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Sunday, March 27, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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HAPPY EASTER ALL and Happy Birthday to Mitch

840 am BBT The HG seems to be awake now and many are in the Kitchen making breakfast.

Maddy and Ramsey were just waking and getting out of bed when the feed cuts out then when they come back Ramsey on the bed asking if Maddy punched him in his sleep as he appears to have a fat lip.Maddy asks if he bit his lip. we see a little small talk and a little snuggle,snuggle going on. Maddy has plans to talk to Tim today to try and stay off the block.  Ramsey does not believe she will be put on the block and if she is he does not believe she will go home unless her own mouth get her in that spot.

by 10 am BBT the Jared, Maddy, Ramsey , Mitch and Phil  are enjoying time some time outside in the sunshine and the hot tub.

10:26 am BBT Tim an Joel are in the hot tub now talking sports with Cass sitting around enjoying the sun  and Dallas having a little nap. 

11:25 BBT... BB  tells Dallas to wake up or be prepared to face the consequences.  


11:31 am Tim and Maddy are in the high roller room. Tim tells her she is the next on the list from the votes but he does not feel that she would be going home. Tim is holding strong to his system. Tim tells Maddy he is 95% sure she will not be sent home. Tim says that if Ramsey does not use the Vito he may go home over Dallas because everyone knows where Dallas stands but with Ramsey no one is sure where he stands.

Maddy is afraid it will be like week 1 when everyone was gonna send Cass home and the votes changed last minute. 

Tim reminds her lots can change in the days coming...

Maddy does not understand why everyone hates her so much. 

Maddy is very overwhelmed and Tim says she needs to control her emotions.






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11:54 am BBT Maddy gets emotional 

Tim and Maddy still talking in the high roller room. 

Tim asks what maddy's known for...Maddy says nohing and Tim replies with " bad mistakes "

the back door of Love was a benefit to all in the house. she says her only mistake was being with Dallas from day one. Tim does not agree. 

Tim says the problem with Maddy's game is she is not thinking of playing the game she is doing what Maddy would do in real life which is Honorable and staying true to yourself but this is a game. 

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215 pm BBT BB just called ALL house guests to the living room now. Dallas comments something about hot water. As they gather the house guests figure BB is going to explain why there is no hot water so they will stop complaining.

BB informs them he has  been patient but has had enough ... napping during the day ..slow to wake up ... slow to put on your mics...singing ...talking about DR sessions and productions etc etc etc. Each and everyone of you!

BB has removed your hot water and the hot tub is off limits until we see your behavours improve. 

Nikki just comments the voice was John from production and the HG all gasp



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4:45 PM BBT Dallas campaigning to Phil by the HT. Phil is bundled under a blanket, and Dallas is smoking.  Dallas brings up that Maddy will be coming up on the block when Ramsey uses the veto.  He tells Phil that Maddy wanted him to campaign to Tim to get the brothers on the block because she finds them annoying.  There was another witness in the room who could vouch for what Dallas is telling him, but Dallas doesn't want to say who until he has the person's permission.  Dallas offers deals to keep the brothers safe if he wins HOH, and indicates he is willing to make promises for future weeks if the brothers vote to keep Dallas safe this week.  Phil keeps pressing about who heard what Maddy said until Dallas finally admits it was Joel.  Dallas asks Phil not to approach Joel, and Phil agrees.  Dallas says he will ask Joel to approach the brothers.  Dallas continues to press home that Maddy wants the brothers out.  Phil tells Dallas that it isn't Phil that he has to talk to, but Phil thinks that Dallas can do it.  Dallas says he thinks he has three votes already, and he needs five.  Dallas thinks Joel and Cassandra will vote to keep him, and he thinks he can convince Nikki to keep him because Nikki doesn't like Maddy.  If he can get Ramsey on-side and the brothers, then he has the five votes he needs.

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4:50 PM BBT A siren sounds.  Mitch comes out to the HT area.  They talk about the time and Dallas comments that it must not be a great birthday for Mitch.  Mitch asks Phil what he's thinking about and Phil says he is just looking at the sky and it makes him think of vacation.  Raul joins, and asks Phil if he can get under the blanket.  General chit chat about Mitch's birthday cupcakes. 

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5:03 PM BBT Maddy, Ramsey and Mitch are in the High Roller room playing a game where Maddy chooses a character and tells them the initial of the character's name, and Ramsey and Mitch have to guess which character.  Feeds switch to Dallas and Nikki at the KT table.  Dallas tells Nikki that Maddy will be up next to him, and he asks Nikki for her vote.  He promises that he is definitely not coming after her, and can give her a two or even three week deal.  He will be open in declaring that so that everyone knows his word.  He promises that she will always know what his game plan is, but Maddy is not so predictable or open.  Nikki says she wants to wait and see because Tim might not even put Maddy up.  Dallas agrees and tells Nikki that he is just going by what Tim told Maddy.  Dallas asks her to keep this conversation in mind.  Nikki asks who Dallas' confirmed votes are, and he tells her that Cassandra and Joel have both said they will vote to keep him.   He tells her that he will talk to Ramsey, Mitch and possibly the brothers.


