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Saturday, March 26, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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 8:00am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights just came on in the BB house and there are a few house guests up and getting ready for their day. Cassandra is brushing her teeth, Nikki and Phil are in the shower and Mitch waits for his turn in the shower. BB called out Dallas, Maddy, Jared and Raul and then we hear the rooster crow.

 8:21am BBT We just got locked out of the BB house. Recap: Tim is the new HOH, Dallas and Ramsey have been nominated for eviction by a house vote. Today they should be playing for the PoV and we will see if Dallas will be lucky or skilled enough to pull out another PoV win while his BB life is on the line.

 8:45am BBT The feeds are still down and we are still locked out.

 8:52am BBT The feeds are back up and we see the houseguests doing ADL’s getting ready for their day. Nick is at the KT sink and he said this is another early morning.

 8:58am BBT Phil and Jared are in the WA wondering who Tim would put up if the PoV is used. They decide they are going to have to wait and see who wins it and go from there. Jared said they should be picking the players soon. Jared and Phil talk about hanging out after BB is over. Maddy walked in the WA and discussion stopped.

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1:08 pm BBT Tim, Cass , Nick and Phil are in the HOH talking about how they hate playing the waiting game so does not seem like the POV has happened. 

Talk turns to who needs to go and in what order and Cass says she does not want Maddy on Jury as she is so negative. If Dallas wins POV then they are talking about Maddy going up and out. Dallas is the main target right now.

Looks like Big Brother gave them some art and craft materials to keep them busy.

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10:00PM BBT:  Most HGs sitting around the table after having just finished dinner following the POV comp. 

Tim and Cass in the pink bedroom where she is complaining about injuring her leg in the POV comp which sounds like it was the one where you roll a ball back and forth to get to a set amount but if it hits the ground your count starts over.  Maddy has come in now too and is changing into shorts. 

Other feed is on the secret room where the fake evictees are sitting on the white sofa watching the HGs on the flat screen.

Tim and Cass follow Maddy out of the pink room and he is yelling about wanting his iPod as they head into the HOH.  He wants to go down and get it but would be too upset if it has not been recharged during the comp. Cass talks about Nikki and how she hates Maddy.  Then she tells his when she becomes HOH she will want to listen to what he suggests then goes on to tell him that he should put Maddy up. He laments that he did not win the HOH as now he has to make another nomination. Ramsey won the POV fair and square so he thinks he should nominate the person with the next highest number of gummy koalas from the morning sessions.  He suggest that maybe he will just put himself on the block and they wonder if he would be allowed to do that.  He mentions possibly putting Joel up and that notion is shot down so he says he is left with either Maddy or himself.  They start to count the votes if he put himself on the block and decide he should have the votes but they think since it is a possible tie this week and he would be the tie breaker that BB will not allow himself to nominate himself.  

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10:07PM BBT: Joel comes into the HOH and Tim again says that he is waiting for BB to give him his  iPod.  Tims asks what Joel thinks he should do after Ramsey says himself. 

In the secret room the ladies are wondering if Maddy will sleep with Ramsey tonight.

Joel talking about having given Loveita his vote and wondering if others will be sketched out about him as a result. 

Other feed jumps to the pink room with the brothers and Raul.

Joel telling Tim tht it is best for him to stay in the middle right now.  Joel does not know who would go home if the noms become Dallas and Maddy since a lot of folks think Maddy is going two ways.  Cass thinks that Dallas will go home no matter who is on the block next to him.  Joel says that Dallas also has made it easy for folks this week by putting himself up there. Tim reckons the others would not be comfortable with Dallas being on the jury so he needs to go sooner rathaer than later.  

Feed jumps from pink room to landing where Dallas is lobbying Ramsey for his vote promising that if he stays he will always have his back. He is hoping to go up against Maddy and thinks he could get the votes if he twisted Mitch's arm to be the fifth.  Ramsey says that Cass is such a bitch and he dislikes her more than Maddy hated Loveita.  Dallas promises to put Cass up next to Jared if he stays.  They dislike the way Tim is doing things even though the say he is really smart. they fear he will do a house revote or resort back to the original gummy koala count. 

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10:18PM BBT: Tim comes by outside and Dallas asks how the renom will be done and if it will be the third place person from this morning or a revote.  Tim says he is thinking about it and invites them to chat whenever they want.  Dallas remarks that he has a few options where he might have a chance to stay and they decide they will talk about it tomorrow as the POV ceremony is the day after. 

Tim heads back to the HOH and informs Joel and Cass that BB told him that he could not put himself on the block as HOH is immunity from eviction.  He tells them what Dallas and Ramsey asked and says that the third in line this morning was Maddy. Joel is telling them that Dallas was hoping to have both Ramsey and Maddy as votes. Tim wonders why Dallas put himself up and why that side did not better organize to make sure who the second nom would be.  They think that Maddy is seen as a flip flopper but is not seen as a threat by the house and that Dallas will go home no matter who else is up on the block.  Tim says he feels bad as he just promied Maddy this room and she wants it for Monday night which will be the night that she goes up on the block.  Joel says that downstairs she was complaining about not cooking tonight and that maybe we should back door the brothers.  Cass remarks that she just does not think before she speaks.  Tim comments about Dallas being hot headed and intimidating and he is a big bad wolf bur is all hot air and is all bark.  Tim says that basically Dallas is gone and that is what they wanted two weeks ago.  Joel second guesses his move last week and Tim reassures him that if he went the other way then Loveita would not be gone now.  Joel hopes that this takes any kind of stigma off his back that he is working with anybody.  Tim says he likes to win challenges but does not think that he needed to win this week. 

