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Monday, March 21, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Update

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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 8:00-8:30am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights are on and some house guests are up getting ready for their day.

 8:30am BBT Some of the house guests are not getting up out of bed so we hear the rooster crowing and then we get locked out.

 8:40am BBT We are still locked out. Today the PoV ceremony will be held! Would anybody like to see Dallas use the PoV to save one of the nominees?

 8:44am BBT The feeds are back, we hear BB call Maddy and Ramsey and then BB said Good morning house guests it is time to wake up.

 8:46am BBT Dallas is in the WA getting back into his cactus suit as he says he has a few more hours in it.

 8:47am BBT Mitch and Tim are outside by the HT talking about cloud watching today and then they see birds that they start talking about.

 8:52am BBT Jared and Cassandra in the WA and Cassandra told Jared she has to be nice to Phil today as she is putting on her makeup.

 8:54am BBT Tim, Nikki and Mitch by the HT talking about fish and plants. Dallas is just lying in the BY on the couch all by himself.

 8:58am BBT In the KT Joel and Phil are talking about jr hockey in Canada.

 9:05am BBT In the blue BR Ramsey is getting dressed while telling Loveita (who is still in bed) that he does trust her, but everyone just gets paranoid.

 9:07am BBT Feeds switch to BY where Maddy is telling Nick and Dallas that she had a dream that she found her duck and someone in the blue BR had it. Dallas thinks that BB took it.

 9:12am BBT Dallas, Jared and Kelsey out by the HT talking about people not doing their share of cleaning in the house. Kelsey talks about how she has been cleaning and Dallas follows that up with people just want brownie points when they say that they have been cleaning out loud and then talk switches to the weather.

 9:14am BBT Kelsey left the HT area and Dallas told Jared that they should have a chat. Jared asked if he wanted to chat now. Dallas told Jared that they should go after the brothers. Jared said that it is difficult because everyone has seen Dallas call him out, he is not committed to it, but he is open to it. Dallas said that the brothers are getting a free pass as long as Dallas and Jared are going after each other.

 9:16am BBT Dallas told Jared that backdooring the brothers was his original plan. Jared said that he told the brothers that he knows they are separating. Dallas said to keep what he said to himself and continues to talk about how the brothers are sitting pretty and everyone thinks they are gunning for each other. Jared said that he knew from the get go that he wanted to work with Dallas.

 9:22am BBT no more game talk going on, just everyone doing ADL’s getting ready for the day.

 9:25am BBT Cassandra and Tim are by the HT talking about working together and Tim said that he did not want to end up like what is happening with Jared and Kelsey.

 9:27am BBT Tim is talking about how he is going to start touching people and that he did not have an affectionate family growing up.

 9:30am BBT Tim said that he never tells his parents that he loves them, but when he left for BB he hugged them and told them he loved them. Nick said that he had a huge fight with his dad before he left for BB and how his dad did not teach him anything growing up then we get locked out.

 9:32am BBT Joel and Loveita in the HOH room. Joel is telling Loveita that he is terrible about knowing who is telling the truth or not. They are discussing their relationships with Raul and Kelsey. Loveita said that Kelsey is the link to the others.

 9:34am BBT Joel said that once the veto ceremony is over and Dallas does not use the veto, he is going to have a private conversation with Kelsey and Raul because it might come down to a tie so Joel will have to make the deciding vote. Joel is hoping that one of them will offer him a deal. Loveita told Joel to remember that Kelsey is a good talker.

 9:36am BBT Joel said that he got really bad vibes from Raul and he thinks that Raul will just go around in circles because Raul does not explain anything specific. Joel needs somebody to make specific deals, but Raul beats around the bush. Loveita said that everyone lies in this game unless you have a close ally. Joel gets the vibe from Jared that he is straight up. Loveita feels like Jared is not sincere and then she goes through the houseguests names about who is with who.

 9:42am BBT Joel and Loveita are discussing who has final two deals then Joel said he has to finish his breakfast and they leave the room.

 9:46am BBT BB just announced that the BY is now off limits so Tim and Cassandra head inside as Tim tells Cassandra that he is not going to talk game with certain people.

