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Monday, April 4, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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As many of you know, we didn't get enough help this season to continue our social media program that included having live feed updaters that were scheduled, and would also post here in the forum.  Since there's no longer a schedule, you are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, someone else take over!" or whatever so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


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Thank you!

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8:10 AM BBT Big Brother has told the HGs it is time to wake up. Maddy is going around doing the battery change.

Everyone gets up and getting ready for the day ahead. working out is on the list of things to do this morning. Jared and Tim are going to go for a run. Kelsey and Cass talk about starting the day with some yoga.

Kelsey and Jared go outside to have a smoke and find all the snow and that the hot tub cover was not on all the way and fixes it. 

Kelsey tells Jared that Cass is mad at him and Jared says he does not really care she is a nothing in this game at this point. She does not want to take orders yet she can not lead so where does that leave her. 

Kelsey just wants Jared to make up with her because he really hurt her feelings last night. Jared says he has to make up with her daily.

Jared boils down to her being caddy. All the girls in the house need to stop being so caddy and grow up.

Tim goes outside and sees the snow and gets all excited and jumps in the snow in his shorts and tank top.

Phil came outside in his flip flops and Kelsey heads back inside, Jared follows not long after saying he is going to go work out now.





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Just after 11 am the feeds went out for POV ceremony 

12:22 pm BBT Feeds come back...Kelsey, Jared and Raul are in the back yard and Raul is pissed off at Mitch. Raul feels really bad he even had him as a friend. Was a heart pounding ceremony from what we can tell and harsh words were spoken. Jared figures it will be a very stressful week...Kelsey agrees.

Meanwhile Mitch, Tim, Nikki, Joel and Nick are in the kitchen making food / slop creations. 

just about 12 :30 pm Raul was in the HOH with Kelsey just sitting in silence when he gets called to the DR and Kelsey says just let it out.

Ramsey and Mitch are having a chat in the backyard they are sure there will be a line drawn next week. Maddy joins them and then Ramsey leaves. 

Seems like the POV was not used.

Time for the campaining to begin

Maddy has gone on yet another water bottle hunt..[she is always loosing hers]


Mitch and Raul are staying well away from one another at this point









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Maddy wants Mitch to stay as he will go after the  3 headed monster. 

Joel is all of a sudden being pulled towards Jared, Kelsey and Raul just because they will need him. Mitch needs to get the brothers on his side.


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2:00PM BBT: Mitch and Nikki are in the kitchen, Nikki tells Mitch that she thinks she'll be next on the block. 

In the bathroom area, Raul tells Nick, Phil and Ramsey that he feels bad that Mitch is on the block. They tell him not to regret it. 

Raul wants to do something fun, the boys start listing games they can play, saying everyone needs a laugh. Raul tries to get everyone to go outside. 

Ramsey is talking about who they think may be watching the show. Raul went in to the pink room with Tim, Maddy and Cassandra, although Cass leaves to change her pants. 

They talk about Mitch going, but what's done is done. Tim says that Mitch won't direct hate at Raul, it was more towards the threesome. He thinks he just said it's to try and get the others on board. 

Tim tells Mitch to let things simmer a bit and see what happens. Tim tells him that people he's friends with may go against him if it's better for their game. He is saying Mitch may turn around and never do this again. Tim said that he will be honest and tell Raul who he is voting for, he will know in a few days. 

Raul is explaining his game play and his outlook on things. Tim said you guys called him out for making a game move against his friends. Raul explains that he used people as a shield. Tim wants to hear Mitch's plan if he was to stay.

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2:31PM BBT: Kelsey and Raul are in the HoH room. Kelsey asks what he was talking to Tim about. Raul says Mitch. Kelsey said that Mitch gave a passionate speech. Raul said that Maddy is really scared of Jared,  and that Mitch will be talking about Jared before he leaves. 

Kelsey said that Mitch said the nominations were not Raul's decision, they were Jared's [Must have been during PoV Ceremony] 

They are talking about what Mitch will be trying to do before he leaves and they are not sure if it is he'll be going to jury yet. They are now talking about the jury votes and it is six weeks away, things can change.  

They are saying if Maddy and Ramsey votes to keep Mitch, then their deal is broken. Kelsey is scared for her, Raul and Jared.  Apparently Mitch said he would also not vote for them if he was in the jury. They're upset because he said you can't take things personally and he is. 

Kelsey said she is going to have to start telling people Mitch was in an alliance with Loveita and was trying to get her out. They also are saying he will now say that they are in an alliance with Cassandra. Raul said that whatever Mitch says, they will have to come back and say the same about him in a damaging way. 

