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Returning coaches rumor proven false... what four returnees do you want to see?

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So the "confirmed" rumored list of returning players has been proven false; Vanessa is currently playing in the World Series of Poker, Derrick is making public appearances and Ian admitted he misled people to believe he was on this season. So we still have no idea who is returning. Put together your dream list of who you'd like to see again from the last few seasons?


Not including the returnees proven false, mine would be:


Nicole (Season 16)

Amanda (Season 15)

Frank (Season 14)

Shelly (Season 13)

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Not losing any sleep over whomever comes back...just know that if i never see the "bedroom whore" Amanda again, i'd be fine.  I can agree with Nicole or Frank but most HG's that i've watched, I've seen enough of, I even keep up with a chosen few after seasons are over on social media eg: the Brenchells, Nicole & Hayden, Jason & Meg.  I'm much more interrested in WHAT AG & powers that be....do in the line of MORE COMPS, LESS SLEEPING, & Penalizing them when they screw up.

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Don't get me wrong, I strongly dislike Amanda as a person. But I love good television and Amanda's super confrontational personality stirred up the drama like few I've ever seen. The season would have been much worse in her absence. I feel similarly about Shelly. Her incredible web of lies and manipulation that almost brought her to the end of the game was what made that season for me, far more than anything Rachel did.

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3 hours ago, HoH8 said:

i thought we already Knew the 4 HG's???







has anybody heard any Different? ...☺...

Haven't heard of anyone different but James has been tweeting the past few days.  The others I don't follow so I don't know about them.  However one thing I am wondering is if this rumored leak was all a set up.  Make us think one thing and then do another.

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11 hours ago, Janis said:

Well I don't want to see Frank again he is probably my least favorite houseguest of all times. 


Never liked Frank either. He just creeped me


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honestly, I would prefer they not bring back anyone who has been on the show - I like seeing newbies and watching their reactions - past players already know the basic in and outs of BB - and a lot of the newbies have seen past players and start making decisions on what their play will be based on the returning players - I'd rather watch them form their own alliances, plans and deceptions all by themselves -

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