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Sunday, May 1, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

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As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Thank you!

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Kels is cookings eggs, Tim is in Kitchen talking about Quotes.
Tim’s quote was “There is Pleasure in the pathless woods” to go into the woods where there is no set route. “Flowers are the Earths laughter” was another quote.

Nick is laying on the green couch quietly

 Kels says the “Whole freaking ..”Freak show thing” was so weird. Tim keeps saying I know I know and says it must mean something. Tim says I just laugh at it.

Tim says when you think you have dought and you get like a message, and Tim said he gave up during the VETO comp, and he all of a sudden had the Card he needs, and had it, and doesn’t know what it means, Cass comes walking down the stairs, and asks if Tim just moved the cup that was on the table, and says what a dummy.

Joel walks down the stairs, followed by Tim,  Cass sits alone behind the “bar” in the Jacuzzi area
Joel prepares himself some Slop (poor Joel I really feel for him L -- Slop all season and no slop)
Feeds keep switching to Cass alone

There really isn’t much going on.




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12:14 Phil (I think) Kels, Tim and Joel in the KT, talking about Dreams, and things that happen,
Phil says he kept having dreams about dying in a plane crash,
Cass walked upstairs not even saying anything


General chit chat about Dreams

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Joel is alone in the Pink Room
Tim Kels , Cass Phil are outside chatting about the POV comp and that Joel has one up.
Tim says that the Threak Show is over.
Phil says not to say “ass is grass” because that’s giving Maddie a time of day
(I’m watching BB so i'm updating during commercials )


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9:36 Kels & Cass chat, about Joel and not being committed to her.

Cass says she would have Kel's back.. and the Brothers would and Tim would have the Brothers back before he has Kel's back.

and Cass tells Kels that he would take the Brothers before Kels and he's terrified of Kels. (I don't know if that's true is Cass working her game?)
Kels says she will think about it, and she could regret when Cass goes home,
Cass tells Kels that she realizes mistakes she made Kels asks Cass why Tim thinks Kels is so bad at her game. he thinks that Jared is gone Kels does hae a chance

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9:43 Kels and Cass still chatting about Joel "fucking" his game over, and Cass says she fucked herself over.
Kels says she feels bad that things are the way they are but  things that happened last week

Kels says Cass Cass if it's you and me, Tim will protect you but Joel won't.

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9:53 Kels says she would not forgive herself if she kept Cass in the house, she tells Kels and everyone that she will get rid of Tim, next week.
Kels says she can say that all she wants. She says she's loyal to her people.
Cass says that Tim will do whatever is best for Tim
Nick is in the kitchen cooking up stuff.
 (( i am really having a hard time listening to Cass trying to ensure he safety I just want her out soo bad is it Thursday yet? )

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10:09 Tim is in HOH listening to music

(I tuned in late) but it seems like Cass and Joel had a moment and Kels is down there

Talking about great moves if Kels hadn't a been HOH

Cass and Joel leave and Cass ay Love you Kels


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10:12 Kels and Nick are in the Pantry, and she is telling Nick that Cass was trying to convince Kels to keep Cass

and tells him that Joel says to Cass that she felt he should go and she deserves that more than me.. and now they are talking about that"
Nick says Joel doesn't realize he's fucking us if he leaves this week. He says he doesn't' wanna leave that way and giving up is worse
he' faught to be here thus far
Nick says id be rocky water and Kels can't compete and it would be Tim and Cass vs Brothers and Kels.

Nick says thing is Kels is going to vote to save Joel

Nick says it's settled and that if Joel would self evict, and it would be final three Brothers Kels and Tim.
and Kels says she is not putting Brothers up

Nick says it's a cluster Fuck

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10:05 BBT: Cass still working Kelsey with the same begging and insistent pleading she used on Tim yesterday and earlier today in true Persian Princess form. (May heaven have mercy on her eventual life partner. - DRG)

The other feed shows Nick at the table eating.

