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The fair Morgana was told that it was down between Lydia and Brianna, and that it was a last minute act to save Lydia. Lydia told her tribe that she was going to need hip replacement surgery soon, and wanted to sit out any running or action challenges.

Morgan loved Raif, and said they enjoyed him so much they just wrote off his performance. It was also Reward, there were 3 days before Tribal Council, he is very smart and he had the physical strength of a bigger male.

She said there was a balance between working hard in camp, and working hard in challenges. Lydia was not strong in challenges so she worked extra hard in camp. Brianna and Brandon for Yaxha were also puking after the hike, which was not shown.

They brought 6 bags in corn, and it was not desperation but boredom with corn that drove some of Yaxha to the ants. The tadpoles was more psychological than of protein value.

The Danni comment about Gary being the football player went over most people's head, according to Morgan, and she didn't pay it any attention when it was brought up in camp. He has been building a character of being religions, doing missionary work, and if the truth ever comes out, the question will be what else is he lying about. Morgan said she only know that he was not a famous football player.

Morgan says her mistake was in trusting her teammates. She never had a chance to lobby for herself as did Lydia. She thinks it was not about her being lazy but about finding a scapegoat. There was no obvious choice.

She had made alliances and was very upset after being voted off because none of them supported her. Gary approached Amy, who approached Stephanie, who approached Brianna to go to the merge. But the alliances went out the window because the tribe thought they needed to keep the males.

Morgan was so excited to be there, first time out of the country, the youngest of the group, in a Mayan ruin. They could have brought down Daniel Lieu and she woudl have been excited. She had a feeling that there would be two more added to the tribe, because 16 was too small a number.

Jaime never verbalized his unhappiness with Stephanie to the tribe. Morgan said that she had a wiered feeling about Gary from the start. Morgan said she surprised herself physically in the challenges; she was prepared mentally but had tried to gain weight before teh show and couldn't.

Morgan said that the editing did not show that everyone was sitting down at different points, and everyone was drinking water. Morgan said she was one of the few who knew how to use flint. Raif, the wilderness guide, did not know how. He also lost his shoe in Reward. Even thought they were close, Raif did not warn Morgan and voted with the tribe against her.

Morgan thinks the Nakkum women are a forced to be rekkoned with. She was really confused that Blake seemed to be so weak but then plow through challenges. He was very sweet to the women of both tribes. Bobby Jon and Judd are huge as well, and Judd lived up to his promise of being the hero.

Morgan said she didn't think it was Raif taunting Nakkum last espisode, but it sounded like something Brian would do. Neither Morgan nor Jenna recognized Roger More as James Bond but did remember who he was in Spice World. This has nothing to do with Survivor bat but it does show a cultrual division with Dalton, the co-host of Survivor Live.

Morgan wrote an open letter to Brian. She said that taunting the other tribe was rude, and wants to know if he really thought she was lazy or just trying to save Lydia. Either way, he is a big jerk.

Former Survivor Andrew Savage calls in. He thought the first two episodes were over the top, and things that Gary made a key tactical error, but it is easy to be an armchair quarterback. The game is not about the money but about relationships. If he had gone to the tribe and talked about how you have been an everyday person over the last 15 years, it would probably have been accepted. Morgan agreed.

He will also be watching to see if Bobby Jon and Blake recover to full health. He said that the Morgan tribe went through so much, turning a trainwreck around, have remained very close today, something most other Survivor tribes have not been able to do. He is now an attorney with Yahoo. He predicts Margaret as the winner of Survivor 11.

Morgan is currently singing and dancing in a Halloween show at Six Flags/Chicago starting as Zambina. It's like Rockey Horror for kids (minus the transvestites from outerspace). She has actually worked there for a number of years.


Who notes that Bobby Jon was still so disoriented that he went to Tribal council anyway...

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Brianna said she was completely wiped out in the immunity challenge. She also admitted she had no strategy other than to not lie. She took it hard that she was voted off as a physical weakness when Lydia needs a hip replacement and Amy has a bum ankle. She was also hurt by some of the comments made by Stephanie, who is on a bit of a power trip. It was funny to see how people were in their confessionals, because she just didn't see that in the game.

