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Tuesday June 28, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


I'm in dire need of late night updaters, newbies always welcome, just start posting, please!

Thank you!

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12:00am BBT - 12:30am BBT James and Paulie are playing chess with very little conversation going on. In the meantime, Paul, Bridgette and Jozea are by the HT talking about other house guests. Paul cannot stand Tiffany because she wears her sunglasses at night. Paul does not like James because he is sneaky. Jozea thinks that the three of them are sitting pretty for the next five weeks. Jozea said that he will be doing his part with God when he gets DaVonne to Jury so that she at least gets some money.  Paul and Jozea both agree that they only watched one full season of BB because every season is different and all the people are different and there is no reason to study what has happened in the past, this is a new season, they don’t have to watch the show to know how to play the game.  Jozea has his secure seven so that he does not have to worry about being evicted this week. Paul’s goal is to keep his people protected and Jozea’s goal is to stay honest. Paul and Jozea agree that when they get HoH they cannot pick two people to go on the block. Jozea is going to let two people volunteer and Paul is going to pick by using skittles. Paul told Jozea that he is a way better gay person then Frankie and then Jozea is called to the DR.

12:30am BBT Paulie and James finished their game of chess and chat a few minutes about Jozea being so confident that he is staying. Paulie told James that Paul is telling everyone that he (Paulie) has given in and knows that he is going home so he just wants to enjoy his last few days in the BB house. James is going to walk around because he does not want everyone thinking he is trying to flip shit. Natalee went out to the HT to tell Paul that James was playing chess with Paulie and that James was lying earlier saying that he just got out of the DR when Natalee was the one that just got out of the DR. Paul thinks that James is full of shit. Natalee can’t believe that James is playing her. Paul advises Bridgette and Natalee to watch James when he is in a room and see how much he does not talk. Paul thinks that James needs to go home because he has had it with James bullshit. Paul said that next time he is trying to have a conversation with someone and James walks in, he is going to say “can you f***ing leave please.” They continue to discuss who is on the other side of the house. Paul thinks that Natalee is wrong when she says that Frank is with the other side.

12:38am-1:00am BBT James walks out by the HT where Paul and Bridgette are and James tells them that he feels bad for Paulie because he looks sad and it is just like Paul said earlier that he is just trying to enjoy his last few days here. James said that he told Paulie that everyone likes him and sometimes it is just the way it falls. Paul really likes Paulie and already had one sad conversation with him so he suggests that Bridgette goes to play a game with Paulie. James and Paul continue to talk about emotions in the game when Jozea walks back out and talks about how Paulie was not going to tell anyone about Cody being his brother until the vets came in the house.

1:06am BBT Natalee joins the BY group and then James and Paul head inside. Natalee told Jozea that he cannot go home. Jozea responds that he is the Messiah and when she sees his DR’s....then we get FotH. When the feeds come back Jozea is talking about how he is all about honesty. Paul joins them outside and they talk about how Jozea knows that he has Frank and DaVonne’s votes. Natalee asks what if Frank is playing dirty now in which Jozea responds that Frank is a bible raised person and he don’t have a bad bone in his body.

1:30am -4:15am BBT Bridgette and Paulie talk on the landing about general everyday things while Paul and Jozea are in another room talking about their plans when they get HoH, who is going to be evicted next etc…. then Paul and Jozea decide to go to bed. Bridgette and Paulie are in the KT cleaning and talking about Bridgette’s work. Bridgette is pulling an all nighter because she wants to say hi to her mom.

4:30am BBT Bridgette is called to the DR while Paulie sits and studies the memory wall.

4:40am BBT Bridgette came out of the DR and looks for something to sleep in.

4:48am BBT all house guests are in bed.   

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8:15 BBT The cameramen are bored. They are showing parts of the house with the lights on. They pause for a while on a shelf with a globe and a pair of wooden shoes that are red. The shoes have some sort of emblem or sticker on them. They zoom in  and out on the sticker but I can't make it out. 

