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Wednesday, April 13, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Thank you!

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9:16am BBT The feeds are back and we seen Raul for a moment brushing his teeth outside in the BY. Nikki is passing out fresh batteries and the three boys (Joel, Nick and Phil) are sitting up in their bed looking like they are trying to wake up. Tim just got in the shower and Kelsey walked in the WA to use the washroom and wonders how Raul slept and then she walked into the blue BR and jumped in bed with Jared. 

9:22am BBT Raul is sitting by the HT with a blanket wrapped around him and it looks like he is deep in thought.

9:26am BBT Cassandra and Kelsey are in the WA at the sink and Kelsey is wondering if something that she said was mean. Cassandra just said so immature like children. The two girls thank Tim (who is still in the shower) for getting them the wine last night. 

9:28am BBT the feeds went down again.


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9:30am BBT The feeds are back and we see Phil walk in the WA. Kelsey said hi to him and asked if he heard that she is not a have not anymore? He said that he did hear that and Kelsey said that if you ever have to be a have not, then be one when Nikki is one and then she said that she was impressed on how well Nikki did as a have not. 

Cassandra is in the WA wondering if their tweets are up yet with their pictures. Cassandra asked Kelsey what she wants to eat today and Kelsey does not know because they are out of almost everything. 

9:33am BBT Down in the KT Joel, Nikki and Jared are talking about Winnie the pooh. Joel is doing the character impressions (and doing a very good job of them~Sassy)



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9:37am BBT Nikki Joel and Jared are in the KT. Nikki told the two boys that Maddy needs to come down to earth because this all ends tomorrow (her reign as HOH). Joel and Nikki are joking breath in the anger and breath out the hate. Kelsey is in the KT laughing because she hoarded an avocado so that when she was off of slop she could eat it and then we get locked out of the KT. 

Up in the WA Cassandra is putting on her make up while Phil takes a shower..no talking going on.

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9:41am BBT Tim and Jared are in the blue BR talking about someone that is going to make a move if they get HOH. Tim thinks that it should be one of them to make a move and flush them out. Jared said that with this many people they have to expect the unexpected. Jared said that Phil thinks that he is excluded. Tim said that they need to have Raul to work against the three and that is not going to happen. Jared said that Maddy wants Kelsey to stay so that he will be an easy target. Jared left the room, Tim is making his bed and then he left the room and headed into the WA. Tim was going to do exercises but then he realized that they do not have the BY. BB called Tim to the DR so we are left with watching Cassandra put on her make up while Phil finishes up his shower. 

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9:51am BBT Down in the KT Tim is going to eat a banana and have coffee, Nick is washing out a coffee cup, Nikki and Joel are at the DT eating. Nikki was just called to the DR. 

Joel and Tim are now sitting at the DT eating and not talking. Kelsey, Jared and Nick in the KT fixing food and talking about planes. 

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9:56am BBT All of the feeds are down in the KT area with just general conversations going on about shows and guns. Phil asks Kelsey if they got more advacados and Kelsey said no that she hid the one that she is fixing now and then she said actually Raul hid it. Jared thinks that Raul will be pissed and Kelsey said that he will be fine. Talk at the DT is about past house guests.

10:00 am BBT The feeds switch to Raul laying out in the BY on the couch covered up. The door to the BB house opened up and Raul jumped up and ran into the house. He is excited that they are not have not's and told the others that it is sunny outside. Raul is explaining to the others how he slept. 

Tim and Nick head outside to sit in the sun. Nick said that it is a nice day.

Raul is going to take off his old makeup and heads to the blue BR to change his clothes. 

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10:05am BBT Kelsey and Jared are sitting at the DT telling Raul about how they got wine last night. Raul told Kelsey and Jared that he loves them so much and kill it and make him proud (sounds like he has given into the fact that he is leaving tomorrow~sassy).

10:07am BBT Tim and Phil are out by the HT talking about who Phil would put up if he won HoH. Phil said that he don't even know what he would do at this point. Phil does not understand why Kelsey would tell them that he was going to put Tim and Cassandra up. Phil does not know if people are trying to get them against each other. Jared walked out in the BY and talk turns to tanning and getting vitamin D with the sun. 

10:10am BBT Nikki and Raul are in the KT and Nikki is telling Raul that Maddy is mad because they were let off of have not's early. Raul said that he hates missing out and everyone had fun last night and he hates it. Nikki asked Raul when he was going to have his brownie and Raul laughs and said today with milk. Raul was so hungry he was dreaming about bacon. Kelsey walked in the KT and said that when she has a moment to think she thinks about food. Kelsey told Raul that she really missed him and tells him that they got a twitter cam. They start whispering about Maddy and then we get locked out.


