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Friday June 24, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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11:42am BBT feeds back, "that's what this is about, twist, twist, twist." Da' playing for POV. Paulie and Paul playing. NIc leaves HOH and Da' says she did NOT want to be picked for this POV. Corey comes to HOH and he and Da' slap hands.


11:51am BBT In KT guys are talking about trimming their...you know, Galligar  hair. (they keep passing this cat hat around, right now Vic has it on) Someone put some water on to boil and forgot about it, it almost boiled out. There is a flood by the fridge. Jozea is sitting on the KT counter by the stove. He tells Bridgette he has to win it.

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7 minutes ago, dpav said:

 What is WBRB?

It is what they are showing this season.  It stands for We'll Be Right Back.

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10:01BBT Nicole & Tiff in HoH discussing the strengths of their team & who seems to be in alliances.


10:13 AMBBT Tiff, Da, Frank & Nic in HoHR discussing who will do good in PoV comp. They say Jozea is uncoordinated so should not be a threat in PoV comp.


10:18 AMBBT Da called to DR


10:27AMBBT Zak called to the DR


10:37AMBBT James, Frank & Tiff contemplating on who might be picked for PoV comp.


10:46AMBBT Nic called to DR


10:57AM BBT James, Frank & Da talking in HoHR about how much Tiff is like her sister Vanessa down to mannerisms & talking. James mentions that he caught her staring at people like Vanessa did in ‪#‎BB17


11:08AMBBT Bronte & Paulie in LR having general convo.


11:10AMBBT Frank tells James & Da that if someone gets taken off of nom, then they can put up Bridgette as a scapegoat.


11:11AMBBT In HOHR, Da says to Frank & James that if Vic gets next HoH, they won't be able to persuade him on who to choose for noms because he is power hungry.


11:15AM BBT WBRB showing. Possibly picking players for PoV comp?


11:46AM BBT Da & Nic in HoHR discussing who was picked. Da was chosen first to play in PoV comp. Paul will be playing as well.


11:48AMBBT Corey walks into HoHR saying that he was picked to play in PoV comp too.

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11:59am BBT Paul and Jozea enter Tokyo BR and Jozea points to a bed saying "he" is with Nic team for real. They say they have to win it. Vic walks in and they say they cant wait for the "B" to be gone. (didn't hear the name sorry)James walks in and says you can go all season and only play 1 POV, he did it. Some times it just not in the cards to play veto.


12:05pm BBT There was a change in the way POV was picked. In HOH Paulie talks about how Michelle passed out after the Roadshow comp. Do they think she was really in the condition to win that comp? (several have mentioned someone winning a comp but others speculate on who it was) James says he wants to meet Ariana some time. Jozea says he met her, she is short and looks like she is 12. He calls her a pedophiles dream. Vic and Paul say he should ask to be pulled off. Something about the Road show person. (this roadshow stuff is in bits and pieces as they are only mentioning it now and then)


12:14pm BBT Nat is doing Michelles hair. Michelle is hosting the POV comp. In HOH Da' talking about BBCAN, when Kevin was in the WC while some girls were talking about him, he walked out, washed his hands and walked on.


12:20pm BBT Paul and Jozea in WA. Paul says he can convince Nic to pull him off. He feels like they got to win the veto, that's their best bet. No point worrying about. Paul is not quite sure that if Paulie won it he would use it. Nat says Michelle looks just like Arial. Nat is so excited. Michelle cant wait to see her costume. Jozea says Michelles back looks better, she says it doesn't hurt any more. (she has a large red spot on her back) Michelle drops a contact and crawls on the floor to find it. She find it and jokes that she doesn't need the left one anyway. They talk about what color lipstick makes their teeth look white or yellow.


12:27pm BBT Corey gives Paul a neck rub and Paul says he would marry Corey now. Corey moves on to message Bronte and she says it felt so good. In HOH, Zak sprays for ants. Tiff tells Da' to not be stressed she is covered from all angles.


12:37pm BBT there are 7 or 8 in HOH so its just general chat. There are 4 in WA just chatting...make it 5.


12:42pm BBT James and Nat say they would do TAR together. HOH talks about the leotard comps. Tiff tells Bridgette that she is missing her sisters bachelorette party, she is getting married in the Bahamas in Nov.