The talk turned to Stephanie, who Jamie had first wanted to vote off and has since become bossy and demanding. She is making up for strategical mistakes last season. There was also much debate on exactly what a pick is. She does not think that there was anything else going on, such as Gary trying to vote off younger players.

The immunity challenge sucked. She was not mentally there, but her head wasn't into it. There were no excuses, she acknowledged being lazy. During the 11mi trek, Stephanie approached Brianna about forming an alliance. Then Morgan was thrown into it along with Raiff. But Raiff wasn't told until Morgan spilled the beans, so Morgan became expendable.

Brianna really liked Gary, saying they have a common bond, sharing a faith. He never lied directly to her, and she knew they were all going to vote against her. But he is still her famous player. Brianna said that she thinks if the truth about his being a former football player ever came out, he probably would stay in the game.

In her open letter, Brianna said Dear Courtball, you suck. I thought you would be fun and you let me down. You were too hard and I will never take you on again.

Brianna feels that she did pull her weight in camp, that she was not lazy and the editing didn't really suggest it. Everyone on the tribe seems a bit lazy compared to Lydia, which is probably why she is still in the game.

She was prepared for the crocodiles, the howler monkeys were small and they never saw a cheetah or puma. Jaime was really scared of the bugs and spiders. They were told specifically to not go in the water, because Crocodiles will detect a pattern. They would always go down to the water at the same time - they just didn't care. They needed to cool down, and wash off the war paint.

As crazy as it sounds, she would do the show again in an instant. Surviving off of nothing at age 21, it was a great experience. She learned and took much out of it. Next time, she would have went into the game with more strategy.

Watching Nakum celebrating Reward was difficult for Brianna, especially because they were so close. Brianna loves it when people fall down - it makes her laugh. Brianna said that Gary's performance in reward did not make her think again of Danni's claim that he was a former NFL quarterback.

To prepare for Survivor, Brianna did some endurance training but was in no way prepared for the heat, lack of food and water. There wasn't even a breeze.

The mystery caller was Coby, who thought it would be Gary or Margeret voted off. Coby thought Brianna was going to shake things up. Jaime and Brianna got into a fight during Tribal Council when she tried to stand up for herself.

Coby thought the episodes are focuing too much on Stephanie and Bobby Jon. He describes Raiff with the word, Blech, like Katie who doesn't do much and is just a pawn. Being an expert on going bonkers, Coby said Brian has gone a little bonkers. Brianna describled Guatamala as a walk in the park compared to Paulo.

Baby Janu is 5 months old, has 2 teeth, is big and fat wearing 12mo clothes. He is still working at his salon, and Brianna's hair is fabulous. Coby said that in Palou, Steph also whined about being on a bad team, never taking responsibility for herself.

Brianna said that Jeff is a great commentator during competitions. She thought before the show that he did voice overs, but you try to tune him out. You do want to scream at him sometimes, and he seems a little more opinionated this season. Probst is a player in the game that must be played just like the elements. Brianna really liked Danni, not that they got to meet Nakum that much. There was some interteam talking during challenges.

The Question of the Week: Brianna is taking life day by day but is not doing anything at the moment. If something comes along, she'll take it. She is not a make-up artist, but is bartending on the water in Seattle, walking away with some pretty good tips.


Who is not at all disapointed that Brianna was voted off this week...

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I am not disappointed Brianna was voted off. I'm not usually the type to yell at the tv screen, except maybe during a sporting event that I care about. But Brianna had me yelling, and almost wanting to shake the screen! Anything to get that girl to move! Doesn't matter if she might have been better at other challenges than Lydia. If you can't suck it up, even a little bit, and give it a shot, then you really have no value what-so-ever to the tribe. Move along, girly girl!

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Brooke said that Judd stood out a bit from the original Nakum because he was so negative. He was like a bull in a china shop. But the girls were really tight; they were so strong after the hike and the guys were so weak. Brooke had an alliance with Danni that fell apart when the tribes were reshuffled.

Brooke's favorite challenge was the courtball challenge. She was not great at it but it was gruelling and challenging. Her best challenge was the rope challenge where she had to crawl underneath and she outperformed some guys. She was proud of taking the map and not getting lost on the 11 mile jungle hike through the night. It really threw them into the game right off the bat, with no time to get comfortable and establish your game.

