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October 6th Televised Show Coverage


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Survivor: Guatemala

Episode 4:

This is your Survivor Show Thread and this is how it works:

We need people to cover the show so we can post a summary on our Survivor Page. We need volunteers to commit to writing a segment (from commercial to commercial) and people who will post as they watch the show. Anyone doing screen caps can post them in this thread too. When you have written your segment, please post it here and it will get picked up and edited into our show summary.

The show is nearly here

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Hey Jem

We are supposed to get high winds and thunder later today so I may lose my power tonight and not be able to post my segment recap.. If all is well I will post it as usual but if you dont hear from me then you will know why and I will be back for next week.. Sorry in advance.. Mashee

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Guest ranster627

I will answer for Jem Mashee ... post if you can ... we won't put you down for the segment "officially" but will use whatever you can send ...

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Sorry I did not reply earlier , was out to dinner of course as I have not said different I am here as writer.

PS : Consider me as live writer every week unless I post a note that I can not make it

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I would like to write for segment four tonight of Survivor Guatemala, is that possibile? Thank you Eugene.
You can do segment 3 (sorry I didnt get back here sooner).

Just write from commercial to commercial.

Thank you

Sorry I did not reply earlier , was out to dinner of course as I have not said different I am here as writer.

PS : Consider me as live writer every week unless I post a note that I can not make it

Thanks wolfie :D

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Guest ranster627

The Live Coverage will begin in 5 minutes by Ranster and Wolfrider ...

We do our best to get the main highlights, but remember, it is posted as we see it, so please excuse any errors ...

Thursday, October 6, 2005

previously on Survivor:

Lydia relieved she was spared ...

Reward, played for comfort, Nakum wins

Margaret directs tarp and annoys Bobby Jon and Judd

Immunity ... court ball ... 114 degrees

Amy sprained ankle

Nakum wins immunity

steph discouraged at Yaxha

tribe voted out weakest ... Brianna

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Recap from Last week:

lydia was relieved she was spared at tribal council

the tribes played for comfort items at reward and Nakum won

the guys of nakum strugled how to use the new tarp and margrette tried to tell them how annoying bobby john n judd

at imunity team competed at an ancient mya ball game and nakum won second immunity in a row

and steph was annoyed why can't she once be on a good tribe and brianna was voted out.

15 are left , who will be voted out tonight

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Guest ranster627

segment one

hot sun, red mountains, sleeping Nakum

Cindy talks about how hot it is

Margaret says tribe is sapped of energy and talks about mosquitoes

judd has beard now

Brandon, says starving, bugs, everything adds up ... wears you down ... easier to lay around


gary baited pot with corn meal and scooped out fish

Rafe says minnows in trouble with him and Gary as fishing machine

steph sees crocodile

Jamie impressed

at ruins

Jeff says Brianna gone

they sit on bench

Day 9 ... earned relief ... break from challenges

learn about tribe mates

answers will affect tribe mates

who needs nourishment

Yaxha says Jamie

Nakum says Dannie

they get apples

who the smelliest?

Yaxha Gary Nakum Bobby Jon

get showers with 5 gallons of water

which man and woman deserve picnic

yaxha Gary and Amy

Nakum Margaret and Judd

fried chicken, potatoe salad, choco cookies, iced tea

people remaining ... tribe pride?

Yaxha Brian

Nakum Cindy

they get to stay on teams

they switched tribes

one Nakum gets to stay ... because they have one extra

Brooke stays with Nakum

picnic people go to their original tribes too later for a surprise ... they went on picnic

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Segment 1 :

Day 9 Nakum:

cindy firt to talk , talking how hot it is as all sleep through the heat of the day . The tribe is tired and pretty week after yesterdays challenge

Margrette says it is brutal and the mesquito's are unbileavable

Judd talks how the mesquito's never quit. right back at you

Bradon says it is so hard here I find it easier just to lay around and do nothing which is prety pathetic really

at Yaxha:

Rafe first to talk as Gary and Rafe fish for minnows with the cornmeal pot. Rafe says Gary and I theres no stopping us the minows are in trouble

all at dock and see huge crock as stephanie says and he heads towards them . The croc caught a big fishe they say it could of been one of them if they was swimming across his path .

Relax and Fun day:

Nakum getting first look at Yaxha with Brianna gone , is day 9 and you can use a little break

Jeff ask a seiries of qeustions to each about there tribe

1 which tribe member most needs noureshment

Yaxha - Jamie

Nakum - Danni

Both get food. and appple a piece

2 which member is smelliest

Yaxha - Gary 4 Jamie 3

Nakum - Bobby Johhn

They both get 5 gallons of water and a bush shower. Every one sniffing them

3 which man and woman most deserves a picnic afternoon atop an maya periomyde

Yaxha - Gary , Amy

Nakum - Judd and Margrett

They all get a great picnic

4 who has most tribe pride of remaining members

Yaxha - Brian 3 Steph 2

Nakum - Cindy

Yaxha -Brian remains yaxha tribe joined by danni , bobby john , blake and brandon with gary and amy getting a surprise when they get back.

