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Tuesday, March 29, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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Thank you!

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7:00pm BBCT

The hgs are eating supper and chatting.

7:15pm BBCT 

Raul, Mitch and Jared are all by the pool chatting

7:25pm BBCT 

The feed switches to Nikki wandering around and then she is called to the DR.

7:28pm BBCT 

The brothers and Maddy are chatting at the dinner table.




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Looks like the HG got to sleep in a little bit today as it was just after 9 am that they were waking up and getting on with their days.

by just after 10 am some of the HG are preparing to go in the hot tub so I guess they got their privileges back.

10:26 am BBT Phil and Nick are talking some game while playing pool. they are talking about Jared doing whatever Tim wants. They comment that they are not seen as a pair in the house which is great for them. Sounds like nick is going to build relationships in the game and Nick is going to do all the game talk stuff.

11:15 am BBT many of the house guests are enjoying the sun. Cass and Nikki are planning their workouts for today.


12 pm BBT all the HG are out by the hot tub soaking up some rays and general chat

feed cuts to Love and Kelsey and talking about Love not being allowed to use the word awkward and just to have fun. They only have 2 days left in the secret room. 


1:30 pm BBT ..it is lunch time 






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2:07 pm BBT Dallas and Tim and Nicki are in the HOH  Dallas tells Tim that the house guests are waiting on Tim to pick who is going to stay in the house and that Dallas is going to go after Jared and Raul if he stays and Maddy it is the brothers Cass and Tim not far behind as targets. 

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by about 3 pm Cass , Tim , and Nicki figure if they got rid of Dallas then Joel would run back to them. the brothers and Jared are getting close. Nicki thinks the brothers have a lot of sway. Maddy and Tim made a deal to keep Cass and Nicki safe next week if she stays. Cass is worried about the relationship with Ramsey and to get him close to them.

still talk about the gummies and how some says they dont add up.

Tim does not want to be HOH anymore. Dallas has been making his final plea to totally shake up this house and using the girls fears that Maddy would come after the girls. 

Jared came in to the HOH....

still appears that Dallas is the one that will be leaving. He is working with Ramsey and Raul but tring to tell everyone he is on his own now.

following week talk is maybe  putting Maddy and Ramsey on the block.

they conclude that you can not really plan out anything because stuff changes so fast.

talk turns to how wonderful the HOH bed is soooo comfy

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At some point today they had the camera in the house again

by 5 pm Dallas is sitting at the kitchen counter looking to be in deep thought

Ramsey and Maddy are tring to figure out what their names would be if put together. 

seems like they are now a couple as Ramsey at one point asked Maddy what she wanted and she says you know what I want and Ramsey undoes his pants and she says no I want a kiss.

Dallas is now playing pool all alone..

Dallas and Nick are talking and Dallas is telling him Maddy is tring to make Nick look like a fool. He is pushing hard to through Maddy under the bus and how she has a boyfriend at home and how they are being played. Dallas keeps telling Nick not to let her play him get rid of her and have the last laugh.

Jared and Phil outside talking about Maddy likes Jared and how he should make the brothers sound good to her. just little comments .. they comment that Cass is too emotional. ..Maddy is nothing...Everyone loves Mitch....

they say this is a fun group in the house.

Kabobs for dinner....Jared is starting them now 




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7:30 pm Jared and Mitch talking now...after this week what is the right thing to do...Jared says for the group they would have to put them up unless they did something shady but it may be too soon for that...

Jared and Mitch both do not want to win the next HOH...Highest risk would be if Maddy won. Jared says he can see Maddy putting the brothers and him up together.

if Jared backdoors anyone it will be the brothers

Jared says this is gonna get intense! Mitch agrees

Mitch says he has heard so many say that Cass tells them that she has a " special connection " with them...with anyone who she thinks is in a good spot.

Final 3 talks Mitch, Jared and Raul 



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9:27 pm BBT Cass, Joel and Dallas are talking  about who would go after who etc. Joel thinks the brothers will do what Jared says.

