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Thursday, March 24, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00am-9:41am BBT Eviction Day! The lights are on and the house guests are getting ready for their day. In the blue BR Kelsey and Raul are packing their bags while discussing Lovieta sleeping in the HOH room last night and then we get locked out.

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#BBCAN4 2:03pm BBT The feeds came back up for us to see Kelsey and Cassandra sitting on the landing having a discussion about Kelsey and Jared kissing. Cassandra is excited about it and Kelsey is unsure how she feels because she is not going to see him for 50 days. Someone walked up and interrupted their conversation so Kelsey got up and started practicing her exit after the voting tonight and then she went to the blue BR.

#BBCAN4 is there anybody that remembers who it was that could not find their rubber ducky? Kelsey and Raul were in the blue BR and Kelsey got the ducky out of a hiding spot, put it in her bag and started showing Raul how she was going to pull it out right before she leaves out the door tonight and say goodbye.

#BBCAN4 2:29pm BBT Some house guests are in the KT fixing food with just general conversation going on.

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yes, it was Maddy that could not find her ducky, Thank you! On Monday at 9:07am Maddy was telling Nick and Dallas that she had a dream that she found her duck and someone in the blue BR had it. Dallas said that he thinks BB took it.

2:30pm-2:45pm BBT some house guests in the KT fixing food and having general conversation and then we get locked out again.

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10:12 PM BBT: Feeds come back on in the dining room with everyone having just finished eating. They are speculating about maybe there being no Have Not comp this week.   Nikki asks Tim who his letter will be from and he replies from his Dad and it will be really boring so apparently Tim is the second HOH of the night.

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10:14PM BBT: Tim talking about how he thought someone would have been closer than his guess in the HOH comp.  Maddy remarks that it has been a long day. Cassandra is called to the DR and one person says she is in trouble now but another remarks that they are going to give her alcohol. Joel is still eating something and Jared asks if there is still frozen chicken. He wonders too if there are veggies so they could make a big stir fry.  Ramsey gets up and clomps up the stairs and heads into the bathroom. He blows his nose in toilet paper and walks into the toilet.


Jared is digging into the standing freezer scrounging around for something and comes up with a bag of shrimp which her replaces.  He belches loudly then heads back to the others while the feed remains showing us the freezer. Tim is asking when the noms will be guessing it will be tomorrow night.  Phil is washing up some dishes and Ramsey is wandering about eating something. Dallas has returned to the dining room where most are sitting resting up from their two hours of work for the day.


If anyone is wondering the fifth feed showing the hidden room remained blaced out til just now when feeds one and two show the ladies crawling into their bunks.  They are watching the HGs of the large flat screen in the room and doing a running commentary.  They speculate about what Maddy will do and remark that she is on top of the world now and the feed fades to black yet again.

The other feeds are on Maddy and Cassandra in the bathroom discussing the numbers from the comp we did not see. Maddy says it is good that Tim got it but he could do some funny shit.  Cass is scared and Maddy tells her not to be.  They apparently were sent to pack Loveitas luggage as the remark going down the stairs that it was easy as her stuff was already packed almost as if she knew.  Cass sits with Tim on the blue loveseat where he is talking to Joel who is sitting crosslegged on the side table.  Maddy sits with Jared on another of the blue loveseats talking about a dessert wafer.  Joel asks Tim again who his letter will be from and he replies he does not know and asks how do you know these things. He does not even know if he will be getting one.  He now asks about the Showme and what he will be allowed to watch and how to find what he wants to see.  Most of the house is clustered in the living room on or around the blue loveseats. Maddy is complaining about wanting her water bottle and they speculate that she left it on a table outside. She gets up to get some water and someone remarks that they are 12 now. Nikki asks Cass if she can believe that they now are just three girls. Cass asks Phil where his brother went and heads out as Tim also gets up and heads to the bathroom.  Maddy returns with a blue water bottle and sits down again. Jared says, "What a day."  Talk turns to vodka and Cass says she does not know where it is but she wants some. 

Tim is leaving the bathroom now and growls out what a waste of time it was packing his area.  Cass joins him in the kitchen asking if he wants some tea which he declines. He wanders into the living room saying that he is still just processing what has happened tonight. Cass is waiting for the kettle to boil. Tim asks her if she is happy she is getting the bloody bed. He comments about her having been so close to his answer and how it could be the difference between her staying and going depending on what he is doing. She wonders why he is bugging her all the time and asks why he does not go and bug someone else.

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10:37PM BBT:  Feed jumps to Loveita and Kelsey talking about how they think Mitch was masterminding them both and how he was doing what Cass was doing but he was doing a better job of it. Love says he wants feuds. Kelsey thinks Maddy might be freaking out right now. Kelsey says Jared is wondering where is Kelsey I miss Kelsey.  Jared Tim and Cass are in the pink room with her saying to him she will leave him alone this week and not follow him around.  Jared says he does well in all the competitions.  