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10:18am BBT The feeds are back and Kelsey, Jared, Raul and Nikki are in the KT discussion someone saying what they want to hear. Nikki is so happy that the have not's are over. 

Out by the HT Tim, Cassandra and Phil are talking about Raul saying things. Tim does not understand how Raul thinks that it would convince them to vote for him to stay. Tim thinks that it is working out now about who you can trust and people will say that deals are made and trying to make people feel like they are excluded. Phil said that talking about deals Jared made a deal to keep him safe and Tim said no he is talking about deals to get to the end. Tim does not immediately believe everything that you hear. Tim said that the threats are going to try and get them to turn on each other. 

10:23am BBT Raul in the KT telling Nikki and Jared not to break the rules and he apologized to BB. Jared told Raul that Phil was pissed because he would not stop bouncing that ball. Nikki said that she was mad at first and she was close to eating but she would not have done it because she went that far. 

Tim, Cassandra and the brothers are by the HT discussing variations of who to put up if they get HoH. 

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10:55am BBT Tim and Nikki are in the Blue Room chatting while Tim packs up his things (I think he's moving rooms?). Nikki had a bad sleep, had a dream her grandmother died. She asks Tim for reassurance that if her grandmother died would Big Brother let her know. Tim seems to think they would, and the only reason she's thinking that way is because she misses her family. She then starts talking about being cranky and evil if anyone wakes her up. How awful her time on slop has been, and she's so happy to be done with it.

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11:08am BBT Feed switched to Have Not Room, Tim is helping Nikki pack up her things as she does not have to sleep there anymore. General game talk, it was hard to hear as they were whispering, but I think they said Raul is staying. Nikki says Raul is a "changed man" because he's throwing Jared and Kelsey under the bus. Then Tim says before Raul was sequestered outside, Raul said to him "I'm working against you and I'm going to tell everyone your strategies and plans." And how funny it is he's so quick to sell out Kelsey and Jared.

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11:10am BBT Maddy asks Nikki and Tim if they have seen her sunglasses as they have gone missing. She seems to think Raul stole her sunglasses from Pool Area since he was only one out there. Tim says he left his thongs (swim speedo's) "ninjas" (production) cleared them away when they were working in the Backyard. Jared, Nikki and Tim are in blue room laughing that Maddy thinks Raul stole her sunglasses. They're saying how everyone 


11:12am BBT Jared asks Tim if they should talk to the brothers today. Tried to talk to them earlier but they get defensive. There are deals going on everywhere in the house, the brothers made a deal with Maddy. Tim is talking about what would happen if brothers won HOH, Tim isn't sure who he would put up if he won HOH.


11:14am BBT Brothers are lying to everyone and making deals with everyone. Nikki and Tim were upset there was talk they were going on the block next if brothers won HOH. Jared says the brothers talk too much and should have kept their mouth shut. Tim says there are lots of strange things going on in the house. (Obviously I think they're all panicking because it's getting close to the end, and they're all trying to secure their spots in the house. They're all making deals with each other, especially because of the triple/double eviction speculation - jwest18). Tim Nikki and Jared, lots of "he said she said" about the brothers.


11:18am BBT Jared is talking about how last night the brothers were fighting with each other because they both want to be in charge of the game they're playing. They're making fun of how nick is a Dj and how he probably plays in a bar to 10 people or at someone's 18th birthday.


11:22am BBT Jared says Ramsey thinks he's in really well with him. Tim says Ramsey might win HOH next week. Ramsey went up to Ramsey Maddy is panicking that Kelsey isn't going home, Jared said Ramsey is trying to make deals with him because he thinks Maddy will be in trouble next week. They think Maddy's HOH this week is useless because she wanted Kelsey gone but she might be staying. General talk from all three about how Maddy is dumb and plays a bad game, how her attitude causes a weird mood in the house.

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11:25am BBT Maddy, Joel and Cassandra are in the backyard outside in Hot Tub Area, laying in the sun, just general chat about maze competition (I think this was POV?) and how it was hard. General boring chat.... they're talking about what's going to be on tonight's episode. Then they talk about eviction episode tomorrow and Maddy says she wants to see Mitch's face when Raul is evicted tomorrow.


