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Wednesday, March 16, 2016 BBCAN4 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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5:55 PM BBT In the HOHR, Nikki is telling Tim that she is disappointed that he hasn’t been hanging out with her.  Nikki tells him that she went out the fire escape and they had to stop the live feeds, and they asked for Tim.  Nikki says she has sung Tim’s praises, and was so happy that if she achieved nothing at least she had a lifelong friendship with Tim.  She tells him that he has been there for her, and she doesn’t forget about that, and she feels loyal to friends who are there for her like that.  Tim tells her that friendship like that is not natural to him.  He was there for her because she needed a friend.  Tim tells her that he is upset that Loveita had questioned his loyalty and that Nikki has obviously been swayed by Loveita.  Nikki repeats that friends need to be there for one another through thick and thin, and yesterday when she was upset, he was staying away from her.  Tim tells her that he thought she was just developing other friendships, and that it would be good for her to have support of more people. 


6:00 PM BBT Tim tells to Nikki that he just wants to spend time with Cassandra while she is still in the house.  Tim talks to her about how different people handle stress.  Nikki gets upset, and Tim says he sometimes just says inappropriate things.  Nikki was hurt by a comment that Tim made that he meant as a joke.  He tells her he didn’t mean for it to hurt her. 


6:03 PM BBT Tim doesn’t want to be that person who is always there to the rescue for Nikki.  When he saw her bonding with the other girls, he stepped back and gave her space.  He thought he was doing a good thing.  Nikki says that’s fine.  Tim admits that he aired their dirty laundry in front of the group, and he shouldn’t have done that, but he attributes it to the pressure and paranoia in the house, and it’s the way he deals with pressure.  Nikki says that it was a bad day and that she was oversensitive.   Tim says that he feels uncomfortable if others assume he is working with others just because he hangs out with them.  Nikki points out that that is part of the BB experience.  Tim says that’s true, but they need to keep c--ommunicating.  He likes talking to Nikki because he knows there is no game involved and he knows he can trust her. 


6:07 PM BBT Tim asks Nikki what she wants in future.  He hadn’t known it was such a rough day for her yesterday.  Should he check in with her and ask how she is doing?  Nikki says that he doesn’t need to do that, and she repeats what bothered her.  Tim repeats that he says stupid things in heated moments.  Loveita enters the HOH and is listening to their conversation.  Tim apologizes once again for airing their dirty laundry.  Nikki turns to Loveita and asks her to give her and Tim a moment.   Loveita leaves.


6:10 PM BBT Jared and Kelsey are sharing the gray couch in the LR.  Joel and Ramsey are hanging out on LR couches nearby.  In the HOHR, Tim and Nikki continue their conversation, rehashing.  Tim asks if she thinks that Loveita would have been changing Nikki’s opinion of Tim if he hadn’t been spending time with Cassandra.  He’s concerned that Loveita is eroding Nikki’s trust in him.   Tim says he enjoys having one on one time with her, but he encourages her to make friends and settle in.  He wants to avoid the appearance of an emotional connection that causes them to become a target.  That said, he said something inappropriate when she was down, and that was wrong. 


6:23 PM BBT Several HGs are gathered in the LR.  Dallas and Loveita, Raul, Ramsey and Maddy, Joel, Nick, Phil, and Mitch.  Kelsey and Jared are in the background.  They are giving each other animal names. 


6:24 PM BBT In the HOHR, Nikki asks Tim to be more tactful in how he words things.  He agrees.  More mindful.  He says he does learn, and will know not to do that again with Nikki.  Nikki tells him that if it’s vice versa, and Tim inte


6:30 PM BBT Nikki and Tim are still discussing their concerns and expectations in their friendship in the HOHR.


6:32 PM BBT Tim tells Nikki that Loveita isn’t necessarily a negative influence on Nikki.  Loveita is a great person.  The problem is that Tim has spent time with Cassandra and Loveita doesn’t like Cassandra, so that made her suspicious.  Tim says that the group doesn’t influence him, and he is more likely to do the opposite of what the group wants.  Nikki thanks Tim for seeking her out, or she would have waited til tomorrow.  She appreciates it and feels better.  Nikki tells Tim that he is her best friend in this house.  Being hurt by something he said really messed her up because she is relying on him as her best friend.


6:36 PM BBT Loveita crashes Tim and Nikki’s conversation in the HOHR again, this time with Mitch.  They come in briefly and then leave again.  Nikki tells Tim that it’s well-known that she has an eating disorder, but she doesn’t want to be known for that.  This is a one-off experience in the BB CAN house and she doesn’t want it to be about her eating disorder.  She is hoping that it’s quashed now.


