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Monday, April 25, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Thank you!

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8:00am BBT Good Morning Canada! The feeds are still down so we do not know what is going on.

8:12am BBT The feeds are back up with Tim in the pool and Kelsey passing out new batteries. BB just announced good morning the house guests and told them it is time to wake up.

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8:15am BBT Kelsey is in the blue bedroom with Jared changing the batteries. Kelsey comments that they have to clean the kitchen. Jared said that he heard and Kelsey comments that it is not even that messy. We can hear the rooster crow.

8:17am BBT Kelsey is done with the battery change and puts the box back in the storage room and then heads to the kitchen to start cleaning. Tim walks in the kitchen and they discuss having to clean the kitchen. Kelsey asked Tim if it could be a punishment for getting so drunk. Tim thinks it might just be for the PoV ceremony because it is in the background. 


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8:20am BBT Kelsey is done in the kitchen and heads upstairs with Tim behind her asking her how she feels. She does not feel good and he told her to drink some water. Kelsey comments that she knew they were going to make her change the batteries because BB said good morning house guests... and then we get locked out. 

8:22am BBT the feeds are back up with Jared in the kitchen cleaning. There is a big bowl of desert on the counter and Jared comments that he does not know where to put it. (he is talking to himself because there is no one else in the room).

Nick walks in the kitchen (head totally shaved now) and they discuss the desert on the counter. 

8:24am BBT Phil and Nikki talking showers while Kelsey is brushing her teeth. Phil's head is totally shaved now too. Tim walks in and tells them that it is not going to be an outside day because it is cloudy and looks like rain. 

8:25am BBT There was a big cake on the counter that Jared is trying to fit in the small fridge. They discuss how they feel after getting drunk last night. They both feel okay. There was another cake on the counter that Nick is putting in the pantry. Nick carried the big bowl of desert into the storage room and set it on the counter. When he walked out of the storage room he was called to the DR. After Nick came out of the DR he finished cleaning the kitchen and Jared went up to the wash area where Kelsey is putting on make up and complaining that she does not feel good. Tim is in the shower giving Kelsey advise on how to shew the hangover away.



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8:33am BBT Nick is done cleaning the kitchen and heads outside by the hot tub and sees that it is a gloomy day so he heads to the back yard to play pool by himself.

8:36am BBT in the pink bedroom Joel is getting dressed and Phil is putting on the skunk outfit. The feeds switch back to the wash area where Tim is still in the shower talking about a show to Kelsey and Jared. Kelsey is called to the DR and she leaves the wash area complaining that she does not feel good. Jared says that he feels great and then starts singing "I feel good"...and then we get locked out. 

8:39am BBT the feeds come back up with Phil in his skunk outfit walking into the wash area asking Tim if he could put the skunk outfit in the dryer and it would make it smell better. Tim asked Phil to get him a towel out of the dryer so Phil does that. The feeds then switch to Nikki standing in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to finish.

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8:43am BBT Kelsey is in the blue bedroom complaining that she cant find what she is looking for and then she finds it and then said she might puke all over it...and then we get locked out.

8:44am BBT Kelsey is in the wash area talking to Jared saying that she is going to have to stop talking so much because if she don't stop talking then she will go out right after him. Jared thinks that they still have Joel and Kelsey said for now but there is still four F***ing days left. Kelsey said that she needs to stop drinking and stop smoking so much. 

8:50am BBT Nick is in the kitchen while Cassandra is at the dining table drinking her coffee. 

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8:51am BBT Nick walks back out by the pool table as Phil is walking in. Cassandra said that she has the worst headache. Phil said that he is tired of wearing the skunk outfit because it is choking him. Tim comes down stairs to fix some breakfast and he is going to make extra scrambled eggs in case anybody wants any. 

8:57am BBT Phil takes his coffee and cookie out by the hot tub area and is just hanging out there. Tim is still in the kitchen cooking while Cassandra and Nick are at the dining table. Nick is trying to fix Cassandra's mic...and then we get locked out.