Raul tells Kelsey to talk to Joel, they all have to, Joel has no one and he will probably be staying in the house.  Kelsey tells Raul he needs to tell Nikki that he was so good to Mitch, he trusted him and he went against him after he had his back, he called me cancer, sadistic and he's being mean to him as a friend as well as in this game. She also tells him to talk to Maddy as well, she's in this game too.

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2:45PM BBT: Tim and Joel are at the bar by the hot-tub. Tim says Cass is an idiot, he then backtracks and says that she will vote to take out whoever is powerful, and she's not good at this game, however, if she finds out info and she will tell them. 

Joel is explaining how he wanted to get Loveita in and no one listened. Tim said if Joel is there next week, they are in a good position, but the three headed monster still exists. He thinks Raul will make a move against the other two, or Cassandra. 

Joel asks if Raul would come after him again, and Tim says no.  Tim said, "All we have to worry about is the decisions being made now, and combating what Mitch might do." The only thing they have to worry about is people thinking they can use Mitch as a tool and get rid of him at the end. [You can hear someone yelling in the background.] Tim is asking what is that?  They go back to Mitch and say he is not crying right now. They say he is good and crafts what he is going to say, but he's not crying now.

In the HoH room, Raul, Kelsey and Maddy are talking. Kelsey says that Tim in an evil genius. She asks Raul if he is pretty upset, he says not really. Kelsey takes over the conversation again.  They are re-hashing Mitch's PoV speech. They feel like he crossed the line from game on got really personal.  

Kelsey explains that Mitch kept denying everything when Kelsey knew the truth, and because of that, they knew they could not trust him. Kelsey explains they did not know who was coming back in and they decided it was best for each of them to set up the other as best they could to succeed. So they shared all their info. This is how she learned so much about Mitch. Ramsey enters the room and Jared follows a few seconds later. They are on an indoor lockdown, but it's not supposed to last.  


They are all downstairs sitting, the brothers are standing. They are talking about where they wasn't to stand... and we go to BLACK OUT... and the feeds come back.

They are saying they do want pizza. The brothers have a card in their hand, and are reading. They are told they have been lodging complaint to the complaint cupboard they are watching the videos of it and laughing.  All of their complaints are being played [Very funny.] It stops and the brothers ask it they're good to go, and we go to BLACK OUT AGAIN! And we are back. 

The BB Grand has decided to address some concerns, for Joel they got a basketball net for the pool. And the feeds go down again.  

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3:05PM BBT: Nikki asked for hair scissors and they are in the high roller suite.  They are bigger than Nikki is! Lolololol  Tim jokingly says to cut her head off and laughs.  Tim says if they have kittens coming, not to scream.  They are trying to figure out what to use the scissors for. They wonder what is coming next. It seems they are just sitting here and waiting. 

They got a slushy machine that Dallas asked for, and he's not there to enjoy it. I think they are waiting for production to put the next item in the High Roller suite. Joel gets called to the DR. Tim said they should have an exotic aquarium in the house.  

The feeds cut out again. They come back and Joel in back on one of the sofas. The brothers start reading again:  Tim complained that the TV shows nothing, Cassandra complained she wanted more TV time, everyone starts laughuing and saying it will be 24/7 Cass. But nothing happens yet. The brothers ask if they need to read it again or if that was good and the feeds go down again.

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1 pm Jared and Maddy are having a chat by the pool. Jared is tryng to convince Maddy to vote with them along with Ramsey. They want Mitch out. Maddy says that it would look better if Ramsey and her voted against them just to make it look more like Jared and Maddy are not working together. Maddy understands the whole keep your enemies close. Ramsey and Maddy are afraid they are going to get screwed in the end. Kelsey is here to really play now. Lots of trust issues going around. So looks like Maddy, Ramsey, Jared and Kelsey are forming something.

Jared knows that Mitch is thinking way in advance and is very smart and needs to go. Maddy is pretty sure he will be going.


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Jared and Nikki are in the pantry talking and Jared tells her that because they got the information from Kelsey about Mitch working with Love and all that.The plan was not to get Mitch out this time but Raul when given this information from Kelsey went off and opened his mouth confronting Mitch. 

Nikki keeps saying that although what happened at the POV ceremony everyone there is "good people" Mitch really left a lasting impression for sure with what he said at the ceremony for sure. Jared did not think that Mitch had that side in him. So many harsh words...hateful words...calling people out for being like cancer.