12:47pm BBT In Safari room Frank and Corey talk about people saying 'gay or retarted' a lot. They feel good about the comp. Jozea wont compete well, he is not good under pressure. Corey wont be under pressure and will be able to think. Corey says they think he won that comp, he isn't going to say anything, let them think it.




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2:43PM BBT James and Nicole talking on the couch outside HOH. They are talking about strategy in the house and who they are friends with. Nicole saying that she likes to show her loyalty in the house.


2:58PM BBT Victor and Jozea talk about the military and that now gays can be out in the open. Jozea says that he was so thrilled.


3:07PM BBT James is hiding behind the sofa on the HOH landing. Da and Nicole sit down but Nicole checks for him and catches him. James says he has a challenge this season to get Nicole.


3:10PM BBT Natalie in the KT with Victor. Complaining that her pants are too big now even though all she does is eat (she is wearing a legging type of pants). Jozea says that the weigh has gone to her breasts. She says that is probably true (she is wearing a sports bra type top). She looks at herself in the mirror a few more times.


3:13PM BBT Da, James and Nicole on the landing discussing possible special powers. In the KT, Jozea and Victor discussing that one of their girls can not go up if Paul comes down.


3:21PM BBT Nicole, Michelle and Da on landing. Talking about when POV may be. Da thinks that they are waiting for it to cool down outside.


3:28PM BBT We get FOTH real quick. When we come back Michelle asks Nicole if she is nervous. Nicole says she is now.


3:35PM BBT HG all eating and general convo.


3:49PM BBT HG continue to general convo. Lots of talk about food.


3:53PM BBT Frank, Nicole and Corey talk about comps. Nicole says that there is a new comp person this year. They discuss different types of comps.

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4:00 PM The HGs are anticipating the POV competition. Natalie and Nicole are in the wash area doing their hair and makeup. Frank, James, Victor, Paul, Paulie, Jozea, Corey and Tiffany are hanging out in the living room. James, Tiffany and Corey are taking turns attempting to bounce a ball into a glass on the coffee table. WBRB


4:07 PM BBT Someone walks out of the DR yelling "Hey guys it's" and we immediately get WBRB. It may be time for the POV competition.


4:18 PM BBT We have all 4 feeds on Jeff's interviews so we can safely say that the POV has begun.


5:00 PM BBT We still have Jeff's interviews on the feeds as we await for the conclusion of the POV competition.


6:00 PM BBT The feeds are still on Jeff's reels as they play the POV competition. It has almost been 2 hours.

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6:30 PM BBT We are still on Jeff's reels. They are playing for the POV. 


6:37 PM BBT The feeds have returned. The HGs are in dog costumes. They are wearing dog collars. However, Paul is also wearing the POV.


6:40 PM BBT. The feeds are back. Paul has won the POV. Frank and Tiffany are in the HoH bathroom. He is talking about how Michelle knows she is safe so she is alienating herself. Meanwhile Jozea, Michelle and Da'Vonne are in the Safari room discussing how hard that competition was. Michelle jokes that she is just chilling out and getting peed on by Jozea.


6:49 PM BBT Nicole, Da'Vonne, and Paulie are in the Wash Area discussing the competition. Nicole says she spent more time on her knees than on her feet. She had a hard time making it to her doghouse. The competition involved stacking and numbers. Paul joins them and says he used a different technique. He thought it screwed him up at first but he ended up winning in the end. Nicole says when she wore the Germanstein costume they put beer in her stein every single day. 


6:53 PM BBT Paul is telling Nicole that the POV necklace is heavy. He says it is weighing his neck down and it must weigh 8 lbs. He said him mom is probably having a heart attack right now. She probably struggled watching him losing competitions. Nicole says she hopes to win it one day. He tells her she probably won't need to. She said "Yeah I will." Paul asks "No one can put me back up now, right?" He is told that he is safe now.

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6:42 PM BBT Tiffany and Frank in HOH Bathroom talking about who to be replacement nominne
6:43 PM BBT Jozea, Michelle, Da in Safri room talking. Da and Jozea in dog costumes.