Cass is sharing info with them about what Tim's thoughts have been.



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10:00PM BBT: Dallas with Mitch and the one of brothers in the hot tub lobbyinig away. He will do anything to stay including throwing the next two HOHs (which seems to negate his other selling point that he is the only one who would go after Jared and Raul - DRG)

The ladies in wating are packing up there suitcases in the secret room. One will go home tomorrow and one into the house, presumably if not literally. 

Feed switches to the blue room where Maddy and Ramsey are in their bed 

Ramsey still talking away not stop throwing Maddy under the bus and painting doomsday scenarios for the guys games should Maddy remain in the house. BB calls Dallas to the DR and he leaves saying he is not going to bug folks (that's a matter of opinion - DRG) Once he is gone the boys talk about the pros and cons of keeping Dallas vs. keeping Maddy. Phil thinks Maddy has a better chance of winning the game than Jared as she and Ramsey are better together than Jared and Raul.  Mitch is considering keeping Ramsey in order to go after Jared and Phil is telling him that it would be best for him to do this. (Boy do I wish I had invested in that flip flop stand. - DRG)

The non-love birds continue to mumble in their bed in the blue room.

Mitch says he was leaning toward evicting Dallas due to his skill in challenges and his belief that Maddy cannot win the game.  Phil emphasizes that Maddy has a great memory.

Bedroom feed switches to the pink room where Joel is talking with Nikki Cass and Jared about what the coming comps are likely to be. Cass says in an instant eviction she would use Tim as a pawn as revenge for what he did to her last week.  Jared goes to look at their pet spider and Cass tells them that they just fed him another spider which she watched Marinara fight then eat. Now they are reviewing the poker chip task and how they messed up the whole house.  Nick comes in and Joel asks how he would have done in the comp yesterday to which he replies definitely better than his brother as Phil is so black and white. Joel talks about which comps he has done well in and which ones he sucked at. Talk turns to the vote and Cass wants to know what the brothers are doing, Nick gives a vague answer that everyone knows what they want. BB calls Maddy to the DR. 

Outside the guys are talking about how alone Dallas would be after this week. Mitch starts to talk about the rank order among their group of Tim, Nikki Cass Jared and themselves.  Now they review the gummy koala votes trying to determine who voted for whom. Mitch brings up how far do the two of them want to go with each other in the game not asking for a final two promise or anything (but he would not turn one down if offered either - DRG) 

In the pink bedroom Joel and Nick are reviewing the last HOH comp and how much they remembered from the video clip on which it was based.  Joel says he guessed on two questions and got one wrong. 

Outside Phil is assuring Mitch that he and Tim talked today and they think no one is putting him up.  Phil says Mitch needs to talk with Tim and how the two of them have never really talked one on one.  Mitch feels that Tim is above them in the pecking order as they are similar but some folks are not sure if he really wants to win or not because of what he has said.  Mitch then reveals to Phil that Tim has talked about back dooring the brothers and Jared comes out to join them and talk turns to laundry. Jared then relates the conversation in the bedroom to the brothers and mostly what Joel had said. He likes talking to "game Joel" but not plain Joel. They comment about how they have nothing to talk about in the house so they end up picking on one another and making fun of each other.  Jared says it is only ten thirty but everyone in their room at least is asleep. Mitch complains about being able to hear that others are talking at night and maybe they should be told to go outside. 

In the pink bedroom Joel is stealth whispering about how he trusts the brothers and the three of them get along great gamewise.  He says he was close with Loveita but never had any real alliance with her and has cut no deals with anyone.  Further everytime he has said something about game in the house he has kept his word and been honest. Nick telling him that if he wins HOH Joel can sleep easy for the week as there are no hard feelings between them. He tells Joel that he wants him in the house as he appreciates him as a person. Joel says if he can't win he would rather have a good person win to represent this season and he and Phil are good people. 



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10:35PM BBT: Joel and Nick continuing their mutual admiration society meeting in hushed whispers in the pink room.

