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Wednesday, March 30, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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10:00 PM BBT: Mitch and Ramsey talking about Cass in the blue bedroom and possibly nominating her and Tim or her and the brothers should they win HOH. 

Tim and Cass in the kitchen arguing about who he wants to go to F2 with. He tells her she is a widow partner and he has decided to keep her close. 

The guys are talking about Nikki in the scheme of this vote and the fact she is wanting to keep Maddy becasue Nikki does not like Cassandra and Nikki wants Tim's full attention. Jared has joined them and confirms this last point. They are unsure because Nikki does what Nikki wants to do. She will be carried to a certain point when no one wants to make a big move and then she will go. they plan to keep her protected tomorrow and not let her be alone with anyone else. They for sure need to be the last ones to talk with her and should sandwich her on the couches during the vote.  They want to empower her to make her own vote.  She wanted Dallas out from the beginning and they need to remind her of her gut feelings.  They are worried that if it is a tie then Tim will now vote out Maddy.  

Downstairs Tim and Cass are working on spreading out some syrup on a baking sheet to put in the freezer as suggested to them by Emmett last night. Phil says they need to roll them cause if they are too frozen they can't be rolled.

Upstairs Jared tells Mitch that he has a way to Nikki's heart. Cass enters the room and Jared wonders if it is battery exchange time. She leaves and Mitch speculates that she was just looking for Nikky.

The feeds all go to black. 




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10:12PM BBT: Feeds return with the boys in the blue room and Cass and Nick in the pink room.

Mitch is saying that he is frustrated with the brothers and Jared concurs that a lot of people are.  Ramsey says that they talked at the table and it will be Ramsey next week and then ..... BLACK SCREENS.


10:14 PM BBT: Feeds back in the blue room and the kitchen.  They boys upstairs are still talking about the brothers. Now they talk about Tim and his audacity. Mitch wants his next target to be Nikki while Jared wants his to be the brothers they all would put Cass on the block as well.  They go on to agree not to reveal anything of this conversation.  Ramsey says he will tell folks that Cass is his target for next week and they can use this info to help get Nikki to vote out Dallas this week. 

Other feed switches to the HOH with Tim Cass and Nick.  General discussion about Tim's HOH week not being all that bad.  He wonders if he should have gone for the kill but he never picked anyone.

The blue crew now discussing Maddy's physical attributes in relation to succeding in an endurance comp. She is also good in the mental comps as she has a great memory. They remark about the irony that the five in their bedroom will be the votes to keep Maddy. 

In the HOH Cass is telling Nick that the vote is going to be a tie so he knows how to vote. She complains that Jared has been talking to Ramsey for the last half hour and she can't break in there. She wonders if he should go break it up. Nikki comes in and Cass says hello asks if she is ok and comments about them not having talked all day.

They guys are wrapping up there conference and Mitch remarks that Cassandra is probably really suspicious right now.

In the HOH Cass is telling Nikki that she is voting Maddy out no matter what the others do. Tim comes in with the syrup concoctions and Cass tells him it would be good to melt chocolate over them.

Micht wrapping up with Ramsey talking about how he really considers Nikki his friend and he feels good about being able to work her tomorrow.  Ramsey leaves the room and meets Tim on the landing with the frozen Maple syrup rolls.  The feed follows him downstairs where Mitch Raul and Phil are in the living room. BB tells Raul to put on his microphone. They call Jared over but he says that he needs to lay down.

Vack in the HOH Joel and Tim have entered to join Cass and Nick. 

Raul is oiling his material to tape Jared's eyebrows up in a pseudo face lift.  Jared remarks that sometimes it is painful to be beautiful as Nikki is laughing up a storm watching as Jared's lip and face is taped up including his chin and nose. Phil has also been taped and they are all commenting about how ugly it is.  Ramsey is going to be next and then Mitch. Jared has removed his tape already and they decide maybe Mitch will go before Ramsey. But no, Ramsey is going next and complaining about it not working on him. Nikki attributes this to him having oily skin but he counters that he is middle eastern. 

The other feeds have gone back to the HOH where they are talking about Mitch voting Dallas to stay and how he thinks he is higher up in the pecking order than he is.  Tim says he does not have any sway with Mitch. Tim wants someone to be sure there is a tie so the decision will be Tim's.  Joel says there has been effort today to make the vote 5 to 3. He says that Mitch has replaced Kelsey. Tim wants them to work on Nikki and tell her that Dallas has been good to her and Maddy has not. Cass enters and she and Tim say they are over it.  Cass thinks that she and Dallas can talk to Nikki tomorrow and the feeds cut to black once again. (I for one would not want my life in the house resting on Nikki's nonexistent shoulders. - DRG)



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10:40PM BBT: Feeds return to a close up of Mitch being taped by Raul and the HOH crew sitting silently.