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6:57 PM BBT Paul doesn't know who nominated him. Since it was done anonymously. Jozea and Michelle do not know if Paul will chose replacement or the anonymous person.

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6:59 PM BBT In the HOHR Tiffany is putting on make-up. Da'Vonne is putting her hair up, & Frank is singing in the shower. We see Jeff's Reels.


7:00 PM BBT When the feeds come back Frank says he needs to stop singing anyway. He still sings softly. Nicole goes in the HOHR. Frank tells her that he's using her shampoo. She asks him how he found it? Frank tells her he looked for it, & it was in the bottom drawer. Nicole says, she would have never known, except the drawer is still open.


7:03 PM BBT Da'Vonne asks Nicole if she Ninja'd up there? She says her knees are burning. Da'Vonne tells Nicole that Jozea is working Michelle, because he thinks she won the road kill competition.


7:05 PM BBT Da'Vonne says she so sick of this sh*t & Jozea has to go. Zakiyah agrees. Tiffany tells Frank he takes the longest shower. Nicole leaves the HOHR.


7:06 PM BBT Zakiyah tells Da'Vonne that she's not trying to act confident around Bridgette. She says that Bridgette told her she wants to hang around more with her. Da'Vonne says that Frank probably got FOTH for his singing.


7:07 PM BBT Zakiyah tells Da'Vonne she will be upset if she goes downstairs & the tacos are gone. Da'Vonne says she wants to take a shower & go get her tacos, because she knows they are good. She says, they are like savages down there. Frank asks Da'Vonne what she was talking about? Da'Vonne says she's not going to tell him, because he doesn't have a mic on.


7:09 PM BBT Da'Vonne is telling Zakiyah, Frank & Tiffany that she thinks that Jozea is working Michelle to put one of the vets up to get them up. Everyone in the HOHR agrees that this is Jozea's week to go home. Tiffany says, she hopes everyone in their group is being tight-lipped. Da'Vonne says they are solid. Tiffany asks if Michelle is acting like she has it? Da'Vonne says, she's not denying it.


7:11 PM BBT Michelle goes to the HOHR. She tells them that Jozea thinks James or Paulie won the secret competition. They are laughing. Michelle jumps up & down. Michelle says, she was told by Jozea that there's another meeting tonight at 2 AM BBT. She tells them that Jozea was sketched out, because she has been sleeping so much.


7:13 PM BBT Tiffany says it would be funny if they get someone to vote the other side, & the vote ends up being 9 - 2. Frank says, if one of them gets HOH or wins the BB Road Kill competition, they will be o.k. Michelle says it's tortuous being in the HOHR with Paul & Bronte. Michelle tells them she's taking a dump up there. She says, that's what she told them downstairs. The back of her costume is coming undone, & you can see her underwear.


7:16 PM BBT Frank says he needs to calm Bridgette down, because she is starting to freak out right now. Michelle says that she already told her that she's in the same boat. Michelle leaves the HOHR. Tiffany tells Zakiyah she needs to act a little freaked out about possibly going up on the block. Da'Vonne says she's going to take her shower. Zakiyah leaves the HOHR. Tiffany looks at herself in the mirror, & then she leaves the HOHR. Frank asks Da'Vonne if she wants hair gel? She says, no, because she's about to take a shower. Da'Vonne says, she doesn't know how she got so lucky to be in the house with this particular group. Frank says, they're a hot mess, that's for sure.


7:19 PM BBT Jozea & Victor finish up a conversation in the Safari Room, because they see Nicole walking back & forth.


7:21 PM BBT Tiffany & Michelle are in UKBR talking about Jozea needing to leave. Michelle says, he told her that she could be part of a real alliance. Michelle says, Jozea's real name is Josie. Tiffany says, he thinks if he tells his real name they will be cool with him. Michelle says, Jozea is a pu**y name. She says she went by the door to listen, & they are talking about beans in the kitchen. Tiffany says, she doesn't trust Paulie either, because he's trying to get in with each girl.


