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Thursday July 7, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

I'm in dire need of late night updaters. Because many of us are on the east coast, midnight comes at 9PM BBT.  Newbies are always welcome, no invitation required,  just please start posting!

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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 10:17pm BBT Nicole talking to Corey, Zak, Michelle and Tiffany about how a lot of past BB house guests carved their name in the bathroom door, but now it is painted over so you cannot see it. Nicole then talks about her season when she was HoH. Michelle explains that she follows Rancypants on twitter. Corey wonders how many live feeders there are and he thinks maybe one thousand. Nicole thinks like feeds could be weird to watch because sometimes there are weird things happening.

 10:21pm BBT Victor walked in the room to see what they were talking about and then he walked back out. Corey is telling the group that he lives in the house of Jack Ruby (who killed Lee Harvey Oswald). Corey said the house is nice and he did not see the house before he paid the money to move in.

 10:25pm BBT Nicole wants to hear a ghost story. Zak is telling her about someone in her neighborhood that was killed in their home. Tiffany tells the group that there is a cop that committed suicide in the apartment right next to her. Zak said that her whole school campus is built on a cemetery. Corey does not believe in ghosts because he thinks it is so fake. Nicole would rather be attacked by a burglar then a ghost so at least she could see it to fight back.

 10:30 pm BBT In the WA James is brushing her teeth while Day is redoing her braids. Frank is just lying on the bench talking to Day. Frank said that he was feeling good on the fourth of July and he is going to sleep good tonight. Day took like three naps today and she is going to sleep terrible. James wonders what the comp will be tomorrow. Frank thinks it is going to be a puzzle. James said that they had a puzzle like a week and a half ago and wonders why they would give them another one. Frank said if it is an endurance wall he is going to fall off right off the bat then he said he was just joking he will stay on as long as he can. James tells them about how he was messing with all the house guests last season when they were on the wall.

 10:35 pm BBT Frank is talking about someone that was sleeping a lot today. Frank said that Corey is worried about throwing the comp tomorrow and he thought things were a little weird today. Frank told him that it is the day before eviction because everyone gets crazy. The WA group is talking about Tiffany being so negative, but she is not an imminent threat. Frank does not think that they have to worry about the others coming after them right now. Frank said that they get Vic out first and the next two speed bumps. Frank said they have to get Tiffany out because she is the root of the paranoia. James said that he threw the comp and his own teammate was trying to put him up on the block. James said that there is only so much that he can do as far as throwing comps and he needs someone that says I got ya bro.

 10:42 pm BBT Frank likes Corey but he is young and Tiffany has him paranoid. Zak walks out of the restroom and Frank teases her saying that they have to worry about her because she told Paulie that she loves him. Zak told him to shut up. Zak said that she is going after the HoH because she wants to win something. Frank said that they will send Bronte home next week and then they won’t have to worry, they are good after that. Day wants to know when Bridgette is going. Frank told her whenever she wants, but he wants to back door Paulie or Corey. James wonders if Zak would take Paulie out. Frank said that she told him she is having fun with Paulie but they are not compatible. Nicole walks in the WA and joins in listening to the conversation. Natalie walked in and the conversation turns to underwear and lice. Frank is teasing Natalie because she has so many clothes in the WA. Day left the WA and everyone in there was silent for a minute and then Frank started teasing Nicole. When Natalie left the WA, Frank told Nicole that Corey needs to get on board about throwing the HoH and how he thinks that someone is coming after him. Frank tells Nicole how Tiffany is so paranoids and how she is making Paulie the same way. Nicole does not think so but she will talk to Corey about throwing the Hoh. James wants to go out there knowing that he is throwing the HoH with someone and not that he is just throwing it. Natalie walks in the WA again and discussion changes to how they are locked in the house. James calls Wednesday Witching Wednesday because it is the most paranoid day of the week. Frank leaves the WA so that Natalie can wax Day’s arm pits.

 10:54 pm BBT Tiffany and Bridgette are in another BR chilling. Bridgette is asking Tiffany about her being Vanessa’s sister. Bridgette thought that she was Vanessa’s sister but she did not want to say anything because she was afraid to. Bridgette said that her whole family thought Vanessa should have one. Bridgette said she was also a fan of Johnny Mac. Tiffany wonders why because he did not do anything. Bridgette said that he was so funny. The feeds switch to the KT with Nicole and Michelle talking about James. Michelle is telling Nicole that James said that he did not want to throw the comp. Michelle said that she will throw the comp and asked Nicole if she was going to. Nicole said that she doesn’t know. Nicole asked Michelle if she would be willing to throw the comp and Michelle said yes. Nicole said that they have to talk about that. Zak walks in the KT and discussion changes to wearing a bombshell bra.

 11:03 pm BBT Talk in the KT is about breast feeding babies and in the WA we just see Day getting her arm pits waxed.

 11:04 pm BBT Feeds switch to Corey, Paulie and Frank talking about being good after this week. Frank said that Tiffany seems better today than yesterday. Paulie thinks that she is starting to see reality that it is Vic going home tomorrow. Paulie said they just need to be ready for the next HoH. Frank said that Z and Day are going to be going at it hard. Paulie thinks that Paul will be going at it hard too. Frank told them that James is going to work on throwing it. Nicole walked in the room and Corey is asking Nicole about if he should keep his thumb uncovered because it is hurting and then he asked her if she would kiss it so it feels better. Nicole said that will not make it feel better. They joke around about that and then Nicole walks out. Frank told Paulie that his hair is looking good growing out. Frank is going to get to bed soon. They talk about the road kill comp being on Friday. Frank thinks that he was close on the Road Kill comp and that is a reason to get rid of Vic because he is not only a physical threat but he is super smart.

 11:13 pm BBT Frank don’t know why the girls are so worried about Bridgette, it makes no sense to him. Corey thinks because she is a spy. Paulie said she does just pop in and they all agree that they do not tell her. They continue discussing Bridgette and how she even told them that she was in the HoH to spy. Frank thinks once Bronte is gone, they can trust the rest. Paulie thinks that they definitely don’t want Tiffany around too long. Frank said they need to get Bronte out next week and then Tiffany the week after. Zak walks in and they talk about Frank joking that she has a mustache. Corey and Frank want to get to bed soon. Frank said that he is going to eat a grapefruit for dinner from now on so it keeps him from wanting to eat anything else. They all talk about how good grapefruit is to eat and it is good for your body.

 11:20 pm BBT Discussion with the boys is about different kinds of juices and talk between the girls is about shampoo and conditioner. Corey walks in the WA and the girls tell him that James is in the restroom so Corey walks back out.

