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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:46 AM BBT Dallas, Joel and Phil are sitting on the BY couches.  Dallas asks Joel if he is tore up on the vote this week and Joel says he likes both Cassandra and Christine, but Christine really doesn’t talk game.  They talk about different styles of game play.  Dallas thinks that Joel will be the swing vote.  Phil says he is torn too and he’s feeling a lot of pressure.  Dallas says he feels no pressure and he has already told Cass that he is voting against her.  She’s a fifth vote for a powerhouse in the game.  They discuss how trustworthy Cassandra and Christine are. Dallas cautions them to be wary that desperate pleas don’t sway them. 


12:53 AM BBT Dallas tells Phil that Loveita told him that Cassandra was up in the HOHR trying to get the brothers and Dallas put up.  Dallas tells Joel and Phil that Mitch is working with the trio, so that is actually a block of four and Cassandra would be fifth. 


1:02 AM BBT Mitch is talking game with Jared, Kelsey and Raul in the Hundo Suite.  There is a lot of serious whispering until Jared says they should just go with the majority, and then they start joking around. 


1:04 AM BBT Phil and Cassandra are having a heart to heart conversation on the couches in the BY.  Cassandra saying she has always wanted to work with Phil...he’s very funny and his brother is awesome.  They discuss Loveita’s shortcomings and targets... Phil lists Dallas, Loveita, and Christine, but she’s already leaving.  Phil tells Cassandra that she has his vote this week.  They move on to next week.  Phil says he, Cassandra and Tim.... he starts talking about Joel and lets Cassandra know that Joel is in with Loveita and Cassandra can’t count on Joel’s vote.  They count....they have Jared, Kelsey, Mitch, Phil/Nick, Tim, Raul and hopefully Nikki...Phil will talk to her.  Including Joel it would be 8.  Phil says they can do it easily and they shake hands.  Cassandra says they should all go for HOH next week, and then they discuss targets.  Phil says Dallas, Loveita and back-door Maddy if they have to.  He would put up Maddy and Loveita and back-door Dallas, but he promised Dallas he wouldn’t because Dallas didn’t use the PoV to get him back-doored today. 


1:10 AM BBT Phil and Cassandra think this will be a double eviction on Thursday or next.  They think that since they are forming this alliance now, they are golden.  They both trust Tim 100%, and figure that if Tim and Nikki go to final 5 with them, Tim and Nikki will just say “put us up”.  Cassandra tells Phil that they think the same.   Phil and Cassandra say they are solid with Tim, but isn’t sure about Joel.  With Joel they have 7 people, but Cassandra suggests that they wait and see how he votes.  Phil says leave him out of the conversation.  Cassandra says if she wins HOH, she will put up Dallas and Maddy and back-door Loveita.  They plan to study dates together and are glad that Tim came into the house and they have this middle alliance.


1:19 AM BBT  Phil suggests that they tell Joel what is happening, and ask for his vote.  Cassandra tells Phil that Joel has told her he is 100% voting for her. They talk about different things they have heard from Joel.


1:23 AM BBT  Phil and Cass are still talking targets.  Dallas and Loveita first.  Once Dallas is out, Maddy will do whatever Nick and Phil do.  They run further scenarios...pick off Jared/Kelsey/Raul or Mitch first?  They keep congratulating themselves on getting together.  Why didn’t they think of this sooner?  Cass staying is a game-changer for both of them.  Cass thought she had six votes but wanted more to be sure.  They talk about Ramsey being a good guy.  They also talk about who they would throw HOH to.  Each other.  Cass would throw it to Phil and Phil says he would throw it to her next week.  Cassandra really wants to win it next week.  Cass tells Phil that Jared has told her that he would throw HOH to her.  Phil says he has told Jared he would throw it to him.  Phil tells Cass that Ramsey told him he would put up Jared and Kelsey if he won HOH.  Cass says that is because Ramsey thinks Cass is leaving.  They start talking targets again. 


1:36 AM BBT Cassandra wants to come up with a name for their Tim/Phil/Cass alliance.  Phil thinks that Tim will come up with a name.  Cass suggests “Down Unders.”  They make plans for Cass to talk to Joel and Phil to talk to Ramsey.  Cass cautions that Ramsey will run to Loveita, but Phil doesn’t care.  They congratulate themselves on this new deal, and then talk about how smart a player Mitch is, and that Ramsey is wishy washy but he is a strong competitor physically. They run through scenarios for a double eviction.  They count votes yet again before they head back into the house. 

