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Sunday July 10, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!


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12:00 AM BBT Paulie and Frank in the KT and Nicole comes in. Nicole says she doesn't want to blindside Tiffany. Frank said you want to tell her and Nicole said not now, but maybe the day before. Frank says I'm good with that I don't mind rubbing it in for a day.


12:06 AM BBT Tiffany and Corey in Have-Not room and Tiffany says she has two people she'd put up with no hesitation and no qualms. Nicole comes back in and Tiffany repeats that and says I bet you can guess. Nicole says Frank and Bridgette and Tiffany nods.


12:08 AM BBT Frank and Paulie in the KT. Frank suggests if they win roadkill they put up Da'Vonne. Frank won two roadkills and he kept them safe and he doesn't want them to take out Bridgette.


12:10 AM BBT Nicole asked Corey if he could change tires and oil and stuff. He says he's added oil but never changed it out. Nicole tells Tiffany her and Vanessa look so much alike and Vanessa says we are siblings.


12:15 AM BBT Michelle, Zakiyah, Bridgette, and Bronte in the HOH room. Chatting about Paul and his stories.


12:17 AM BBT Bronte can't believe people come out of the box just lying right away. It just blows her mind. Chat turns to Jozea and the first eviction.

Paulie and Frank say today proved Natalie and Bronte will likely never win anything.


12:19 AM BBT Frank joins the girls in the HOH room. They talk about making pancakes in the morning.


12:20 AM BBT Paulie tells James in the WA that Frank wants to take a shot at Da'Vonne if they get a chance.


12:23 AM BBT Paulie tells James Frank wants to win all the team challenges to make sure he's safe. Paulie says him, Corey, and James need to meet once in the morning or at night and discuss their game plan so people aren't on to them.


12:27 AM BBT Paulie is trying to figure out a way to present to Frank to throw the HOH. Paulie suggests James goes to Frank and says maybe he should throw it so they can take a shot at Paulie and Corey.


12:30 AM BBT Frank hugs Bronte and Bridgette and says he's going to bed.

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12:30 AM BBT Bridgette and Bronte in HOH and Bridgette says she's going to take a shower. She says her ankle hurt so much at first she thought she broke it. Bronte says she's glad people came up and Bridgette is glad Michelle is opening up to her. Bronte is upset with herself that she believe all of Jozea's lies about Nicole and Michelle. Bridgette is glad her and Michelle got to talk because she's been stressing about it for two weeks and she blames it on Jozea and his lies again.


12:31 AM BBT Frank walks in on James the WC and Paulie and Zakiyah start laughing. Michelle is getting ready to take a shower.


12:33 AM BBT Frank says another successful week in the Big Brother house. He says you know what it is? Loose lips sink ships and we don't have any loose lips. Frank wants Tiffany to ask him where her vote is.


12:34 AM BBT Bridgette says she needs laundry done and she can get it done as HOH, but she doesn't want a stranger doing her laundry. That's pretty weird. (Her words not mine)


12:35 AM BBT Bronte says it's good that Bridgette won twice this week because people will think twice about coming after them because Bridgette is a good competitor.


12:40 AM BBT Corey, Tiffany, and Nicole talking about dating and relationships still. James popped in to say hi and sits in an extra bumper car. Paulie pops in and asks how they're doing. Paulie says Nicole looks pretty comfortable and she says it's not bad. Paulie asks how Corey is doing and Corey says not good.


12:44 AM BBT Natalie goes up to the HOH to use the WC. Bridgette is in the shower and Bronte is laying on the bed. Bronte says her and Bridgette hang out with Michelle and Zakiyah and said they're very sweet and seem really nice. Bronte says everyone is being so nice to her and Natalie gets into bed with Bronte. Bronte says Paulie did a 180 and Michelle is talking to her and Tiffany is all by herself. Michelle told Bronte that she had been close to Tiffany but Tiffany has been really paranoid. Bronte feels like she is no longer the target. Natalie tells her not to stress because she's not going home. Bronte says it was nice to hang out with Michelle that she's really sweet and funny.