Mitch is finished now and parading around looking at himself in the mirrors.  

Joel talking with Cass and Tim interupts saying he will tell Nikki to pick a side and it will determine if they can work together going forward or not. Cass says she does not think that Nikki likes being threatened.  Tim is annoyed about how much he worked to calm Nikki down a few days ago and now she is going to do what Tim does not want her to do.  If Nikki does not trust his strategy then they cannot work as friends.  Cass says that she has kept her distance and has not imposed on Tim and the HOH room.  She says that Nikki is very possessive over him.  He tells Tim that he has always had her back and Joel says that their group are the ones who have been nice to her while Kelsey and Maddy have had lots of fights with her.  Tim thinka it is whatever Jared told her and Cass agrees and is annoyed that Jared did that. Tim gets up to go see if Nikki is around and tells the other two he will need them to be out of the HOH to talk to Nikki. 

The brothers and Dallas are in the kitchen when Tim walks past and Joel comes to join them. Jared asks if anyone else wants a hot chocolate and Cass sits at the counter beside Dallas.  Raul is making lollipops from the Maple syrup. All feeds on this group except feed five showing the ladies in waiting in the secret room where they are having a serious debate about what to where tomorrow. Kelsey complaining about how Jared does not look at her when they talk or when he tells stories.

General chatter in the kitchen with most of the house there now.

Kelsey going on about how Jared would say she was so cute whenever she did anything that was so not cute.  They agree that he is a really sweet guy. They don't care who stays or goes this week and see pros and cons to each.

Other feed jumps to Maddy packing her suitcase alone in her bedroom while chatter with the guys continues in the kitchen covering topics such as peanut butter and jelly with hot chocolate.

Kelsey complains about really having hurt her foot and bruised it badly.  Loveita comments about how she talks really fast  and Kelsey imitates her and wonders how she even knows what is coming out of her mouth. They are good naturedly talking about this tendency Loveita's. with her imitating herself. Kelsey tells her at times Love was paranoid.  Now Kelsey saying that becasue she and Raul were so mean and harsh to each other that they became mean and harsh to everybody. 

jared Ramsey and Raul chatting in the kitchen with Dalls just sitting quietly. He joins in the conversation when they start talking about needing to play a game. Jared telling the others about how the American BB house always has a chess board and Dallas thinks they should complain to BB about it and carries on in a Southern accent about this slight. he goes to the complaint box and formally registers his complaint in the redneck accent.

Back in the secret room Kelsey is relating that she always says that she is the granddaughter of one of the witches that was not burnt and that she was a cat in a past life. (Guess that is one excuse for being catty in this life???? - DRG)

Nikki and Mitch are in their bed watching Maddy pack and she is describing to them a sensory deprivation tank used to teach relaxation. 

General chatter about what they could make in the kitchen.

Nikki complaining about missing bedding again. Maddy now appears to be unpacking rather than packing as she is taking things out of her bag to fold them in a way that will enable them all to fit.

The ladies in wating are talking about how they have gotten comfortable in purgatory. The audio is jumbled with another feed and the screen fades to black.

Maddy excited to now be actually putting her clotes in her bag and wonders what if the jury house has an animal. Nikki wonders if it will have a gym. Mitch and Maddy thinks they will have something but not a full gym and go on to tell Nikki there will be movies and board games and such.







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11:08PM BBT  Guys still working away on something in the kitchen as maddy continues to pack upstairs as Jared enters the room and straightens out his bedding. Maddy regrets packing all her formal wear only to realize she needs something to wear for tomorrow night.  Phil and Cass enter the kitchen and he says he will go to bed soon and actually says good night and heads up to the bedroom. Cassandra is called to the DR and Mitch says Oh shit we may not be able to sleep as we may all be called. Maddy says she is nervous for tomorrow and just does not want for the vote to be a tie. 

Cass is making the rounds with batteries and the brothers are in the pink room whispering with Joel who is talking about going to Ramsey at the last minute and telling him they have the votes to try and sway him their way.  They say that they need Nikki to vote with them and that Jared is full of shit. They say that unfortunately Mitch is so close to Nikki and will be on her like glue tomorrow. Joel wonders if he can pull Mitch away from Nikki long enough for one of the others to get in her ear. 

In the other room Maddy asks if everyone had a good day and if they had fun. They acknoledge the stress level but it was a nice day outside and they got to work out some.

Cass delivering batteries to the brothers as they say they need to go pull Nikki out of the other room. They again say that Jared is full of shit as Cass leaves and the guys talk about tomorrow being a huge day.

Blue room discussion has turned to smoking after Jared says he smoked his last cigarette today.  Nikki says smoking is less common in England but it is rampant in France. Maddy talking about when they banned public smoking a few years ago in many public places in Vancouver but folks did not obey the rules and now it is pretty much over. 