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9:00 AM BBT HGs are still sleeping, they've yet to be woken up for the day.

9:10 AM BBT The lights have come on and HGs are beginning another day in the house. Jared is asked to arrange a battery change for the house.

9:25 AM BBT Cassandra is showering and has discovered the barbeque sauce in the shampoo. She yells out "Tim" and says it's in her hair 

9:30 AM BBT Jared and Tim open the doors to the backyard. Joel is cooking some slop and talking with Jared about his French heritage. in the WA, Raul has found another prank: the mouthwash in the soap dispenser.

9:40 AM BBT  Tim and Phil are complaining about people not washing their dishes. Kelsey and Raul continue to do their makeup. Cassandra says to Kelsey/Jared/Raul she has some amazing news, and it's that the brothers told her they want to keep her. 

9:45 AM BBT Maddy and Christine are discussing about Nick's personality in the house. Maddy says that Nick thinks everyone likes him, but in reality, people actually don't.

9:52 AM BBT Tim says to Jared, Kelsey and Mitch that he is at wits end with the lack of cleanliness in the house. Jared asks Tim if he wants to start smoking, that helps. Mitch asks Tim if he smokes, and he says no.

9:53 AM BBT Kelsey and Jared head outside to smoke. They discuss if they should keep Cass. Jared says it makes sense to keep her because getting rid of her will just help Dallas and his side.  He then says that it's annoying Cass keeps asking people to do stuff for her.

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10:03 AM BBT Cassandra is complaining to Tim about getting all the pranks this week. Other HGs continue their ADL's. Joel and Nikki are in KT. Joel complains to her about having coffee grinds in his cup.

10:10 AM BBT Nikki and Joel are discussing about Elivis Presley movies and they sing his music. Nikki complains about people asking them to make them food while she making her own. She says it really stresses her out.

10:12 AM BBT Joel says that the pool is off limits today, and that Big Brother told them it is under renovation. Nikki goes on to talk about how food stresses her out, and that it also doesn't take much to stress her out.

10:15 AM BBT Tim, Christine and Cassandra are in the pink BR talking about how they like to be naked around their house. They joke about having a naked day in the house. Tim asks Christine about campaigning today. He advises her not to campaign too much because of what happened to Sharry's over campaigning last week. They contemplate what position they would be in if Sharry stayed.

10:25 AM BBT Tim says he is going to let his pet spider out of his jar. He says that he can't find enough food for it. Cassandra says we should wait until Thursday to let him out. Tim says he hopes there's some sort of challenge today and he doesn't want to be around certain people today.

10:30 AM BBT Tim, Christine, Cassandra and Maddy are going over conspiracy theories of the HoH making nominees in the high roller room. Tim is saying that Big Brother could be tempting the HoH with money to chance not getting the noms they want.

10:35 AM BBT Kelsey is out in the BY talking about being a flight attendant to Nick and Dallas. She starts to talk about how much money she makes and the feeds are cut. 

10:38 AM BBT Nikki is complaining to Phil about how wearing the microphones is driving her crazy. She says this one is much larger than the one she is used to. 

10:45 AM BBT Kelsey continues to tells Dallas and Nick stories of being a flight attendant and a bartender. She complains about guys hitting on her and then not tipping her. 

10:50 AM BBT Loveita has awoken from HoH room and heads downstairs. Tim, Nikki and Ramsey are eating breakfast. Nikki asks Tim if he is in a bad mood. Tim nods yes and says it's just being in the house, it's not the people in it who are making him feel this way.

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11:25 AM BBT: Dallas, Joel and Loveita are discussing votes in the HoH. Dallas says he has it down to Joel and Mitch being the swing vote. Dallas tells Loveita he wants Cassandra gone.  Dallas says he is unsure about the brothers because of the rumor floating around that the brothers are working with him.  

Dallas has Jared/Raul/Kelsey/Mitch/Joel/Tim voting for Cassandra to stay. Hes says they will need to have Joel or Mitch join Maddy, him, Ramsey, Nikki and the brothers to secure the votes to get Cass out. 