7:25 PM BBT Nicole & Paul are in the SR. Paul tells Nicole that he doesn't know who he pissed off to be put on the block. Nicole tells him he needs to take himself down from the block since he won the POV. Nicole says, she would never win the POV, & not take herself off. She says, she wouldn't want to be up there giving a speech to Julie, because he didn't take himself off the block. Nicole tells Paul that he did really really well in the competition, & he deserves the POV. He thanks her. Nicole says she feels nauseous. Paul goes in the Tokyo BR, & then goes to the Kitchen.


7:28 PM BBT Several of the HG's are in the KT eating. Nicole goes to the UKBR with Tiffany & Michelle. Michelle is cracking up. They are all talking about Jozea knowing Frankie. Nicole thinks that he does really know Frankie, & he still lives in New York. Michelle tells Nicole that Jozea's real name is Josie. Michelle is still laughing. She tells Nicole that she wishes she was up in the HOHR when her, Victor & Bronte were up there. Nicole says, she's more worried about Bronte than Victor. Nicole thinks they are more targets for Bronte, because she's a girl.


7:32 PM BBT Nicole says, Bronte definitely can't win HOH this week. Michelle says, she thinks that Bronte might be some type of MMA Fighter or something. Nicole says, she thinks that Bronte is lying about her occupation. Tiffany says, she was told that she makes around $17.00 an hour worried with kids with her family. Nicole says, she looks a lot younger than she is. Tiffany says, her voice changes some after she talks for a long period of time.


7:34 PM BBT Michelle says, if she gets HOH she will put up Bronte & Victor. Tiffany is contemplating  who she will put up. Tiffany tells Nicole about Paulie flirting with all the girls in the house. Tiffany says, Paulie is trying to use a different angle with every girl. Nicole says, she played with his brother, & it was the same. She says, they are just super cuddly, & are super nice. She thinks it's the way they are in real life. Nicole says, she can't trust Paulie, because she has some kind of block up, but they can trust him if they want. She says, she doesn't want him to go for several weeks, but she can't confide in him.


7:37 PM BBT Nicole says, she hopes their team wins HOH. She says, she's going to try to figure out who Victor's targets are. She says, Victor told her that Jozea was going to put her on the block on Day 2, so he should tell her. She says, he thought he was doing her a favor by telling her to get close with him. She says, she decided to put him up. We see FOTH.


7:40 PM BBT The feeds come back with Nicole telling Tiffany & Michelle that she doesn't care if Jozea would offer a final 2 deal, he still needs to go home. She says, she doesn't see why things would shift. She says, Paul told her that he's confident Paulie is going to go home. Tiffany says, people are going to shift, because they still have time to go before the vote. Michelle & Tiffany both say they are voting Jozea out no matter what.


7:42 PM BBT Frank comes in the UKBR. Nicole says, she went to Florida, to change the subject. Tiffany goes to eat. Frank tells them he was invited to the meeting tonight. Nicole says she wasn't. She thinks it's because they want to talk about getting Paulie out. Frank says, people are trying to tell Paul not to use the Veto. Nicole tells them about her conversation in the SR. Frank says, if he asks him about it, he will tell him he doesn't want to be the one to go home from not using the Veto. Michelle says space out sporadically. Frank tells Michelle not to tell him how to play, jokingly. She leave the UKBR.


7:45 PM BBT James is in the HOHR talking to Da'Vonne about the POV competition. Da'Vonne says she was almost on slop for nothing. Zakiya comes up & tells them that she has tacos going. Da'Vonne asks her to set meat to the side for her. Zakiya says, she will. Da'Vonne asks James which of the four newbees that were added to the group is the most loyal? James says, they need to wait to see. Da'Vonne agrees. She says, she gets good vibes from Zakiya. She says, Corey makes her a little nervous. Paulie comes in the HOHR. James asks him how his knees are doing? Paulie says, they are doing o.k., because he was doing an Army crawl to keep his knees off the ground.


7:48 PM BBT Paulie says he looked at Jozea's pile, & he says he knee if would fall. James says, he yelled to Jozea that it wasn't arts & crafts. Paulie says, he heard that. Paulie says, he may have won if he had a little more time. James says, he's going to take a shower really quick.


