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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

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Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Thank you!

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1:00am BBT Phil is in the back yard studying everyone's pictures in case there is a puzzle comp coming up with everyone's pictures. 

1:09am BBT The brothers are in the pink bedroom and Phil is telling Nick how his discussion with Jared went and that Jared is going to throw the comp to them or if he wins it he will take them off the block. The brothers have to talk to Joel and tell them that they have never said anything bad about him and have always had his back.

1:15am BBT Nick and Phil tell each other goodnight and they plan on sleeping well because the veto is tomorrow and then Phil decides to go and fill up his water bottle. 

1:22am BBT the feeds switch to Jared and Kelsey sitting on the couch talking about previous bb house guests. Tim is in the HoH tub talking to Cassandra. They think there will be a mental comp tomorrow since they have not started construction yet..


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1:57 AM BBT Kelsey is staying in the HOH room with Cassandra.  Kelsey asks if it will be a mental comp tomorrow and Cass says that she doesn't know.  Kelsey tells Cass that Joel and the brothers are studying.  Cass asks if they are studying together.  Kelsey thinks it's because they are all in the pink room together.  Cass asks if she did good today.  Kelsey tells her she did good;  she looked hot and her nomination speeches were really nice and she nominated the right people.  They talk about something the brothers said to Joel but feeds black out in the middle.  When the feeds are back Cass is mimicking the brothers saying they want her out.  Kelsey says everyone on the block says that.  They talk about having some suspicions they have about Tim.  Kelsey talks about Tim voting against Cass and some other things Tim has said.  Tim and Nikki are really close. 


2:00 AM BBT Kelsey says they should wait and see what happens with veto, in case the brothers win.  If they do win, it's not the end of the world.  It's a good and smart move to get out one of the internationals.  Even if Cass doesn't want to put Tim up, which she thinks... Kelsey stops what she is saying and pleads with Cass not to let it get back to Tim that Kelsey is suspicious of him.  Cass reassures Kelsey that what they talk about stays between them.  Kelsey says even with Maddy and Raul, she didn't tell Jared the stuff they talked about.  Kelsey thinks that Cass gets dragged into stuff because of Tim.  Cass tells Kelsey that Kelsey of all people in the house is aware that Cass is aware of how Tim can be.  He is a number right now, but when it's time to cut him, Cass has no problem doing that.  Cass tells Kelsey she would cut Tim before Kelsey.  Kelsey says that if it was her HOH, she would have made the internationals her target.  Cass asks why she wouldn't go after the brothers, and Kelsey explains it's because they didn't put Jared and Kelsey on the block and their reason for that was because the brothers think Jared and Kelsey are better people. Plus the brothers are onto Tim.  Even before Maddy pointed things out.


2:05 AM BBT Kelsey affirms that she thinks Cass made a good decision.  Cass says it works in her advantage that the brothers talk to Tim and think that Tim is making her decisions for her.  Let them blame Tim.  Kelsey repeats that if the brothers win the veto, it's not the end of the world. 

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8:01am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights just came on in the BB house, but the house guests are still sleeping.

8:09am BBT BB announced good morning to the house guests and told them it is time to wake up.

8:15am BBT the house guests are now getting up doing ADL's

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8:35am BBT Jared and Kelsey in the wash area talking about Jared's conversation with Cassandra. Jared said that he told Cassandra that she is playing a good social game and he heard his sister say to her dad...then we get locked out.

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8:54am BBT the feeds are back up with the brothers in the kitchen fixing some food, Joel is at the table eating. Jared, Kelsey, Nikki and Tim are in the blue bedroom talking about the brothers. Nikki thinks that the brothers are saying things to her just to wind her up. Discussion in the blue bedroom turns to remembering when there were seventeen people in the house and how hard it was to sleep, shower and cook. 

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 Kels Cas & Tim are in the HOH chatting about Jury, and the questions the Jury members ask,

Tim also mentioned that the Brothers could have luck and win the POV, a lot of the game is Luck how things happen

and things that happened in the house, Kels says she stood behind the decisions she's made.

NIkki was on the green couch outside the HOH room with her eyes closed, she than woke up and listened at the HOH Door for a while couple minutes really

Than the feeds are locked out.


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10;42 pm BBT


Just checked the feeds,and they are back.

Nick has a (badly) shaved head. 


Everybody but Tim played in veto. 


Sounds like the brothers also gave up the right to play on next week's veto competition, as part of this punishment-style veto. 


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10:45PM BBT: So the POV was Who wants it the most? Kelsey and Nick chatting about the comp and his hair cut in the washroom while Joel and Nikki are chatting in the kitchen about how being in a BB house makes you appreciate your real friends that much more.