Dallas continues twisting Ramsey's arm on the green sofa on the landing. Ramsey finally tells him that he does not need to convince him. They talk about the comp and Dallas said when he saw Ramsey was at 250 he just started chilling and cheering Ramsey on. Dallas glad he gained a vote at least since he did not get the POV.  He needs to campaign to Nikki and to Mitch. Ramsey reminds him they need to see who is going up as the renom.  Dallas is planning to throw Maddy under the bus and they think that Maddy cost them a vote with evicting Loveita and that she just wants to be the only girl in the house. 

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10:30PM BBT: Back in the HOH Tim speculates that if Dallas and Maddy stay together they will have to go recruiting this week and then they speculate about who Ramsey would put up next week.  Raul comes into the HOH and Tim says that they don't have to make any decisions right now. Joel aks Cass where the challenge ranks in relation to the others Cass has participated in and the feeds start loading.  

Other feed jumps to the High Roller room where Raul Mitch and Jared are chatting counting votes and dissing Maddy.

HOH feed switches to the blue room where Maddy and Ramsey are talking she plans on telling Tim that she has a pretty good chance of going home if she goes on the block. (Technically it would be 50/50, but actually not so much - DRG)

Raul complaining about the brothers telling him that he saved Jared.  

Maddy and Ramsey under the covers facing each other about a foot apart.

Jared telling Raul about voting to keep Kelsey and who the two votes were. Tim comes in and asks about what day it is and then asks about what they want for the renom after telling them that Maddy was number three this morning.  He says that Dallas was hoping for someone else besides Maddy to be up so he would have both votes (Ramsey and Maddy) to try and save himself.  Jared says that he just thinks Dallas needs to go this week. Tim complains about how Dallas acted towards him in the HOH the other day and how he acted entitled but did not offer anything to tim. Tim says that Masddy is socially annoying but is not a threat in challenges and Jared says she is a one trick pony and goes on to imitate Nikki being annoyed with Maddy.  Jared saying all there moves have been a reaction to the other side. Tim talks about how ridiculous it was for Maddy to take out someone from her own side when she could have kept going after the power trio. 

Ramsey and Maddy may be sleeping in the blue room, at least they are not talking and the feed jumps to the bathroom in the HOH where Cass is talking with Nikki about how she wants Tim to put up Maddy. Nikkis is glad Maddy will be going up and Cass thinks she needs some heat under her ass.  

Tim again talking about how the two remaining members of Dallas Ramsey Maddy will have to really recruit and will try and make splits in the house by telling lies.  


(Brief pause in posting for the end of the NCAA South Regional game.- DRG)


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10:59 PM BBT: Tim Nikki and Cass talking the the HOH bathroom as Tim prepares a bath. Nikki giving Tim a hard time about if he cared more about the two of them than the rest of the house he would be trying to get Maddy out this week and not Dallas. Tim teases them back about just wanting to be the only females in the house.  Cass is telling them that if Maddy is HOH next week the two of them will be on the block, but he tells them that would never happens. Nikki threatens that if he wants to hang out with Maddy then she and Cass will boycott him.  Tim has climbed into the bath now and as they leave the room Cass tells him that they have just been kidding him.  

Ramsey and Maddy continuing whispering in the blue room.

HOH feed switches to the High Roller room where Joel is chatting with Mitch about organizing his DVDs.

Feed switches to Cass and Nikki in the bathroom talking. They leave and peek in on Maddy and Ramsey and come back to tell Tim they are lying face to face gazing into each others' eyes.  Cass says that Maddy will not have a boyfriend at home anymore. They then reassure him that they will vote Dallas out and not go against his wish for Dallas to leave this week. Tim talking about how this week will show Maddy that she made a dumb move by taking out Loveita.

Other feed has faded to black. 

Feed five continues to show the hidden room where the ladies are now also commenting about Maddy and Ramsey and how he is really a nice guy but she has a boyfriend at home and the two of them are just looking for comfort. I can't stay on these two very long as they talk nonstop in circles. Basically since being in the room they have made peace with one another and have promised respectively to look out for Jared (Loveita) and Joel (Kelsey) should they return to the house and they both recognize now how Mitch is playing both sides as is Cassandra. They have both claimed that they had wanted to work together and with Sharry but the opportunity to connect never really presented itself.

The only feed up now is in the HOH bathroom where the ladies are telling Tim that they will be his sisters.

Feeds one and two return showing Jared Raul and Phil and Nick at the dining table talking about past events in the house.