Cindy stays Nakum joined by , Judd and Margret will join when get back , jamie ,lydia ,

Segment 2:

the 4 enjoy there picnic as margrette questions gary about pro football and amy says she will kill him

the new team gets back and brain says we are awesome and we will win , Brian says is a numbers game with 4 Nakum and 3 Yaxha

Amy and Gary get back and meet there new tribe members.

Amy says we are decimated.

Danni says I called him out right away and he denied it.

Gary says he going to deny till the very end thats his strategy and he keeping it

Judd and Margrette get back and discover the switch , Marg says OH MY Gosh

and it finaly rains , they are enjoying as they work around camp ,

Cindy , Brook and Judd think we will stick to gether says Marg

Judd I was like what ever man , who cares. Judd is happy about it .

I am glad I am not envolved with all those other guys and I know I am the big gun thinks he is king kong and beats his chest , aka Judd the Kong

Steph talking about starting with brooke then they are down on numbers , tryin to keep the old yaxha just for numbers and keep lydia

Judd approaches them , steph ask who is strongest player , who you tired of cindy or margrette

he says he is already tighter with them then with his old team , they did not click.

Judd says I am all for that , the game has started he believes him , jamie and steph has a little alliance and feels no qualms about evicting his own , no love there , they have to get out of my jungle

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Guest ranster627

segment two

picnic people

on ruins overlooking landscape

Margaret, Judd, Amy, Gary

Amy wonders if Gary is a multi-millionaire because Margaret asked him

fruit is waiting for Yaxha

Brian playing host

4 nakum and 3 yaxha ... yaxha originals outnumbered

Gary and Amy return

Amy shocked

"we're decimated here"

Danni and Gary talk about call-out ...

Gary intends to keep his cover not being a player

At Nakum ... new tribe meets

Margaret "oh my god"

Margaret doesn't feel safe after switch up

she thinks Nakums will stick together, now 4 vs. 4

Judd loved it ... didn't bother him in the least

he's glad he's not against all the guys ... he is now a big gun ... like a King Kong

steph discusses dumping Brooke to gain dominance ... to keep Yaxha stronger (old Yaxha)

Steph and Jamie strategizing

judd joins them ... judd prefers Steph over other girls

he's all with them and then dump brooke, then Lydia, then Margaret

Judd likes his small alliance with Steph and Jamie has no trouble targeting old tribe ... they gotta go man "get out of my jungle"

Judd felt no love from his old tribe!

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Segment 3 :

bobby john , blake brandon and danni and they going to pick us off one by one.

blake talks to bobby john about them sticking together and picking the others off we have the physical team order is amy , brian and gary out the door.

amy telling gary about her ankle , there is still pain but she hiding it. its killing me but the fact I am not limping is working it is fooling them if she don't do well in next challenge she is gone.

Imunity Challenge :

both tribes paddle out get 3 tribe colored bag , with mya war clubs emptied in basket throw them tiles yards away first to break all wins amunity .

lydia sits out.

both tribes paddling well yaxha has first bag then Nakum gets it race to second back as Nakum yells ramming spead and rams Yaxha and pushes them off course , Nakum has second bag and Yaxha in trouble

Nakum going for there 3 rd bag get it and heads bag as Nakum gets there 2nd and 3rd bag all racing back to shore.

Nakum first at beach , racing to the mat , Steph first there for Nakum

Yaxha closing the gap , steph for Nakum gets her first tile , brian missing switches with danni

danni gets tile for Yaxha , Judd won't give up and as Yaxha gets 2nd for yaxha , judd connects and tyes it up.

Brandon and Jamie both jamie clips it don't get it and brandon misses againn , Brandon connects for Yaxha and gets imunity for them.

Nakume tribal council to night new mixture of teams should make for an enteresting night

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Guest ranster627

segment three

Yaxha Day 11

Amy nervous about numbers fweels like they will be picked off

old Nakums discuss picking the others off

Amy still has pain in her ankle ... she is purposely not limping ... she needs to do well in challenge or she's gone

Immunity Challenge:

paddle out and retrieve three bags and empty them and throw clubs at targets 30 / 40 / 50 feet away only one can break a tile ... no repeats

Lydia sits out

neck in neck

Nakum pushes Yaxha off the course

Nakum gets huge lead

steph cheering and urging in boat

Nakum at beach

Steph throws first

she breaks first tile

Brian for Yaxha

Brian trades with Danni

Danni breaks a tile

Yaxha takes lead

Judd won't give up and then connects

tied up

Brandon vs. Jamie ... Yaxha wins ...