 11:23 pm BBT Corey and Nicole go into the SR and Nicole asks why Corey told Frank what he did because he is super pissed. Nicole said that she is not throwing a comp unless Corey thinks she should. Corey thinks that he is pretty genuine with them. Nicole told Corey to be careful because Frank is playing Mike Bogie’s game. Nicole would not be surprised if Frank tries to get Tiffany out tomorrow. Michelle walks in the SR and Nicole leaves. Corey asks her what her thoughts on tomorrow’s HoH. Michelle don’t think hat they should throw it. They discuss that everyone is wanting to put up Bronte next and then Paul, Bridgette, Nat and Tiffany. Nicole walks back in the SR and Corey said that if Michelle gets HoH he is fine with that. Corey is talking about things that Frank has said. Corey said that Frank is not going to let Michelle and Nicole very far because he doesn’t think he can beat them. The three are comparing notes on what Frank has said to them and they all agree that Frank needs to go. Corey thinks that Frank might know that he messed up and that is why he is being close to the others.


 11:32 pm BBT Nicole wants to talk to James about throwing it. Corey said that Day is talking about Nicole and James having something going on. Corey told Michelle that he told her last night not to freak out and then she freaked out on Bridgette. Corey thinks that they got the big targets out with ease and he does not know why Frank wants to screw it up. Nicole is going to talk to James tonight. Corey said that they could put up Paul and Bronte and then back door Frank. Nicole thinks that it is going to be hard. They agree that Tiffany would be the perfect person to back door Frank. Nicole said again that it is going to be hard. They talk about comps and Corey jokes saying that he is really good at ball tricks with his hands. Michelle is pissed that Frank said things about her and then they walk out of the SR. Nicole and Michelle are in the KT getting ready to eat.

 11:40 pm BBT Corey and Paulie head up to the HoH room. Corey explains that he talked to Michelle and she confirmed that they need to get him (Frank) out next week. Corey said that he told Frank that he hates throwing comps and he said that he would do it but he don’t want to and he saw Frank go into the other room with Nicole..then Tiffany walks in the HoH, so Corey went into the restroom and Paulie started brushing his teeth. Tiffany sits down and Paulie asks if she is ready for tomorrow. Tiffany said yes and asked if Frank was bullshitting him down stairs. Tiffany wonders if Paulie told Frank that he knew and Paulie said that he did not tell him. He said holding onto information is key. Paulie explains that when someone is coming after you, you do not want them to know that you know. Corey is going to bed and will talk to them in the morning. Tiffany asked Paulie how he feels about everything and Paulie said that he feels pretty good. Paulie is explaining to Tiffany that Frank was talking about Bridgette and Michelle. Tiffany asked if he said anything about her and Paulie told her no. Tiffany asked Paulie if he trusts her. Paulie tells her yea and asked her why. Tiffany wants to talk to him but she is starting to cry. Then she explains that she really wanted to work with him and certain things that people are saying is hurting her. Tiffany is telling Paulie that people he thinks that he can trust, he can’t. Tiffany wants to work long term with him and Frank wanting to gun after her and no one telling her really hurt her. Paulie explains that he is very observant with people and just sits back. Tiffany said there are so many things that she hears and it is annoying. Paulie said that his why he just zin’s out and he is already suspicious of Frank and fortunately he has people telling him to be careful.

 11:52 pm BBT Paulie thinks it is very easy to get emotional in BB and when Frank came to him about the group 8, he did not fly off the handle, but his mind is always flying and wondering why he is on the outside of the eight. Paulie has decided in the next four weeks he is going to be very observant. Paulie suggests that you can’t figure out your chess move until others move so sit back and not let emotions cloud your judgment. Zak walks in the HoH room and said that she is trying to escape Vic’s gas and then Michelle walks in the HoH room and discussion turns to the HoH key and movies about making things out of bars of soap.  

 11:59 pm BBT Paulie leaves the HoH room to get a water bottle. Michelle tells Zak and Tiffany she is so worried about HoH and she hopes one of them gets it. Paulie is back in the HoH room and offers to refill water cups. Michelle is talking about Bridgette coming up to play chess and Michelle made the comment “spy” and now apparently Frank is pissed about that. Nicole joins them in the HoH room and Michelle is saying that they probably heard something different. Tiffany is surprised that Frank said James needs to go and wonders if Frank knows that they talk to each other. Michelle asks Paulie if he talks game to Frank at all and Paulie said that he does more observing and keeps things to himself. Nicole asks if the fish have been fed and then discussion turns to the fish teeth.

 12:06am BBT Discussion in the HoH is still about the fish and then Michelle asks Paulie if he is excited not to play in the comp tomorrow. Paulie jokes and said he is real excited. Nicole explains that it is kinda cool watching from the side lines but it is nerve wrecking. They start talking about Jozea and how nice it is not to see a man walking around in his underwear and how the house does not feel divided anymore. Michelle tells them about Bridgette was walking past a lot last night when she was talking to day and how Frank kept sticking up for Bridgette. Paulie explains how Frank said that Michelle needs to chill about Bridgette and the spy thing. Michelle thinks that Frank and Bridgette are really tight. Zak explains how Frank told her to tell Michelle to chill about Bridgette…and then we get FotH.

 12:15am BBT Feeds are back and Paulie explains how Natalie and Bronte don’t want to win a comp they just want to coast through the game. Michelle would not be opposed to keeping Paul longer than Bronte, Bridgette and Natalie. Paulie thinks that Paul is just kinda like chilling. Tiffany explains that Natalie did not leave the room until she had a long conversation with Frank and how she felt comfortable after their talk. Paulie knows that Frank has been trying to make deals with everyone. Paulie don’t think that he has seen a season where many floaters made it to the end. Michelle explains how Frank told her he is one hundred percent sure she is going to win HoH tomorrow. Paulie said that Frank tried alluding to the fact that Bronte is a sweat heart and not a threat.