Kelsey now sitting on Jared on the green sectional on the landing. He tells her they need to keep positive and she says thank God I did not win that POV one. She wonders what day it is and he thinks it is the ninth week day 58. She wants Cass to pull them in the HOH and tell them she would never ever put them on the block. She regrets not making a final three with her and the fact that she did say it could easily be Jared this week when talking about possible replacement noms with Cass yesterday. He reminds her he did not want him saying his name much this week. She suggests it is a hot tub night and that some wine would be really nice. (Like you don't whine enough on your own???? - DRG) Jared thinks he will play a few games of pool with Joel tonight. 

Tim has joined Joel and Nikki in the kitchen. She is still talking while Joel is still eating. She is babbling on about how she learned heat stroke and heat exhaustion are the same thing while in the house. 

Jared now telling Kelsey he would have won if he had taken the last one. He recalls talking earlier about would he shave his head and would he pass up being able to play in future POVs in order to win this one.  He did not bet on the first round as he did not want to waste chips. Kelsey has a consequence of not playing in the POV next week and feels she really let them down.

The jackpot is going off again and Cass screeches as she comes into the kitchen. She is sweeping now by the bottom of the staircase. 
Kelsey is called to the DR and clomps down the stairs.


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10:59PM BBT: Speculation in the kitchen now if they will set off the alarm all night. Jared gets up and heads downstairs. Cassandra still sweeping up what fell when the alarm went off. 

One feed on the white couches now where the brothers are talking with Tim about the suit Tim will be wearing and then how long before Phil can shave his head completely. Jared in the kitchen chatting with them too as Kelsey comes out of the DR and Cass continues to sweep around the dining room table. Cass wonders if her iPod has been charged yet. Joel still talking with Nikki at the counter.

Kelsey does not know when she will be about to look at Nick and laughs and says he looks like a skunk and it kind of suits him. They recount past pranks and conditions they have had to endure in the house. Cass still picking up pieces off the floor. Jared is called to the DR. Tim comments that they are not going to let us outside yet are they and is told no. Tim thinks that in two weeks the brothers hair will look normal. Phil thinks he will go back to a haircut he had a little while ago and they talk about guys who have the soccer player haircut. Kelsey and the brothers talk about getting together after the game ends and drinking and she teased them about baby sitting them all night.

Tim observes that it is quarter of twelve by the clock in the house. Kelsey wants a cigarette. One of the brothers tells her that dip is better than smoking. Cass still sweeping up but now is sitting on a chair and pushing the pieces in a dustpan while sitting down. Cass says that while she is HOH and queen of the household but she is also a maid and even knows what a duster pan is. (Her words folks. - DRG) Brothers now discussing with Kelsey which is more aggressive asshole or fucking asshole. Jared back from DR and is delivering some Tylenol. They are talking about Rochelle and last years winner, Sarah,  so these two ladies must have hosted the comp. 

Jared in the blue room now and tells Nikki that the back door is open. 

The brothers are talking about Marshawn Lynch and other ball players.

Tim asks Nikki if she is going outside and she says no she is cold. 

Jared joins Joel in the kitchen where he is washing up. He teases Jared about showing him affection and starts talking in a German accent about how awkward it is. 

Tim comes down the stairs with a jacket on and asks Cass if she is going out to which she replies yeah. We see a quick glance of one of the brothers in the hot tub area and the feed jumps to the blue room where Nikkis is taking her face off and chatting with Kelsey about how she would rather stay this week. Kelsey talking in a sing song voice about how she literally hates everybody and literally is killing everybody. She calls out looking for her slippers.

Outside Cass has joined Nick and Tim talking about the ladies that were in the house for the POV comp today. She reports having an insightful chat with Sarah and how she knew all about Cass and her strenghts and weaknesses. 

Inside Kelsey and Phil talking about the renom and how she talked with Cass earlier about the possibility of the brothers winning and Jared comes by saying they will talk later.

Jared and Kelsy head out to have a smoke and everyone remarks at one time or another how it is so much colder outside now. Joel going on about which rounds he bid on in the comp while Cass talking with Kelsey now about chatting with Sarah and Kelsey says it was the biggest prize to win. She wonders if Cass got any wine and the answer is no she just got to sit and chat. Tim observes that there are a lot of little bugs around then wonders if it will snow again and Jared says no although in the past they have had random storms.

Inside Nick is changing in the pink room.

Outside the group is talking about HGs who have left already like Shari. 

The alarm goes off again and something drops from the ceiling so Cass has to jump up and go clean up the mess. (another of the punishments from the comp.) the others remark about how she will get really tired of this if it happens every half hour then Joel says they all will have to listen to it go off all night.

Inside Cass is chastising herself for taking this punishment and nothing else and wonders how stupid is she as she starts sweeping the floor once again.

Talk of the comp continues outside with everyone talking about what they bid and did not bid on. Kelsey says she would have been really depressed on slop or having to shave her head. 

Cass againg talking to herself about being unhappy and being a little pissy and bitchy right now and talking in the southern accent about how she will go off on someone if they are not careful. Nick comes by dressed to go out and gives her a hug.

Review of the comp ongoing outside and the feed fades to black but the audio takes a few seconds more to cut off.