The conversation turned to Gary "Hawkins" who is not separating his lie enough from reality. He should have denied he went to the same school that Danni said he went to. They also talked about the switching of the tribes, and how Nakum still maintained their advantage but it cost Brooke the game.

In an open letter to the Tribe Switcheroo, Brooke said it came too early in the game and was totally unfair to her, prevented her from having more time with her tribe. Jenna agrees that it was too early and completely caught everyone, even her, off guard. however, whenever they start giving away food so early, there is going to be a price to pay.

A caller wondered what is the camp life during the downtimes, since all that is shown on the episodes are the bad stuff. Brooke said there was a lot of talk about food, sports talk (guysnd Danni bonded). They voted against playing pictionary with the war paint on the mayan ruins. Stephanie did not try to get to know her, even learn her name, after the Tribal Switcheroo.

Another caller wondered whether the tribe that wins Immunity discusses what the other tribe is doing at Tribal Council. Brooke responds that there is nothing else to do. They were not surprised that Brianna and Morgan were gone. Jenna described how in Amazon they would hold mock TCs, with Rob C playing the role of Jeff Probst.

The next caller asked how wiered was Lydia. Brooke said Lydia is someone you wouldn't expect to have so much energy. She does not stop for anything, and really isn't the weakest. She wasn't a big advocate for herself. Jenna observed that she has gotten at least one vote at every TC since Jim was voted out. Energy and endurance can not be discounted.

Brooke was most surprised by the 11 mile jungle hike; they didn't see it coming. It is hard to keep up a strategy or fake personality. When you are dehydrated and short on food, your true colors come out. Brooke said that Judd should have gone after Raiff or Lydia if he was really aligning with Stephanie and Jaime. He was not really thinking, or understanding what Margaret was explaining the numbers.

Jenna said you never want to put yourself at the bottom of an alliance. As Jeff inferred, you won't be trusted by either side. Brooke said that having seen the Nakum campsite, it wasn't anything that special. In fact, they had to walk further for water and had more quicksand than beach.

The Mystery Caller phones in. It is Ami Cusack. She asks why they didn't go after Lydia and use her to turn on the others. Brooke answered that Lydia was tight with Jaime and Raiff, and they wanted to keep her as a target. It was her one mistake that may have been her way out, but she would not have turned on Stephanie, Jaime or Raiff.

Ami loved Stephanie but thinks Danni is coming in and taking charge. Jenna calls Danni the new Steph. Bobby Jon is staying in the background and not being a target. Blake is getting cuter now that he is not puking as much. Ami wanted to see Margaret go, as well as Gary instead of Brooke. Ami also said that Scout was open and honest about her successful life and stayed in the game. Gary shouldn't be hiding himself.

Brooke was surprised all the women were so thin going into the game. It is easier to move around in the heat and humidity without the extra weight, and the lack of food had less of an impact, especially compared to the guys. Ami thinks Lydia will be next to go as Judd moves up in the alliance, whereas Jenna thinks Lydia will be used as a pawn. Brooke suggested that Lydia may have been dangled, but never was at risk, that she is actually in on the joke.

Brooke had hoped that Nakkum would have gotten more attention for their tribe unity, such as the time she caught 18 minnows since the attention on the show was focused on Yaxha. There was a lot of game strategy that did not make it into the episodes.

The crocodiles were very, very real. It was frustrating to have this giant lake you couldn't go into. That Cindy wouldn't go in was a big signal for her. They were taught how to run in a zigzag motion if a croc approached you.

Next up for Brooke is to take the Bar exam in February, in preparation for which she will be spending time inside the library, then will be looking for a law job (unlike most Survivors).


Who notes that Dalton claims the reward challenge winners will get a croc-proof swimming area...

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Survivor Live: Blake Towsley.

In for Jenna Morasca, Tom Westman from Survivor Palau joined recent cast-off survivor Blake Towsley. Blake said it did not make sense to him because of the numbers. He was performing the challenges, and thought that Bobby Jon and Brandon had his back. But he did not realize how much Danni was working in the background.

Blake said Brian did not have much to do with Danni's decision to try to even out the numbers as a demonstration of good faith. Bobby Jon went along with it because he did not want to loose Danni's vote. Brian was a bigger target than Amy because Amy simply made them laugh and they were so bored. When the tribes merge, Nakkum will be at the disadvantage.

