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James Huling (14th evicted - Day 99 - 9th Jury member)


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James Huling
Age: 32
Hometown: Sumter, SC
Current city: Wichita Falls, TX
Occupation: Staff recruiter
Three adjectives that describe you: Cool, calm, and a being a social tough guy.

Favorite activities: Boating, jet skiing, hunting, camping, going to the beach, and traveling.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?
Being away from family, friends, and my cat, Gizmo.

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
Derrick Levasseur from Season 16 because he never touched the Block.

Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
Yes! To be tough guy and let my social game do what I do best—get along with everyone and be a fun, cool, and understanding person.

My life's motto is...
You only live once, [so] live, laugh, and love.

What would you take into the house, and why?
Flushable baby wipes because a clean bottom is a happy bottom, a notepad so I can write notes, and my favorite jacket to keep me warm.

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I have always loved James and have a soft spot for him.  He seems a tad bit cocky this season though.  And he's talking to much.  Shut up James and let the game come to you.  Otherwise your going to have a huge target on your back as soon as the other side gets power.

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I honestly think that James is pissed off about the 8 pack deciding to evict Bronte over Paul hen they made the last minute vote flip.  He tried to deflect the target from Bronte, but he saw that the girls were insistent that Bronte was coming after Paulie and possibly Corey because of the so-called "girls alliance" against the boys.


But Bronte hasn't won squat and hasn't even come close, so she's clearly not a comp beast or a threat to anyone's game.  When James pointed out that he caught Paul in a lie and he has won a veto comp, he was dismissed.  I understand why DaVonne has Paul's back because he's on her team (And Paul placed 2nd in the last 2 comps) and Big Sister has never been safe from eviction, and it doesn't look like Zakiyah or DaVonne are good at any of the comps so far.


Rumors in the BB house involve James & Natalie possibly  working with Frank, Bridgette & Tiffany sound promising.  I wonder which side DaVonne, Paul & Michelle will choose?

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James and Natalie are NOT working with Frank and Bridgette. He listened to Tiffany but he is not aligned with them at all. 


That being said I think James is playing a good social game and also keeping himself friends with all the players but sticking to most of the old 8 pack group.

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I really like how James handled the "shunning" issue with Michelle.  He gave her some very soilid advice based upon his previous experience playing the game.


Of all the showmances in the house, I think that James & Natalie's is the most honest.  I enjoyed watching You-tube clips where they had a fight, talked it out, and made up.  James was kind & patient with Natalie as they worked out their "relationship" in the house.  James was direct with Natalie about his "assumptions" and Natalie was quite specific about her concerns.  I really like that Natalie called out the double standards in the house re: her behavior.


What I really don't understand is why Michelle & Nicole keep trying to start trouble with James & Natalie by constantly complaining to James about things Natalie did or said in week1.  I'm glad to see that Natalie was able to laugh it off and move on.


I don't think that James should have told Paulie about DaVonne targeting the showmances, he should have kept that info to himself for now.  


James & Paul both think that they are aligned with Paulie & Corey in some sort of "bros before hoes" alliance where they each take their +1 to the final 8 and then the 4 of them take out the girls.  A re-constituted 8 pack with 12 HGs still in the game is ridiculous because the group is too big and they're quite likely to lose HGs along the way.


IMHO James is playing too passive a game by trying to lay low within a large group.  I want him to team up him & Natalie with another duo to form a solid 4 person alliance to compete against the other 2 showmances because it should be obvious to James that Paulie & Zakiyah aligned with Nicole & Corey is a tight 4 person alliance.  


It's unfortunate how badly DaVonne communicated that info to James & Tiffany initially because the blowback put a huge target on DaVonne.  James has to know that he's not been a part of the decision-making process, and they only bring him in after everything's decided and they need/want his vote.  That position might might be safe, but it also makes you easily expendable.  I wanna see James play his own game  with  a bit more intensity.  Hopefully the shake up will re-align the groups in the house.

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@mayzee - I agree with everything you said. I was really disappointed when James ratted out Da to Paulie. In fact, I have been really disappointed with the vets play this season. As vets, they should know that information equals power, and, that they should be very selective with the information that you share and only use that information to gain an advantage. Unfortunately, the vets seem to have diarrhea of the mouth and tell everything they know.  


After Frank got screwed with the Bronte vote, he should have been a lot smarter than to start blabbing about what Da told him. Everyone should know that you never call a house meeting, and, you never air dirty laundry in public. Basically, the people on the bottom has set themselves up to be evicted by setting up the people they will need down the road. Idiots. 

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I thought that the vets would stick together and have each others' back at least until the jury, but  Nicole & Frank started planting little seeds of doubt right away.  I expected all of them to have side deals and "secret" F2 deals with the other HGs because that's how you play BB.  


Victor coming back in the game is just what James needs to realize that him & Natalie are not gonna just slip by week to week.  James needs to win a comp and make some moves or he's just gonna get picked off.  Johnny Mac proved that being a willing pawn will only take you so far in the game and is only effective short term.  I think that Natalie & James should align with Michelle & Victor to go after the other 2 showmances because nobody would suspect they are working together.

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