7:49 PM BBT Paulie tells Da'Vonne how he stacked everything to make them sturdy. Meanwhile, Frank is talking to Corey in the SR. Frank tells Corey that he's thinking the HG's might start to think he won the road kill comp. He says, he was thinking it would make sense to put Zakiya up, because she's not on his team. Corey says, it won't matter. Frank says, there's another meeting tonight. Corey says, Paul wants to pop off. They start talking about the POV competition. Frank asks how they only got 2 gallons of regular milk for the week? He says, they got more eggs & a ton of chicken.


7:53 PM BBT Corey says, he wants Paul out next. He says, his voice wants to make him throw up. He says, that he looked straight at Nicole & called her a b*tch. He says, it's not right that they can't do anything about it. Frank says, they still need to get Victor out next. He says, Victor wouldn't have done good in that competition. He says, if they can't get Victor out next week, they will get Paul out. Corey says, he's zero for 6 on comps right now, so he needs to pick it up. He says, he likes playing, & he's ready to go again. He says, he loves the rush. He says, he got a little dizzy, but he's ready.


7:55 PM BBT Frank tells Corey, "You're golden ponyboy." Both of them are still hungry after eating tacos. Frank says, they only have one thing of gluten free cookies. Frank thinks they may have forgotten some things on the grocery list. Frank says, they may bring more food in. He says, they only gave them 2 loaves of wheat bread. Corey says, he's about to have them take money out of his wallet to get more, because he uses at least one loaf a week. Corey says, he hates losing, but more so to someone who talks to girls that way.


7:57 PM BBT Corey says, he totally forgot what he went to the SR for. Frank asks him if he got a water bottle? Corey says, that's what it was. They both leave the SR. Frank goes to the LR. Tiffany, Paul & Natalie are in the LR. They can't believe that it's only Day 10, & they have to wait until Thursday for eviction. Natalie wishes her sister a happy belated birthday. She says, it was on June 18.


8:00 PM BBT Paul says, the hat for Michelle's costume looks like a robotic nipple. Paul says, they wish they would put beeps in for cursing. Frank says, they only use cursing & drop audio, when they think it's intense for the show. He says, how he got into an argument & told someone to eat his f'n Fruitloops, he didn't care.


8:02 PM BBT At the DR table Michelle asks Zakiyah how she got her name? She says, her mom looked through a book, & her name means smart & innocent. She says, in the middle east her name is used in sentences to mean delicious.


8:04 PM BBT Corey, Nicole, James & Da'Vonne are all in the HOHR. Nicole tells Paulie to ask Frank about what was said earlier about him & Corey telling Paul not to use the Veto. Corey walks in the HOHR. Nicole says, it went from one person to another to another. Corey doesn't understand why he would say that. He says, he was about ready to beat the sh*t out of Paul. Nicole tells them to keep their cool. James says, play Hopscoth & Hide N' Go Seek. Nicole tells them what she told Paul in the SR.


8:09 PM BBT Da'Vonne says, that when Paul won Jozea looked directly at Nicole, & said, "Bye B*tch." James says, they need to start calling him out. Nicole says, no, she's just waiting to see what he says. She says, if he personally says something to her, she would say something back. She says, it wouldn't be mean. James whispers that the cameras are following them behind the walls. Da'Vonne says, there is. Paulie uses the F word a lot. BB says, "HG's, you are not allowed to talk about production."


8:11 PM BBT Paulie says, he thinks that Paul is a liar. He says if he took half of what Paul says to heart, it would tear the house apart. Corey says, he thinks Paul is clinically a pathological liar. He says, he's not a ninja.


8:13 PM BBT Nicole says, they are scrambling right now, & they are all coming up with lies. Meanwhile, Bronte & Natalie are in the LR giggling, while laughing on the couches. Natalie says, they are going to take the cookies & eat them. Frank goes in the LR, & sits on the other end of the couch that Natalie is laying on. He tells them about a cupcake store by him that puts alcohol in their cupcakes.


8:16 PM BBT In the HOHR, Nicole says, Jozea is going to call her out when he gets voted out. She says, she's not allowed to vote, & she can't do anything. Da'Vonne says, a lot of the HG's don't know anything about this game. Nicole says, she can't believe that Paul won the POV comp. Da'Vonne says, that comp was fun. Paulie says, it was fun. Nicole says, it wasn't fun, & it was the worst comp ever. She says, she was really dizzy & may have went into Jozea's lane. Corey says he felt sick & his roommates are going to laugh.