11:30am BBT Maddy still thinks Raul stole her glasses from the couch in India. She says she's going to take a giant "deuce" on someone's face when she finds out they stole them.

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11:32am BBT Cassandra says tomorrow will be unanimous vote for Raul. He hasn't tried to campaign to her at all. They all say he has awful game, all three of them say all he has ever said was he will "Offer them security". Maddy is making fun of his accent and says she doesn't comprehend anything he says because he has awful game. Raul told Maddy he wants the showmance out, they all laugh at that because Jared and Kelsey are his best friends in the house.


11:15am BBT Joel says Raul said to him he never gets to host because he has problems speaking english. Joel doesn't think that's why. Joel wishes he said to Raul "Maybe the world doesn't revolve around you all the time."


11:38am BBT Cassandra is annoyed Tim is probably touching her stuff up in the bedroom because they're moving around. Cassandra leaves. Joel asks Maddy what her goodbye speech will be to Raul and she says that it will be mean. She's going to say to him he dresses like shit, he's annoying, a bully, and that she hopes she never sees him outside the house.

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11:40am BBT Outside feed goes black I switch to feed 3 in kitchen. Just catch Tim, Nikki and Kelsey in the kitchen chatting about spin the bottle and kisses. Then they're complaining about people not cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen. Seems like everyone wants to go outside because it is a beautiful day. Nikki and Cassandra leave.


11:43am BBT Kelsey says Cassandra is upset with Nikki.

Tim: Oh you know Nikki, she said something in the heat of the moment, it's no big deal.

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11:45am BBT Kelsey and Raul alone in the kitchen, Kelsey says she wants Jared to be careful as he's upstairs with the brothers. Kelsey goes upstairs into bathroom and Nick says if he wins HOH Jared and Kelsey are good. They are all talking about if any of them win HOH, they'll try to backdoor Maddy. They'll put up Ramsey and a pawn that way either one of them will go home.


11:48am BBT all feeds go black.

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11 minutes ago, jwest18 said:

Today is my first day posting! I hope I am doing okay. I'll be gone for a bit but will be back this afternoon.

OMG, you're great.  Welcome aboard!

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10:00PM BBT: Cass and Kelsey talking in one white chair and Jared sitting in the other. Cass using a weir accent. Joel comes by withNick and Phil and they comment about the beard he has painted on his face.

Cass has gone to the blue room and joined Tim and Raul and Nikki who are talking about what Raul did breaking the rules and his punishment last night. Nikki asks if he tried any of the slop rolls and he says no he was starving.

Kelsey and Jared now alone on the white chair (use your imaginations - DRG)

Ramsey joins the blue room crew and Tim teases him to sleep naked tonight. Nikki is encouraging him to "just go for it."  They keep telling him that women like to be surprised and then talk about how women like to be cuddled and Tim offers suggestive moves he can make.  

Joel and the brothers now back talking with Jared and Kelsey by the white chairs. 

Tim and Cass still encouraging Ramsey to make a move on Maddy tonight and the feed cuts to black after Tim mentions her brushing past Ramsey's dick.

Raul asks the room what he should wear tomorrow. Nikki tells him that he looks like Freddy Mercury from Queen. 

Jared and Kelsey alone again with her still seated on his lap. 

Joel enters the blue room and he is told that he looks older and more manly and not like a DJ anymore.  Raul thinks he looks really manly. 




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10:12PM BBT: Group in blue room still quietly chatting. 

Other feed in the kitchen where Nick is checking out his beard in the mirror then puts on his cap and heads upstairs.

Good natured teasing and laughing continues in the blue room with Phil being teased about allowing Raul to lick his face.  He proceeds to do so and Phil screeches. Jared and Kelsey have come in now as well so all feeds in this room. They are all talking over one another about the licking. Kelsey thinks that Joel's whiskers look really real and textured. One of the brothers says it is a really good trick for sneaking food into a movie theater.  Cass talking in her Southern accent, barely understandable. Tim talking with Nikki about getting ready for tomorrow's broadcast and where Maddy and Ramsey will fit in the room.  Nikki plans to get up before anyone else to shower so she will get the hot water. 

Other feed shows the brothers checking themselves out in the washroom as Joel is brushing his teeth.

Kelsey says goodnight and there is general talk of everyone going to bed now. Nikki is going to put the towels in the dryer.  There is speculation about whether Phil really wanted Raul to lick the chocolate off of his face or not.

Other feed shows Nick working on his face in the washroom while Joel continues brushing his teeth. Cass comes in and starts talking to Phil who is showering. She heads into the toilet. 

