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Tuesday, April 19, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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Talk in the bathroom is about beds and getting used to it

Nikki comments she's happy there's 2 showers in her season they only had 1

Nikki wants to see Tim's season and Tim wants to see his

Phil says he doesn't want to watch this season for a while Tim suggests not to

Niki chats some about her season


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9:53 Nikki and Nick are still in bathroom she is quoting movies

TIm went back down stairs

Jared and Kels were doing "Acrobatics" he was sitting on his feet, and spinning, at one point he had her up on his shoulders from the ground and back up

Nikki asks Nick if he thinks there is an eviction tonight

Nick says it could be something that is going to take a long time to set up

Nick says there are some pretty intense HOH comps near the end, and talks about the US had a Pirate ship and standing on Panks and it would rock and forth

Nick and Nikki talk about the First POV the Merman POV

He asks nikki if she saw it and she said she did see it

Back in the round ciricle in front of the TV

Jared " hear that Cass .'

talking about Tim is the Appetizer

Kels says shes scared because she's so hungry


Back in the Bathroom

Nikki & Nick talking about the Comp

Nikki asks who got off first, Cass .. he said he thinks hewas 6 or 7th Levita won 

the Dryer beeps

Phil says Joel could have gone forever



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9:57 Phil says winning HOH in the first week is probably not the best because you can make enemy
Asks Nikki about there was cards, to vote who they think, would win, and brothers if you don't win HOH .. that's why he got locked in Solitary  and he was second off and got safety for the week

Niki says she hats the first night

Phil says he didn't know what it would be like but no one slept,



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10PM: Phil says it was hardest being alone for a while and said week 1 he and Jared was cooking a lot week 1

Nikki said it was mentally draining having 15 people

Phil says he feels in the first month is was bad living wise, but fun because there was always something to do

Phil says he doesn't think no one in the outside world realizes how hard it is in the house

Nikki says now 7 people would come into the house, and it was like a new start of them, and people in the house was like WTF is going on.

Nikki said at the point was like enough is enough and left at week 8,

she spent the week laying in the garden and bed, because she was out of it, she begged to be  able to leave.

and she got voted back in


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10:04 Tim and Cass are in the high  roller room talking about game

***I't is hard to make out what they are saying(( but i hear

Tim say then we may not have Nikki's vote

They are laying behind the nomination screen



(((( I gotta walk away for a little bit-- so no updates from me for a little while)))))

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10:05 PM BBT: Tim telling Cass that what he likes about this week is that he does not feel guilty hanging out with her for fear of making themselves targets. 

Nikki in the washroom doing ADLs getting ready to turn in for the night. She is chatting with Nick.

Tim and Cass talking about Maddy and how she has turned into a demonic spoiled monster after starting out as an innocent little girl. Tim likes the corner they are in and Cass thinks it is very Zen. They suspect/fear that Joel is looking for them and go on to gossip about him. Tim thinks it is strange for Joel to be around good looking girls for so long and that he can be himself with all his quirks and folks can't just leave the way they do in the outside world. Cass lays out the scenario if they get rid of Jared before the brothers and how dangerous it could be. She thinks next week when they can't be HOH again they should get the brothers out. They keep discussing various options for noms and evictions. Cass states that the positve for Jared is that he is loyal. They keep quieting down when someone walks near by so as not to be discovered in their spot. Tim comes out with the old chestnut us three really got to try and get HOH. 

Other feed now shows Maddy cleaning in the kitchen while Phil is making coffee. 

Cass continues to push for the brothers to go up next week since they can't be HOH. They plot how Tim can talk with the others about who should go on the block next week. They consider putting up two pawns and then backdooring the eventual target whether that be Jared or the brothers.  If Nikki and Joel go up and the brothers win Veto Tim wonders if they would use it. If Jared is the HOH they decide to tell the brothers not to use the veto and Nikki will go home. They need to pitch Nikki as an unreliable pawn who might self-evict. Cass thinks they just need to get her out but not because they think Nikki is coming after Cass. They come back to next week they need to get Nikki out or one of the big two (Jared or the brothers). Tim digresses to telling Cass he has been smelling her all day as she has that sticky girl lying in bed all day smell.

Jared and Nick in the living room with Nikki near the kitchen counter. Nick is talking about driving a fast car slow vs. driving a slow car fast. The latter is more fun to him. 