 9:49am BBT General chatting going on and some eating breadfast as the house guests wait for the PoV ceremony.

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10:15PM BBT: Feeds back Mitch and Maddy are chatting on the green couches on the landing while Joel Dallas and the ever present Loveita are in the HOH where Joel is relating a story about his first kiss. 

Phil comes by the landing and relates a story about lactose intolerance and how he blew up a toilet.  

Cass wanders back and forth between the bedroom and the HOH passing Mitch and Joel and eventually goes to the main bathroom to shower complaining about how hot it is in the house.  

In HOH Dallas is now telling a story about his romantic past. 

Mitch telling Maddy that he was in the room when Joel made the decision about the noms and how he currently feels kind of lost in his path in the game as everyone else seems to have a pairing while he does not.  He says he is fairly alone and feels sad that he has not found an emotional support person in the house and how the power trio are much closer than he is with anyone and he wants Maddy to know that he is not as close with them as they are with each other and he does not want to be considered part of their crew.  

In the HOH Nick comes in with a large stuffed animal and sits on the couch opposite Dallas.  

Mitch continues his don't hate me don't put me on the block next week plea to Maddy. She tells him they are not condemning him with guilt by association, but they did see him as closer to the power trio. (Mitch is not the easiest HG to follow or transcribe as he is what Seinfeld would call a "low talker" he lowers both his tone and his volume when talking game. - DRG) 

Talk in HOH continues about Joel's sexual history and how he did not lose his virginity til the age of 23 which he considers to be quite late.  

Maddy telling Mitch how being alone and not talknig game to anyone makes her feel better. She thinks it is weird that the rooms have become like a barrier or a line in the sand.  She thinks it sucks that their are two sides and the Have Not comp was really bad. Now they are talking about Tim throwing the bat and how he needs to take responsibility for making the mistake. 

In the HOH Loveita declares that she got blamed for Joel's noms so she might as well take the room (As if she is ever anywhere else anyway. - DRG) Joel reminds her of when she took his dog and tells her that she follows him around like a dog.  

On the landing Mithch says maybe they should switch up the rooms some and Maddy tells him that Joel's noms made the game real. 


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10:42PM BBT: Maddy now saying she can't trust the brothers since they have lied to her so many times as they are talking about who is in the middle and who they can work with.  Maddy brings up how Sarah from last season was alone the whole game. Maddy says it is a game of numbers though and you do need to have at least a companion.  Mitch tells her he never thought of the two of them being in the same position but maybe they should think about what they can do about it.  He projects what would happen if Dallas was evicted and she is in a better position as he is a bigger target but they are seen as being a unit. 


In the HOH Nick is talking about still being single and what his prospects will be like upon leaving the BB house. 


BB calls Mitch to the DR and he and Maddy head off in opposite directions and the feed switches to the back yard where the remaining guys are lounging on the red couches along with Kelsey and Nikki. 

Feed jumps to the bedroom where Jared and Maddy are saying they don't know who the will vote for. Jared says Mitch and he may split their votes and Maddy says she is not playing personally.  Jared wonders what is up with all these girls being voted out.  She asks if she is guilty by association because he and Dallas have being going back and forth head to head and he tells her that she pretty much is. 


Feed jumps to the bathroom where Cass is shown heading out the door and we are left to watch the dryer spinning around.


Cass now enters the HOH humming and heads back out to go downstairs to the kitchen.


Back in the other bedroom Ramsey has joined Maddy and Jared who are still talking about Maddy being linked to Dallas in most HGs minds.  


Outside Tim and Kelsey are having a serious discussion about dogs and animal rescue and how there are no French bulldogs in the pound.  

Jard has left the bedroom and Maddy is telling Ramsey how he is lucky that he has remaind sort of hidden and his reply is that it is a mixed blessing and he just needs to win HOH. (Where have we heard that before???? - DRG)

Jared and Dallas now on the blue loveseat talking about the perceived tie between Dallas and Maddy and how Jared told her that it exists.

Maddy is in the bathroom now starting ADLs and the feed jumps to the HOH where they are playing 20 Questions about Loveita's boyfriend with Joel asking all the questions. 

Feed jumps to the chapel to show Tim and someone else heading out the door. 