 12:27am BBT Tiffany explains how Natalie’s flirting thing is all fake and how she pops her legs up all of the time and she twirls her hair. Paulie said that a week ago that Natalie is all an act. Tiffany feels bad now they should not be talking crap because the feeds are on. Michelle explains that Natalie’s best friend made her promise not to drink on the show and it’s probably because she gets crazy when she drinks. Paulie said that he knows her ex boyfriend and then we get Foth. When the feeds come back we see James and Vic getting into bed and then the feeds switch back to the HoH room with Natalie walking out. After she left Paulie said that he did not even see her coming up the stairs. Nicole is going to bed and Zak said that she is going to sleep in about thirty minutes. Paulie is thinking about his speech for tomorrow, he wants to keep it short. Michelle suggests Tiffany give a speech with something different, not the boring ones that are not memorable. The HoH group is making fun of Bridgette and then Tiffany was called to the DR. Zak said that she misses having a bottle of wine by her bedside. Paulie said that if Jozea would have survived last week and Paulie was HoH, his speech would have been nasty. Michelle is still talking about Bridgette and how she does not like her. Zak said that she just don’t trust her. Paulie thinks that Frank thinks that Corey is going to throw the HoH comp, but he does not think that Corey will throw it. Paulie explains how Frank was saying earlier how Bronte is not such a bad person and Paulie knows that Frank is going to try and cut him sooner.    

 12:42am BBT The HoH group are discussing scenario’s of wining HoH and who would be put up and how others would vote. Michelle thinks that she should throw the HoH so Bridgette could go home. Zak explains that Frank said something today about getting Paulie out on week eleven. Zak said that she told Frank that she is not close with Paulie and she tried to throw it off. Paulie is wondering if Tiffany is alright and said how she was getting emotional before the others came in the room. Zak is not going to talk to Tiffany. Michelle explains how Tiffany was talking to Paul and that Tiffany was saying that there is an overwhelming power in the house. Paulie said that Paul told him that personally and also said that Tiffany said that she has Paul’s back and asked Paul to have her back. Paulie is trying to remember the things that Tiffany came in the room saying. Paulie said that he just kinda deflected it and told her that he does not know why she is thinking those things and he told her that she just gets emotional. Paulie thinks that Tiffany was trying to make him feel guilty about something. Michelle asked Paulie if he really has a final two with Frank. Paulie said that she should not think that because he was talking about getting Paulie out in week eleven. Michelle just wants Bridgette out but she feels like Frank would get mad at her. Paulie explains that Bridgette told Frank that Natalie wants to get the girls against the guys. Michelle would never work with the girls from the other side. Tiffany is back in the HoH room and said that she just talked so much shit about them and then we get FotH.  

 12:54am BBT The feeds are back and Michelle asked if everyone else is asleep. Tiffany told her that Nicole and Day are in the safari room…so let’s go there. In the safari room Day would feel more comfortable with Tiffany winning HoH. Nicole thinks that if Tiffany wins the HoH then Frank will freak out. Nicole thinks Michelle is open to the idea of throwing the HoH, but she does not know if she will because Frank intimidates her. Nicole said that she needs Day’s team to win. Nicole hopes that Corey does not feel the need to throw the HoH comp. Day thinks that Corey has a mind of his own and Nicole agrees. Zak joins Nicole and Day and then she explains that Michelle needs to shut up. Nicole told Zak that Michelle needs to get her but down from the HoH room. Day said that Paulie is already afraid about a girl’s alliance and why would Michelle tell Paulie about the other girls wanting to start an all girl’s alliance. Nicole said that all Michelle needs to do is say something to Paulie that does not match up with what they have said. Nicole is asking Day or Zak to go up and get Michelle. Zak explains that Tiffany was talking to Paulie about thinking something is going on. Day said that this is why she said just them three. Nicole said that it is just us three but those other two know things. Day left the room to go up and get Michelle out of the HoH. Nicole needs to look her in the eyes and tell her she needs to calm her jets. Zak said that Tiffany needs to shut up too. Day cannot believe Tiffany took her ass up to the HoH room and interrogated Paulie. Michelle walks in the safari room and Nicole tells her that she needs to watch what she says. Michelle explains that she did not say anything about an all girl alliance to Paulie. Nicole just wanted to make sure even though she is smart she cannot trust Paulie enough to tell him things. Day does not want to be in a situation where they run back and tell someone. Nicole does not think that Paulie is telling Frank anything. They wonder why Tiffany is up in the HoH room talking to Paulie.  

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12:04 AM BBT Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie whispering in the WA while Natalie is getting waxed. They want to win HOH. Bronte says Nicole and Zakiyah went upstairs and she was hoping to be invited. They speculate whether there is an alliance between those two and Bronte says and Paulie because he's upstairs. Bronte is more worried about next week.


12:07 AM BBT Natalie tells Bronte that she has went around to everyone and told them how much Victor hurt her and she repeats this four times because no one knew he hurt her feelings. Bronte says See ya! Adios amigos! Natalie laughs as she's brushing her teeth.


12:09 AM BBT Bronte says Victor was copping an attitude today during a word game they were playing to Corey. Natalie asks what that means and Bronte says he was just really cocky and arrogant. Natalie says shes seen lots of little fights and Bronte says yes something is going on. They think they are making progress with Nicole. Bronte says they have to be as nice as possible and Bridgette says we've always been nice. Bronte says eventually they'll invite us to hang out.


12:14 AM BBT Natalie says the house will be much more calm in 24 hours. Natalie says they thought they were running the house and Bronte says they were talking crap about us the entire time. Natalie says when Jozea was there he seen her getting close to Tiffany and suggested she flirt with Tiffany. Natalie says she would never have done that, especially after Victor did that to her.


12:17 AM BBT Frank and James in the Tokyo room and Frank is telling James that Paulie is on the band wagon to get Tiffany out. James says so are we getting Tiffany out this week and Frank says maybe. Frank asks James who Bronte would put up and James said he didn't know. Frank says do you think she'll go after girls and James says yeah, she wouldn't come after us and he thinks she'd listen to him because she's friends with Natalie. James and Frank think Tiffany is a wild card. Frank says he might just try and win the HOH comp tomorrow so they can figure out themselves what they are going to do. Frank thinks Michelle will listen to them and Da'Vonne would take out Tiffany. Frank wants to get Bronte or Tiffany out this week. Corey comes in and joins them. Frank gives a shoutout to his girlfriend and tells her to go to bed.


12:21 AM BBT Frank said it might not even be a competition they can throw anyway. Bridgette comes in and sits next to James. Frank does not want endurance. Bridgette wants it to be mermaid themed. Bronte and Natalie come in and interrupt the game chat.


12:26 AM BBT Victor, Frank, Corey, and James all in bed talking about pranks and scaring people.