Chatting and laughing going on in the blue room as Raul is teased about having the chocolate all over his face and neck and he will have to go shower now.  Someone asks where Joel is and as if on cue he comes in all cleaned up now.  He is talking about Dan from BBUS.

Raul and Cass with the brothers in the washroom now all doing ADLs.

Nikki asks Tim if he has watched Unreal the comedy about The Bachelor and she tells him they are making a second season. 

Raul talking with Phil in the shower and talking about if he can see "it" or not.  He is getting ready to shower then climbs in after taking a peek over Phil's shower door. Nick has cleaned the chocolate off of his face now as well.

Nikki Tim are in bed and Joel sitting on the bed next to them talking about Arissa and how she compares to the Chen Bot and Jeff Probst. They think she is somewhere inbetween and then talk about her having children as well, 2 young children. Talk goes to how long they will be cooped up tomorrow for the broadcast and preparation and then when they will stop having Have Nots for the season. Nikki wonders if it will be a double eviction tomorrow and Joel says probably as there needs to be two before the end and goes on to talk about how there is also usually an early eviction that occurs before the normal day. He thinks there will be one double eviction and then another a couple of weeks after.  He goes on to talk about they might have a Sunday eviction at some point.  Nikki's take on all of this is that 'It's going to be an exhausting day." She reminds him that the last double he won HOH and it was such a fun night. Cass has joined them now and the talk about the number of HGs that will remain on finale and how many still have to go beforehand.

Other feed still showing ADLs with Raul and the brothers in thw washroom.

Blue room feed fades out briefly then returns.with Raul now on a bed brushing his teeth.

Other feed has movbed to the landing where Jared is rubbing lotion on Kelsey's shoulders.

BB tells Raul to fix his microphone (Yeah BB we would not want to miss hearing him spit after brushing his teeth. - DRG)

BB tells them to stop talking about production. Then tells Kelsey to fix her microphone as she is lying on it . Jared remarks that he is so stressed right now.  Nick passes by and tells the duo goodnight. Kelsy calls out to Raul asking him what he is doing and calls him over to sit with them. (she is obscuring her mic again so is hard to understand and the feed cuts out. - DRG)




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10:40 PM BBT: In the blue room Nikki is getting up to head to the washroom and is telling Tim to just relax and he replies that he does not often relax,

Feed switches tot he washroom where  Nick is finishing brushing his teeth 

On the landing Kelsey says she hopes she does not cry tomorrow. Nikks comes by and asks Jared if he put the towels in the dryer. Raul says that he did it. Kelsey says that she is getting tired now and then wonders if her ear is dirty as Jared is "just playing with it.: She wonders why Raul drank so much coffee before bed.

Other feed now in the pink bedroom where Nick is changing then climbing into bed with Cass already in the bed next to him.  

Joel comes by the green couches and and he is daring Jared to dream tonight then dares Kelsey to dream as well. She tells him he said he would show her his butt and he has not and then she asks if he wants to see hers.  They agree to show each other their butts some time in the future when no one else is around. Phil and Raul are sitting int he grey chairs right behind them. Phil announces he is going to bed and jumps up and walks away saying goodnight.

All feeds black out.

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10:47 PM BBT: Feeds back with Joel saying good night and that he and Kelsey need to make the appointment for their mutual butt showing. (She will need a magnifying glass as the Backwards Man costume pretty much revealed that he had no bass as Meghan Trainor might say. - DRG) All feeds once again black out.


10:51PM BBT: Feeds return in the pink room and in the washroom where Raul is telling Kelsey that the two of them need to win the HOH tomorrow as he does not want to see one of them following him out the door. Kelsey says she knows her stuff and has been studying . (Not gonna matter as Canada will choose the two who will particpate in a game of chance to determine the next HOH. - DRG)

Other feed switches tot he blue room but audio is missing at first. Tim and Nikki are talking about the coffee and he does not want to get and caffein. They hear Cass through the walls and Nikki says "Well fuck off then. "

Joel and Raul and Kelsey in the washroom now where Joel is lathering up to shave. Raul and Kelsey are on the opposite side of the room.

Tim is talking about a spot in Australia with lakes that smell like tea tree oil and how people swim there for healing. He says that the water is black from the tannens in the tea leaves. Nikki wonders if there are living things in there and he says he has seen an eel and frogs. 

Joel shaving away with his mouth wide open.

Bedroom feed cuts out followed by the feed in the washroom.




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