6:39 PM BBT Tim and Nikki talk about what her food requirements are.  It’s a short list, and Tim suggests it could fit in one drawer that could be labelled as Nikki’s.  Nikki says she doesn’t mind sharing, but she just needs to know that it’s there. 


6:41 PM BBT Tim asks Nikki’s view of the game, but Nikki says she can’t think beyond this week.  She finds it too overwhelming.  It’s hard enough to get through one day in this house. Tim says that’s a good way to cope.  Nikki asks Tim about his view, and Tim says that next week will probably be the first week that people will be targeting the big dogs.  If Dallas or Jared goes home, then the dynamics of the game will change, but the game will have started.  Tim is scared to be HOH because he isn’t sure if he wants to deal with the b.s.  He doesn’t want to be bullied into making a decision, and might just tell everyone they have no say, but that might turn everyone against him.  Tim wants to spend time with the people he enjoys...Nikki, Joel, Mitch Phil and Nick, Loveita.  In a few weeks’ time, that could be a majority.  Tim recognizes that things can be shaken up at any time. 


6:45 PM BBT Dallas and Maddy are in the 19199 Suite complaining about Loveita.  Dallas thinks that Loveita did the stupidest game play by pissing off Cassandra, Christine, and Tim.  Maddy is shaking her head at a comment that Loveita made.  Dallas says that as long as Loveita stays in the house, she will be a bigger target than them. Ramsey comes in and Maddy tells him they are talking about how Loveita is digging her own grave.  Ramsey says they should have fun and stay low and let the others pick each other off. 


6:48 PM BBT Dallas tells Ramsey and Maddy that Jared came to him and talked about getting others out until it’s down to just  Jared’s side and Dallas’ side.  Dallas points out that Jared picked Dallas as the leader.  Dallas tells them that Jared’s target is the brothers.  Maddy thinks they just have to worry about Kelsey and Raul.  Ramsey tells them to keep it down.  Maddy thinks they are all downstairs, but Ramsey just saw Raul upstairs.  They lower their voices.


6:53 PM BBT Nikki and Tim are still talking about their friendship.  They agree that it’s special having friends to lean on.  They have a long hug.  Nikki says she is going downstairs.  Tim heads out of the HOHR as well. 


6:55 PM BBT As he walks down the stairs, Tim apologizes to the group for the drama earlier in the day.  Some of the HGs ask Nikki how she is and she tells them that everything is fine.  The group tell Tim and Nikki that their animal names are Kangaroo and Caterpillar. 


6:58 PM BBT Nikki goes back up to the HOHR and a female voice off-camera says that Nikki is f-ing crazy. 

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10:04PM BBT: Dallas and Christine talking about the vote and what she can do to try and stay in the pink bedroom.  She says the brothers will not commit to her and only say they will vote with the house. Dallas wonders how that can be when it figures to be a 5 to 6 vote so they are choosing one side of the house then. 

Downstairs at the table Tim and Joel are left from the evening meal and are talking about the "How Bad Do You Want It?" Veto comp and how it works.

Maddy and Ramsey have come into the bedroom and most of the others have returned to the table after clearing their dishes. They are talking about if they might get alcohol and when. Tim comments that Cassandra really rocked the bikini today in the spa and then there is speculataion that her boobs looked too good to be real.  Tim relates having felt fake boobs only once and they were really hard. Love talks about them needing maintenance and needing to be replaced over time. 

Upstairs Dallas and Christine are alone once again and are discussing him having trimmed his beard.  Maddy returns and Christine leaves saying they do not need to talk anymore. Dallas and Maddy are joined by Nick and he and Maddy start talking about acne.

Other feed switches to the bathroom where most of the HGs have migrated.  Ramsey Mitch Phil Jared Kelsey and Tim are just chatting over one another.  

Feed switches to the landing where Kelsey and Cass are talking about the votes on and off as others wander by.

The other feed has gone black for a few minutes now blinking on briefly.

Raul in the pink room now telling someone where his glasses are so they can be brought to him. 

Christine now chatting with Kelsey and Jared on the green couches saying she does not want to leave and that they will regret it hard core if they send her home.  Kelsey states she is drawing a starfish on her nails while Jared is making a hammer.  

Feed switches to Christine and Mitch now in the bathroom.  Raul wanders in and Mitch asks about what to use on his face. Cassandra now pulls up a stool and announces she is going to paint her nails.  Christine has put her hair up and is taking her face off at the sinks.  