8:18 PM BBT Nicole can't believe that she has the room until Thursday. Corey tells her she's the queen. Zakiyah comes to the HOHR. Da'Vonne asks her if she put meat to the side for her? She says, yes, it's on the table. Da'Vonne says, she's about to go & get it. Zakiyah sits on Paulie's lap. She says, she has a food baby. Da'Vonne tells her to call her when she goes into labor, jokingly. She says, she needs to take the fiber. Nicole says, she was told that someone was going to put that in her food. Zakiyah says everyone needs to go to the meeting at 2 a.m. Nicole says, she wasn't invited. Zakiyah says, it's a house meeting with everyone except Tiffany.


8:21 PM BBT Paulie says, "An entire house meeting, this is Devon." Da'Vonne says, she's going to make a few trips, & she leaves the HOHR. Corey says, 2 a.m. is too late, he'll be asleep. Nicole asks why they keep doing these meetings so late. She says, her mom will be up, because it will be 5 a.m. in Michigan to go to work.


8:22 PM BBT Nicole says, you can't have a house meeting, & just not invite one person. Paulie says, he's tripping. Zakiyah says, she just wanted to give them the heads up. She says, they are having the meeting in the Safari Room. Nicole says, she was going to try & hide. She says, she wants to drink her wine at some time tonight. Her microphone is muffled.


8:24 PM BBT Zakiyah tells them that Jozea asked her if Nicole wanted her to vote him out? She says, she said no. Nicole says, it looked like someone vomited. She says, Paul doesn't clean his dishes at all. Zakiyah says, he doesn't clean up behind himself at all. She says, Paul said, "They are about to get them b*tches out." (Referring to the veterans). Paulie says, he's tried on numerous occasions to be friends with Jozea. Corey says, Jozea keeps hitting on him. Zakiya tells Corey that Jozea thinks that he's gay, & really wants to mess with his butt. Paulie says, Jozea is paranoid that everyone is going around telling other HG's to vote him out.


8:27 PM BBT Zakiyah says, that Jozea is very self-centered. She says, Jozea thinks he has Corey wrapped around his little finger. Corey says, he can't wait for him to leave, & he'll leave him a great goodbye message.


8:30 PM BBT Paulie says, Natalie & Bronte are playing like they are good friends. Nicole says, she doesn't understand why Natalie wants to sleep in her HOH bed tonight. Paulie says, he thinks that Victor & Natalie aren't really having a showmance.


8:32 PM BBT Frank goes to the HOHR. Zakiyah & Paulie both agree that what Victor & Natalie are doing is transparent. Nicole says, Victor is bossy. Her microphone is muffled again. Frank asks Nicole if she ate a taco? Nicole says, she ate one. Frank calls her a fat girl, jokingly. He says she put so much meat in the taco, that it was as fat as his leg. They all talk about how much food that Victor is eating in the house. Frank says, he told him that there was only 1 pack of cookies in the house, & he made them & hogged them down.


8:35 PM BBT Zakiyah tells Frank that Jozea thinks Corey is gay. She says, he said he was going to bring that out of him. She laughs. Corey says, if he wakes up with him next to him he will start kicking. Frank says, they are having another meeting tonight. Zakiyah tells Frank that she was told the only one that is not invited is Tiffany. Frank says, they still don't know how Bridgette, Tiffany & Da'Vonne are going to vote. Frank says, Bridgette is cleaning her a** off downstairs. Zakiyah says, she is. Frank says, she might be tired of being stuck inside the house.


8:37 PM BBT Corey says, when he goes in the DR to say who he wants to vote to evict, he should say, he gayly votes to evict Jozea. He says, he means happily. Nicole tells him not to do that because he might get flack for that. Da'Vonne goes in the HOHR briefly & then leaves to go back downstairs. Zakiyah is under a blanket with her legs across Paulie's lap. Corey is laying in the HOH bed with Nicole. Frank is sitting on a chair in the HOHR.


8:41 PM BBT Frank says when he was confident he didn't pack on his season. He tells Paulie not to pack to leave. Nicole says, everyone on her season packed. Frank & Paulie start talking about the POV comp again. Neither one of them can believe the Paul won it.


