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Friday July 15, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!


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12:18 AM BBT Cams 1 & 2 go to the DR door. One and half minutes later, Paulie comes out & says, "Who wants to see my HOH room?" Everyone gets excited & they all head upstairs. Natalie says that everyone can see her Have Not room tomorrow. Michelle tells her it will be on Saturday. Paulie says they are waiting for everyone. Nicole is the last one to come upstairs. Paulie puts the key in the door & it doesn't open up right away. He gets in the HOHR. Everyone is looking at his pictures. James sees Cody in a picture. Frank says he got frozen White Castle cheeseburgers. Michelle says, "No snapbacks." She looks in the freezer & says he did get White Castle. She says he got Blue Moon on tap. Natalie says this is so exciting.

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PAULIE'S HOH LETTER: Scoobo baby, Dude, HOH, well done. Not bad, not bad. Enjoy the entire experience. Have fun! I've had Angelina leave her shoes & a shirt laying around the kitchen table & threw a couple of shirts on your bedroom floor, so as to remind me of you still being here at home. Stay true to yourself & keep smiling. You have all of our love & support always & forever. We all miss you very much. Love, Daddyo

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12:30 AM BBT Zakiyah is the first to leave the HOH room. James leaves the room right after Z, goes to the WC and goes to bed.


12:37 AM BBT Da'Vonne leaves the HOH room.


12:39 AM BBT Natalie leaves the HOH room. Paulie goes to the SR and Frank follows. Frank and Paulie in the SR talking. Frank asks Paulie if he feels good and he says yeah I'm safe for a damned week, everything changes in a week. Paulie says he's go to figure out the best way to get everyone on board with something else. Frank says yeah, whatever you want to do man, I can't be dictator Frank anymore. Paulie laughs and says bro chill. Frank says I know I'm making a joke out of it. Frank says I want any one of them out, I don't care any order. Paulie says he doesn't care what order either, preferably Tiff. He's just safe for the week and that's all he cares about now. Paulie says he's just trying to plan best for the double evict, like who he doesn't want there for a double evict, mainly Tiff. Because even though Da is good at mental stuff, Paulie doesn't think she can beat him, Frank, Bridgette, or even Paul if he's around. Frank says or Corey and Nicole. Frank asks Paulie if Corey and Nicole have their backs. Paulie says I'm set on them and Frank says right. Paulie says yeah, I'm pretty set on them, Nicole is a smart girl and Corey is bound to break through at some point. Frank asks about Paul and says Nicole just told him about a rumor Paul started about Tiffany, Bridgette, Frank, and Paul all having a conversation and Tiffany saying she wanted to work with Frank. Paulie says Paul brought that shit up. Frank says that never happened, the only time he's ever talked to Tiffany was right in the Tokyo room in front of everybody. Paulie says Paul is just someone to rope in because he's going to bounce around to wherever he can last the longest and then just cut him when the time's right. Frank says yeah. Paulie says I feel the time is right when certain people aren't around. Frank wonders if Da got in his ear with that BS and told him to say that, how would he come up with that on his own. Paulie says he doesn't know and Franks says anyway supposedly Tiff told Bridgette that they all already played their cards and it's played out, like it almost sounded like she was threatening her. Frank says he hasn't talked to Bridgette about it fully, but she asked Tiff about the cabbage patch thing and that's when Tiffany said that. Paulie said Tiffany said that and Frank says he has to get the full story from Bridgette because Paul walked in when she was telling Frank that, they were in the safari room. Paulie says I don't know he tries not to listen to anything Tiffany has to say. Frank says you want those three girls out eventually right? Paulie says who? Frank says Tiffany, Da, and Natalie and Paulie says yeah before things blow up. Paulie says he trusts Michelle but Frank thinks she flipped this week. Frank thinks the four votes were Corey, Nicole, Frank, and Paulie.  Paulie says Z is close to him, but she's close to Da too. Paulie says he doesn't think Natalie would have voted out a girl and Frank said but that means Nicole flipped and he doesn't think that happened. Paulie doesn't know about Da, he thought he trusted her but now he's not so sure. Frank said he did until today. Paulie doesn't want to be targeted at all. Paulie isn't worried about Natalie because she won't ever win something and since Bridgette is close to Frank, Paulie trusts Bridgette, but if Bridgette weren't close to Frank he thinks she'd take a shot at him. Paulie says the only reason he trusts Bridgette is because Frank is with her. Brief FotH. Paulie says roadkill is key this week because he wants three girls on the block this week. Frank says he understands if Paulie doesn't want to put Da and Tiffany up because if Tiff goes home and Da wins HOH, then Paulie would be a target. Paulie says once we clip Natalie James will play. Frank says he can't stay over there because they are weak. Frank says but then he did that on his season, stayed with the weak people and that's how he got picked off. We need to approach him with that.