Dallas tells Joel he will have a big say in who goes home. Dallas says he wouldn't be suprised if this a repeat of week 1 where the target stays and the pawn goes home.

Loveita tells Dallas not to flip and vote with the house. Dallas says he won't but Christine isn't making much of an effort to stay.

11:50 AM BBT The brothers and Nikki have joined the HoH group. Phil says he is being torn by people. Loveita says that there are "deals" for week to week and then there are alliances. Phil agrees that he won't put up Loveita or Dallas up if he gets HoH. Phil says he wants to support Loveita and vote out Cass but isn't sure now with all the crap he's hearing.

Dallas again goes over the votes with Phil. Phil says that Mitch is probably going to vote out Cass. They agree the vote is probably going to be 6-5 either way.

Loveita tells them that Cassandra is a snake and Christine is better for them to stay. Loveita says Cass is all over the place while Christine is more straight forward.
11:55 AM BBT 

Phil informs Dallas that he's coming up in many converstations and he and Nick are the only ones who probably wouldn't put him up. Dallas says let's play this week to week and that they have a common target on the other side to get out this week (Cassandra).

Phil says he still doesn't know which way he'll vote for sure. He's getting pulled in many directions. Loveita and Dallas say that they are dead set on getting Cassandra out.

Nick says that he wants Cassandra to go. 

Dallas continues to give reasonings for Cass to go. He says that Christine is not as big of a competition threat and is closer with the Jared/Kelsey/Raul. Nikki says she wants Christine to stay.

They realize that they will need Joel's vote to take out Cassandra. Dallas says he won't be surprised if Cass stays though. He starts to get upset and leaves the room, he says he'll never get through to them.

12:05 PM BBT The brothers sit down with Joel. Phil says that keeping Cassandra would be smarter for Joel, it'll keep him Tim on his side. He says that he wants to trust Loveita and Dallas, but trusts Jared/Kelsey more. Joel agrees. Phil says that Cassandra and Tim are not coming after them or Joel, rather they would go after Dallas/Loveita and then the Jareds and Kelseys after that.

Joel says that he feels out of the loop and no one has made a deal with him. He says he likes Loveita and wants to respect her, but at the same time he trusts Cass more now over Christine. Both agree that they'd rather have Cass stay.



12:38 PM BBT The brothers are talking with Mitch  in the pantry. Phil informs Mitch how Dallas and Loveita where strongarming him into voting out Cass. They go over the votes for Cass to stay and agree that the vote will be 7-4 if Mitch votes out Christine with them. (so Ramsey,Maddy,Dallas, Nikki only vote Cass out). Although they think Joel may be still unsure.

Phil says he's keeping Cass and that his mind is made up. 

12:55 PM BBT Cassandra, Kelsey and Tim talking about the vote. Tim says that they're are too many people who are siding with Cass as of now for her to go. Tim says he wants to talk to Loveita that she doesn't have the votes to keep Cass, so he  can find out her motive for wanting to target Cass.  Tim thinks that Loveita is wanting to strengthen Dallas' alliances to go after Kelsey's alliance.

They discuss about Loveita making deals with everyone to make jury. Kelsey says she has a deal not an alliance with her. Kelsey informs Cass that she is good. Cass says we just lay low since there's time still for Loveita to stir the pot.

1:04 PM BBT Feeds turn to Mitch and Maddy talking outside about Christine and Cass. Mitch says he is close with the trio but not in an alliance with them. They discuss on who is better to stay for their games. Maddy says that Cass is more associated with the trio, so people won't be afraid to put her up again. They agree that people have more doubt in Cass over Christine, so it'd be better for Cass to stay.

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1:43 PM BBT to  2:15 PM BBT Feeds are down.


2:15 PM BBT Nikki, Christine, Mitch and Kelsey have a group hug outside. Nikki apologies for spazzing out earlier. All four agree that you have to get away from the game talk some time for their sanity. Kelsey says that they're supposed to be having fun and not game talk 24-7.

2:45 PM BBT: Nikki is very upset and bawling upstairs in the HoHR. Mitch and Loveita comfort her. Nikki says she can't sleep, complains about being hungry. She calls everyone vultures. She yells that she just wants to go home and wants to have her freedom back. She says she done her two weeks.