Outside Raul is calling out for Mitch and Jared is saying he is going to hide his smokes. Kelsey says Jared was gone a long time and asks if he is going for a smoke. 

The other feeds show Ramse and Cass in the kitchen where he is telling her she should have had what he ate which was a bad ass rice with vegetables. She inquires if there are left overs and he says no that what remains is for Mitch. 

Outside Jared and Kelsey are heading to the hot tub as he complains about Nick's lactose intolerant smelly poop and how brutal the odor was when Jared had to pee following him.  Dallas is behind the counter smoking as the duo arrive and they join in on his chimney impersonation. 

Inside Mitch back from the DR standing by the blue loveseats talking to Cass who is lying on one.  She says she has been resting for the last few days. Mitch heads off and Joel sits on the coffee table next to her.

Outside Jared talking about being dehydrated and peeing yellow and Raul shares that he has been shitting really well and talk turns to cleanses. 

Inside Joel complaining about being painted as so much stuff because Loveita has been leeching on to him. Cass asks if folks have told him how they are voting and he turns the question back onto her.  She asks him again and he says they all assume Jared is keeping Kelsey, and Maddy would keep Raul, Loveita will keep Raul. He changes the topic to Kelsey's relative who coreographed a production of Company that he was in. Cass calls out to the kitchen asking what they broke but gets no response.  He takes back the assumption about Maddy's vote when she tells him Maddy does not get along with either of the nominees.  Cass says she has been hanging out by herself outside all day.  She does not want Loveita to hang out with her all day either because she has not other friends in the house.  She advises Joel he needs to tell her to keep her distance as folks are now assuming they have a final 2 deal.  He worries that the damage is done but she tells him folks in the house have a short attention span and thinking changes week to week.  He is another one worried about guilt by association. Ramsey joins complainging about a cold sore then Mitch comes by in his onesie and he and Joel start a mock argument about what they wear in the house. Joel asks if they want to play lets pick up a chick and claims to have good pick up lines.  She reluctantly agrees to play along and after acting out concern about her being injured from a terrible fall resorts to the cliche that she had a terrible fall since she is an angel that just fell from heaven.  


Mitch and Nikki are now chatting in the store room about the votes and he is saying he hopes the house keeps Raul and she states that she is with him on that.  She goes on to say that folks respect his opinion a good bit.

Up in the chapel Jared is telling Kelsey that he thinks that she will be staying. He does not want it to come down to Joel if the vote is tied, but she thinks that Joel would vote to keep her. 


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11:20PM BBT: Jared talking about voting for Raul like Tim voted for Cass to leave and they go back and forth about what they want to happen.


In the storeroom the are discussing the difference between herbal tea and decaf tea as Nikkis is eating one of her bananas. 


Kelsey and Jared now talking about why they did the show and how Raul is there for different reasons and would be more bummed to leave this week.  Additionally if it would hurt him in his game she would be upset. She is just here to have fun and is worried that it will stop being fun at some point. He promises to make if fun and she says what will happen if he should go. She states they need to start hanging out with other people more and he agrees.  


Joel now in the store room with Mitch talking about when Dallas and Jared squared off openly.  Mitch says Dallas is still gonna go after the remaining two of the trio. Nikki on the other side of the room just listening.  Joel complaining about folks abusing their access to his HOH and especially how Loveita is always two feet away from him.  Nikki asked if he just asked for some space and Joel is wishy washy about it demonstrating his inability to set limits as he answers the question.  Nikki remarks about how Love is always in the HOH even when he is having a conversation with someone else.  He again complains about being guilty by association (more like guilty by inaction or a shortage of gonads - DRG) Nikki says she can't be around Love too much as she finds it exhausting.


In the chapel Raul has joined them and he is complaining about Cassandra then Kelsey is back to talking about how she did not figure out earlier that Joel knows her aunt from the theater world. Raul leaves and the duo start talking about how they need to study and how they will take Dallas's bottle tomorrow and how it is really pretty good. 


Joel and Nikki now alone in the store room still complaining about Loveita. Nikki complained about her taking her duvet to wash it without asking the other day and Joel is saying that Love is always so high strung and he never knows when she is going to go off.