Joel finally comes out of the pink room where he had been crying and joins the gals in the hot tub area. He offers to Cass that he go this week. Kelsey stops him and tells him he can't give up on his game and it is nice for him to offer that but staying and fighting for his life is one way and just giving up is another. Kelsey turns to Cass and says if he offers that I'm sure you will take it. Joel looks away and Cass gets up and gives him a hug. She returns to sitting next to Kelsey and they hug and say they hate this game. Cass says to Joel that we always had each others back and you were my rock this whole game and talked me out of my angry interjectures. He keeps looking down and away rubbing his neck. Cass has her arm around Kelsey who has her head on Cass's shoulder. Kelsey tells Cass it would have been a good move last week if I did not win HOH after. Cass and Joel head out with Cass calling back to Kelsey, Love ya.

The other feed shows Tim in the HOH listening to music while lying on one of the sofas then switches to Kelsey and Nick in the pantry where she is recanting what happened in the hot tub with Cass and Joel in the Readers Digest version. Nick says he does not think Joel realizes he is fucking all of us if he leaves this week.

Cass has come tot he HOH and is talking to Tim who tells her it is early days. 



















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10:17 Nick and Kels says if Joel wouldn't have done that little thing and helped them out he wouldn't be in that situation
and senario's and staying with your alliance and not go with the power.

With little left in the game everyone is talking and Kels says it sucks because Joel can't deal with it and watching him knowing he can't deal with it... It breaks her heart to watch and know what to do about it.

Nick doesn't want Joel's decision can fuck things over, and Kels tells Joel he could win HOH next week he's made it that far. He keps saying he doesn't want to be 3rd of 4th place,Kels says no one wants that .. that's the game. he could have been out 10th place, they are promising him safety

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10:20 Kels told Cass that's how things work it's the game it sucks, everyone understands how the games work.
Cass says she made a mistake but Kels told Cass that if Kels hadn't won it would have been the right. and mentions that Cass has carried Joel to this point, and told Cass she got out Jared, and TIm will take you no matter what. If it was you and I standing there, Tim would take Cass at the end. they've worked together for 65 days and the veto wouldn't change things.
(think my internet connection is being weird having hard time watching feeds hopefully someone can take over)


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10:13PM BBT: Tim and Cass and Kelsey and Nick continue strategy sessions at opposite ends of the house. Tim is wondering what they can say to Kelsey and tells Cass she needs to get in with the brothers and not do any game shit. She needs to act so hurt by what Joel did and she jumps up to go talk to them right now. 

Kelsey telling Nick that Joel knows he fucked himself over and he wants to leave now rather than deal with the consequences. Kelsey says she feels horrible but Joel got himself here as did Cass and Kelsey is now just going to make the best game move. 

Cass now with Joel by the pool where he is lamenting that Tim hates him now and he can't beat Tim or Nick in competitions. Cass is talking him out of taking himself out by telling him that Kelsey just told her that she is going this week no matter what. That the brothers and her think it is best for them if Joel stays. 

Nick and Kelsey continue to put down the moves that Cass and Joel have made but this is the way the game works if you don't win the veto or HOH you go home. Kelsey says it is really hard to watch because she did carry Joel this far. 

Cass telling Joel she is walking dead right now and should just walk out now becasue she is so frustrated now and Tim has abandoned them. She tells him the others all want to get him out next week and that also frustrates her. She hates this game and the people they are playing with since no one thinks strategic like she does but they all play the high and mighty moral card. Joel sad about going out fifth or fourth place and Cass says she always wanted to make the final four and do the recap show. She is frustrated and feels she should have won the HOH. He says again that maybe he should go since she is a better talker. She tells him he is a good strategist and a nice person with a good heart and all Canada loves him. Joel's reply is that they will not think so much of him when they see the veto comp and wonder what the hell he was thinking.  She consoles him saying he is at least final four and is Canada's favorite and he will get the 20K prize. He corrects her that there is not prize in BBCA for that. (Only in BBUS - DRG) They hug one another. She tells him the brothers told her after the veto that he had been six feet under and now he is ten. He does not want to be seen as the screw up to which she says he is not the screw up that she is for having made the dumb move for the alliance even though she knew Jared was never coming after her. 