12:40 AM BBT Nicole and Bridgette leave the HOH.


12:41 AM BBT Corey and Michelle leave the HOH and Bridgette gets called to the DR. Paul and Tiffany alone in the HOH. Paul says he already knows he's going up. He says he thinks roadkill will put him up, but he doesn't know who's going to go up tomorrow. Tiffany says do you know he's going to put up? Paul says I don't even think he knows yet. Tiffany says she'll come up later and Paul says yeah I'd come up later and ask. Tiffany leaves the HOH room and Paul is sitting there alone twirling his moustache.


12:43 AM BBT Da is called to the DR.


12:44 AM BBT James and Natalie in bed chatting. Natalie saying she knows James voted to keep Bronte and she wasn't mad at him. She doesn't want to talk about it anymore.


12:46 AM BBT Nicole and Paul in the WA talking about the HOH comp. Bridgette in the WA brushing her teeth.


12:48 AM BBT Bridgette called to the DR. Michelle, James, and Natalie in the UKBR. Natalie doesn't want to get put up. She says don't let Paulie put me up. Michelle turns the light out and lays down in bed with Natalie. Da in the WA now with Paul and Nicole and Zakiyah shuffles in.


12:54 AM BBT Paul, Zakiyah, Da, and Nicole talking about Bridgette. Paul tells them Frank thinks of Bridgette as one of the guys. They talk about how Bridgette gives them dirty looks and isn't nice to Zakiyah at all.



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1:21 AM BBT: Natalie and James discussing how Bridgette asked Natalie if she was a flip vote. Natalie told her that she was so insulted that she would ask her if she voted to evict Bronte. James says that Bridgette is just fishing for information to go tell Frank. Natalie says she doesn’t trust Bridgette at all and that Bridgette is a really good actress.

They hear someone coming and act like they’re sleeping. It’s Tiffany and she’s crying so Natalie gets up and follows her into the Have-Not room.


1:27AM BBT: Tiffany crying to Natalie in Have-Not room saying she wants to vent to her as a friend. (it’s hard to hear through her crying) Tiffany says that no one wants to be around her and that everyone is fake. She feels alone and tells Natalie the only reason everyone saved her was as an F you to Frank. Says she was part of a girls alliance but she essential isn’t because no one will talk to her and everyone walks out of the room when she walks in. She tells Natalie she just wants to self evict. Natalie tells her not to think like that and that this conversation will never leave this room. Tiffany says if she gets put on the block stuff is going to go down.


2:08 AM BBT: Frank and Bridgette discuss who they think flipped votes.


2:28 AM BBT: Tiffany and Frank talking in Have-Not room. Tiffany says she’s making a deal with the devil then tells Frank that Da was the one that flipped the votes. She tells him that Paulie and Cory also want him out like crazy. They shake hands and agree to blow everything up.

Da walks in on Frank and Tiffany talking then turns around. They start talking about how Da made a final two deal with both of them. Frank asks Tiffany who the flip votes were. Tiffany says that she doesn’t know who the 3 are but that they were all in on it and decided at 2am who would vote Bronte out.

Tiffany says she has nothing to lose and continues telling Frank all of the information on alliances that she is aware of. Frank blames everyone else’s shit talking of Tiffany last week as the reason he got Bridgett to put Tiffany on the block.


2:40 AM BBT: Frank says he’s glad she told him everything so they can work together. Tells her that if he gets picked for veto and he wins he’ll take Tiffany off the block.


2:54 AM BBT: Da comes into the Have-Not room and tells Tiffany to come into the Safari room for 10 minutes.

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Sorry forgot to add this, this happened right before Da walked into Have-Not room


2:50 AM BBT: Nicole walks into the Have-Not room and lays down. Nicole says to Tiffany that Frank obviously said something to Tiffany that made her mad at Nicole. Tiffany says go ask Frank. Nicole gets up and leave the Have-Not room. Tiffany says Frank didn’t say anything to me, someone else did. Nicole walks out into the Tokyo room and says “She is so mad at me” to Frank, Paul, and Bridgette.

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Adding to Lisa's post.