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12:30 AM BBT Nicole and Da'Vonne in the safari room talking. Nicole had suggested a final 5 with Da with Zakiyah, Paulie, Corey, Nicole, and Da and Da didn't like the idea because she felt Cory and Nicole would be a pair and Zakiyah and Paulie would be a pair and she would be the odd man out. Nicole assures her that wasn't the case because she wants to go to the end with Da. Nicole says if she is at the end with a newbie, they can say the vet has done it before and the newbie should win because they did it by themselves their first time. Da says Frank was really pissed in the WA with Corey not wanting to throw HOH. Da says Frank was venting that Nicole needed to do her job and Frank wants his team to win HOH so Michelle can have it. Da says maybe I feel like winning it because she wants to see her kid. She said then Frank said he didn't care if she or Zakiyah wins it, as long as Nicole's team don't win so he can get rid of Tiffany. Zakiyah says she talked to Tiffany earlier and Tiff said she would fight like hell because she wants Frank to go home by her hand. Da says Paulie is 100% on board for sending Frank home, but he was concerned about cutting that off and Nicole says he has to get over that. Da does not think Corey should throw the comp because she's tired of people throwing comps for him.


12:35 AM BBT Nicole and Da going over some of the rumors going around and trying to figure out who's telling who what. They are discussing Corey and Paulie knowing about Frank wanting them put on the block.


12:49 AM BBT Nicole and Da still sharing info and Da says Frank will be pissed. They want to put up Bridgette and Bronte as pawns and win roadkill and put up James and ultimately back door Frank. Nicole says they need one of their teams to win and not Franks team.




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1:00 AM BBT Nicole advises Michelle in the safari room to watch what she says to people. Da says her circle of trust is very small right now.


1:08 AM BBT James comes in and says he's not supposed to trust Nicole and the girls. James says just assume that I know everything. James says the walls have ears. James asks what the plan is for tomorrow and Michelle says what's YOUR plan? He asks if the votes will be 10-0 and Da says we don't know how those other girls are going to vote.


1:13 AM BBT Michelle wonders if there's another twin in the house. Then she suggests Paul. Tiff said if there's a twin it would be someone like Bronte. Michelle says she does talk about her sister a lot.


In the HOH room, Paulie and Zakiyah talking and Paulie says he only trusts Zakiyah and Corey. He doesn't mind the alliance of 5 because Zakiyah trusts Da and Nicole and Corey trusts Nicole, and 5 is a good number. But he will only believe information that comes directly from Zakiyah and Corey.


1:14 AM BBT Bridgette tells Natalie to watch out about being caught up in a showmance. They said if they target James, then they will target Natalie and she needs to be careful. Bridgette and Bronte said they will say anything they need to and campaign for Natalie. Natalie says James has a great personality. Bridgette is trying to explain what the Vanessa and Frank fight is about and didn't get any details right. Bridgette says Tiffany is using Vanessa's strategy on getting into fights with people and getting the whole house against that person.


1:17 AM BBT Paulie says he wasn't expecting information to come about Frank. Zakiyah says she's glad Paulie is keeping his eyes open and he's on to Frank's game. Paulie said that his strategy was to find one or two people to trust and align with and share information with.


1:20 AM BBT Bridgette says Victor and Paul are only on the show to get their Instagram followers up. Bronte says Victor is a personal trainer and went to school for four years to figure out he didn't like finance. Natalie says she thinks Victor is still in finance because he's intelligent and solved the roadkill challenge in 20 seconds.


1:22 AM BBT Natalie says she went around and told everyone Victor hurt her feelings. Natalie says she told Mama Da and after they talked Victor went to talk to Da and she wasn't nice to him because he hurt Natalie's feelings. She said she planted seeds that he hurt her feelings and she's wanted him out since day 1.


1:25 AM BBT Michelle, James, Da, Tiffany, and Nicole talking in the safari room. James says to Michelle her and Bridgette are a trip. He says he feels like when Michelle nominates Bridgette her speech is going to be funny. Michelle says she falls asleep every night thinking about it.  James wants to hear a sample of the speech and Michelle says she knows what Bridgette's game is and she is not baking her way to the end. She was trying to make them obese and wheezy so she could win, but they don't like Bridgette's cookies as much as they like Michelle's. She continues I can see right through your fake little get together and I know you're a spy. Da says 22 nights of thinking that up? Zakiyah comes into the safari room.





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1:34 AM BBT Nicole and Zakiyah in the SR and Nicole telling Zakiyah that she talked to Michelle about watching what she says to Paulie.


1:41 AM BBT James, Corey, and Nicole in the SR deciding if they are going to throw a comp. They realize if they do Frank's team will be intact and the rest of them will be down team members. They are also questioning why Frank is so dead set on getting Tiffany out when Bronte is still in the house. Nicole is nervous about throwing a comp and doing Frank's dirty work. James says if he throws another comp, it will be one more but he won't do it after that. James says this is the last week we can throw a comp if we're going to do it and Corey says if we do then Frank's team is going to be very powerful with 4 and everyone else will only have 2 or 3. Corey says we should just throw it tomorrow. James asks if their team wins who it will go to and Nicole says Michelle, but Corey points out Bridgette will not want Michelle to get HOH and Nicole says Frank said a few days ago he wanted it. Corey says Frank wants layups at the end.


1:51 AM BBT Corey tells James that Frank thinks Nicole and James has a thing and mentioned their names together. Corey says Frank has been talking about everyone and mentioning names and he's talking too much. James says he has information, but he wants to verify it before he shares. James says if it's true that Corey will not like it. James says Franks stories aren't straight and Nicole said she hopes James knows she's not lying and Corey agrees. Corey says Frank lied to Paulie about the 8 pack and said Michelle came up with the alliance. Corey said no Frank stepped out of the shower and said the 8 pack. James said Frank is trying to do something with everybody. Corey says maybe we'll meet up tomorrow at some point. He tells James to confirm whatever his information is because Corey is afraid to throw it for next week.


1:57 AM BBT James says Frank is playing his game and he wants everyone to help him. James said but what is good for Frank's game may not be good for our game. He's playing his own game. Brief FotH. Corey says I knew the alliance would break up, but after a week? James says he thinks Victor will be his last act as the 8 pack.

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2:00 AM BBT Corey says he just wants to confront Frank about everything and James said that's not a good idea because he'll tell everyone Corey is a threat. James says he knows a lot of stuff right now and he doesn't run his mouth. James said he just wants to know who he can talk to.


2:10 AM BBT Nicole and Corey re-hashing their conversation after James leaves and discuss further whether to throw or not. [This may come down to a last minute decision]


2:25 AM BBT Paulie and Paul in HOH. Paulie telling Paul Tiffany is gunning for Frank and letting him know Frank is in some danger. Paul says he thinks Paulie is in a good spot and Paulie says you are too. Paulie is telling Paul for the next three weeks to just lay low. Paulie says there's too much talk going on and he's enjoyed his time in HOH. Paul says he was talking to Tiffany and she was trying to get information and Paulie says that's what she's trying to do and that's how she's playing the game.