James mentioned that he didn't move at all when they were talking about sleeping arrangements, and the need for certain people to sleep apart from certain other people. He laid on his back in a demonstration with his hands clasped on his abdomen indicating that he didn't move, therefore he was a good candidate for a bed partner that wanted to be left alone. That's exactly how he is sleeping. He stretches and moves the comforter slightly which reveals a pillow tucked under his knees. 

The view of the HOH room from the foot of the bed shows several people sleeping sideways on the bed. Looks to be at least 3 people. They show a different angle and you can see that one person is across the bottom of the bed and two (possibly 3) people are sleeping the right way on the bed. They are drawn up in the fetal position because of the amount of room the person (Da'Vonne?) on the bottom is taking up. 

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9:00 Wake up call.

Nicole gets up, goes to the WC, returns to bed. 

Victor and Paul get a THANK YOU VICTOR AND PAUL from BB for putting up the outdoor shades. They bow and accept the accolades. 

They join Frank and Corey in the kitchen. Shaving discussion ensues and we learn that Frank shaves every other day in the BB house. 

Tiffany walks through the kitchen area on her way to the WC.

Frank is drinking coffee, Corey is eating yogurt, Paul says hes going to have a banana, a whole banana. Victor eats a half a banana. 

The annual ant discussion has resumed. Victor says, take all the **** out of the cabinets, spray the **** out of everything, put all the **** back and stop being slobs.

The occupants of the HOHR are still slumbering.

Corey says he might go back to sleep, he's tired. People were screaming last night.

Paul tells about trying to scare Nicole but it was a mega fail because Momma Da was in there. 

Natalie passes through the kitchen. Paulie has joined the fellas in the kitchen.

Paul pours out his coffee because it seriously tasted like soap.  

Nicole rises again, puts her mic on and heads downstairs. Tiffany is in the HOH WC washing her face. She begins picking at here face which seems to be breaking out badly. She is flat ironing her hair that she didn't even comb. (thought that was rule #1)

The kitchen fellas are eating  peanut butter and bananas, while making Kung fu moves and laughing. 


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9:40 BBT Paul continues to complain about the ants. Frank says that ants on your PBJ are actually pretty good if you allow it. 

Paul asks Frank if he were a pastry, any pastry, which would be be? Frank answers a cinnamon roll. 

Frank went to Myrtle Beach and says there are signs there that says Myrtle Beach, Inside Voices Only. 

Corey is in the backyard lifting weights. Natalie is doing stretches. She asks Corey is he will crack her back later. Natalie now doing planks. 

In the kitchen, Nicole has emptied the last of the first pot of coffee into her cup and started another. 

There is a container of yogurt in the bathroom. It is full of ants. Victor bites the bullet and goes to the bathroom and retrieves the container of ants and yogurt. 

Natalie is now jogging around the perimeter of the back yard.

Frank and Nicole head outside to sit on the couches. 

Jozea pacing in the WA while Tiffany applies make-up. Victor is wiping down the cushion on the couch in the WA.

Victor joins them on the BY patio and tells them he just killed a thousand ants.

Frank says Natalie is so light footed when she runs but when she walks in the house it sounds like she weighs 500 lbs. 

Frank says he needs to go in and put on some deodorant to keep his armpits down. 

Victor says he is not going to workout tomorrow so he will be fresh for Thursday. They kid Nicole about being fresh all week. (Making fun of the fact that she does not work out)

Frank tells his mom that he loves her even if she is not watching. Nicole says Hi Mom! Victor says his mom won't watch because it is $6 a month and she has seen him for 25 years, no reason to pay to watch him more. (He still lives at home)




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10:10 BBT James is brushing his teeth, Tiffany and Paul on the outside couches talking about a documentary about sleep paralysis. Frank and james get coffee and head for the couches. 

