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Week 2: Move of the Game


Wk. 2 Move of the Game  

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  1. 1. Choose your move.

    • Lydia works her hiney off. Good thing, too. She was terrible in the challenges.
    • Danni's Prowess in the Court Ball comp. Granted, the men from Nakum played well, but Danni seemed to be the one that found the game and played it like she did it for a living.
    • Amy's Gut Check. She fights through a severe ankle sprain to assure her team she is still valuable.
    • Gary's Play as the field general. The QB skills come in handy as he masterfully moved his players through the course. The team still falls appart in the end. Close only works in horseshoes and hand grenades!!!!
    • Nakum Teamwork. The other team says the "get along" but, plain and simple, this team works well together.
    • Other

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Here we go again. Choose your move and please explain. It's more fun that way.

Here we go.

Difficult focusing on Nakum individuals this week. Other than the swim, there was not a lot of drama, just good teamwork. That get's my vote this week.

On a slightly off topic note (but, not entirely), I'm starting to appreciate Danni a lot more. She took three to the head and didn't raise much of a stink. She just kept going.

That's a hard headed woman. Go Danni.

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