Tim peering out from underneath the angled screen in the High Roller Suite keeping a look out so they are not spotted. They are talking about where Nikki will be sleeping and how she loves having her own bed. Tim says he does not want to sleep with her any more. Kelsey comes in and discovers their spot and they insist she not tell anyone including Jared. They decide to leave to keep the spot secret and BB tells Kelsey to put her microphone on. Screen blacks out.





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10:20 PM BBT; Feed returns in the dining/living room then switches to the chapel.

Other feed showing the washroom with Cass Kelsey and Jared.

Tim is muttering to himself in the chapel as he rumages through his things giving Nikki an oil to put on herself. they discuss bleaching a garment of hers.

Washroom feed now cuts out.

Tim calls out that he is so glad they will be gong home in a few weeks, it is a dream come true. He wants to see Canada however then wonders if folks will want them to see Canada. Nikki says her folks have seen Canada.

Washroom feed returns to more compelling ADLs by Kelsey as Jared sits and observes. he asks Cassandra what day of the month it is and she has to think about it. They speculate about the date and whether BB would let them watch something from the real world. Cass says she wants to bring up with Tim the plan for going forward and if this week could be a double.

Nikki getting ready for bed taking off her robe.

Kelsey saying after this week there are only seven people left and she keeps saying that she thinks Tim wants to win. Jared thinks Cass is just saying things to test the waters with them. 

Nikki is modeling a top for Tim and they are plotting how to distress it with bleach.


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10:30PM BBT: Tim and Nikki enter the kitchen where Maddy is still washing up. They decide to go on up to the bathroom since Maddy is cleaning in the kitchen. As he complains about the steps he then observes that this seems like the never ending night. Nikki agrees and thinks that it is so bizarre. They plot out how to bleach her top.

Other feed jumps to the chapel where Jared is sitting on the flool talking with Kelsey who is lying on her side. They are plotting out what to do if they win HOH next week and they will keep everything quiet before the comp.  Kelsey thinks Tim would put up Jared and the brothers and they try to count votes. Joel is one but Jared is not sure about Cass.  

In the washroom the bleaching is progressing along with comments about how bad this is for the environment.

Kelsey saying they will not tell the brothers anything and maybe they will tell Tim and Cass that they would put up the brothers but they would actually put up Tim and Nikki. They would also tell them that they would use the POV to take Tim off the block and back door the brothers. They won't however and will go ahead and evict Tim presuming he does not save himself by winning the POV.

Top is hung int he shower now and Tim is spraying the bleach on it.

Back in the chapel Kelsey informs us that scabs are natures band aids. Jared teasing her and remarking about her reaction to being on slop. Kelsey asks if he is ready to give her a rub down and reminds him of her having rubbed his back yesterday.

Feed switches to the HOH where Joel and Nick are playing a work game while Nick drinks a beer. 

Nikki loves the way her shirt is turning out and Tim is drying it with the blow dryer. Tim thinks everyone in the house will want one now and he has some long sleeve shirts.  Nikki thinks they could sell the shirt for 50 pounds. Tim remarks that they should have taken a before and after. Nikki going on about how she can't beleive they made it and they both comment about the variety and number of colors in the finished product. '

Other feed bounces back to the kitchen where Maddy continues to wash up.

Joel comes tot he washroom and asks if the cutting they did on the shirt was difficult. Tim wants to be sure to stop the bleaching so they don't lose all the colors. 

The brothers bound down the stairs and head towards the DR. Maddy washing away still.

Tim now in the kitchen too telling Maddy how rad the shirt turned out and asking for directions for the washer and dryer.

He heads to the washroom and Maddy is now putting things away in the kitchen. 


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10:45PM BBT: Tim and Nikki now in the blue room where he is telling her they should have put on aprons as she got bleach on something she had been wearing during their fashion arts and crafts project.

Joel comes into the kitchen and checks the time with Maddy and laments that tonight is just dragging on and on.

Tim now in the chapel telling Jared how great the project turned out and how he is thinking he could acid wash his undies. Jared thinks that doing that to old undies could just disintegrate them and Tim agrees and wonders what else he has that he could acid wash. They talk about the difference between porn pawn and how they are pronounced the same in Australia. Jared and Kelsey assure him they are pronounced differently in Canada. Joel appears and is offering them all fresh batteries. Tim tells them a story about undies he found in the backyard during his season and the feeds cut out.

Maddy still washing up in the kitchen.

10:53 PM BBT: Feeds back with Tim still going on about acid washing clothes and how one could sell them. Nikki says she can really feel the tea tree burning. Phil comes by and is asked if he has finished the film to which he says not even close. They all seem to like the movie and Tim remarks about it having really good lessons in life. Nikki suggests that maybe he should take some coffee up and he replies that he is already wired. Tim tells him about the shirt they just acid washed. Someone is called tot he DR but they could not hear who it was. It seems to be the general consensus that tonight has been the most boring night yet in the house. 