Corey is jogging, Victor is jumping rope, fancy stuff too.WOW! Paul is telling them that if it gets caught on a bare foot it will lance your toes. Victor says he used to box. Tiffany says she had a friend that used to do fight club and then talk of the movie ensue. 

Victor is doing verticle push-ups using a block for his feet and pulling up on the weight bar. Now working with the kettle bells. He is panting and gasping. 

Natalie is sitting at the dining table alone tearing up a grapefruit. Literally. She has peeled it and is removing every bit of membrane. She is putting the pulp in a bowl. 

Corey asks her how things are between she and Vic. She says there is nothing, they are cordial. Corey says well, if you need a rebound. They both laugh and she throws a piece of pulp at him. It sails past him. (No wonder they have ants)

Vic enters the house, fills his water jar and heads back out. Corey gets up to make a protein shake and asks Vic if the container is clean. Vic says, I don't know. Corey says it really bugs me that people can't keep these blender containers clean. (Hello ants) "I mean, use it and then wash it, you know?" Vic heads back outside to finish his workout. 


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10:30 BBT Natalie is talking about how she eats clean at home and this has been hard for her. She tells Corey that she is going to make dinner tonight and asks him what she should make and we get FOTH.

Victor says hes a good kid. He has never done anything. He just did hookah last year and hes 22. He says it is like doing 2 packs of cigarettes. He has friends that do a hookah all by themselves and he tells them they will die young. 

Paul says he was a fighter until the injury. He had to stop because of a shoulder separation. 

Frank admits to whispering this morning which causes the BB wake up music to stop. 

Jozea on the patio wearing his tightie greyies. 

Victor returning to the jumprope. 

Frank, Paul, Jozea and Nicole in the kitchen. Jozea says his trainer is mad at him now. He woke up late. 

Nicole asks about a toaster. Frank says, "yeah, its over there by Jozea under the counter." (there is no toaster) Nicole says, " I don't believe a word you say." 

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11:00 BBT The HG are admonished about talking about their DR sessions. Howls all over the house. It wasn't me!

Paulie is talking about how nerdy he was as a child. Tiffany is telling him she loves nerds. Paulie is a Scorpio and he was born on Friday the 13th, November 13. Cody is a Scorpio and Angelina is a Sagitarius. Tiffany asks him what signs she gets along with best. He doesn't know. 

Frank enters the bedroom and wonders of he can shave. He wants to shave. Tiffany tells him it is probably OK. Paulie says he can fade so he can help Frank out. He says he and Cody keep each other clean, they only go to the barber for the top. 

Corey says people were asking him what his sign was, and he was confused. Tiffany says it is just a way to get to know people better. Then she talks about Scorpios being good in the bed. 

Bronte wakes up and passes through the BR. Good morning Bronte, says Corey. 

Nicole, Victor, Paul, Frank in the kitchen. Paul head to the chess table. He is going to teach her to play. (this is going to be hard to watch) He is talking about the first row in front of the pawns being the Super Power line. (switching feeds)

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11:15 BBT Natalie and Bronte in the WA. Natalie says she is going to put on fake lashes today. Doll herself all up and maybe she will feel better about herself. 

Says she was about to go to sleep and was called to the DR. Frank says they called Vic after he was asleep. Frank woke him up and they wouldn't let him in, he came back to bed and went back to sleep and was called again. 

Natalie says she just has to get cute, Has to feel good about herself today.

Bronte says, "OK, I'll get cute too." and heads off to get her make-up. 

Frank in the HOH talking to Da'Vonne. She retells the middle of the night scare session with James and Paul. Nicole enters the HOH. She says she remembered this morning why she was in the house. She cannot let herself become emotional. She has a job to do and she is going to do it. 

Zakiyah raises up for the lump in the HOH bed, says two words and is told to put on her microphone. 