2:45 AM BBT Frank and Tiffany talking about possible roadkill options. Frank says Corey, but he doesn't want him to play in veto. Tiffany says he's a big dummy. Frank then says maybe it'd be best if I put Da'Vonne up. Frank wants to play in veto and if he wins he would take Tiffany off. Tiffany asks Frank a bunch of questions to get information and shares with him how the votes flipped as far as she knew. Frank asks her about the votes and Tiffany says they wouldn't tell her, just that it was planned to go down the way it did. She tells Frank everything Paulie said about going after Frank.

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Thank you IndyMom! There's a lot going on now lol jumping around a bit and it's my first time posting :)


Here's a bit more, it's getting pretty good..


3:01 AM BBT: Tiffany walks into the Safari room. Zakiyah comes in after her and Tiffany says she just wants to talk to Da. They ask each other what’s up back and forth multiple times. Da then says “what’s the issue?” They continue to go back and forth until Da asks why Tiffany is crying. Tiffany says she plays the game right, genuine, and loyal. Not much of a conversation, more so bickering back and forth. Tiffany says she should have seen through Da because she did the same thing to Vanessa by creating an all girls alliance then wanting Vanessa out. Da corrects her by explaining that Vanessa wasn’t in that alliance.

Tiffany says she won’t fill Da in on anything because Da hides everything from her. Da brings up the Paul rumor and how Tiffany told Paul, Bridgette, and Frank that “they” made her give that speech and Tiffany swears on her mother’s life that that never happened.


3:05 AM BBT: Zakiyah joins them in the Safari room. Tiffany says she’s a free agent and knows that she’s on the outside. Tiffany says she’s going to blow up everything, says she’s been observing and putting everything together.


Da says she can’t believe Tiffany is listening to Frank because Frank is pissed that Tiffany is still in the house. Tiffany says that there’s information that got back to Frank that only one person knew. Paul comes in and Tiffany says she won’t say anything with Paul there, so Paul leaves.


3:07 AM BBT: Da says to Tiffany that Frank is public enemy #1 of the house. The only person he has is Bridgette so of course he is looking to attach himself to a strong competitor (meaning Tiffany) so that he can try and stay in this game.


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2:56 AM BBT FLASHBACK [Round 1] Tiffany and Nicole in the HNR and we come back from FotH. Tiffany asks Nicole what she wants to talk about and Nicole says I can tell you're upset about something. Nicole says well are you upset? Tiffany says about what? Nicole says well I don't know Tiffany I'm just trying and Tiffany interrupts ok Nicole what are you upset about? Nicole says she's just trying to and Tiffany says you're obviously upset about something. Tiffany says what are you upset about and Nicole says I'm not upset about anything I'm just checking because I seen you in here with Frank and I know you guys don't get along and I was just making sure you were ok. Tiffany says ohhhhh, ok, everything's ok. A moment of awkward silence and then Nicole says Frank obviously told you something that made you mad at me. Tiffany doesn't respond and Nicole says Did he? Tiffany said I don't know why don't you ask him. Nicole says oh my gosh and gets up and starts to walk out. Tiffany says he didn't tell me anything. He specifically didn't tell me anything someone else did and Nicole walks out.

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3:10 AM BBT: Tiffany starts crying again and covers her eyes with her headband. She says that she is alone with no one to talk to in the house. She says Da and Zakiyah are the worst and they treated her horrible for the last two weeks. Da tells Zakiyah to let her talk to Tiffany alone. After Zakiyah leaves Da tells Tiffany that she needs to pull it together. Tiffany says no she doesn’t give a  f*** and that she almost self evicted today. Da says she won’t let Tiffany self evict.


Da moves closer to Tiffany, tells her to get it together and let it out. Da puts her hands on Tiffany’s head and tells her to get it out and that she needs her to be stronger. Tiffany says it doesn’t matter and that she doesn’t trust Paulie, Corey, Nicole, or anybody. She’s just ready to be picked off. Da says that she knew this was happening when she saw Tiffany and Frank talking in the Have-Not room. That Frank is trying to prey on Tiffany because she is seen as weak.

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2:59 AM BBT Nicole, Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Michelle in the WA and Nicole filling them in on what happened. She says she's scared of Tiffany. She doesn't think Tiffany will come to the safari room like Da requested her to. Zakiyah asks do we need to go in there? Nicole says I'm not sleeping in that room tonight. Zakiyah says do you want me to go say something to her and Nicole says yeah will you see if she's nice to you or if it's just me.


