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Tuesday, April 26, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Thank you!

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9:03am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights just came on in the BB house.

9:07am BBT Jared is passing out new batteries as the others are starting to wake up. General conversations going on about the weather and movies.

9:14am BBT Tim and Nikki are still in their beds in the blue bedroom. Tim is excited to have a bed day and Nikki is freezing. BB just announced that the pool is now off limits. Tim comments that is how it should be.

Cassandra made her way out by the hot tub to see that it is cold and raining. Phil, Kelsey and Joel are in the wash area talking about doing yoga today. 

9:22am BBT Joel walks down to the kitchen where Jared is and Joel told Jared that he is going to break his arm today because Kelsey has marks on her eye and she said Jared punched her (all joking). Talk in the kitchen between Cassandra and Phil turns to breaking mirrors and having seven years bad luck.

9:26am BBT Jared and Kelsey in the wash area and Jared said that he is going to talk to Tim later today. Kelsey is joking with Jared and told him that she used him to this point and she told Cassandra to put him up. 

9:34am BBT Not much exciting going on today so far....Kelsey is in the wash area doing her makeup and hair, Nick is taking a shower, Tim is in the HoH getting ready to take a bath, Cassandra, Joel and Phil are at the dining table talking about country singers and radio stations. Phil is no longer wearing his skunk suit. 

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9:44am BBT Nick is done taking a shower and he is now putting on the skunk outfit and then he walked in the wash area where Jared is and they discuss three days until Nick is done wearing the skunk outfit. Jared and Kelsey are making their way outside to smoke a cigarette. The feeds switch to the HoH room where Cassandra and Tim are talking. Tim is in the tub and he is explaining how Nikki wakes up weird at 5am and stomps around. Tim is complaining that he asked for the watermelons and Nikki ate them all. 

9:53am BBT Jared and Kelsey are out by the hot tub. Jared noticed that all of the cushions are gone. Kelsey suggested that Jared go and talk to Cassandra. Jared wants to make it seem like he is not blaming Cassandra. Kelsey said to make it seem like he is her friend and then they head back  inside. 

All of the feeds are on the kitchen and dining table where most of the house guests are hanging out. There is talk about following through on doing yoga today. Cassandra suggested that they drink wine later and then she will watch her movie.

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10:00 pm BBT: Jared playing pool by himself while Phil wanders around the backyard tossing a ball in the air and catching it. Nick in the skunk suit is laying down on the planter nearest the pool table. 

The other feed is currently locked out. It had been showing Tim and Cass chatting with Nikki in the blue room basically laying about and occasionally dissing Kelsey Jared for pimping her out to the brothers for their vote this week. 

The boys head into the house as Tim comes out yawning. 

Feed in the kitchen now where Joel is asking Tim why he is lying about going to sleep now. Nick is wandering about near the counter and Phil joins him.  Tim comes in and wonders what is in the Have Not room now. One brother thinks nothing while the other one thinks that Marsha the Moose is in there now. (Looks like it is a good night to work on emptying your DVRs folks. - DRG)

The brothers head back to the hot tub room. Nick is drinking Sleepy Time tea and they are speaking in a strange accent about going to bed early and how they get up early and do nothing all day.

The other feed suddenly comes back to Kelsey pleading with Cass in the blue room about how hard Jared really tried in the POV comp. Cass comes back with who should I have put up as a replacement nom, you, or Tim. Tim is always for me. My two choices were Joel or Jared. She goes on about how there are only four people in the house who could go on the block. She compares her relationship with Tim to Kelsey's relationship with Jared. Cass says Jared has been an asshole to him and he has not talked with her. Kelsey says he will talk with her tomorrow. Cass wonders why Jared is so worried he has her vote and the brothers vote. Cass is upset that Jared had the audacity to call her phony.  Kelsey keeps saying she could have put up Joel and he would not have gone home. She insists Jared would never have put up Cass and can't beleive that Cass is going to keep Nikki when Nikki had Cass as her number one target last week. Cass saying that if she put up Joel and Nikki left then next week Jared is HOH and puts up the brothers and Tim? Cass saying she could not beat jared and Kelsey disagrees sayihng that anyone could beat Jared. Cass insists that everyone in jury hates her. Cass makes the comparison of Jared to Emmet and how he is such a big physical threat. Kelsey goes back to hating the idea that Nikki could make it to final two. Kelsey acknowledges that Cass wants Jared out and she is just explaining why Jared is saying what he is and is fighting so hard to stay in the house. She again says Jared would never have done that to her. Cass relates the story of her asking Jared who she should put up as the replacement and he did not have a name for her.