They briefly discuss the plan to get Jozea out. Frank says he likes Bridgette but she is buddying up with folks she shouldn't be and she needs to be careful. Zak says why does she believe everyone? She just doesn't get it, she trusts everyone. 

Frank says Bronte says she tried out last year and made it to the top 25 but didn't make it. The both (Zak and frank) think that she has something secret. 

Da'Vonne says we were talking last night and what of James decides to flip and vote the other way? They think Natalie might flip too.

They are talking about the first blindside of the season Thursday night. They are blindsiding the guy. No name mentioned yet. They are ok if Paulie wins HOH. Vic too. 

Zak and Frank agree that Tiffany is trying to live up to something and is too vocal about whats going on. If they all know what's going on they don't need to be told by Tiffany. 

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11:30 BBT. The chess lesson continues. Nicole had Paul in check but she just wasted a move because she moved the piece and then had to move it back. She says she is having trouble remembering what the pieces do because his look different from hers. 

Corey is eating. Vic is eating, Jozea is eating. Looks like cereal in red bowls and they are all drinking water. 

Paul is called to the DR. Nicole screams NOOOOOO! Vic says he will come up and play while Paul is on the DR, that he's not good, he won't beat her. Nicole says she will just play for him while he is gone.

Zakiyah makes a HUGE bowl of Fruit Loops. She considers using all the milk, but then decides to put the last bit in the frig for someone else to use. (Kudos to the HG this year. They do not smack like HG of the past. Breakfast used to be difficult to watch because of the slop, gulp, smack, sounds, all of this going on while they were plotting and whispering) 

Nicole tells Frank in the HOH, that she is enjoying playing chess with Paul. She doesn't want Victor to play with her. She says she likes Paul, he teaches chess to Kindergartners, so he can teach her.

Nicole is worried about Frank losing sight of the goal. Frank says hes good but he worries about James a little bit. Nocole says we have to stay together. Frank asks who should go home first out of our 8? She says there are a couple. They won't say who it is. It is a girl. It is a paranoid girl. (Must be Tiffany) She says she is fine with her being the first one out. She says most of these guys just want to make it to jury. Zakiyah is cool with going to jury. Nicole says she wants to go to the end and beat the best. Frank says, "you think I'm the best?" She says, "I think you are one of the best." She wants to give the final speech, that she beat all the best to get here and she deserves to won. 

Frank says he wants to get a goat and take them close to the end. Nicole asks what a goat is, and Frank tells her that it is someone you take with you as far as you can that you know you can beat. 



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12:00PM BBT  Frank is mad with Tiffany that she told other HG that she is Vanessa's sister and they came to them and told them like it was a secret they didn't know. 

Corey enters the HOH and tells Frank the DR told him that he could not shave. 

Frank says Vic annoys him telling them what to do. He doesn't ask, he just tells them what to do. 

Corey says the ones downstairs are talking about live feeders and Instagram. Zak says she disabled her account. 

Frank says CBS owns them for 3 years. Nicole and Da'Vonne says, no. 1 year. Frank says he wondered of Da'Vonne and James were even asked to come back on or if they were told they had to come. Da'Vonne says she was asked. 

Da'Vonne says Survivor called her and wanted her to play. She was going to do it and then they called her and told her that  they changed the theme and that she didn't fit the theme. "I can't wait to see what the theme is." she says. She is glad she didn't make it on Survivor though because she wouldn't have been able to be here. 


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12:45 BBT James making skillet toast and eggs.

Tiffany and Vic in the LR talking about being bored. They are going to play chess on the little set in the LR. They are missing a few pieces and will swap them with Hersheys. Vic claimed he knew how to play but then asked Tiffany how to set it up. The queen goes on the same color, I think. They set up the board and then Tiffany asks James if the queen goes on the same color or not. James answers, the queen goes on HER OWN color. White is always on the right. he comes in and looks at the board. They set it up sideways, and James corrects them and they move all the pieces 90* and now it is right. No, it doesn't look right, Tiffany says. Yeah it does, Vic says, no it doesn't. (This might be more painful than Nicole and Paul)

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1:00 BBT James takes his breakfast out onto the porch and joins Bronte, Paul, and Natalie who are discussing people in different cities. NY people are nicer than LA people, Paul says. LA people are way fake. 

