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Tuesday, April 5, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates.  Comments and BBCAN discussions are in the Big Brother Canada 4 - Discussion section.

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  

Thank you!

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9:20am BBT The lights just came on in the bb house, but no one is awake yet.

9:27am BBT BB just announced "Good morning house guests, time to wake up"

9:29am BBT BB announced again "Good morning house guests, time to wake up" 

9:30am BBT up in the HOH room Kelsey is up out of bed and in the WA. Jared is sitting up in bed while Raul is still sleeping. Down in the HN room, the brothers and Joel are getting up. Nick told them that he completed staying up all night and it was a long night. Tim is out of bed and heading downstairs. Jared is passing out new batteries. Tim is going to wait for batteries because he just changed them about two hours ago while staying awake with Nick all night. 

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9:38am BBT the feeds are back up and Tim is in the pool. Jared is done passing out batteries and puts the box back in the SR. Jared heads to the KT to pour some coffee. Nikki asked how he slept in the HOH room and Jared replied that he was sweaty. Nikki heads out by the pool where Tim is swimming. Tim is explaining to Nikki that there is so much bacteria in the pool. Joel heads out by the pool as Tim is telling Nikki that he likes having Joel around. Tim told Joel that sometimes he does push his buttons and Joel responded okay. Joel is wondering where the basketball is. Joel left the pool area to find the basketball and Tim is talking to Nikki about staying up all night. Joel is getting in the pool while Jared came out to ask Tim if he realized he was drinking decaff coffee and then he said he was just kidding. Nikki is telling Tim that it is okay to have a bad day and he can eat healthy today. Tim is telling Nikki that Cassandra got into a conversation about Joel that was none of her concern and now Cassandra is punishing him by not talking to him. 

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9:47am BBT Nikki is whispering to Tim but it is hard to hear what they are saying. Nikki said that she realized last night that the person who shouted the loudest wasn't Jared, it was Phillip. Tim is telling Nikki that Mitch can't stay. Joel is standing next to Tim listening to the conversation. Nikki said that Cassandra is bonkers. Nikki told Tim that she will look after him today. Tim said what will be good for him today is sunshine. Tim hates the snow and wants to get a shovel and get it away. Tim said that he has to snap out of it. Joel told them that today is day forty, the halfway point. 


9:55am BBT Mitch is in the KT by himself fixing coffee and then he heads to the BY couch to sit alone. 

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10:00am BBT Nikki and Tim still by the pool discussing sleeping arrangements after Thursday. Nikki is going to make food and Tim is going to shower. 

Up in the HOH room Jared and Raul are talking about Raul's dream about Mitch and Cassandra. Jared told him it was just the last two people that he thought about before going to sleep that is all. Raul said that he don't get Tim. Jared thinks that he is doing what he did with the koala bears and getting information from everyone and telling them (Jared, Raul and Kelsey) that he is going to be loyal to them and vote with them, but he is just humoring the others to get all of the information that he can and that Tim told Jared that he wants Maddy and Ramsey to vote opposite of everyone else. Raul asked Jared why he is doing that to Cassandra. Jared responded that Tim is not doing anything to Cassandra and that she is just making that up in her head and getting angry about it. She is mad that Tim is spending time with everyone and Tim doesn't really care if she assumes anything. Kelsey asked Jared if he has talked to Tim. Jared said that he just woke up and he wouldn't worry about Tim he is just getting all of the information from Mitch that he can. Jared said that they have to keep Cassandra around just in case Tim does not get in her ear in case he does switch. Raul said that Cassandra is now that swing vote. 

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10:08am BBT Kelsey and Jared head outside to smoke a cigarette where Phil is and they tell each other good morning then they talk about sunshine mountain that Kelsey goes to. Jared asks Phil if it was cold in the HN room and Phil said it was just right. Jared said that they were sweating in the HoH room. They wonder if they spread out the snow it would help it to melt faster. Kelsey heads inside as she said that she is cranky. Jared told Phil that today is gossip day. Phil said that he is not gossiping today. Jared is glad that they all talked because it is so hard keeping secrets. Jared is telling Phil that he thinks Tim is going to vote with them and just trying to get all of the information out of Mitch that he can. Phil said that makes since. Jared told Phil that everyone likes Phil and his brother a lot. Phil is talking about how hard it is to be in the BB house. Jared and Phil are excited that today is Wednesday (wait until they find out it is Tuesday~sassy)


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10:23am BBT Phil told Jared that his brother is so happy that they talked last  night. Jared said it is so good to get it off of your chest. Phil said that people think so much all of the time and he does not think that much. Jared said that he only thinks before noms. Phil is surprised that Maddy told Jared that in the pool yesterday. Jared said that Kelsey told him he saw Maddy and Mitch together for hours upon hours that past few days. Jared said that Cassandra is the swing vote if Tim goes the other way. Phil cannot believe all of the lies. Jared don't doubt that Nick did say about who he was going to put up but Mitch can change the words and it is funny how things can be twisted around. 