Outside the brothers chatting about how Jared has been nothing but respectful and other things they can say to Joel to try and get his vote.

Cass and Kelsey now going back to Maddy leaving and the ramifications. Cass tells Kelsey she is here to win the game and she understands that Kelsey will probably go against her next week with the brothers. Kelsey says she is not doing anything but trying to keep Jared this week. Cass says she is just taking the chance to get the biggest player out when she has the chance and she would be stupid not to do it. 

Outside Phil is up collection the cushions to take them inside so they don't get rained on.

Kelsey and Cass still going round and round. Kelsey says she tried for the veto but there is no way she was cutting her hair or putting herself on slop and she thought she had fifteen points.

Other feed now in the HOH where Tim and Nikki are on the bed chatting with Joel in the chair. Nikki is whining about how the last two days have been so hard and if she has to face another one like today she...... feeds cut out as they always do when she starts talking about self-evicting.

Cass telling Kelsey how Jared has not been a friend to her in the game and hardly ever talks to her. Kelsey saying Jared had 13 points in the POV and she would have been pissed if he agreed to cut his hair. Cass runs through the scenario of keeping Jared tomorrow and he will still be pissed and will come after her and/or Tim. 


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10:31PM BBT: Kelsey trying to tell Cass that the only thing is because it is Nikki. (Liar liar pants on fire. - DRG) Cass saying that when it is down to six it goes really fast and Jared could win out and he would never take her to the end. Kelsey tries to say he would and Cass replies not over you. Kelsey keeps saying what Cass did was fine when clearly it is not. Cassandra goes back to who the four choices were and what they would have done. Kelsey again says it is fine that she wanted to get Jared out and it just kind of hurt. Cass asks what is best for her game and Kelsey says she is playing different and goes back to saying Nikki does not deserve to be here. Cass saying she is with Kelsey and not with Jared as he would never take her to the end. Kelsey says she is just trying to get through this week and keep Jared since Nikki does not deserve to be here over someone who has been loyal and had their back the whole game. Kelsey not saying that Tim has turned to her only because the others that he was playing with in the house are all gone now. Kelsey now explaining Jared's behavior the other night as him being drunk and knowing he was going up. The ladies now say they have been honest with each other. Kelsey again says that Jared thought Cass would never put him up and he would definitely never put Cass up. Tim comes in and says that Nikki wants to come in this room to go to bed. Tim shows them and tank top and says he thinks he ruined it. Joel was with him and they both leave.  Cass uses her standard line that she will not relate any of this to anyone else. 

Other feed shows Joel and the brothers in the pink room. The brothers are lying down and Joel is going to go out and look at the sky.

Tim and Cass pass each other on the landing and she enters the HOH. 

Kelsey now in the pink room talking about her conversation with Kelsey.

Cass now doing the same in the HOH with Joel. He is reassuring her that he has her back. She tells him Kelsey said this was the dumbest move of the game and Jared never would have put her up. Joel now speculating that the brothers might be stupid enough to throw another comp as Phil has bragged about how many he threw so far.

The brothers tell kelsey she should talk with Joel and let him know they will take him to the final four and he would be on the bottom with the others. Kelsey leaves.

BB tells Tim to stop singing.

Cass saying she is here to play with winners and not get the best players out.