1:20 pm BBT in the HOH Raul is listening to music and Jared and Kelsey are talking about how the votes are going to fall. Jared is telling them that Maddy may vote to keep Mitch. This week is a hard week. Mitch is smart. He needs 4 votes to force a tie...which could be  Maddy, Ramsey, Nikki and Tim. 

Kelsey tells Jared he needs to talk to Tim.


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3:53pm BBT

Joel is wearing a red super hero costume with gold pants and a white cape. Video Cass is playing on the large TV screen. Nikki is just standing, arms crossed and watching it. Everyone else is in the kitchen. Joel is only walking BACWARDS!!

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4:07pm BBT

The feeds come back and Tim is stating that Joel is a have not as well.  His hero suit has “BACKWARDS MAN!” written in backwards on the back!

Nikki asks the difference between maple syrup and regular syrup. Maddie says that they just forget to put the word maple in front of some.  Tim said some is made from real trees and some is not. Hat’s off to Tim for explaining to a Canadian about maple syrup,  sad that he had too.  

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4:55PM BBT: Tim and Nikki are in the pink room, Nikki saying Mitch needs to stay. Tim asks her if she realizes that if Mitch stays, then he’s won and Nikki says, good on him! Tim says he will talk to Jared and go over the options if Mitch leaves or stays. Tim is upset that it would be Joel that goes. Nikki says c’mon, he doesn’t have what it takes to get to the end.  Nikki says this has been her worst week so far, she said she sobbed last night. It’s because she feels so alone in the house.


Nikki says she lasted 6 weeks and she’s totally ready to go home.  Tim said he doesn’t think Jared is the enemy, that the other 2 are the toxic pair, Nikki says Kelsey is poison.  Nikki said if Kelsey or Jared get HOH next week, she cannot wait to leave, she can’t go through this week again.

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5:13PM BBT: Outside, Mitch tells Cass he wants to get everyone together and then people can make their choice, he won't use names, he'll use numbers. They get up and go in the house.  

Joel goes out to the hot-tub, but says it's too cold and leaves.  Mitch is just walking around, going in and back out. He goes to the pool table and whispers something to Phil, Phil replies, "whatever," in a, "It's OK," kind of way, "You're on the block."  He starts playing pool with Phil. 

Maddy is hanging out there with slop cookies. Nick joins them.

Maddy and Nick leave and Mitch and Phil start playing pool.  Phil asks who he wants to get in the room, and Mitch says everyone except the three, and Joel. He says it's just a math lesson.  Phil says he's like to hear what he has to say, game and not game.

Cass, Ramsey, Nikki and Tim are in the pink room.  Tim said he won't do strawberries in the kitchen, he's in  a state of distraction. He wants to go in the hot-tub. 

They are talking about Mitch again, asking if he'll be able to get everyone in the room. Nikki says I think we'll get a party if you two (Tim  and  Cassandra) stay up all night. Then Tim says they won't be able to stay up to enjoy it after.

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6:38PM BBT: Ramsey, Raul and Maddy in the HoH. Ramsey asks if he and Maddy can sleep in the HoH room tonight. Raul screams, "Nooo," and tells Ramsey he can sleep with him.  

Kelsey, Nikki and Cass (stuffing her mouth again) are in the kitchen. Kelsey is going over what her and Loveita learned in the hidden room and how Mitch has reacted at the PoV ceremony.  

In the hot-tub room Joel is behind the bar, and Tim, Mitch Phil and Jared are in the hot-tub. Kelsey and Cass join them.  Just general chat going on. 

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6:45PM BBT: Maddy, Raul and Ramsey are still in the the HoH room. Maddy is asking if the iPod will last while she has a bath. Maddy goes to the HoH bathroom and asks Nick to get out of the tub (now we know where he was).  She asks Raul to take the iPod to be charged and he does. 

Maddy jumps on top of Ramsey after Raul leaves the room.  They are whispering about something being awkward. Raul runs in and catches them cuddling and Maddy jumps off the bed. Raul tells Ramsey to go wash his face, so they go in the washroom. Raul is trying to catch a peek at a naked Nick rinsing off in the shower.  Nick says he could rub one out and no one would even know, Raul said, "You can do that in my shower honey." 

Ramsey and Raul go back to the sofas in the HoH for Raul to do make up on Ramsey. Ramsey asks if he has even tried to talk to Mitch, Raul said no, he can come to me to talk.

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7:25PM BBT: Maddy tells Ramsey that she’s voting for Mitch to stay, Ramsey says I told you it’s a win/win. She tells him she thinks Cass may vote for him to stay too. Maddy tells Ramsey what Raul said about having 3 motes votes in Jury as opposed to 1 from Mitch. Ramsey says not necessarily, you are not on the top of their list. Maddy’s talking about her game and Ramsey keeps saying “our” game we’re in it together. Maddy says they like different people. 