Tim has joined the duo in the pantry where they keep talking about Joel wanting to leave so he does not "lose." Kelsey says she knows what it is like to be on the block and just feel like wanting to take yourself out. Tim says he also must feel guilt because he has not fessed up. Tim thinks it awful that they don't have the lovable fun Joel. Nick says it is like a puppy that keeps making the same mistakes. Tim wonders if he has been fooling all of us and was just found out this week. They also feel bad that he is on slop. kelsey reiterates that he got himself here as has Cass and that is just Big Brother. Tim says he told Cass going intot he POV that he did not trust his fate in Joel's hands. He would have given Joel the POV and told him if he did not use it then he would never get his vote. Tim leaves briefly and returns and says he did not know that Cass was going to mention the Threakshow and then he did too. Tim says he always knew Cass was capable of such a move but he had always trusted Joel. Nick points out that Joel has fooled everyone but he has never gone for Nick's head. Kelsey reminds him that Joel has gone for her head. They keep saying that is is hard to watch them go through this especially since it is Joel. The fact that he is on slop is also a factor. Kelsey mentions that he was begging her not to put him on the block and she reminded him that he put her on the block when she was also on slop. The group heads out to the dining room.

Joel and Cass still chatting by the pool with Cass telling him she will take him on vacation after the show but he needs to keep his head in the game now. Cass talking about the plan the brothers and Kelsey have devised with her going this week and Joel next followed by Tim. She is frustrated because she has taken so much shit for everyone in the alliance. Joel going on about how shitty he has been feeling for the last two days. He feels bad since he did something that screwed things up for people that want this as much as he does. She tells him he has to ask himself what would make himself feel better to stay and fight or sacrifice. she would love to stay but she is his friend and he has to really think about what he wants. 

The other three are sitting at the dining table still talking about moves Joel has made throughout the game. 

Cass telling Joel now that she does not think that he really wants to leave (but I'd bet dollars to donuts she would pack his bags for him if he asked. - DRG)

Tim relating that Joel never told him he was not going to use the veto if he won it. Then goes on the talk about the rounds of the comp and how it became clear what was going on. Tim says it is done. He is just going to let the week play out. Kelsey feels for him but just like everyone else you have to own up to what you do. Tim says that is what is sad for Cass since she had bourn the brunt of some of what Joel has done. Kelsey back to singing the tune that they each got themselves in this situation.

Outside Joel and Cass hugging it out.

Tim relating how Cass was turning on the water works before the veto ceremony telling him she took out Jared for the threakshow and he called her out on that. Kelsey relating how Cass was just pleading with her and her answer was  how could she keep Cass this week when she just got out Jared last week and how her going now is the same type of game move that Cass did getting Jared out.

Cass telling Joel now that if she goes this week he had better go on and win the show and if he goes this week she will go on and win the show after the way they have treated the two of them. Joel keeps lamenting what all the folks in social media are saying about him in terms of what was he thinking? (Not so much buddy it was pretty clear you were not thinking at all. - DRG) Cass going on about how they deserve to be there so much more than the others. (Sorry honey, you don't win BB by wanting it you have to win the old fashioned way....you EARN it. - DRG) Cass wonders why the brothers attack her the way they do and how does she deserve to be talked to the way she is? 

(So basically the folks on the block are going to keep going on about how they don't deserve to be there while the rest of the house will keep telling themselves that the nominees have put themselves in the hole they are in. With any luck we will get a Monday eviction. -  DRG)

Tim has left the dining table. Nick trying to understand the mechanics of the next two evictions with there being just one vote next week presumably the veto winner unless the HOH wins veto. Then the winner of the finla three HOH decides who to take to the finale with them. Kelsey thinks the three of them should go look at the photos and Jedi train for each HG and their accomplishments. Phil has been in the DR this whole time and they comment about how long he has been in there as they head up to the HOH.

