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Love Paulie but his language !!


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13 minutes ago, UCLADave said:

I love Paulie's game but damn every other word out of mouth is the f-bomb ... i mean im not a pollyanna about cursing but geez every other word out of his mouth is fuck or fuckin... same with James and use of the word " damn" 


Paulie is in a race with Paul as to who can use the f-bomb the most. So far, Paul is winning as far as who can use it the loudest.

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I don't think that they realize exactly how much they use it.  Less use of the F bomb would certainly get them more CBS airtime.  Maybe the DR people will caution them about the cursing by stresing that BB is a family show that people watch with their kids.


If every sentence is littered with F bombs, the censors can only beep out so much before you lose the context of what they're trying to say.


I remember a couple of weeks ago when Tiffany cautioned Paulie about using the F word so much, and at that time he did heed the warning.  But now he doesn't seem to care.

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