12:45 AM BBT James goes back out to fill his water bottle. Nicole asked Paulie to describe how the muffins tasted. Tiffany gets up to go to the WC.


12:47 AM BBT James comes up to check on Bridgette's ankle. Bridgette says it's better but that it's still swollen. Bronte asks if Natalie believes in demons and talk ensues about the ghost in the back room.


12:48 AM BBT If Nicole won the money, she'd buy her brother a tractor for his land, pay off her student loans, and take her parents on a vacation. Tiffany comes back in and settles in. Nicole asks what everyone is doing and Tiff says Michelle is taking a shower. Tiffany gets called to the DR.


12:51 AM BBT Bronte wants to watch those things that everyone watches, the Live Access or whatever. James says Live feeds? Bronte says yes. Bridgette says I watched some live feeds with season 17 but there was never anything going on and she was bored as hell.


12:52 AM BBT Nicole said when the producers called she was excited and was ready to go. Nicole said Frank thought about it for a few days.


12:56 AM BBT Paul comes in to say hi to Nicole and Corey. He advises them to take everything out of the car because it will annoy you while you sleep. He then tells them good-night.


12:59 AM BBT Natalie asks if Frank is sleeping upstairs with Bridgette and she says no and asks if Natalie wants to stay upstairs with her and Bronte. Natalie says she'll stay upstairs.

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1:01 AM BBT Corey asks Nicole if she's going to go on that date with Victor. She says no and Corey asks why. Nicole says he's not my type. Corey says well what's your "type". Nicole says she doesn't know. She says her type has varied, they don't have to be good looking but she has to be attracted to them. She finally says she likes someone goofy, fun, someone who's a good person and has a good heart because she doesn't want to be hurt.


1:02 AM BBT Bronte, Bridgette, Natalie, and James in HOH. Bronte asks if Natalie has been in DR yet and she says no and Bronte says it's a long one.


1:03 AM BBT Paul, Paulie, Frank, and Zakiyah in the KT and they are making pizza. They make two pizzas and Zakiyah says they are greedy.


1:07 AM BBT Natalie says the UKBR is scary. She has nightmares in there and sweats a lot in there. James says try a bumper car.


1:10 AM BBT Michelle says she'd put up two pawns and BD Frank. Nicole says would you like that? Michelle says I wouldn't get joy out of it, but I'd do it for you guys and for my game. Michelle says it's a big move and Nicole says it'd be a HUGE move. Nicole says it's something you can use in your speech and Michelle said it would be hard to choose. Like if Michelle had to choose between Nicole and Corey it would be a hard choice. Nicole says really? You're considering voting for him?


1:13 AM BBT We get a brief FotH and when feeds come back Nicole says I think it will be a new houseguest. [Maybe they're getting hints about a returning houseguest?] Michelle tells them the boys are making two pizzas for three of them.


1:15 AM BBT Zakiyah comes in and sits down. She gives a shoutout. Michelle is afraid if they tell Tiffany she's going she might tell Frank they are gunning for him. Corey asks if it gets easier to sleep in the bumper car and Zakiyah shows him how to lay so it's tolerable. Michelle and Zakiyah aare both able to fit in the bumper car.


1:17 AM BBT Bronte tells Paul if she won HOH she would never put him up as a pawn like other people. Paul says he doesn't talk to anyone, he just bakes muffins. Paul says Tiffany is very confident and that makes him wonder. Bridgette says let her be herself but she doesn't want people to be mean to her. Paul is pretty sure Tiffany HATES Frank. Paul says homegirl is strange. Paul says Tiffany thought he was the roadkill. Natalie says she doesn't believe he got roadkill. Bronte knows her and Paul are friends and he wouldn't have put her up if he'd won a roadkill.


1:20 AM BBT Michelle tells Nicole Bridgette was talking game upstairs and Nicole said like what. Michelle says it was just about Jozea and Victor nothing current. They said they wanted to keep it low-key that Tiffany was going.