5:09 PM BBT Cassandra comes by the KT table and Nikki says hello and tells Cass they are talking about votes.  Dallas outlines where he thinks the votes are.  Cassandra doesn't think that Ramsey will go against Maddy.  Dallas says he doesn't know about that.  Dallas repeats to Cass and Nikki what he told Phil earlier about Maddy wanting the brothers put up. 

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5:18 PM BBT In the HOHR, Cass is giving Tim a back massage.  They talk about Dallas already campaigning, and about Maddy going around telling people that she will target the brothers.  Tim asks several times why Maddy is doing that, and Cass says because Maddy is stupid.  Cass tells Tim that Dallas asked her if it's a good idea to make a deal with Tim.  Cass told Dallas "why not?"  Tim says that he likes Dallas and Cass says that she does too.

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5:22 PM BBT Tim and Cassandra discuss Dallas again.  Tim thinks Dallas needs to go.  Cass says she doesn't care.  Tim says Cass and Nikki would have to decided.  Cass says that Nikki would keep Dallas if Maddy is out.  Tim says that he would give Nikki an ultimatum that if she went against what Tim advised that she would be dead to him as far as game/strategy.  Cass bursts out laughing as Tim continues saying that he could still be friends with Nikki.  Tim tells Cass that Maddy claims to have made a deal with Jared over the Loveita thing.  Ramsey is also saying that.  Cass says they are lying and she knows because she was there for the convo.  Tim says that the deal he was going to make with Maddy...that if Maddy agreed not to put up Nikki or Cassandra, that Nikki and Cassandra would vote to keep Maddy.  Cassandra asks if he could do that, and Tim says of course he could.  Cassandra says thank you.  If Maddy ends up on the block next week, Cass could vote her out then. Tim relays that he has told Maddy that it would be dumb for Maddy to go after players that are not likely to beat her in competitions (Nikki and Cassandra).  Tim has advised Maddy that if she wants to be in the game, she has to start playing and not just be someone in the house who gets cranky and makes a lot of mistakes.  Cass thinks that Maddy has already made her bed.  It's been a month.  Tim says that people can change, but Cass points out that people have already built relationships in the house.  Tim talks about people who stay in the game because people don't think they can win in the end.  Tim told Maddy that Loveita leaving was beneficial to everyone in the house except for Maddy.

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5:27 PM BBT Jared comes into the HOH room.  Joel is sitting on the couch listening to music. Tim tells Jared that he should ask Cass to give him a massage.  Tim says that Cass could get immunity just by giving people back massages.  She is very good at it.  Jared tells Joel that he has staring contests with the camera.  Joel asks who wins, and Jared says that he does. Joel says he's not surprised. 

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5:35 PM BBT Dallas and Nick are playing pool in the BY.  Dallas tells Nick that if he stays this week and Jared or Raul win HOH, it will be Dallas that will be on the block.  If Dallas is already gone, then Jared and Raul will be putting the brothers up.  Nick says he is not set on anything until the nominations are actually set.

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10:15PM BBT:  One feed showing Loveita and Kelsey sitting in front of their TV watching the HGs and talking about them while the other feed is showing most of the HGs on the landing playing the celebrity game Maddy and Mitch played most of the afternoon in the High Roller suite. 

Game wise Maddy spent yesterday and the early part of today playing a helpless little girl to Ramsey and then Tim in an effort to keep the veto from being used and then to try and keep herself from being the replacement nominee.  Basically they both told her to grow up and start playing the game with her brains.  Meanwhile Dallas has been campaigning hard with anyone who will listen and has thrown Maddy under the bus with everyone he encounters telling them that Maddy said that her only hope of staying was to have Tim put up the brothers as a replacement nominee and that she was a big part of why he had wanted to have them put up last week and quoting what she told him that in the end only one person wins the money and she has to do what is best for her.  To their faces no one is making any commitments til the ceremony is done tomorrow but behind closed doors Dallas will be going home unless BB pulls out another twist before revealing the fake eviction.

While I digressed the game has continued and the ladies in waiting kept jabbering away until that feed faded to black.


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10:27PM BBT: Feed on the secret room returns with the ladies still reviewing their history in the house going back to day one and beyond talking about what they said about who they hoped would be in the house before they entered.

