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BET adds three new shows for Fall 2005


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BET Fall 2005 -- Jamie Foxx Show, Wayans Bros. and In Living Color join line-up

Effective Monday, October 3

Series programming listed only


9:00AM The Wayans Bros.

9:30AM The Wayans Bros.

10:00AM The Jamie Foxx Show

10:30AM The Jamie Foxx Show


10:00PM The Parkers

10:30PM The Parkers


8:00PM The Parkers

8:30PM The Parkers

9:00PM Girlfriends

9:30PM Girlfriends

10:00PM Soul Food


11:00PM In Living Color

11:30PM In Living Color

12:00AM The Jamie Foxx Show

12:30AM The Jamie Foxx Show


9:00AM The Parkers

9:30AM The Parkers

10:00AM The Parkers

10:30AM The Parkers

9:00PM Girlfriends

9:30PM Girlfriends

10:00PM Girlfriends

10:30PM Girlfriends

2:00AM Girlfriends

2:30AM Girlfriends

3:00AM Girlfriends

3:30AM Girlfriends

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BET (viacom) kills me. They never attempted to show too many sitcoms until TV One developed. Well they tried to a couple of times in the past, but it never lasted. But at least they're not showing videos 24x7 any more.

lol@ how many times they show the Parkers...goodness. I used to hate the Wayan's Brothers, but I kinda miss it..I miss pops. I may flip by In Living Color every now and then, but I have the DVD's of a few seasons and those times coincide with other shows I watch...so it looks like this new season won't be affecting my TV schedule much.

Thanks for the info.

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