Second feed returns now in the HOH where Love and Joel are using candies to represent HGs and are tallying votes.

Cassandra and Christine now alone in the bathroom talking about who are swing votes and if they have already decides. Cass asks if Christine is not campaigning and the reply is that she is not worried about it. She says she can't figure the votes and Christine says that of course she can. Cass responds that she is worried the Joel could swing.  

Love and Joel still moving objects around on the floor counting votes and alliances.

Bathroom feed switches to the green couches on the landing where Kelsey Jared and Raul are on one sectional and two guys are on the other but their faces are not visible.  Cass had now come out to talk with Kelsey and is complaining about folks not making commitments before she returns to the bathroom.  

Love and Joel still moving their pieces around but are using pronouns and not the HG's names so it is hard to know who they are talking about.

Christine now in the pink room talking to Tim about if Cass is going home or not.  She tells him that Mitch said if Tim votes for her to stay then he will. Nick jumps in and says that is why it will be tight. Maddy has returned to her spot on the bed next to Nick.  Christine is compaining about not wanting to go home before Cass and that Cass is being really fake. Tim says that if he was to vote to keep her it would be a secret anyway. Christine says she is willing to make big moves and to fuck things up.  

Cass and Kelsey now in the chapel on the other feeds where they are saying they wish that Christine could stay (in addition to Cass, of course) but there is nothing they can do.  Cass complains that Love is hiding her black shoes in the HOH and she wants to wear them. She goes on to bitch about how Christine is campaigning. 

Tim continues sounding like a politician without making any promises.  (These folks would sure clean up running a flip-flop concession on a beach somewhere. - DRG) Christine pleading that she needs this shit more than Cass as she is twenty and Christine needs to make it to jury at least. Tim talking about throwing a vote to her just to make it six to five but his main goal is to make sure that there would be shots fired next week.

Cass and Kelsey finish up there complaining about Love being scared and trying to be on both sides and leave the chapel. 

Joel and Love still talking in the HOH where he is saying that Dallas hates him to the point that Joel is getting really scared about it.  

Pink bedroom now complaining about how it is hard to get a straight answer out of Loveita. Christine telling Tim that Love can't make any moves for two weeks since she can't be HOH again so she is irelevant for two weeks.  

Love telling Joel now that sometimes you have to look outward and just trust your alliance. (she knows this how???? - DRG) 

Christine saying that Cassandra is playing a dangerous game and then promises that she will make big moves if she stays.  


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10:45PM BBT: Joel and Love still chatting in the HOH with Christine pleading her case in the pink bedroom. Jared comes looking for nail polish remover as he messed up his painting. Love tells him that someone else has it. 

Cass comes in the pink room and asks if anyone has seen a pair of black heels that had been in the HOH. She then says she knows that Love has them. Christine says she knows what they look like and they were in the bathroom before.  Raul wanders in and out and Tim asks him what treatments he does to which he replies he does waxings and makeup and could do abs on him before leaving.  Tim saying he is worried if he keeps Christine then they will come after him.  Che and Maddy assure him that he is not on anyone's radar.  (IMHO Tim seems to enjoy being about to talk about nominations way too much. - DRG)

Cass peeks into the HOH asking for her shoes and Nikki tells her where they are so Cass retrieves them and leaves.  

Tim wants to make a hinky vote and the others tell him that will cause a witch hunt for the swing vote.  He says that Cass obviously thinks he is voting to keep her and then repeats himself that it is so hard to decide.  Kristine has four definite votes and she needs two more. She is not counting on the vote from the brothers. Tim will talk to Joel and Mitch separately.

In HOH Love is lamenting that no one's word is better than anyone elses.  She wants Joel to talk with Tim. She says she will not tell him what to do and whatever he chooses they will still be allies and will not turn her back on him. It is still an individual game. She pats herself on the back that now in week three everyone wants her to do what she wanted to do week one and no one supported her.  Love dissing Cass saying she is making alliances with everyone and Love does not like that game play. She on the other hand is making decisions week to week.  

Cass and Kristine now in the bathroom saying it really sucks to be up against each other and Love did it probably because she knew how close they were.  Cass continues to diss Love as Jared joins them to wash his hands. 

Love has talked Joel into a stupor and he sits and sighs.  Finally he tells her that she is a lot savyier than he saw at first and they have had something from the beginning.  She goes back to telling him it is his game. They get up to see the others counting down to Phil's birthday and singing Happy Birthday to him.  