Nakum headed to tribal!

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Segment 4 :

Day 11:

tonight at tribal counsil is 4 to 4 , Rafe says hopefully it will be Judd , the other side says that can't worry about peoples feelings , have to vote the weakest person off. so they going to vote for lydia.

wants to know where judd stands have to see how much loyalty he has for his team , telling Judd to vote off lydia as the weakest player.

Marg tells Judd she wants old Nakum to stick toghether but is a tied vote , Judd says need to go for weakest player and those are lydia and brook , Margrett tells them who ever comes out with the majority will pick us off one by one

Judd tells her we they need us , we are strong and she tells them they will keep them till they don't need them then they are gone.

Judd says you got my wheels turning thats for sure.

Rafe says he don't think the Nakum girls talked to Judd and that he said he would side with there team and Judd tells steph he is sticking to what he told them yesterday.

brian ? In this game you can't trust anyone , is it going to come back and hit me in the face , I don't know who I will vote for till I get to tribal counsil

Steph first interviewed , ask if maybe steph is the bad luck been to more tribal counsils then not

ask if Margrette felt there was some pairing off with the tribes and that Judd and Steph was right up to each other instantly

Judd says he was just shooting the breeze with them getting to know the new members

Lydia says she knows these people don't know her and they just have to learn her strength and she not ready to leave yet.

Judd says is important to read people and have to make a connection somewhere and is really easy he can pick people up like that.

Brook votes Lydia

Rafe votes Brooke

Marg votes Lydia has tribe loyalties gave her word won't go back

Jeff tallies the votes:

Brooke -IIIII

Lydia- III

4 person voted out brooke bring me torch , Brooke the tribe has spoken.

Tribal lines and personal loyaltys going to shift through out this game just remember everytime you shift you make your self harder to trust .

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Guest ranster627

segment four

Nakum Day 11

Rafe explains they are going head to head and hopes they flip Judd

Brooke nervous ... voting weakest off ... voting for Lydia

Marg / Cindy / Brooke sticking together want to check Judd's loyalty

Margaret watching Judd

tells him she wants old Nakum together

Juss wants weakest to go

Margaret explains majority principle

explains they can be picked off

Judd thinking now ... never thought about it before

Lydia and Rafe talk ... Lydia nervous about Judd

Judd says he is sticking with Steph

but he is worried about loyalty of Jamie and Steph

he is worried about boomerang ... he doesn't know what he is going to do

at TC:

steph? now one for seven ... 4 out of 21 ... maybe she is the bad luck?

she wonders that too

Margaret ... even division?

wasn't much pairing off identifies Judd / Steph / Jamie ...

Judd wasn't hiding anything

shooting the breeze

Lydia ... feel confident ... she feels vulnerable

not ready to leave

Brooke ... worries about strength ... women more vulnerable

Judd: important to read people and knows who he connects with

time to vote

Br4ooke votes for Lydia ... because of Immunity

Rafe: Brooke

Margaret: Lydia because of tribe loyalty

Jeff tallies:

Lydia / Brooke / Lydia / Lydia / Brooke / Brooke - tied ... Brooke ... Brooke voted out with 5th vote


tribal lines and loyalties are going to shift throughout this game, just remember, everytime you shift you make it harder to trust

Contributors: Eugene, Jem, MASHEE, ranster627, smirnoff and Wolfrider. A big Morty's Thanks!

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Brookes Comments :

I did so much I never thought I could do , I proved my self on the trek but the other team did not get to see that wants to wish the girls of her original team good luck .

Scenes from Next Week : Judd is on the defencive , he is a traitor

Lydia gets wacky , sings I am the queen , wooohoo

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Guest ranster627


next time: Judd on the defensive

cultures clash at Yaxha

Lydia gets whacky

Brooke: only 11 days ... proved myself on trek ... didn't get to prove ... wishes girls from her original team good luck ... they are some of the strongest girls she ever met

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Okay I got a little of the teams mixed up and have the corrected version now

Nakum : Brooke- Cindy - Jamie - Judd - Stephenie -Rafe - Lydia-Margaret [4 Nakum, 4 Yaxha]

Yaxha : Brandon - Brian -Bobby Jon - Danni - Gary - Amy- Blake [4 Nakum, 3 Yaxha]

aka Minus Brooke now for Nakum

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Hello I will write for part three of Survivor Guatemala on Friday. I am sorry but since I don't have cable my TV for some reason did not pick up CBS signal tonight. I had a blank screen. So once I watch part three tomorrow, when the video is posted I will send my report for part three then. I am very sorry.


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