Cass sweeping large poker chips off the floor that rain down when the jackpot alarm goes off. She is still talking in her Southern accent about being the maid as eh heads to the pantry to fetch the bucket for collecting the chips.


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11:30PM BBT: Outside feed returns to talk about the Harvest moon and Kelsey talking about a great party she went to. Nick in his skunk outfit is called to the DR. He passes Cass sweeping away and pats her as he goes by. 

Outside folk still talking about places Kelsey has visited and the boys go back to talking about Sarah and how she is such a genuine person in every way. Cass and Nick return as Tim is talking about wanting to go in to head to bed. Talk turns to how long the costume will be worn and how Nick can clean himself during his stint as a skunk.

Jared and Phil now starting to play pool and Phil says his head tickles and tells Jared that he has never shaved his head before when asked.

Kelsey now recanting her story of not winning the POV and not being able to play in the POV next week and how she did not agree to shave her head as she thought she would not win even if she did. She relates talking with Joel earlier about how there might be a trip offered and you should not take the trip but she thought the mystery one might be a trip and she bid on it. 

Jared and Joel with Phil around the pool table talking about wanting more missions to earn rewards. Phil talking about how his goel awa to have fun and not put pressure on himself.

More Monday morning quarterbacking happening outside even though its a few days early for it. Cass gets up to head in and Kelsey calls out to her that she is sorry that she did not win. Everyone gets up and heads back into the house.

Nick says he wants to go for a swim tonight in the pool and Jared wonders if he is aloud to since Dallas was not allowed to take his lobster suit off.  Jared says when asked that he will likely go to bed in the next hour or so as the pool game continues. 

Joel is now the only one outside in the hot tub area where he is sitting silently.

The other feed still showing the pool game. The brothers recanting how Sarah and her best friend got saved last season by the special power in the floor of the have not room and how Canada burned her ass about being saved in that manner.

Outside feed jumps to the HOH where Cass is saying to Tim that she will not worry about the renom til tomorrow when they can have a sit down. She thinks it is almost positive it will be a double this week. They remark about how much Joel tried to win and how he really has their back. Tim is throwing the showmance under the bus saying Jared did not bet on anything after the eels and Kelsey was holdinng out waiting for a trip. Cass says she is so livid at them right now. Tim goes on about Joel being on slop for the rest of the game now. he tells her she did not need to go for anything but the strategy session and Kelsey needed to bet more on the veto one. Tim says Jared was looking at them the whole time and shaking his chips to make it seem like he was betting. Cass talks about getting Jared out this week and how it will be good for her resume but what happens the next week when Kelsey is mad at her and she wins HOH. Tim suggests making a deal with Kelsey for safety this week in return for Cass having safety next week. She worries about the brothers also getting HOH next week and definitely putting her up.  They say they have to win veto next wek and Tim broadens it to say they have to win comps next week. She speculates about what if she keeps Jared and Kelsey next week. He says she runs her own game and he will never turn on her. They go on in a mutual admiration society meeting (hard to say who is blowing more smoke. - DRG) Cass says she is getting Jared out this week and thinks she will instantly be target number one and Tim thinks it will be the opposite. She wants to talk to the brothers and how Phil came and talked to her right after the comp was over and told her he knows she recognizes she made a mistake and they have always worked together.  Tim thinks he can win a comp and they have Nikki as a vote to save the other if there is a double or triple.  Cass thinks it will be a double.(Give that gal a cigar. - DRG) Cass says that the brothers not playing in Veto next week makes it a prime chance to get them out. Tim wonders if Jared and kelsey have any inkling and she says no that they think they control her so completely. Tim says that if they had tried then maybe she would trust them going forward.  He thinks that if Jared and the brothers were on the block initially he would have tried harder in the comp. She wonders if she should cut someone who would never put her on the block. Tim tells her to go through the jury and if she can't beat him he needs to go. He tells her she can put him up respectfully and not lose his jury vote. She really wonders how to smooth it over with Kelsey who will then work with the brothers. 

The other feed has continued to show the pool game all along. Jared is now playing Nick the skunk.

Tim and Cass talking about how this will be her move and he will never claim he had any part in it even though the others all think that he does the thinking for her because they hang out so much. She plans to take responsibility for the renom on Monday and he goes back to telling her he will never put her up. Cass says they need to break up the Jared Kelsey duo and Tim responds that she is a nagger and has nagged Cass all day. They go back to commenting about how Jared in particular did not try and Cass thinks Kelsey may have tried but is just stupid and did not know what to do to win. She is apalled about how confident and cocky he is and thinks that no one will ever go against him. Tim says she can go with them if she thinks it is better but again says he will never go against her.  Last week was the first time anyone of the three had to protect each other and the did. They think Tim or Joel could win HOH next week and Tim tells Cass to use Joel's brain to make her decision. Bottom line for Tim is can you beat Jared if it is the two of you in the final. She cycles back to him not trying in the comp and how it really burns her. 


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