1:22 AM BBT Michelle says she felt like Jozea didn't clean that much and Zakiyah says no he just walked around in his panties. Michelle said she remembers the first day Jozea walked around in his underwear and she thought it wasn't appropriate for TV. She said it's something a male stripper would do and Zakiyah said that's what he was going for.


Bronte tells Paul and Bridgette in the HOH that she went up as roadkill because she'd already been up and they don't get blood on their hands. She doesn't think anyone is coming after her because all she wants is to make it to jury. Paul says we only need to make it two more weeks and Bronte says that's if no one else comes back. Paul says they won't do that until jury. Bridgette says you never know and whoever comes back will go right back out. Bridgette doesn't want Glenn to come back because he's a wild card.


1:24 AM BBT Natalie downstairs in KT and Frank is hiding behind the luggage and jumps out to scare her.


1:26 AM BBT Paul says the best case scenario is for Bronte to win HOH next week. Bridgette says we still need to get through this week and she will be damned if Bronte or Paul goes home this week.


1:28 AM BBT Bronte says Natalie finds a way to leave whenever Paul comes and talks to them. She doesn't like Paul.


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1:31 AM BBT Bridgette is saying it doesn't matter what Tiffany might be plotting because it's a numbers game and she's confident that they have the votes. They have Frank, Michelle, Paulie, James, and Natalie and that's all they need. She said it's in Michelle's best interest to get away from Tiffany, Paulie wants to please Frank and that's who wants Frank gone, and James and Natalie are combo. And once Tiffany sees that Natalie isn't going up she will say all kinds of crap and let her because she's gone and shes confident. And if someone flips their vote and Bronte goes home Bridgette would go after whoever the hell sent Bronte home. Because she's one two comps now and she will take them down. Bridgette says we're golden. Bronte says James is falling for Natalie and Frank realizes we're loyal and they see we can be numbers for them. Bridgette says it makes sense for Frank and James to stick with the three girls. Bridgette says we're safe and we're golden for awhile.


1:33 AM BBT Tiffany, Nicole, and Corey in the Have-Not room and Corey says this week is going to be brutal. Tiffany is upset she lost the competition because it's the one her sister won last season. Nicole gets up to refill her water bottle and holds the door closed with Michelle so Corey can't get out. He finally gets out and calls her a brat. Tiffany lays down in her bumper car.


1:37 AM BBT Corey can't sleep and comes in to chat with those in the KT and get some popcorn.


1:40 AM BBT Natalie says Bridgette was awesome winning two comps and America knows who she is now. Natalie called to DR and Bridgette asks her to turn the lights off.


1:44 AM BBT Nicole says she can't watch them eat anymore and heads off to bed.


1:48 AM BBT James gets called to the DR and James said I didn't play in a comp today. He sits there for another minute and Frank says James didn't you get called to DR and he says no. Franks says oh I think they said Jamie someone from the back. And you hear the voice says James! They all laugh.


1:50 AM BBT Frank, Paul, Bronte, Paulie, and Zakiyah in the KT eating pizza and general chit chat going on.


1:56 AM BBT Corey can't sleep and comes in to chat with those in the KT.


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2:09 AM BBT Nicole and Zakiyah go into the Tokyo Room. Nicole can't sleep so she thinks if she sits up until she's tired then she can crawl into the bumper car and sleep. They talk about Paul and they don't trust him and he's loud. Nicole says Tiffany has to go and Zakiyah says yes and then Frank. Zakiyah is ready for him to go. Nicole asks why Paul is so loud all the time and so is Frank. Zakiyah says her team needs to win HOH or Nicole's team and Frank's team needs to be Have-Nots.


2:13 AM BBT Bronte comes in and joins Nicole and Zakiyah. Nicole asks about her ankle and Bronte gives an update.


2:17 AM BBT Corey goes in to try and lay down again. Nicole wants to go and try to fry some slop.