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9:46am BBT the feeds came up for a few minutes to see Cassandra in the HoH room talking to Tim. Cassandra wonders what is up with Joel because he wasn't really talking and said that he would talk to her later. Cassandra must have told Jared that he is going up as the replacement nom because she told Tim that Jared asked her as his friend if it is a tie would she vote to keep him and she told him that she did not know and asked him if he is going to pull that shit that he did last night...and then we get locked out again.

11:13am BBT the feeds come back up with Cassandra sitting on the couch outside by Kelsey who is laying down. Cassandra said that she is sorry as she was getting up and asked Kelsey if she wanted to come to the HoH. Kelsey said that she is okay right where she is at, she kinda wants to go outside if it stops raining and she already puked (she has a hangover because they got to drink and they got music in the BB house while the feeds were off last night). Cassandra went out by the hot tub area where Phil is and they hugged as Cassandra said that they (the brothers) have been the most loyal to her in this game and even with the Dallas/Maddy thing Jared painted a target on their back and he would have come after them and Cassandra felt bad and she had to say it (must of had the PoV ceremony and Jared is now on the block) Phil said that she did the right thing and HoH is super hard. Cassandra feels bad for Joel because he is on slop for the rest of the game and she wants to ask DR if she can take that off of Joel and do it herself. Phil said that he knows that Jared is frustrated. Cassandra said that he hates her and she hopes that it is not a tie because she has enough blood on her. 

11:24am BBT Phil is now in the wash area talking to Jared and Phil is wondering what Cassandra will do in the next few days. Jared says a few things about Cassandra and went into the restroom. Cassandra walks in the wash area and Phil told her she looks nice. Jared asked what he said and Phil explained that Cassandra was in the room and he was talking to her. 

11:37am BBT Phil and Cassandra  are now sitting on the green couches and Phil is telling Cassandra to relax people are going to campaign. Cassandra said that she is not afraid of King Jared and she knows people will campaign, but if they are telling lies then she will straighten them out. 

12:07pm BBT Nick and Jared are playing pool and Jared is explaining that he is going to pretend that he does not have the brothers vote this week and try and sway Tim just in case Joel waivers this week and that is his angle. Nick said cool beans and heads out by the hot tub as Cassandra walks through from the hot tub into the house saying something and ending it with "tell everyone like you did last night" (she was referring to Jared). Nick is now by the hot tub with Phil. Phil told him lets be chillers this week and Tim told him not to care what anyone says, people will tell lies and Phil follows that by saying that Jared and Kelsey are truthful and he does not care what anyone says. Nick agrees with Phil and told Phil about Jared going to say that he does not have the brothers vote. Nick leaves to make lunch. Phil told him not to talk to much. 

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12:21pm BBT Jared walks into the kitchen where Nick is fixing food, Nikki is doing something and Cassandra is sitting at one of the stools. Jared sits down next to Cassandra and then Cassandra sings "i'm pathetic, I can't think for myself" and Jared does not say a word. 

12:37pm BBT Jared is in the wash area with Kelsey telling her that Cassandra is so ridiculous already. Kelsey asked what is she doing? Jared tells her that she said "oh Jared is sitting in my seat" Kelsey suggests that he keeps his cool. Jared continues with how nice Cassandra is being to Joel. Kelsey said let her act like that and Jared said "I know, I am going to be quiet." Kelsey is going to use Cassandra's wash room then she is coming back. 

12:50pm BBT Jared joined Joel out by the hot tub and Joel is explaining that sixty days is a long time being there. Jared is advising him to take some time by himself. They discuss processing life and this game and it is hard to balance the two. Joel is feeling sad today. Jared is telling him that he is a smart guy and that he is not going to run around campaigning to everyone and he will not blow up everyone's game. Joel appreciates that. Jared is trying to tell Joel to think positive and they could shoot pool. Jared told Joel that Cassandra already tried to start a fight with him and he is not going to give her that satisfaction, he is just going to keep quiet. Their discussion turns to the weather, water bottles and staying up late. 