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8:41PM BBT Mitch is in the pink room with Tim, Cass, Maddy, Ramsey and the bothers. He is chatting and doing his math pitch, what he hasn’t said is those same numbers work if they keep Joel as well. He said he’d like to talk to them personally too and asked if anyone had questions. Tim asks what his plans are if they move forward.  Mitch said he can throw more stuff out on the table if they want now. Tim asks if they should talk privately or together, so Mitch starts to tell them again that if he goes, they are their (the 3 headed monster) next target.   And if he stays and wins HoH, he will go after them (sounds like basic campaigning)

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10:00PM BBT: Joel Jared and the brothers outside on the red sectional.

Kelsey and Cass in the pink bedroom after the gals and Raul have gone around in circles forever about last week and whether Cass and Raul trust one another. Kelsey tried to broker a truce and ended up frustrated as the two emotional players just butted heads over and over again. Cass had been telling them about Mitch's pitch in the pink room to the others a little while ago.

Maddy and Ramsey have been in the hot tub talking about how they can be a secret trio with Mitch. Phil has joined them and is questioning Ramsey about last weeks vote. Phil saying if he keeps Mitch this week he is worried he will be a target next week. Ramsey says that is the game and that no one had a better relationship with Raul than Mitch and he is now on the block.  

Kelsey in the HOH now with talking with Raul about how Mitch was pitting the two sides against each other in order to stay low in the middle. 

Ramsey trying to explain to Phil that it is a hard week and that he and Maddy have just as hard a decision to make as Phil does. He and Maddy are lobbying for Mitch to stay and talking about Tim aiding people that stand up for themselves. They all seem to resent that Tim has money from winning BB AU. 

Cass and Jared now talking in the pink bedroom. She is complaining about Raul and Jared agrees with her that Raul just does not get it sometimes and she wants him to keep Raul from talking. She repeats several times that she would never turn on Jared. 

Outside they wonder why no one is worried about Joel staying in the game. Although he swears he is not lobbying Ramsey says that if he was asked he thinks that the better person to keep in the game is Mitch.  Phil says he knows Mitch wanted him out at one point and he so good at making stuff happen. Ramsey suggest he use Mitch to his advantage. Phil says he does not make decisions based on threat and he knows what he wants to do. 

Jared relating to Cass how Raul thought this week and how he is a loose canon this week. They both worry about Tim because though they both feel close to him no one ever knows what Tim will do.

Outside Ramsey tells Phil that he (Ramsey) will go further in the game if he keeps Joel this week but he will not win the game.

Back inside Cass trying to tell Jared that there have been catty girls this season and that she and Kelsey have not been that way. He tells her that both of them have big targets on their backs. She goes back to relating that Raul said he does not trust her and thinks that she is easily persuaded. Kelsey comes back and says she and Jared will make up for the percent that she does not trust Raul.  She insists that Cass never allow Raul to have a game chat with anyone ever.  She and Jared leave and laugh about what a mess it is trying to manage Raul and Cass.

Kelsey and Raul head out to the hot tub  while Jared stops at the red sectional to talk with Joel and the brothers.

Ramsey and Maddy are still in the hot tub when Kelsey and Raul bust in and a pillow fight soon ensues. 

Jared reviewing something that Mitch said after the last HOH and Nick tells Jared that Mitch told him in the comp that the brothers were not going up if he won and Maddy was. The pillow fight breaks out into the back yard and breaks up the conversation Joel backs his way up the stairs. 

Jared joins Kelsey and Raul along with Maddy and Ramsey in the hot tub area.  The first tree are smoking behind the bar while Ramsey and Maddy continue their soup impersonation.

Other feed switches to the kitchen where Tim is working on the strawberries with Nikki and Phil is washing up a pitcher.

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10:24PM BBT: Maddy telling a story about getting drunk in her past and then eating three weed brownies without knowing they were marijuanna. She passed out and came to in the ambulance and the feeds black out just as she did in her story.

Mitch at the counter with Nick talking to Tim and Nikki who are still working on their concoction. Nick is breaking ice out of a tray into the pitcher and then puts it on the blender with something orange in with the ice.

Jared joins the kitchen group and Joel backs his way over to the counter.

Other feed back on Ramsey and Maddy in the hot tub alone.

Kitchen feeds moves to Kelsey and Jared out by the pool still talking about her trying to referee between Raul and Cass.