Game and drinking ongoing on the landing with everone in good spirits though the game has changed now to truth or dare with Phil standing facing the group with tape on his forehead and something sticking out of each nostril. Jared is asked who he would like to kiss on the lips of the females left in the house and the reply is Nikki.  Nikki asks Maddy has she had a sex dream about anyone in the house. Tim suggests about Loveita and then Kelsey and the talk over one another makes it hard to decipher what is being said.  Finally after many names are suggested Maddy says the answer is Ramsey.  Dallas wants to make a pact that they all do any dare and tell any truth but Jared is not down with nudity.  Maddy asks Raul if he oould evict anyone and they all say no game so she changes the question to has he ever had a threesome. The answer is no and he says he is just more comfortable with two people. Raul turns to Tim who asks for a dare and he is told to give Cassandra a kiss.  Nikki (reinforced with Tim's vodka from his HOH) jumps up and confronts Tim about the kiss not having been on the lips. Ramsey is dared to have his chest waxed and lies down on the step with several of the guys holding him down while the strip is applied and ripped off by Raul. the gang yells rip it several times before Raul pulls the strip and ramsey screams and pounds the floor.  Someone suggests that they should finish the job then Tim tells him to get a razor and finish the job while someone else tells him to enjoy his cold shower. Nikki jumps up to give Ramsey a dare to use.  

The feed in the hidden room has gone black again and while it was up this last time the ladies were seated on the couch watching the house.  

Tim suggests that Dallas moon the glass pointing to one of the two way mirrors behind the gray chairs.  Dallas then picks Joel who picks dare and is challenged to go from the first step to the pink bedroom completely naked with only his glasses on.  Joel stands and starts unbuttoning his shirt.  then it is suggested he start downstairs. All feeds now on this scene with the gang shouting Joel Joel Joel and suddenly they all go black. (Apparently Joel is too much for us feeders to take in. -DRG)


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10:49PM BBT:  Feeds back with Joel dressed and Nick being challenged to put a whole tray of ice cubes in his shorts. The ice tray is retrieved from the pantry and his brother helps load Nick's shorts with ice cubes.  He is supposed to stay there for ten minutes. Jared suggest he drop his pants and just stay in his boxers.  Someone else suggest he should now lick two of the cubes.  Raul suggest the next dare should be for BB to give them some more wine.  Nick is losing cubes down his jeans and is told to replace them or he will lose the game.  Nikki tells Cass that her choice is to lick one of the cubes or lick Dallas' ass hole.  She says she already licked his belly and wants a different challenge. The group starts to break up as some want to go out for a smoke.

The ladies in waiting are back on feeds one and two still on the couch watching the house. Love is once again talking about what she will do if she goes back in and what Mitch does and does not know. She thinks he is playing a strategic game and Mitch respects it. she thinks she would only tell Jared what she knows and not Raul as he is so emotional. She would try and work with Jared, Raul and Joel and Mitch. Kelsy thinks she is on a good train of thought and gives her advice about how to approach Raul as he will be pissed and Love. She tells Love that her going back into the house will not be a good thing for the remaining HGs.  Kelsey suggests Love needs to talk to Jared and Raul jointly and not individually. Love does not want Mitch's game to be blown up. (Has nothing to do with her wanting to have Mitch and Joel as allies to oust Jared and Raul wink, wink. - DRG) Joel left on the green couches talking about how many surgeries he has had on his chest and with a few more he will be hair free forever.  He was chatting with Phil he now jumps up in responce to Cass coming out.  We see a long shot of Maddy heading into the blue bedroom where she joins Ramsey briefly before they both head out.

Kelsey still advising Love about how to work with her two fellas and how no one else in the house would save her including Mitch.  She thinks Mitch is not so much under the radar as some think and the trio knew how much time he spent in the HOH with Love when she was in power.  

Other feed now in the HOH bathroom where Nikkis is working on her eyebrows and Joel comes and sits next to her. she now starts on a rant about BB telling her off about her microphone when she has done nothing. She now accuses Joel of farting and the feed jumps to the other bathroom where Cass and Maddy are chatting about staying together until like the final four when they would have to vote one another out.  Cass says that sometimes she thinks that Maddy does not like her and they keep arguing about whether Cass likes her or not foreshadowing a great working relationship going forward in the game. (Can I now interest you in some land in Central Florida??? It even comes complete with the water rights. - DRG) Maddy still confronting Cass about whether she was coming against her or not in some first class campaigning. Cass talks about knowing that the women need to stick together. Maddy keeps saying she is not mad and Cass for wanting to vote her out she is only upset about her not owning up to it. 

Nikki and Joel now play wrestling about his farting in the HOH with Tim Raul and the brothers as an audience.  Time tells them to kiss and make up.  