3:01 AM BBT FLASHBACK [Round 2] Tiffany, Da'Vonne, and Zakiyah in the safari room. Tiffany asks if she can just talk to Da and Zakiyah says ok and leaves the room. Da says what's up and Tiff says what's up. Da says what's up and Tiff says you tell me what's up. Da says you tell me what's up and Tiffany repeats you tell me what's up. Da says what's the issue and Tiffany says you tell me what's up. Da says what's the issue and Tiffany says what's the issue. (This is the actual conversation I'm not just typing the same thing over and over) Da says what's the issue and Tiffany says what is the issue. Da says why are you crying? Tiffany says why are you asking me what the issue is. Da says because you're crying so I'm asking you why you're crying. Tiffany says I'm an emotional person and I play the game right. Da says you're emotional and you play the game right? Tiffany says yes, genuine, loyal. Da says ok and Tiff says yeah. Da says you want to elaborate on that? Tiff says it's pretty simple. Very simple. Da says I feel like there's an underlying message to this and Tiffany says exactly and Da says you just want to say the message or Tiff says it's that in and of itself. I play the game loyal. Da says ok if you're not going to talk direct to me then I don't think we should have a conversation. Tiff says oh how many direct conversations have we had Da? Da says a lot and Tiff says how much information have you told me. Enough and Tiff says oh really? Da says Enough and Tiff says what a F2 would tell somebody? Da says until I told you I felt you flipped on me yeah. Tiff says oh ok because that was your insecureness not reality. Da says and I admitted that to you. Tiffany says yeah and that's a mistake you made and it's a mistake I made, and honestly I should have seen it because you did the same thing to my sister with this all girls alliance bullshit. You did the same thing to my sister. Da starts to laugh and Tiff says yeah you did, you faked the all girl alliance and wanted her out. Da says first of all, the all girl alliance from last year was with Shelli, Becky, and Jackie and you're sister wasn't included in that. Tiffany says it doesn't even matter. It doesn't even matter. Da says here's the deal Tiff interrupts and says Da there is so much at this point it just doesn't matter. Da says ok so you're going to believe Frank over me? Tiffany says um, first of all I never said I be, well it's not just Frank. Da says who? who? Tiff says there's a lot more going on than you think. Da says ok fill me in and Tiff says I'm not going to. Da says oh ok and Tiff says because you don't fill me in on anything a F2 would. Da says and I told you why I didn't fill you in, I told you why. Tiffany says no that's bullshit. Absolute bullshit Da. Da says it was the honest truth. Tiff says and you know all fucking week, i'm so silly, i'm a silly, silly girl to think and Da says your words not mine. Tiff says I'm a silly girl to think that I had, that the girls had my back. I'm silly. Da says are you still in this house? Tiffany says yeah just because you guys wanted to do a fuck you to Frank. That was all it was. Da says are you serious right now and starts laughing. Tiff says yeah and Da says this is why no one tells you anything. Are you serious right now and Tiffany says yes, yes I am because nobody tells me anything. Da says you've been insecure all week and Tiff says no I've learned things. Da says all week I've been reassuring you that you were fine and magically you're still here. Da says I went out when you went out, we didn't need you to win the comp, Paul knew the comp what do you mean? Tiffany says that's not the point, of course they want Frank out, but that's a separate issue from everything else I've heard. Da says what are you talking about. Tiff says these fake conversations that I'm having with people like Nicole came and asked me if I told Paul I didn't trust day and I was like what because apparently there was a fake conversation between Paul, me Frank, and Bridgette apparently. Da says yeah that got back to me. Tiff says that never happened. Da says I'm about to get pissed. You never went to Bridgette and Frank and says they made me say that speech. Tiff says they made me?!? Da says and Paul said who told you Frank was coming for you and you whispered Da. Da says that conversation never happened? Tiffany says I swear on my mom's life that conversation never happened, I never said Da. Da says that's some shit and Tiff says I don't trust any of them fuckers up there.