Ramsey and Maddy have started talking about what they could do with the prize money with Ramsey pitching Mexico in a big way.

Jared filling Kelsey in on his chat with the brothers about the last HOH comp and him confronting Phil about Mitch telling him that Jared was the backdoor target.  Kelsey says she wished she had been there for the statistics talk, (Mitch's explanation about how the others odds all decresed from one in ten to .03 due to a trio being in the house. Kelsey relates her efforst to give Raul and pep talk to try and get him to calm down. Jared says that Mitch's argument had so many holes in it and that it did not change Tim's mind about voting Mitch out this week. (Mitch is using different style of basically saying the same thing that did not save Dallas last week. Keep me and the trio will be my targets. Never mentioning that Joel could say the very same thing while arguably posing less of a threat to the remaining HGs. -DRG)


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10:35PM BBT: Raul and Phil now in the HOH just chatting and Raul offering his HOH bathroom to him. Ramsey explaining to her that Phil is a kid and he will rebel against anything you try and get him to do where as you can get Cass to do what you want her to. Maddy and Ramsey talking about how Ramsey will not get what he wants from Phil as far as trying to keep Maddy safe so he should just not talk to him. He asks if he can kiss her and they have an awkward time managing it. Talk moves on to the sleeping situation and how they can make it more comfortable. 

Food prep continues in the kitchen with Joel and one of the brothers at the counter. Joel backing his way upstairs.

Ramsey telling Maddy that he never gets into arguments and she tells him that he is just blaming her. His response is that this is not an argument but a discussion and she loudly disagrees.

Cass with Joel in the bathroom where he is asking about he big pow wow in the pink room when Mitch gave his probability speech.  She gives a brief answer and heads to the pink room to chat with Tim. He is complaining about other HGs wanting to stay up all night and  how he hopes he dodged them. She relates that she was asked if she was keeping Mitch after the speech and she says no. Tim also does not want to keep Mitch if he is going to strengthen Maddy and Ramsey. He only wants to know from the trio that it will be Maddy and Ramsey that are the next targets. Tim wonders if Kelsey and Jared would work against Raul and they think that they might. Tim thinks it is stupid that Mitch will promise to help everyone's game without realizing he is asking Tim and Cass to work with Maddy and Ramsey. They count the votes and see that there is no way Mitch will stay this week. He wants to try to expose Maddy and Ramsey as voting to keep Mitch by baiting them with the notion that Tim and Cass might vote to keep Mitch. 

Hot tub feed jumps to the HOH where Phil is jamming to the music and pretending to be DJing using pillows on the foot of the bed as turntables. BB tells him to turn down the volume. Joel is sitting across from him head banging away. 

Cass still carrying on about her conversation with Raul earlier this evening as they head out of the room and enter the HOH briefly then head downstairs. 

Feed jumps again to Jared and Nick talking out by the pool with Raul and Kelsey heading to the backyard where they meed Phil and Cass. They are comparing notes and Tim starts relating his play to flush out Ramsey and Maddy by misleading them about their votes. 

Other feed back in the hot tub where the soakers are still arguing about whether they are arguing or discussing. 

Tim Cass Kelsey and Raul still plotting in the arch between the backyard and the pool area. 





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11:00 PM BBT: Tim Cass Kelsey and Raul have made their way to the pantry where Tim is still going on about how Mitch's argument is flawed. They make their way to the blue love seats in the living room.

Outside Ramsey is telling Maddy that she is not leaving last week and that she has a good "jabber." 

TV in the living room showing clips from earlier in the house as the HGs try to figure out what the folks on the screen are doing. Most of the clips are of Cassandra and its is a repeating loop.

Hot tub duo now talking about seeing each other after the season outside of the house  Them Maddy starts complaining about Phil saying he likes Mitch.  (As an aside, Morty, I expect double time for doing this during the NCAA final tonight. Next few minutes of coverage may be scanty as game is down to the last 3 minutes and the spread is only three. -DRG)



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11:10PM BBT: Clips of Maddy playing away on the TV in the living room as Maddy and Ramsey continue chatting in the hot tub. They decide to kiss and then go inside.  They smooch a couple of times and then start "discussing" how many kids they would have if they were together. Maddy out of concern for her body wants to only squeeze out one kid but Ramsey wants to have two a boy and a girl. Maddy then starts talking about Nikki and how she tells her that they need to flip this house.

Inside Tim is checking with Nikki about if she will be ok when this is all done and she says that she will. However she laments that no one knows what she is doing in the UK except her parents and her agent as no one there is watching and the folks in Canada are only watching three nights a week whereas in the UK they are used to the show being on every night.



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