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10:37am BBT Kelsey and Cassandra are in the HOH room discussing Tim. Cassandra said that she does not care if Tim wants to work with the others because she now has Kelsey Jared and Raul to work with.Cassandra said that she don't need Tim and that Tim needs her. Cassandra said that Tim thinks it is his house. Kelsey can't believe that Tim liked MItch's speech. Kelsey wishes she could take a break from the game for like three days. Cassandra said that you can't be with someone that you do not trust. Cassandra needs to go and get coffee, Kelsey needs to go crawl in a hole and die. Cassandra wants to have a girl day to sit and drink coffee and stay away from the boys. Cassandra is not used to being with the young fetuses that live in their mom's basement (the boys in the house). As Cassandra leaves the room Kelsey asks her to bring her back a black coffee. The feeds switch to Tim and MItch out lying in the sun by the HT. 

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3pm BBT lots of general chat going on...

3:30 pm most HG  are just making food in the kitchen talking about nicknames friends call them.


The back yard had been off limits to the HGs for part of the day and at 3:45 pm it was open again then the high roller room was closed.

Raul and Phil are playing pool talking about how quiet it is without Dallas in the house. 


Big Brother seems to be forever telling the HG to fix there mics ...no sleeping ...stop that etc..[ guess they don't like hot water as much I thought ]


5 pm BBT Jared and Kelsey are in the HOH talking and the feed cuts out

when Jared was talking about his first girlfriend. Feeds come back and they are talking about their firsts...first girlfriend/ boyfriend? ...first kiss?


Raul is now in the HOH with Jared and Kelsey. They are talking about the alliance Raul made with Mitch without Jared.

then again just general chat...






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Jared , Kelsey and Raul are talking about why Mitch never even tried to get Jared to use the POV. They said that the house will be very stupid if they save him and then they know that the house is coming after them.

Feeds cut to Mitch and Maddy are in the high roller room who say that they are tired and it has been a very long boring day.

Raul is planning a silent disco for tonight...everyone dress up and pretend the HOH room is the club with hopefully a pizza party. Mitch says he will not go ...he is not up for a Raul party

Everyone is in a sleepy mood today according to Maddy

Nick had to stay up all night ... [from punishment maybe]

Joel and Phil are playing a trick shot basketball game throughout the house.


7:30 pm BBT we find Mitch  in the hot tub all alone looking a little defeated.

947 pm 

I lot of laying around fighting to stay awake ...which most of the day it seems was like that




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10:00PM BBT: Tim and Ramsey had a brief egg fight while pretty much everyone else is laying about complaining about how tired they are today. Maddy and Joel and Nick are in the HOH with Nick listening to the music. Tim and Maddy and Mitch are in the living room as Tim is cleaning up the egg. 

Jared walks thru the HOH saying he got a second wind after getting up following story time.

Maddy wants chocolate covered treats and Tim retorts that he wants his life back. He does not want to deal with the egg mess anymore. 

Dead silence in the HOH.

Maddy is laughing at Tim's struggles to clean up as he states that the clean up is good punichment. Nick arises and hugs Joel good bye before leaving the HOH. Joel follows shortly afterwards.

Maddy describing an egg game. Tim heading p the stairs with Nikki behind.  Tim announces that it is such a boring night that he just threw and egg so that he would have something to do to clean up the mess. 

Maddy now chatting with Mitch then gets up and heads into the store room.

Raul and the brothers talking on the landing where he is telling them that he has not had anything to drink today. They threaten to breathalyzer him. 

Raul now on top of Kelsey on the HOH bed trying to get her to get up. She does not want to move and wines that he is hurting her and she has her period. 

Rowdiness from the group at the top of the stairs Joel, Raul and the brothers. 

Feed in the HOH switches to Maddy sitting on Ramseys lap in the grey club chairs. 

Raul asking Tim when he is ready for his massage. 

Ramsey tells Maddy that now her lipstick looks nice since the red matches the red in her flannel shirt.

Phil and Nikki in the washroom doing ADLS.

Maddy telling Ramsey she has never seen The Matrix when she does not know if the choice in the film was the red pill or the blue pill.