Cass Christine and Maddy now leave the pink room to join the rest of the house on the landing. General chatter and birthday hugs going around as everyone meanders about.  (Generally the house seems more anxious and unsettled tonight than an ant farm that was just dropped in a full bath tub. - DRG)

Jared, Mitch, Ramsey and Joel in the bathroom where Kelsey is in the shower. 

Mitch and Phil talking about the votes in the chapel and what was said about him voting with the house.  Ramsey joins them 

Cass has now joined Christine and Tim and Maddy in the pink room.  

Phil talking about what Christine said to him today and how it was not beneficial to Joel who is now in the chapel as well.  Mitch says that Christine is a threat to his personal game. 

In the pink room Cass says the brothers commited to keep her 100% and Kristine does not even want to talk about it anymore.

In the chapel they are talking about Mitch needing to talk to Tim and how Tim is fooling Love and wants the vote to be close but to keep Cass.  They are worried about folks switching votes if they know what is going on.  Nick talking about how they can really do some damage the next few weeks by staying under the radar.  Talk turns to Dallas and how hard he is coming after the brothers and offered for Mitch to stay behind him as he made the big moves.  The four agree to commit to keep Cassandra (the brothers, Mitch and Joel). Joel relates how Love told him to do what he wanted and he worries that folks see him and Love as a pair.  The guys say he needs to break that up.  They see Love as a floater and someone who does not have strong bonds with anyone.  They count the votes and predict it should be seven to four and if it is six to five they will know it was Tim who changed his vote.  They know Nikki is voting out Cass.  They talk about how awkward it is with Christine and how they can handle it best by avoiding being alone with her and saying their vote depends on the others and they don't know what it is yet.



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10:05PM BBT: The HGs are finishing up their dinner.


10:20PM BBT: Tim is in the wash room with Ramsey who has painted a black circle on Nicks earlobe. Maddy and Cassandra and Raul are all in the bedroom in the beds talking.


10:25PM BBT: we now have the FotH.


10:30PM BBT: Tim and Loveita are in the HoH talking, Mitch, and Cassandra, Christine are in the wash room Christine is washing her face.


10:35PM BBT: Loveita is playing with noodles trying to figure out who goes where in the house. and who is with who. She is putting the noodles in groups of the people she thinks is working together. She is working on this with Joel. 


10:40PM BBT: the game Loveita and Joel were playing with the noodles is now over.


Tim and Cassandra, Maddy and Nick are talking in the pink room. Cassandra is saying that she wants to make big moves to get this game going, this is a boring season. 


10:50PM BBT: Tim says he isn't here to make friends, Christine is saying that shit going to go down this week. Tim says it mean going against Cassandra. Christine saying she will live I need this more than she does. Shots will be fired on each side. Tim says he can throw her a vote it would start the ball rolling. Now Tim wants to know who Loveita is going after. She hasn't given him a real reason why she would want Cassandra gone. Christine says it's hard to get a straight answer from Loveita. who can't do anything for two weeks now. she don't count for two weeks she can't make any moves.

But we well know for sure tomorrow night. Christine is saying that Cassandra is playing a very dangerous game.

Christine says she is not making pussy moves I'm not dickin' around. She is playing the game now. She wants to stir up the shit.


10:55PM BBT: Tim is worried that they will come after him. Christine and Maddy are telling him that he has nothing to worry about. Christine tells him to get it together. She can't make any deals with anybody Cassandra comes into the pink room Christine tells her to leave. and she goes out and complains that she was told to leave the pink room. Tim wants the vote to be a secret five vote. Christine says they have bigger fish to fry then her. She says Joel is the swing vote this week.

11:00PM BBT: Cassandra comes back into the pink room and talk stops. Maddy asked Christine what she is wearing tomorrow and so on, Cassandra is walking out of the room now back to talking. Tim still doesn't know how to vote tomorrow. Maddy says she talked to Mitch, and he is onto keeping Christine.

11:05PM BBT: Cassandra comes back into the room, Tim leaves to fill up water bottles.Leaving Maddy and Cassandra and Christine, and it's now birthday time the HGs are singing happy birthday. in the background we hear three two one and happy birthday. Then the happy birthday song.


11:10PM BBT: the HGs are hugging Phil the birthday boy and wishing him a happy Birthday. Maddy and Ramsey are talking about Tim, Christine comes in, she wants to tell Nick that Mitch is the swing vote. Ramsey tells her to give Tim a blow job already. Tim comes in and now they talk about condoms.