8:42 PM BBT In the UKBD Michelle asks Tiffany & James if they checked Jokers? Tiffany says, she checked it every day. She says, James was always at the top. She says, they go for the underdogs. James says, he's here to play. Michelle says, she's there for the experience. James says, he has a lot of loyal fans. Michelle says, Jozea has ears like bats. Tiffany says, he's God, he's going to win, he's never wrong. She says, this is all out of his mouth. Tiffany says, he always walks around in his underwear. Michelle says, he's going to be the first gay winner of BB. James asks why she didn't tell him about Andy? She says, it better to stroke his ego. They are all wondering what time it is. Michelle says, it must be about 8 PM BBT. Tiffany says, she is so lost with the time. She says, she is 3 hours ahead. She says, her sister is probably laughing at her right now. Tiffany says, Vanessa is doing a road trip right now. Michelle says, people on Twitter thought Vanessa was coming back to the show. She says, they did digging & found out where she was to know that she wasn't going back in the house. Michelle says, she can't wait to mess with people next year. James says, no matter what he does, they would never believe he would come back for a third season. Tiffany says, Janelle was on for 3 seasons. Michelle says, Boogy was on for 3 seasons. James says, he would come back for an All-Star. Tiffany asks if he would do it for a 3rd time? James says, yes, it's an endurance.


8:48 PM BBT Michelle says, she loves BB, & she had a dream about BB Canada last night. Michelle says, plot twist, she's actually from Canada. Tiffany says, she actually saw her script. Michelle asks James if he believes her? She says, no, because the background check would have come back against her. Tiffany says, she does have an accent from Canada. She says, she lives about 30 minutes from Canada.


8:50 PM BBT Paul takes Jozea & Victor into the Safari Room. Paul says, they need to get James out next. He says, it's good that Paulie will be leaving. Paul says, he knows that Nicole likes him, & he's going to use that to his advantage. He says, she went to him after the competition & told him she likes him. Victor & Paul both agree that Nicole is not their number 1 threat. Paul says, James is the f'n brain behind them. He says, they need to get him out now. Paul thinks Nicole is very aggressive. James, Nicole, Zakiyah, Bronte, & Da'Vonne all go in the Safari Room. Paul says, they are in there trying to figure out who will go up next since he's coming off the block.


8:55 PM BBT Bronte says, if they are getting Paulie out, it won't matter who goes up, because they won't go home anyway. They all try to figure out how many votes they have to send Paulie home. Jozea says it's the majority vote. Victor says, this should go smoothly, & there should be no surprises. Jozea says, the majority of the house runs this b*tch. He says, point blank & to the point. Victor says, it would have been messed up if Paulie came down. Victor tells them not to let anyone sway them a certain way. Jozea tells them they have their brain, & they have had time to watch 17 other seasons. He says, this is the best diverse cast ever. He says, they all get along on this cast. He says, they all stick together. He says, it's more family oriented.


8:58 PM BBT Bronte tells everyone to keep the everything calm. She says, Paulie might come to them, & they need to stay cool if they try to say things are being said. Jozea talks about who he has thought won the secret competition. Zakiyah asks who they think? Jozea says, he doesn't know. Paul says, whoever has it hasn't said anything, because word gets around the house. He says, if someone said something they woud all know. Tiffany goes in the Safari Room now also.

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9:03PM BBT Jozea is going on and on about that they own this house. They are trying to figure out if eviction will be Sunday.


9:16PM BBT The HG scurrying around trying to assure each other they have their backs and trying to get who will be the replacement.


9:19PM BBT Bridgette, Zak, Corey and Nicole are talking about who may go up. Zak concerned that she may be going up.


9:23PM BBT Paul talking to Paulie. Paul explaining how things will run. He says when he nods at him and says "PP" he is telling him something. Paul says he doesn't just people on their strength.


9:28PM BBT In the HOH room, Corey talking about how at Christmas they decorate with a ton of lights. Discussion about Christmas decorations.


9:32PM BBT Paulie comes into the BR and is telling Da and Tiffany that Paul came to him and told him that Jo wants Paulie out. Tiffany tells Paulie that he is fine and that everyone wants Jozea out.