Kelsey and Jared heading back outside to the hot tub rehashing her conversation but adding that while she was trying to contradict Cass what Cass was saying was true she would not beat Jared and the two of them would take each other to the finale. She now recounts jury votes and says that Cass is lying to her about taking her to the end too since she can not beat Kelsey in the final either. Jared says that is his argument to Joel tomorrow.

Cass now going over with Joel how he can tell the brothers that Jared would win out the comps in the end and even if they don't change their vote then maybe they will throw the HOH to him. Cass thinks the brothers would vote her out next week but Joel thinks they would rather have Tim gone first. They keep running scenarios.

Jared and Kelsey still smoking away outside in more ways than one. Kelsey talking about how Cass says that he has not been nice to her if he wants her vote in case of a tie. Jared says he is not stupid and he knows he would vote him out if she put him on the block but she was too scared to say it. they think that he should tell Joel that Cass plans on taking Tim and Nikki to the end. They consider him talking to Cass tomorrow but in the end he can't do it as he cannot talk with her and not be rude since she is everything he hates in a person. They put out their butts and head back to the kitchen where she complains about having just cleaned it up. Kelsey takes in outside to go study.

Upstairs Joel is relating the story of how stupid anyone would feel going with Jared and Kelsey to the end, Joel talking about how the power couple are now realizing the others do have brains and can thinks for themselves and are rising up. Cass is good with getting Jared out this week but is just worried about next week. Joel thinks Kelsey will be so devastated when Jared leaves she will not do well.

Other feed now in the pink room where the brothers are whispering between long silences. 

Cass now discussing when Jared would have had her back and Joel confirms that she would be fourth since the couple is working with the brothers.

Pink room feed now in the backyard where Kelsey and Jared are Jedi training ala Janelle and Howie. 

Cass again relating how everyone in the jury hates her and they all would vote for Jared over her. She is not here for 20K nor is she here for nothing.  Joel saying that it would be funny to see Jared and Kelsey in the final two and all she could say about why she should win over him is that she came here with confidence and played with confidence. Cass laughs about how he told her last week that it might be best if they did not win HOH this week, then she says maybe it was for the best as no one else would have put Jared up. Joel thinks they are there for a reason and they have not resorted to the dirty tactics the others have. Cass responds that they think that she has played a dirty game. 




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11:06PM BBT: Joel going on about how if she kept Jared in the game she might just as well hand him the money in the final. Joel states that the others see him as a floater who now will have to choose between the sides and then goes back to saying how the others should have looked at them as players in the game and any player can end up being the winner. 

Phil wanders out to the backyard and interrupts the couple's training session. Kelsey says Cass knows that the only one she has a chance against in the end is Tim and Nikki. Jared says she is going to fast. Jared again tells Phil he needs to talk with Joel about the final four thing and how he should say they have his back. Phil will say that Jared is just too good and guy and if that means I lose to him so be it. They go over how Joel thinks a good player should win (Does it never occur to them that Joel just might want to win for himself???? - DRG) Phil gets up and Jared asks if he wants to play pool and Kelsey announces she is heading in to shower.

Cass and Joel still going on about Kelsey and how she manipulates and does not think either of them can think or make a move of their own. Joel says Kelsey is so judgemental of of Cass and Tim. Joel says it is frustration because they are getting the better of them. Joel thinks they are in the corner now and are resorting to dirty tactics like punching someone in the nuts. 

Jared and Phil playing pool poorly. Jared says he cannot believe that Cass told Kelsey she was saving Nikki. then Tim said that the brothers are going after him next week and she never would have gone after Tim. Jared says it is coming down to Joel and his only saving grace is that he has been nice to Joel this whole time. Phil asks several times if Tim said that the brothers are coming after him and Jared confirms. 

Joel has now left the HOH and enters the darkened pink room briefly then says hi to Kelsey in the shower as he goes into the toilet. 

Clacking pool balls outside with few falling into pockets.




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11:23PM BBT: Kelsey finishing her shower as Joel leaves the toilet and washes his hands. He heads out of the room and she switches stalls to change into her clothes. Joel sitting on the green sofa on the landing by himself, Nick and Nikki have already gone to bed.