Love and Kelsey still talking about the divisions in the house and who Kelsey would have put up (Dallas and Maddy). Love thinks they messed up their games but she is proud that they did play and they are both proud of their "people". She promises Love that if she retruns in the house she will protect Joel.  Love says that Dallas is also a good person but Kelsey replies that he openly challenged Jared.  Love's number one is Joel and she relates that he know everything about ever single season.  She goes on to say that she is very introverted in groups and he is too.  Love could easily see Joel winning she took offensive at Jared's comment in the OxiClean comp 


Nikki has come into the pink room as has Maddy and Nikki is fussing about the new arrangements.  Tim is packing up to move to the HOH and remarks that he does want the iPod.  Nikki asks BB if she can have some Snickers please in her little girl voice.


Kelsey and Love now talking again about Maddy and how Love would have saved her and given her game trust, but she was wrong.  Kelsey asks if she saw the backdoor coming and she did as it was going down.  Love would have felt better about Cass leaving and Kelsey is reviewing why she kept her and how she came and told Love that was happening before the vote. Love says they both know what it feels like to lose their best friend and Raul too knows what it is like to be on the block with your best friend.

In the blue room Ramsey and Maddy are snuggled up on a bed chatting. (Eat your heart out Nick. - DRG) Jared is in there too and they are again talking about the HOH comp which seems to have come down to a tie breaker question that you would have lost if you guessed over the answer.  Mitch and Nikki are in another of the beds in the room and Maddy is saying she wants to host the POV as hosting is fun. 

The other feeds show Tim in the bathroom packing up his toiletries for his big move to the HOH. The fifth feed is still blacked out.

Tim back in the pink room where talk continues about the sleeping arrangements for the week. In the blue room Nikki has her eyes closed and Mitch is beside her just staring up into space and then closes his eyes as well.

In the pink room Tim observes that he thinks everyone is just exhausted then shouts out that he HATES responsibility.  He wishes he were dead and Phil says he will not talk to him once if he says that is what he wants.  A suggestion is made that he get an assistant or he could just do a Tim. Phil and Jared are lying side by side and Jared punches his hand and says he was so close to getting Dallas out of this house. Talk continues about the details of the comp and how Tim did not want to go over but he did not actually want to win it. He did not want to go over but did not think he would be the closest.  


Jared comments that is was a really wild day today to Raul they are lying in the bathroom on the benches.


BB calls Tim to the DR and talk turns to his HOH room. Cass heads out behind Tim carrying her mug. Nick says he does not know what is going to happen and Dallas agrees.

Jared speculates that Tim will see what the house wants to do and go from there. Phil has joined them and tells them they are both still here. Jared says either he was going as the second part of the double of he was in it for the long haul so here we are. Speculaton turns to the Have Nots for the week and whether the HOH will have to pick or there will be a comp. Jared can't believe Love is gone and it is so refreshing and Cass walks in and says she is so excited about that. Phil comments about Love being an alien robot. Joel come thru and is greeted as he heads into the toilet. Jared talking about how it is a different game for him now and he will be able to hang out with the guys. Jared again regrets how close he was in the HOH and he explains his strategy in response to Phils asking him about it.

Back in the pink room Cass is saying she feels so much better walking around the house now and how she does not have to worry about being attacked for her spider anymore.  Nick gets up and roughly spreads his duvet on the bed and goes out the door. Cass tells Dallas that Tim was just joking about putting her up and asks how Dallas is feeling. He tells her he is OK and can deal with anything. She laments being so close to getting a letter from home but she is happy he got it.

Joel has left the bathroom and Jared and Raul are vertical again and Raul has just left the room. Phil checks himself out in the mirror and follows Raul out the door. 

Feeds go back to Kelsey and Love chatting and Dallas and Joel are whispering in the pink room. 

Love thinks that it sucks that they now know this stuff about both sides.

Jared and Cass now chatting in the bathroom and high five. He is telling her how he promised Joel he would be safe whether he meant it or not.  She will tell  Tim to nom Dallas and Ramsey and Jared agrees he wants Dallas out and then the brothers. She says Ramsey is dangerous and then lists the order as Dallas Ramsey Maddy then the brothers.  Cass says that Phil called out Jared and Cass as brother and sister and its funny since they are from the same city.  

Kelsey and Love are snacking and watching the house. Love says that Joel and Dallas are together til the end. Kelsey says that Dallas wants Jared out and Love says she would work to switch that. kelsey can't believe this is what they are doing right now as they were going home.  They are glad they have made up.

Several HGs have wandered out of the bedrooms in advance of the HOH reveal.  Joel Cass and Phil are on the landing once again rehashing the HOH comp questions. 