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:unsure:SMVanBoyz tells me there was a good convo between Joel & Tim around 4:10PM, feeds 3 & 4, if anyone wants to rewind and report. But since there's been nothing since 1PM, I'll take whatever you'll give me.

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4:17pm BBT (feed 4) Tim and Joe are in the HoH room and Joel is explaining how he has heard things said and that is why he is feeling bad. Tim said that if it is true then him and Joel will work it out and if it is lies Tim will have to go to the people that said it and call them out if Joel agrees. Joel said that they (Tim, Joel and Cassandra) have been loyal this long and he does not see that changing. Joel explained how Jared told him that Joel is the butt of Tim's jokes and Tim said that he has never made a joke of Joel behind his back or to his face. Tim told Joel that the others play on a personal level and that is not how he plays. Joel explained how the others said that Tim wants to take Nikki to the end and Tim said that he respects this game to much to do that. Joel asks Tim if he is with Cassandra and Tim explains that his alliance is with Joel and Cassandra and that he is not with one more than the other and if Joel and Cassandra want to cut Tim then he will not say things to put them against each other. Tim said that if he has told the others that he is not taking Cassandra or Joel to the end it is to deflect off of their alliance and Joel said that he does the same. Tim explains that he voted against Cassandra in week three because he has someone on the outside that would not like him flirting with Cassandra and does not want it to look like he is in love with Cassandra  or wants to have sex with Cassandra because he does not. Tim told Joel that Cassandra said she has someone on the outside also. Tim advises Joel to decide if he is better off with the three and Joel knows that Jared and Kelsey like him, but he does not see himself finishing any closer than three. Joel asks if since these past two HoH's if Tim has pushed to have Joel on the block. Tim said that he has only pushed to have Jared on the block. Joel explains how Jared said that Tim and Nikki do not need to win because they do not need the money. They both agree that Jared will win against anyone and Joel comments that Jared did not win the PoV and Tim explains that is why he is campaigning to get to Joel because he knows that he will probably go. Tim is going to vote for Jared to leave no matter how Joel votes. They both agree that Kelsey layers it on and Joel does not like it when she is constantly telling him that she has his back. Joel talks about the position that he is always in because he has to vote one way or the other. Tim explains that Nikki wants Joel to win very bad. Tim is happy for Joel or Cassandra to win because of their loyalty to him and he respects them. 

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10:08 PM BBT: Jared and Joel laying on the green sofas on the landing tossing a ball back and forth talking about travel and other topics outside the house. Tim and Nikki are in the chairs behind them chatting with one another. Outside on the red sectional Cass and the brothers are talking about past events in the house and how things might have been different if different folks had been voted out.

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4:34pm BBT Cassandra walked in the HoH room and Tim asked her if she can give them two more minutes. Cassandra left the room and said that she will be in the kitchen. Tim said that his pretty much what he thought it would be them saying things to cause Joel to question the trust he had in Tim. Joel explains that it wasn't the trust it just does not feel good to hear that and he don't like to feel like he is being pressured. Tim says it's gross and when you are on slop and Joel follows that up with "and not being able to take showers and have clothes." Tim said that it was supposed to be a night off last night and he don't know why they had to target him then and Joel explains that he was alone and they probably thought it had to be then. Tim and Joel both agree that the others have had contradictions saying they have integrity and then they act like that. Tim talks about reading Jared like a book and knows that he was trying to get Tim on the block. Tim thinks that Jared might see Joel as a floater. Joel said that is the exact word that Kelsey used yesterday. Tim advises Joel to be comfortable with who he is working with at the end of the day. Tim feels confident that Joel or himself will win HoH next week. They talk about putting Kelsey and the brothers up on the block together next. Joel is explaining that the others call Tim and Cassandra phony people because Tim made Joel breakfast and Tim said he did that because he did not compete in the comp. Joel said that it upset him when they said that Cassandra's home town would be upset with Cassandra...and then we get locked out. 