Cass and Raul and Mitch now in the High Roller Suite and she is talking about hangin out alone all day and wanting to talk to both Raul and Kelsey before making her decision.  Phil enters and after Raul talks about planning a fashion show for tomorrow and Phil is called to the DR.


Mitch saying that he does not know where Cass stands as folks are starting to think she is getting closer to Loveita.  Raul asks if he will stay and Mitch says he and Jared will keep him and so will Nikki. Mitch tells Raul how he campaigned gently for him with Nikki and we get locked out of their conversation.  Feeds back and they think Maddy and Ramsey will keep Kelsey but Dallas is a coin toss.  Mitch thinks he can change Ramsey's mind but he is not sure.  


Tim now in the storeroom with Joel throwing in his two cents about how Joel can get some space from Loveita.  


Mitch telling Raul how the general feeling is that it does not make much difference who stays and who goes this week as they are seen as being about equal. Kelsey joins them along with Jared. They start talking about how funny it will be to see the DR sessions after the game is over. Kelsey says how she was so stressed the first week and was not at all herself. Jared wishes they could all get together afterwards and watch the show in their PJs. They start complaining about the slop and whether BB has to replenish everyithing on the legal list for the Have Nots.  Jared says that Tim is going to try not eating at all for the next three days and Kelsey asks about a cleanse again.  Jared talking about how girls in bikini contests screw up their bodies and balloon up afterwards.  Raul has returned and is again talking about how he is not getting along with Cass to well these days and how he tried to smooth it over with her.  Raul wants to go brush his teeth and Kelsey wants to wash her feet. Kelsey relating how Cass told her that those people don't trust you like you think they do and how Love said that Cass was not trustworthy before the vote last week.  

In the store room Tim is talking about how Kelsey has done well to get this far and Loveita enters saying she feels uncomfortable in the game all the time and manages to break up the group which heads over to the kitchen.


Back in the HIgh Roller room Kelsey is saying she is leaving it all up to fate and Mitch says that sometimes people come back in this game (and sometimes they never really leave when it looks like they did. - DRG)  



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4:53 PM BBT In the BY, Tim is walking around with the big silver ball from the workout space and giving Mitch, Phil and Nick rules of a new game.  As they serve, they have to say “pussy wants some milk.”  If they don’t say it, they go to the bottom.  They can play with four or six.  If the ball hits a line, it’s considered “in.”  If the ball bounces in your square and you don’t capture it, then you’re out.  The ball can bounce once.  If there are discrepancies, they vote.  Tim says that it’s a game you learn as you go, but each time the others say let’s go, Tim keeps telling them more about rules. They try another area in the BY because they are worried about a camera but they end up moving back to where they started.  If you are in the “King’s square” you control the game.

5:06 PM BBT Dallas has captured a fly and brings it up to Tim for a meal for Marinara.  They drop it into Marinara’s jar and note that it is still alive.  They are elated.  They watch Marinara spot the fly.  Cass comes in and Tim tells her that Dallas got it.  Cassandra tells Dallas she loves him. They watch Marinara stalk the fly and kill it.  They go nuts when Marinara kills the fly and devours it.  Tim draws and analogy to the BB game and declares that this is Big Brother in a jar.  They continue to rave about what a good kill that was. 


