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Thursday, March 17, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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 8:49am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights are on in the BB house and eviction day has started. We see Tim get out of bed, grab his clothes and leave the room to take a shower. In the WA Mitch is also taking a shower and Raul walked in and said good morning to them. Kelsey is walking around changing batteries.    

 9:00am BBT Looks like some other houseguests are out of bed and doing their ADL’s as well, no game talk going on.

 9:12am BBT Mitch and Tim are in the KT whispering weighing the pros and cons of keeping each nominee. Mitch wants Jared or Dallas to win the next HOH so they can go after each other. Tim said last night that loveita had him convinced to keep Christine because she is alone right now. Tim thinks the difference between the two is that Cassandra talks and Christine does not.

 9:17am BBT Tim, Joel, Phil and Mitch in the KT and Tim comments “look at us the four swing votes”

 9:19am BBT Mitch explains that they are in the middle ground, but if it gets to obvious that they are sitting and watching each other fight, the others might start coming after them. They all discuss the votes and how it will look with the numbers.

 9:21am BBT Tim said no matter what happens, it is up to chance on who wins the HOH and then walks upstairs. Joel tells the others that they need to be solid on keeping Cassandra. Phil said yep it is a very important vote today. Phil is called to the DR and the Joel is happy that Phil might get a birthday cake.

 9:24am BBT Phil walks back out of the DR and he has Tylenol in his hands. Joel is excited about it and Phil jokingly said that they all think it is Tylenol, but he is going to have the best birthday ever. Nick is called to the DR and they think BB will give Nick a cake for Phil.

 9:36am BBT General talk going on in the KT about sports.

 9:42am BBT Dallas is in the KT now talking about not being able to sleep last night. Nikki walked down the stairs and wished Phil a happy birthday. BB told Nikki to put on her mic.

 9:44am BBT in the pink BR, Tim, Cassandra and Christine are watching the pet spider, Marinara attempting to eat a bug they put in the jar.

 9:52am BBT There is still general chatting in the KT and watching Marinara in the pink BR.

 9:53am BBT Up in the HOH Loveita and Kelsey are discussing who will be evicted and BB tells them to please put on their mic. Loveita thinks they are safer keeping Christine. Kelsey thinks that Christine is good with Maddy. Loveita told Kelsey that Cassandra has burned her (Kelsey’s) name. Kelsey is surprised by that and she knows now not to trust Cassandra because of things Loveita told her. Loveita is not going to have conversations with Cassandra anymore. Kelsey said if Christine stays, she is with Dallas and Maddy who are gunning after her. Loveita said what matters is who gets HOH. Loveita said if they go back and forth after each other than the others are good. Kelsey assures her that if her, Jared or Raul win HOH, Loveita will not go on the block. Loveita and Kelsey are wondering if it would be double eviction today.

 10:00am BBT Loveita and Kelsey are discussing how a double eviction works.

 10:02am BBT Kelsey said whatever happens, happens because she likes Christine. They discuss the pros and cons of being HOH. Loveita told Kelsey that they could keep Cassandra and she could be on their side. Kelsey said that Cassandra will be on the side of whoever is in power. Loveita is glad that they could look past their differences because it is just a game.

 10:04am BBT Kelsey wants a week where someone else is HOH and on the block so they could relax for a week. Loveita said they have been wasting their energy going after each other. Dallas walked in the HOH and asks what Kelsey is doing. Kelsey said she was using the restroom. Dallas wants to know how the votes are. Kelsey said she is good either way. Dallas said it is going to be a 6/5 vote and Cassandra is convinced that she has it. Dallas said he told Cassandra to her face that he is sorry but he is voting her out. Dallas told Loveita if Cassandra sticks around she will put Loveita on the block. Loveita said that is news to her.

 10:11am BBT Dallas said that he has come to terms that Cassandra is going to stay in the house and talks about how she is acting and called her a classless b***h. The three keep going back and forth about the pros and cons of keeping Cassandra over Christine.