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11 minutes ago, morty said:

Hi Sassy, my notes wasn't directed at you, so THANKS!  Now batten down the hatches, the news said there's a storm heading your way.

I had some time so no problem...thanks for the storm warning!

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10:12PM BBT: Tim and Nikki talking about whether Tim has a "spiritual gift" or not and the energy he derives from nature and how he needs to be around it for the other things to work. Nikki observes that is why he is struggling so much without being in nature and he replies that is why he holds his rock every night. He doesn't even really believe it but it is something he has learned in this life. Nikki now believes that she is an empath. 

Outside Phil is examining his recently clean shaven head and wondering about something he has found on it. Cass gets up and says she is tired and is going to her room to go lay down. She climbs the stairs as the skunk and his brother pick up some of the duvets and head upstairs themselves.

They pass Tim and Nikki calling out skunk around again and again. BB asks the HGs to please stop singing.

Jared now talking with Joel about traveling to Dallas one fourth of July and going to all the bars on the main strip with some friends who were locals. Joel talks about his father visiting the town on a layover and going to visit the grassy knoll from Kennedy assasination fame. 

Tim and Nikki still talking away but their audio is very much in the background now. Phil comes by in his swim trunks and lets them know he is going to shower. 

Joel talking about the excessive amount of patriotism he observed when he was visiting The States. Jared recants an incident when he raised the flag upside down by mistake and how he had to take it down right away then later when the flag was frayed they had a ceremony to take it out of service and he believes it had to be burned then. Joel goes on to talk about the pride that New Yorkers showed when he was living there. 

Nikki talking about Tim being her life coach and how he taught her about the Indigo children and Tim wants her to be quiet. She keeps going on about how she has learned so much in the house that she was going to study when she got out but now she does not need too. 

Joel talking about sight seeing in Quebec now. Folks wandering back and forth on the landing. Cass in the HOH now whining "What should I do tonight, I am soooooo bored." She flops in the bed and asks the skunk who is lying on the floor what he is listening to with no response given. Tim comes out of the HOH bathroom and sits beside her on the bed. They talk about maybe her watching her movie tonight and he invites her to come to the pool for a swim but she says she always gets so itchy when she goes in the pool.

Jared and Joel talking sports and sports movies like Friday Night Lights out on the landing.

Tim gets up and announces he is going out for a swim but heads into the bathroom again. Cass suggest he have a bath instead of a swim. Cass reading her letter out loud again.

Local sports teams being discussed still by the guys on the green sofas.

Tim says he just made a little fountain in the bathroom and Cass gets up to see it remarking "Neat!" when she does. She heads back tot he bed and dives under the covers yet again. BB tells her to stop singing so she starts reading her letter out loud again. Now she calls out bored bored bored bored. She wonders about American Idol and if it is down to the top four now and Tim says it is over of the finale is on now as they were down to the top ten when he came in the house. She asks him how to turn off the Showmi and he shows her and tells her it is never rally totally off.

Talk on the green couches has turned to Halloween memories.

Tim and Nikki in the washroom now with Phil sitting at the center table. Tim and Nikki head downstairs to fetch some nail polish.BB tells the HGs to stop singing (so someone in another room must be singing. - DRG)  Nikki telling Tim she does not know how the polish will set becasue it is shellac and needs UV light. Tim is exasperated that no one told him that. Nikki says that is why the apple that Raul made did not turn out. She says if it does not set he should wipe it off and use regular nail varnish. he gets up and heads back upstairs.

Boys on the landing back to talking about sports as they continue to toss the ball back and forth. They have come around to discussing how midfielder is the hardest position to play in soccer. Jared wants numbers about how much they run in a game and Joel thinks it is ten to fifteen kilometers. Jared says that soccer players are the best athletes, but water polo is hard too as you have to tread water the whole game.  Joels talkis about the relative requirements of strength or agility or conditioning of the various sports.