2:21 AM BBT Natalie is called to the Dr. She's still putting on make-up. (She was called the first time at 1:47 AM BBT. This is her second call)


2:22 AM BBT Frank gets called tot he DR because Natalie is still putting on make-up.


2:25 AM BBT Bruno Mars is BAE to Natalie and Bronte.


2:34 AM BBT Zakiyah and Natalie teaching "Patty" (Paul) a dance routine.


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2:39 AM BBT Paul and James are trying to scare people. They got to the UKBR and scare Michelle. Then Paul goes into the Have-Not room to try to scare Corey and Nicole peed her pants.


2:43 AM BBT Paul, Paulie, James, and Corey are teasing Nicole. She says she was laughing so hard she peed her pants and they all laugh and say it's weird. Then Paulie says my mom does that all the time. She laughs so hard and pees her pants.


Zakiyah teaches the dance routine to Bronte as well.


2:45 AM BBT Natalie called to the DR. (This is her third time)


2:48 AM BBT Nicole goes to check to see if she needs to clean up the floor. James said she peed on the floor, but then said it was water that Michelle spilled earlier.


2:49 AM BBT Frank goes off to bed in the Tokyo Room. Paul tells Bronte she looks like a homeless person in his clothes. (She borrowed a shirt after she spilled pizza sauce on hers)



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3:02 AM BBT Frank, Nicole, Bronte in the Tokyo Room. Frank talking about his first season. He says he took a punishment for points and the punishment was to not be able to compete for the next two HOH's. Bronte says I didn't know as a punishment they could not let you compete in HOH. Frank says he went home the very next week too. James said who put you up on your season and Frank said which time. James says when you went home and Frank said Ian. James says Ian? Frank said yeah he put me up twice. Nicole says I met Ian in person and I really liked him. Frank says good for you. James says Frank is still a little salty. Bronte says when she gets out she's going to look up Franks season and find it. She only watched Nicole's season. Bronte asks James questions about his seasons on why they didn't work harder to get Vanessa out.


Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah, and Paul are in the WA chatting. General chit chat.


3:29 AM BBT Bronte goes off to bed upstairs with Bridgette.

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3:33 AM BBT James tells Frank he might be AFP again. Frank said not this season, because I've been an asshole this summer. Frank says he won his season because he was always on the block and that's why he thinks Paul has a chance.


3:37 AM BBT Frank and James in the Tokyo room chatting. Frank says Tiffany isn't that smart. James said Bronte told Bridgette not to use Veto.


3:40 AM BBT Frank says we're at 13. Get rid of Tiffany and Bronte that's down to 11. Frank says we have easy ones to pick off and we can always backdoor some big targets. He said by that time we're down to 9 people and at that point only three people are sitting out of the POV. At that point, we have a good chance in playing in the POV every week. James says then we just control it. Frank says so far everything has gone in our favor, like right now we've gotten over a hump of getting a couple of big ones out, then we get everyone aimed after the smaller targets and James says well we still have a lot of big targets in here. Frank say my point is the big targets who were going to come after us we got out. The big targets left in the house aren't going to come after us for at least the next four weeks. They're not thinking that far ahead. Frank says the thing is while they're going after the small targets maybe we can backdoor big targets, like Corey and Paulie. And then we don't have anymore big targets except for our group. James said do you think we'll have the votes to do that and Frank says oh yeah we got that. Frank says who wouldn't do it? James says Zakiyah. Frank says I think she will, I'm almost positive she will. James says Corey? Frank says Nicole talked to him and Corey said he trusts Frank and he'd roll with him if he wanted that.


3:42 AM BBT Paul comes in and asks if he's ok and Frank says yes. Natalie comes in from her DR.


3:49 AM BBT Paul says Tiffany is really confident. Frank says that's good. Frank says don't worry about it, trust me. He tells Paul she doesn't think you're going home anyway, she thinks Bronte is going home. James says I bet Vanessa's on live feeds freaking out right now. Frank says F Her. Frank says he didn't really care for Vanessa on her season. Paul motions to the Have-Not room and says she's right there and Frank says F her. Frank says she's throwing my name out all over the house, what do I care. Paul says I think you're last statement is right because she keeps coming up to me and saying we and us and he said there is no "us". Paul re-tells the story about Tiffany thinking he has roadkill and her trying to tell him her secret. Frank says everyone in the house knows anyway. Paul leaves and it's just Frank and James again.