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3:05 AM BBT Zakiyah comes into the safari room with Tiffany and Da'Vonne and says she needs to understand what's going on because Nicole is frustrated. Tiffany says when I want information you guys leave me in the dark. She tells Da and Z they have been disgusting to her if they would see it, everytime she went into a room they'd leave and wouldn't talk to her. She says it's fine, I'm a fucking free agent. She tells Da she has learned things and observed and put the pieces together. Da says because of Frank? Tiff says I've heard things from other people too. Paul comes in and sits down and Da says what have you told me that I told Frank. Tiff says she isn't going to talk in front of someone and Da asks Paul if she can talk to Tiff and he says ok and leaves. Da says I know it's not the conversation about the all girl alliance because Bridgette was in the room and I know you aren't dumb enough to think Bridgette wouldn't go back and tell Frank. Tiff says it's not that. Da asks well what did I tell Frank. Tiff says about her conversation about the three girls and saying she was gunning for Frank. Tiff says you also asked Frank why he threw you under the bus to me. Did you not say that to him? Da says I never said that to him. Tiff says really? you never said that to him and Da says I never said that to him. Tiff says lies and deception. Lies and deception. Da says were you there? I never said that. Tiff says whatever. Honestly, you've been caught in so many lies at this point. You made a F2 with him and you told him to make a F2 with Nicole and Da starts laughing. Tiff says that's what he's telling me. Ok. Da says Tiffany, I love you, I swear I love you but i'm not, nah. no. Tiff says exactly, i'm not either. Tiff says you tell me and Da says Frank? Come on you gottta know better,  you're smarter than that. Tiff says no actually you're a really good actress right now. Da says you know better than that. Tiff says you're a really good actress right now. Da says I'll take it. Somebody pick me up. Tiff says yeah, Academy award, just like you did that first week, Academy award. Da says I'll take it. Tiff says Academy award winner to all of you. Tiff says it's ok, honestly this game, I'm kind of over it at this point. Honestly, I'm a free agent and I don't give a fuck. Da says why I don't just put this out here and then i'm going to go on about my business because I don't got time for this. Tiff says I don't either. Da says I know, but life goes on. So look, Frank is public enemy #1 of the house, everybody knows that. The only person he has in this house is Bridgette, she got a fucked up ankle. So of course he's going to try to attach himself to somebody who's a powerhouse, such as yourself, so that he can try to make sure that he stays in this game. The mans been gunning for you, you want to believe what he says, Tiff says everybody up there is gunning for me too. Da says that's on you. Zakiyah says so what's your move? Are you gonna go with that, I mean I don't care you don't have to tell me what you're move is. Tiff talking over her says she's going to go with whoever has her back and nobody has her back. She doesn't have one strong person, she doesn't have that one fucking person to talk to. Everyone in this fucking house has somebody. Zakiyah says what's your move, what's your goal. Tiff cries I'm fucking over you guys please just go. You guys are the fucking worst. She says I hope you guys feel good about yourselves after this seriously. Zakiyah and Da just look at Tiff. Tiff says the way you two fucking treated me all fucking two weeks, nobody deserves that. She has her bandana over her eyes and Da has her hand over her mouth laughing and Zakiyah gets up and walks toward the door laughing quietly. Da says let me talk to her Zakiyah and Zakiyah leaves.

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3:12 AM BBT Paul runs up to the HOH room with Paulie and Corey and says the shit hit the fan. The shit has now hit the fan. Paul tells them what's going on in the safari room.


3:13 AM BBT Da'Vonne tells Tiffany to never let anyone see her cry. No matter how she feels about them and even if she fucks Da over, do not let anyone see her cry. Da tells her you don't have to talk to me anymore, hopefully we'll talk outside the house, but do not attach yourself to Frank. Do not do it Tiffany. Don't. That's not the way to go, please don't do that. Da says maybe she should have went about things a different way and she has Tiff's back. Tiff says she's heard people have said really mean personal things about her. Tiff can't wait until Vanessa tells her everything from the feeds. Tiff sits up and says it doesn't feel good to be isolated and stand to the side. Tiff said it's kind of shitty to be told at 2 in the morning that they decided to keep her. Da says who told you that? Tiff says you don't know? Da says no I'm out of the loop too. Tiff tells Da that Corey said last night he wants her gone.