Paul says they need to hang out with him in LA. (guess he's fake) He will make them a dish that he pronounced, but I won't attempt. But the basics are, you take bread dough, make it into a football shape, put cheese on top and its like an egg, cheese pizza. Egg yolk and cheese and bread and spices, it is the bomb! Sometimes we put these pickled dried beet strips on top. Your breath will wreak for days though. Bronte says that's OK, I'm single. 

Heritage comes up and James said hes 10% Venezuelan and some% oriental, with some Irish thrown in because his beard gets red. He's part African American, from the waist down he says. Paul says that's all that counts. They all laugh. He's part Hawaiian too.  

Natalie wonders if they sent in their DNA could they tell them where they were from?

Bronte asks, "What if we were part Alien?" 

James asks, like outer space alien? We get FOTH

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1:15 and we get our first look at Bridgette. 

Zakiyah goes into the storage room, opens a cabinet, removes something, holds it in her hand tightly, goes to the Have-Not room and hides it. It looked like a straight candy cane. NO, she says to the camera. 

We see Bridgette making herself something to eat. She asks Vic if he wants something, but he says, he's already had first and second breakfast and he's not hungry again yet. 

She calls him a Hobbit. 

Tiffany walks by, pauses at the memory wall, walks away and returns and stares at the wall. 

Although Vic says he's not hungry, he complains there are only greasy chips, no baked ones left. He takes the remainder of the greasy chips in the bag, pours them into a bowl and pours something from a jar on top and begins eating it with a spoon.  

Bridgette continues cooking at the stove. She has a skillet full of veggies and fresh spinach that she is flipping and stirring. She pours the entirety of it onto one single plate. Step one complete, she says. Step two: The eggs. 

We see Michelle! All the HG are up for the day, except Paulie who has returned to bed. 


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1:30 BBT Jozea and Paul on the double chaise on the BY. Jozea telling Paul how they can do it. As long as they have the 9, they are OK. All we have to do is take the top one out each time and even if the roadkill person nominates one of us, there will still be a target. We are OK. Paul says, yeah, everyone always told me it was a numbers game and I never got it till now. As long as we have the numbers we are OK. And we have the numbers. 

Jozea says Natalie is the cutest girl in the house, then Bridgette, no Zakiyah, then Bridgette.

"Natalie is pretty but her personality is too bubbly." Paul says, " I can't date someone like that, shes cute though. Bridgette is cool and everyone else is garbage. Bridgette has a great facial structure but her body is not my type. I'm happy that she is comfortable in her body though. Personality wise she is a 10."

Jozea is agreeing with Paul on all points. 

Paul is going to finish his chess game with Nicole and then take a nap, being up at night is better, it's cooler. 


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2:15 BBT HOH camera time. Paul is snapping photos of Michelle and Nicole playing with the big blow-up logs from the pool. They keep deleting and redoing the shot. 

James says there is a timer on this thing! Get the whole cast out here for a group photo!!! James is the new photographer and is posing them and urging them to make faces, etc. He says, "It's a wrap!"

Bridgette and James on the patio. "I have a good friend that is a Gemini, he always made me feel like a kid" she says. Really? James asks, why don't you date him? She says that she did and it didn't work out. 



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2:10 BBT  it's picture time in the BB house as Nicole got her HOH camera so they taking pictures all over the place. Ongoing for the past 30mins to an hour






2:20 BBT Michelle/DAY talking outside by the sofa. Michelle catching her up on her long conversation with Jozea. James/Bridgette talking by the pool also 



2:45 BBT The girls called Tiff from downstairs & asked her to come take their pics but are instead taking FATAL 5 pictures upstairs doing their hand sign


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3:00pm BBT Frank and Paulie talking game in the Tokyo room. Jozea walks in and game talk stops. Paulie starts talking dinner plans. 