High Roller room just emptied out as soon as the feed cut in there and we see Cassandra leaving. She saunters thru the living room and ends up at the kitchen counter. 

Tim rummaging through the store room fridge and leaves.

Maddy and Ramsey now in the chapel with Phil who got something from his pile and left. 

Tim is heard saying that the sloppers are in his room. He and Phil head to the pink room as Nick heads out the door. (should I join their complaining and say that this is like typing a game of whack a hamster???? - DRG)




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10:20PM BBT: Maddy pounces on Tim in the pink bedroom as the feed in the chapel blacks out. (Maybe skippy on the main board is as bored as the HGs. - DRG)

Nikki joking with Nick and Joel in the pink room about masturbating as Tim is once again organizing his space. Cassandra is looking for the spermicide. Phil comes over to look in Cassandra's drawers and Tim stops him by sticking his foot in Phil's face.  

Chapel feed returns with Maddy and Ramsey supine once again and stroking one another. 

Pink room crew joking about finding a secret veto. Cass is stopping Phil from looking in her "secret sex drawer." Nick threatening Cass if she does not open the drawer and she replies that it is just her dirty thong drawer.

Other feed in the HOH where Kelsey is still lying on the bed, now alone.

Raul is in the blue room also apparently alone at the moment.

Tim in the pink room announces that he is allowed to talk about food if he wants to and it was rude of them at the top of the stairs to stop him. 

the brothers are heading along the hall to return to the pink room where they offer Cass a truce.

Maddy and Mitch pacing about in the kitchen. Ramsey comes in and picks Maddy up but her whining makes him put her down.

The brothers telling Cass there is no parmesan in her bed but there is something she won't like. They offer to end the war here and now. Tim is telling the brothers that the war was started by them teasing him about talking about food as Nick empties a boot on Tim's stomach.  They confront Tim and remind him of last night when he stated he hates it when people play the victim card. He of course denies that this is what he is doing.

Ramsey and Maddy cleaning up noisily in the kitchen.

Tim still defending his right to verbalize his feelings about the strawberries he was eating as the others surround him as he lies on is bed. 

The other feed has blacked out again.

Pink room now talking about liking John Pardy and how they would have a party if they saw him. 

Other feed returns in the backyard now where Jared is telling Kelsey that he is done working out.

Everyone else is in the pink room now accept for Maddy they are all talking over one another and Nikki is laughing non stop. 

Outside Kelsey relating her conversation earlier with Ramsey about Mitch needing to go and how she and Jared will always be targets in the house. And how he said that he thought Mitch would go this week. Jared thinks this is the opportunity for them to get further in the game as Nikki is the only one the others will have left to use. Jared says they think he is just so stupid they want to keep Mitch and work with them? 

Good natured teasing about jealousy going on in the pink room.

Jared wonders if the others are really this stupid or are they just trying to look stupid none of his friends back home are so stupid. Kelsey says she does not really expect anything else from them and Jared remarks that no one in the house can keep their big mouths shut. He has told people things just to see what comes back to him. (Blame Tim for bringing a boomerang into the house with him. - DRG) She gets up and heads in while he tells her she has something on the back of her leg and to check it in the mirror. Feed follows her up stairs as she goes to the HOH then jumps to Maddy alone in the kitchen still tidying up.

Pink room now talking about how they each get ten seconds tomorrow in the shower to peek over and look at Tim. Nikki asks those who want to participate to raise their hands. 



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10:48PM BBT: Tim now talking about last night and the mission. 

Maddy still washing up alone in the kitchen. 

Pink room now carrying on about Phil's lips and what he has put on them to make them look plumper, Tim wants to get to the bottom of the matter and thought that Phil had used the stuff that girls use to make their lips fuller. He says he cannot remember what Phil's lips looked like before. Tim says that putting Vaseline on his lips is the kind of thing that folks will love him for. Cass says that girls will love him for it and Nikki adds in that his lips are more kissable now. Tim wants to inform him that Vaseline actually dries out the lips and Phil says that Chapstick does too. BB tells them to stop talking about brand names.  Raul is called to the DR and prances out the door. 

Tim describes the alien he sees in one of the mirrors. 

Feed in the kitchen jumps out to the pool where Jared is playing basketball alone in the pool.

Pink room group talking about the movie Predator and back to the alien

Both feeds have faded out.

11:58PM BBT: Feeds back where the pink room is talking about bleach getting something out of clothes and the other feed shows Jared out of the pool now briefly then cuts to the kitchen where Nick is at the counter talking to Maddy who is still cleaning up. 