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2:30 AM BBT Paulie says I'm not sure if Frank has said it out loud to anyone but he's hinted at it. Paul says Frank has said he wants Tiffany out and Paulie says she's trying to fish and find out who he's told and who he's tied to. Paul said Nicole told him she didn't put him because she liked him and he couldn't figure out why Paulie was put up. Paul said he knew that Victor was going to piss the girls off because of all the flirting. Paul says these girls are strangers, not girls you grow up with and know. You don't know which girls are ok with being touched and which ones aren't. Paulie says anything you say doesn't leave this room and anything I say doesn't leave this room. Paul says I don't even talk to anyone that much. Paul said Natalie is so worried about being dumped on live TV and Paulie says she can't be trusted.


2:49 AM BBT We get a reminder for James that sleeping isn't allowed in the LR.


2:53 AM BBT Michelle, Paul, Paulie, and Corey all in the LR chatting.

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2:59 AM BBT Nicole comes out of the DR crying. Michelle asks if she's ok as she walks by.


3:02 AM BBT Nicole and Da'Vonne in the safari room talking game. Nicole says she doesn't trust Paul as far as she can throw him. Da says she feels like they are playing someone else's game and Nicole says she doesn't like feeling like she has to throw a competition. She said it's selfish for Frank to expect 6 players to give up HOH so he can do what he wants.


3:07 AM BBT Michelle comes in and asks Nicole if she's ok. Nicole says she was just frustrated and didn't realize she was feeling the way she did. Michelle starts talking about Frank being disrespectful to the women in his alliance and Michelle says he's worse than Victor. Da said that's a good point because Frank smacked her on the bottom. Michelle said she is so disappointed in Frank.


3:11 AM BBT Nicole says Zack was an angel compared to some of the guys in the house. [Not sure if she means Frank or Paul]


3:21 AM BBT Michelle asks Da if Frank has mentioned a final 3 or 4 to her. Da says her, Frank, Paulie, and Zakiyah.


3:24 AM BBT James comes into the safari room and asks where Michelle is going to sleep. Michelle says she doesn't want to sleep with Bridgette and that she might sleep with Paulie. James said Frank told him Paulie hasn't had the bed to himself this week and Michelle said yes he has because Frank came back down a few days ago. James says yeah he stayed up there long enough to make sure Paulie did what he wanted him to do. Nicole goes to get Cory and Paulie and Paul come in too.



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3:33 AM BBT Da'Vonne, Nicole, and Corey in the WA and Da tells them no one is throwing the comp. Nicole asks if James still wants to talk to them or not and Da says maybe tomorrow. Da goes off to bed. James comes into the WA. Frank wants James to put up Corey and Paulie. Then we get FotH.


3:38 AM BBT Feeds back. James says Frank wants to throw the right people against each other at the right time. He wants everyone going at each so Frank can sit back and watch. Corey said that's stupid when we still have five clear targets. James asks is there a separate five person alliance with Paulie and them. James says Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Da. Corey says no. Corey says Frank wanted that to happen and be the fifth wheel. James says Frank is stirring up a lot of crap and people were afraid to talk to each other and now they're starting to find stuff out. James said he doesn't even want to tell Paulie because he's afraid he would go back and tell Frank. Paul and Paulie come in. Nicole and Paul say good night and head off to bed.


3:41 AM BBT James said what we do from this point with Frank. Corey says nothing at this point he's Victor. Corey says if James wins James could put up Tiffany and Bridgette and backdoor him. If they can't get Frank, then they might get Bridgette. James says Da will throw the comp so Corey can win and Corey said will Da do that? James said Da is on board to get Frank out. Nicole tells Corey she feels like she has to hide when she eats because Frank told Nicole and Michelle they look disgusting when they eat. Nicole says he makes her feel uncomfortable and she doesn't like it and Corey says he doesn't mean it, hes nasty and farts all the time. James thinks Zakiyah and everyone will vote Frank out.

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3:51 AM BBT James says we just have to hope Frank doesn't get picked for the POV. Nicole says they might be ok if Paulie and James gets picked as well. That way it's all strong guys playing for it.


3:58 AM BBT James, Nicole, and Michelle in the KT while Nicole gets a snack. James tells Michelle to make sure she throws the HOH. He gives a tip about if it's a puzzle to knock it over. James said he knows Frank has been dropping his name too. Michelle shares information with James. Paulie and Corey both in the HOH bed talking before they go to bed. Neither Paulie nor Corey sees Paul as a threat. Paulie says he hasn't been sharing info with Paul because he doesn't want him to be able to blow up his game.


4:01 AM BBT Paulie says Frank told him he didn't want James to be in the F2 because he doesn't want anyone with a kid there. Corey says oh yeah he did say that, but they'll talk about that tomorrow. Corey says tomorrow Michelle is going to throw HOH and if Zakiyah, James, or Corey wins then they will be good. Paulie says I don't want Tiffany because Michelle asked Tiff who she would put up and Tiffany says she didn't know. Corey says Frank is Vic this week and Paulie asks who will you put up as the pawns if James wins and Corey says Paul and Bridgette. Paulie says it would be better for Da or Corey to win so they have Bronte and Natalie as an option to put up on the block. Corey tells Paulie about Nicole is uncomfortable around Frank and that's why she was crying. Paulie says that's just his personality and Corey says yeah but they are all uncomfortable. Paulie is concerned because they said Victor made them uncomfortable and now they are getting him and then they start saying Frank is making them uncomfortable. He's wondering if it's a set up to have an all girls alliance and get rid of all the guys.

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4:06 AM BBT Paulie says he doesn't understand why Frank wasn't solid because he had the two most loyal guys in the house. Paulie says Frank is even ok with Zakiyah winning HOH. Paulie says we have the best chicks in the house with Zakiyah, Da, and Nicole. Corey says they need to get some sleep. Paulie says it's going to be an interesting week and it's such a damn shame. He would have had no problem tagging Tiffany and they could have done whatever they wanted.


4:10 AM BBT All houseguests are snug in their beds and have fallen asleep.