Jared and Mitch alone in the hot tub area now talking about trying to make it a 5-3 vote tomorrow. They still need to make sure what Tim wants beyond wanting to shake things up. 

Other feed jumps to Dallas and Cass whispering in the kitchen and talking about how Emmett said it has been a mean girls season. She tells him she is not going to beg to people who do not like her and how Kelsey came into the house with that dress with her tits out for the boys acting like a flight attendant and all.  Cass feels she is not part of the mean girls dynamic. 

Outside Mitch saying that he wants Maddy to know the truth. They turn to discussing how the brothers avoid all the conflict. They cover the hot tub and head back inside.

Dallas and Cass talking with Dallas thinking that Joel has his best interests at heart and he needs to get to Tim. Cass says that Joel has been good to her too. She talks about maybe going to bed and the remark about it being about 11:30.  Joel joins them and and Jared walks by on his way up to the bathroom. Tim comes down and has just watched his movie which got him a bit emotional. Cass says he looks like it got to him 

Jared and the brothers on the other feed in the bathroom weighing themselves and checking out their bodies. Jared says good night and heads out.

Downstairs Joel was reviewing his week on slop and the feed fades to black.




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31 minutes ago, DRG said:


The ladies in wating are packing up there suitcases in the secret room. One will go home tomorrow and one into the house, presumably if not literally. 

I thought that was happening Thursday, did I miss something? I often do.

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10:50PM BBT: Bathroom feed cuts away to the pink room where Ramsey is alone in bed and silent. 

Kitchen feed returns with Tim Cass Joel Dallas and Phil chatting. Eventually Joel starts talking about how he performed in yesterday's comp (or rather how he did not perform - DRG) Tim wonders if he will have to wear the mouth guard for the rest of his life he did Invisiline braces for a while and now has to wear them at night or his teeth will move back.  He has not worn them the last three nights and now feels pressure in his mouth when he puts them in.  Joel cannot go without his nightguard for more than a night or he will be in terrible pain due to grinding his teeth terribly in the middle of the night. Tim wonders what causes the grinding and Joel says just stress. Tim wonders why he does not just address the stress and Joel says he has seen psychologists and again talks about his having been diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome and the process of how that occurred. He has always had it and it caused problems at home when he was younger. He does not see a therapist any longer. Tim wonders how you find things to say and if you ever run out. Joel says what it is like and Tim asks if that is not what a friend does? Joel describes his tics in greater detail and how he is more aware now as an adult than he was as a child.  He still has some but much has gone away as is typical for the condition. Joel says he still does curse a lot but not out of the blue although much of what he does is random. Dallas says to him it appears that Joel has a grip on things now. Joel says that Howie Mandell has it as does Dan Ackroyd and no one would suspect them. Tim telling Joel that he does not look at things as a disorder just that different people have different brains. Tim thinks that the psychologist could help with management but then wonders if one has to pay for that or is it subsidized. Joel has a full time job now so has some insurance coverage. 


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1 minute ago, morty said:

I thought that was happening Thursday, did I miss something? I often do.

I'm lucky to still know who I am let alone what day it is.  Several folks have been talking as if they were voting tomorrow but maybe they just meant finally deciding on their votes.

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11:11PM BBT: Mitch and Phil have gone outside to the red couches and Tim now climbs back up to the HOH leaving Cass with Dallas and Joel in the kitchen. Mitchis talking about how to spin keeping Dallas as not going against Jared but just being worried about Maddy putting them up. Phil worried about getting backdoored and Mitch assures him there are a lot of people in the house to go before the brothers would be backdoored. 

In the kitchen Joel talking about the meatballs and how he could not eat them due to the onions.  He felt their supper was a lot more satisfying than just eating a few meatballs.  Cass wonders who she will stay up with if Dallas leaves. They start more stealth whispering about the votes and how Ramsey will vote with them if they can get the majority. BB tells Dallas fo fix his microphone. 