3:52 AM BBT Frank says I think we have the votes to get out Paulie or Corey whenever we want. James says well then let's just do it this week. Frank says huh and James said I was just kidding. Frank says honestly in my mind, if Tiffany won he was thinking they should back door Corey. James says he was kind of hoping for that actually. James says if he wins HOH he might just pull the trigger next week and see what happens. Frank says well you'll have to because you can't put up Bronte and Paul. Frank says are you just going to wait and see how the HOH plays out. James says yeah. Frank says put up Corey and Paulie and he'll back James up. James said I'm just saying if my team wins and with Victor gone that might be hard. Frank says Bronte is athletic though and you can toss it to her, I don't think she'd put me up. James says no. Frank says do you think she'd put up Paulie and Corey? James says she'll put up whoever I tell Natalie to put up. Frank says you think so and James says for sure. James says they're always asking for advice.


3:56 AM BBT The phone downstairs rings and Frank says it's your old lady son, and James said no it's probably Bridgette. Natalie says she was just calling to say good night. She says Bronte and Bridget are sleeping so she has to be very quiet. James said when do I get to see you and Natalie says I don't know you were ignoring me all day. James says he was trying to be covert and give her space. Natalie says Fine, I get it. James says are you mad and she says no not at all. James says well what are you doing now? Natalie says do you want to come upstairs and hang out by the chess board.


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4:00 AM BBT Paulie, Corey, and Nicole in the WA. Zakiyah just told them good night. The guys are going to call her Pampers and she says no. Corey says can I call you that once a day and Nicole says no. Corey says once a week and Nicole says once a week but only in front of the people that know about it.


4:02 AM BBT Natalie and James upstairs by the chess board. Natalie says she wants to win a comp and asks James do you think I'll win a comp. He says I'll throw you one. Natalie and James sharing information from earlier conversations. James tells Natalie about Paul getting cornered by Tiffany and Natalie tells James about Bronte and Bridgette brainstorming trying to figure out who roadkill is. Natalie says she doesn't want them mad at her if they find out she knew who was roadkill.


4:04 AM BBT Paul and Frank in the Tokyo room with the lights off. Paul says it's funny you guys are right about stuff, like those three girls are always together. Paul says he hadn't really seen it, but now and Frank says now it's out in the open and Paul says now it's really obvious. Frank says the thing is I really like Bridgette, I'll roll with, I'll do what I can to keep her around for sure. Paul says she's rad, Bridgette is a good girl. Frank says Bridgette knew I wanted Tiffany out and she did that for me. Paul says yeah she came to me and said she knew I wasn't going and since I'd already been on the block it would be easier. Frank asks Paul if you won HOH next week do you know you'd put up. Paul says no I'd probably ask you guys, I'd be like yo what do I do.  Frank says once I get Tiffany out I don't really care. Frank says after that he just wants to fade into the background for a minute and relax. He said he feels like he had to work a lot the first few weeks.


4:06 AM BBT Talk turns to Jozea and Victor and how Paul has changed since they were evicted.


4:07 AM BBT James tells Natalie that Paulie and Michelle are going to try and throw the comp and they are going to try and put Frank up. James says there's a rumor going around that Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie are an alliance called the power puff girls. Natalie says no, we're just best friends. She said they joked around and called themselves the powder puff girls but power puff girls is the dumbest alliance name ever.


4:10 AM BBT Paul says it's hard for people like him and Frank to lay low because that's just not their personality.


4:14 AM BBT More talk about Tiffany and her paranoia and getting her out this week. Frank didn't like Vanessa's game, her attitude, her personality, her game, he didn't want her to win and she cried a lot. He says she's a hypocrite and he hates hypocrites.