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9:00AM BBT Paul is the only one up in the house so far.  He is in the WA doing ADLs.
9:03AM BBT Paul in African room.  He is speaking to camera in a "friendship" talk.  He mentions being a havenot for 2 weeks in a row.  The bumper car beds are the worst because you can't sleep.  You can't fully extend your legs in them.  He now has hip pain.  The slop isn't too bad because you can hide the taste.  And of course the cold showers.  It wouldn't be too bad if you only did one at a time.  But doing all 3 at a time, you go crazy after 4 days.
9:04AM BBT  Paul still talking to camera.  He mentions being on the block twice.  And that POV comps get the blood pumping.  He says that the house gets into every part of your life.  That even in his dreams he is dreaming about everything & everyone in the house.  It is hard not knowing what family & friends are doing and thinking outside of the house.
9:07AM BBT Paul still talking.  He is saying that it is hard to live in the house.  There are going people that he doesn't like, but he has to act fake and pretend to like them to stay on their good side.  Otherwise, if you rock the boat too much you will get voted out quickly like Josea did.
9:09AM BBT Paul saying that the comps appear easy when you watch them from home.  However, the high amounts of stress of trying to win in order to stay safe.  Plus knowing that you are competing on TV.  And also knowing that you have to beat everyone else in the house.  
9:13AM BBT Paul says that in order to really play BB, you really need to know yourself.  Because your demise on the show would be based off of your own actions and mistakes.  So you need to know how to act and control yourself when needed.
9:16AM BBT Paul says that even if you think you are in control, there are others who can change it.  So even if you think you have something figured out, it all changes.  BB is completely a game of chance since things are constantly changing.  That is why he stays so calm because the experience is worth it.  He feels lucky to be able to have participate.
9:18AM BBT Paul saying if you have tried out for BB in the past, don't take it personal if you haven't been picked yet.  He says alot of it depends on the season.  So keep trying.  The staff picks different personalities to go together for each season.  In the middle of his sentence it cut to the FotH with a WBRB message.
9:21AM BBT Feeds are back.  Michelle is in KT making breakfast.  Paul is still talking.  Now he is talking about what he misses most.  He says that being without his cellphone & internet has made him realize how much he has missed spending time with family & friends.  He says that cellphones & internet detaches people from each other because of txt msgs, emojis & everything else.
9:25AM BBT Paul says that technology is pulling us apart.  Too many people will spend time with others but still be attached to their phones.  They will sit in restaurants together yet not talking to each other.  Production comes on and tells Michelle to put on her microphone.
9:29AM BBT Nicole called to DR
#BB18 9:30AM BBT Paul is now talking about how you should always go for your dreams.  He wanted to open up a clothing business.  He didn't know how to do it, but it was something he wanted to do.
9:32AM BBT Paulie called to DR.  then feeds went down again.
9:32AM BBT Michelle still in KT cooking.  Nicole in WA doing ADLs
9:35AM BBT Bridgette now in KT getting coffee & breakfast.
9:36AM BBT  Paul still in African Room talking.  He says he has a band called Strange Faces.  He says they have videos up on youtube.
9:39AM BBT Paulie is now awake.  He just wandered down to the KT.
9:39AM BBT Paul still talking to the camera in African Room.  He is talking about social media & its affect on our culture.  Too many people base their importance on how many followers they have.  He says that he doesn't care about that.  It should all be based more on the person & their personality.  He will always respond to people who are really nice to him on social media.
9:44AM BBT Bridgette said that she never really watched the live feeds before.  Michelle said that she did because she felt like it gives you a whole extra piece to the show.
9:51AM BBT In KT, Michelle & Bridgette talking about vegetarianism.  Michelle says it is a common misconception that we need alot of protein.  She says we only need 8g of protein for every kg that you weigh.
9:51AM BBT Paul in African Room talking.  He says that no matter what, you always have to love yourself because in the end, that is all you have.  You should always be nice & do nice things for people.  A kind gesture goes a long way.  There doesn't need to be a reason for it.  

9:52AM BBT Da & Nat is in WA doing ADLs.  Paulie walks into African Room to find out what Paul is doing.  
#BB18 9:56AM BBT Paul is now on the subject of bullying.  He says if you see someone being bullied you should help them.  He just now realized that he has been talking for almost an hour & he said that feeders are now waking up & are probably wondering who he is talking to.  He is going to try to do this every morning.  He says as a last comment to check out his clothing line Dead Skull Apparel.
10:03AM BBT  Paul is now in KT cooking breakfast & talking to Michelle.
10:04AM BBT BB tells Nat to put on her mic.
10:05AM BBT Frank is now awake.  He heads to WA to do ADLs
10:06AM BBT James is now in WA doing ADLs.  Frank is in KT.  BB tells him to put his mic on.  He says he is going back to bed.
10:13AM BBT Camera switches to Havenot room.  Midconvo, Da is telling Zak that she wants to put "him" up because of what he did.  She feels betrayed.  Unfortunately, they don't mention who is "him" that must have been before the cameras switched to them.  Da says she will give the HoH to Zak as long as it is either "him" or Tiff that goes home.
10:16AM BBT  BB announces that the HGs need to clean the bathroom today including the mirror over the sink.
10:18AM BBT Nat, James & Da in WA.  Nat says she feels that everyone gets upset with her when she uses food to cook with.  James says don't worry about it.  You use what you need.  She says that she was just called out on it.
10:26AM BBT  BB comes overhead & tells HGs again to clean bathroom.  Paul yells back to shut up because your not my dad.  Someone tells him that they are for the summer.
10:38AM BBT In African Room, Nic & Corey are talking about who should win HoH.  Nic says she doesn't want Da to win.  She is ok with Zak to win though.
10:39AM BBT Nic tells Corey that she doesn't think voting Vic out is best for her game.  She says it helps Paulie & Frank though.
10:42AM BBT Nic is worried about the HoH Comp tonight.  She tells Paulie that she is worried that she might have an off day because it is live TV.
10:52AM BBT James, Nic, Paulie & Corey in African Room talking about getting Frank out next week.  Paulie said during HoH comp, he will shoot signs to the other 3 to let them know how their team is doing.
10:55AM BBT Nic tells the guys that she feels bad for Vic.  He doesn't think he is going home.  They were shocked that he wasn't even worried.

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11:03am BBT: Nicole says she just feels sorry for Vic but she promises Corey and Paulie she will not say anything to him.

11:14am BBT: Girls are in the WA doing hair and make up talking about extensions while the guys are in the KT talking general talk and cleaning.

11:19am BBT: Hg are all heading to the HOHR for a lock down and we get WBRB.


11:29am BBT: We now have Jeff's reels.

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1:52pm BBT: Hg are coming out of the HOHR and going to lay down in their beds. Nicole and Corey in the WA laughing as Corey tries to pop Nicole with a towel.