Blake said the biggest fear was what kind of control Stephanie had over the old Nakkum. They felt there was a change when they saw Nakkum walk into the challenges. The cart ride at the reward challenge was fun, said Blake, but bitter sweet because they never made it past the first stage. You can't rub it in because some of them may be voting for you later on.

When asked how it felt to be voted out because he talked to much, Blake said he was trying to be a part of the group after having been literally out of it for the first couple of days. Amy talked a lot about sex, and others were talking a lot as well. He was trying to keep up moral.

Blake said on the first night, he told the girls he was from Texas, he called girls honey, and asked them to let him know if they were offened. They said no. Brandon had a brother who is a rocket scientist, another who is a playboy and he is a farmer. They all had stories, and they all played them.

Blake said that at one point after the reward challenge Judd was complaining about how he hates it out there, and was only there for his family and Blake said no, he loves it and gets excited when they get tree mail.

Jenna Morasca calls in and complains that the week she is not there is when the cute guy is voted out of the tribe. She asks if Blake ever made an effort to talk to Amy, Gary and Brian to try to form a backup alliance. Blake said he talked with all three of them and developed a friendship but did not form a relationship because he did not want to jeapordize his alliance with Nakum.

Jenna mentions that Bobby Jon is in full game mode, motivating, competing, and unexpectedly breaking his alliance. Talk then turns to Stephanie's frustration with losing and Bobby Jon's success. Blake said he saw the frustration and the jealousy with Bobby Jon, who was just so focused and into the game. Tom said that Stephanie did not change from Palau; it's just in the way she is being edited that she went from angel to princess.

Blake said that from what he heard, a lot of people had a bad taste in their mouth after working with Stephanie. Danni was the more valuable woman. Blake said before the game began, Mark Burnette came to talk to them. Even Jeff noted that they might have gone too far with the initial hike. It was a lot like the complaints they had in Africa.

Blake said that even though Gary denied being an NFL quarterback, they needled him and said in their private interviews that they knew he was a former quarterback and it was no big deal. Brian denied over and over that he was gay, and Blake give him the benefit of the doubt. He is mensa intelligent, but gives himself too much credit for the strategy. He did not want to coast through; he really wanted to play.

Blake said that when Nakkum came in to Reward after voting out Brooke, there was a swagger in Judd and Margaret gave Blake a look that said she was scr$wed. Blake said Judd wasn't playing the dumb roll; he really is like that. As the beard got bigger, he was going downhill. He did not try to make friends and was not having a good time.

Blake said he refused to quit when he was so ill; he did not want to be a Survivor pariah. When the challenges began, he just kicked it in but when the adrenaline wore off; he would crash and be unable to breath.

Blake reiterated that Jim's vote for Margaret in the first episode was because he knew he could not compete injured and Margaret drew the short straw as to whom he would vote for since he could not vote for himself.

For his open letter, Blake talked directly to his girlfriend's voluptuous figure. She got him into a bit of trouble, how the fact she is built like a playmate and how people are now telling you that your chest got him voted off and he can live with that.

Blake said that most of Survivor is conservation, saving energy for the challenges. Danni would offer to scratch his back for an hour each day. It is hard to concentrate on the game all the time.

Brian pretended to be from a community college but was obviously very intelligent, and an expert in the game, and Jeff would draw him out on it during Tribal Council. In hindsight, even if you can sleep through the rain, if you see your tribe huddled under an umbrella, you join them.

Blake said he sold himself as young and willing to do anything, but he was confident in his relationship with his girlfriend. He told his roomate before, however, that if it came down to him kissing a girl to win a million dollars, he would kiss the girl. His roomate told his girlfriend, so he had some explaining to do when he got home.

Blake said he and Danni felt like the producers were trying to match each other up, but it wasn't even a consideration. Blake also reiterated that the Nakum camp was neat being in the ruins, but it was 500 yards away from water and that was really hard.

Right now, Blake is a mid-west boy and doing some modeling and real-estate. He is working on letters of recommendation to join the FBI, but does not think he can gut it out in LA trying to break into entertainment.


Who still does not understand the benefit of evening up the tribe numbers...

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