7:58 PM BBT Jared and Mitch are talking about votes in the Hundo room.  They think Joel might end up being the tie-breaker.  Mitch says if they make a decision, they might be able to make it happen.  Jared asks Mitch what they should do.   Mitch says they can work with either one.  Having Kelsey gone would make Jared less of a target, which is good for both of them.  Mitch suggests talking to the brothers to bring them in, except that he thinks they don’t want to win HOHs.  They talk about Nikki accusing the brothers of having a special power from their isolation time on night one.  Jared tells Mitch about a conversation he had with Dallas where Dallas offered to keep Jared safe and go after the brothers.  Jared didn’t commit to that, claiming that he was feeling low with his two alliance-mates on the block.  Jared thinks that Dallas might put the brothers up if he won HOH and then just remind Jared of what Dallas had talked to him about.  Mitch is annoyed that he didn’t take HOH this week...he regrets giving it to Joel.  Mitch thinks that Joel wants to protect Loveita and that Kelsey would be more likely to target Loveita than Raul.  Mitch feels that he is on a more even keel with Jared and Raul than with Kelsey.  It would be an easier alliance if it was three guys.  Jared agrees with Mitch that it’s best for their game (and Mitch’s sanity) if they keep Raul.  Jared says he can understand wanting to have a friend to give you support.  He has had that for a month, and he can understand that Mitch needs that.  They talk about the brothers more, but are skeptical of getting a commitment from them.  They agree that Mitch will approach them.  Jared doesn’t want to because she doesn’t want it to get back to Kelsey who was thinking she wanted to leave but has been hinting that she wants to stay after all.  They discuss where Nikki is at.  Mitch feels that he could probably influence Nikki because Nikki likes him.  Jared thinks that with Kelsey is gone, there will be more opportunities to work with others in the game. 

8:05 PM BBT Ramsey is preparing veggies in the KT and the brothers are sitting at the counter.  Phil is close to Ramsey.  Ramsey clarifies that the brothers are talking and that what he shares with Phil gets shared with Nick.  Ramsey says it’s good to know that. 


8:07 PM BBT  Mitch and Jared discuss “the Dallas threat”... can they handle it socially or do they need to win and get him out?  Jared says the only people they don’t want to win HOH next week are Loveita, Maddy or Dallas.  Jared thinks that he and Mitch would be safe with Ramsey.  Raul may be in jeopardy with Ramsey, so Jared and Mitch may be able to influence Ramsey to keep Raul safe.  Raul comes into the Hundo suite and they talk about Cassandra.  Jared feels safe with Cass.  Jared says that Cass would be after Phil because Cass and Phil don’t get along.  Jared says that Tim is sketchy about the brothers.  Mitch points out that the brothers are well-positioned between both groups.  Jared fills Raul in on who they don’t want to win HOH.  Mitch adds Dallas to the list of people that they don’t want winning HOH.  Raul hates that the competitions have been luck.  They talk about what the next HOH comp will be if it’s a double eviction.  It will probably be something short, so that’s scary. 


8:12 PM BBT Mitch and Jared tell Raul that they think it will be better for their game to keep Raul. Mitch tells Jared and Raul that working with them and the three of them winning back-to-back HOHs is his dream world.   They talk about where Joel is at with them.  Kelsey comes into the room and tells them that Joel and Kelsey’s aunt are both in the Leduc drama club, and they know each other well.  Kelsey asks if they are talking about her and Mitch says no, they are talking about Joel.  Kelsey thinks Joel needs to be a target.  They talk about ways they might approach Dallas.  Could they convince him that they are not targeting him... maybe by saying they are after Loveita.  Who else would Dallas want to leave?  The brothers, Jared, Mitch.  They talk about Tim and Nikki going far because no one has a reason to target them.  Kelsey says she thinks Nikki will leave on her own.  They agree that as soon as she is on slop, she would probably leave.  The jackpot lights go on and the four of them go out to see.  Mitch says the T is more red than the others, and there is an arrow going down.  They sound stops and Jared fakes seeing something, and then laughs. 


8:19 PM BBT Jared, Kelsey, Raul, and Mitch re-convene in the WA and continue their discussions.  Kelsey starts putting makeup on Raul while Mitch and Jared talk strategy for next week.  Kelsey thinks they shouldn’t add anyone in.  They can just make one-week deals.  She wouldn’t trust any plan that involves working with Dallas.  Jared fills Kelsey in on Dallas’ proposal that he and Jared keep each other safe and both target the brothers.  Kelsey asks why would they give up the trust of the brothers in order to work with Dallas?  Kelsey asks about the plan between Kelsey and Raul.  Jared tells her that they feel Raul is better for their game but they don’t think Raul has the votes to stay. Kelsey says they will have to campaign against her.  Feeds go to “Zzzz...”




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Big thanks, as always, to Sassy2565, App and DRG, however that only covers 4 of 24 hours.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to post updates ad observations from the BBCAN4 live feeds.  Neatness and spelling does not count.  No one will criticise your writing.  Please help!:help:




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