4:15 AM BBT Natalie complains to James about Frank being rude and being inappropriate.


4:17 AM BBT Natalie says you cannot tell Bridgette about the plan for Frank and James said I'm not telling anyone until he's on the block. Natalie says don't be telling Frank stuff I tell and James said I don't tell Frank anything. Natalie says I trust you.


4:20 AM BBT More chatter about Tiffany and their good bye speeches and eviction speech from Paul.


4:21 AM BBT Natalie says she hopes Tiffany goes home, that's she's phony and fake. Natalie says Tiffany has been trying to talk to her and be friendly but she didn't try earlier in the game. She just hopes Tiffany goes home this week. James says she has to win HOH next week so she can take Frank down. Natalie says that'd be great after what I've seen of how mean he is. She said he's a bully, he's a big bully. James says he doesn't like bullying and Natalie says so am I.


4:24 AM BBT Natalie says this game is strange. It shows how fake people are. What makes Tiffany think Paul would align with her. Natalie says she thinks its funny because she's never talked to Paul and he was the last one to find out Vanessa was her sister. They circle back to the powerpuff girls conversation. Natalie says people are dumb. Are we really that dumb that we'd name ourselves in front of people and call ourselves the powerpuff girls? She says she wants people to think they're dumb.


4:26 AM BBT James says he's been throwing most of the challenges. He said he didn't have a strategy on the roadkill comp. Natalie circles back to the alliance and says again NO! we do NOT have an alliance and we are not the powerpuff girls. They are just my friends.


4:30 AM BBT Paul and Frank roll over to go to sleep.

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4:31 AM BBT James and Natalie still upstairs by the chess board. James said whenever he hears Natalie's name he gets giddy.


4:35 AM BBT Natalie says Bridgette winning POV and HOH probably wasn't a good idea because it will portray her as a strong player. James tells Natalie sometimes its better not to win comps because you don't want to appear strong and smart. Natalie again circles back to the alliance conversation.


4:41 AM BBT Natalie says Frank took over Bridgette's HOH, that it was all him. Natalie says he's playing Bridgette like a little fiddle. She thinks he's a master manipulator. When she realized Frank was an asshole, she cleared her head and opened her eyes to everything. She says Frank told her he wanted to adopt Bridgette when he gets out of there so she can be his daughter.


4:43 AM BBT James wants to tell Natalie about Frank being roadkill but Natalie doesn't want him to tell her because she doesn't want to lie anymore. Natalie thinks Zakiyah is a professional dancer. Natalie's hands smell like garlic.


4:55 AM BBT Natalie is dieting. She walked downstairs in shorts and she felt fat. She thinks Frank is fake and so phone. She says he memorizes every little thing and stares at people. She says he's always in the game.


Corey, Nicole, Paulie, and Zakiyah have been awake in the WA, but mostly general chit chat. Nicole didn't know what a prenup was.

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5:00 AM BBT Corey rubbing Nicole's head and shoulders and Paulie is rubbing Zakiyah's lower back in the WA.


5:10 AM BBT Corey doesn't want to sleep in the bumper cars. Nicole is falling asleep sitting up.


5:16 AM BBT Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey, and Nicole all attempt to go to bed.


5:20 AM BBT Natalie and James have general chit chat and the same conversations. They re-hash Frank and Bridgette, future comps, they do a little studying, conversations about food, and life outside the BB house. They keep circling around to the same topics and nothing new.


6:39 AM BBT Natalie says she's good at guessing times. So she thinks it's 4:30 or 4:45 or 5 the latest. James says really? She says maybe. James says what time did you go to the DR and she says I don't know. She says it's probably 3:30 or 3:45. James goes downstairs and says oh my God and Natalie says what time is it and James said youre never gonna guess. She says what time. He says its almost 7 oclock. He goes back upstairs to give her a hug. She says she's going to be so cranky tomorrow.