1:58pm BBT: James is in the STR ironing his shirt. Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette in the KT talking about if they need to wear athlete clothes or not tonight. Paul is making food as Paulie walks around the KT.

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2:13p  Cam 3 is in the London room with Natalie and James talking about votes.  James says he has some new stuff that has come to light.  He says it's going to be a hell of a week if you thought Vic was the one going.  And "We'll Be Right Back"....


2:17p  Natalie keeps telling James thanks and she can't wait for the eviction tonight.  WBRB... Natalie says she's not just one of those people that if I don't like you, I can forgive...I've been trying to be nice this whole time.  She likes everyone.  She says she was a huge BB fan before this and knows she's taking a risk...obviously I'd like to win, it would make my life a lot easier.  James asks her what she would do with a 1/2 million dollars.  They discuss where they would move and buy, etc.


2:23p  Kitchen:  Corey and Bronte.  Bronte is seated and eating something in a bowl and Corey is washing dishes.  No talking.  Bridgette joins them.  Bridgette puts on a pair of glasses and says "Wow, I do not need glasses".  Bronte tells her she can try her glasses on, they look like Nicole's."  Bridgette removes the glasses and walks off towards the bathroom.  Bronte is telling Corey she can't wait to start eating her more normal way, more healthy.  They are now discussing their routines at home.   Bronte finishes what she was eating and goes into the kitchen and goes to wash her bowl



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2:04pm BBT: Bronte and Paul making food, Paulie, Bridgette and Natalie just talking general talk about  what to wear tonight and how to do hair. James still in the STR ironing.

2:07pm BBT: Victor in  his rm packing while Corey is getting dressed.

2:15pm BBT: Natalie laying in bed talking to James about being nervous about the live eviction and we get WBRB.

2:21pm BBT: Natalie tells James she just wants to win this game so she can buy a house and help her mom and sister out financially. James says ok we can buy a house in Texas and Natalie laughs as we get WBRB.

2:23pm BBt: Natalie asking if James is excited about the HOh comp tonight and he says not really but he is. Natalie says i hope it is endurance since we have not had one yet. 

2:33pm BBT: most of the HG are in the WA getting ready for tonight's live eviction. James and Natalie laying in bed talking about Natalie being paranoid about things.

 2:35pm BBT: Bronte tells Natalie and James she does not know what to wear tonight. Natalie says i am dressing up and if they tell me to change then i will change. Bronte says we need to communicate tonight and not get mad at each other. Natalie says yeah after tonight we will not have Victor. Bronte says i know we will not have Victor tonight so we need to communicate and win.

2:45pm BBT: Bronte and Natalie talking in the BR and Natalie tells Bronte that they will get her to jury. In the WA Tiffany is curling her hair.

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3:04PM BBT We are getting FOTH on and off. HG getting ready for showtime. Tiffany sitting on a bed looking pensive.


3:14PM BBT The HG in the LR are discussing what kind of comp they think HOH will be. It sounds like they may have drawn for something.


 3:23PM BBT Natalie and James go into the UKBR - she tells him hat she doesn't want him to think that she lied to him. She has told him the truth that she was a cheerleader. No one else knows. She will tell Bronte in jury. Says she isn't sure how people would react.


3:30PM BBT We have Jeff reels.

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6:56 PM BBT Live feeds are back. In the Safari Room, Corey tells Tiffany that the HOH Competition couldn't have gone any worse. Zakiyah is in the WA all upset. Da'Vonne tells her she did amazing. She hugs Zakiyah & tells her not to cry. Zakiyah says that she doesn't want any of them to go up, & she doesn't hang around that girl. She says that Frank can get her to put them up. Da'vonne goes to the KT with other HG's. Nicle & Tiffany go to the WA. Tiffany says that one vote for Bronte must have been a friendship vote. Zakiyah is fanning her face to dry her tears. She tells Michelle that she doesn't want to go up. Michelle says that Frank wants to get Tiffany & one of those girls on the block. She tells Zakiyah that's what she thinks is going to happen. We keep seeing Jeff's Reels on the different camera views, even though we can hear the HG's talking.

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7:03 PM BBT Bridgette goes in the UKBR with James & Bronte. She lays in her bed. Bronte says that she had so much adrenaline from that competition that her ball went over the net. She says she doesn't like being on live TV. She says she almost barfed. James says he feels weird, because everyone is in their little groups. Bronte tells James not to let people overwhelm him. Bridgette says she wants her letter. Natalie goes in the UKBR. They all say they need to win Road Kill. Bronte says they still have to be as friendly as possible. Natalie says she likes everyone in the house & she's excited. Bronte says the liars liars & dirty cheats are out of the house. Natalie says they need a GT sesh. She tells Bridgette to not put her up. She says she's been with her since Day 1. Bronte says she was so nervous that they were going to go on slop. Natalie says she did a couple high-kicks, it was a good thing she won her shorts. She tells Bronte that she's so happy she's still there. Bronte is unpacking her suitcase. Bronte says that it was such a terrible feeling when she was on the block. Bridgette says her pulse was 110 while they were sitting there. Natalie tells Bronte that she thinks it was 100% Paul that voted for her. Natalie says she said she was happy to evict Victor. She says that when Jozea left she said she was sorry to evict him. Bronte asks Bridgette if she can sleep unstairs with her. Bridgette asks James for advice since he's a vet. He tells her not to let anyone sway her to what they want her to do. She says it has to be her game. She says a lot of people are going to try to pressure her to do things because they don't like them. He says she wants minimal blood on her hands. Bridgette says she didn't want HOH. Bronte tells her that she is safe for another week.

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7:10 PM BBT Paulie & Michelle go in the SR. He tells Michelle that this is the worst possible outcome. He tells her this is Frank's HOH, not Bridgette's. Paulie says that he's going to tell Tiffany. Bronte takes her suitcase back to the SR. Paulie & Michelle get vegetables out of the SR. In the UKBR, Bridgette tells Natalie that she's scared for next week. In the WA, Frank is telling Da'Vonne & Zakiyah that he's going to tell Bridgette who to put up. He says whoever wins Road Kill can put up Tiffany. Nicole goes in the WA. Nicole tells Frank that it's kind of his HOH. Frank says he doesn't think that Bridgette will put Bronte up. Zakiyah says that maybe she will put Paul up. Zakiyah says that everyone is on track to get Tiffany out. Da'Vonne leaves the WA. Zakiyah says that she wants to go & eat. Frank says that his ball came back at him. Nicole says she did her three practice shots good, but it wasn't good in the comp. Frank says Nicole's team might be Have Nots this week, unless they let Bridgette pick. Frank says he knew when it was a crap shoot that it would be anybody. Da'vonne goes back to the WA. Nicole says that she doesn't know what her homies will tell her to do. Da'Vonne took a red blanket & left the WA. Frank says it worked out for him, because he's safe this week. He says that they still get to play Road Kill. Nicole asks if she should worry about anything? Frank says if Bridgette doesn't listen to him, she may be putting up two boys. He thinks that Bridgette may put up Corey & James. Nicole says that she won't put up James. Frank says then maybe Corey & Paul. Zakiyah & Nicole both don't want to talk to her about game.