Mitch asks her what's different from her previous games. She yells Everything.  She says she just wants to be herself. She says she's not f***ing good and is combusting internally. 

Mitch asks how she dealt with this stress in the other houses. Nikki says very much what just happened. She says everyone is out there thinking hating on her. 

Nikki keeps complaining about everything, the house, the people, being cold, being hungry. She says this is an impossible sitatuion.  Mitch and Loveita continue to cheer her up and say it's admirable for her to be herself. 

3:10 PM BBT Loveita and Nikki are meditating. Loveita is trying to ger her to relax.
3:20 PM BBT Loveita is painting Nikki's toenails up in the HoHR.

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6:00 PM BBT Maddy and Dallas are playing pool in the BY.  Mitch and Cassandra are talking game on a red and gold couch by the pool.  Cassandra lets Mitch know that people are now seeing him as a fourth to the Third Wheel group of Jared/Kelsey/Raul.  Mitch is frustrated that people are thinking it’s an even fourth, when he is definitely at the bottom.  He doesn’t want the trio to go too far.  Mitch tells Cassandra that he thinks she has the vote, but even Kelsey has been flip flopping, so she needs to make sure that they trust her. 


6:03 PM BBT Cass tells Mitch that Maddy told her this morning that she would vote for Cass to stay because it seemed like everyone was saying they would vote Cass.  She tells Mitch who Maddy indicated she would put up, and they note that no one ever says they would put up Jared. 


6:07 PM BBT Cass tells Mitch that she thought she could trust Joel, but now she thinks that Joel is too close to Loveita.  Mitch says that Cass will stay and Loveita will be mad, and they just need to know that and stay calm.  Mitch says he has this week to prove to Cass that she can trust him.  They discuss Christine and that she knows more than she lets on.


6:10 PM BBT Cassandra tells Mitch that she thinks Dallas needs to go, and Ramsey needs to go because he did really well in the last competition.  She says that Maddy is no threat without Dallas and Ramsey. Mitch adjusts the way he is sitting so that they don’t look like they are having an intense conversation.  Mitch says there are five of them in the middle and that way they have more numbers than either side. 


6:12 PM BBT The five in the middle that Cass is referring to is Cass, Mitch, Tim, and the brothers.  Mitch tells Cass that Kelsey and Raul got in a fight with Nick and Phil about whose plan it was to put the brothers up.  Mitch thought they were arguing over details that weren’t important, and they were being emotional. 


6:15 PM BBT Jared and Kelsey are hanging out on one of the green couches cuddling.  Raul comes over and settles on the opposite couch. 


6:19 PM BBT Mitch lets Cass know that the ones that want her gone are pushing hard to make sure that Cass goes home.  She shouldn’t relax because it’s not over til it’s over.  Cassandra says it’s been a stressful week. 


6:24 PM BBT Nikki is having a group hug with Tim and Phil.  She rests her head on Nick’s shoulder, and then Nick moves away and Nikki leans in to Phil for a moment.  Nick tells her that they are here for her.  Nikki says she just needed to get away from the house.  She is looking up at the sky.  Nick says it reminds you that there’s a world out there.  Phil goes and lays on top of the covered HT and talks about the sky being the same sky that is over their families.  Nick thinks about it being nice out when they leave the house, because it was snowing when he came in. 


6:28 PM BBT Phil leaves the HT area, leaving Nick and Nikki alone silently contemplating the sky.  Feeds switch back to Mitch and Cassandra on the couch by the pool.  Their game talk is winding down.  As Cass gets up, she asks her to suggest to Tim that he talk to Mitch.  He just wants Tim to know that he wants a private conversation.  Mitch reassures her and encourages her to keep contact with those who might flip flop. 


6:31 PM BBT Loveita joins Mitch on the couch by the pool.  She asks how he is and he says he is having an off day.  Loveita tells him how she and Nikki have been chilling out and doing their nails.  Mitch says he would love to win a reward of a spa visit.  Dallas is called to the DR and they comment on how many DR sessions have happened today.  Mitch says they hardly call him.  Loveita points out that it’s probably because he didn’t compete in PoV.  Loveita says she slept well and Mitch says he didn’t because they had to hunt down sheets.  Turns out that Nikki had them.