Maddy continues cleaning away.

Kelsey speculating with Nick that maybe if they have another fight they will get a reward. Tim says no, they would more likely be made to take another exercise class.  Tim jokes about the "live tweeters" (Really folks I only do this becasue Morty pays me by the syllable. - DRG)  Nikki and Nick teasing one another about challenges and then talking about her having seen Phil down below and it was little. He asks Kelsey if she has seen his and points out that he is a grower not a shower.  She has an appointment to see Joel's in the morning and then can't believe he has not shaved his pubes in 33 years. Tim relates that he told Cass she smells and Kelsey promptly tells him you cannot tell girls that. Tim thinks that girls just have that smell sometimes at least his sisters did. Nikki starts a story about a girl who smelled and the feeds fade to black.

Joel comes to the kitchen and asks how Maddy is doing then tells her it looks fantastic. 

Maddy working on the countertops now and she is all we get on the feeds.

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11:04PM BBT: Chapel feed returns to Nikki asking Joel if he made something and he replies in the affirmative. Nick is sipping away on a beer as he sits in the middle of the room. Tim talks about a plant that is an epiphyte (air plant, no roots). Nikki remarks about it being very bad manners in France to yawn in public. Nick thinks he is going to go to bed soon and Joel asks if he wants to be told good night. Nikki also is going to go to bed. (My fingers will be very appreciates folks. - DRG) Tim asks if they like the red leaves or no and Kelsey asks to see and gives her approval. 

Jared comes through the kitchen as Maddy is now sweeping the floor.

Joel in the chapel bragging that he got her to laugh and thinks that is pretty good and he must be funny.

Maddy tells Jared that it is 12 AM.

Chapel group breaks up 

Maddy asking Jared how he used the mop. 

Tim and Nikki in the washroom checking out their handiwork. BB calls someone to the DR. 

Joel and Jared talking in Russian accents about what time it is and what they are gong to do now.  Then talking about "raising the roof" with the hand gestures still in bad Russian accents. 

Joel comes into the washroom and asks if Tim is going to bed. he is once he has a shower.

Jared has returned to the chapel and rejoins Kelsey there. Feed fades to black.

In washroom Joel is commenting about never having seen a shirt with so many holes in it before, Nikki wanders by and he asks if she is going to bed which she is and they say goodnight as she departs the room.

We here them doing the goodnight John Boy routine as the video remains on Cass in the shower before it fades to black.

They other feeds come back to the chapel where Tim is changing and complaining to Tim and Kelsey about how awful and boring tonight was. He says they will get through it and that there are things to be hopeful for and things to be grateful for always. He goes back to talking about how good the singlet looks that he and Nikki made. Tim says he will try and say something really nice to Cass when she returns. Jared asks why and they talk about her body odor which turns the screen to black for us.

The other feed shows Joel sitting in the grey chairs on the landing all alone.

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11:22PM BBT: Feed in chapel returns with Jared asking Kelsey if she wants a massage and she asks if he will just pet her again. (Not that kind of petting, you fellow old folks get your minds out of the gutter. - DRG) He tells her she needs to go brush her teeth afterwards. He liked her story today and she says she did too. Tim says it sucks they can't go outside in the morning upon waking up. Then asks how many weeks left and they think it is three. Jared aks what they do next week and he wants to wait til Cass comes back to talk. Tim comments about the brothers not being able to be HOH next week and how Cass thinks they could back door the brothers. 

Cass is out of the shower and reading a can of hair spray before applying it to the ends of her hair and brushing it a bit.

Tim thinks there could be a Canada vote in the finale and this would be good for the brothers and also they have been so flip floppy. Nikki could be a great pawn according to Tim but he worries about her self-evicting if on the block. All it would take is one bad day with her and Kelsey or Cass and if she had power Nikki would put the gals up. Tim thinks she would never put up any of the boys. Cass comes in and Tim starts to catch her up. Tim thinks the brothers will make a move against Jared and Tim so they need to get them first. Tim feels the good news is they now have the votes to save anyone who goes up. 

Joel passes Maddy on his way into the pantry.

Jared continues rubbing Kelsey's back as Tim keeps plotting strategy.

Joel heads back upstairs after telling Maddy where the others are at the moment.