6:42 AM BBT Natalie goes into the HOH to go to bed and James goes to the WC, washes his hands, talks to the camera. He says hey America. Don't know if there are any live feeders or not. He says he took a nap all day and that's why he's up but he's about to go back to bed because it's 6:39 in the morning there LA time, Big Brother time. He does quick shoutouts to family members and /or friends. He catches another camera in the DR and says over here Max. He says in the morning you need to play some country music, some Chris Young or Luke Bryan one time, that's all he asks. He continues towards the bedrooms and gives a peace sign to the LR camera and goes to bed. All HG are now asleep.

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1205 pm bbt: Bridgette attempting to carry coffee in her jacket pocket due to her crutches and spills it on the floor

Michelle carries coffee for her to the living room. Most of the rest of the house is sound asleep


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1208 pm bbt: Bridgette in LR telling Michelle it's weird how quiet the house is. They are debating if it is day 25 or 26. They are talking about how's it's easy to lose track of time in the house.


1210pm bbt: Bridgette asks Michelle how many seasons of big brother she has seen. Michelle says she also watches big brother Canada, UK and Australia. Talking about the differences of each one.


1213 pm bbt: Michelle says that bridgette should watch big brother Canada when she gets out. Michelle says she would be on big brother Canada if given the chance. Michelle continuing to name off all the versions of big brother that exist in other countries. Bridgette says she didn't like the beginning seasons of big brother but liked the later seasons.


1215 pm bbt: Michelle says she likes sponsored competitions. Talking about how Natalie hopes there is a sponsored finding dory competition. They are both speculating if there will be a sponsored movie or tv show comp and what that will be.


1216pm bbt: Bridgette says she is normally introverted outside of the house. She says she goes to bar trivia meet ups sometimes but is always nervous and has to drink first. Bridgette says she also goes to a yoga by the sea meet up group. 


1217 pm bbt: Michelle says she wants to move after this is done. 


1218pm bbt: Bridgette says she didn't have many friends in high school. Says she meets the most people in meetups. Michelle asking how to create a meet up group and Bridgette is explaining the process of joining meetups. 


1220 pm bbt: Bridgette still explaining about the different types of meetups. Says she uses an app for it. 


1221 pm bbt: Michelle says she wants to check out florida and arizona. Michelle says michigan is very cold. Bridgette and michelle talking about snow and weather.


1222 pm bbt: Bridgette says she got stuck at the hospital once after her shift because of a blizzard. Both are now talking about the subway in new york. 





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1240 pm bbt: frank and Bridgette in the safari room. Frank talking about when he injured his leg in the past. Bridgette talking about her ankle. 


1241 pm bbt: Bronte now awake and in safari room.


1241 pm bbt: frank says he decided to sleep all day once he realized they would be on indoor lockdown.


1242 pm bbt: Bronte says some awnings are broken and they have to fix them which is why they might be locked down so early.


1243 pm bbt: Bronte talking about how all her dreams revolve around the house. She says she had a dream she was in the bb house but it was different. Bronte says in her dream her whole face swelled up and she thought her face was going to explode. In her dream she was running to find Bridgette to help her. 


1245 pm bbt: frank says when he is stressed he has dreams his teeth are falling out. Bridgette says this is a symbol of fear or anxiety. Bronte says this is alot more stressful than she anticipated. 


1246pm bbt: Michelle now in safari room. 


1247 pm bbt: Michelle says she was talking in her sleep all night. Bridgette says she talked in her sleep as a kid.


1248pm bbt: talk is about requesting eye drops and the lights being bright.


1249 pm bbt: frank says he wishes they had a salt water pool. Michelle says that in Hungary they have green pools that are lukewarm temperature with no chlorine. She says she has video to show them when she gets out.


1250 pm bbt: Michelle going to bed. 


1251 pm bbt: Bronte says Natalie wants to be a have not so she cannot eat cookies. Bronte says she hates snacking and just likes to eat big meals at home.  Bronte says Victor used to take all the food and would not care If everyone could eat. 



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2:07PM BBT Frank washing his dish after eating. Other cams on Michelle sleeping in the HOH room.