6:33 PM BBT Loveita asks what is happening with the votes.  Mitch says he isn’t sure.  There are more people voting to keep Cassandra than he thought.  Loveita says she doesn’t care.  It’s up to the house to vote.  Mitch tells Loveita that the brothers don’t trust Dallas and since Dallas wants Cassandra gone, the brothers think they should want to keep her. 


6:36 PM BBT Loveita feels bad for Christine.  It’s a shock to the system the first time you are on the block.  Christine came to talk to Loveita to get a break from the atmosphere.  They talk about Jared and how everyone thinks he’s awesome.  They compare Jared to Emmett, and Kelsey to Jillian. 


6:38 PM BBT Mitch says that he has heard that he is Maddy’s target.  Loveita advises him not to listen to people. 


6:41 PM BBT By the pool, Mitch and Loveita talk about the different emotional connections they see in the house.  Feeds change to Nikki standing at the counter by the HT.  Phil is laying on top of the covered HT.  Nikki wants to ask for alcohol.  Phil says that for his birthday on Thursday they might get some.  Nikki heads out, leaving Phil looking up at the sky. 


6:44 PM BBT Christine, Jared, Ramsey, and Tim are sitting at the KT counter saying that people should be more up front in the way they communicate.  Joel and Cassandra and Nikki are all in the prep area of the KT.  In the BY, Maddy and Nick are playing pool. 


6:50 PM BBT Tim goes into the 19199 Suite.  Dallas is there saying how warm it is.  Tim says they do it on purpose so that they don’t hang out in there.  Tim gets changed and lays down. 


6:53 PM BBT Cassandra and Maddy come into the 19199 Suite.  Cass lays on the bed that Tim was on earlier, and asks Dallas why Nikki’s clothes are on the bed.  Dallas took them out of the dryer and thought they were Cassandra’s.  They talk about Nikki and how popular she is.  She’s good TV.  Tim comes in and asks about the clothes.  He is getting ready for a run.  Cassandra has a mosquito in a jar, and she is studying it trying to find the mosquito. 


6:55 PM BBT Jared, Kelsey and Raul are having cigarettes as they sit on the couches by the HT.  They come up with a hand signal for their “third wheel” alliance.  The put forefinger to thumb, with the middle, ring and pinkie fingers extended (like an “a-ok” sign). 


6:57 PM BBT Raul is worried about Loveita and tries to bring it up with Jared and Kelsey, but they are not worried.  Then Phil joins them, laying on his tummy on the HT cover now, so they stop talking about it.  Nick comes out carrying a mug and joins them.

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9:00PM BBT: Maddy Dallas Mitch Ramsey and Phil chatting about hockey in the hot tub.

Loveita Cass Tim and Joel on the red couches with Christine stretching and doing yoga. They are wishing they had some wine for wind down time. 

Hot tub crew posing the timeless questions such as would you rather have no fingernails or toenails, hairless fingers or covered in hair that grows really fast??

Cass chats briefley with Joel in the chapel saying that they need to stick together (They must have forgotten "we need to win HOH." - DRG)

Outside group talking about punishments in the house and then how they would think that BB would want them to be drunk all the time. (No, just us feeders. - DRG) 

BY crew has broken up with Tim and Love heading into the kitchn joining Kelsey and Joel while Christine migrated to the hot tub. General chatter in both locales. Jared comes out of the store room and reports that there are no cookies as he and Kelsey prepare to head outside.  

Gang in the hot tub discussing taco night and how people respond when drinking like getting angry or horney or showing "alcohol confidence." The guys talk about not being able to get a boner when they drink too much. Maddy thinks that it is funny that they are all so comfortable to talk about sex.  

Inside Jared makes the joke "sorry, I can't elope." He and Tim and Kelsey head out to the hot tub with mugs of hot chocolate. they prank Raul by giving him a mug with shaving cream on the top which they all find hilarious.

Nikki is alone in the HOH.  

Maddy and Dallas head upstairs to change.

Outside crew still laughing and talking about other pranks like putting Marinara into an ice cube.  

Upstairs feed has faded to black.

Hot tub gang talking about the pet spider. Kelsey says she really does not want to see Christine go, but. . . Ramsey is now the only one still in the water as the others have climbed out and are spread out around the walls with some on the chairs and some sitting at the bar.  Kelsey remarks that Ramsey is the first and the last in the tub tonight. They speculate that it is probably ten oclock. (Close 9:24 - DRG)


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10:25PM BBT: General chatter ongoing but somewhat more subdued than a few minutes ago.