 10:14am BBT Kelsey said it will break her heart if Christine leaves. Dallas would like to see it get flipped upside down. They agree again that it is the HOH that makes the difference and they are going to have to wait and see. Loveita said it would be nice if they could take a week off of the game. Kelsey walks out of the HOH as Maddy walks in to use the HOH WA. BB announced that the HOH must pack and vacate the room. Maddy is asking what Kelsey was talking about. Loveita explains that they were talking about the votes. Maddy said it makes no sense that she would come in and talk about it when they know that she is voting for Cassandra to stay. Loveita said she (Kelsey) knows that others are talking to her about their votes and that is the information that she wanted.

 10:22am BBT Maddy, Christine and Loveita in the HOH talking about the votes. Loveita told Christine that she needs to talk to Joel. Christine does not know what to offer him. Lovieta said that she is really close with Joel, but she knows that he would want to hear from Christine. Phil walked in the HOH room and asked what is in the mouthwash. Nikki apologized and said that she and Tim pranked him then they walk out. Maddy can’t wait to be HOH and would love to do a double eviction. Maddy and Loveita discuss what they are going to wear today.

 10:29am BBT Phil walked in the HOH room and told Nikki that Tim said he was just a bystander and Phil said he is going to get Nikki back. Nikki asked him not to and then he helped her carry her stuff out of the HOH room.

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 10:31am BBT BB announces that house guests nominated for eviction must have their bags packed and put in the SR within 3 hours.

 10:30am BBT Loveita is in the HN room telling Joel that she knows Cassandra will put her on the block if she stays and if Loveita knew that someone would put him on the block, she would vote them out (so she is trying to convince him to vote out Cassandra). Loveita left the HN room and Christine walked in. Christine is talking to Joel about the others and how if they stick together, they can stay in the middle whereas Cassandra has made the same exact deal with everyone in the house. Tim walked in the HN room and Christine left. Tim asked Joel if he wanted to talk to him. Joel said Cassandra is really bothering him because she is monitoring his conversations, but at the same time he has locked in with Mitch and the brothers and what is best for him is to keep Cassandra. Tim said he is thinking backlash and they should vote with majority to keep themselves off of the radar.  

 10:42am BBT Tim said it is not about the player this week, it is about setting up the play for next week and then he leaves the HN room. Feeds switch to HOH room where Loveita is telling Nikki that she thinks Tim is playing her and she does not understand why people are lying.

 10:43am BBT Nikki said that you can’t change what it will be so don’t worry about it.

 10:43am BBT Feeds switch to the WA where Kelsey, Jared, Tim and Cassandra are discussing the votes. Cassandra said that Loveita said that she does not care. Kelsey is telling Cassandra that Loveita was telling her that Cassandra will put her (Kelsey) up if she stays. Cassandra does not know why people are saying that about her. Kelsey said that she heard also that Cassandra wanted to put Kelsey on the block if the PoV was used.

 10:47am BBT Feeds switch to Dallas and Christine in the HN room discussing votes and how Cassandra is a week to week player. Dallas said he is trying to rally Tim. Christine said that Mitch does not want discussions to look like he is conspiring and Dallas asked how she knew that. Christine said she can read his mind. Christine leaves the room and Dallas said that time will tell.  

 10:51am BBT Feeds are down.

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10:59am BBT Tim, Mitch and Ramsey on the landing discussing not wanting to be the most liked house guest to keep them safe. Tim is explaining his past BB experience.

11:05am BBT Discussion on the landing is still about BB Australia and how Tim said he is the only one in that who wanted to play the BB game and that he changed the game forever then we get locked out.

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11:52 AM BBT Feeds come back. In the KT, there are complaints about 3 fucking hours (sounds like Dallas).  It's a long time. Tim and Joel are preparing food.  Loveita is cheering for lots of people for HOH and thinks no one wants to be HOH.  Dallas says that HE does.  Tim and Loveita discuss how people are happy to get HOH the first time, but the second time you realize what it brings.