Nikki has wandered outside on her own and is walking around the patio looking a bit lost.

Joel telling Jared he has been a board operator for four years now and how he went from a job where he was standing outdoors most of the time to one where he is sitting in a small confined space. Jared responds to Joel's question about his work history by saying that before being a fire fighter he worked on pipelines and before that he worked for the railroad 

Nikki now in the dining room area by the grey chairs then heads to the pantry and thanks BB for what she finds there.

Joel talking about his jobs working fast food and refereeing soccer games. Jared says he reffed volleyball and kept score too. He worked for a neighbor doing lawn care in the summers and his first job with direct deposit was working for a party supply company that provided things like the bouncy houses for kids partys.

Nikki in the kitchen then heads upstairs.

Jared droning on about working on the pipelines as Nikki passes by on her way to the blue room. (this is Jared playing the friend card with Joel as he told Kelsey he would do this week, but it won't do any good as Joel is locked in with Cass for a F2 and Tim is their third. - DRG)

Nikki down to get some tea and then heads back upstairs passing the boys with no comment demonstrating her strategy for the week to keep a low profile. (Not like she could get much smaller. - DRG) She yawns and heads to the washroom telling Nick it has been a long day. He agrees and says he is going to bed and that is his game plan (for the night, that is.) Nikki tells him goodnight as he is filling his water bottle.and wrapping up his nightly ADLs.

Talk about pipeline work in exhausting detail elicits a yawn from Joel. They wonder what time it is as everyone seems to be going to bed. Kelsey says she is so tired too and Joel starts talking about what he might eat and Kelsey tells him the slop chips are all gone as she put them in his soup earlier. Jared wants to head out for a cigarette.

Nikki continues alone in the washroom.

Joel and Kelsey enter the kitchen and he thinks it is just past 11:30. they all talk about being tired between yawns and how they did not get any sleep last night. Kelsey is called to the DR. 

Nikki calls out that she found some fir and put it in his tin and he yells out that it is not dry yet.

Joel alone in the kitchen fixing a bowl of slop. 

The skunk enters the washroom and asks Nikki if everyone is going to bed and Nikki says his brother has just done so. Phil leaves to go say goodnight to Nick. 

Feed switches to Kelsey by the pool in her pink workout suit while Tim is swimming and Jared is seated next to Kelsey. Jared starts telling a story about being out to a party one night and walking past someone with his dog whom he recognized as a neighbor and when he starts mentioning the fellows girlfriend the feed cuts to black.(Apparently just my viewer. - DRG) 

the other feed still showing Joel alone in the kitchen eating. 

Jared continuing with the story and Kelsey likens it to a country song.

Cass passes Joel in the kitchen and starts talking about which movies she is considering watching with her Shomi privilege. Joel giving his opinions of the various choices.

Tim now relating a story of one night when he was stumbling home drunk. Jared asks how the water is and Tim says it is good. Kelsey says she is tired and they talk about the time and how it is definitely bed time. (Not going to jinx it with a wish. - DRG) 

Movie talk continues in the kitchen.

Joel and Kelsey heading out for their last smoke of the evening.

Tim calls into the kitchen about the movie choices with definite opinions about them.

Jared and Kelsey finally make it to the hot tub and sit at the bar to light up. 

Movie talk ongoing mainly between Tim and Joel now as Cass asks the skunk (Phil) for his opinion then he heads on out to the hot tub. He really wants to keep the hat and they tell him to keep the whole costume. They ask what tunes he listened to and he tells them. A plane goes over and the boys discuss the flight path and where it likely came from. 

Cass outside with Tim now talking about how she is doing in the game and if she made good moves. She plans to eat like a pig tomorrow (So that would be pretty much like every other day, at least according to her father who told her to stop eating so much in the house. - DRG) 
Outside they are talking about there being more credibility when folks were drunk last night and how Jared feels so much better now that he does not have to keep any secrets or tell lies. Seems Joel might have revealed where he stands last night but then Jared talks about still working him and trying to switch Tim still too. 