3:16 AM BBT Zakiyah and Nicole walk into the safari room and Zakiyah says I'm sorry Tiff. Z says she just got aggravated for two minutes because she didn't know what was going on. Nicole and Z sit down opposite Da and Tiff. Tiff says everybody in this house has been playing me. Every fucking person. Every single fucking person. She says I don't know maybe I'm too loyal, nice, sweet, sensitive person. That's not Big Brother qualities I guess. Too bad you guys couldn't take advantage of my brains and athletics and talk game with me and use the good in me and instead you shun me because you think I'm going to be emotional. You could have used me to your advantage that would have been smart instead of me reaching my breaking point and blowing every fucking body's game up. I will. She feels like she wants to fucking self-evict. Da says I told her I wouldn't let her do that. Zakiyah says I don't want you to do that and Nicole says me either. Tiff says I've heard things are saying about me, things i'd never say about anyone. Nicole says I've never said anything personal about you. Zakiyah says that's why I got frustrated, I don't know where any of this is coming from, it's random. Z asks Tiff why she feels betrayed and Tiff shuts down saying she doesn't feel like she need to share any information because zero people have her back in this house. Tiff says 30 days of being shunned she doesn't give a fuck, no fucks given. Da says she was calm before you came in here. Nicole says I wanted to come in and talk. Z says Frank is grinning from ear to ear and Nicole says he's happy.


3:20 AM BBT Frank comes in and wants to check on everyone. Frank asks Tiff is she ok and Tiff says zero fucks given. Frank says why is everyone else quiet and Z says you didn't ask me a question. Da says we're just comforting her and Frank says she doesn't look very comforted. Da says it's 28 days of pent up frustration. Frank comes in and sits down next to Da and Paul is standing at the door. Da says she's not going to talk now Frank. She didn't want to talk in front of them. (She points to Zakiyah and Nicole) Frank says why don't you all give her some space then? Da says you're on my damned nerves and Frank says the feeling is mutual. Tiff says she hates this fucking game. Paul asks if she wants to play chess instead. Tiff says psychological war fare and no fucks given at this point. Frank says I'm with you. Tiff says I'm not doing that and Da says she's just talking. She's just saying that's how she feels.


3:24 AM BBT Da says she wants to finish talking to Tiff by herself. Frank says you're not in here by yourself, it's a fucking party. Frank says he opened the door and it looked like one person was getting team up on. Z says Tiff was having a moment, it was a girl thing. Frank said well I seen one girl crying and three not crying, it looked like a mean girl situation going on. Da says you're a dick and Frank says he was just speaking what he thinks. Da says is that what it looked like when you were in here Paul, I didn't think so. Paul stutters and said I was just like bullets and man I'm out of here. Frank says well I'm older and wiser than Paul and Paul says false. Older yes, wiser, probably not. Frank says yes I am. Frank says this is like day 100 for me and Paul says you age three times as fast and Frank says I was in here before. Paul says 4 years ago, doesn't matter, never cared.


3:26 AM BBT Tiffany confronts Paul about his story. Paul says what I said was you said someone was coming after you or someone was giving you misinformation and that was Da. Tiff sits up and says Paul, would you swear that on your mother's life, because I never said Da's name. Paul said I never swear on my mother's life. Tiff said see? Paul said because I refuse to swear on my mother's life I'm lying? Tiff says he's lying right now. Tiff said I can swear on my mother's life because I never said Da's name. Paul said I would never swear on my mother's life because I'm not that kind of person. Paul and Tiffany go back and forth and basically Paul tells Tiff not to call him a liar when he didn't make it up.

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3:30 AM BBT Frank goes into the Tokyo room and fills Bridgette in. Michelle goes upstairs with Paulie and Corey and starts filling them in. Corey asks if he should go check on Nicole and Michelle says tell her to come up here.


3:36 AM BBT Corey comes into the safari room with Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Tiff, Nicole, and Paul. Things have calmed down. Everyone in the safari room calming down and talking about Tiff's feelings and where things are going to go.


3:38 AM BBT Paulie tells Michelle if Tiff wants to stay she has to beat him for Veto. Paulie tells Michelle he's not sure where Da stands in the game. Michelle says she trusts Z, Paulie, Nicole, and Corey. Paulie would like the following to go in order as Tiffany, Frank, Bridgette, Natalie, and Paul.


3:41 AM BBT Paulie says he wants the next four weeks to go smoothly, like they have so far. He was going to throw the comp to Nicole, but Frank was still in.


3:48 AM BBT Nicole confronts Tiff saying she doesn't feel like she deserves to be attacked and she never said anything personal about Tiff. Tiff says it wasn't her. Tiff says she just felt like a puppet for everyone to use.


3:55 AM BBT Tiff said she was upset with everyone for basically isolating her. She said she took it out on Nicole because she felt more hurt by her and Corey because they are her team. Tiff said it wasn't anything specific to her, it's just Nicole was the first one in there after Frank and she went into defensive mode.

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4:00 AM BBT Tiff says Paul might win America's Favorite. Paul says I'll get America's worst. They'll take 25,000 from me. He says they'll put me in debt because they lost viewers. Pissed.