Feed cuts to the pink room where Maddy is now vertical and is folding laundry while talking with Dallas. BB tells Dallas to fix his microphone.  Maddy has changed once again and the feed fades to black as she pulls her slacks down and sits on the bed to pull on another pair of shorts.

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11:19PM BBT: Tim talking about how Joel has changed his attitude and body language towards them and he is lying to them.  Tim says that Joel is totally unaware of how his facial expressions and body language are so apparent. 

Feeds 1 and 2 come back on in the dining room with the four boys chatting still this time about how they drank in the baseball comp.

Upstairs Tim talking about Maddy's poor game play and how they should have had Nick not use the veto. Tim says they need Jared as he is a well respected leader and has not turned on anyone on this side. Tim can't do it since he is the new guy and the brothers can't do it as they are an unknown. Furthermore if the other side gets HOH Jared will be the number one target as he is the strongest. Tim says the boys are all downstairs high fiving that they all get along but that will end once they do not have a common target.  Tim telling the gals not to stress about going on the block as it would be so dumb for Maddy to put them up. Cass counters with the fact that Maddy has not been strategic so far. Tim tells them not to argue with her and that way she won't come after them. He thinks once she knows she has to win comps to stay she will want to target the biggest threats to win comps and that is not the two of them.  Cass says they will have a girls night and continue to be really nice to her afterwards so they will not be on her radar.  

Downstairs the fellas are up and walking about the kitchen. Jared remarks that the store room was just locked.  Raul is pillow fighting on the landing with Phil  with Joel watching. 

Tim continues holding court in the HOH bathroom.

Guys back in the kitchen milling about. 

Cass now imitating Maddy saying she is straddling Ramsey saying don't use the veto you can have these boobies for the rest of the game if you don't use the veto and keep me from going on the block. Jared now joins the trio in the HOH and Tim wonders if the BY will open again tonight. Raul comes in now looking for a blanket and give Nikki a hug. 

The brothers and Joel are in the pantry talking about movie titles and other random topice.

Feed jumps to Ramsey and Dallas in the grey chairs on the landing as Joel brings fresh batteries to them. They speculate that the back will not open til tomorrow morning as they switch out their battery packs.  Dallas says that Cass in the with Tim sucking his dick. 

Joel has made his way to the HOH and is delivering batteries to the folks in there.

Dallas telling Ramsey that he will talk to Tim and remind him he caught a mosquito to feed his spider and Tim owes his immunity for that and he wants to collect it now. Mitch wanders by and is planning on going to bed once he gets some toilet paper. Dallas says he does not know if he can win POV every single week. 

In the HOH Tim asks what everone is doing and Raul replies that he is going to bed soon. Tim is waiting for the BY to open. Jared and Nikki start talking about what they can do for the birthday boy tomorrow. 

Dallas wants to try and leverage the brothers by telling them that Maddy has made a deal with Jared. Ramsey tells Dallas that things can change just like this as he snaps his fingers then gets up and tells Dallas good chat my ninja as he walks away. 

Birthday plans ongong in the HOH. Tim wants some dessert and Jared suggests he try the milk and cookies as he had some and they were pretty good.  Nikki asks warm or cold milk and Jared says he can't drink hot milk and has to drink cold milk in one swig so it does not get warm.  

Feed leaves Dallas and shows the bathroom where Ramsey is talking to Nick who is showering. They are counting votes.

Tim is now in the kitchen and Mitch has sat down next to Dallas on the landing and he starts getting lobbied hard. 

In the bathroom ramsey is trying to convince Phil that he and Maddy are just friends and he has not kissed her or touched her and he does not want Nick thinking otherwise as he knows Nick and Maddy hooked up. They go back to counting votes. 

Out on the landing Dallas complaining about Maddy leaving him in the dust last week and he does not want to be associated with Maddy any longer. he is eager to convince Mitch that he did not know what Maddy was going to do last week and does not want to be held accountable for it.





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11:52PM BBT: Dallas complimenting Mitch for playing his own game and they break up and head off in opposite directions.  

Feed changes to Tim and Cass now in the kitchen talking about prior votes as Dallas joins them saying that Maddy told him that Tim told her that she is going up.  Tim denies that he told Maddy that and he starts promising Tim that if it comes to a tie he will keep Tim safe and will find ten bugs for his spider to eat. and that he did not know what Maddy was going to do last week. 

The other feed switches to the hidden room where Kelsey and Love are talking about what Dallas is doing and how they think it is too late in his game to do anything unless he was about to convince Cassandra.  

Dallas continues to throw Maddy under the bus saying that she is playing her own selfish game.

The ladies in hiding also think that Maddy keeps shooting herself in the foot.  Kelsey mirrors Tim's thinking that Maddy made a big mistake by going against her alliance.

Dallas still talking a mile a minute to Tim and the gals comment about how sad his face looks and speculate that Tim is telling him there is nothing he can do at this point and that Dallas should have voted with his gummies instead of putting all five points on himself.

Dallas now selling himself as a competitor and saying his ideal case is if he could convince Tim to put up the brothers. He is promising two weeks of safety to Tim.


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