Cass and Joel still crying in their beer outside. She keeps lamenting that she is dead person walking and he keeps going back tow hat the folks on social media are thinking and saying (well typing anyway) about him. He thinks Tim sees Joel as a back stabber, Cass says he is not a back stabber and she knows if he won the veto he would have used it on her. She thinks that Tim knows Joel would beat him in the end but he thinks he will beat the brothers. Joel does not think anyone other than Cass would vote for him over Tim.

Upstairs Nick and Kelsey plotting what to do next week and who would want to keep who. Nick trying to say there is no vote next week and whoever does not win veto of get it used on them will just go home. She is trying to say that there is one vote and it will be the one person left standing who is not on the block. (She is right. - DRG) Nick says his brother keeps telling him the veto is everything next week and he keeps arguing that there is no vote. He gets up to go and ask either Joel of his brother. He finds Phil in the kitchen and starts to ask the question. Phil says he does not really know how it works and does not want to talk about it now. Phil confirms that there is no vote and only the POV winner decides (not so much fellas. - DRG) They go to the HOH together and Phil telling him not to be just with Kelsey this week but spend some time with Joel too. Nick tells him what Joel did while Phil was in the DR. Cass joins them in the HOH and when asked about Joel she says he is good.

Joel is sitting frowning alone out by the pool.

The HOH room is silent except for Phil eating. Nick is listening to music. Phil says the dinner is good and the room is so cold. Cass comes out of the bathroom and leaves the HOH. Nick tells Phil that Kelsey has told Tim she is voting Cass out and that Joel should go next week, 

Cass rejoins Joel out by the pool.



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11:12PM BBT: The brothers think that Tim will take them over any of the others especially when Cass goes this week and Joel the next eviction. 

Outside Cass talking about having a tough skin and how she has taken all the abusive comments from Phil and how you can't take anything anyone in the house says personally. She apologizes for being so emotional and says it is hard to be strong now. Joel saying he does not even want to go the the wrap party now. She asks how the talk with Tim went and he says not well and that Tim is aggravated with him now. He says he was so wrapped up in trying to win that round in the comp and not reveal who he was working with. Tim told him not to beat himself up. Cass says if she stayed she would get further in this game and that is why they want her out. She regrets having gotten that HOH now (the one her father won for her. - DRG) Joel goes back to saying that is why he is contemplating doing what he is because he does not want to be one that screwed things up for others. Joel says he knows that Tim has never spoken bad about him and Cass says or her either but Joel now thinks Tim despises him. (IMHO Tim does not despise Joel he has just cut him loose and will not work with him. - DRG) 

The other feed showing Nick in the HOH bed with the big headphones on. 

Joel and Cass talking about him talking with Kelsey tomorrow as she will be the tie breaker if there is a split vote. She then goes back to saying he has to decide first what he wants to do. She tells him to go to bed and relax and asks if he needs anything. He replies that he needs some water and to talk to the doctor. (the DR - DRG) This talk gets us a brief cut in the feeds. when they come back Cass has gone to fetch him a drink. Phil comes and asks how Joel is doing and invites him to play pool. Joel says maybe later and Cass calls out asking where his water bottle is. He heads in and Phil gives him a hug as they pass. Tims bounds down the stairs in his skeleton onesie. Joel gets a glass of water and leaves to go to the DR. 

Nick still alone in the HOH listening to the music.

Cass heads to the pink room and digs through her piles for a wrap and heads to the toilet.

Tim making some tea in the kitchen sporting his skeleton onesie of BBAU fame. 

Phil racking the pool balls alone in the backyard then starts playing. 

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11:32PM BBT: The kettle has boiled and Tim hauls his mug of tea upstairs where he meets Cass on the landing. She is getting some Chamomile tea and he tells her he has Sleepy Time. Cass has on her PJs and munches something in the pantry before grabbing her mug of tea and heading upstairs. She says to Joel she is going to bed and says if he needs to come and talk he can. 