Other feeds remain Locked Out.

Now the talk has turned to what creates an outie vs. an innie belly button.  Jared announces that he still has his umbilical chord at home then says it is just a joke. Christine says that some folks really do save the chords.  Tim asks what does Canada mean? Then provinces and cites with there mottos are listed off.

Upstairs Dallas is in the pink bedroom chatting with Love. Maddy and Phil are there changing from their swim suits. They are talking about dark vs. milk chocolate.

Outside crew now talking about all the boys stomachs hurting.

Bedroom groups speculating that this Thursday will be a double eviction or maybe next week.  They count fifteen bodies but fourteen HGs currently in the house.  Maddy says they have done a triple but not a quadruple in the past.  Maddy clips her fingernails and says they weather and the chocolate have been good to her.  Loveita talks about how BB takes the HOH letters back. 

General chatter outside as another group heads back into the house leaving only Ramsey on the sofa and Jared and Kelsey by the bar.

Upstairs Dallas talking about the coming HOH and who they would worry about getting it. Loveita hands out some chips from her HOH basket. Dallas and Phil talk about when there were rumors about them gunning for each other.  Cass enters the room. Maddy proclaims that she is going to start eating healthy since she is breaking out and her body is getting bigger. Phil says she has one pimple but her body still looks good. 

Outside the guys close up the hot tub and they all head inside. (Sorry Morty I am on DST too but was taking the time off the BB viewer since I did not know if they had started DST up there yet. Sorry about last night too was posting for an hour and a half then feeds acted up and accidentally closed the update window. Won't be here til late if at all Thursday night as we have symphony tickets.- DRG)

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10:45PM BBT: Jared and Kelsey playing pool and Maddy Love and Dallas are joined by Ramsey who has a towel wrapped around his wet swim trunks. Dallas talking about how he will hide or trade his HOH goodies. Love delivers some chips to Ramsey who is on the bed at the far side of the room.

Pool balls slowly diminishing on the table.

Upstairs crew talking about pranks in the house.  Raul comes skipping out to the pool table.

Love heads to the HOH and meets Nikki there. Love says that Sharry was so good to her when she was here and she is so overwhelmed now.  BB tells Nikki to put on her microphone. (Good don't need the hearing aids yet. - DRG) The girls are talking about guys in the house and Love heads back downstairs then returns talking about Tim and his missing Marinara.

Most folks in the kitchen now but Jared and Mitch are on the red couches in the BY.

Ramsey joins the ladies in the HOH and they keep talking about Tim not knowing who his the Marinara. 

Joel, Mitch Nick and Jared now on the red couches.chatting.

Tim delivers a concoction to Loveita and the others in the HOH and leaves.

Outside they calculate that there will be nine guys and five girls left after this eviction.

Ramsey compliments that gals in the HOH that he liked their form today. 


11:00PM BBT: General chatter outside and the upstairs feed just faded to black again.

Joel doing a Brick commercial and gets complimented on his radio voice.  Raul appears with fresh batteries for all. Tim joins them and announces melon slushies tomorrow.  Talk turns to how much production is able to do with the backyard and how quickly they have taken it all down today.  They talk about the movie and the way the food was put out for them.  They wish there was a trampoline out there but say it would have to be an inground one so you did not fall off.  Jared talks of having a trampoline when he grew up and taking water baloons on it and a sprinkler underneath.  Ramsey comes out and they comment that all the boys but Dallas are now present.  It will be day twenty tomorrow so Tim says just do what you have already done times four. Raul is playing pool alone and gets teased about not being able to rack the balls. Ramsey gets off the exercise ball to go help him. 

Other feeds remain dark.

Kelsey now strolls past the guys heading to the pool table and is teased about ruining guys night.

Other feeds return showing the gals of the house in the kitchen chatting with Cass doing a southern accent. She and Christine now head outside where Kelsey has joined the guys on the couches.  Bathroom humor in Southern accents and then Cass and Christine head inside again where they intend to make caramel sauce. kelsey heads in behind them.

Peeing in the shower or your pants or the pool are now the hot topic outside.  