11:59 AM BBT Tim and Joel leave the KT.  Dallas tells Loveita that he regrets not using the veto. He should have forced her to put someone else up.  Loveita ignores his comment and complains that Joel made his slop and wandered off without it.  Dallas says he can't stand all the pussies in here, and Loveita says she almost doesn't care if she goes home.  They both say that they would rather leave before jury.  Dallas says if people aren't going to play the game the right way, then just put him up. 


12:00 PM BBT Loveita starts talking about having a best friend in the house that you can trust.  She feels that Joel has been sketchy with her.  Dallas feels he can trust Loveita, Maddy, and Ramsey and that's it.  Dallas repeats that they should have backdoored someone this week.  Loveita whispers to him not to act that way.  Dallas says you're good until the PoV is used and then you're garbage.  Dallas tells her that Joel has no balls; he's a boy trapped in a 33-year-old's body.  It's frustrating to watch.


12:03 PM BBT Mitch and Ramsey talking game on the landing.  MItch tells Ramsey that the game will change a lot if Dallas or Jared leave.  Ramsey says that at some point, their visions may need to align.  Mitch thinks that he will vote to evict Christine, but he doesn't know what will happen.  Mitch tells Ramsey that he doesn't know whether or not he is a target with Ramsey's alliance members, so his vote could compromise his position with them.  Ramsey tells Mitch what he has heard...no on has mentioned him as a target, but people have noted who he is working with.  Mitch says that he has been told he would be someone's target.  Ramsey says he is not as close to Dallas because of something Dallas did, but he is still close to Maddy.  Ramsey is worried that Mitch has been told he could be a target.


12:08 PM BBT Mitch and Ramsey talk about the vote.  Ramsey says he always reveals his vote beforehand.  Mitch says that is why people don't see him as a threat.  They have trust in what he says.  Ramsey talks about actions speaking louder than words.  Mitch says it all comes down to who wins HOH, just like every other week.  They have to wait and see.  No one seems to feel that they have a huge stake in who goes home this week. Ramsey has been very clear from the start that he will vote to evice Cassandra because she was targeting him.



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12:16 PM BBT In the pink room, Dallas, Christine, Maddy, and Tim talking about Cassandra being untrustworthy.  Dallas says Cassandra had a final two deal with everyone in the house.  Her word has no weight. Christine is getting ready, but Tim says he's not getting ready yet.  They have three hours!  Tim asks in a complaining tone, why they have so much time.  Maddy and Christine tell him they always have this much time.  Maddy helps Christine with her mic.  Tim comments that the rooms are going to become sides soon, although the Have-Nots change things up. Christine asks Tim if he will vote to keep her if she can convince Joel or Mitch to keep her, and he agrees. 


12:18 PM BBTChristine leaves and Tim continues talking about if either of Joel or Mitch did flip, the group couldn't find out who did it unless either of the boys tell Dallas and Maddy and Dallas and Maddy filtered it back to Jared's group. The fear of Jared's group finding out they turned against Cass will stop them from doing it.  They only way they would do it is if they could be sure that no one would be able to figure it out. Dallas comes over to where Tim is laying and whispers that Loveita has told Dallas that Joel is telling everyone one thing, and is going to flip at the last moment, so if Tim is basing his vote on what Joel is doing, he should take that into account.  Tim says that he is planning to do the same thing as Joel.  There will be unknown numbers to keep Christine, and no one will know who it is...whether it is Joel, Mitch, or Tim.  That's what Tim thinks is happening.  