Correction. It is Natalie in the HOHO bed, not Michelle. James, Bridgette are there as well. Bronte on the couch.


2:13PM BBT Frank talking to the feeders. He says Tiffany should be going home this week unanimously. He is musing what will happen this week. Paul gets up and wanders by the safari room. Paul says he will join him in just a moment.


2:26PM BBT Frank talking to the feeds. His F3 would be him, Nicole and either Bridgette or Natalie.  Paul comes in and they start talking about the BY being closed. Maybe for the Outback dinner. We get FOTH.

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finally got my computer fixed....I can do this now


2:35 bbt  Corey and Paul in the Nrm just chillin making fun of Nicole peeing herself....Corey called her Pampers.  Paul thought it would be better to call her Huggies.

2:38 Corey talking about not being able to sleep in the hnr. James comes in and tells them about a previous hn with airplane beds (bb15)



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2:41 Natalie in Kitchen cutting watermelon. Paulie giving her tips on cutting it.  Talk changes to her eating more healthy PP and looking forward to the future. Natalie doing show outs to family.

2:44    Paul and Corey still hanging in the Nrm talking...Paul mentioning Halloween party again. Exits Nrm and goes to Kitchen. Paul offers to help Brid on the stairs.

2:49  Paul telling a story in the Kt about someone calling an officer Popi.

2:51 Everyone wondering if the boiled peanuts are still good.  Nat complimenting Paul on his muffins. 

2:52 Paul, Paulie, James, Nat, and Brid in the Kt general conversation.





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5 Frank and Zak in the TBR, Frank saying how Bronte is next to get out but he doesn't think she is much of a threat anymore. Zak thinks being otb has weakened her. Conversation ends when Bronte comes into the room.


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2:41PM BBT Natalie and Paulie in the KT - talking about past BB comps and rewards. Paul and Corey talk in the Safari Lounge. Paul says he can not wait to get out of the house and rage.


2:56PM BBT Bridgette, Natalie, Paulie and James in the KT. Food prep, no game talk. They talk about their dislike of taking medications.


3:27PM BBT Paul and Corey in the UKBR. Talking about wanting to go outside. In the KT Frank is cooking. No game talk. Just boredom.



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3:29PM BBT Frank heads to the TBR - they are talking about why they have to go forward in the game. Frank talks about who to keep.


3:31PM BBT Frank says to keep the eye on the targets and if needed, then backdoor the target if they have a chance of winning POV.


3:43PM BBT James comes in to tell Frank that there is pizza and he made it extra crispy just for him. Frank heads to the KT.

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4:50PM BBT Natalie and Da talk about that they sleep through the music now. It doesn't even wake them up. The HG are have a very lazy afternoon.


5:01PM BBT Nicole talking to Paul in the KT. She says last time her family watched her pour all sorts of condiments in the slop it made them ill. She says you do what you have to do.


5:11PM BBT Da, Bronte, Zak and Tiffany talk about Dick's season. With his daughter in the house. Bronte says that she doesn't know how she would do with an ex in the house. Zak says she would roll out. They all laugh.


5:25PM BBT Michelle is doing a fashion show for the girls. They are telling her how good she looks. She says she has a date tonight with Paulie and Frank. (not sure if she was joking or not

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5:31PM BBT Michelle is getting ready for the Outback. That is why she is dressing up. Bridgette comes out of DR. Paulie asks if they checked her foot. She says they did and it's going well.


5:36PM BBT We currently have FOTH - May be the Outback dinner.

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5:48PM BBT The feeds are back. HG just roaming the house. Paul waiting for the muffins to come out of the oven that he made.


6:08PM BBT Paul and Bridgette in the HOH talking about baked goods. Nicole in the WA getting her hair curled.


6:20PM BBT James, Paulie and Corey are working out in the house. They have created a gym since they can not go outside.


6:36PM BBT Frank and Bridgette are in the HOH. They are talking about how well their team has done. Frank says he hopes that their team can win HOH again this week.

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