Inside Cass is giving an interview with a spoon microphone in the Southern accent doing a routine about how to attract the perfect man. You have to be confident and don't act interested. Men are hunters and they want to chase so if you act like you want them they will be off to the next one. Christine asks other questions and Cass continues giving red neck answers. 

Clueless is brought up outside by Jared and they start describing the movie to the guys who have never seen it.  Kelsey heads in to check the oven where she has made slop cookies that are crunchy. They lament that one of them will be going home this week and kelsey thinks that it does not make any sense.  Cass states that Love sees her as the bottom of the totem pole and not putting up any of the power trio will keep her safe going forward in the game.  They talk about needing to backdoor Loveita to get her out since she is good at comps and would really fight for the Veto if nominated.  Kelsey expects to be nominated next week especially if Maddy wins it.  Christine thinks that everyone wants HOH always (She obviously never saw Dr. Will. - DRG) 

Going camping game has been started outside.

Inside they are talking about how hard it is to get along and it is hard enough to find a room mate let alone 15 people who are strangers to spend every minute together.  She and Jared have been spending too much time together according to Kelsey. They call out to Raul to come help with the cookies. 

Camping game contnues out on the couches as Kelsey rejoins the fellas.

Inside Cass says she wants to hear Christine's life story before she goes. Christine replies that then she would have to tell the whole world. 






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11:34PM BBT: Kelsey and Raul back in the kitchen checking on the cookies and he says they look more like pancakes than cookies. She gets defensive and then threatens to spray Pam in his eyes.  Kelsey starts spooning out more batter to bake another batch. Kelsey keeps saying she wants to make caramel but they can't. The next batch gets put in the oven as Jared comes in and gets a cookie handed to him by Raul.  Joel now runs in to get a cookie as well.

Outside Tim is telling a story about a girl that he once sent home.

Nikki and Loveita now on feeds 1 and 2 talking about Tim and how he only talks about himself.  They think that he is being mean. Love says they need to talk to him but Nikki says he is not going to change his mind and that he has been with the girl (Cass) all day.  Love says that she can see that Tim does not like other people, she can see it in his face.  Initially she thought she would be best friends with him and Nikki says she is in pain too. Love gets emotional and jumps off the bed to go call him upstairs. She wants to go get "this idiot fool" but Nikki wants to know what she is planning to say to him. She rehearses her speech but stumbles and starts to get emotional. Now Nikki wants her to talk to him in the HOH so she can watch. As soon as she leaves the HOH BB calls her to go to the DR. 

Feed switches to the pink bedroom where Dallas has not moved from his bed. Phil and Maddy are changing and getting into their bed. Phil asks if Dallas is going to bed and is glad to hear he is not so they will not be keeping him up.  She says her head really hurts.

Other feed switches to outside again where they are back to talking about peeing in the shower. Cass telling Tim on the red couch that she is very emotionally sensitive right now and she is going through tough times. Tim remarks how Maddy and Dallas are always removed from the group. She is counting votes and feels she has six guaranteed so she should be OK. 

Upstairs Maddy confronting Dallas about a fart and the feeds cut to black.

Tim Cass and Joel quiet on the couches in the BY.

Raul is now on top of Kelsey holding her arms over her head as she calls out for Jared to come rescue her.  He lets her up and she starts chasing after him. They are both laughing and then make peace. 

Outside Tim says he can't wait for the HOH comp next week and Cass hopes that it is something that she can do and that she will still be in the house.  He farts and she tells him he is the worst friend ever. Kelsey comes out and complains about Raul pinning her down and gouging her eyes and threatening to spit in her face. Tim returns to talking about the Marinara as the topic has been off of him for more than 30 seconds. They get up and head into the kitchen as Kelsey was telling the story about the sheets again. Kelsey tells Joel the cookies were pretty good and he agrees.  She and Mitch talk about how they will try and cope with being a have not and how hard it is to eat slop raw. Nick comes out complaining about how it is too hot in the bedroom. Mitch asks Joel about the vote and he says they are keeping Cassandra and Mitch agrees that it makes sense as Cass is not on the side of Dallas and Maddy.  He does not want Dallas and Maddy knowing the votes so  that they switch. He wants a 7 to 4 vote. Joel says they are paranoid as hell. They are both cool with that plan and feel bad about Christine. Love comes out eating a cookie while carrying her bag of chips so game talk stops.



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