Tim is happy to be a pawn this week if Joel is HOH. Kelsey wants to know who they should put up. If it is an instant Tim thinks just a pawn and the target, Cass says if a double then two pawns and back door the target. 

Phil passes by Maddy still at work in the kitchen.

Tim says what scares him is that maybe on eviction night they could say no one is leaving since Ramsey left. Second Maddy is thinking that her chance might be that the vote this week is Canada's and Canada might keep Maddy over him. 

Speaking of Maddy she has now made her way to the washroom and is gathering up laundry. She and Joel meet again and he says goodnight. she comes in the pink room and Joel says she is always welcome there.

In the chapel they continue to put down Maddy (They always need to justify who they are voting out. - DRG) Tim wonders what the brothers plan is and no one knows and they have not said. Tim comments about no one having planned on Ramsey leaving (least of all Ramsey - DRG) Tim wonders if they would have used a pawn against Ramsey or himself. Jared thinks it is just about winning now and it really gets down to game play now. Cass and Kelsey are studying really hard for the mental comps and Tim says he has no chance at them.

Maddy doing ADLs in the bathroom and Nick comes in and out quickly telling her good night.

Tim hopes there is still some fun stuff to come and not just stressful stuff. Kelsey cannot bear another three weeks of this and talk turns to when slop will end and it being weird he just now got the slop pass. Kelsey curls up in a ball on top of Jared now. He cannot imagine her on slop for three weeks in a row. They all thinks the teams were really bullshit and BB can't say they were random since they did not draw them in front of them and this production talk turns the screen black yet again.


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11:42 PM BBT; Maddy enters the pink room.

Chapel feed returns to Kelsey saying she thinks Maddy is ready to go and the fact that she is really a super fan who tried out many times for the show. Tim comments that in there version it is not really a competition and folks really do sign up for the experience. He says the money is not really a motivation nor is having another title. He wants to leave the game feeling good about how he played it. He would be happy to lose to any of the three of them for different reasons as they all have played a tactical but not a dirty game. Tim says it would be bitter sweet to win if you played to win at all costs.

Maddy folding her clothes in the pink room while Nikki is in the bed closest to the door under the covers.

Tim says he would love to watch a Canadian documentary and Kelsey suggests The Art of Flight. Jared now starts rubbing Kelsey's feet and BB tells her to fix her microphone. Talk turns to snowboarding and who has done it. Tim has as well but only at an indoor facility near him. Cass asks for a neck massage and Tim obliges. Tim cannot believe what Nikki did to Joel and she did not apologize. Jared wonders if she knew what she was doing and they all think she did. Joel intends to have them all look at him tomorrow morning and he wants to chase Nikki around with a hard on so the feeds fade to black. (So it was not such a boring night, BB just shut the HGs down any time they started to do anything interesting. - DRG)

Remaing feeds show Maddy filing her nails in her bed in the pink room. Just think folks she has another entire day to become one tidy evictee.

Feeds back in the chapel with Kelsey complaining that her tummy hurts. She is afraid that something really crazy is going to happen. Tim finds a tight spot on Cassandra's neck and she says it is due to how she is sleeping. He suggests she try using just one pillow to change to pressure on her spine. She tells them she does not have a normal spine it does not curve but is just straight. Jared wants Kelsey to go brush her teeth. Tim is going to put some peppermint on Cass's neck and thinks that his supplies have been a real life saver in the house. He again implores her to try just one pillow as using two is putting even more stress on her neck. Kelsey asks to borrow another hair elastic as she had to give the one she had to Maddy. Tim wants to flick it over and gets it close. Cass groans about how good the massage felt and they wonder what they will do tomorrow with no outdoors open to them. Tim now realized that as a nominee he has to pack all his stuff. Jared suggests he just not pack and Tim nixes the idea.

All quiet in the pink bedroom but the lights are still on full.

Jared still rubbing Kelsey's legs then she sits up to put the hair elastic in. She wants to know what Tim and Cass are whispering about. They start talking about what Kelsey could get tattooed on her lips and she and Jared finally head out to brush their teeth.

Cass whispers to Tim that it was good they had the chat earlier about what to talk to the couple about. Cass thinks it is just a chess board. Tim is gong to be a big pawn, the best pawn star ever. Cass corrects his pronuciation.

Jared carried Kelsey piggy back to the bathroom. Jared climbs on the scales and is please with the number, 177. (Well the clock struck 8 bells so its time for this watch to end and my night meds. Yesterday was a quiet night and I had company from out of town while you had someone posting so I just took the night off. If things started happening or you were abandoned I probably would have pitched in. Night Morty. -DRG)

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