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7:18 PM BBT Tiffany & Bridgette are in the UKBR. Tiffany is biting her nails. Bridgette goes to the room with them. She says, they are all cooking, using all the pots & pans, but she's isn't sure what they're cooking. She says that Bridgette killed it. She tells them that she almost vomited on national television. Bridgette says she took her shoes off, & she was nervous the whole time. Bronte says she didn't look nervous. Tiffany says that she wants to wear her jeans as long as she can. She leaves the UKBR, & Frank goes in. Bronte leaves so Bridgette & Frank can talk. Frank compliments Bronte's outfit. Frank asks Bridgette what's up? She says she's scared that people will hate her. She says she has ideas, but she doesn't know what's stupid & what's not. Frank wants her ideas. She says that she wants to take a hit at Freakazoids or Big Sister. She says either Nicole & Corey or Tiffany & Corey. Frank tells her that he wants Tiffany on the block. BB tells Bridgette to please stop playing with her microphone. Frank tells Bridgette that Tiffany really needs to go up on the block. He tells Bridgette that Paul needs to go up next to her. He says if she puts up Corey there may be issues. Bridgette says if they win HOH next week they will be o.k., but if not, she feels they will take a hit. He says if Tiffany goes home then it will be fine. He says that no one is alligned with her. Bridgette says she could care less if Paul stays or goes at this point. Frank says if Tiffany comes off the block she can put someone up that they don't care if they leave. Bridgette says she's scared about Corey, since she's never talked to him. Frank says he likes Paulie, her, Michelle, James, Natalie, Bronte & a few other people. She says she doesn't want them to feel threatened this week, but it depends who wins Road Kill. Frank says he feels that the vets need him. He tells Bridgette that Nicole would never go after her. Bridgette says she doesn't get along with the girls. She says that Michelle has been following her into rooms that past week, & Nicole follows her. Bridgette says she has to worry about Michelle later, because she's on her team. Frank says he told Michelle to squash the beef with Bridgette.

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7:28 PM BBT Frank tells Bridgette that Michelle is just jealous. Bridgette says she has tried to be friends with Michelle. Frank says it needs to be Tiffany out the door next, because she is always up in some corner. He asks Bridgette if she feels good about that? She says she does. Bridgette says Tiffany just told her like two days ago that she's Vanessa's sister. She says the whole house knows except Paul & Victor. Bridgette says that she knows that Tiffany can keep a secret & tell her lies. Paulie goes in the UKBR. He asks Bridgette how it feels? She says that she doesn't want people to hate her. He asks her what she's thinking? She says she doesn't want to touch Team Unicorn. She says she's thinking, Tiffany. Paulie says her heads all over the place, cries & gets a little crazy. She says, "Aww man, & they're on slop this week." Paulie says that's better for her, because she will be weak to compete. She says she's tall & those bumper cars are small. Bridgette says Frank was thinking Paul. Paulie says, that's rough, three weeks on the block. Paulie says, if Tiffany pulls herself off, then that could be an issue. Paulie says it could be a pawn competitor situation. Paulie says his plans were different, with who he wanted out. Frank says that she should get someone out that everyone in the house wants out. Paulie says it would be tough if Paul is still up there, because he's made himself to be more liked. Paulie says the comp coming up might be memorization. He says it's too early for music or anything like that. Paulie says he figured she wouldn't want to touch Team Unicorn. Paulie says that Paul will lose it if he has to go up again. She says she doesn't want to put Zakiyah up. She says she could put up Nicole, Corey or Da'Vonne.

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7:35 PM BBT Frank & Paulie both tell Bridgette that they could talk to Paul before the nominations happen. Paulie says they would have to make sure Tiffany stays on the block, because they wouldn't want to send a good soldier home. He says he wouldn't know who the replacement nominee would be if Tiffany pulls herself off. Paulie tells Bridgette that she would have to make the decision tomorrow morning. He says the other person going on the block is a pawn. He says they can get the feel in the house to see who is making everyone feel uncomfortable. Frank says, & eating all the food. Bridgette says, & drinking all the wine. Paulie says Tiffany will crumble. Frank says if they talk to Paul he can choose one of them for the Veto. Frank says that no one is going to use the Veto to save Tiffany, but herself. Paulie says that Bronte is a beast at comps. He says that if she wants to put Bronte up against her, that will make Tiffany crumble even more. He tells her that it's her HOH, so she can do what she wants. He says that Tiffany will blow herself up even more, since she panics so much. He says that Bronte would have won the spelling competition if she found an l and a y. Frank says he smells pizza all of a sudden. Paulie says they are cooking peppers, onions, cucumbers & chicken. Paulie says that if Tiffany stays up there, she will be leaving. Bridgette says that she doesn't want to put Bronte on the block. She says she just wants to make it to jury. Paulie & Frank both tell her not to put her up if she doesn't want to.

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7:42 PM BBT Zakiyah gets called to the DR. Paulie tells Bridgette that if she wants to put Bronte up, she may want to use her before the Road Kill is played. He says she won't have a choice of who to put up if someone puts Bronte up & she gets off the block for the Road Kill. He says that she won't be able to control who goes up, because it will be the Road Kill person to put up the nom if she were to come off. Nicole goes in the UKBR to get her flip-flops. She says the floor is nasty. She corrects herself & says, sandals. Paulie says that he wanted to back door Victor. Paul tries to go in the UKBR. Paulie says it's a team chat. Paul says, f himself. Paulie says, no lube. Tiffany gets told to exchange her microphone with one in the SR. Bridgette says the back door was the best for Victor. She says Tiffany doesn't need a back door. In the Safari Room, Da'Vonne & James are talking. Da'Vonne says that she wanted Frank out this week, but that won't happen now. Both of them will let each other one know if they hear anything. James leaves the Safari Room. Da'Vonne whispers, "One more week of Frank's crap."

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