie want to split their salads & give it to her. She says she would like to just try it. Paul says she can try his then. Paul asks Corey if Nicole is still pissed? Corey says he thinks she is. Paul says that Victor & Natalie blew it for him. He says they can't read in between the lines. He says if one of them come back, oh my God. Michelle says that would be great if they didn't get one. Paul says they only got it because Frank looked over Paulie's shoulder. He says he's a cheater & can't think for himself. Da'Vonne goes to the BY. Michelle asks her if she wants to put her feet in the hot tub. Da'Vonne says if she didn't have her woman situation she would get in. Da'Vonne says it feels amazing, while having her legs in the hot tub. Michelle tells Da'Vonne about Victor telling her there wasn't enough food for her. She says she feels like she got hit by a truck with all the stress today. Da'Vonne says that she should sit in the hot tub & soak or go take a hot shower. Da'Vonne says that she would go & check on her. Michelle says that there is usually no traffic in there & the AC is great.

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