Love telling Kelsey that Joel was worried that the trio would hold a vendetta and kelsey says that Jared was steadfast in keeping his word to Joel. they are looking at the group on the green couches and Love feels as if she is still there.  Love comments that if they had just gotten together they would have had the whole house but she only shared everything with Joel. The gals speculate about what folks are expecting them to do while they are locked together for the week.  

Ramsey is now on the couch with Joel with Cass on the grey chairs against the wall. Topis remains the HOH comp.

Kelsey thinks it is interesting that the other side kept Raul and not her. She thought the other side would have wanted to keep her as she would have stayed a target as the duo and Raul is a strong competitor and the two boys would be left together.  she thinks that it was Maddy. Kelsey says that she does not watch this show and does not know the game she has seen only episodes three through seven of one season and that is it. Love comments about Cass and Joel talking and wonders how she can talk with everyone. Kelsey says she is like that and would campaing to everyone for her. 

All feeds black out.



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11:25 PM BBT: Feed five now active in the hidden room with Kelsey and Loveita.  They are talking about what Dallas has written on his bottle and how Maddy did not like Love getting closer to Dallas.  She thinks she talked with Mitch about how Jared is a good all around guy that could make it to the end that folks will not want to keep around. They contintue talking about Maddy and how she has a boyfriend but Nick really likes her and we get blacked out. Feed comes back to Kelsey complaining about Jared telling Ramsey things and how she kept telling him that he had a big mouth and Ramsey told Maddy everything.  Love does not know what Maddy's reasoning was other than they did not like each other and we get blacked out again. 

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11:35 PM BBT:  All feeds still blacked out possibly for the HOH reveal.


11:37 PM BBT: Feeds come back in the HOH where Tim is describing an Australian dip (Vegemite) that he says is very strong and recommends they take just a small amount. 

Feeds back in the secret room now too. 

Tim telling them that this is like a yeast extract and if you ever go to prison store this up and get some fruit and you can make alcohol then he says they could do that here.  He is now describing a picture and how it was done by a professional photographer by his sister's doing.

Ladies still talking away in their secret den with Love saying she would die if Maddy won the game.  Kelsey saying that the only thing that worries her about Joel is Raul who has told her he would go after Joel.  She tells Love that if she goes back in the house she has to talk to Jared one on one. Kelsey says that if she thought she was staying she would have come and talked to Love. They talk about Mitch and how it was better for him to have the two sides fighting each other. (All feeds in this room now as the HOH gather continues.) 

Jared now in the blue room getting something out of hs bag.

Kelsey says she was not as close to Mitch as the brothers so it was smart for him to get rid of her. Jared and Raul got close on their own and she was originally closer to Raul than Jared except personally they had a connection from the first night.  She says she did not know about the alliance business a describes how the three got together and eventually came up with the name "the third wheel". She talks about rehearsing her speech over and over and how the live shows get her so nervous moreso than the POV ceremonies.  Love asks what it was like to walk out of the house and again she says she was really nervous. Love wonders if she did not love the fans and relates how she had so much fun seeing them. Talk turns to the massages in the house and how Jared would get so nervous any time she flirted with the brothers. Love says you never saw it on him and Kelsey relates how he treated her the day she got nominated and how they got drunk in the baseball comp since they were losing so badly anyway. Love compliments her for getting along very well with everyone in the house and she says it is just her she is a flirty girl. She says the fourth time he got mad at her about it she told him she was not good for his game. Love says that if she had said one word to her she had two other votes in Ramsey and Dallas. Love says at the end of the day she did not really care. Kelsey says she wanted to stay in the house but she did not want to campaign against her best friend in the house. They are taking off their faces talking about how Jared has a heart. Kelsey returns to Maddy and wondering how she will break her obsession about her. Love can't believe some of the people that are in there when she and kelsey are actually decent.  They diss Ramsey as not being trustworthy and being a little dense in the game just letting Maddy run his game for him. Love says that Ramsey thought Kelsey did not like him maybe because of the situation between her and Maddy.  Kelsey says that she might be getting her period really soon and if there is a time to get it this is it. Love says they have stuff for them or will get it.  Love wonders what time it is. (Time to say good night, Gracie. If i had a say in it. - DRG) Talk turns to what others said about them and Love says that Maddy told her that Kelsey and Cass were enemies and wonders why Maddy would say that to her? Did someone tell her that or did she just make it up.  Were Maddy and Cass friends? They wer in the first group and Kelsey says they will become friends now. Kelsey is really curious to see who Tim is going to put up. They remark about their current circumstance and how are they going to do it for a week? Love says she felt like she could breathe when she walked out on the stage and Kelsey asks her what Arissa asked. They agree that Arissa was so friendly and so nice and made them feel comfortable.  Kelsey repeats Arissa's questions to her and Love mentions having predicted Joel would be the winner as he is underestimated by folks in the house.

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