4:03 AM BBT Nicole doesn't understand why Tiff as upset with her or Corey at all. Nicole says she just doesn't understand why Tiff said they hurt her feelings. Corey says so are you not happy that you're here another week? Like I mean does that mean anything? Like we were good teammates and helped you out. Tiff just looks at him and looks at Da and said do you understand how that came out? Da nods and Tiff says ok Da's not stupid so will you explain it to them. Tiff said it came off sounding like hey we saved your ass, you're here for another week at least. Corey says he didn't mean it that way. Tiff says that's how I took it and Z says that's not how he meant it. Tiff does not want to self-evict. Corey says I want to know why you're angry at us, like what did we do? Paul sighs heavily. Tiff says she's angry at the world right now, it's nothing they did specifically. Nicole keeps pressing the issue. Tiff says Frank told her that Corey kept going up to him all week saying Tiff wouldn't leave him alone, she was so annoying, that she was crying and she's a crybaby, and all this bullshit. Nicole says Frank is playing way dirty and she's not going to do it and she's not going to tell Tiff what came out of Frank's mouth. Tiff asked if Frank was getting personal about her and Nicole says I'm not even going to say anything. Corey walks out and Paul says pissed. Nicole says if you want to believe Frank and Tiff says start telling me information then. Nicole says I'm not going to tell you something that will hurt your feelings about personal stuff. She says if someone says I have a pizza face, or I'm ugly or fat, I don't want anyone to tell me. Nicole says I'm not going to tell you that stuff, it's not game related. Nicole says for him to tell you Frank was saying that stuff is just dirty and you think it came out of Corey's mouth or it came out of his mouth. Nicole says she's angry, Corey did not deserve that and Zakiyah moves over to comfort Nicole and tell her to calm down.


4:08 AM BBT Paul says Tiff, the person who has been gunning for you all week is suddenly giving you information like this. Does that not strike a weird bell to you? Nicole says why would he tell you stuff that would hurt your feelings. Why kick someone when they come out of DR and already crying? Nicole says that's what upsets me Tiffany, you never kick someone while they're down. That is wrong in this house and outside in the real world. If someone kicks someone when they're already sad, that's screwed up. Paul says that's called being a fucking bully. Nicole says it hurts me that someone would do that to anyone in this world, it's not right. Nicole says she doesn't mean to be so upset but she can't stand when someone kicks people while they're down. Paul says the perfect thing to ignite your rage. Nicole says the fact that he targeted your teammates is classic. Paul says because if you can't trust your teammates who can you trust?



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4:12 AM BBT Everyone but Tiff leaves the safari room and Da says she'll be back to check on her. Da asks to talk to Nicole and they go into the WA. Da tells Nicole that Tiffany said to her that she heard Corey say he wanted Da out of the house. Nicole says when and to who? Da says the other night in the HNR Corey said he wanted me out of this house. Nicole says who did he say that to? Da said she didn't say to who and Nicole says not that I know of Da, Not that I know of. I don't believe that. Nicole says do you think Frank told her to say that? Da says I don't know. Nicole says she doesn't even know what to do from here out. Da Frank is a bad situation. Da says they can all go up to Paulie, but she doesn't want to leave Tiffany downstairs alone where Frank can get to her. Da says he's dirty. They start re-hashing the 4:08 part of the convo.


4:27 AM BBT Zakiyah goes in to check on Tiff and tells her to be strong.


4:29 AM BBT Tiffany finally calm enough to fill Da in on the Frank conversation in a rational manner. Both talking calmly.


General re-hashing throughout the house and most HG go to bed.


5:10 AM BBT James is up with Paulie, Michelle, and Da upstairs by the chess board. They are filling James in on the Tiff drama. They discuss likely nominations and Paulie's nomination speech. Most everyone in bed by 7:20, but only Da stayed up that late.

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8:00 AM BBT We hear a Frank Sinatra song. They forgot to shut the feeds down.


8:02 AM BBT Feeds off now. Possible wake up call.


8:12 AM BBT Looks like most are still asleep with a few up and about.


9:02 AM BBT FotH again.



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9:04 AM BBT Da'Vonne and Nicole awake in the WA. Lots of re-hashing last night and whispering. Da does not have her mic on so hard to hear.


9:19 AM BBT Frank, James, and Michelle up doing ADL's. Natalie up as well.


