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Help Us Invent a New Way to Cover Amazing Race


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I believe that you have a wonderful idea. The show skips around so much that it is a hard read. Any significant (like the buggy) could be listed next to the team name in the list of when they completed the task.

Perhaps if it was set up more like this:

First task: Teams set out to find... *insert clue here*

List the teams in the order they arrive at the clue (perhaps a picture)

Second Task: Teams now have to...

List teams in order of completion.

Third stop: Roadblock. Pictures/description of each roadblock with the teams that tried each.

Finish... Order of teams again. Reaction and reward of each team can be listed by each team.

Now if it can stay impartial I'd suggest a list of each team and their strengths and weaknesses to add a more human element to the recap or perhaps anything else significant that did not fall into the task catagories.

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And this spreadsheet format card was the response that poured in this week.

Jem also invented a score care, I'm hoping her and Randy can merge the two ideas, and I sure don't think I should ignore anyone that calls himself "Amazing Nut."

We'll work on this, but obviously won't have it for the next episode. Thanks for your encouragement

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The charts on the front page are in HTML format. I dont know any way to get them on here. Glad you like them. It took me a while to tinker with them... :blink:

I took all the information that you guys posted last week and just added the names it. It was very easy for me.

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