Joel is sitting on the white couch alone wating to get into the DR since Kelsey is in there at the moment. Cass enters the blue room. Tim compliments her on her looks and she jokes about being pregnant. He says it is her eyes that do not look as hectic. They start comparing notes about what the brothers and Kelsey have said to them tonight. Tim says they are setting him up for next week and she starts telling him what Joel said and he cuts her off. She asks if she is done and he says not yet. Tim says it was just the first time they heard the three members of the Threakshow said out loud. Cass goes back to saying that Kelsey sticks on the fact that Cass took out Jared last week, Tim says he is working on things to say to Kelsey about it. Tim saying that Joel would have done the same thing she did if his father had won that HOH. Cass says Joel told her he was always going to do what she wanted. Tim says he does not have it out for him but what he did stirred something in him that he has to get it for himself. 

Kelsey out of the DR now in the kitchen and Phil joins her there. 

Tim talking about Cass saving him from the block and then they saved Joel and then it was Joels turn to save the two of them and he did not do it. Cass says they sent home Nikki who was 100 percent loyal to them and Joel let them do it. 

Phil and Kelsey at the pool table now starting a game.

Cass now telling Tim more of what Joel said to her outside, He asks her if Joel is in love with her and if she and Joel can have sex before she goes. She tells him he is such a weirdo and climbs into her bed.  Tim wonders if they can get him out next week and then says he thinks he would like to come in second to either her or the brothers. He says he is just trying to make sense of it all. BB finally tells Cassandra to fix her microphone. Tim teasing her about crying and how many times she cried before the veto ceremony and how she has not cried sense and calls them crocodile tears. She says she was crying out of frustration and that she does not cry for sadness. She gets him to rub her neck and says it is giving her constant migraines. Then she asks him why he did not use the veto oh me you jackass. He tells her she has to earn it. He continues to work on her next.

Downstairs Phil and Kelsey at the bar in the hot tub now as she lights up a cigarette. 

Cass tells Tim they were real tears yesterday when she did not win the veto and he responds that there was no way that she was going to win that competition. Cass talking about Joel having a final two with everyone in the house and that she is going home this week unless she does some big work this week. Tim wonders about which of the brothers to try and work on and he thinks Nick has started having some second thoughts about her today and it is the truth that Joel was mainly responsible for the brothers giong on the block. Tim says however that the brothers would rather go home themselves than have someone like Cass stay in the game. Tim says that Cass is making it sound like Joel has blown his game but Tim thinks Joel could still get to the end and maybe even win the game. He tells her she can sell herself as someone who could never win. Her liability is that her lies have all been exposed whereas the others who have lied have not all been caught. 

Outside Kelsey and Phil talking about whether they would do it all over again or not. Kelsey talking about the early episodes of season one and how one girl said that anyone who was thinking about coming on the show should think long and hard about it. She gets up and orders him to come and play pool again. He tries to order her to stop moving her feet and the feeds cut out.

Cass on Tim's bed talking about how he got her to use the veto on him and why. Tim says he got the same quote on his tea as he did last night. Cass heads back to her own bed. Tim tells her that her speech worked on the brothers and if she had some real genuine moments with them and took slop for Joel for the rest of the week. He points out that she did not do it last week and her excuse is she did not want to do it before Jared left but then allows that she forgot about it.  Tim says it feels so good to be off the block especially next to her. She asked if it really hurt to be next to her and he says it was just that everyone wanted him gone. Tim goes on to tell her he just does not like being told what to do and she agrees that he has to go against what he is told to do. She tells him this is very important to her and it is her dream so he tells her to start praying to the gods of reality tv to get her wish. Then teases her that he does not know if he wants her here. She does not believe it and he admits he does want her here because of what Joel did. Tim thinks she would not have got to this point with out him. He was going to tell her at the ceremony that he got her this far so now get yourself off the block and that the ends don't always justify the means. She tells him she would have charged him so hard if he had said that. Cass wonders if if matters that the others all know that Joel wants to go home instead of her but Tim is not sure that it would actually help her game. She says that if she stays this week she will do everything in her power to win the HOH. 

Outside Phil and Kelsey on the red couch and Nick wandering about. They are Jedi training the way Kelsey suggested by going picture by picture through each HGs history in the game.




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