12:20 PM BBT Dallas tells Tim that talking to Joel one on one is a lot different than when you talk to him in front of the group.  In front of a group, he hems and haws.  Dallas relays a previous conversation where he called Joel out as a swing vote.  They talk about the consequences of Joel swinging against Loveita.  Dallas says Joel has to pick a side.  Tim points out that Loveita doesn't have the power to go after Joel this week, and asks if Dallas and Maddy would go after him.  Dallas says, no, not this week.  They talk about it not being a house vote.  it's going to be a 6-5 vote. Tim thinks people will respect a strong stand.  Dallas says you might piss off one side, but the other side will say come on over.  They talk about Christine and that she will stay loyal to them.  Tim says yes, you at least know where Christine stands. Cassandra is like a leaky boat.  

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12:13 PM BBT Loveita whispering to Joel and Mitch in the HN room. She tells them that they are in the middle.  Be together.  Loveita tells them that she has had to re-position herself so that she can be more middle again.  She kept telling everyone she is on her own and could be attacked at any time, and they should vote the way they want.  Loveita says they should touch base once a day so they know what's being said.  She advises Joel and Mitch that if they are HOH, they should make sure they share information, but make sure it's useless information.  Loveita is committed to an alliance with them.  Mitch whispers that he is down with that.  He outlines his view of the house with 3 on Jared's side, 3 on Dallas' side.  They have the numbers as the middle/floaters.  Loveita says they need to stay imbedded in those groups and be the saboteurs of this season to keep themselves safe.  They think they have the wildcards on their side.  Mitch is wary of sharing everything with the wild cards.  Loveita notes that Tim is the one who brought up the idea of the middle working together, but she says Mitch makes a good point because they ARE wildcards.  Mitch is worried about Nikki spilling information inadvertently.  Mitch suggests that Loveita stay close to Dallas and Mitch will stay close to Jared, Kelsey and Raul.  Loveita plans to play off that she is afraid that Jared, Kelsy and Raul will come for her.  They make plans to keep their distance from each other. 


12:18 PM BBT In the BY, Jared, Kelsey and Cass are on the red couches talking.  Kelsey says the brothers have to be on board.  Jared repeats to Cass that she has to work on the brothers.  That is her job over the next few weeks.  Jared tells Cass that she should let them know what Tim says.  Cass leaves, and Jared and Kelsey talk about how stressful the game is.  The camera view widens and we see that Raul is on the opposite couch snoozing.

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12:09pm BBT: Mitch and Philippe  talking on the green couch about the vote tonight and how they think Cassandra will stay and to never question things just do what you want.

12:16pm BBT: In the bedroom Dallas is talking to Maddy, Tim and Christine about how he thinks Cassandra has a deal with everyone in the house so her word means nothing. Tim ask how long they have? Christine says 3 hours. Tim tells her that he is not getting ready yet he has plenty of time.

12:19pm BBT: Maddy ask so if i get Joel to flip then you will and Tim says if Joel does then i will talk to him and then yes he he says flip i will.

12:26pm BBT: Philippe, Tim, Maddy and Dallas talking about wearing green today for ST. Patrick's day. Maddy says i wish i had green to wear. Dallas says he can not wait to see eviction tonight and see who wins HOH tonight, he says it is going to be great and a barn burner.

12:30pm BBT: Dallas tells Philippe and Maddy that if they win HOH then they do not have to sweat and if they win he does not have to sweat they are all safe and Philippe agrees with him. Tim comes in and they talk about jeans.

12:32pm BBT: Tim ask what is the plan if Cassandra stays and Dallas says i do not know man i need loyalty. Tim says i know but if we can not get Joel on board then Cassandra will stay. Dallas says  dude if Christine stays she will go for the other side but if Cassandra stays we do not know what she will do.

 12:40pm BBT: Cassandra talking to Jared and Kelsey and Jared tells him to let him know what Tim says. Cassandra leaves and Jared tells Kelsey this game is so stressful.

12:46pm BBT: Joel and Mitch in the have not rm talking and Mitch tells Joel that he does not believe that the votes will come down to his vote this week. Joel says yeah i am just worried. Mitch tells him that he really does not think Christine is working with anyone but Cassandra is.

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