The brothers and Joel talking about how things are just different with Nikki and then wonder if things are not working to get Maddy out should they just go the other way and be with the majority. 

Dallas and Ramsey now in the white chairs with Ramsey saying that it was him Dallas and Maddy shaking hands in the past but he was put in a weird position as nothing bad happened between him and either one of them. He has the hardes decision of anyone in the house as both of them are in his alliance. One side says that Dallas will come after him, but they don't know the relationship that they have.  He does not want Dallas to be mad at him because he had a debate between two of his alliance members.  He tells Dallas that he does not fear him even though he might come after him next week. Dallas says he knows it is hard for him to be in the room with all of Dallas' enemies.  Ramsey is now 50 50 after having been initially all for Dallas, but he is worried about Ramsey's side coming after him if Dallas stays in the house.  Dallas telling Ramsey that Maddy will bring him down in the game and he hates that Ramsey is isolated in the blue room.  Ramsey talking about what happens after Maddy is evicted and the other side gets power. They will be ok with Dallas but will want Ramsey out. Dallas goes back to how much Cass wants Maddy out and that Maddy is a cancer. Dallas tells Ramsey not to try to appease Jared. Ramsey now relates his conversation with Jared earlier where Jared tried to tell him he is alone and would work with Dallas should he stay this week.  

In the other room the brothers and Joel also talking strategy and how Mitch is silly to vote out Dallas becasue he thinks Dallas is coming for him and how they don't respect Mitch for laying in the weeds.  They plan to get in Nikki's ear tomorrow and protect her from the other side. (Nikki's ear is gong to be a crowded spot come tomorrow morning. - DRG)

Dallas still pleading to Ramsey that he needs him to be the fourth vote to keep him. Dallas is sure that his time is not this week. Ramsey wants to know how he can be sure the others won't come for him. Dallas says Cass has told him to tell Ramsey that the slate is clean between them. (Would not want to be a Vegas odds maker this week. -DRG) Dallas telling him that Cassandra is the second biggest player in the house next to him. He says if you think you can go further in the game next to Maddy then go that way but if not then. . . Ramsey says it would be with you brother.  Ramsey also says Maddy is not the best social player in the game either and he has never steered him wrong. Ramsey asks if he has ever said he would go after Ramsey and Dallas denies that he has.

In the pink room Phil has left to fetch something and Joel keeps talking about his having put up Jared and Kelsey. Phil back saying this is BB and he is putting on his big boy pants and playing now.  They are talking about what to say to Nikki in the morning and also what to say to Raul. They will go first with Nikki and then Tim will be next and Ramsey will flip making the vote 5 to 3. 

Phil says he will go to bed and think about what to say to Nikki but it will be aggressive and if Jared wants to blow smoke up her ass then it will just look like smoke. 

Ramsey still steam rolling Ramsey in the white chairs outside the High Roller room door.  

Brothers plotting what to say to Nikki and how they can tell her that Raul laughed at her. They will try and convince her that if the vote is 5 to 3 then she will be part of a strong five to go after the other three.

Cass comes by the white chairs sounding angry/ she is going to get something from the kitchen then come talk to them.  Tim is now next to Cassandra outside the kitchen.

Dallas back to convincing Ramsey that he would never come after him as it would not be in his best interests. (Wonder if Ramsey knows the parable about the frog and the scorpion wanting a ride across the river?? - DRG) 

The brothers and Joel still talking about what they will say to Mitch and how he will leave next week if he does not vote with them this week. (I am beginning to sense what it must be like in the house with nothing to read but things like shampoo bottles. Later, rinse, repeat. Over and over and over again. - DRG) Joel and Nick talking about not wanting to see someone like Jared win the money, someone who is a bully and tries to ride roughshod over everyone. Then out comes the ever popular, "We gotta win that HOH." Nick tells Joel to tell Nikki that he feels helpless in the game and how the others have made him an outcast and they make fun of him. He is tired of being made fun of by the athletic guys in the house and if Maddy stays they will win. Joel says Nikki knows how sensitive he is to that sort of stuff but he will play it up with her tomorrow. (At this rate I might have to put the odds of Nikki self-evicting before the vote occurs at 50/50. - DRG)

Ramsey and Dallas still talking in circles with each one wanting sympathy for their plight from the other. Ramsey telling him that if the vote if four to four and he voted for Dallas to leave that it has nothing to do with their brotherhood. Dallas hard lines him with the answer that brothers don't let brothers walk out the door. 

On the other feed Nick and Tim in the bathroom talking about how Jared tried to strong are them and how it is a selfish move and not a consensus.  Tim thinks that his decision to keep Dallas has only to do with the fact that he thinks Dallas deserves to be in the house based on the way he is playing the game.  Joel enters the room and Time heads out and the feed jumps to the kitchen where Raul and Cass and Phil are chatting. 



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