3:05pm BBT Bronte, Corey, James, Natalie by the pool talking about dating and lying. Natalie says she told her friends she had to lie, but her friends didn't believe she could. James and Corey jokingly call her a liar.


3:07PM BBT Pool crew turns to rent costs. Girls are in disbelief at how low James's rent costs are.

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3:45 BBT Tiffany and Natalie on the backyard chaise. Michelle on the turf sunning. Conversation about movies and Zac Efron. Tiffany insists that Zac Efron is 23. Natalie says that's her age and there is no way that he is her age. He is way older. Tiffany insists that "no, he is 23." They call out to the others on the porch. The general consensus from the porch area is that he is probably 27 because he was 17 when he made High School, so that was 2006, so he must be 27. "That's what I said," Tiffany says, 25-27."

James, talking to Da'Vonne says that he feels like Michelle or Tiffany would split. And if they split, they will split together. Da'Vonne agrees. They are tight. They also agree that Tiffany is like Vanessa, in so many ways.  


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3:34PM BBT Frank sitting in the WA with ice on his shin. He accidently hit it on the bed upstairs.


3:41PM BBT James and Da talking about if any of the HG flip their vote. James says if anyone is going to slip, he feels it would be Tiffany or Michelle since they are close.


3:52PM BBT Paulie and James at the hammock talking about Victor, Jozea and Paul. Talking about who has to go.


3:59PM BBT Bronte and Bridgette in the WA. Talking about that whoever gets HOH is going to start picking off the other side. She says it just depends on who gets it. Bronte says she doesn't feel like she is very liked in the house.


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4:05PM BBT Jozea is walking around in his underwear. He tries to use the facilities and is upset that a girl has left a used product in the WC. He asks Bridgette and Bronte who is on their cycle. They both say they are not.


4:12PM BBT In the HOH Nicole and Da talking about how they were posting things on social media on purpose to make it sound like they were not coming in the house.


4:15PM BBT Da is called to the DR. She reluctantly gets off of the HOH bed. She tells Tiffany that she doesn't have anything left to say. She hopes it's not goodbye messages.


4:25PM BBT Jozea and Natalie or on the chaise. Natalie has her leg wrapped over his. He is upset and says that he doesn't care who is on their cycle but that Bronte got attitude with him (she didn't) and he has the tight to ask. He says that stuff doesn't belong on the floor where he has to pee (that is what he said). He is very upset that James is trying to joke with him. He says he is not in a joking mood.



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4:41PM BBT Victor comes over to the chaise and starts to tickle Natalie. She tells him to stop and laughs. Jozea is telling Paul his story again about how Bridgette and Bronte gave him attitude when he asked about the sanitary products in the toilet.



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4:50PM BBT Natalie telling Jozea that Victor is the only one that turns her head in the house. She didn't like him at first but then they cuddled and stuff and then he ended the relationship and hurt her feelings and now she has to force herself not to like him.


4:55PM BBT In the KT Tiffany trying to get Michelle to eat something and she won't. Zak tells Michelle to watch how much fish she eats or her privates will smell like fish. She say her boyfriend always knows when she has been eating a lot of fish. Talk turns to foods that make your urine smell.


5:06PM BBT Frank and Jozea talking about how many votes Jozea has. Jozea doesn't know how James will be voting.


5:14PM BBT Jozea is getting nervous. He asks Frank how many more days. Frank tells him technically 2. Paul tells him that he is fine. Paulie has accepted that he is going home. Paul tells Jozea that he would have to be screwed over by 3 of them


5:17PM BBT Paulie and Tiffany talking in the safari room. Tiffany telling him that they are protected by their side.



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