Outside Phil is alone and silent now. He gets up and returns to the kitchen which apparently is the only room in the house with any action as all feeds are there. 

Cass again comments that she really should be going to bed and puts another spoonful in her mouth.  She talks about how the others think that keeping Maddy makes them all safe for two more weeks.  Dallas has a bowl of food now and goes to sit at the counter next to Cassandra. They start dissing Maddy's game in particular how she thinks evicting Loveita was a great move for her when it was good for others but not so much for Maddy. Joel brings up how cool it was to see Emmett and to have him know their names.  Cass wanted to punch Ramsey in the face when he asked Emmett what his name was. She thinks how he said it was really dumb.  Joel thinks that Emmett set the bar for this game, competition wise socially and puzzles. He had control of Jillian making deals with people and then going back on them so he would not look like the bad guy. 

Mitch and Phil back on the red couches outside once again talking about who would go after them and what challenges Dallas would be good at and which ones Maddy would be better at.  Phil knows he can talk Tim into sending Maddy home if there is a tie. He thinks that if Tim gives the ok to evict Maddy then it is done. 

Dallas has gone out to grab a smoke alone. Cass has joined the guys on the couches while Joel went out with Dallas.

Cass going back and forth on who is more important to get out this week and then next.  

Outside the guys are laughing about what a coup it would be if Dallas stayed and comparing it to house flips that occured in past seasons. 

Mitch saying that if Dallas goes the target might not stay on Maddy and Ramsey. They keep going around about playing as a group . Nick comes out with a comforter and lays down on the other sectional.  Dallas walks back into the house and tells the group good night. Mitch tells Nick he can go sleep in his bed in the dark room if he wants.  Cass heads in and Phil wonders if Mitch is ok going with Jared to final four.  Mitchis not so sure about that. Joel now joins them and takes Cass's spot on the end of the couch. 

Dallas is climbing into bed in the pink room which appears to be empty accept for him.

Feed jumps to the secret room where the ladies are on the bed talking for a change.

Joel is asked what he would do as HOH next week and he says if Dallas goes this week then he would want to break up the showmance of Ramsey and Maddy. Cass returns and pulls out her "top secret" bag of noodles with names written on them and starts to strategize going into the future. She figures they will be final eight no matter what happens and then they will have to turn on themselves like vultures and that will be in just two weeks.

In the secret room Kelsey talking about needing to get Dallas and Jared to come together and start working together.  She is aggravated that the boys do not see how the others are playing the game. Love is jealous that she started using the noodles and Kelsey says they will use the nail polish and bread to make a chart big enough to show the others. Kelsey justifies using the bread saying that it is going stale anyway. They lament having only one nail polish with which to write. They start working and the feed fades to black.

Outside they continue debating the pros and cons of various moves this week and how many of the group are in jeopardy depending on who stays. One way two folks are at risk and one way eight are at risk. 





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11:47PM BBT: Cass saying that Ramsey is the biggest physical threat in the house and he has no side so will float to whichever side.  They think Nikki will vote out Maddy and wonder what Tim will do. Cass is worried that if they vote out Maddy then Jared will feel betrayed and think it was like the move Maddy made and will come after them next.

Feed in the secret room back on the the gals on the floor at the foot of the bed watching the spy cam and working on their chart. 

Plotting or should I say plodding continues outside with speculation now turning to whether it could be a double eviction again. Mitch thinks it comes down to Tim and his opinion as he can influence how Nikki and one other person will vote.  They decide their alibi to Dallas could be that it was Tim's HOH and they had to honor his wishes. They debate doing an individual vote but Cass is strong that they need to do it as a group or it will be chaos every week from now on. Mitch again says they need to talk to Tim and show him "the noodles"  Phil says that the chat with Dallas today changed something inside Tim. Cass says she was in there and that Dallas is a good talker. Cass counts them as having five votes with all of them and Nikki.  She will talk with Tim tomorrow morning and present the arguments for keeping each of the nominees and he will come to his decision. 

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