Joel and Nikki reciting a tongue twister which Joel mangles.

Feed jumps to the HOH bathroom where Jared and Kelsey are in the tub. He is telling her that the water in the hot tub was so hot he did not want to come in but he was called in so he had to.

Other feed switches to the brothers shooting pool. They are talking about how much Phil got teased about his lips and how he started using Vaseline originally due to acne and he is concerned that haters out here are going to eat it up. He thinks Jared Kelsey and Raul are the respectable people in the house and Kelsey would have put a stop to the teasing. He seems genuinely upset The feed out there fades out and the HOH follows suit. (No point in complaining about Tim being a button pusher boys, its just what he does. - DRG)

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11:08 PM BBT: Feeds back on the pool table and pink bedroom. Phil is alone outside now while Tim is holding court as usual inside.

Feed jumps to the HOH where Raul is talking to Kelsey who is now alone in the tub.

Pink room feed again cuts out.

Raul is angry and jumps into the shower to change and complains about Kelsey needing to leave the HOH as he was uncomfortable with her in the bed last night. He is checking himself out in the mirror and says to her that he is being a paranoid little bitch.  He goes on to say that he has not even been able to take a bath their. She says he has not wanted to. He wants this to be her last night in the room as tomorrow is the last night he will have the HOH until they win it again and he can come back. He shares that he could jerk in the fucking shower but he didn't. He shows her how the curtain slides over to cover the shower and says she can go in there to pleasure herself and says she can use his razor that vibrates. Now he looks for something else in the drawers and complains about there being tampons in there. (You would prefer a bloody mess???? - DRG)

Outside feed returns to Phil shooting pool alone as the HOH feed switches to the pink room where Joel is chatting with Cass about the votes and maybe it will be seven to one with Maddy being the one to vote to keep Mitch. Nikki comes in in her PJs and starts making up her bed to turn in for the night. She blows her nose and complains of having hay fever or maybe it is just the AC in the house.  Joel says he would rather get Ramsey next before Maddy and Cass agrees. He tells her that Tim has offered to be a pawn if it is an instant eviction. He does not think that the power trio would vote Tim out but Maddy would be a sure thing. She thinks that in a double eviction people do whatever the HOH wants. (Not so much dear. - DRG) 

Other feed switched to the kitchen where Maddy is still washing up and Mitch is sitting at the counter. 

Joel thinks that once Maddy and Ramsey are out everyone will go for the remaining showmance and the trio would gun for the brothers.  If it is a regular week Cass wants to put up Maddy and Ramsey. Joel says that if Mitch stays in the house he will just use the others as a shield (ahhh like you two were just planning to do?? - DRG) They are back on dissing Maddy for evicting Loveita and how it was the dumbest move ever to go against her alliance and get someone to please the other side, someone who was not even gunning for her. Maddy and Ramsey will be coming for Cass and Joel according to Cass as Maddy thinks they are working together. They get up and she lies on her bed and he leaves the room.

Tim has joined Kelsey and Raul in the HOH bathroom and tjey are talking about what letter Tim would get if he won HOH again. Raul and Kelsey are in the tub and he jokes with her about wanting to fart in the tub. She tells him please don't and Tim says bathtub farts are always the worst. Tim asks how Jared is today and Kelsey says he is fine. Raul jokes that the bubbles in the bath look like semen. Tim chides Ramsey for having opened a package wrong and Jared and Cass come in. Jared tells them that Phil is really very upset about Tim having bullied him about his lips and all feeds fade to black.


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11:33 PM BBT: Feed back with most everyone around the dining table. Nikki says she is making a drink of water and going to bed.

HOH bath still has Jared with Raul and Kelsey in the tub.

There is talk of a ghost task and something may have gone on behind the mirrors while the feeds were cut but they don't really look rattled or agitated in any way.

Raul asks what they are making for dinner and Kelsey tells him they had dinner. Raul asks if Jared will make him a burger. Tomorrow Raul is supposed to make three meals. They start complaining about Cassandra always jumping on folks in the kitchen asking what they are having and if she can have some. He likens her to a child who sees someone with a toy and has to have it. (I must agree that if anyone in the house was made for maids it would be Cassandra. - DRG) They go on about how you have to set firm limits with her.

Mitch and Tim chatting at the table still as the cameraman zooms all the way out showing a long shot of the entire backyard looking through the glass doors at the folks around the table. (Seems everyone is bored tonight. - DRG)

Downstairs group now discussing how much Tim loves American Idol after Jennifer Lopez launching her new fragrance was mentioned. 

General chatter continues in both rooms.






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