Tim talking with Cass still and plotting how to go forward but only the overhead mic picks him up as he is in the pool so the audio is harder to follow. 

Outside group talking about what happened the week that Dallas went home and how Cass went around talking with everyone when some folks were sleeping. They decide they want to chill this week and don't want to get into anything with Cass unless she makes it unavoidable. Kelsey thinks Cass is showing signs of HOHitis. Kelse yawns again and says she is going to bed and the three of them head back to the house. Jared wants to make a job of lava tag with the cushions on the ground.

Cass planning with Tim to have her wine tomorrow/

Kelsey and Jared in the kitchen then he heads out tot he pool as Tim is climbing out. Tim says he is not tired at all and suggests Cass have some coffee. Jared relates his idea of playing Lava tag with the sectional cushions tomorrow. 

Phil and Kelsey chatting in the kitchen and Jared is now playing with raising a lowering the stool he is sitting on. Tim and Cass come and join them along with Phil and talk turns to a veggie pizza. Kelsey is dreading seeing the POV ceremony on TV and then talks about having puked four times today from having drunk so much last night. BB let her sleep more than usual and she thinks it is because she stayed in the bathroom so much.

Tim has entered the blue room now and is talking with Nikki about a crystal conctraption he dreamed about and wants to build. He does not know what crystal he would use but maybe Jade. 

General chatter down in the kitchen. Jared and Phil making farting sounds as they bounce up and down on the stools.

Tim and Nikki still talking about places in nature. 

Tim still describing his idea then Nikki describes a place outside of London with a tree house. 





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11:30PM BBT: Kelsey asking the boys if they ever picked on siblings when they were kids as Jared and Phil make plans to prank someone tomorrow in the house.

Feed jumps from the kitchen to Joel and Nick in the pink room. Joel gets up to go but tells Nick that Phil and Jared are making out while Kelsey is watching and Cass is alone. Joel heads out to get some more slop.

Feed returns to  blue room with Tim and Nikki still talking about healing crystals and places visit.

Kelsey telling how Phil came into the washroom where she was sleeping and woke her up just to tell her she was being annoying. Phil and Joel start the word game again. Joel observes that every time they drink there are people that are really embarrassed. The boys start a race raising and lowering the bar stools. Jared starts a competition to try and get as close to the bar as possible with only one pull of the lever. Now the same thing going down on the stools. 

Nikki and Tim still talking in the blue room as BB tells Nikki to put on her microphone. They talk about blood type and why she does not eat certain foods because they do not agree with her and she is very attuned with her body. Tim thinks he is attuned to a low meat diet as it gives him more energy and how the stress hormones in the meat are not good for you to eat when the animal is stressed when slaughtered. BB again tells Nikki to put on her microphone. She tells Tim to go ahead and shower. He comments that he got distracted and is now quite comfortable walking around with a towel on. He starts looking for his onesie. 

Downstairs Kelsey and Jared are admiring Phil's shaved head.

Tim asks Nikki if she has trouble talking with Cass if it is not about game. Tim says she is like he was the first time he played in that she is totally consumed with winning the game that she does not think or talk about anything else. 

Nick has now appeared in the kitchen as Joel is making up another word game called The Name Game where the first person gives a first name and the other has to give a last name oc a well known person. 

Tim and Nikki talking about the book Nikki wrote about her life. He asks her to read for five minutes while he takes a brief shower, 
She intends to pretend to be asleep when Phil comes to exchange her batteries. She pulls on her sleep mask and he heads out to the washroom.

Downstairs Nick puts on Kelsey's hat as Cass comes thru the room. Kelsey is asked what is the best way to stop when snow boarding and she demonstrates two methods.

Phil now in the washroom where Tim is showering they are talking about critters one can step on in the ocean.

Joel is eating away from a bowl at the counter 

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