9:36PM BBT In the Safari room, Bridgette is telling Jozea that she is worried about going up. She says they have been throwing up her name. Jozea tells her she is fine and to walk around with a smile.


9:42PM BBT Tiffany and Paulie talking about Natalie. They both dislike her. Paulie says her voice drives him crazy and her innocent act that she doesn't know how to do anything.

9:44PM BBT Frank, Bridgette and Paul are in the BR. Paul telling them that he can't make everyone happy and he is giving up trying. Says that his stress should be relieved by winning veto but it isn't.


9:50PM BBT Frank and Paul discuss the options for the renom. Paul says after this week they need to reaccess their options.

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9:57PM BBT Paulie comes into UKBR and Tiffany is about to tell him who she is and Frank comes in and lays down on one of the beds. He tells them that Bridgette is being bullied about talking to people in case she goes up. Frank says that Jozea was in the Safari room bullying her.


10:01PM BBT Our choices for feeds. 2 Cams on talk about masterbation and 2 cams on periods and abortions.


10:10PM BBT No game talk. Just general chit chat in the house.


10:19PM BBT In the HOH room, Victor talking about girls and their behavior. Zak telling him if the girl feels insecure then he is doing something wrong. Convo continues about girls.


10:25PM BBT Paul and Paulie in the HN room. Paul telling him that Paulie is fine and that he doesn't need to worry. Paulie tells him to relax and to enjoy the Veto.


10:28PM BBT IN the HOH room, the rules for dating continue.


10:40PM BBT Victor, Jozea and Paul in the LR. Natalie telling them that Nicole asked her if the meeting was over. Natalie said she asked her what meeting and Nicole replied that Bridgette told her there was a meeting.


10:47PM BBT Da and Zak in the HOH talking about Jozea. Da says that she liked him originally and Zak agrees. Da says that he lost her when he said he was the Messiah.


10:52PM BBT Frank talking to Bridgette. Telling her that Jozea has made mistakes. He says Jozea is going. He tells her that if you are nominated, you can't go to the HOH room and tell them that they are next.


10:55PM BBT Feeds show Tiffany and Paulie and they are discussing Vanessa. So Tiffany has told him her secret.

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11:03 PM BBT Paul and Bridgette in UKBR talking about Jozea and his paranoia. Paul asking if Bridgette is ok and she can talk to him if she needs someone to listen to. He can tell she's being pulled a couple of directions and he wants to comfort her. Paul says the reason we're in a buddy system is to help each other be less stressed and she should be calm because they have her back. Bridgette said she should be allowed to go upstairs for five minutes without coming down and being accused of flip flopping. Paul tells Bridgette Tiffany came in to the meeting and said Bridgette told them Jozea was having a meeting and Tiffany has been saying things. Bridgette said that's not what she heard and she thinks it's unfair. Paul tells her not to associate him with Jozea's paranoia because Paul is not paranoid its just Jozea. Bridgette says she's frustrated and ready to go to bed and just not deal with it anymore. Paul says he'll grill them and Bridgette says please don't. Bridgette tells Paul not to fix anything for her. Paul tells her not to group him in with the angry men. Bridgette thanks him and says she's going to sleep and asks Paul to flip the lights off as he leaves.

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11:10 PM BBT  Paulie and Tiffany at the chess table quizzing each other on comps and things around the house like the departure cities and times they depart.

Da'Vonne and Zakiyah in the HOH laying down and watching the tv screen.

Cory and Jozea in the Tokyo/Anime room talking about the competition and that it was hard. Cory says it was the least favorite one he's done. Jozea says there was a tube and a spinner. Jozea said he was trying to figure out how Cory got in the tube because he had a hard time getting into it.

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11:20 PM BBT Beer and Wine delivery. Most of the house gravitates to the KT/DT to drink. A few of the guys poke holes in the side of the can to shot gun the beers. Frank yells for Da'Vonne and Zakiyah to come downstairs for the wine. They save some for Nicole and general cheers all around. Da'Vonne asks if they should wake up Bridgette and they say she's in a dead sleep and Nicole is in the DR. James says they should have played beer pong.

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