Cass and Maddy had taken their love fest into the pink bedroom (I would start a drinking game for whenever one of these fools says "literally" but no one would be standing after more than 30 minutes. DRG) Cass now talking about how she felt that Maddy and Sharry did not like her so she ended up going to Jared's side of the house. Cass thinks she reads people really well and thinks Maddy finds her annoying at times and they have not built that trust yet. Maddy tells her that Tim has told her everything. Cass says she does not know where Maddy stands and Maddy asks if she knows where Dallas stands.  She goes on to say she is not there to campaign against Dallas.  Maddy reviews where she has stood each week in the house in relation to the other players and what she has done especially how she was open with Loveita about hating her and not being able to work with her even Love was working with Maddy's alliance.  She goes on to say that Dallas will say anything to anyone any time in order to get to stay in the house. (Not that she is campainging against him or anything. DRG

The BB Viewer is acting up but the other feed shows Mitch and Nikki hugging with muffled talking due to her microphone being covered up.  She seems to be telling him how much she loves him and she never wants to let him go and if they will come to visit her. (He seems to be humoring her the way one would a drunken aunt. -DRG)  Joel enters and tells Mitch that he missed him streaking then Nikki starts talking about the fight she had with Joel. She is back to huggin him and carrying on and stumbles removing any doubt about her state of inebriation.

Cass and Maddy talking in calmer tones now about Ramsey and who he thinks the gummies were for him.  

The other feed jumps to the bathroom where Nick is brushing his teeth alone.

Maddy going back to how she made her move against Loveita FOR the house and for the sanity of the remaining girls as she could not stand watching Love being mean to Cassandra. 

Mitch comes down the stairs somehow having peeled Nikki off of him. Then wanders back upstairs.

Maddy telling Cass now they just need to forget about the stupid gummy votes this week and work forward then they mutually tell one another they are bad at comps. Cass saying that women are becoming extinct in the house and for weeks has said they need to get Dallas out.  

Raul joins Mitch in the blue room now talking about how weird it is to be in the house on his birthday even though he does not even really care about his birthday. Raul tells Mitch he is his besty bitch in the house and they are like the queer nuts.  Mitch tells him he cried a little today thinking of home and his back still hurting.  

When she is not saying literally every other word Maddy is trying to convince Cass that she really does trust her.  

Feed jumps to the HOH with Joel Tim and Nikki on the bed chatting. 

Jared entered the blue room without his glasses and Raul tells him he got some sun today.  Raul asks him to make the bed since he made it this morning.  Jared agrees. Raul yawns and asks if they are going to bed early tonight and Jared says that he is and they argue a little about the pillows they use at night.  

Joel now preparing to leave the HOH as Nikki is about ready to pass out.  She promises to wake Joel up in the morning and he tells her never to say anything bad about him.

Mitch now talking in the blue room with Ramsey about having good days and bad days. then they are counting up the gummy bear votes for Ramsey.

HOH feed blacks out (minutes before Nikki will I'd bet. - DRG)

Ramsey now saying he is at the bottom of the barrel in this game unless he wins something. Mitch disputes this and says he would have stayed against Dallas and Ramsey is not so sure.  Mitch now says that they cannot vote out another girl so Dallas will go this week after Tim puts Maddy up at the POV ceremony tomorrow.  BB tells Ramsey to stop playing with his microphone right after Ramsey tells himself.  Maddy comes in now ready for bed so Ramsey has to relinquish his spot to her.  Jared is there again now too.  Ramsey says that Truth or Dare was fun. Maddy says she can leave again if they wer talking and they tell her she is fine.  

HOH feed back now with Nikki and Tim arguing about whether there are wall plugs in the room or not. 

The other feed skips over to the pink room where Joel is shouting out Black Eyes over and over.

Cass now in the HOH telling Tim about her conversation with Maddy. 




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11:55PM BBT: Joel and Jared now going at it with Jared having thrown water on Joel perhaps after he farted again while demonstrating a pick up line on him.

Cass telling Nikki about how she wanted to be rescued from her chat with Maddy and that Maddy says she wants to go to the end with the three ladies.  Cass tells Tim that Maddy was throwing him under the bus a little and then says that she is there to find out if there is more vodka to which Tim says it is all gone. Joel wanders in telling about Jared pouring water on him to fend off his advances. (Joel and Cass are nearly as drunk as Nikki. -DRG)

Maddy now literally telling Ramsey about her conversation with Cassandra.

Nikki now threatening Tim that she knows just how to push his buttons and she will do it.  Cass asks Tim to sleep in her bed tonight so she can sleep in the HOH.  Tim is refusing saying he enjoys the HOH room and has given it to Maddy for tomorrow night.

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