9:30 AM BBT Da'Vonne and James in the UKBR. Da says Tiff is blowing everything up and tells him a bit about last night. Da says she's glad she never told her anything. James said I never told her anything. Da says between me and you, she's working with Frank. Da says if they win roadkill their target is Corey. James says she don't like Corey? Da says he don't like Corey. James says Frank don't like Corey? Da shakes her head and says no. Da tells James apparently Corey said he wants me out. James said who said that and Da says Tiffany. Da says she was in the HNR fake asleep and he was talking. James said do you believe her? Da says a little bit because I don't trust him. I don't trust any of them. James says why wouldn't Nicole come tell you? Da says I don't even trust her James. Da says you should have seen her James. Tiffany called out Corey for the comments Frank told her he said and Nicole hit the roof, she got pissed. She said Nicole started going off saying that's not right, that's not fair, and she got red in the face. Nicole was pissed for Corey. James says Daammmnnn. James says she's in too deep. He says we could all see they were like ride or dies. Da says I was just like wow, she went off. James said if you're on the block with Corey, I'd be scared to death. Da says she's voting me out 1000%. Da says I trust none of them James, none of them. James says he wonders what Tiffany told Frank in return. LIke who did she blow up. James says I'm sure Frank has a list who he can't trust. It's not really hard to tell who voted to keep Tiffany in. James said after the HOH comp Frank came in and look at me and said what the fuck happened and James said I don't know. Frank said an all girl alliance, that's what the fuck happened and he turned around and looked at Nicole and said she's in it.

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9:36 AM BBT James said he's going to let Nicole he's pissed at her. Da says so much stuff happened yesterday I was just like Damn. I'm over it. It's going to be a shit storm today. James said it wouldn't be a bad thing if Frank won and put Corey up. Da tells James Tiffany said they want Da and Frank out and Frank said if they can get 5 people on board, then he'll put up Corey.


9:41 AM BBT Da says Tiffany brought to her attention that Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah, and Nicole are running the game because they are a solid four. Da says I don't trust Nicole because of that boy. James says he wouldn't mind if Nicole went since she's too deep into the game.


9:43 AM BBT Da says Tiffany has to go, Corey has to go, Frank has to go. James says Nicole has to go. Da tells James Tiffany says she's a free agent.

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9:48 AM BBT Da says I'm so annoyed, I didn't get any sleep. James says do we jump on the Tiffany and Frank bandwagon or the Paulie and Corey bandwagon. Da says she doesn't want to go with Paulie and Corey because they have Zakiyah and Nicole.


9:49 AM BBT Jeff reels. Maybe nomination time.

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11:00am BBT: We are still on Jeff's Reels.

11:18am BBT: Feeds come back with Tiffany and Frank in the lounge rm talking about DA and James wanting to vote Corey out. Frank says really? Tiffany says yeah thats what they told me.

11:23am BBT: Tiffany tells frank that crying is  mostly part of her strategy.Frank leaves the rm and goes to the STR to talk to Bridgette. he tells her everything that Tiffany said to him. He tells Bridgette that if they win Road Kill comp that they need to put Corey up

11:27am BBT: Frank tells Bridgette that James and Natalie can be with them in the house and that Nicole is the worst and needs to go.

11:32am BBT: Nicole in the LVR talking to DA about them getting to eat tonight and they get to sleep in a good bed.

11:43am BBT: Paulie, Corey, Natalie, Bridgette and Michelle in the KT making food and James cleaning. Just general talk going on about the have nots getting to eat tonight. DA in the London BR  doing her hair while Paul sleeps.

 11:50am BBT: paulie goes to his HOHR and zakiyah is in the bed resting as James comes in asking about if Nicole said anything about him telling people that there is an all girls alliance? Paulie says he does not think that Nicole would do that.

11:55am BBT:Zakiyah goes to get Nicole from the HNBR to go up and talk to James. Zakiyah tells her some things before they go up stairs.

11:59am BBT: James ask Nicole why she told people that he said there was an all girls alliance? Nicole  says she never said that and blames Frank for it. James tells her that frank told him that she said it and Nicole says i am over Frank and please do not believe anything frank says cause he was throwing you under the bus yesterday.

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12:01pm BBT: Natalie and Bridgette in the KT cleaning and talking general talk about  making friends and the memory wall shows Tiffany and natalie being nominated this week for eviction.

12:11pm BBT: Pauline tells James and Nicole and Z about how Tiffany listens at walls to others conversations. James says i have caught her doing that too and thats why she wears those shades all the time and pretends that she is asleep.

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