11:15PM BBT: Tim is now talking about flushing out the brothers. Christine tells Tim that Cassandra is trying to come onto him. She tells Tim that she would suck his dick for his vote if he would let her. Tim is now back to the brothers and what kind of deal they got from BB. He says that they are an unknown. Cassandra comes in with ice for her foot. and sits next to Tim. Talking about what she should wear on her feet tomorrow. Tim is too hot he leaves to go outside.


11:20PM BBT: Dallas comes in and gets into bed. Mitch is talking to Phil and Joel and Nick about the votes tomorrow in the Have-Not room. They want to vote to keep Christine. They are talking about how Dallas told them that if he wins he will not go after them he will go after a pair. Joel says that people see him and Loveita has a pair but they are not one. Loveita is in the middle they can use her. So the vote tomorrow should be a 7 to 4. 


11:25PM BBT: so the guys want to vote for Christine, they are telling each other not to be alone with her. until tomorrow. Joel says he just can't trust her. Phil is saying he just doesn't like to be lied to. they are saying that it's important for them to have open communication Phil is saying that the middle side is playing both sides now. They need to let people know what exactly that side is doing. Phil is saying that he would want to work with them until the end. Phil is saying that they can't let people see that they are a group. Mitch is saying that they need to trust each other.

They want to call their alliance silent but deadly. They start walking out of the Have-Not room one by one.

11:35PM BBT: Loveita, Ramsey and Tim are talking in the HoH, Ramsey says Maddy is not threaten by her at all. He is saying that Dallas wants to go after the big cheese, to cut off the chicken's head. Lovelta wants to know where she is going to sleep tomorrow. She is asking Ramsey if there is room in the green room. Now they are talking about what Jared and Kelsey will put up if they win tomorrow. Loveilta just wants safety for next week she wonders if They will keep their word with her That if she didn't put them up this week they wouldn't come after her next week. Their group so far as kept their word. Ramsey says he loves Maddy. Tim walks out and heads to bed.


11:45PM BBT: The HGs have been going back and forth about the votes most of the night. Christine is the one who is making the biggest bid for votes. throwing Cassandra under the bus at every turn. The guys say it should be a seven to four vote tomorrow night. The other big event of the night is Phil's birthday. 

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11:20PM BBT:  Meanwhile in the pink room the ladies have been discussing outfits for tomorrow.  

The boys in the chapel review what happened this week and how Love did stop the back and forth attacks.  They need to keep neutral and keep alert.  They talk about not trusting Tim and how he talks at you and tries to intimidate rather than talking to you.

Tim now talking with Love and Nikki in the HOH with Ramsey.  Love goes to pull out her HG pieces which may actually be noodles with names written on them. Nikki states that Kelsey told them that Cass said something about him.  Ramsey says she did the same thing to him the first week.  Love says that Cass has a boyfriend but she thinks that Tim likes her. He says he never had any interest and it makes it better that he is voting her out.  He says he can convince Joel and Mitch to vote Cass out and Ramsey says that Christine is the ultimate pawn.  Ramsey asks if they can play noodles and Love says they can, Talk turns to Dallas who wants to go after the chickens head and put two of the trio up and Ramsey says he would do the same as would Nikki. Love talks about the beds and what will be open for her tomorrow night.  Ramsey does not know who the trio would put up if they win HOH. Love says that is why she made the arrangement with them but does not know for sure they will keep their words. If she had an alliance it would have been easier to go and make the big move that Dallas wanted her to do.  

Mitch Nick and Joel still talking in the chapel about how to maintain their safety. Nick leaves and Mitch asks Joel if what he just said is what he really believes. Mitch says that he thinks keeping Cass is really best. Mitch thinks that they have enough shields even among the folks in the middle as the brothers and Tim or Loveita would be targeted before them.  

The HOH feed has gone black 

The guys in the chapel turn to dissing Tim and how he seemed cool but now he is a pain to be around and the way he talks is annoying and somewhat threatening.  

Other feed returns to the pik room where Cass is changing/

Now it jumps to the other bedroom where the trio is chatting.

The two in the chapel rise hug it out and head out.

Kelsey saying Love wants to be in their room and not the pink room and that makes her mad as she is so awkward to be around much of the time. Ramsey comes in and jokes about moving Nikki to Jared's bed.  Kelsey says she is staying with Mitch who is her bed buddy. 

Downstairs Nikki is telling the folks in the kitchen that it is Phils birthday after giving Phil a hug. 

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