Jared wonders how folks have gone to sleep already as he is not tired. Pool game accompanied by commentary from the boys in cheesy Russian accents. 

Joel heads down to the kitchen and then the pantry where he peruses the contents of the freezer. 

BB tells the HGs to stop singing and the pool players say they are not singing. Joel comes out as they agree to play another game of pool. He sits next to Kelsey who is under a duvet on the red sectional. She cannot believe their pictures are still in color and suggest that maybe BB can just give them all money in the end. She asks if he was jealous of her being able to shower and he asks how he smells. Jared tells Phil he looks good with a shaved head and looks more masculine. More cheesy Russian accents commenting about their game. Kelsey teasing Joel about Canada knowing how he lost his virginity and she asks him to repeat the story since he only told the boys. He agrees and says he was 23 and in New York in the summer of 2006. He met two girls and the one he hooked up with was short and blonde with small boobs. They talked about school and how they were both in musical theater classes. He got their AOL Messenger names. The next day there was a knock on his door at 12:30 AM and the girls were there asking if he wanted to go down and watch Brokeback Mountain with them. They go down and watch the movie in the TV lounge and get kicked out the the dorm monitor so they go to the girls room to finish. Jared interupts to come deliver a fart to them then goes back to tossing a ball back and forth with Phil. The story continues with Kelsey really making a point to laugh at Joel's delivery. They digress to discuss whether he liked the movie or not. Movie finishes and they all go to there own rooms and a few minutes later he gets a text from one of them and eventually he goes to her room and they talk a bunch more and he gets flirty. Kelsey wants to know how he went in for the kill and he says they started a staring contest which she won. he offered her as a prize a Canadian loonie some ice cream or a goodnight kiss and she lets him choose. He waffled for five minutes or so then he went in for the kiss followed by another then removing clothes. She wonders if it was the first time he had seen titties and he says no but it is the first time he made it from third to home safely. She wonders how long it lasted and he says it was pretty quick since it was his first time maybe five minutes. Kelsey says tht is not too bad as Phil only lasts three. 

The boys have managed to lose the ball and race into the house. The story continues that Joel assumed they were dating since they hooked up. The ball comes back over the wall and the guys call out thank you BB. Phil now throws a cushing on the floor and jumps on it like it was a sled or a slip and slide. Jared takes a turn doing the same thing. Back and forth they slide on the linoleum tiles of the back yard.

Tim comes by and interrupts the story and kelsey is demanding that Phiil return the hair elastic he ripped from her head. 

Joel goes back to the story and how he was all cuddly and she was awkward when they saw each other next. Nick comes out in just the skunk hat and boxers. The sliding continues across the yard on a diagonal. 

The story continues and the girl came back after going to a performance and said she needs to focus on her school work. He says she is still in New York and is working part time and doing some acting and was in a few music videos. Kelsey thinks it was a good story and he had a decent first experience. 

Jared and Phil now pulling each other up as they jump trying to see how much air they can catch.

Kelsey and Tim now in the pantry where she puts an elastic in her hair. Cass comes down complaining about no one having said  good night back to her when she called out to them. (Houston we have a John Boy failure. - DRG) Cass heads out to the hout tub with Tim telling the folks in the back yard her sad story about not getting a good night from the house.

Tim opens the hot tub and CAss sits behind the bar.

Kelsey and Joel talking with the boys about the favorite part of his story. Then the boys comment about how hot they are. Jared tells Joel that no one but him has that story and Phil says there is nothing wrong with a one night stand. Kelsey lauging at the fact that Joel assumed they were now dating and were boyfriend and girlfriend.  Joel asks if he was really off base and Jared basically tells him he as an idiot. Phil says if he has sex right away he knows it is not a relationship but if the girl waits two days then he knows it is real. 

Cass moves a stool next to the tub and sits closer to Tim. BB tells tim to please put on his microphone. Cass says his face is so cute and young and she has the urge to just shove his face in her tits all said in her 'baby voice"

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